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Hagure by ATeo

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 05/14/99

Date: Sat, 14 May 1999 11:05:38

-----------------------How to Play with Hagure--------------------------
                 "Last Blade2" Hagure Faq version 1.1
                             Alan Teo 

Last Blade and all associated names, story events and characters are the
sole copyright of SNK, and are used without permission. This document is 
a Copyright 1999 Alan Teo. This Faq is written based on my personal 
experience. If there is any similarity between my faq and other people's 
faqs, please inform me. Thank you.
This guide is only for arcade sets with normal difficulty. If the 
machine is set to maximum difficulty, you have to use different tatics 
for some of the opponents, email me and I will tell you how to defeat 


Versus Hibiki:
                 Hibiki maybe encountered during stage one. You do not 
need to use any special tatic against her. Just do your combos. As for 
me, I will always prefer to finish her with custom combos. 

Versus Kaede:
                 Kaede is one of the simplest opponent in the game. Just 
conduct two such combos, jump B, B, dp B, dp B, and your meter will be 
full. Do another combo, jump B, B, qcb A, qcf x 2 AB, and you will be 
able to finish him off. GREAT!!!


Versus Lee:
                 As soon as the match start, do your, down, up B, then 
down B, as Lee will most probably jump forward. Do not try to use 
DEFLECT as Lee may no attack and just jump forward. These is no need of 
much tatics against him. Do some combos and finish him with a custom 

Versus Zentetsu: 
                 Just like playing against Lee, do an anti-air attack at 
the beginning of the match. Do not use deflect for this case. Try not to 
do a jumping attack against him during the game as you will not know 
when he will do an anti-air attack. Use your qcb B when you are near 
him. He may not block this attack. He will most probably do a jumping 
attack on you, so do your anti-air attack. If he is not doing a jumping 
attack, just do your continue to do qcb B. Once again, when your meter 
is full, try to finish him off with your custom combo. I think that will 
increase your score.      

Versus Amano:   
                  Do a down A, at the beginning of the battle. Amano 
will most probably jump towards you. Do a qcb C, once he hit you, you 
can do a, forward, down back, forward B. Hit him when he is on the 
ground. Although you can use any anti-air attack when he jump forward, 
the method above can do maximum damage and its the best way to fill your 
meter( I think so). Players can continue to do this following move once 
your meter is full, we can perform a ,qcbx2 B as the last part of the 
above combo, then run forward and and kick him while he is on the 
ground. However he can attack you once he get up. Although you can block 
it, but there goes your "Perfect" match. 
                  So, what can we do? Try to maximise the distance 
between Amano and you when he is down. If he is walking towards you just 
do the same thing( the "down A" and combo above) when he is at a 
suitable distance from you. If he is running towards you, or doing his , 
forward, downback, forward B, do a vertical jump upwards and hit him 
with a jump C when he is directly below you. Then do a down B, forward, 
down-back, forward B. This is the way against Amano to get a "Perfect" 
match. This need practice.
Versus Yuki:
                  Yuki is another simple enemy. Try doing a jump slash 
when you are at a safe distance. She will do a dp A. You can do your qcf 
A or B, or your custom combo.

Versus Juzhou:    
                  This is another easy one, but try to avoid his attack 
as he can reach you from a distance with his forward B. At the beginning 
of the battle, jump vertically upwards. Juzhou may do forward B. Do a 
deep jump B, B, qcf A. If he rush towards you and do a qcb B instead, do 
no try to attack. Instead, do a qcb B when you land, you will tend to do 
a flung him into the air. Estimate the time when you are able to do a 
qcb A, follow by a qcf A or qcf B. If your meter is full, you can chain 
with your special moves.

Versus Washizuka:  
                  Against Washizuka, its is very difficult to win with a 
"Perfect". I will always try to do this combo, jump C, back B, Forward 
C, qcf C. If your meter is full and you are fast enough, you can chain 
with your qcb,hcf AB. Once he is on the ground, press AB and Hold. Once 
he get up, release your buttons, he cannot block this attack. However if 
your life meter is low and your meter is full, use qcb, hcf B and Hold, 
instead of AB. Release B once he get up, he cannot block this attack.
                  If he block your back B after your jump C, try to 
press D. He will try to attack you. However the chance of deflecting the 
attack is not high, and Washizuka may do a low attack instead. For this 
part of the battle, I think players have to decide themselves( ......hee 
....hee). However I always fight Washizuka using the above method, and 
usually I will get a average score of 150000 for that round.

Verus Mokuro:     
                  The damage of every Mokuro's is very high, even with 
his standard A, B and C attack. Just block at the beginning of the 
battle. If he do a Jump attack, you can do any anti-air attack or any 
just a stand B attack. If not, try to get to a distance around half 
screen length. Do a jump attack( not for hitting purpose) while you jump 
backward. Due to the bug, Mokuro will do an anti-air attack or a 
standard B. Since you are a distance away from him, you will be unharm. 
At this time, do a qcf A attack. Once he is one the ground, do a Up B 
and then juggle. You can so your qcb, qcf B if your life meter is low 
and power meter is full, instead of the normal qcf A or B.
Versus Kojiro:        
                  Do a Jump C attack whenever you have a chance. Conduct 
this combo, A, A, A, B, qcb A. If you are able to get her to the ground 
after the qcb A, just press C to kick her and conduct this combo again. 
If she was hit by and your qcb A and do fall on the ground, continue to 
press A, A, A, B, qcb A again. If she block every of your attack, try 
pressing D. you will have a chance of deflecting her attack. Once your 
meter is full, you can do your qcb, hcf AB instead of your qcb A.

Versus Shingen:
                  Do your jump B attack at the beginning of the battle. 
If Shingen is hit by this, do your combo slam. once shingen get up from 
the ground, do your Jump B again, then......... . If he block your jump 
B, continue to do your hcb, forward C. He may be "catch" by you. If not 
he will most probably jump back. So you have to redo the whole 
procedure. However, there is a very slight possibility( 5%, I think) 
that he will counter attack if you miss him using the hcb forward C.   
Versu Okina:       
                  At the beginning of the battle, do a dash and jump B 
attack. Do not try to jump B immediately as he will release his turtle 
on you. If you hit him with the jump B, you can connect with a down A, 
down A, qcf A. you will get hom on the ground. Estimate the time well 
and do a jump B attack once he get up, and he will not block it. Then do 
your down A, down A, qcf A again. If he is hit thrice with this combo, 
he will be stunt by then. Do a qcb B, after 4 hits, do the qcb, qcf AB, 
"Perfect Match". 
                   Even if Okina block the jump B attack, he will be hit 
by the down A. If Okina also block this attack, which seldom happen, do 
a dp A, instead of qcf A, he can't block this.

Versus Moriya:       
                   Moriya is one of the most diffcult opponent in the 
game. However for character with dp attack, it is quite easy to finish 
him off. At the beginning of the battle, try to do a dp attack, which he 
will most probably be hit, if not, you will be punished by his combo 
hits. For my case, as I have been always playing Hagure, I can predict 
whether he will be hit by this dp attack from the way he move.
                   When you manage to get Moriya on the ground, try to 
maximize the distance between you and him. Most porbably he will come 
rushing towards you. Do your dp A, dp B. repeat the whole procedure. 
When your meter is full, you can use you custom combo instead of your dp 
A, dp B.                    
                   If Moriya is not dashing towards you, try doing a 
down A repeatedly until he teleport behind you. As he will have a 
certain lag after that move, you can perform your chain combos. 
                   If Moriya doesn't perform the above move, he just 
walk towards you( seldom happen). Press you down control. He may do a 
forward B or Back B. If you are fast, you can deflect this move by using 
Versus Kagami:     
                   Kagami use to be the boss of "Last Blade I", and is 
fear for his superior damage speed and his unpredictable combo attacks, 
however in this new series of "Last Blade II", he is such a 
disappointment, with weak attack and terrible lag once the opponent 
block or dodge his attack.
                   In "Last Blade II", Kagami have a bug of doing a dp A 
if the computer detect the player doing a jump attack at half a screen 
distance away from him. At the beginning of the battle, do a jump( 
backwards) slash. Kagami will walk towards you and do a dp B. For 
players who wanted to finish him in a shorter time, block the attack and 
do what you can when he land. For players who wanted to have a "Perfect" 
match, estimate the time well and counter his dp B using the D button.
                    Kagami will do his qcf A if you do you jump slash if 
you are in a distance of more than half a screen length away from him. 

Versus Setsuna:       
                    Setsuna, I must admit that he is one of the most 
powerful and "user friendly" character in the game. His weapon is long 
and his combo( POWER type) can do a lot of damage. However if you are 
using Hagure( Setsuna VS Setsuna), you can easily finish him off with a 
"Perfect" within 10 seconds. 
                    First I always do a backward jump B. Most probably 
he will do a jump B towards my direction. When he landed, he will jump 
and do another of this attack. Deflect it. Do a B and qcb B, he will 
fall to the ground and will try to recover( there is a 95% chance of him 
recovering). Do a qcb B again, he cannot block this when he try to 
recover. Continue to do your qcb B as he will always try to recover. If 
he is hit in this way for 5 times, he will be stunned. Do yout qcf qcf 
AB. That will finish him off.
                    Actually, this is just a way of me dealing with him. 
However what I really wanted to tell you players that Setsuna is very 
fond of recovering. Just make use of this to defeat him as fast as 
Versus Akari:            
                    Akari is the character that always try to deflect 
player's attack, especially the first attack. Hence try not to do a 
ground attack at the beginning of the battle.If she deflect your attack, 
she will perform all sorts of combo attacks that will definitely 
decrease your score. Try to do a jump slash, she will not be able to do 
much even if she deflect your attack. If you manage to get far away from 
her, try to do a qcf A. Try to stop after doing this twice as she may 
dash towards you and do a jump B. If she do this, do a Down, Up B. hen 
she fall to a height around "your head", do a Down, Up B. This will do 
more damage and fill up more of the meter.
                    If your meter is full, do a Down, Up C instead of 
down up B, and do qcb, qcf AB( estimate the time well).
                    Akari always try to do her dp A, dp B or C attack. 
Counter this if you are fast.
                    When playing against Akari, try to maximize the 
distance between you and her. She will most probablydo a dash jump 
attack towards you, then you can do you Down, Up C.

Versus Kouryu:         
                    This will be the easiest opponent you will 
encounter. How to get a "Perfect" game? Do a qcf A once the battle 
begin. If he block this attack, continue to do it until you knock him to 
the ground( Usually the first or second move will knock him down). 
Maximize the distance and continue to do this until he is stun.
                    The following what I always do.
1. qcb B, Forward, Back, hcf B/D.( I do no do a Jump B, B, because this 
may kill him before the special move.)

2. I also do custom combos: press BCD to change to speed.
                           i) down down A/B, A,B,C,A,B,C,A,B,qcf C.
                          ii) down down A/B, A,B,C,down C,BC,qcf B.
      			 iii)	down down A/B, A,B,C,A,B,C,C,qcf B.

3. This is one of my favorite move:
                      iv) down down A/B, A,B,C,down C,down C, forward BC 
                          follow by, qcb B x3, forward, back, hcf A.
  ( However this can only be perform if his life meter allows.)

               If you prepare to do your custom combos, do down down B 
instead of A, Kouryu will not block it.

               Sometimes if I knew that I cannot break my own record, I 
will fool around with by performing the SDM.( Which require low life 
meter and full ower meter.) However Kouryu is very good at blocking 
this. So what can we do? Well I always use qcf A to hit him once or 
twice. After this, let Kouryu decrease you meter until you are able to 
do you SDM.( Estimate well, as Kouryu's attack is able to do alot of  
damage.) Maximize the distance after this and do your qcf A until he is 
stun. Your meter will be full by then. Do your SDM( qcb x2 B).          


               This is so far a brief description of how I use Hagure to 
get high score. However the highest I can get is still only around 
1500000++ . It used to be in the machine at Singapore "YISHUN 10", 
However the record and all my other scores was deleted due to maintance. 
I try to get back my record but I could only reach 1300000++ . 

               If you can have other ways of playing, please mail me at 
the email address stated in the final part of this faq. I also have 
other things which I wanted to know:
                                    How is Setsuna able to do his SDM 
without even having his meter full and his life meter low? The computer 
Setsuna always do this when I encounter him.

                                    Lee have this custom combo: 
A,B,C,A,B,C,C,B,A,qcf C. I cannot get the right timing for this combo. 
If possible please describe to me the timing.

               Please email me for any enquiries, usage of other 
characters or other suggestion you can provide me. Finally I have to 
apologise for my poor grammer and spellings( due to my poor English and 
I complete this Faq in a few hours and without checking it). Thank you.
               My email address is wudai@hotmail.com .

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