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Speech Translation FAQ by The True Warrior

Version: 1.5 | Updated: 04/05/01

The Last Blade: Final Edition

 Speech Translation FAQ v.1.5 (April 5,2001)
For Japanese Sega Dreamcast and arcade, created by SNK of Japan © 
FAQ created by The True Warrior [e-mail: thetruewarrior2002@yahoo.com 
OR thetruewarrior@hotmail.com]

Legal Stuff:

This FAQ and anything related to and/or associated with it is the 
property of me, (Edwand Rivers).  Anyone viewing this document should 
not, cannot, and will not copy and/or duplicate it without expressed 
written permission from me and only me.  Also, this FAQ is protected by 
Federal Copyright Laws and is written for GameFAQs.com.

(So in other words: NO unauthorized duplication or copying!)

About this FAQ:

This is a speech translation FAQ, meaning that it is for those of you 
wishing to understand what the characters in the game are saying to 
each other before, during, and after a fight.  This is also to help you 
if you are interested in studying the Japanese language or wanting to 
memorize famous quotes from your favorite characters.

How this works:

The Character listings go in the order that they are in on the 
character select screen, starting with Amano, Hyo.  First, there is 
listed the Japanese pronunciation, which is followed by the English 
translation.  (Note: I am still in the process of accurately describing 
the words and phrases, so some of the translations may be off or 

The Warriors of the Last Blade:

Amano, Hyo
Ichijo, Akari
Takane, Hibiki
Kanzaki, Juzoh 
Kagami Shinnosuke
Sanada, Kojiroh (Kaori)
Lee Rekka
Minakata Moriya
Genbu no Okino
Naoe Shigen
Washizuka, Keiichiro

What this FAQ needs!
The Credits!

Amano, Hyo

1.	(Versus intro) E kanji daro? = Don't you feel good?
2.	(Intro 1) Pa...te koze! = Let's spice things up a bit!
3.	(Intro vs. Hibiki)  Oki ku nari a gate! = I didn't realize that 
you grew so much!
4.	(Taunt) Miteran nay na! = I can't bare to look at you! 
5.	(Winpose) E yume minai yo! = Hey!  You should learn to lighten 
up! (I need help with this one...) 
6.	(Super) Gatsun to kurai na! = Eat this! 
7.	(Winpose vs. Hibiki) Naka naka tano shkataze! = That was pretty 

Ichijo, Akari

1.	(Versus intro) Kakugo shia! = Prepare to lose!
2.	(Intro vs. Juzoh) Naitemo shira henyo Kakugo shia! = I don't care 
if you cry or not, prepare to lose!
3.	(Taunt) (Omanjo) Kuwa E Kuwai E! = (Omanjo is a type of candy 
that Akari eats; and "Kuwa E" means, "that's scary!")
4.	(Winpose 1) Yatta mone hitoyasumi = I did it...let's take a 
5.	(Winpose 2)  Hari? = What?
6.	(Winpose 3) Mo warikai na?  Yowai! = Is that all you have?  You 
s**k/are pathetic!
7.	(Winpose vs. Juzoh) E mo owari kai na? =  Is that all you have?
8.	(Defeat) Kaji warui na! = You make such a bad impression!

Takane, Hibiki

1.	(Versus intro) Kimeru! = I will end this!
2.	(Intro 1) Anatau kiru = I'm going to slash you!
3.	(Taunt) Oto-san... = Father...
4.	(Winpose) Kantan iwa katanai wane! = I knew that it would be 
difficult to win!

Kanzaki Juzoh

1.	(Versus intro) Har hetano! = Now I'm getting hungry!
2.	(Intro 1) Genki sen baija! = My power is increased by 1000!
3.	(Intro vs. Akari) Dou natimo washiga okora ren yaro na! = Even if 
I win or lose, she'll be mad at me!
4.	(Taunt) Har hetano! = Now I'm getting hungry!
5.	(Performing Yase gaman) Tatsu geki! = Charge!
6.	(Winpose) Kimatana! = Perfect!
7.	(Winpose 2) Muri muri kuwan kai = Eat lots of food like a giant!
8.	(Winpose vs. Akari) Yari yare...Kore a atoga kowai no! = Oh man, 
I don't want to think about what she's gonna' do after this!


1.	(Versus intro)  Misete yaru ze! = I'm going to show you my power!
2.	(Intro vs. Moriya and Yuki) Honki de ikuze! = I'm going to show 
you my true power!
3.	(Intro vs. Kouryu) (?)
4.	(Taunt) Zama nayna! = What the hell is this?
5.	(Winpose vs. Moriya and Yuki) Koredewa wakata daro… = now you 
6.	(Winpose) Mo warikai? = Is that all you have?

Kagami, Shinnosuke

1.	(Versus intro) Jikan omuda dana... = This is a waste of time...
2.	(Intro) Jamao suruka, nara shkatanai... = Are you standing 
against me?  Then there's only one thing that I can do...
3.	(Taunt) Jikan omuda dana... = This is a waste of time...
4.	(Winpose 1) Soredewa Kateni = You can't win with those moves!
5.	(Winpose 2)  Watashi ga yara neba nara noda! = I had to do 

Sanada Kojiroh

1. (Versus intro) Ikuzo! = Let's go!
2.	(Intro) Zero-ban taichyo mairyu! = I am from the Zero Squadron! 
3.	(Intro vs. Washizuka) Iza jinjo ne! = Get ready! 
4.	(Intro vs. Mukuro) Ani we! = Brother!  (Mukuro killed her 
5.	(Taunt) (She just shrugs it off and says, "Kiru") = Slash.
6.	(Winpose 2) Waru ko omu na... = It's not my fault/Don't curse 
7.	(Winpose vs. Washizuka) Sheshano kimochi kundewa kurenuka! = 
Don't you understand what I feel?
8.	(Defeated) Madada! Madda! = Not yet!  NOT YET!  (It'd be cool if 
she said "Damnit!" after the "Not yet!" wouldn't it?)  ^_^ 

Lee Rekka

1. (Versus intro) Korega say E geno tchikaradesu = This is the true 
power of justice!
2.	(Intro) Zen yokide Ikimasu = I won't hold back!
3.	(Taunt) (He poses.) -_-...
4.	(Performing the ) Sono meyo yakare nasai! = Let the fire burn 
your body!
5.	(Winpose 1) ( He poses again.) -_-...
6.	(Winpose 2) (A Chinese Dragon mask falls out of the sky and he 
dances with it.) O_O!

Minakata Moriya

1.	(Versus intro) Tski oni agake... = Suffer under the moonlight... 
2.	(Intro vs. Kaede) Jomo suru nara naba...kiru! = If you try to 
stop me...I will kill you!
3.	(Taunt) Utsu waga shire ruzo! = You're not enough for me!
4.	(Winpose 1) (He sheathes his blade, crosses his arms and 
meditates on his destiny...He wins the "True Warrior's Award for 
5.	(Winpose 2) Utsu waga shire tana! = What you have isn't good 
enough for me!
6.	(Winpose vs. Kaede and Yuki) Onore no utuwa O shire! = Know your 
7.	(Defeated) Shisho! = Master!


(*A lot of  Mukuro's speech is hard to understand just due to his voice 

1. (Versus intro) (He laughs.) O_O
2.	(Intro) (?)
3.	(Intro vs. Kojiroh) (?)
4.	(Intro vs. Washizuka) (?) 
5.	(Taunt) (He points and laughs at you.)
6.	(Winpose 1) (?)
7.	(Winpose 2) (?)
8.	(Defeated) Kimothchi E! = I feel good!  o_O 

Genbu no Okina

1. (Versus intro) Ikuzoi! = Let's go!
2.	(Intro) Ote yawa rakani = Start off slowly!
3.	(Taunt) Chotto matta! = Wait a second!
4.	(Winpose 1) Madda madda mijukuna yojano! = You still haven't 
grown up yet!
5.	(Winpose 2) Kurabara Kurabara! = Rest in peace!


1. (Versus intro) Akumu yo da... = This looks like a nightmare...
2.	(Intro) Shiwa soko made semate ryu! = Death is right behind you!
3.	(Taunt) (He just laughs sadistically...that's all!) ^_^
4.	(Winpose 1) Madda shini nai yo... = Don't die just yet... 
5.	(Winpose 2) Inoch shino akashi towa...nanda? = What is the 
meaning...of life?

Naoe Shigen

1. (Versus intro) Kaku go! = Prepare yourself! 
2.	(Intro) (Shigen's daughter Kotetsu stands and points at the 
opponent and says, "Kaku go shia!") = Prepare to lose! (Then 
Shigen says, "Saga tero, Kotetsu!") Leave here, Kotetsu!
3.	(Taunt) Doushita? = What's wrong?
4.	(Winpose 1) Madda Kuruka? = Are you still coming?
5.	(Winpose 2) (Kotetsu comes out and says) Yoki natane! = You did a 
good job!

Washizuka Keiichiro

1. (Versus intro) Kaku go! = Prepare yourself!
2.	(Intro) Waga yukuteyo habamuno naraba yoshawa shinai = If you 
stand against me, then I won't hold back! 
3.	(Intro vs. Kojiroh) Shinsegumi, Washizuka  meire! = I, Washizuka 
of the Shinsegumi will go!
4.	(Intro vs. Mukuro) Kisama mazaka = Is it really you?
5.	(Taunt) (He wipes his blade.)
6.	(Winpose 1) Madda watima naranzo! = You can't finish this yet!
7.	(Winpose 2) Waga kokorozashi tsuranoku madde = I'm just going by 
what I believe in!
8.	(Winpose vs. Kojiroh) Koremo Sadame...yirosane... = This is my 
destiny...forgive me... (This guy wins the "True Warrior Award!" 
for Integrity!)
9.	(Winpose vs. Mukuro) Shiranu wake dewa orumai  = You must know of 
Tennen Hayabusa Rishin-ryuu! 
10. (Defeated) Ono re! = Son of a ****!


1. (Versus intro) Koremo Sadame! = This is my destiny
2.	(Intro vs. Kaede and Moriya) Nani mo Iwazuni soko O doiy te! = 
Don't say anything, just let me go!  
3.	(Intro vs. Setsuna) Tekagen wa Itashi ma sen yo! = I won't show 
4.	(Taunt) Watashiniwa jikan ganai yo! = I don't have time for this!
5.	(Winpose 1) Jomo shinai de! = Don't waste my time!
6.	(Winpose 2) Koremo sadame...waru ko omu nai de... = This is my 
destiny...don't curse/hate me because of it...
7.	(Winpose vs. Kaede) Tomen aide = Don't stop me! 
8.	(Defeat) Sona! = What the!


1. (Versus intro) Shoshi nari = You're pathetic!
2.	(Intro) Nushino tchikara E ka hodoka! = Show me your power!
3.	(Taunt) (He just stands and adjusts his Kabuto.) 
4.	(Winpose 1) Jaku shani yowanai = I don't speak to weak people! 
5.	(Winpose 2) Shosen wa haishaiyo!  = You're just a loser!

Kouryu (boss)

1.	(Versus intro) (?) = (This is an ANCIENT CHINESE WORD, so there's 
no way that I can get this translated!)
2.	(Intro) Kouryu no chikara mitaito moska? = Do you wish to see the 
power of Kouryu?
3.	(Winpose 1) (?)  (Same as his first intro!)
4.	(Winpose 2) Biyoku! amarini mo biyoku! = Weak! You're too weak!


What this FAQ needs:

Well, this is just the first post, so you can tell that it's 
incomplete.  What I hope to add are the character versus battle quotes 
and dialogues.  However, if there's anything else, please mail me!

The Credits!

Welcome to the most important part of the FAQ!

1.	SNK.  For making this game before they "died" :(.  SNK WILL LIVE 
2.	Kenta Sato.  Thanks for translating everything for us!  Keep 
working at this game; and MAYBE you can beat me!  ^_^
3.	Deuce.  If it wasn't for the info you gave us about this game, I 
would have completely overlooked it!  You rule man!
4.	Robert Lu.  Thanks for the quotes and dialogue FAQ!  I really 
needed help with those!
5.	CJayC.  You know why he's in here!  Thanks man!
6.	YOU!  You're the most important part of the FAQ altogether!  
Thanks for reading!

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