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Hibiki by TKoo

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 09/10/01

Last Blade 2 - Character FAQ - Takane Hibiki
Version 2.0

Table of Contents:

1) Introduction
2) Updates (I updated...once! After one whole year!)
3) Profile and Story
4) Legends
5) Basic Moves
6) Special Moves
7) Super Moves
8) Combos
9) General Strategy
10) VS CPU Strategy
11) Credits


1) Introduction

First of all, I have to give credit to all the FAQs on GameFaqs, because
I did not know crap about this game until I read them. You should go to
GameFaqs if you need movelists/codes/stuff, it's cool. Anyway, this
FAQ is about my favorite character in LB2, albeit not my best one...but
that is irrelevent. Why didn't they make a fan club for her? Okay, back
to the point, I do not claim to be one of the best players in LB2, or even
a good player, but this FAQ should work for intermediate players who knows
the basics of LB2 and wants to learn my way of using Hibiki. She's not too
powerful in the game, but she's fun to use.

This is my first FAQ, so please inform me if I do something wrong.

email me at: tkhm@hotmail.com


2) Updates

v 2.0 9/08/01 Again bored, and put a little more combos for Speed/EX and
	      correct some errors.     

v 1.0 9/11/00 I was bored, and made this FAQ.


3) Profile and Story

Look at Deuce's FAQ for this. I originally put them here, but then I read
the Don't Do stuff in GameFaqs and knew better. She has an alternate ending
because of her alternate poses.


4) Legends

u     up                    A     weak weapon attack 
d     down                  B     strong weapon attack
b     back                  C     kick 
f     forward               D     deflect 
df    down-forward          QCF   d, df, f (Quarter circle forward)
db    down-back             QCB   d, db, b (Quarter circle backward)	
uf    up-forward            HCF   b, db, d, df, f (Half circle forward)
A/B   press A or B	    HCB   f, df, d, db, b (Half circle backward)
ub    up-back               DP    f, d, df (Dragon punch motion)
AB    press A and B simultaneously


5) Basic Moves

Dash forward - f,f
Leap backward - b,b
Hyper jump - uf while dashing foward
BC - Unblockable for power mode, an overhead launcher for speed/EX mode
CD - normal throw

The following moves are rated in a five star system which I 'borrowed' from
various KOF FAQs.

* - Don't use this unless you want to waste some life
** - You have better moves than this...
*** - An okay move
**** - Good move, use it!
***** - USE THIS A LOT!

Standing b + A === Power:(***) Speed/EX:(****) (mid)

Hibiki strikes with her hand, pathetic range, pathetic damage, can link into
combos though, and recovers really quickly. A good substitute of Standing B
when your opponent is too close as it is quicker (especially against speed
mode opponents.)

EX/Speed mode: use this to start combo or add a jump in B before it.


Standing A === Power:(***) Speed/EX (*****) (mid)

Hibiki makes a quick horizontal swipe with her sword, better range than
Standing b-A, pathetic damamge, can link in combos, an okay substitute of
Standing B. Recovers slower than Standing b-A.

EX/Speed mode: it's good to skip b-A and goes straight to this because
		      this has more range.


Crouching A === Power:(***) Speed/EX (*****) (low)

Hibiki crouches and makes a quick swipe on the ground, same range as Standing A,
but doesn't link into chains in Speed/EX mode, you can cancel moves into it
though. It must be blocked low, and can be used when your opponent is not looking
at his/her feet.

EX/Speed: Oh my GOD! Do you know how many times I got hit by this when I
		play against any speed/EX character? Yes I am an idiot. =) Use
		it within your chain combo to force opponent to block low....


Jumping A === All modes: {***) (high)

Hibiki slashes in front of her in air, angled a bit downward. Good for air-to-air
fights. A substitude for this is Jumping C. Same use for all modes.


Standing B === Power: (*****) EX/Speed: (***) (mid)

Hibiki makes a circular swipe with her sword, can be used as an anti-air. THE
MOVE for comboing in power mode. It's rather quick, strong, and a good counter.
Just don't do it too close to the opponent as it takes time for the sword
to come down, you know, like Leona's Moon Slash in KOF.

EX/Speed: DON'T use this alone, or use this as the ender for your combo, in
	  Power mode the weapon bounces back and leaves you relatively safe.
	  In other modes it does NOT bounce back and you WILL be punished. 
	  Use in chain combo, but d + B works ten times better.Took me a while
	  to notice that. Yes I am an idiot again.


Standing f + B === Power: (*****) Speed/EX: (***) (mid)

Hibiki pauses for a split second, than makes a huge horizontal swipe in front
of her. Hibiki's longest reaching normal move, only her Distant Slash
outreaches it. It also recovers rather quickly for Hibiki. Use it as a keep away
move. This move promises a lot of pain if it connects, as it is one of the
strongest move in the game (not counting supers) But the slight pause at the
beginning makes it not very good at countering blocked attacks, and any A
button attack eats this for breakfast if they are in range. (Speed mode

EX/Speed: Same purpose, a lot less damage, leaves you more open...do not
	  use this.


Crouching B === Power: (****) EX/Speed: (*****) (low)

Hibiki leans forward and makes a forward slash at the midsection of the
opponent. This move comes out as quickly, if not quicker than Standing B,
and reaches farther. A very good counter against small mistakes as you
can do this in the middle of a crouch-block. The only drawback is that
it takes some time for her to recover if it completely miss. So watch
out if your opponent jumps over it. Hits LOW.

EX/Speed: Same purpose as Standing B, except it does more damage and
	  forces your opponent to block low...


Jumping B === All modes: (*****) (high)

Hibiki makes a circular slash in air, great air-to-ground attack, great
combo starter, great for crossovers. Just don't eat too many uppercuts.
The only not so great part is that it is not really good at air-to-air
wars. Same purpose for all modes.


Standing C === All modes: (*) (mid)

Hibiki does a little stomp at the opponent's feet, slightly slower than
Standing b-A, really really useless, don't use this. Can be an ender, but
df + B is WAY better.


Standing f + C === Power(**) Speed/EX: (***) (mid)

Hibiki turns than does a stab with her scabbard,
lags at the beginning, lags at the end if blocked. Again,
don't use this. Hey, but you can link a DM after this! So it's not a 1-star.

EX/Speed: Combo finisher, and can add an ender after this which guarantees a
	  hit if you time it right, but there are better options. 


Crouching C === All modes: (*) (low)

Hibiki does a little kick while crouching. No range, no damage, and not even
an ender, truly pathetic.


Power mode Standing BC: (**) (Unblockable) 

Pathetic range, making it not a good attack to use unless the opponent is
down in the corner.


Speed/EX mode Standing BC: (*****) (high)

THE attack to use at the end of combos, and can be followed up by qcf + A


High repell - D
Low repell - d + D
Air repell - u/ub/uf + D
Special high repell - f + D
Special low repell - df + D
Special air repell - 
 === All Modes: (N/A, depends on your timing)

Repell button, pretty self-explanatory. Use it to counter moves. The low
ones repell low and mid attacks. The high ones repell high and mid
attacks. The Air ones repell air or ground attacks. And the special ones
can repell special moves except fireballs and throws.


Guard Cancel - qcb + D while blocking (requires half power and drains all
	       power in the meter) === (N/A, depends on your style)

Hibiki does the repell motion while blocking.


Dashing A/B === All Modes: (*****) (mid)_

Hibiki does a horizontal slash like standing f-B, you can cancel it with
a special move, my favorite is distance slash, or you can doing another
standing f-B if you are in speed/EX mode. Recovers quickly.

EX/Speed: Same purpose.


Dashing low attack - d + A/B/C while dashing === All modes: (*****) (low)

Hibiki does a low slash, like a crouching B, except it hits low and recovers
faster. Good to catch people off guard, bad if blocked, as you are open for
counters, especially those EX/Speed mode characters.


CD (*****) (throw)

Hibiki flips the opponent over her head with one hand (She's strong!) Use it
a lot, use it after rolling. Why do I give it a five star? Because you
can ALWAYS follow up with the df-B ender, which guarantees to hit and
the resulting damage is almost as good as a Standing f-B!


Ender: c (**)

Hibiki does a little stomp, see Standing C above.


Ender: df + B (****)

Hibiki does a diagonal slash at the ground, better damage than the c ender.
If it hits, enemy cannot counterattack in time, unlike...Setsuna's df-B...


6) Special moves

qcf + A/B === All modes: (****) (special mid/low)

Hibiki does a really quick horizontal slash, and the resulting pink ki/chi/
air pressure hits the opponent. Hibiki's longest reaching move, can be used
for countering if your opponent is far away and can be used as a surprise
attack. This is also a good combo ender because it is unlikely to miss, even
though the opponent is pushed far away from the previous hit. Recovers really
quickly if it connects or blocked, but if it misses, Hibiki would take her
sweet time sheathing her sword with care, leaving herself wide open for a
painful attack. A version takes off more life, and recovers quicker while B
version hits low, takes less life, and recovers slower.


dp + B (hold) === All modes: (****) (special mid)

Hibiki pauses, than runs towards the opponent, and makes a slash forward when
B is released, timing as crucial as it will knock down the opponent ONLY if
Hibiki ends up behind the opponent after the move. If not, than the damage
is small and you can prepare youself for a counter attack. You can follow
up with a QCF + A after this move in speed/EX mode if your time the
DP + B correctly. Recovers fairly quickly if blocked AND you end up behind
the opponent. Can be used as a combo ender and can be Super Canceled
in Power mode.

If you were jumping forward when you landed your jumping B, B,
then feel free to use this and Super Cancel, if you are jumping back or jumping
straight up, use QCB + A.


dp + C (hold) === Power: (***) Speed/EX: (****) (special mid)

Hibiki swings back her scabbard, than stabs forward. Takes forever to come out,
and not very good range. Good damage though, and guarantees a free ender after
it, so may be you can use this after a successful ground repell.

EX/Speed: Start Super Speed Combo Immediately after this! =)


hcf + C (hold) === All modes: (**) (counter high/mid)

Hibiki holds her palm out, if the opponents hits it, he/she gets flipped over
her head, then, Hibiki does a follow up while the opponent is in the air:

== C (***)       Hibiki does a slash with her sword
== BC(***)       Hibiki hits with her scabbard

The counter animation does not last long enough for this to be a good counter,
unless you have insanely good relexes, and can snatch your opponent out
of the air like the CPU does to me all the time, you'd be better off using the
repell button. One good thing about this move is that it recovers faster than


AB === All modes: (*)

Hibiki does a little dodge, unlike Lee, her dodge last shorter and can only
dodge one frame of attack. I get hit all the time when I accidently
execute this move. This move has two follow ups:

== f + C (***)Hibiki runs forward, this is no different from the normal f,f dash
            except hibiki can run through the opponent to his/her back. I
            used to think that this works like Athena's teleport in KOF, but
            discard that idea when Hibiki eats Kaede's Lightning Uppercut in
            the middle of her run.

== b + C (**)Hibiki hops back, unlike the simple b,b version, you can attack
            while hopping back. Too complicated to execute for such a simple

Power Mode: Strangely, for me, SDM is easier to pull off when I was in the
	    f+C follow up running animation. So Hibiki dodges, runs towards
	    turtling opponent, and does the unblockable SDM. SLASH!!


hold START (*)

Hibiki holds her sword close and asks for her father's help. Then the sword
glows and the super meter is SLOWLY raised. This move takes too long to come
out, and the charge has half the speed of Kagami's charge. Completely


7) Desperation Moves

DM: (requires flashing life or full power)
SDM: (requires flashing life AND full power)

qcb, hcf + AB === all modes: (*****) (special mid)
(Desperation Move a.k.a DM) 

Hibiki dashes forward and past the opponent quickly, if it connects, the
background turns gold while Hibiki sheathes her sword, then blood bursts
out of the opponent when she's done. Really good move, as it is really
fast, and a really good combo ender. One drawback is that it recovers a
little too slow if it is blocked.


(close) f, hcf + B === all modes: (****) (Unblockable)
(Super Desperation Move a.k.a. SDM)

There's a white flash in the black background, and the background turns
gold like before, then the whole screen turns black and white....and
red Kanji characters appear in the corner like a painting. If this attack
misses, Hibiki does a tiny diagonal slash which does minor damamage.
This is Hibiki's version of a super grappling move, this move is
unblockable, quick, and is a good move after rolling. If you do this
move after rolling, it DOES NOT matter if you end up behind your
opponent, just do the motion as if you are still in front of him/her,
then see the flash and enjoy the show.


Super Combo: press d,d + A/B to initiate (A hits high, B hits low)
(requires full power)

The basic system everyone has is this:

A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, QCF + C

I use the following too:

A, B, C, d+C, a, d+C, f+BC , then DM when enemy is falling. =) This forces
the opponent to block high and low. Always good in my book.

Look at the Deuce's or D. Thompson's FAQs for other super combos.

The priority and speed for the initial hit of the super combo is the
same for everybody.


8) Combos

Power Mode (I use this mode most lf the time for Hibiki)

I am no combo person, and for Power mode Hibiki, I only use these combos.

Jump B, B, qcf + A
Jump B, B, dp + B
Jump B, B, qcb, hcf + AB (DM)
Jump B, B, dp + B, (super cancel) qcb, hcf + AB (DM)

Dashing A/B, B, qcf + A
Dashing A/B, B, dp + B
Dashing A/B, qcb, hcf + AB (DM)
Dashing A/B, B, dp + B, (super cancel) qcb, hcf + AB (DM)

For countering small mistakes, I use:

Standing B, qcf + A
Standing B, qcb, hcf + AB (DM)

I prefer using qcf + A over dp + B as a combo ender because it is
easier to connect and requires less timing and positioning.

This combo is more powerful than the one I mentioned, but requires
more timing and positioning because Hibiki MUST end up behind the
opponent after Beckoning Slash for the Super Cancel to work, and the
combo would fail if the previous Standing B pushes the opponent too
far back.

Jump B, B, dp + B, (Super Cancel) qcb, hcf + AB (DM)

Speed/EX Modes:

Jump B, b+A, A, A, B, qcf + A
Jump B, b+A, A, A, B, qcb, hcf + AB (DM)
Dashing A/B

The followings are more effective and some of the hits hits high/low.

Jump B, b+A, A, d+A, d+B, BC, qcf + A
Jump B, b+A, A, d+A, d+B, BC, qcb, hcf + AB (DM)

The following combo must be done when your opponent is in the corner
and you have a flashing life AND a full power meter)

(In corner) Deep jump B, b+A, A, d+A, d+B, dp + B, then....
d, d + A/B (Super Speed Combo) (A, B, C, d+C, A, d+C, f+BC), then....
qcb, hcf + AB (DM)

If the initial Jump B pushes the opponent too far away, skip standing b+A

For countering small mistakes, skip the Jump B part, Use standing b+A or
Standing A to start depending on how far away your opponent is.


9) General Strategy

Hibiki is pretty good for countering small mistake in power mode. Even
though speed mode characters are better at finding small openings.
Use qcf + A when you know your Standing B won't connect instead
of using Standing f + B because by the time the attack touches the opponent
he/she is already blocking, or worse, repelling. Throw when the opponent
is too close, especially speed mode characters, because Power Hibiki is a
little weak up close, it's best to keep the opponent at least 1 1/2 character
space away. Also, her Crouching B, while good for countering, is not quite
safe when done too close to the opponent if it is blocked. You can use a
second Standing f+B to push the opponent away if you are in speed mode
though. Make good use of b,b, qcf + A/B.

Hibiki has one serious weakness: no solid anti-air. Standing B works, but
I prefer using repell, or if you have good reflex, HCF + C. Make sure
to reward your opponent with a Standing f-B after repelling while they
float in the air. When your opponent gets used to your repells and start
empty jumping, use standing B, even though it does less damage. It is safer.
Oh, b,b, qcf + A/B works really well too.

If you see a big mistake a full screen away (Ex. You jumped over Kaede's
triple slash) use dashing A, qcf + A, or dashing A, QCB, HCF + A

Always do the df-B ender after a throw and use the f, HCF + B like a throw.

Hyper Jump Bs work better for me than normal jump Bs.

EX/Speed mode: Same strategy except the staying far away part. And do combos
 	       stay close.


10) VS CPU Strategy

These strategies is for the the level 8 CPU. These cannot help you win
perfects or something, and most likely you will suffer heavy damamge, but
at least you win......most of the time....I think. I repeat, I am not
a very good player myself, and I still cannot do Setsuna's very scary
180% combo, so use this as a guide.

Hibiki - She likes to flip people in mid air with her HCF + C move, that's
         all, fight normally, don't let her get too close, she's pretty easy.

Kaede - $@$#%$# He likes to throw projectiles after slides, smack you with
        his Lightning Uppercut everytime you are in the air with 100% accuracy,
        and likes to use his HCF + C command throw with a super following it.
        Also, his triple slash hurts, especially when he substitudes the 3rd hit
        with a super. Jump B him with combos when he does his projectile, but
        otherwise avoid jumping forward. Distance Slash works, but only do it
        occasionally as he likes to repell and then HCF + C. The safest way
        (The cheesiest way) is to hide in a corner and jump backward while air-
        blocking, he'd do his uppercut and leaves himself wide open. Always
        punish his blocked/missed triple slash with B, QCF + A or a
        B, QCB, HCF + AB

Lee - Another $#%@#$. let him get in range and he'd smack you with a standing A...
      followed by a 14 hit combo. He throws you when you are repelling,
      and he does his uppercut move with 100% accuracy WITHOUT charging! How to
      beat him? Pretty easy actually, keep him out of his standing A range with
      Crouching Bs and Standing f-Bs, that's it. Don't let him get close!

      Another way to beat him. Run in and do df+D, then combo. =p

Zantetsu - He only does his standing A when he's really close, so you'd have
           no trouble repelling his combo attempts. He'd throw you occasionally,
           but it's okay, just roll and throw him back. And Don't EVER jump
           forward, he has a pretty decent uppercut move afterall.

Yuki - Pretty easy, jump in and combo, fight normally, she likes to start combos
       so always prepare yourself with a few LOW repells. Her snow uppercut is too
       slow to stop you.

Juzo - Pretty easy, fight normally, unlike other characters, say Kaede, he leaves
       himself wide open all the time. Just block his Standing f+B, it reaches
       pretty far.

Akari - Fight normally, it's not that hard, just remember you can't airblock her

Kojiro - Her QCB + A move must be blocked low if done close to you, also, her
	   QCB, HCF + AB move must be blocked high in the last few animations.
         Don't leave too many openings, or you can start eating combos, her
         standing A is long ranged/fast/combo and promises a lot of pain.
         Don't turtle, her QCB + C is a throw. Try to repell her standing As.

Washizuka - Another $#%$, CPU does not need to charge his d, u + A/B attack, and
            is very fond of making me do a high low guessing game with his
            b, f + C attacks. Also, his QCB + B attacks kills my backward jump/
            b,b retreat attempts, and it has little recovery time and pushes
            me back. I just do a kamikaze Jump B attack and hopefully he'd die
            before I do. If you block his QCB + B when he's too close, use my
            counter combo.

Mukuro - Hyper jump in from far away so his crouching B won't smack you,
         otherwise fight normally and remember he has a command throw and a
         normal throw, and they HURT. (Why do they do more damage then the
	 other characters' throws?!?)

Okina - Hyper Jump in and start combos, always try to get close, his rolling
        special move must be blocked high. He has openings, but you have to
        be alive to counterattack. His turtles hurt, so try to be right over
        his head when jumping so they can't smack you.

	You can also turtle with jumping back airblocking until he makes a

Shigen - Push him out of his throwing range with Standing Bs, don't ever do
         jump-ins on him, you'd suffer more.

Setsuna - He's pretty easy, just fight normally, and counterattacks when you
          block his QCB + A/B. 

Kagami - Jump in and combo, he's not that hard. If he dashing towards you,
	 block low and combo him.

Moriya - #$%#$@% He uppercuts with 100% accuracy, do running throws like Kaede,
         and I can't seem to airblock his uppercut move! Smack him with a
         crouching B when he runs towards you, repell and Standing f+B when
         he jumps, block low unless he does his overhead. PUNISH him when
         teleports! He like to do two standing As and one standing B after
         teleporting, and after blocking those you'd have time to counterattack.
         Everytime he touches you on the ground, prepare eating some high damage

Amano - Fight normally, repell his jump kicks, block and counterattack his
        uppercuts, his uppercut takes a little time to come out so position
        yourself carefully, and DON'T jump back because he would uppercut you.
Kouryu - Keep doing close Jumping/hopping Bs, he can't seem to do anything about
         it except repelling occasionally, if a jumping B connect, do your
         combo, preferably with a super as the combo ender. Everytime he
         reaches back, block HIGH! And don't do jumps unless you are CLOSE to him,
         or his overhead Blade of Death would stop you cold. Don't even attempt to
         jump over the arrows, just block them and pray that he stops. If he
	 dashes towards you, repell low.

That's all I know, if you have any strategies, email me at tkhm@hotmail.com

Oh yeah, Hibiki has an alternate ending and other cool stuff, look at D. Thompson
FAQ for more details.



SNK - for making such a great game
Deuce - I learned the moves from his FAQs!
D. Thompson - I didn't know about Hibiki's alternate ending till I read his FAQ.
www.orochinagi.com - I learned a lot in those forum discussions. Look at the
combo video in this page NOW! (If you haven't done so...)
KOF FAQs on GameFaq - for having such an organized 5-star system

email me at: tkhm@hotmail.com

This document Copyright 2000-2001 Tommy Koo

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