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Military Forces Guide by OneShot2Kills

Version: .08 | Updated: 11/06/07

A guide to the military forces of San Esperito
By: OneShot2Kills, Version 0.8


This FAQ has a little number system thing, pushing CTRL+F or whatever
your hotkey for the 'find' toolbar is, and typing in a specific number will
bring up a specific thing, the numbers are listen in the table of contents.
For example, if you wanted info on El Oro Military Camp, you'd look down, see
that El Oro's number is <400d>. You'd then type "<400d>" into the Find Toolbar
and you'd be brought to the requested info.

===========Table of Contents===============
1. FAQ History <100>
       a. About this version <100a>
       b. Things to come <100b>

2. Introduction <200>
       a. The Art of Revolutionary War <200a>
       b. What you'll find in this FAQ <200b>
       c. Lingo used in this FAQ <200c>

3. The Bases <300>
       a. Camps, Bases, and Airfields <300a>
       b. Tips on taking them over <300b>

       c. Do's and Don'ts <300c>
       d. Secret Bases <300d>

4. The List <400>
       a. Base De Los Guererros <400a>
       b. de los Bravos Military Camp <400b>
       c. San Cristobal Military Base <400c>
       d. El Oro Military Camp <400d>
       e. Los Hidalgos Air Base <400e>
       f. Isla Alegre Military Camp <400f>
       g. San Mateo Military Base <400g>
       h. Camp Durango <400h>
       i. Quesada Military Base <400i>
       j. Camp del Rosario <400j>
       k. Corbada Military Base <400k>
       l. Don Ernesto Military Base <400l>
       m. Costa Brava Military Base <400m>
       n. Don Velasco Air Base <400n>
       o. Octavo Military Camp <400o>
       P. Osvaldo Guzman Military Base <400p>
       q. Encarnacion Military Base <400q>
       r. La Perdida Military Base <400r>
       s. Las Crucityas Military Camp <400s>
       t. La Perla Military Base <400t>
       u. El Crucero Air Base <400u>
       v. Maria Dolorosa Military Camp <400v>
       w. Caballeros Military Camp <400w>
       x. Costa Verde Military Camp <400x>
       y. Castillo Military Base <400y>
       z. Los Islas Defence HQ <400z>

5. Forces <500>
       a. Ground forces <500a>
       b. Armored units <500b>
       c. Helos <500c>
       d. Fixed wing craft <500d>
       e. Naval units <500e>

6. Frequently Asked Questions <600>

7. Legal Info <700>

8. Contact Info <800>


--About this version--<100a>

This is the first version of this FAQ that I've posted, therefore some info
may be missing or spelled wrong, but for the most part I think it's okay.
E-mail me with corrections, though.

-Things to come--<100b>

Thinking about adding a list of notable vehicles and their descriptions.


--The Art Of Revolutionary War--<200a>
San Esperito is a country under the rule of a dictator, not only that but a
dictator with bad taste and planning. The Guerrilla forces are attempting an
overthrow, taking over one settlement at a time. Along their way these forces
have come across some of Mendoza(the dictator)'s military bases, and have 
taken them over as well. It is my belief that taking over all military bases 
in San Esperito should be the main goal of the guerrilla forces, instead of 
both bases and settlements. 

Military bases are extremely useful, though they are not safehouses they provide
protection against government forces and Montano drug cartel agents. Government
Choppers are easy prey for the Surface-To-Air missiles that dot military bases,
government forces are easy prey for the various machine gun nests and vehicles
inside military bases, and once all of them are taken over, settlements become
easy prey and fall quickly to military-backed guerrilla fighters. 

--What you'll find in this FAQ--<200b>

This FAQ contains information on the San Esperitan military forces, including a
list of all the military bases along with their inventory. The FAQ also
includes tips on taking over different types of bases and advanced tactics
for both the foot soldier and hardcore tanker. The final feature of this
FAQ is a rough list of the different military forces(vehicles) and where to
find them.


Barracks - Small tents or buildings Rico cannot enter or find any use 

I also tend to use a lot of references to real life military units, simply
image search these if you don't know what I mean and you'll be fine.

--All military bases will have classifications other than "Base" "Camp" or 
"Airfield." These will be listed under the primary cassification. The 
secondary classes denote the primary military force stationed at the 
base, and they are "Ground" "Armor" "Rotary(Helicopters)" "Fixed Wing(Jets)" 
or any combination of those. In accordance, bases that have only barracks 
buildings will be classified as "Infantry" bases, even though Rico has no 
use for these buildings.

=================The Bases=================<300>

--Camps, Bases, and Airfields--<300a>


Camps are military bases that contain almost nothing in the way of support, 
or are specifically referenced as a camp. For example, the Castillo Military 
Base will be listed under camps, due to it's lack of useful resources and 
small size compared to the 'standard' base. The Costa Verde Military Camp 
will be classified under camp as well, since camp is in the name.


Bases are military bases with a certain degree of usefull military resources,
size, and even name. A perfect example of a full-fledged Base would be the 
Costa Brava Military Base. Containing a transport chopper, multiple MVs and 
troop transports, and of course it's MLRS tank under it's resource list, 
and the large size of the base, Costa Brava is a fine example of a
"Pure" Military Base.


Airfields fall under a special catagory, a base will automatically be 
classified under airfield if it contains even a short aircraft runway, 
reguardless of any other features. Airfields, with their runways, tend 
to have the most wide-open space, and therefore are best taken over 
with a tank. The Los Islas Defence HQ is an example of an airfield.

--Tips on Taking Over Military Bases--<300b>

When taking over a military base it's important to consider the layout 
of a base, the difficulty of a base takeover will be affected by a 
variety of variables, the main one being the ammount of open space. 
A base with a lot of flat, open space will be an ideal base to 
bring a tank, the open spaces provide room for medium range 
engagement and at the same time provide a hazard for anyone on foot. 
A cluttered base with a lot of cover will be ideal for a foot soldier 
using guerilla tactics.

--Do's and Don'ts--<300c>
Never, never, NEVER, ever use a helicopter or airplane to take over 
a base. While helicopters provide a 1-2 minute takeover time for 
settlements, and Montano houses, they are easy prey for the multiple 
Surface-To-Air missile sites dotted on military bases. Jets, even 
with their ability to dodge SAM sites have the tendancy to abandon 
the takeover, and do a poor job of providing close-air-support to 
guerilla fighters.

Always, always, ALWAYS bring a rocket launcher of some sort to 
the battle, even if you're using a tank. Rocket Launchers provide
the firepower nessessary to destroy armored units to the underpowered 
foot soldier, and provide a last resort to tank drivers who need to 
abandon their tanks, due to damage.

Never, never, NEVER try to outmatch a tank on foot. When on foot, 
use cover and dirty tactics to take over a base. If you're taking 
over a base and you encounter a tank while out in the open, you're 
screwed. The tank may not kill you on the first shot but it will bounce 
you up into the air, by the time you are back on your feet the tank 
will fire another shot, which WILL kill you. An easy way for the foot 
soldier to combat the power of a tank is the use of guerilla tactics(Hiding 
behind buildings, hit and run attacks). When you encounter a tank, simply 
dive behind the nearest building, equip your rocket launcher, pop out, 
fire, retreat. Wait until the behemoth has its attention (And its gun) 
turned elsewhere, pop back out and take another shot. If you run out of 
ammo, try to sneak back to the ammo crate, then return to cover ASAP.

--Secret Bases--<300d>

Secret Base are areas not marked on the map that contain barracks buildings,
and the occasional transport helicopter. They are always guerrilla controlled
and do not need to be taken over, and their usefullness is limited. Thus far
haven't found anything of use besides transport heli's at such bases and at
this time have no need to list them, besides, the only way I can think of to
guide you to these bases is in reference to safe houses, which isn't a very
accurate way to guide you. However, for example purposes, there is a secret
base directly south of Guerrilla 08, containing a transport helo. It isn't
marked, but it shows up on the map as a patch of paved land, light green or
brown in color.

==================The List==================<400>

       --Base De Los Guererros--<400a>
Type: Airfield
Main Force: Fixed Wing

Base De Los Guererros is one of northmost bases on the map.
Located in the northern region of Provincia de los Guererros. An airfield
with limited airpower, since it is one of the first you encounter.

2x McKenzie-Furgesson F2 Victors (WWII Fighter Planes)
1x Bataille GPT-6 (Troop transport)

Not much can be said about this airfield, quite standard.


       --de los Bravos Military Camp--<400b>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Ground
The de los Bravos Military Camp is one of those bases you'll want to
overlook. It's tiny, has nothing of significant rarity or value, and is even
hard to spot from a helicopter. (Mistook a village for the base itself on my
particular fly-over). Located in Provincia de los Bravos.

1x Bataille GPT-6 (Troop transport)
1x MV (HUMVEE type ground vehicle)
1x Wally's GP (Jeep)

Don't go out of your way to take this over, it won't lend much support.

       --San Cristobal Military Base--<400c>
Type: Base
Main Force: Rotary

Base located in San Cristobal this base is fairly useful with it's 
police chopper, but, that's about it.

1x Delta 5H4 Boxhead(Littlebird Style Helicopter)
1x Bataille GPT-6 (Troop Transport)

This base is a great staging area for future takeovers.

       --El Oro Military Camp--<400d>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Rotary

Base located in Provincia del Oro. This base is extremely useful for a few
reasons. One being that the sidemission you begin here can almost always
be done with a helicopter, is always fairly close to the mission start
(about 1000 meters away at most) and you will always return to the guy
who employed you upon the completion of the sidemission.

1x Delta 5H4 Boxhead(Littlebird Style Helicopter)

Nice lofty place up on a mountain, my only complaints are that it's tough
to get to by car, and the abundance of trees makes it tough for choppers
to even navigate to the helo pad, hell, I crashed into a tree when reconing
the base to write this. Very cluttered, take it over on foot.

       --Los Hidalgos Air Base--<400e>
Type: Airfield
Main Force: Fixed Wing/Rotary

If you ever need light air support, this is the base to go to. Not much in the
way of explosives but, it has a particularly long runway. Locaed in Los

1x HH-22 Savior(Blackhawk type chopper)
1x Stirling Jet Exclusive 9(Private Jet... weird accessory in a military base)
2x McKenzie-Furgesson F2 Victors(WWII Fighter)

It's one of the first well equipped airbases you'll encounter.

       --Isla Alegre Military Camp--<400f>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Rotary/Ground

A quaint little camp located on Isla Alegre.

1x HH-22 Savior(Blackhawk type chopper)
1x Stinger Buggy(Dune Buggy thing)

This base can be a fun one to takeover, very cluttered, extremely hard for
tanks to navigate.

       --San Mateo Military Base--<400g>
Type: Base
Main Force: Rotary

A great staging area, located in Provincia de San Mateo.

1x Wally's GP(Jeep)
1x Delta 5H4 Boxhead(Littlebird type chopper)
1x HH-22 Savior(Blackhawk type chopper)

Kinda cluttered but there's a large entranceway, bring a light tank or go
on foot.

       --Camp Durango--<400h>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Infantry

There's a few reasons why I hate this little camp located in Durango.
First off, Camp Durango sounds like a resteraunt, and it makes me hungry.
Second, and this one has to do with gameplay, its a large base, and it's
tough to take over. When you DO take it over, you're frustrated to find there's
absolutely nothing of use.


Avoid taking this over until you have support from other bases.

       --Quesada Military Base--<400i>
Type: Airfield
Main Force: Fixed Wing

This is one of the first times you encounter a fighter jet. Located in Quesada
this base is a staging area worthy of being taken over ASAP. Nestled close
to the center of the map, the jet has quick access to almost any location.

1x Ulysses McCoy Redcloud (Single Engine Fighter Jet)
2x Battaile GPT-6 (Troop transport)

One very valid complaint is the fact that there's a tree at the end of the
runway, and if you don't pull up fast on takeoff, you will hit it...

       --Camp del Rosario--<400j>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Rotary

An Okay Base, Located in Provincia del Rosario.

1x Delta 5H4 Boxhead(Littlebird type chopper)

Take it over if you've got the time.

       --Corbada Military Base--<400k>
Type: Base
Main Force: Rotary

This base may only have one thing in it, but, it's certainly worth taking over.
Located in Provincia de Corbada, this base is on a tiny little island in a

1x Walker AH-16 Hammerbolt (Huge, heavy attack helo)

A sidenote, the Hammerbolt is armed to the teeth, and is the most useful
helicopter for blowing stuff up. Four rapid fire light missile launchers,
four heavy HE rocket launchers, and powerful machine guns adorn this mean
chopper. It may not have much defense but, it makes bits and pieces out of
even the most heavily armored tanks.

       --Don Ernesto Military Base--<400l>
Type: Base
Main Force: Rotary/Ground

Don Ernesto Military Base is located in Provincia de Don Ernesto, and is one
huge pain to take over, with little reward.

1x Delta 5H4 Boxhead(Littlebird type chopper)
1x Battaile GPT-6(Troop Transport)

Take it over if you have the free time, and, bring a tank.

       --Costa Brava Military Base--<400m>
Type: Base
Main Force: Armor/Ground/Rotary

One of the only Bases who's main force class can be proudly listed under
"Armor". Costa Brava is a huge base, and is very useful for assaulting the
capital, since it's close, and the tank only takes 10-15 minutes to drive
there. Oh, and if you didn't guess, it's located in Costa Brava.

1x Ballard Sentry STRL-14 (Rocket Tank)
1x Stinger Buggy (Dune Buggy thing)
1x Jackson JC-2 Alamo (Transport Chopper, drops off your agency vehicles)
1x Battaile GPT-6 (Troop Transport)

Okay, the Costa Brava Military Base is hard to take over, bring a tank, steal
lots of tanks, whatever, just don't bring a chopper. I know I already said it
but, if you ever wanted to attempt using a chopper do it somewhere other than
Costa Brava, it has 4 spread out SAM sites. I personally adore this base, and
regaurd it as one of my best assets.

       --Don Velasco Air Base--<400n>
Type: Airfield
Main Force: Fixed Wing/Infantry

The only reason infantry is included under Main Force is because of the sheer
size of the base. The airfield itself is detached, there's a seperate portion
that has nothing but barracks buildings, tents.. a LOT of infantry support
stuff. Located in Provincia de Don Velasco.

2x Ulysses-McCoy Redcloud(Single Engine Fighter Jet)

Take it over after Costa Brava, so you get tank support.

       --Octavo Military Camp--<400o>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Armor

This one suprised me. At first glance, I was about to call this another useless
base. From the air, all I could see were the two Batailles, then I landed and
checked the garages... This base is located in Provincia Octava.

1x Ballard Centronel AAWV-21 (Flak Tank)
1x Ballard M5B1 Scout (Tank)
2x Bataille GPT-6 (Troop Transport)

I never noticed the heavy armor in the garages, take this over ASAP, the AA
tank is an interesting collectable.

       --Osvaldo Guzman Military Base--<400p>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Infantry

This base is useless. No vehicles, just buildings. Located under a bridge in
Provincia Osvaldo Guzman this base is easily overlooked, and probably avoided.


Leave this place alone until the end.

       --Encarnacion Military Base--<400q>
Type: Airfield
Main Force: Fixed Wing

This base is the exclusive home of the F7 Wraith, an attack aircraft comparable
to the real-life A-10. Located in Encanacion this airbase has the longest
military runway, if not the longest runway period. 

1x Rage Johnson F7 Wraith (Attack aircraft, very large)
1x Jackson Z-19 Skreemer (Sometimes this thing glitches and doesn't appear,
Apache style chopper)

The F7 is the most fun you can have in a fixed wing airplane. With 4 rapid fire
high explosive missiles, 4 speedy, light missiles, and a battery of guns, this
aircraft can destroy an entire city(If cities could be destroyed.)

       --La Perdida Military Base--<400r>
Type: Airfield
Main Force: Air

The reason this base's main force is "Air" is because it is useless to list
both rotary and fixed wing individually. Located in La Perdida this base is
one of the most powerful bases in terms of air-based ordinance.

1x Rage Johnson F6 Comet(Cross between an SU-37 and an F-15, twin engine
fighter jet)
2x Jackson Z-19 Skreemer(Apache style chopper)
2x MV(Humvee thing)

This base is the exclusive home of the comet, the jet you use to shoot down
the missiles in the final mission, useful base for the takover mission in the
nearby city.

       --Las Crucitas Military Camp--<400s>
Type: Base
Main Force: Rotary/Ground

Okay, reason this is listed under base is because of the moderate size and
decent resources. Honestly, this is one of the most diverse bases in San 
Esperito. Located in Las Crucitas, this camp provides a good staging area for
the takeovers of the three neighboring bases.

1x Stinger Buggy(Dune Buggy)
1x Delta 5H4 Boxhead(Littlebird type chopper)
1x Harland OTWV-2 Rocket Battery (Light tank with a rocket launcher on top)

Interesting piece of armor is the light rocket battery, great collectable.

       --La Perla Military Base--<400t>
Type: Base
Main Force: Rotary

La Perla MB is a base located right on the water, infact most of the ground
in the base is sand. It's like a deadly little surf hut ^^. Seriously, located
in Provincia La Perla this base is a powerful base to own, with air power
under its command it is la perla of the area. (Bad pun)

1x Delta 5H4 Boxhead(Littlebird Style Chopper)
1x Walker AH-16 Hammerbolt(Huge attack chopper)

	Take this over after Las Crucitas, since there tends to be a lot
of light tanks at La Perla, and the Las Curcitas base owns a rocket battery.

       --El Crucero Air Base--<400u>
Type: Airfield
Main Force: Air/Ground

Another base with the force listed as "Air". Located on a pennisula in El
Crucero, this base boasts an airstrip and multiple helipads

1x Delta 5H4 Boxhead(Littlebird style chopper)
1x Walker AH-16 Hammerbolt(Huge attack chopper)
2x McKenzie-Furgesson F2 Victor(WWII fighter)
2x MV(Humvee thing)
1x Rotor Industries ARTV (6 wheel ATV with machine gun)

The difference in this base is that there's also a "Ground" listing, that's
because of the significant number of light attack vehicles. This is fairly easy
to take over, but pleagued by wide open spaces and lots of tanks.

       --Maria Dolorosa Military Camp--<400v>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Rotary/Ground

This is one of the weirdest military bases. Located on Isla Maria Delorosa,
this is one of the only bases, if not the only base, to house the Delta MAH-15

1x Delta MAH-15 Chimera(Black, odd-shaped attack helo, fairly large)
1x Delta 5H4 Boxhead(Littlebird style chopper)
1x Harland OTWV-2 Scout(Light tank with cannon)

This base is notable only because it has like, a huge row of portables, which
makes it look rather useless. Odd base, take it over on foot, using the
portables for cover.

       --Caballeros Military Camp--<400w>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Rotary/Armor

Located in Provincia Calalleros, this camp may be tiny but it houses two of
the more unique vehicles in the game.

1x Ballard Sentry STRL-14(Rocket Tank)
1x Jackson JC-2 Alamo(Large transport chopper)

This base is more of a novelty base, rather than a useful base, take it over
after the other more important ones, or if you have time.

       --Costa Verde Military Camp--<400x>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Rotary/Ground

This camp falls short of a base, but barely. Located in Costa Verde this
is yet another base with an exclusive vehicle.

1x Harland OTWV-2 AA Gun(Light tank with an AA gun)
1x Jackson JC-2 Alamo(Large transport chopper)
1x Jackson Z-19 Skreemer(Apache style chopper)

This base is actually useful for taking over the surrounding settlements.
Take it over when you have time.

       --Castillo Military Base--<400y>
Type: Camp
Main Force: Infantry

Another base with nothing but barracks. Located in Provincia de Castillo.


It's fairly easy to take over but at the same time totally useless.

       --Los Islas Defence HQ--<400z>
Type: Defence Headquarters
Main Force: Fixed Wing/Ground

The Los Islas Defence HQ is the only base that gets the special designation
of "Defence HQ" because that's what it is. It has a large airfield with two
jets, which, in real life would probably be providing protection for San
Esperito. This base is arguably the hardest to takeover, they send LOTS of
tanks after you on this one.

2x Ulysess-McCoy Redcloud(Single Engine Fighter Jet)
1x Harland OTWV-2 Scout(Light tank with cannon)

This base is a toughie for two reasons. One being IT'S HUGE! You have a lot
of running to do and little cover. Second reason being they send more than
enough tanks after you, mix that with the size and you have a tough base to


This section lists the various types of vehicles and where to find them.

--Ground Forces--<500a>
Ground Forces include the Harland light tanks, MV's, troop transports, 
technicals, things of that nature. These types of vehicles can easily
be found either in military bases or even just driving around. Getting
the government pissed at you is another way to aquire them.

--Armored Units--<500b>
Armored Units differ from ground forces in the fact that, outside military
base takovers and missions, they're bloody hard to find. Only a few military
bases house armored units, and only one houses a purebred tank. Outside of
military bases they can rarely be found on the countryside, the only other
place is at the Rioja 07 safehouse.

Choppers are one of the most abundant types of vehicle in the game. Military
choppers can be seen flying around in free roam mode. In government controlled
territoies, you can spot the HH-22 and Boxhead, in guerrilla controlled
territories the boxhead is the common sight. Heavy helos like the Hammerbolt
can only be found at military bases. The Skreemer and Chimera can be found
at safe houses with the apropriate ammount of prestige points.

--Fixed Wing Craft--<500d>
Jets and other airplanes that pertain to military use can only be found on
military airstrips, civilian craft at airports.

Naval units are the least practical and hardest to find. Getting the government
pissed at you and going into the water is one of the only ways to aquire their
light naval units, like the Pequod Harpoon. The other way being to unlock
it at certain guerrilla safehouses, ones with Marinas.(An example is Boathouse
Camp, Guerrilla 31). If You want to get your hands on some heavier naval units
there's a small, unmarked island in eastern San Esperito. Even after you
reclaim all the territories, complete the game, takeover all military bases
and do absolutely everything, this island still gives you a wanted level of
5, just for being around it. Specifically, the island is located southeast of
Agency 02, and you may recognize it as "Where mendoza keeps his WMDs!"
The waters of this island are patrolled by the Triton series of boats,
the Triton - Patroller and the massive Triton Broadsider. The Broadsider
is the largest drivable boat, and what makes it cool is the gun turret
on the front, making it a battleship-esque naval unit.

The only other notable naval unit is the Bald Eagle Persuader, which is the
best armed boat in the game.

============Frequently Asked Questions============<600>

Q: Why don't you have tips on taking over each individual base?
A: I already took them all over, and it was a pain the first time
going back and re-doing it is out of the question, sorry.

Q: What platform did you write this for?
A: I own the XBOX 360 version of Just Cause, if that's what you're

Q: What's a "Littlebird" or an "Apache" or a "Blackhawk?"
A: The littlebird is a US army helicopter used mainly as light assault
that resembles the Boxhead, the Apache is the US Army's main attack
chopper, resembling the Jackson Z-19 Skreemer, and the blackhawk is a widely
used transport chopper, again of US origin.

Q: This FAQ is incomplete, or you left out some info/vehicles/bases. What the 
heck is up with that??
A: I'm working on it, why don't you take a Whiptail Gyrocopter and
tour the 182nd largest known landmass? See how long it takes you.

Q: San Esperito is the 182nd largest landmass???
A: Yeah, if it actually existed.

Q: Cool
A: That's not a question...

Q: lol i have stuff 4 ur faq!!1!!!1!!1!
A: E-mail me or find me on XBL, and, that's not a question either...
Maybe there should be a "Frequently Stated Comments" section.

================Legal Info==================<700>

Alright, here's how this is gonna go down, this FAQ is a lot of work, and a
lot of time, it's gonna tick me off if you post it on your site without
my consent. And yes, I can find out, because someone who visits your site
is gonna send me an email like this:

"I was on www.someguyssite.com and saw your FAQ, and I have some questions!"

So, as of right now, Gamefaqs is the only one allowed to handle this.

=============Contact Information=============<800>

Contact me, it'll make me smile knowing I'm being useful.

Email- JustMicrowaveIt@Aim.com
Gamertag(XBL)- EnvY23

Don't SPAM me, and don't flame me, criticism is fine, spelling
corrections are annoying but accepted, compliments are welcome.

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