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Combo FAQ by MGA

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/04/00

             *      ______      ___     ____      ____                * 
             *     /           /   \   /    \    /    \   |      |    * 
             *    |           |     |  |     |  |      |  |      |    *
             *    |   _____   |_____|  |____/   |      |  |      |    *
             *    |        |  |     |  |  \     |      |  |      |    *
             *    |        |  |     |  |   \    |      |  |      |    *
             *     \_______/  |     |  |    \    \____/    \____/     *
             *                                                        * 
             * ______________________________________________________ *
             *              MARK    OF    THE    WOLVES               * 
                                 faq version: 1.1

    Fatal Fury mark of the wolves (Garou mark of...):   FAQ 2000. 
This is a basic faq for combos or stranges combinations.
I know that it isn´t a master faq, but I think it´s enough good for iniciating at this game.
Thanks to everybody that have played vs me for being there to get this faq (especialty to ACE).
And thanks to SNK for doing this wonderfull fighting game.

Dedicated to my brother,Luisfer,wherever you were.

                       This faq is done by MGA (Miguel@anit.es).

Garou mark of the wolves is a SNK game and he has all the copyrights propieties.   

Sorry if I confuse in writing,for instance qcf instead of qfc.
*This faq is composed by:
   -Basic combos (4 per character)
   -Advanced & Expert combos
   -Other things(like infinite combos, combos that can work, advices for doing combos, etc.)

I´ve get all this combos by playing and playing and playing (and somethimes trying new things).
It´s true that I´ve seen another faqs to view all the moves (not the combos) but I don´t want to 
keep anybody the merit of their faqs. This is only a faq of combos.
Remember not to confuse d(down) with D(button D) and b(back) with B(button B).Here we go!:

 1)4 Basic combos/player for the first time:
 If you have played Garou more than 2 times with each character, I´ll recommend you to go to the
 advanced combos.
 Almost all combos start in jump, but you can start for another part, or try new basic moves.
 a) Jump+C, C, qcf+C
 b) Jump+C, C, (f,d,df+C)
 c) Jump+C, C, qcf+B
 d) (holding C or D) Jump+C or D, C or D, release holding button
 4 basic combo for Marco.

 a) Jump+C, C, qcf+C 
 b) Jump+C, C, qcb+C
 c) Jump+C, C, qcb+B
 d) Jump+C (holding the pad down), C (being down), u+D

 Another 4 basic combos.

 a) Jump+C, C, F+C, qcf+C
 b) Jump+C, C, F+C, (f,f+C 3 times) {If it is some more difficult leave the 3rd move (F+C)}
 c) Jump+C, C or D, (f,d,df+D)
 d) Jump+C, C or D, qcb+B

 Oh my god! 4 combos.

 a) Jump+C, C, (f,d,df+C)
 b) Jump+C, C, qcf+D {It´s not a real combo but it is a good basic move}
 c) qcf+B, C, (f,d,df+C)
 d) Jump+C, C, qcb+D {another not real combo}

 1 of those combos doesn´t start as jump.

 a) Jump+C, C, qcf+C
 b) Jump+C, C, qcf+D
 c) Jump+C, C, qcb+D
 d) Jump+C (holding the pad down), C (being down), u+D

 More jump basic combos.

 a) Jump+C, C, qcf+C
 b) Jump+C, C, qcb+C
 c) Jump+C, C, (f,d,df+D)
 d) Jump+C, B, qcb+D (If you do changing B by C It will be much more difficult to hit with qcb+D).
 No comments.

 a) Jump+C, D, qcf+C, (f,f+C)
 b) Jump+C, D, (f,d,df+D)
 c) Jump+C, D, qcb+D, (in the air during the last move) A or B or C or D
 d) Jump+C (holding the pad down), D (being down), u+C

 Very effectives basic combos.

 a) Jump+C, D, qcb+C
 b) Jump+C, D, qcf+D {easy to hit using B button}
 c) Jump+C, D, qcf+A
 d) Jump+C, D, qcb+B

 4 tipical combos of any player.

 a) Jump+C, C, qcf+C
 b) Jump+C, C, qcb+C {not real combo}
 c) Jump+C, C, qcf+D
 d) Jump+C, C, qcb+D {not real combo}

 Basic combos of a samuray boy.

 a) Jump+C, D, qcf+A
 b) Jump+C, D, (qcb+C 3 times)
 c) Jump+C, D, (f,d,df+A)
 d) Jump+C, D, qcb+B {dificult to hit oponent}

 Combos of Freeman (I call him 'powerfull madman').

 a) Jump+C, d+C, qcf+D
 b) Jump+C, d+C, qcb+C
 c) Jump+C, d+C, (f,d,df+A)
 d) Jump+C, d+C, qcb+B, A or B {not a real combo}
 Military basic combos.

 This is a thrower character. I haven´t played with him almost never, but I think he has 
 few combos. Try you to think in something.

 GRANT: {You can take him by the random character (pressing start)}
 a) Jump+C, f+C, (f,d,df+C)
 b) Jump+C, f+C, qcb+C
 c) Jump+C, f+C, qcb+D
 d) Jump+C, f+C, (f,b,f+C) {not too effective}
 Combos of Grant.

 KAIN R. HEINLEIN: {same choice as Grant}
 I have played with him less than with Griffon. He needn´t any combo.
 |            So here end the basic 1st part. Now we can go to more serious things.          |

 This part is planted diferent than the first one. I have done a scheme of advanced combos.
 Some of this combos request having the Potencial power charged.
 Of course there are more advanced combos than I have put here, but I played with some characters
 more than whit others,and some combos aren´t so effectives or interestings than others.
 I repeat that all the combos that are here down have been done at least one time by me.

                               *****MARCO RODRIGUEZ***** 
                           {Good scheme for a good character}

                                          (f,d,df+C) {I call it 'Double Ko Hou'} 
                                        /         qcfX2+D {beautifull, efective & very difficult}  
                                       /         /
              (f,d,df+C)(Breaked by A+B)----qcf+B     (f,d,df+C)
              /                        \  \          /
             /                          \  C+D{T.O.P}--qcfX2+D
            /                            \ 
           /                              \           qcfX2+C 
          /                                \         / 
 Jump+C--C--C+D{request T.O.P.}             --------- 
          \                                          \
           \                                          qcfX2+D 
             \       qcfX3+C {Pressing C more than 10 times the combo changes and do more dmg.} 
              \     /

                               *****ROCK HOWARD*****
			   {I don´t play a lot whit him}

            \       qcfX2+C
             \     /
                    (f,df,d,db,b,f+A,A,A,B,B,C,C,D,D,qcb+C) {that´s a secret Potencial power}

                                      qcfX2+C {Don´t hold it}              
Being cornered:360'+C(breaked by A+B)--qcb+B---qcfx2+D {Carrefull whit the side change} 
                                    | qcfx2+D {Carrefull with the moment to do}    
                                     \             \
                                      C+D{T.O.P}-- {it´s not obligatory to be cornered}  


                               *****TERRY BOGARD*****
        {I don´t like much this guy (excuse me his fans), so the scheme is very short}

             (f,d,df+D)(Breaked by A+B)--qcfX2+C   
            /                          \
           /                            \  
 Jump+C---C---C+D{T.O.P}                 qcfX2+D
            \	 qcfX2+C
             \  /

                              *****KIM DONG HWANG*****
              {I have get a lot of combos of Dong Hwang. It´s a good player}

     qcfX2+C(in the air,after hit him){it´s a bit difficult}
     |            qcb+D
     |           /
     |       qcf+D--(f,d,df+C){and it can´t be continue by breaking(A+B) and qcfX3+C.What a pity} 
     |      /    \
     |     /      \
     |    /        \     qcfX2+B {Be fast}
     |   /          \   /
Jump+C--C------C+D   -----qcfx2+C (being in the air by the high jump)
        |\   \          \
        | \   \          qcfX3+C {it is a bit difficult to calculate the time, but effective}
        |  \   \
        |   \   (f,d,df+C)(Breaked by A+B)----qcfX3+C {much more difficult than the up one}
        |    \
        |     \  
        |      qcfX3+C
       here, after C and before any continuation you can break the double kick by pressing f+a+b, 
       (it´s a feint move),do a ligth punch or kick and continue with *some* of the combinations.

                               *****KIM JAE HOON*****
                         {Good character whit no long combos}

               (Holding down before)u+D(breaked by A+B)         C+D{T.O.P}
              /                                        \       /
             /                                          qcfX2+C
            /                                                  \
           /    qcfX2+C---hold d,u+d(when he is falling).       hold d,u+D----d+D
          /   /                                                       |
 Jump+C--C ---                                                   (during the last move)

        /      \
       /        hold d,u+D----d+D(during the last move) 
    | \
    |  hold d,u+D----d+D(during the last move)
{move called Shou-Kyaku Hou.It´s used to avoid some hit, and counterattack the opponent}

                               *****HOTARU FUTABA*****
               {Devastation girl short,difficult and effective combos)
            qcb+D(breaked by A+C)--qcf+C
           /                    |\
          /                     | (f,d,df+B)--qcfX2+D       
 Jump+D--C--C+D                 |
      |   \     qfcX2+C         C+D{T.O.P.}
      |    \   /
      |     ---           
      |        \        {I don´t know how It can´t be continued with qcfX2+D}
      |         qfcX2+D      | 
       \                   (f,d,df+D)
        \                 /
         qcf+D(in the air)--qcfX2+D

                     {Effective character with a good scheme}
                                             /       \
                                            /         (f,d,df+D)
                                          /  qcfX2+D
                                         /  /    
               (f,d,df+D)(breaked by A+B)---
              /                          \  \
             /                            \  qcfX2+C
            /                              \                                 
           /  qcfX2+C                       (f,d,df+D){can´t be continued as infinite}
          /  /                          
 Jump+C--D----(f,d,df+A+B 3times){the 3rd Potencial power of Gato}
          \  \
           \  qcfX2+D
            \               qcfX2+D
             \             /      
              qcb+D,B(or D)--(f,d,df+D){can´t be breaked}

                                   *****BONE JENET*****
                               {Sexy pirate woman´s combos}

             qcf+D(breaked by A+B)-qcb+C
            /                    |\
           /  qcfX2+C            | qfb+B
          /  /                    \
 Jump+C--D-----C+D{T.O.P}          C+D{T.O.P}
       \  \
        \  qcfX2+D              qcfX2+D
         \                     /
          d+D,D,D,D(in the air)   
                    |          \
                    |           C+D{T.O.P}
                 {Corner combos}

                         {Devastation ninja boy. Low in combos}
                                                    qcf+C     qcb+D  
                                                   /         /
                              qcf+D(breaked cy A+B)------df+D--qcf+C(in the air)
                             /                    |\         \
                            /                     | qcfX2+D   qcfX2+D
                       A---D--C+D                  \   
                      /     \     qcfX2+C           C+D{T.O.P} 
                     /       \   /
                    /         ---
                   /             \ 
  Jump+B--C(in air)               qcfX2+D  
                     \      qcb+D
                      \    /
                            qcf+C(in the air)  

  {It´s a very strange character,very powerfull, but he haven´t a lot of combos. I can´t break 
   yet his breakable move (it´s hcf+D), and I don´t discover any interesant combo yet} 
          /          \
 Jump+C--D            {yes,the only poor combos I can get} 
          \          /

                                  *****KEVIN RIAN*****
    {One of his special power gives him a great range of possibilities, so the scheme become 
     enormous. I will give only some of them. It´s easy to get the rest by seeing the scheme}

                                                                    C+D{T.O.P}          qcb+A
                                                                   /                   /     
                                      Jump+C--C(Brk. by f+A+B)--d+C--qcf+B(Brk. by A+B)
                                      |                                                \
                                qcfX2+B                       qcb+A                    (f,d,df+A)
                                |      \                     /
                      Jump+C--d+C-C+D   qcf+B(breaked by A+B)     
                     /           \                           \
                    /             qcfX2+A                     (f,d,df+A)
             qcfX2+B--qcfX2+A              qcb+A    qcb+c
            /       \                     /        /
           /         qcf+B(breaked by A+B)--qcfX2+B--(f,d,df+C)
Jump+C--d+C-C+D{T.O.P}                    \        
           \                               (f,d,df+A)

                                *****GRIFFON MASK*****
  {this is a thrower character, so he hasn´t a good scheme. If you want try your own scheme}

  if you corned your opponent---After (b,d,db+A)---B{hit him on floor}

       {I don´t play with him a lot (It´s difficult to select), but I have get a good scheme}

             (f,d,df+C)--d+D(in the air during the last move)
        /   \
       /     qcf+D--qcfX2+C
 Jump+C           \
       \           (f,d,df+C)--d+D(in the air during the last move){easier in a corner}
        \                                                      |
         A--qcfX2+C                     {Almost 50% of live without any special!}

         (f,d,df+C)--d+D(in the air during the last move)

                                *****KAIN R. HEINLEIN*****                  
   {What do you want?. He is the final boss, he NEEDN´T any combo.Also I haven´t played with him 
    a lot (It´s difficult to select, as Grant). Try your own scheme of combos}

                            Hold b,f+C
 in a corner: Throw(whit C)--Hold d,u+D
                          | qcfx2+D
                            Hold b,f+D    
                                             Hold b,f+C{very difficult,try a trick to get easier}
 Jump+C(holding down pad)--u+D(break by A+B)--qcfX2+D
                                             hold b,f+B{also very difficult,try a trick}

/Here ends the Advanced & Expert combos that I get by playing.I´m sure that there are much more \
\interesant combos I have done, but I can´t remember all of them. I will continue trying news.  /

 In this part I will write other combos that can work, or anothers that I read and can´t get it
 yet (I think they have something wrong), or some advices to get easier the advanced combos. Also
 I have discover one of the game´s infinite combos (surely that they are more).

 This is an infinite combo of Grant (yes, I know that is difficult to get Grant, but this combo
 is much more). For this combo you need to have the opponent on a corner. Grant have a move (f+C)
 that is called Ma-Heki.This moves can be canceled (breaked) by a Feint move (f+A+C).So the combo
 consists in doing: f+C(Break by f+A+C),f+C(Break by f+A+C),f+C(f+A+C),f+C(f+A+C),...etc. 
 It´s very, very difficult to do (I can only do 4 moves of the combo), because you have to 
 calculate the time to hit him in an exactly moment.But if someone is a Great Master of Garou 
 can try to do it. GOOD LUCK and report me if you get it!

 Oh my god!. I´ve discover an easier infinite combo for Grant than the last one. You only have to 
 do, in a corner: f+C,qcf+D,f+C,qcf+D,f+C,qcf+D,f+C,qcf+D,f+C,qcf+D,...etc. Easier, eh?
 Doing this combos I´ve hit the enemy by 35 times, but it´s enough with 10 hits to kill the 
 Note:This combo will not work if you change qcf+D with qcf+B.

 Here are other combos that can work, or combos that I read that work,but Idon´t do it yet `cause
 I don´t much time to dedicate to this game. I have tried some of these, but I think they have
 something wrong, or They are too difficult for me, or something like that. Here are:
 GATO:Jump D, Dwn + A+B, QCB + B, Dwn C, QCFx2 + C
 KIM DONG HWANG:stand D cancelled into Fwd A+C, Jump A, QCFx2+A, QCFx2+A, DP + C
 TERRY: Fwd Fwd C, 3 feint cancelled stand Cs followed by a low C into QCFx2 + C! BUSTER WOLF!

 -If you have to do (f,d,df+some button), try to the move before this one whit forward, and you
 only have to do qcf+button. For instance:
 a)...--C--(f,d,df+D)--... I recommend to do like: ...--f+C--qcf+D--... 
 b)...--f+C--(f,d,df+C)--... like: ...--f+C--qcf+C--...

 -When you want to do a combo taht you need to break a move, I recommend to practice the specific
 breakable move breaking it before the combo, because all the characters have differente way for
 breaking his move (changing the time to break). Also be carrefull, because some of chars need to
 break very quickly his move, and others not.

 -When you have to calculate the time to do a determinated combo, you can do another hit that 
 doesn´t hit the opponent but it limits you the time you have to wait for doing correctly the
 combo. For instance: When we want to do the combo of D. HWANG that finished: qcf+D--qcfX3+C we
 have to wait a bit of time to do the last move, or we´ll passed under the opponent, so what I do
 is: After qcf+D I do C fastly. This move don´t hit him, but if I do qcfx3+C after the last move,
 the combo always work.

 -If you have to do a combo that consist in Hold d,u+Button--Hold b+f+Button (as Kain combos) you
 can use one trick that I use: Hold db intead of hold d, and do u+Button--b,f+Button (without 
 holding aby button the second time). I Know it´s difficult, but by the other way form is more 

 You can invent some 'tricks' like those one to do easier the combo. 

 |                 I think they are a good advices. Let´s go to the petitions                  |

 I only beg one thing: If you are going to use a part of this faq to do another one, please send
 me an E-mail(miguel@anit.es) to beg a permit to use that part of my faq (I will concede it with 
 pleasure) or write in your faq that you have used one part of mine, because I´ve seen some faqs
 that have something exactly copied (without any change) from others.

/ Here finished all I remember about doing Garou combos. I will continue working on getting some\ 
\ new combos and doing new faqs.Thanks to all that have read this faq & sorry about my expession/
                                         ENJOY THE GAME 
                                           THANK YOU
            ___________            _______           ________              __ 
                 |       |      | |                 |          |\        | |  \
                 |       |      | |                 |          | \       | |   \
                 |       |      | |                 |          |  \      | |    \
     *           |       |      | |                 |          |   \     | |     \     *
    ***          |       |______| |___              |___       |    \    | |     |    ***
     *           |       |      | |                 |          |     \   | |     /     *
                 |       |      | |                 |          |      \  | |    /
                 |       |      | |                 |          |       \ | |   /
                 |       |      | |_______          |________  |        \| |__/

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