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    Yuan Shao by Wolfewood

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    Dynasty Warriors 5 - Yuan Shao FAQ
    By: Wolfewood (Colt Lookado)
    Version History:
    29 April 2005 Version 1.0 - Completed guide.
    2 MAy 2005 Version 1.2 - Added Thank You's and Credits Section
    4 January 2006 Version 1.3 - Added some additional information in the Movest,
    Weapons, and Musou Mode Sections along with updating my contact information. 
    Table of Contents
    1.) Copyright
    2.) Introduction
    3.) About Yuan Shao
    4.) Why Should I use Yuan Shao?
    5.) How to Unlock Yuan Shao
    6.) Yuan Shao's Moveset
    7.) Yuan Shao's Weapon Progression
    8.) Musou Mode Walkthrough
    9.) Frequently Asked Questions
    10.) Contact
    11.) Thank You's/Credits
    12.) Wrap-up
    Section 1.) Copyright
    This document is the property of Wolfewood (Colt Lookado) and is created solely
    for use on www.gamefaqs.com and may not be reproduced without my consent in any
    way, shape, or form. This document is to be used privately. If you see this FAQ
    on any site other than GameFAQs, please inform me immediately so I can open up a
    Section 2.) Introduction
    Hello one and all and welcome to the ultimate Yuan Shao FAQ! This is my first
    FAQ I've ever written in my life, but I think it'll turn out good. I'm usually
    a reviewer but I decided to help inform people more by creating something that
    might help them when they actually get the game. Now, onto the FAQ about
    everyone's favorite rich dude, Yuan Shao!
    Section 3.) About Yuan Shao
    Yuan Shao
    *A member of the distinguished Yuan Family, he became the leader of the
    coalition forces in the movement against Dong Zhuo. Following Dong Zhuo's
    death, he fought against Cao Cao, who was trying to take control of the central
    plains. However, despite his large army at the Battle of Guan Du, internal
    strife and various other troubles such as the attack of his supply depot led to
    a major defeat.
    * = taken from Encyclopedia found in DW5.
    Yuan Shao was a very distinguished man but was not much of a leader. His army
    at Guan Du, yet vast was unorganized which eventually brought about the
    burning of his supply depot, Wu Chao Compound, which sealed his fate that
    night. Yuan Shao died a only two years after his loss due to illness.
    Section 4.) Why Should I Use Yuan Shao?
    You might be asking yourself "Why should I use Yuan Shao?" Well, one reason may
    be that you have to if you want to unlock everything in the game. I like Yuan
    Shao because of his odd manner. He's kind of dimwitted and has some rather
    unorthodox moves which make him interesting to play with. He has a cool sword
    and armor too. Always a plus. He does sweet head butts too, including his
    air charge where he pretty much faceplants into the ground. How much more
    manlier can you get? Even more important, after hearing that, how could you NOT
    want to play as this guy?
    Section 5.) How to Unlock Yuan Shao
    To unlock Yuan Shao, simply complete Cao Cao's Musou Mode. This of course means
    you have to have Cao Cao unlocked already. Unlock him by completing 4 Wei
    Officer's Musou Modes.
    Section 6.) Yuan Shao's Move Set
    Like all characters, Yuan Shao can perform 6 attacks once he gets his 3rd
    weapon and 10 attacks if his equipped weapon allows him to perform an Evolution
    Attack. S = Square Button, T = Triangle Button.
    Standard Attacks
    -S: A left to right slash that covers 180 degrees in front of Yuan Shao and
    travels diagnoly upwards.
    -SS: A right to left slash that covers 180 degress in front of Yuan Shao that
    travels diagnoly downwards.
    -SSS: A left to right slash that covers 180 degrees in front of Yuan Shao that
    travels horizontally.
    -SSSS: A right to left slash that covers 180 degrees in front of Yuan Shao that
    travels diagnolly upwards.
    -SSSSS: A left to right slash that covers 180 degrees in front of Yuan Shao that
    travels horizontally.
    -SSSSSS: A quick right to left slash that covers a more than 180 degrees and
    travels horizontally.
    Charge Attacks
    -T: Yuan Shao lunges forward and hits any enemies in his way with a wicked
    head butt of fury. Does okay damage but can be hard to aim.
    -T while in the air: Yuan Shao slams into the ground at a angle with his sword
    straight out in front of him. I used to think he was headbutting the ground but
    after closer examination I found that to be wrong.
    -ST: Yuan Shao does a little jump and hits his opponent into the air, like
    all other characters in the game.
    -SST (T repeatedly): Yuan Shao swings his sword very fast while traveling in 
    the direction you're holding the analog stick or just straight if you're not
    holding the stick. Keep tapping triangle to keep going until you reach its
    limit. At the end of the combo, Yuan Shao will spin twice, with the second spin
    activating his Element. This works very well with Fire since it leaves the 
    opponent dazed while ablaze and it opens up a huge window for you to combo the
    unfortunate victim to maximize that burn damage.
    -SSST: Yuan Shao swings his sword in an arch over his head activating his
    element. It's not a very good crowd clearer unless the entire crowd is in front
    of you, but it can provide breathing room if you hit an officer with it.
    -SSSST: Yuan Shao stabs his sword into the ground causing all enemies
    immediately in front of him to fly into the air while taking damage from your
    equipped element. This also works well with Fire since you can juggle your
    opponent(s) in the air and get the most out of that fire attack.
    -SSSSST: Yuan Shao releases a wave from his sword that surrounds him 360
    degrees. Absolutely awesome when your in a crowd and can provide some elbow
    room when in close quarters. This attack also activates his equipped Element.
    Evolution Attack
    If your equipped weapon has a little blue thing next to its name, that means
    you can do an Evolution Attack. Evolution Attacks are doen by simply doing 
    your basic SSSSSS combo but an extra few hits will be tacked onto the end after
    your 5th attack. These are usually altered or the same moves from your regular
    combo but are more powerful and feature charge attack properties. Yuan Shao's
    Evolution Attack is pretty much his basic combo with a spin attack, and his
    2nd, 3rd, and 6th attack tacked onto the end. It's pretty boss and it's
    awesome at juggling and clearing crowds.
    Mounted Attacks: Yuan Shao swings his sword on the left and right sides of the
    horse just like most of the characters in the game. His charge attack is this
    same thing only more powerful. His Mounted Musou is a fast string of attacks
    that do a lot of damage.
    -Musou: Yuan Shao swings his sword from side to side while moving in the
    direction you're holding the stick. He ends it with his SSST attack so don't
    expect too much. It does its job though.
    -True Musou: Here's where it's at. Yuan Shao does the same as in his normal
    Musou but at the end, he leaps into the air and rides his sword into the ground
    sending out a huge shockwave. This attack also has the Fire element attached to
    it automatically.
    Section 7.) Yuan Shao's Weapon Progression
    Like all characters in DW5, Yuan Shao has 4 weapons, Noble Sword, Regal Sword,
    Sword of Honor, and finally, the Sword of Kings.
    Noble Sword
    Power - 3
    Attacks - 4
    Weight - Medium
    Attributes - None
    This is the sword you start out with. Not too impressive, but none of the
    characters first weapons really are though are they? It starts with no
    attributes but you'll get one later that has some.
    Regal Sword
    Power - 7
    Attacks - 5
    Weight - RANDOM
    Attributes - RANDOM
    It's better than Regal Sword but still nothing to really be proud of. I doubt 
    you'll be using it for long though. The weight and Attributes you get on this
    weapon are random.
    Sword of Honor
    Power - 11
    Attacks - 6
    Weight - RANDOM
    Attributes - RANDOM
    This is where we start to get good. Yuan Shao's third weapon is pretty good
    considering that the average power for 3rd weapons is right around 11. Like
    first and second weapons you pick up, it has random attributes and weight. 
    However, if you pick up a sword of honor with a blue symbol next to its name,
    that means it's capable of Evolution Attacks. See Section 6 for more on
    Evolution Attacks.
    Sword of Kings
    Power - 34
    Attacks - 6
    Weight - Medium
    Attributes - Fill: 15, Horse: 15, Bow: 15, DEF: 18, Musou: 17
    Not bad, not bad at all. Sword of Kings is the weapon you'll mostly be using
    since it's the best you can get. It's not exactly the best fourth weapon but
    it's cool in its own right. It is also capable of Evolution Attacks. However,
    you don't get this weapon by random, you have to unlock it by performing a 
    certain task in a certain stage. Here's how....
    Unlocking the Sword of Kings:
    Must play on Hard or Chaos mode.
    Battle of Guan Du, Yuan Shao's Side (Duh!)
    Open the gates to Guan Du Castle while Wen Chou and Yan Liang are still alive.
    Sound simple? Well it is. First thing you should do is be on a horse and ride
    down to the Attack Base next to Bai Ma castle where Guan Yu and Liu Yan
    start in. After a couple minutes, you'll get a message saying Guan Yu is
    moving. If Guan Yu reaches Yan Liang before you, he'll kill him in seconds and
    you'll have to try again. Cut Guan Yu off before he can get to Yan Liang and 
    wail on him hard until you beat him. By doing this, you save Yan Liang and Wen
    Chou from certain demise and take out a big potential threat to your army.
    After defeating Guan Yu it's pretty much smooth sailing from there. This is a
    really easy battle, even on Hard mode. You can now pick off generals at your
    leisure or go for the weapon now. After doing what ever you want to do, head
    towards Guan Du Castle and your Siege Towers should show up. After a few
    minutes, some of Cao Cao's soldiers will open the East and West gates, however
    this is not what you need to do to get the weapon. Wait until the MAIN GATE
    in the front of the castle opens so proceed to KILL while waiting. After this
    happens, you'll get a message saying a valuable item has been discovered.
    Waltz into the castle through the main gate and take the stairs to your left
    leading up to the catapults. You should see a fancy yellow and red box. Break
    it and take the red Weapon Case inside it. You got weapon! Now all you have to
    do is beat the stage by killing Cao Cao. After the battle, be sure that you
    keep the Sword of Kings and not discard it or you'll have to go do this all
    over again. DOH! >_<
    Section 8.) Musou Mode Walkthrough
    Now, before you begin Yuan Shao's Musou Mode, I should tell you one thing, it's
    really frikkin' easy. I'm not kidding, this has to be the easiest Musou Mode in
    the game. You only have 4 Battles and all but one are one star difficulty. Try
    playing it on Hard or Chaos to spice it up.
    Battle 1 - The Battle of Ji Province
    Yuan Shao's Forces vs. The Yellow Turbans
    Conditions: Victory - Defeat Zhang Jiao
                Defeat - Yuan Shao is defeated or the Main Camp is taken
    If you lose your main camp in this battle, you lose. However, as long as you
    take out officers along the way, it'll never even be close to being in danger.
    Since you may or may not have Yuan Shao leveled up, I suggest equipping the
    Tiger and Tortoise Amulets first to help beef up his stats. After a new slot
    opens, I'd put the Peacock Amulet on. After that it's really all about what you 
    prefer. One suggestion is that if you have the Serpent Earrings, make that one
    of the first equips you do since it will level up Yuan Shao's attack a lot 
    faster than normal. As for an element, I prefer Fire since Yuan Shao seems like
    the kind of guy who digs fire. All this is just a suggestion of course, so 
    equip items as you see fit or like.
    You start out right next to an Attack Base so take it out to save yourself some
    casualties to your army. A couple minutes later, Zhang Jiao will brew up some
    tornadoes to halt your march towards his main camp but they're nothing to
    worry about right now. Just head in that direction and slap Bo Zhang around.
    After this, Zhang Bao will head to the alter to give Zhang Jiao "More power!!"
    but it's nothing to worry about. Keep going and take out He Yi and get a +2
    Attack bonus. If you need Health, there's a pot containing a +400 Health
    Recov. along the right side wall. Ride up to the tornado and you should
    see a tree with a crate next to it. There's a Musou Rage Token in it and a +100
    Health Recov. in the near by pot. Be careful not to get hit by the tornadoes
    though because it can hurt A LOT. Continue north and you'll find the altar with
    Zhang Bao and Pei Yuan Shao waiting for you. Defeat them to earn +10 Health
    and +2 Defense bonuses. Once you do this, the tornado will stop.
    There's a checkpoint Southwest from the altar. Occupy it to stop their troops
    and flood them with your own. From here you can either go to the Northwest part
    of the map or head East. I prefer to got Northwest and then double back so I
    can maximize my KO Count and take the nearby Checkpoint and Defense Base so
    we'll continue as if we're doing that. Just outside the base on the left hand
    wall is a crate. Break it open to pick up a weapon then proceed in taking the
    base. At this point, Zhao Yun will come to give you a hand. After taking the
    base, you can either turn around or just barge through Zhang Jiao's main camp.
    I just go through and kill on the run.
    Just outside the base's South entrance, Zhang Liang stands guard so show him
    who's boss and pick up the +2 Attack his humiliated self leaves. Continue
    moving and take the southern base and kill anyone who gets in your way to get
    the maximum amount of points you can. Remember that there's a Checkpoint right
    by the base so take it out to cut off their troops. The crate and jar next to
    the checkpoint hold arrows and All Recov. Full items. There's nothing left to
    do now so head for Zhang Jiao and put this baby to bed. Zhang Jiao is nothing
    special so this should be easy.
    Ok, you cleared the first battle, only 3 to go.
    Battle 2 - The Battle of Si Shui Gate
    Allied Forces vs. Dong Zhuo's Forces
    Conditions: Victory - Defeat Hua Xiong
                Defeat - Yuan Shao is defeated
    At the beginning of the battle, head for Fan Chou and take him out. Occupy the
    Checkpoint while you're here and then head north and take the Defense Base. At
    this point, Sun Jian will say that his men are exhausted and need to rest. Yuan
    Shu will chime in saying that a base is blocking the supply route. Ride back
    around through where you came so you don't head through the mass of red in the
    middle or just maraud through the enemy like I like to do and head towards Yuan 
    Shu. We'll continue though as if you went the safe way. Officers Niu Fu and Hu
    Zhen will be outside the base blocking the route so take them out to get a
    +10 Life and +4 Attack bonus. After you take the base, Sun Jian and company will
    continue their march. Wang Fang will be inside the base so take him out too for
    a +4 Defense bonus then occupy the checkpoint north of the base. The nearby jar
    contains a Musou +10 bonus so grab it.
    Trot through the base you just took and you'll be facing some troops, 3 crates,
    and a jar. Inside the crates are a Weapon, Item, and +10 Arrow while the jar
    holds a +200 Life Recov. From here, head south to the middle and Occupy the
    nearby Checkpoint. The crate next to it contains a Musou Rage Token so grab
    it if you need it. Now head for the Attack Base in the center. Before you get
    there, you'll find three crates and a jar. The crates hold +10 Arrows, a Weapon,
    and an item. The Jar has +100 Health Recov. Enemy Officer Li Su might try to
    attack you whilst you traverse from the Checkpoint to the Base so slap him hard
    for a +4 Attack bonus then take the base. After that, take the Checkpoint next
    to the former Attack Base.
    Now head north towards Hua Xiong. Li Jue will try to stop you so stomp his ass
    and take his +4 Defense bonus. Shortly after this, Lu Bu should appear from Si
    Shui Gate. If you can or feel that you can take him on, go ahead or just run
    around him and take out Hua Xiong. You can take the Checkpoints if you want to
    but they really don't matter at this point. After you get to Si Shui Gate, Li
    Ru will appear to try and come from the southwest. However since you're Yuan
    Shao and not the AI, you don't need to worry about it since he won't be able to
    beat you. After you defeat or avoid Lu Bu you can either go take out Li Ru or
    just end the stage by beating Hua Xiong.
    Two down, two to go.
    Battle 3 - The Battle of Chang Shan
    Yuan Shao's Forces vs. Gongsun Zan's Forces
    Conditions: Victory - Defeat Gongsun Zan and Zhang Yan
                Defeat - Yuan Shao is defeated or the main camp is taken
    As in the Battle of Ji Province, if you lose your main camp, you lose the 
    battle, but like in that battle, just take out officers and your main camp
    shouldn't come under fire.
    Start out by Occupying the Checkpoint literally right behind you then move on
    to defeat Qing Niujia by opening the gate and killing him. Be sure to pick up
    the attack bonus he drops as well. There are arrows and health in the crate and
    jar right behind the gate. Defeat Li Damu to get a Defense bonus. Keep going 
    ahead and you'll run into Huang Long and Yu Du. Take them out for a weapon and
    Life +10 bonus. Around this time you should get a message telling you to
    eliminate Zhang Yan and rescue Lu Bu. Ride to his location and take him out and
    pick up the Attack bonus he drops. While you're on the side of the map, take
    out the Attack base, Checkpoint, and Guo Daxian. From here, I usually head
    north and take out the Defense Base and troops outside this part of the castle
    then go back to where all the officers and gates are leading into Gongsun Zan's
    Main Camp.
    While in this area, you'll encounter heavy resistance from both troops and
    officers of the likes of Zhao Yun, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, Liu Bei and some
    faceless generals so be ready for a fight. None of these guys are really that
    hard but can be a hassle if you recklessly run in. Just pick them off one at a
    time and be sure to pickup the upgrades, items and weapons they drop. By the
    time you finish them all off, your army should be dominating so just head to
    Gongsun Zan and kill his sorry self to end the battle.
    That's the end of Battle 3, only one remains.
    Battle 4 - The Battle of Guan Du
    Conditions: Victory - Defeat Cao Cao
                Defeat - Yuan Shao is defeated
    There are no outside conditions to make you lose this battle so just protect
    yourself and you'll be fine.
    Start out by heading down to Yan Liang's location and take out Guan Yu so he
    can't rape your troops as he might do. After that, take Red Hare for a spin so
    you can traverse the battlefield faster. From here, take out the base you're
    more than likely near or inside then head back and take out Han Hao and Cao
    Hong who you probably passed up on the way to take on Guan Yu. After taking
    them both out, defeat Xun You than Liu Yan to take Bai Ma Castle.
    From this point, you can just lay waist to Cao Cao's ranks and pick up bonuses
    from defeated generals. If you pass in front of Guan Du castle, your Siege
    Towers will appear and take on the castle. This will drop Cao Cao's morale
    pretty good. If you take Yan Jin (the second base from the left in front of
    Guan Du Castle) you'll further hinder Cao Cao's Army. By this time, the battle
    is pretty much yours. Your only concern may be your supply depot, Wu Chao
    located in the center of the stage. If it comes under attack, be sure to go
    and protect it, as its burning will really hurt your army's morale and can make
    it a tough battle.
    Finish off Cao Cao and the battle is over along with
    Yuan Shao's Musou Mode. Congrats, well played my good wo/man.
    So this was pretty easy right? Of course, especially since you had me to help
    you along the way.
    Section 9.) FAQs.
    I seriously doubt anyone will have any questions but feel free to ask me.
    Section 10.) Contact.
    Feel free to contact me at redcometxiii@aim.com for any comments,
    questions, or corrections. You can also catch me on AOL Instant Messenger, my
    screen name is RedCometXIII.
    Section 11.) Thank You's/Credits
    -Thanks to crimsonzeek for proofreading my FAQ.
    -Thanks Koei for making such a kick-ass game. Keep it up!
    -Thanks to a GameFAQs poster who posted all the methods to get everyone's 4th
     Weapons which I used to get Yuan Shao's. Let me know who you are!
    Section 12.) Wrap-Up
    So that's it. Thanks for viewing my FAQ and happy warring.
    Colt Lookado AKA Wolfewood/RedCometXIII

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