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Terry by ghoward11

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/27/00

Garou Mark of the Wolves- Terry Bogard Guide
Version - First Release
Mail- ghoward11@hotmail.com

Revision History
1.0- Everything is new!

Table of Contents
Part 1 -Profile
Part 2 -Game System
Part 3 -Regular Move Analysis
Part 4 -Special Move Analysis
Part 5 -Super Move Analysis
Part 6 -Strategies
Part 7 -Credits

Part 1 -Profile

Age:              35 years old
Height:           182 cm
Weight:           81 kg
Birthday:         March 15
Blood Type:       O
Nationality:      America
Fighting Style:   Martial Arts
Hobbies:          Wall Paint
Specialty:        Making 50 3-point shots in a row
Most Important:   Ukkee, his monkey (ran away from home right now)
Most Unpleasant:  Cigar/cigarrettes
Likes:            Vintage Jeans
Dislikes:         Slugs
Favorite Food:    Rock's specialty Club House Sandwiches (he overate
                  recently and is a littly chubby)
Favorite Music:   Country
Best Sport:       Basketball

Part 2 -Game System



Terry is very lucky to have a run; most people have crappy forward hops. You 
can cancel a dash at any time by blocking or attacking. Terry is primarily 
an offensive based fighter; so use these to make sure the other guy isn't 
putting too much space between you.

Backward Hops


Terry hops a small distance backwards. These are VERY important to the game. 
Not only are these a good way of putting space between you and your 
opponent, but you are INVINCABLE while you are flying back (although you ARE 
vulnerable while preparing to jump and landing from it.) With proper timing, 
you can hop back through jump-ins, fireballs, normal attacks, etc, then 
counter (if you have the opportunity!)

Just Defended

Tap B at the Moment of Impact

The Just Defense system is SNK's answer to Capcom's Parry system. They are 
used in a similar way, but are much more difficult to abuse. When you Just 
Defend, you gain back a small portion of energy, and gain the ability to do 
Guard Cancels. These are useful against fireballers, and you can use these 
to absorb anti-air attacks when you leap in.

Mini Jumps (Hops)

Tap U ,UF, or UB on the Joystick

It is very important that you merely TAP the joystick up. These are a more 
useful kind of jump-in, as it gives your opponent much less time to counter 
with a strong anti-air. You can hop over just about any kind of normal 
fireball, although it's much harder to hop over Butt's or Hotaru's 
fireballs(as opposed to Terry's or Rock's), but it's still very possible.

Part 3 -Regular Move Analysis

Standin' Far

A- Decent poke, and has turbo fire. Use it mainly to beat off overly 
aggressive players, or to cover your butt from (normal)throws.

B- Although this move has OK priority, the hit frames don't last very long 
and it can be ducked under. It doesn't work very well as anti-air either. 
Just keep away from this one.

C- Great priority, speed, and range. But don't use this, use the crouching 
one instead. Why? Well, it simply isn't cancelable, and the ducking one is.

D- Best range of any normal attack and decent priority, but poor speed. The 
interesting thing about this move is that it becomes cancelable ONLY when it 
is blocked. When it's blocked, shoot a Power Wave to cover Terry's arse.

AB- Slowish overhead move.  Good against low attacks, because Terry will pop 
up over them and kick them in the face. It takes a while to come out, but 
the recovery ain't bad at all.

Standin' Close

A- Pretty much the same uses as the regular version.

B- A shin kick. Cancelable. I tend to rely on my jabs in very close range, 

C- If this move hits, it becomes cancelable into specials or supers. You can 
tack on a second punch by pressing F + FP(whether or not it's blocked).

D- Great kick, useful in combos. Becomes cancelable after the second hit(and 
you better cancel, too! It takes Terry about 45 minutes before he plants his 
hoof back on the floor!)


A- Pretty much the same uses as the regular version. Cancelable, can be 
blocked high. I like the Crouchin' B better.

B- Good range on this actually. Cancelable. Has rapid fire, you can quick 
chain to of these together,and then chain in a Power Wave to push 'em back 
even more!

C- You're going to want to use these often. Not only is it quick, but it has 
high priority AND it's cancelable! Get to know your opponent. For example, 
if you notice someone who constantly will block this low, cancel into a Kick 
Bat. If you're a cowboy like me, try canceling in a Weak Burn Knuckle. If it 
hits it does awesome damage, if they block, try quickly following up with a 
Power Dunk, you might catch them as they try to counter(fat chance, but why 
not try).

D- Rivals the Standin' D in terms of range. The speed of the actual 
knockdown is good, but if it's blocked, the other guy has a crapload of time 
to counter.

AB- I know Terry's had this move for a long, long time. It becomes 
cancelable when it hits. Decent anti-air, us this if you don't think you can 
whip up a Power Dunk in time.


A- Okay for air-to-air combat. If you try to jump in with this, you deserve 
the anti-air move you're definately going to get hit with.

B- Good air-to-air combat. Better jump in that the A, but I still wouldn't 
recommend it.

C- Terry's best jump-in attack. It has great range, and priority coming out 
the ears. Pretty good to start combo's with, too.

D- Best range of all jumping attacks, so use this if you're coming in on a 
bad angle and you think the C might miss. I think this works a little better 
during hops than the C, as you won't have to hop in so close.

Part 4 -Special Move Analysis

*All references to KOF are based on the KOF'98 Terry.

Burn Knuckle


Ah, the most famous move in the game. In spite of how much damage it does, I 
actually think the move has been weakened as even the jab one has a ton of 
recovery time. Still, it has it's uses; still REAL speedy, great priority, 
good in combos or as a counter.

Weak-This move traverses about a quarter the screen. Does a tad less damage 
than the heavy, but nothing serious. What annoyed me most when I first 
started playing Garou was the recovery on this; in KOF'98, the jab Burn 
Knuckle was almost uncounterable, here it takes takes about a full SECOND to 
recover. Understandable though, Terry's overpowered as it is!

Heavy- This move traverses about 3 quarters of the screen. Worse startup 
than the weak, but does better damage, and recovers a little better too, I 
think, but still pretty horrible.

Kick Bat (aka Crack Shoot, Crack Shot, or Crack Jaw)


Much improved over it's KOF counterpart, at least I think so. Now it hits 
but once, but it's easier to hit out of the air with and it acts as an 
overhead! Not only that but the recovery is also quite good!

Weak- Doesn't go to high or to far, but it's almost uncounterable if 
blocked. The trick is to get the very edge to hit, this pushes your opponent 
away and makes it very hard to counter. Good against turtlers.

Heavy- Makes a much wider arc than the weak one, this makes it easier for 
the opponent to see coming, but also easier for you to hit out of the air 
with. The best part of hitting out of the air with this is that it sets up 
air juggles! The recovery is a little worse than the weak, but still not too 

Power Dunk


Along with the Kick Bat, this move has been vastly improved on since KOF. 
First off, it has awesome priority on the way up AND the way down. It's 
great air defense(use it late so you can get the 3 hits on the way up), if 
the hit on the way down is blocked it's almost uncounterable. All that AND 
it's breakable! The downside is if you whiff completely you a bulls-eye for 

Weak- This one's to be used against people on the ground. Use it liberally 
in close range as it will take priority over a ton of stuff, and if they 
block it you still recover to fast to be countered. Once you get used to the 
distances of this move it will be a constant companion!

Heavy- Better used as anti-air. Terry leaps up higher on this one, making it 
much easier to score
the three hits on the way up. Again, the recovery if blocked is great.

Power Wave


Terry's ol' projectile. The actual execution of the fireball is fast, the 
recovery, well, isn't.
Do to the system of Garou, doesn't use these outside of a combo. Why? 
They're real easy to hop over, (hell you don't even need to TIME the hop 
carefully, as you would have to with Butt), but good players can merely Just 
Defend them. There is very little difference between Weak and Heavy; Weak is 
fast, Heavy is fastER!

Power Charge


Repeatable up to 3 times. Try not to go through all 3 if you see you're 
being blocked, although sometimes it's tough to stop Terry at the speed you 
have to put in the motion, though! The Power Charge is great in combos, 
doing big damage and looking really cool! This is Terry's best Guard Crush 

Weak- Comes out pretty quick, recovers not quick! This is the one I 
personally use more often,
it works as a cool looking counter.

Heavy- Comes out slower, but recovers quicker. This ones better in combos, 
because if you screw up allot it's harder to counter.

TOP Attack

Tap CD while in TOP Mode

I'm really not happy with this attack. It's SLOW, so don't just whip it out 
and expect it to hit.
Now you'd think that a move that would take so long to come out would at 
least recover quickly, but it doesn't. Primarily this move should be used in 
combos, although if you're slow(like me)
the other guy will end up blocking it about 50% of the time anyway. I'd keep 
away from this.

Part 5 -Super Move Analysis

Power Geyser


S.Power- Terry's original Desperation move is back, and better than ever. 
It's the best anti-air attack Terry has, (although it is still Just 
Defendable) and it comes out FAST, fast enough to see someone hop at you and 
still hit 'em before they can get to you. Note that the Geyser will NOT 
disappear if Terry gets hit(which is different than most games Terry's been 
in), meaning that they get the much worse end of the stick when the two of 
you trade hits. The downside is it takes Terry an hour to recover from, but 
what the hell?

P.Power- Terry's Triple Geyser, now known as the Livewire! It's uses are the 
same as the normal one, but does a load more damage thanks to Geysers #2 and 
#3! If they block all three Geysers, you're still vunerable because it 
doesn't push them nearly as far as it did in KOF.

Buster Wolf


S.Power- Terry's new super is fast enough to make it easy to combo, (easier 
than the Power Geyser at least.) This move is a great counter, anyplace the 
Burn Knuckle will hit, so will this. The move hits twice, so getting it to 
hit all the times out of the air is not difficult.

P.Power- A more damaging version of the above.

Part 6 -Strategies

Terry is an aggressive guy. He has good priority on his regular attacks and 
his specials have many uses. Terry fights his best up close, as his combos 
are extremely damaging and this is where his Power Dunk really becomes your 
best offensive weapon.

Close Range

Again, the weak Power Dunk works wonders here; it doesn't even matter if 
they block it, 'cause
it recovers so quick it's a pain to counter! Your jab pokes works well at 
this range, and make sure to throw in a Crouching B if your opponent gets 
too comfy blocking high. I like to use my Crouching Cs to start combos, or 
cancel it into a Power Wave if you're to close for comfort. If the other guy 
gets the drop on you - just roll up and chuck them, then back off and 
recover your cool. If you feel the need to jump in, do it with C; it has the 
best angle. When you're knocked down, the Power Dunk is your best wake up 
attack, just make sure that they're close.

Mid Range

I use the Stand D sometimes at this range. If it hits, all the better, but 
always expect it to be blocked and try to cancel it into something else, 
preferably a Power Wave. If you cancel into a Power Wave, try following up 
with a heavy Kick Bat because it's a common reaction for the other guy to 
jump after blocking the fireball. In that case they'll be slammed by the 
Kick Bat, which means you are set up for an air juggle!

Far Range

You don't want to be here. Dash back up to Mid -Range, and cancel the dash 
with a block if you think your in danger OR you can try to use a heavy Burn 
Knuckle and try to time it so that the very end just connects (this is the 
primary use of a heavy Burn Knuckle; use the weak pretty much anywhere 
else.) Fireball just aren't effective because of Just Defends.

Part 6 -Credits

SNK- For making the game!

Me- For making the guide!

James Kuroki- for his Garou Mark of the Wolves FAQ! One of the finest pieces 
of literature available! I got Terry's profile from his FAQ.

GameFaqs- I probably hit this site about a million times a week...

And anyone and everyone I forgot to mention.

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