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Lee by hebretto

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/07/02

This FAQ is a free publication so if you see any parts of this document in 
magazines (like EGM) or any forms of media please contact me. If you would 
like to put this document on your site or whatever kind of media please ask 
me first for I have no problem with those who would like to use this FAQ (like 
anyone would anyway), I'd just like to know where my things are. Last Blade 
is copyright of SNK/Neo Geo. This FAQ is copyright of Yang Yang He

FAQ: Lee Rekka (Last Blade 2)
Platform: Arcade / NeoGeo / Dreamcast
Version: 1.1 (7 July 2002)
Email: hebrettofaq@yahoo.com.au

Site/s where this FAQ should be found:

    2.1 - Modes of Play
    2.2 - Super Meter
    2.3 - Repelling
    2.4 - Guard Cancel
    2.5 - Desperation Moves
    2.6 - Super Desperation Moves
    2.7 - Combo Specials
    2.8 - Super Cancels
    2.9 - Chain Combos
    2.10 - BC attack
    2.11 - Off the Ground attacks
    2.12 - Recoveries
    2.13 - Throws
    2.14 - Damage scaling
3.Basic Controls
4.Lee Rekka
5.Normal / Misc. Moves
    5.1 - A button
    5.2 - B button
    5.3 - C button
    5.4 - Misc. moves
    6.1 - Special Moves
    6.2 - [Super] Desperation Moves / Combo Specials


Man it's been some time since I wrote of these things called a FAQ (I think 
my last one was around October last year, too long in my opinion). For those 
that doesn't care or didn't miss me I'll tell you why I was absent. School, 
I am in my last two years of school, if I want to go to a good university 
I needed to get some work done. But as you can see, I'm neglecting it so I 
can return to writing FAQs (though this would probably be my only one for 
the next 2 years)

Have I ever expressed how much I love pre 1930s Chinese / Manchurians??? If 
not then I'll say it here, it's most likely from all the history I have been 
studying at school...or all those Wong Fei Hong "Once Upon a Time in China" 
movies starring Jet Li. One reason why I decided to choose Lee as my main 
character in Last Blade 2, another is the fact that he can beat people down 
with a FAN!!!

I can go on and on about how cool Lee is (like that Manchurian haircut and 
the fact that he looks like Wong Fei Hong). But that's not the reason I did 
this FAQ is it. (and yes, I know the game came out a decent 5 years ago...but 
I noticed how there wasn't a Lee FAQ around so I felt I should at least do 
him some justice)

Last and foremost allow me to say how much I hate Deuce =P, he just had to 
do such a good job with his Last Blade 2 FAQ that I had to include so much 
details on the System and Basic Control section. He is the Last Blade 2 FAQ 
master (and yes, this is also a note that you guys should check out his FAQ 
when you have mastered Lee)

       If you find any mistakes that I might have made or want to contribute 
to anything (like combos, tactics etc) or you might have found this FAQ in 
another site from the ones listed above, please kindly email me 


---->2.1 Modes of Play<----
Last Blade 2 comes with three modes of play: Power, Speed and EX. All these 
modes has its own advantages and disadvantages. I'll go through the basics 
of them (you might want to refer to Deuce's Last Blade 2 FAQ for the full 
low down on all the modes). Note that EX mode is only accessible via a code 
in the arcade and NeoGeo version of Last Blade 2 (see EX mode), the Dreamcast 
version has EX already ready

Speed Mode
-Normal moves can link after one another (eg A, A, B, forward + C)
-Inflict less damage per hit
-Normal moves does not do chip damage
-BC attack is an overhead (must be blocked high)
-Can do a Special Combo when (and only when) Super Meter is full
-Can dizzy oppoenent

Power Mode
-Unable to link most normals
-Normal moves does chip damage
-Inflict more damage per hit
-BC attack is unblockable
-Can cancel certain Special Moves into Desperation Moves
-Can do Super Desperation Moves when life bar is red and has full Super Meter
-Cannot dizzy opponent

EX Mode 
-Does more damage per hit than Speed, but less than Power
-Takes more damage per hit
-Super Meter takes longer to reach full length
-Normal moves can link after one another (eg A, A, B, forward + C)
-Can cancel certain Special Moves into Desperation Moves
-Can do Super Desperation Moves when life bar is red and has full Super Meter
-Can do a Special Combo when (and only when) Super Meter is full
-Cannot dizzy opponent

(Arcade / NeoGeo code : after selecting character highlight Speed, press C 
6 times. Highlight Power, press B 3 times. Highlight Speed, press C 4 times)

---->2.2 Super Meter<----

You know that gauge thing at the bottom corner of the screen when you are 
playing??? Well that's the Super Meter, when it is fully filled up you can 
do certain goodies like Desperation Moves or Combo Specials (see 2.4 and 2.6). 
Whenever you do a Special Move, attack an opponent or get hit your Super Meter 
will fill itself. Just a note that in EX mode, your Super Meter will take 
longer to fill than Power or Speed mode

---->2.3 Repelling<----

Repel is an ability special to do Last Blade. By using Repel (D button) your 
character will "dodge" and if the opponent attacks during that time you will 
parry their attack (you won't get hit and it leaves your opponent for an 
opening attack). Once you have repelled an attack your opponent will be 
knocked back a bit (and stunned) for you to punish them, the easiest form 
of punishment would be pressing the Repel button attack again to do your 
automatic counter attack, but it would be smarter if you did a combo. Use 
this with caution because if you timed Repel incorrectly your opponent can 
punish you while you are recovering from the "dodge" animation

You can Repel just about any form of PHYSICAL attack (ie you CANNOT Repel 
projectile attacks or throws). Unfortunately there are different ways to 
Repel different kinds of moves (if it was just a press of the D button wouldn't 
our lives be easier?), below is how to Repel certain attacks:

D or back + D      : Repel high normal moves
forward + D        : Repel high Special / (Super) Desperation moves
down + D or db + D : Repel low normal moves
df + D             : Repel low Special / (Super) Desperation moves
in air D           : Repel in air

---->2.4 Guard Cancel<----

(sorry if I named it incorrectly). When you have half your bar filled you 
can do a counter attack (whilst you are blocking), this can be used if your 
opponent is trying to chip you to death or you would like to be the offensive 
rather than blocking. Note that when you do this you will lose the entire 
Super Meter even if it is fully filled, so best do it when you have fulfilled 
the minimum requirement. Oh yeah to do this:

back, down-back, down + D

---->2.5 Desperation Moves<----

Desperation Moves (DMs from now on) are commonly known as someone's super 
move where by the character using can deal a great deal of damage if the DM 
hits the opponent. Each character has their own DM (some has more than one) 
and it can be done in every mode. To do a DM you will need either:

a)	Full Super Meter, OR
b)	Your life bar is flashing red

Yeah that's right, unlimited DMs when your life bar is flashing red. But take 
note some DMs has a great lag if missed or blocked, use with caution

---->2.6 Super Desperation Moves<----

Super Desperation Moves (SDMs from now on) are more devastating than DMs due 
to the fact that it has "Super" before it...nothing much to explain other 
than the fact that it does more damage than DMs (though some do less or equal), 
but these are not extensions of DMs, SDMs all look different from their 
inferior moves. SDMs can only be used if you are in POWER and EX mode and 
suit the following conditions:

a)	Full Super Meter, AND
b)	Your life bar is flashing red

You might have a flashing life bar, but without a full Super Meter you cannot 
do your SDM

---->2.7 Combo Specials<----

When activated (down x2 + A / B) the screen will turn blackish with some speed 
lines (I think) and your character flashing blue. Then they will charge 
forward towards your opponent, once hit you will need to do a set of button 
inputs in order to complete the Combo Special (from now on CS), every 
character has more than one button input. CS can only be used in SPEED and 
EX mode and you will need to fit the requirements below in order to do it:

a) Full Super Meter (yeah, just a FULL Super Meter)

Note that even if your life bar is flashing red you cannot do CS. I suggest 
not just mashing the buttons and rotating the joystick because that won't 
work (this is from experience), because not only will you have just wasted 
a Super Meter...you would have also made an idiot out of yourself. Just get 
one set of inputs and then master that and then go onto the next set

---->2.8 Super Cancels<----

SC or SCs from now on. Allows you to cancel certain Special Moves into that 
character's DM (but not SDM), last I recall I think you can only SC one of 
your Special moves. All this takes is that you can do a DM. Can only be done 
in POWER and EX mode

---->2.9 Chain Combos<----

Or as I like to call it, linking. Best done in SPEED and EX mode. This feature 
allows you the ability to cancel one of your normal moves into another (tends 
go from A -> A -> B -> C). Every character has an universal Chain Combo (back 
+ A -> A -> A -> B -> forward + C), learning how to do these combos will give 
you an added advantage over your Power mode opponents (one reason why Speed 
mode was even there)

---->2.10 BC attack<----

By pressing BC together in certain modes you will do a special normal move 
which has to be avoided with caution. In SPEED and EX mode BC acts as an 
overhead and in POWER mode it acts as an unblockable attack. Further explained 

-Slow start up
-Deals high amount of damage

Speed or EX
-Has to be blocked high
-Once hit allows juggle potential (if opponent is on ground)
-Deals standard damage
-If hits as overhead then opponent will be momentarily knocked back allowing 
you to punish them 

---->2.11 Off the Ground attacks<----

OTG from here, all characters in the game has this move that allows them to 
hit their opponent when they are on the ground and trying to get up. It can 
be done by (has to be rather close to opponent): C; df + C; df + B; up + B/C. 
Certain characters can do all of the above whereas some can only use C. Just 
pressing the C button would be the universal OTG attack

---->2.12 Recoveries<----

By pressing the D button when your almost about to hit the ground or recently 
hit in the air you will quickly recover and be able to retaliate. This is 
best done when you are about to hit the ground to prevent your opponent from 
getting an OTG when you are on the ground. Note that if you recover whilst 
in the air you will be open to further offenses, know when to use this

---->2.13 Throws<----

Yeah that's right, what game can go without the unblockable throw. To do a 
throw you will need to be close to your opponent and press C and D together. 
If you missed the throw you will go into a miss-throw animation in which your 
opponent can punish you while you recover

---->2.14 Damage scaling<----

In Last Blade 2 there is a cap at the amount of damage you can do in combos. 
For every consecutive hit you make after your initial one the damage on that 
hit will be reduced, soon enough every hit you do will do about 1 pixel of 
life (infact in Last Blade 2 there's a maximum damage cap, so there is no 
such thing as 100% combo)

|3.Basic Controls|

All are for the left side of the screen
qcf - down, down-forward, forward
qcb - down, down-back, back
hcf - back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward
hcb - forward, down-forward, down, down-back, back
dp  - forward, down, down-forward
rdp - back, down, back-down

forward, forward - run or hop forward (hold forward to keep running)
back, back       - back hop
ub, u, uf        - jump back, up, forward
ub, u, uf (tap)  - short jump back, up, forward
forward x2, uf   - long jump (whilst running press up-forward)

The following applies to any character:

-Hold a direction for 2 seconds

A / B / C
-Weak slash / Strong slash / Weak kick

back + A
-Weak punch. This adds extra hit stun to your opponent so you can do another 
back + A afterwards or go into another normal move (eg back + A -> A -> A 
-> B -> forward + C in Speed or EX mode)

forward + B
-Power slash. A lot of damage by itself (Power) but cannot be cancelled into 
any Special Move or DM or SDM or CS. Best done in chain combo (Speed)

forward + C
-Power kick. Knocks the opponent towards the wall, able to do another attack 
afterwards (whether after the bounce off the wall or when they land)

down-forward + C
-Power crouching kick. Sweeps opponent over, able to add Off the Ground (OTG) 
attack afterwards

-Overhead (Speed and EX) or unblockable (Power) attack

close to opponent, CD

Run, forward + A / B
-Dash attack, can be cancelled into B / C (Speed or EX)

Run, df + A/B
-Dash-Slide attack, knockdowns. Must be blocked low

-Press two buttons at the same time(like AB)

D OR back + D
-Repel high attacks

forward + D
-Repel Special Moves

down + D OR down-back + D
-Repel crouching attacks

down-forward + D
-Repel crouching Special Moves

in air, D
-Repel in air

|4.Lee Rekka|

This is just MY analysis of Lee, you don't have to listen to what I have to 
say at all. First of all you need to choose the mode best suited for Lee, 
in my opinion it should be Speed or EX. Reason being is that Lee is a "weak" 
character (whom all have fast attacks) so therefore he will need the chain 
combo to show his skills. I'll make a list of all the Pros and Cons for Lee 
in all the modes, you can make up your own mind I guess

Pros:                                  Cons:
-Easy to SC                            -Best combo is B -> special -> SC
-Has very good looking SDM             -Great deal of lag if special
-Has unblockable                        miss

My verdict: Use this mode if you are just learning Lee

Pros:                                  Cons:
-Has very stylish combos               -Damage scaling
-Can juggle his CS into DM             -Cannot SC into DM

My verdict: Use this if your getting the hang of Lee, use the chain combos 
to your advantage (cause in Power mode if you do B -> Special and your opponent 
blocks the B then you can be punished, where as with Speed you can link on 
so if one of your attacks are blocked you can just stop there). The only 
downfall I see is that you no longer have the Super Cancel feature but this 
way you can improve on your normal -> DM combos

Pros:                                  Cons:
-Has very stylish combos               -Takes higher damage
-Can juggle his CS into DM
-Can SC into DM

My verdict: This is the mode for all you risk takers out there. This is my 
mode of choice when using Lee but a lot of times I have to worry about how 
fast he can die against Power players because Lee takes enough damage as it 
is, using EX with him just adds more to that. But I am willing to risk that 
if I can get the ability to do chain combo -> special -> SC into DM cause 
with Lee it just looks so cool

|5.Normal / Command Moves|

Chainable - able to add another normal attack after it. Most Power mode 
normals CANNOT be chained unless noted (Jump B -> Standing B DOES NOT apply 
as a chain). Chains in Speed applies to EX mode as well. (If you are confused 
by these chain things my combo section should solve all that)

Cancelable - able to do a Special / (Super) Desperation move / Combo Special 
(CS) after / during the animation. Cancels in Speed applies to EX mode as 

---->5.1 A button<----

-Lee will do a palm attack at chest level. He will move forward when he does 
this. Very good in combos because even if your opponent is out of range (for 
most characters) Lee's Standing A will hit because of this factor. Perhaps 
it was to compensate for the fact that Lee has no weapons
   *Chainable into: Standing A; Standing B, Crouching B, forward + B; 
                    forward + C, df + C
   *Cancelable: Yes

Standing follow-up (Speed and EX)
-Lee will do another palm attack with his other hand. This time at the stomach 
   *Chainable into: Standing B, Crouching B, forward + B; forward + C,  
                    df + C
   *Cancelable: Yes

-Lee will do a short range palm attack
   *Chainable into: Cannot chain
   *Cancelable: Yes (Only in SPEED / EX mode)

Jump / Jumping
-Lee will do a (surprise) jumping palm attack. You can only chain if you do 
a short Jump A
   *Chainable into: (jump) B; (jump) C
   *Cancelable: Yes

back + A (Able to CHAIN in Power mode)
-Lee will do a quick palm attack. This move has a small range for attack, 
it can be chained / comboed into itself up to 3 times on big characters 
(without having to move forward and doing it again). This move can be chained 
in Power mode because most character's back + A's has a long hit stun. This 
also has a fast recovery time so you can walk up and do another attack
   *Chainable into: any standing normal except (misc) forward / down + C
   *Cancelable: Yes

---->5.2 B button<----

-Lee will do a high kick. Looks awful but it does the job I guess
   *Chainable into: forward + B; Standing C, (after A -> B chain) 
                    forward + C, df + C, (misc) forward + C,
                    (misc) down + C (see 5.4 Misc. moves)
   *Cancelable: Yes

-Lee will do a crouching roundhouse kick. Does not knockdown
   *Chainable into: df + C, (misc) forward + C, (misc) down + C
   *Cancelable: Yes

Jump / Jumping
-Lee will do a overhead kick in the air. Depending on what kind of jump or 
the size of your opponent, this can do an extra hit. One as the animation 
starts and another when animation ends. If you start this when you are right 
next to an air-borne opponent it will do two hits
   *Chainable into: (jump) C
   *Cancelable: Yes

forward + B
-Lee will do a double kick towards your opponent. Travels about half of the 
   *Chainable into: Cannot Chain
   *Cancelable: No

---->5.3 C button<----

-Lee will do a short stomp with his foot. Not very fast, best to do in a combo
   *Chainable into: Cannot chain
   *Cancelable: Yes

-Lee does a short poke with his leg. This has fast recovery and can be repeated 
up to three times
   *Chainable into: Cannot chain
   *Cancelable: Yes

Jump / Jumping
-Long ranged straight kick. Very fast start up, good as an air to air anti 
air attack (wow 7 words starting with "a" in that last sentence)
   *Chainable into: Cannot chain
   *Cancelable: Yes

forward + C
-Lee will do a fast straight kick. Makes opponent bounce off wall, can Off 
the Ground (OTG) with up + C or Standing C
   *Chainable into: Cannot chain
   *Cancelable: Yes (Only in POWER mode)

down-forward + C
-Lee will do a fast crouching straight kick. Knocksdown
   *Chainable into: Cannot chain
   *Cancelable: Yes

---->5.4 Misc. moves<----

After Standing / Crouching B, forward + C (in Speed or EX mode)
-This is unique to Lee. After doing his Standing / Crouching B Lee will do 
a slow (shadowed) overhead kick (that also means you need to block high for 
this), if timed correctly after a Standing B this will combo. After the last 
(4th) hit your opponent will be temporarily stunned and thus leaving an 
opening for you to attack again. Best to do hcb + A / B afterwards
    You can actually do this in Power mode also. But you can only start with 
the Standing B rather than with Crouching B

After Standing / Crouching B, down + C (x3 / x2) (in Speed or EX mode)
-Lee will do a (shadowed) sweep kick. Must be blocked low. You can do up to 
three times if you started this from a Standing B. Twice if you started with 
Crouching B. The last hit knocksdown
   Chainable into: forward + B (first hit of Standing B start up); 
                   (misc) forward + C (except last hit)
   Cancelable: Yes (except last hit)

-Lee will grab your opponent and do a concentrated palm strike at chest level. 
Same animation as Hakkei (AB -> D). Able to Off the Ground (OTG) with C but 
must be in corner

Taunt (start button in arcade and NeoGeo. Z button by default on Dreamcast)
-Lee will go into a stance as if he is charging. Infact if you keep holding 
start during his taunt he will slowly gain back life. Only problem is that 
the taunt takes so long to start up and it takes some time to even gain back 
25% of your life. Use this if your opponent is dizzy (so best in Power mode)

Ryu Tsui Sen         : qcb + C (x3)
Ryu Shou Sen (air)   : in air qcb + C (x2)
En Sen Shou          : Charge down, up + B
     -> follow up      : down + B
Kasumi               : AB
     -> Hokage         : A
     -> Homura         : B
     -> Senpuu         : C, down + C, down + C
     -> Hakkei         : D
Enryu Haibi          : hcb + A / B
     -> follow-up      : hcf + B (after hcb + B)
Muei Kyaku           : in air qcf + C

Ougi Enryu Tenshin: qcb, down-back, forward + AB

SDM (Power and EX only)
Hiougi Soten Muei Kyaku: qcb, down-back, forward + B 

CS (Speed and EX only)
down, down + A / B:
(1)	A -> B -> C -> A -> B -> C -> A -> B -> qcf + C
(2)	A -> B -> C -> A -> B -> C -> C -> B -> A -> qcf + C
(3)	A -> B -> C -> down + C -> A -> down + C -> forward + BC
(4)	A -> B -> C -> down + C -> A -> forward + BC -> A -> B -> qcf + B

---->6.1 Special Move<----

Ryu Tsui Sen (qcb + C, qcb + C, qcb + C)
-Lee will do a spinning kick towards the opponent. If it connects it will 
send Lee and a flamed opponent a little bit into the air. Can be repeated 
twice for more hits and damage, last hit will knock the opponent down. If 
you are finding a hard time trying to get the other qcb + Cs to connect just 
do it when the first qcb + C hits, because I find out the later I do it the 
less chance it comes out

Ryu Shou Sen (air) (in air qcb + C, qcb + C)
-Lee will do a spinning kick in the air. If it connects it will send the 
opponent a bit into the air. Sometimes your second qcb + C might not come 
out because you were too close to landing, if that happens do the second qcb 
+ C really fast

En Sen Shou (Charge down, up + B)
-Lee will flip into the air swinging his fan with fire following. Looks very 
very stylish when you do it. Only problem is if it is blocked or missed because 
your opponent can punish you on your way down. Best done in a combo because 
as an anti air it does little damage unless your opponent was hit rather low 
in the air

follow-up (after En Sen Shou down + B)
-Lee will do his Jump B animation and if it hits it will knock the opponent 
down. Best time to do this is when the En Sen Shou has reached its 4th hit. 
Because if you do this too early you would have forgone more damage

Kasumi (AB)
-Lee will stick out his fan and do a dodge animation. During this he is 
invincible to all attacks but throws. I recommend doing one of its follow-ups 
because when he is recovering from this he can be hit and it would be 
registered as a counter hit and thus doing more damage than Lee already needs

Hokage (after Kasumi A)
-Lee will turn around and attack his opponent with a slap (?) of his fan 
followed up blue shadows. This move is cancellable into any Special Move 
(except Kasumi) / DM / SDM / CS

Homura (after Kasumi B)
-Lee will do a Jump B animation. If it hits the opponent will be in flames. 
This move is a knockdown attack and overhead (must be blocked whilst standing)

Senpuu (after Kasumi C, down + C, down + C)
-Lee will do a sweep kick (must be blocked low). You can do an additional 
two by doing down + C after the first one then down + C after the second one. 
First and second kicks are cancellable into Specials / DM / SDM / CS

Hakkei (after Kasumi D)
-Lee will do a (concentrated) palm strike around mid level. This will leave 
the opponent stunned for a very short period of time

Enryu Haibi (hcb + A / B) [SUPER CANCEL]
-Lee will dash / slide forward and swing with his fan. If it connects it will 
set the opponent on fire. The A version I wouldn't recommend using unless 
you plan to Super Cancel into DM because you lag a fair bit once it hits 
(blocked or connects). Better to do the B version because it does more damage 
and if it misses you will be on the other side of the screen  (Lee will go 
pass the opponent with B version) giving you some safety net, unless your 
opponent was in the corner. You can SC into DM on either hit of hcb + A, I 
would recommend the 2nd hit.

follow-up (after B version Enryu Haibi, hcf + B)
-Lee will dash / slide forward again and do a double palmed flame attack. 
It will knockdown if it hits

Muei Kyaku (in air qcf + C)
-Lee will do a dive kick, if it connects he will keep on kicking several times 
until he is close to the ground. At most the move will do 8 hits. There is 
a slight opening for your opponent when you land from the opponent

---->6.2 [Super] Desperation Moves / Combo Specials<----

Ougi Enryu Tenshin (qcb, down-back, forward + AB)
-Lee will throw his fan up into the sky (BC overhead attack animation) and 
then slide forward followed by a streak of flames. The fan can hit your 
opponent when you throw it into the air. Unlike Last Blade, Lee no longer 
have a set of fire popping up from the ground and thus it does less block 
damage and not as safe if your opponent blocks it. You can do a shortcut with 
either qcb, forward + AB OR qcb, hcf + AB

SDM (Power and EX only)
Hiougi Soten Muei Kyaku (qcb, down-back, forward + B )
-Lee will dash / slide forward and if it connects he will do a ranbu attack. 
Looks very fancy. If it is blocked you have a short recovery time, so it's 
not as punishable as the Ougi Enryu Tenshin (DM). You can do a shortcut with 
either qcb, forward + B OR qcb, hcf + B

CS (Speed and EX only)
down, down + A / B:

CS 1 (A -> B -> C -> A -> B -> C -> A -> B -> qcf + C)
-When you do this don't just press all the buttons straight away. You need 
some timing in order for everything to come out right. When you do the second 
A wait a moment before pressing B because the animation for it takes a little 
bit to come out. So if you pressed B straight after the A you might have just 
stopped the CS prematurely. The last B is a two hit attack (forward + B 

CS 2 (A -> B -> C -> A -> B -> C -> C -> B -> A -> qcf + C)
-Wait a bit for the second A like I said before. When you do the second 
successive C Lee will do his (in air qcf + C) animation. I can't seem to get 
the timing right (rarely) on the B afterwards so I would just keep pressing 
B until it comes out. If you are having problems as well I suggest you do 
what I do. The qcf + C at the end is unblockable

CS 3 (A -> B -> C -> down + C -> A -> down + C -> forward + BC)
-When you do the A after the down + C it also takes some time to come out 
so don't do the down + C after it too fast else you will end it prematurely. 
Do the forward + BC finisher a little slower too. The forward + BC at the 
end is unblockable. After the forward + BC you can juggle your opponent with 
whatever move you desire

CS 4 (A -> B -> C -> down + C -> A -> forward + BC -> A -> B -> qcf + B)
-Again be a little bit patient with the forward + BC after the A. The forward 
+ BC is multi hit (4 hits) and you can cancel it into A at anytime but I find 
it hard to get A to come out when after the 4th hit


To combo maniacs: I decided to delete the combos section because I wanted 
to =P. Well when I was going through this update with combos I didn't like 
the way I set out my combos. Instead I'll be making a Lee Combo FAQ to 
compensate for that. That way I can cover more combos without cloging up this 
FAQ. Now...infinite time

I have been asking people on SNK communities and checking other FAQs and I 
haven't found any Lee infinites (only in Speed and EX mode). But after some 
experiments and a long day (not to mention no life) I have found a Lee infinite. 
Lets all celebrate for I have finally gave something (BIG) back into the 
community (thanks goes out to Persona and KimDongHwan)

1. [back + A -> (short) Jump A -> pause -> (jump) C] repeat

-You can do this ANYWHERE, no restrictions whatsoever (actually there is, 
your back + A will have to be relatively close to your opponent). Timing is 
crucial because if you do (jump) C straight away then by the time you landed 
your opponent would have recovered. I would space it about half a second 
before I press the C button. This is the safest version of Lee's infinity. 
The variations below are risky

2. [(short) Jump A -> pause -> (jump) C] repeat

-The risk with this is that the (short) Jump A might not hit your opponent 
on its way up. By adding back + A you have an almost guarantee that the (short) 
Jump A will hit because the level it rises and the instant start up time 
coincides with the character's height. If you had no idea what I just said: 
best to do on big characters

3. [(short) Jump A -> pause -> (jump) B -> (jump) C] repeat

-Best done on big characters. When you do the (jump) C do it the same speed 
as you would for a normal Jump A -> (jump) B -> (jump) C chain


I would like to thank the following in helping me write this FAQ(In no 
particular order)

-For making Last Blade series and all those other fighting game classics like 
KOF and Fatal Fury. I will support this company no matter what

-Without him you wouldn't be reading this FAQ

Chris MacDonald (Kao Megura)
-One of the best FAQ writers around, a real pioneer. He was the one that 
originally inspired me to write FAQs. Just like to point out something that 
he has always been about: PLAGERISM IS WRONG

-Got Lee's movelist and names from his FAQ, without this FAQ I would have 
been at home for 2 hours trying out every motion available to get Lee's moves. 
I guess you can say that this FAQ is an extension of his Lee section (that's 
what I would be saying). Check out his Last Blade and Last Blade 2 FAQs at 
GameFAQs (which I hope is the same place where you guys found this FAQ)

Pedro Colman-Arrellaga
-I used his Combo FAQ for reference when I did Lee's combo section. Gave me 
the idea of how to organise the combo section (my previous idea had the combos 

Persona and KimDongHwan
-Got the idea of the Lee infinite from their Last Blade 2 combo videos

My gaming friends *long list of names here*
-Without these people I would find gaming rather boring in the arcades. Cause 
you don't want to be rude when you bad mouth someone when your playing against 
them, but it's fine if you know them =P (I can most likely write a FAQ on 
all the gaming friends I like to thank)

My school *insert nerdy joke here*
-Well think of it this way, because of school I had to give up my internet 
time thus playing more games, thus doing FAQs when I get bored or tired of 
doing homework (which is like everytime I get home from school)

-For keeping the Australian fighting game scene alive. Sorry but only 
Australians can join at the moment (there's no point in talking about an 
American tournament in Australia)

Neo-geo.com Bulletin Boards
-If you want to find out stuff about Neo-Geo hardware or Neo-Geo games, they 
have a bulletin board their to help you (very helpful).

Orochinagi Bulletin Boards
- If your more into the games this forum is it (Neo-Geo is more pro hardware 
but there's still games). But watch out when you are there, posters there 
tend to start massive orgies =P

-A great site on upcoming Japanese games and anything else about games

-For reading this FAQ


Version 1.0 (19 June 2002) - Everything done except combos section
Version 1.1 (07 July 2002) - Deleted Combos section

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