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Setsuna by OBartal

Updated: 10/02/01

                    The Last Blade 2 - Character FAQ - Setsuna
                    By Oren Bartal (oren-br@inter.net.il)

1 - Introduction
2 - Key Notations
3 - Move List
 3.1 - Normal Moves
 3.2 - Special Moves
 3.3 - Desperation Moves
4 - Combo Specials
5 - Playing Against the Computer
6 - Interesting Undocumented Moves/Facts about Last Blade 2
7 - Credits

1 - Introduction
In this FAQ I will try to explain how to play with Setsuna (...) and beat
the @#%! out of your opponents, with special notes on how to beat a level 8
I am playing Setsuna for quite some time, and I think that from all the
characters in LB2, he has the coolest moves and combos, even when I play
with/against Akari, and find YET ANOTHER undocumented move that she pulls off,
it never compares to the simplicity and good flow that you get with Setsuna.
I warn you that this is my first FAQ, so I'll try to be as clear as possible.
One more thing - This is strictly a Moves/How to play FAQ, so if you want
story/ending/poses/things that are not between the "SLASH!" and the "Perfect!"
(:)) you should check out some of the other great FAQ's, like Deuce's.

2 - Key Notations
u  - Up                   A   - Weak Slash
d  - Down                 B   - Strong Slash
f  - Forward              C   - Kick
b  - Back                 D   - Deflect

df - Down Forward         AB  - Press A and B
uf - Up Forward           A/B - Press A or B
db - Down Backward        (Hold) - You can hold the key
ub - Up Backward

Special Joystick Moves:
QCF/B - Quarter Circle Forward/Backward (d, df/db, f/b)
HCF/B - Half Circle Forward/Backward (b/f, db/df, d, df/db, f/b)
DP    - Dragon Punch (f, d, df)

3 - Move List
Here I will document the entire arsenal of moves that Setsuna have.
Apart from a graphic description of how the move is executed, I will try to
explain what situation is best for the specific move.

3.1 - Normal Moves
Normal moves are moves that all the Characters have, yet they are executed
differently of each character.

Move:   Run Forward (Dash Forward)
Motion: f,f (Hold) 

Setsuna will run forward, until you either stop pressing Forward, press
one of the Attack Buttons (A/B/C), or Deflect (D).
If you Press A or B, Setsuna will smack his shoulder into your opponent,
Giving you the opportunity to follow with you best combo in Speed mode,
or with one of his quick specials in Power mode.
Can also be followed with Up, for a long jump.
Move:   Leap Backward
Motion: b,b

Setsuna will quickly leap backward, Nothing special here, Good move to avoid
Certain characters special moves, like akari's overhead throwing troll thingy.
Move:   Weak Punch
Motion: b + A

Setsuna will try to hit his opponent with his shoulder, this move is a very
quick to come out, and can start a great speed combo, but its useless in power
mode because it cannot be followed by anything.
Move:   Weak Slash
Motion: A

Setsuna will quickly slash his sword in an upward short arc, hitting the
opponent for a relatively small damage, since this move comes fast, and is
somewhat reaching, it can be used for a quick anti-air defense (though
Strong slash is much better).
It can also be followed be stronger moves in speed mode, but nothing in
Move:   Strong Slash
Motion: B

Ahh! Here is an amazing move, though only a normal move, I think its one of
the moves that really makes Setsuna as fun as he is.
Setsuna will slash with his sword in a very long downward arc, following with
a second slash to the back, this move will hit twice (counting 2 on the hit
meter), and give you the opportunity to follow with specials or in speed
mode, with the Power Slash (and specials).
Notice that this move can be canceled into other moves either at the end of the
first or the second slash, so if you can, give the second slash a chance to
come out before you continue to combo...
Since this move starts very quick, and if it connects its slowing down a lot,
you can really take your time thinking how to continue the pain...
This move will also hit twice when done crouching.
One more thing: In speed mode you can combo the Desperation move to the second
hit of this move - Very handy...
Move:   Jumping Strong Slash
Motion: (in air) B

Like the normal Strong Slash, this move can hit twice, but its trickier to
get the second hit, since the move cancels when you touch the ground.
So try to press B right after you jump (while you are going up) so one of the
slashes will hit.
This is great, because if you do that you will almost always get to hit your
opponent in mid-air before he gets to hit you, and if your opponent is a bit
farther, or on the ground, you will get a second chance to hit him with the
same move! Very Cool.
Move:   Power Slash
Motion: f + B

Also like the Strong Slash, this move hits twice, and since you cannot cancel
in either mode into anything, you will almost always get the second hit
(unless you are too far away from your opponent, and the first slash pushes
him away).
The move is basically a forward stab (the first hit) that continues into an
upward slash (the second hit), a very nice combo ender.
Its a bit slow on the recover side, but takes a good chunk of damage.
Move:   Kick
Motion: C

The basic kick. Nothing to talk about, so I wont.
Move:   Low Sweep Kick
Motion: df + C

Another basic, will knockdown the opponent in a short range, can be followed
by any Pounce (Enders) for that extra damage. Very annoying when done after
a forward dash.
Move:   Overhead Slash (SPEED/EX MODE ONLY)
Motion: BC

A nice move, must be blocked high, Has a long range (not like other characters)
but cannot be followed by anything (not even juggle), only by Pounces.
It looks like Setsuna's Power Slash, only starting slower and going much faster.
Good move for turtlers, and I dont just mean Okina.
Move:   Unblockable Slash (POWER MODE ONLY)
Motion: BC (Hold)

You usual unblockable attack, Very slow, Can even be held a bit to be slower,
Very good damage, Very Good Range, Evil Delay.
If you see a very big mistake (Okina's Fisherman's Feint), dont think twice!
Move:   Throw
Motion: CD

A Very cool throw, Setsuna will grab and lift the opponent with one hand,
Laugh a bit and smash him into the ground.
Must the done very close to the opponent, and cannot be blocked/deflected,
Can be followed with a quick Pounce.
Move:   Slash Pounce
Motion: df + B

Setsuna will stab his sword in to the ground, hitting a knocked down opponent
for an extra damage.
A very standard pounce in Last Blade - Do this whenever you can!
Move:   Kick Pounce
Motion: C

Setsuna will kick a knocked down opponent for a small damage, I prefer the
Slash pounce because it reaches farther and takes more damage.
Move:   Taunt
Motion: START

Not exactly a move, but its cool to do when you have knock down the opponent
in a big and evil combo (while the opponent is on the ground and can't attack
of course...).
Setsuna will laugh doing some taunting motion with his hand, this taunt is
not very long, and you can get it off without a fear of retaliation if you
do it right after a good knockdown move.
Go. Psych them out.

3.2 - Special Moves
I'm sorry for the names of the moves, but the people who wrote the game know
better than me.

Move:   Anonymity - One (SUPER CANCEL) 
Motion: QCF + A/B

Setsuna will slash downward, electrifying the opponent.
The A version comes out fast so you can combo it from anything in speed mode,
or from the first slash of the Strong Slash move in power mode - it will bazz
the opponent but will not launch him to the air.
The B version is MUCH slower, so forget about combos, but it will do much more
damage and lunch the opponent into a juggle opportunity (which can be the A
Both versions can be super canceled into the Desperation move with ease, note
that the A version will let the Desperation do much more damage.
This move counts two on the hit meter.
Move:   Anonymity - Two
Motion: DP + A/B

Setsuna will leap forward, passing electricity in the air - bazzing everything
that touches it.
The A version is a bit faster, and is executed in a small arc near the point
of origin, its a good air defense for opponents that land right in front of you.
The B version is not THAT slow, and can be a nice surprise attack, or an air
defense for someone that jumped far from you, this version can also be comboed
in speed or power mode from the Strong Slash's first or second hit, while the 
A version can only be comboed from the first hit.
This move counts one on the hit meter in version A, and two in version B.
Move:   Anonymity - Three
Motion: QCB + B

This is one COOL move.
Setsuna will jump a very low jump forward, and bring his sword on his opponent
in a large arc, this will electrify the opponent.
This move comes out very fast, and its distance is very big - its a perfect
surprise attack for the unsuspecting fow.
Since its fast, it can be comboed from the Strong Slash with ease.
This move counts three on the hit meter.
Move:   Anonymity - Four
Motion: DP + C

Another cool move.
Setsuna will lift his hand into the air, making electricity burst from it,
if the opponent is close enough (in air) setsuna will grab him and smash him
into the ground, electrifying him on the way.
This is a great air defense for a short distance, its VERY fast, and it will
surprise your opponent and show him who's boss.
The opponent doesn't even have to jump forward, its good enough if he is jumping
near you.
Its cool to run to a jumping opponent, and quickly get this move off.
Oh, and since its a throw, it cannot be air blocked.
Move:   Anonymity - Five (Part One)
Motion: HCB + C

Setsuna will hold his sword before him, and charge himself with electricity,
if he gets this move off, he will have five seconds of super armor, which will
end also if he gets hit (a one hit super armor) setsuna will take full damage
of that hit, but will not be interrupted.
Since this move is slow, do it only after you knocked down you opponent or if
you are very far from him (you can also do this if you see a big mistake, like
kaede's Morning Star Fillet Flash).
Setsuna's super armor is very handy, its a great way to start a combo, run to
your opponent with the armor, and just do your best combo, it can only be blocked
now, not interrupted (unless you are thrown, or hit many times).
You can also try one of your slow moves (Unblockable Slash/Anonymity One with B)
and hope for good.
Or, you can do part Two of this move...
Move:   Anonymity - Five (Part Two) (SUPER CANCEL)
Motion: HCF + C

Setsuna will bring his hand forward, making electricity burst from it (like
Anonymity Four, but only forward), if this touches the opponent, he will be
bazzed for a second or so, giving you the opportunity to start a great big
combo from hell, or even super cancel it in power mode.
This move can only be done while being in super armor from Part One, and if
done, it will stop the super armor.
Notice that if you start this move on your opponent (and your super armor
stops) and your opponent hits you while you do this move, you will act as
if you still have the super armor, only for this move; this is great, because
this means that this move must only be blocked, not interrupted.
If you can super cancel, it is better if you do this from your first anonymity,
so you can get in another move AND the super.

3.2 - Desperation Moves
Setsuna has one of the most effective Desperation moves in the game, and what
I think is the coolest Super Desperation move - ever.

Move:   Anonymity - Severance (DESPERATION MOVE)
Motion: QCF, QCF + AB (Hold)

Setsuna will hold his sword behind him as long as AB is held (or until it
timeouts) and then slash downward, like in is Anonymity one move, only now
the arc is much bigger, and also the damage...
This is a great desperation, unlike kaede's light sword desperation, this
also hits in mid air, and is an amazing air defense.
Since its not that fast, its best to super cancel into this in power mode,
or combo it from the strong slash in speed mode.
If hit for full damage (all five hits must connect), it will launch the
opponent into the air, and throw him far away from you, so you can run and
pounce him.
This move counts a maximum of five on the hit meter.
Move:   Anonymity - Ultimate (Part One) (SUPER DESPERATION MOVE)
Motion: HCB, HCB + B

Setsuna will hold his sword before of him, and charge himself with electricity
(like in his Anonymity Five), only now the charging is much much stronger,
and if an opponent is standing near him (even when knocked down!) he will get
some serious damage.
This move will give Setsuna a Super armor that will last 10 seconds, and will
stop when the time ends or after setsuna is hit three times.
This part of the move will drain your power meter, NOT the second part.
While in this Super Armor mode, setsuna can do the second part of Anonymity
Five for three times (and since you can connect anything from that move,
you can connect all three of them).
If you choose to do anonymity five, you will forfeit your ability to do the
second part of this move! So choose wisely.
Also, since you already have a flashing life bar, you can cancel all three
Anonymity Five's for some major damage.
But if you do this move, you probably want to "entertain" you opponent with
its second part...
This move will count three on the hit meter (if the opponent is not knocked
Move:   Anonymity - Ultimate Continuation (Part Two) (SUPER DESPERATION MOVE)
Motion: HCF + AB

When I first saw this move, I had to take a second (third and forth) look.
Its absolutely stunning.
Setsuna will bring his hand backward, charging it, and then will push forward
creating a small explosion of electric power (like the second part of anonymity
five), If this touches the opponent (it has a much longer reach then anonymity
five), the screen will become black, and the opponent will be hurt, a huge 
screen of glass will appear between setsuna and him, while setsuna will raise
his hand and smear blood down the glass screen, then, setsuna will insert his
hand into the glass, and grab something that appears like an energy orb from 
within his opponent body, cracks appearing on the glass where setsuna's hand
penetrated it. Setsuna then will hop back, holding the energy orb in his hand
smiling and evil smile, then will will pause for a moment, and smash the orb
in his hand, the glass wall will shatter and explode into pieces, while blood
will explode out of the opponent - which will take some very serious damage,
falling slowly to the ground.
Some move, eh?
This move will stop the super armor from the previous move, so just run to your
opponent and execute it fast, before he knows what's happened. If he tries to
interrupt you by some pathetic move, dont worry, there are a very few moves
that hit more then three times, and you can take three hits before going down.
Also, do this move in a small distance from your opponent, so he will not be
able to throw you while you do it.
This move will probably end the round (for some reason).
Oh, and you can pounce you opponent after... if anything is left from him.

4 - Combo Specials
Setsuna is in the Strong characters Combo Special group, as you know, a combo
special needs a full Speed meter, and is initiated by pressing d,d + A/B where
A hits high and must be blocked high and B hits low and must be blocked low.

Move:   Normal Combo Special
Motion: A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, QCF + C

Setsuna will do a 13 hit combo, finishing the move with his Anonymity Two,
giving you the opportunity to pounce the opponent.
This is the easiest move to learn/remember since its similar with every
character, and the keys are very simple.
But its also the least potentially damaging combo special.
Move:   Strong Combo Special
Motion: A, B, C, A, B, C, C, QCF + B

Setsuna will do a 12 hit combo, finishing with his Anonymity Three,
The last two hits are unblockable, and if the opponent blocks all the other
hits, he will be damaged big time by only the last hits.
This is the Combo Special that you should remember. Its easy to perform,
takes the most damage of all Combo Specials and it is unblockable at the end.
Move:   Juggle Combo Special
Motion: A, B, C, d+C, d+C, f+BC

Setsuna will do a 7 hit combo, finishing with his Overhead Slash,
The last move is also unblockable, and if the rest of the moves are blocked
it will take a large chunk of damage.
This combo will juggle the opponent to the air, giving you the opportunity for
a quick move, its cool to do Anonymity Four (the grab move) after this combo.
If your life meter is flashing, you can connect your Desperation move to this
Move:   Evil Combo Special
Motion: A, B, C, d+C, BC, QCF + B

Setsuna will to a 7 hit combo, finishing with something that looks like his
Unblockable Slash (But is not unblockable).
Why evil? Well... This move is hard to perform, it only hits 7 times, its
not unblockable, it does not juggle, and it does not take the most damage.
So why bother?

5 - Playing Against the Computer
Here I will explain tactics to play against specific characters that are
controlled by a level 8 computer.

Character: Hibiki

If you stand and wait, Hibiki usually likes to perform her special running
slash, so block it, and since it takes her forever to recover, HURT HER.
Dont try to jump her, she has the evil hand deflect move that the computer
gets 99% of the time, and dont try to deflect, her moves go out too fast,
and if you miss, you are in for some serious damage.
Also, if she runs normally to you, wait until she is close enough and start
your best combo.
Character: Kaede

I like to jump B on kaede, if you jump and press B immediately after you take
off, it will be very hard for kaede to do his lightning uppercut on you,
after that, Just do a good combo.
Also, if you are far away from him, he will start to launch projectiles at
you, block them, but when a projectile is not near dont block, this will make
kaede try to do his three hit combo special, which you can see a mile away,
block, and start your combo without giving him a chance to block.
Character: Lee

Ohh... Lee is evil in level 8, the computer gets perfect 14 hit combos all the
What you do?
Simple, run to the computer, and deflect when you are near, this will almost
always make you deflect a move, so you can start your combo.
If the computer runs to you, jump up or backward when he is close - its almost
impossible to deflect his attack since he see you deflecting, and tries to
throw you.
Character: Zantensu

Zantensu will always try to run to you, and snatch you with his special grab.
Dont let him! Just jump when he is close, and return down with B...
If you see him walking to you, let him get close, and deflect when he is
near, it will almost always work (you have to try several times and find the
perfect distance), then you can kick his butt.
Character: Juzoh

Juzoh is very slow, you can do your jumping B's + Combo all the time, he will
try to grab you from the air and do his mean stomping, but if you B on the
right time, it will hit him before he can do anything.
Dont stand and wait for him to come! He will throw you up and play baseball with
you, ouch.
Character: Akari

Akari is the most unpredictable character in the game, she invents new moves
every now and then, and she seems to be able to connect anything to everything.
So, stand in your place and block her projectiles, if she runs to you, JUMP
when she is near, there is no way of telling what horror she will bring upon
you, then land with B.
If she walks to you, wait until she is close, and deflect - it will work most
of the time - and will make her suffer.
Character: Washizuka

Washizuka will have a hard time doing his uppercut since it requires charging,
so jump on him all the time - if he blocks, jump away, and try again - dont
continue the combo if you see that he blocks, he will do his short mean combos
that take out half of your life.
Character: Kojirou

Kojirou have some crazy combos, and a quick uppercut - but she is weak, so
try to jump B on her, do your Anonymity Three when you have the right distance,
and deflect her when she comes to close.
Character: Mukuro

Mukuro is not that hard, jump in the air, and he will jump also, trying to hit
you and do his downward flying slash - which you can easily block, and then do
your best combo.
Also, if he throws his blade high and far when you are on the ground, wait for
it to be behind you, and then run and combo his life out.
Dont stand to close to him! He will do his special throw that take a LOT of
Character: Okina

Annoyance is his game, watch for his mistakes and hurt him, block his rolling
jump and hurt him, block his turtle projectiles - run to him and hurt him,
when he disappears jump backward - when he appears - hurt him.
Character: Shigen

Shigen will eat up your Jumping B's - if he blocks, hop back, if he turns gray
and tries his super armor hit, continue your combo - your finishing special
should take care of this.
If you have full power / flashing life - make him eat your Desperation move - 
he rarely blocks it.
Character: Kagami

Kagami will fly (run) to you and try to hit low - deflect this and show him
who's boss :).
You can jump B him, but do it quick or he will do his flaming uppercut,
if he deflects you in mid-air, dont worry, just get down - he will not hit you
before you can block.
Character: Moriya

Moriya is VERY fast, doing random combos on you - block them.
Moriya can Teleport around, trying to hit you from behind - hit him before he
recovers from his teleport.
Moriya has the most annoying air defense - deflect it, then combo him out.
Character: Yuki

When you get to Yuki before Kouryu, she really tries he best, and you must
watch for these small opening and mistakes if you want to take her out.
Her uppercut is slow, so don't be afraid to Jump on her (...).
If she runs to you, dont block because she will only throw you, or worse,
she will do her auto combo, so jump back or up, and when she is stuck in the
throw animation do your fast Anonymity Three, or if you land close, do your
best combo.
Character: Kouryu

Kouryu likes to deflect everything, but with limited success - if you do your
slow (B) Anonymity One, he will try to deflect, but alas, the deflect is too
short and you will hit him hard...
When he runs (flys) to you, jump when he is near, or try to start a combo before
he gets you with his throw.
Block when you are on the ground and he is far away, he can do his super fast
slashing special, that can be a long and painful combo.
He is not too hard.

6 - Interesting Undocumented Moves/Facts about Last Blade 2
Here are some things I found out about the game that I didn't find documented 
anywhere on the net:

* Akari can press and hold START while knocked down on the ground to sleep and 
  refill (slowly) her power meter.
* When Akari does her Desperation move on you, your power meter will 
  automatically be filled to MAX
* Several taunts are "Special" (apart from lee's and hibiki's):
  - Shigen's taunts actually hit and do a small damage to the opponent
  - Okina's taunt hits but does not to damage
  - Akari's taunt can hit mid-air opponents (with the thing that she eats) - a 
    VERY bad air defense
* Akari can jump on you and press Down+C for a special knockdown kick, she can 
  also follow up with these in Speed mode:
  - Down+C  - She turns into a blue ball and tries to hit you several more times
    on the way down.
  - Up+B    - She jumps up again, and tries to land on your feet to knock you 
    down again.
  - Up+A    - She turns into the blue ball, but now she floats slowly in the 
    air, if she touch's you you get some damage.
* Akari's run + low sweep C is different, she runs to you, and falls down on 
  your feet, knocking you down
* Sometimes when Akari does her "Big Bell from the sky" special, she will also 
  fall into it (Not taking damage though)
* This was written only by Pedro Colman-Arrellaga in his excellent combo FAQ, 
  but since it was not on Deuce's FAQ, I want to write it here also (don't be 
  - Zantetsu can create an Infinite combo by pressing A+C repeatedly while in 
    mid-air and when his opponent is near the wall.
  - Akari can create an Infinite combo when the opponent is in the air near the 
    wall, by pressing Back+B repeatedly, and walking/Dashing forward after 
    several hits.
* Here are several "Tricks" to fool the computer (Level 1-8) and win every time 
  without having too much trouble:
  - Pick Speed/Power Okina, and ALWAYS do the "Pacifist Pounce: Earth" (Backward 
    Dragon Pounch+B) the computer will always do stupid things, and get hit by 
    your attack.
  - Pick Power Moriya, and always do the "Glancing Blade Moonlight" (QCF B x 4),
    the computer in harder levels will block the first three attacks, but for 
    some reason will not block the forth, after you have full power you can also
    super cancel for that extra damage... :)
* Here is a move that the computer does on me, but I don't know how to do:
  Akari (who else) does a small normal combo, and finishes it with a backward "I
  lost my balance and I'm going to fall" move that hits several times, looks 
  very cute - how the..?

Thats it... I think...
If anyone found more, I'd love to hear them - mail me at oren-br@inter.net.il

7 - Credits
* SNK - THANK YOU for this amazing game. I really hope that you decide to create
  The Last Blade 3 some day...
* Deuce - For the move list, Character stories and Move names, you have the most
  readable and organized FAQs out there.
* Pedro Colman-Arrellaga for his combo FAQ, it was fun to read, I really think
  that there are not enough FAQs/Info on this game, and yours is one of the more
  informative FAQs.
* GameFAQs for their easy to search site and great resource for FAQs.
* And my brother for endless hours of gameplay...

Hope you enjoyed, I am still enjoying this amazing game.
(c)2001 by Oren Bartal.

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