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The Formula Needs More Than a Little Work. 02/14/06 Death Reaper
Very dissapointed with this game... 10/02/06 mrx1979
A new coat of paint can't hide a broken engine. 01/16/06 Ploder
Simply Amazing 06/15/06 allstar56
Why this game is worth buying 01/05/06 Benderr07
New gameplay mecahnics and camera breath fresh life in this zombie game series 03/27/06 bubthezombie3
Not only the best Resident Evil game, but also one of the best games on current generation consoles 11/28/05 Collieafc
I think this is what they call a 'return to form'. 01/17/08 desh79
Clearly one of the best games on the PS2 - and maybe better than the GameCube version. 03/08/06 Evil Dave
Hello stranger! Got a REvolutionary game here that might interest ya. 03/27/14 FantasyMayDie
Pilot, Part 1 05/15/08 ffmasterjose
Resident Evil is back, completely new. 07/31/07 fi3rcedragon
Simply Astonishing, Even Years After its Release 05/06/09 intrazone26
New scenarios, weapons, and secrets make this a must-have even for RE4 vets 02/02/06 Leebo
One of the greatest games I have ever played 09/29/08 LIMELlGHT
Whoa! Is this Resident Evil 4!!? 04/04/06 Mazinger_Kaiser
The world's best survival-horror game is back with a fresh new face. 05/23/06 Megazero47
No zombies? who cares! 11/29/06 methedemon
Stranger, THIS is a game! 02/13/14 nastynate3118
Resident Evil 4 raises the bar for horror-themed games. Any one with a passing interest should check it out now. 12/18/06 Prince_jeffery
Slightly overrated, but I still enjoyed it 08/23/06 PyramidHead87
It just keeps getting better and better... 11/07/05 sbn4
It's still Resident Evil 4. It's still an excellent game. 03/14/06 ShadowGuardian9
Resident Evil 4- An action game that defines top-notch action games 02/13/06 SolidSnake74185
Greetings Stranger!! 12/11/06 Virus919
It's not the same Resident Evil anymore, but it's still so freaking awesome. 06/08/09 Zylo the wolf

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It feels different to other resident evil games 01/23/06 4589
Ain't no scares here, just a lot of fun, monsters and hot flyin' lead. 01/16/06 aidopotato
Resident Evil 4 - a PS2 only owners opinion. 11/30/05 akito10
Carving up the competition of 2005! 12/19/05 big_midnight
A New Dawn For the Resident Evil Franchise 11/02/05 buddhageoff
Resident Evil 4: An Instant Classic 12/02/05 C0unt9rishnack
Survival Horror meets Action Shooter 06/23/08 ChateauNoir
Obviously it gets a 10, but the question is - is it worth buying a SECOND time? 11/02/05 DKamikaze
Resident Evil REBORN 05/22/09 Eric9797
Resident Evil isn't so evil anymore.... 01/19/06 HalfStitch
The BEST one of the Resident Evil's. 03/13/06 Jiberoni
The rebirth of Resident Evil 11/03/05 lostinsilence
One of the best action/adventure games money can buy... 01/19/06 maestro_malone
One of the best action games you will EVER play 01/09/06 magiclive
A few flaws here and there but overall a great game 03/05/09 Marksman125
Resident Evil 4... Almost but not quite. 11/18/08 mixcal
The Future Of Survival Horror. NOTE: Future is bright. 12/19/05 Mr_Mitten
Redefining Survival Horror On the PS2! 11/07/05 MrPink93485
A true survival horror game!!! Clearly the best Resident Evil game to date!! 11/07/05 Shinjite
A brilliant and often chilling experience which should not be overlooked by anyone. 01/09/06 SolidSnake35
A must-have for Playstation 2 owners.....Thank you, Capcom! 10/28/05 SrRdRacinG15
Quite possibly the best game I've ever played 02/27/06 take_off_ur_bra

Quick Reviews

Review Title Posted Author Rating
End of the series 10/05/10 1983guy
Different, in a very good way 06/18/12 Al0ne72
Resident Evil Reinvented, and a change for the better. 12/13/05 AllHooah
The president's daughter has been kidnapped by cultists! Are you a bad enough dude to save her? 01/04/06 danstu
Resident Evil, Reinvented to the MAX! 12/01/05 DarkSeraphim123
Take Everything That Made Resident Evil 5 Bad, and That's What This Game is. 11/07/11 dead_assassin
THE PS2 Game of the Year! 10/31/05 Def Freak7
"One of the best PS2 titles to fate, and exceptionally addicting." 01/05/06 fatalframe202
Capcom got it right this time 09/17/07 Flame_Spirit_X
Go get this game NOW! 10/31/05 FreakyGuitarist
And the verdict is? Simply wow. 07/18/08 goldphishies
Leon is BACK! 11/14/05 hjow
Getting your head cut off by a chainsaw has never been so much fun! 06/11/08 israfahad
A masterpiece...possibly the best PS2 game ever! 09/04/07 JonWood007
Resident Evil 4 = Pure Brilliance 11/14/05 junker2045
By fixing what was broke, Capcom has created a stunning achievment. 11/01/05 KenshinKatamari
This is not Resident Evil... But it's good anyway. 12/05/05 kianbung
Just as good as the superb Gamecube version? Yes and better. 12/10/07 kingdodongo1
A fantastic innovative RE game that nicely done 01/11/06 Kingdom_Hearts2
Resident Evil 4-An Unbiased Review 11/28/05 kylo44
A REvolution 11/08/05 LegatoBluesommers
Another excellent title from Capcom. Though this time, it's better (possible spoilers) 10/31/05 mybadlife
The classic horror-survival series gets a makeover 02/22/08 redjarman
Not perfect, but a welcome addition to the franchise... 05/22/08 scorpion41
How Capcom Surpasses This Game Will Be A Mystery!! 11/07/05 seeweed234
Ignore everything you know about the earlier installments because this game is totally different. 11/21/05 Soulreavercross
Best and Hardest game I have played in quite a while 11/01/05 superevilperson
Still Having Fun With The Game 11/19/07 svr2006gawd
Great concept, but this game was a disappointment... 12/15/09 ThatGamerDudeAlex
An amazing game!!! 10/31/05 Ultimategamer93
A very good game to play, well worth buying 12/04/07 waheedahmed1

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