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Kim Jae Hoon by BYip

Version: 0.51 | Updated: 03/31/00

Garou - Mark of the Wolves
Character guide for Kim Jae Hoon

v0.51 - 3-31-00. Minor update from last time. Added more things to the b, b + B move.

This is unpublished, non-profit, copyrighted work by
Brian Yip. Go ahead and distribute as much as you want, 
as long as you give me the proper credit and that you 
do not modify or make any profit from it.

Any comments, corrections or additions, feel free to
contact me.

e-mail: night-dragon@geocities.com
homepage: http://homepages.go.com/~ryuchun/ (not SNK related)

Garou and Kim Jae Hoon and any other characters are copyrighted by
by SNK. (http://www.neogeo.co.jp)

Jae Hoon's bio and other info courtesy of James Kuroki. (orochi@ix.netcom.com)

This FAQ is focused on the younger of the two sons of the
legendary Kim Kap Hwan, Kim Jae Hoon. I am assuming you already
know the game basics such as what button does what, and movement.
If you aren't familiar with that, refer to the general FAQ on the
Garou section of http://www.gamefaqs.com


- Why Jae Hoon?
- Garou basics
- Jae Hoon info
- Jae Hoon's basics
- Jae Hoon's special moves
- Jae Hoon combos
- Strats
- Beating Kain
- Ending
- Conclusion and credits

Why Jae Hoon?

I play Jae Hoon cuz my favorite characters are the heroic ones.
Kim Kap Hwan from KoF was one of my all my time fav guys (not to
mention, he's a kickass striker in KoF '99). So I like Jae Hoon
because he takes after his father in that he fights for justice.
And obviously, his fighting style is very similar to Kim's which
makes me like him over Dong Hwan. Plus he actually has a steady 
girlfriend, unlike his pretty boy brother who can't keep one!

Reasons to play Jae Hoon:

- Easily comboable moves and good direct damage.
- A very good ticker.
- He's just like Kim. 'Nuff said.
- He has a kickass hairstyle!
- He's honorable and fights for justice!
- You want to show Dong Hwan who the better brother is!

Reasons NOT to play Jae Hoon:

- Not as effective at long range.
- No 100% safe special moves except his TOP attack, and a breaked Hien Zan.
- Can tend to be a little scrubby...
- You hated Kim.
- You hate heroes in general.
- You're style is more show than substance, i.e. you're lazy like Dong Hwan! *barf*

Garou basics

dash forward            - f, f
dash backward           - b, b
quick hop               - tap u
recover roll forward    - A (short) or C (far)
recover roll backward   - B (short) or D (far)
feint move              - f + AC or d + AC
throw                   - when close, f or b + C
throw escape            - when thrown, f or b + C (like SF tech-hits)
universal overhead      - AB
dodge attack            - d + AB
break move              - AB immediately after perfoming breakable move
TOP attack              - CD when in TOP mode
just defense            - b right before moment of impact
taunt                   - start

Move notations (ones associated w/ Jae Hoon):

qcf    - d, df, f (fireball motion)
qcb    - d, db, b (hurricane kick motion)
charge - hold direction for at least 2 secs
(BR)   - move is breakable

Just defense:

This is like SF3's parrying, where you hold back right before the moment
of impact. This will give you a little life, not affect your guard
meter and allow you to guard cancel. This is also the ONLY way to
block in the air. Doing this can make the different between winning and losing.


Only the Hien Zan is breakable, so you just hit AB immediately after doing
it. This will have Jae Hoon abort the move quickly (connected or not), so he
can recover much faster. More on this later.

Other notes:

The super meter has two "levels", S and P. Think of S as being level 1, and P
as being level 2. When using a super move, the A or B will only use 1 level
while C or D will use 2 levels. Level 2 super of course does more damage.

Jae Hoon info

Age:              19 years old
Height:           177 cm
Weight:           72 kg
Birthday:         December 29
Bloodtype:        A
Nationality:      South Korea
Fighting Style:   Tae Kwon Do
Hobbies:          Study Tae Kwon Do's history
Specialty:        Reciting Pi to the 27th decimal place
Most Important:   His family
Most Unpleasant:  Really sweet candy
Likes:            Small animals (rabbits, hamsters, pharrots, etc.)
Dislikes:         Evil people
Favorite Food:    Really hot Chi ge
Favorite Music:   Techno
Best Sport:       Mat exercises

Entrance:          "Ichi, ni, san, shi...shobu desu!" (One, two, three,
                   four...I challenge you!)  Jae Hoon stretches, then
                   jumps up into fighting  position.
Entrance 2:        (vs Dong Hwan) "Honki dashte kure yo, Niisan!"
                   (Please be serious, Big Brother!"  Jae Hoon points
                   toward Dong. 
Entrance 3:        (vs Freeman, Gato, Grant and Kain) Back to opponent "Aku wa,
                   yurushimasen!" (Evil cannot be forgiven!) Turns around,
                   foot on fire.
Win:               Jae Hoon snaps his fingers, and his girlfriend comes out
                   with a kettle.  Jae Hoon drinks the water, and the
                   girl starts clapping
Final Win 1:       "Ii shobu deshta...!" (It was a good battle) Jae
                   Hoon wipes his head with a towel.
Final Win 2:       "Okega wa arimasen ka?" (Are you injured?) Jae Hoon
                   runs toward the fallen opponent, checking for
Taunt:             "Dame janai deska." (That's no good.)  Jae Hoons
                   turns around, shrugging his sholders.  
Post-Win Taunt 1:  (f+start after win) Jae Hoon turns around for a seconds,
                   "Hora!" (See!) Jae Hoon flashes a smile, teeth sparkling.
Post-Win Taunt 2:  (b+start after win) "Omigoto desu!" (Wonderful!) Jae Hoon 

Jae Hoon basics (note that Dong Hwan also has the exact same basic moves)

A : standing  - does a standard punch. Fast and cancellable, although not too much on damage.
    jumping   - a 45 degree angle kick. Don't rely on it too much...
    crouching - a low kick EXACLY like the Ryu/Ken/Akuma's SF3 c. forward kick! Unfortunately,
                only useful as a poke, and cannot be cancelled.
    close     - same thing as standing.
B : standing  - side kick. Useful as a poke, but that's it.
    jumping   - a jump kick where his leg is horizontal. Good reach and comes out fast.
    crouching - a quick low kick that uses the front foot. Cancellable into Hien Zan when close!
    close     - a kick to the shin. Quick and good for keep away.
C : standing  - a spin hook kick. Slow, but semi-decent as anti-air.
    jumping   - a jump kick where he kicks 45 degrees UPWARD. Good for air-to-air and okay as
                a jump-in while you're holding down to charge a Hien Zan to avoid doing a Hishou Kyaku.
                Otherwise, stick to jump D.
    crouching - his best crouching move IMO. Very good reach, and cancellable for his
                combos. Abuse. BREAD AND BUTTER!
    close     - a two hit kick w/ the back foot. Good damage and very fast. The first
                hit is also cancellable, but you have to be quick.
D : standing  - a kick exactly like Kyo's standing D except he uses the other leg. Like
                Kyo's kick, invulerable to sweeps and will hit the opponent. Unfortunately
                it is also non-cancellable.
    jumping   - his best jump-in. Slower to come out than others, but excellent priority
                and the best for starting combos. To use this kick while charging a Hien
                Zan and to avoid doing a Hishou Kyaku, land the kick in real deep.
    crouching - a sweep kick almost identical to the SF3 Shotokan sweep! A little slow,
                and cannot be cancelled. Only use if that's the only low attack you can
                think of at the moment. Otherwise, always stick to crouch C into a special.
    close     - another two-hit kick like the close C, except w/ the front foot. Like the
                close C, the first hit is cancellable.
AB :          - jumping neri chagi (axe kick). Goes over low attacks with an overhead
                attack. Use for the high-low game.
d + AB :      - dodging side kick. Not too much use here, except to score a lucky
                counter attack.

Jae Hoon special moves


Tai-otoshi             : when close, f or b + C
Shou-kyaku Hou         : b, b + B
Hien Zan (BR)          : charge d, u + B/D
  -follow up             > d + D after D Hien Zan
Hangetsu Zan           : qcb + B/D
Hishou Kyaku           : in air, d + B/D
  -follow up 1           > df + B/D after Hishou Kyaku
  -follow up 2           > qcb + B/D after Hishou Kyaku
Ryusei Raku            : qcf + B/D
Shakku Shuu            : qcf + A/C (hold)

Houyoku Tensho Kyaku   : qcf, qcf + A/C (C version can hold then let go)
Hou'ou Kyaku           : qcf, qcf + B/D

Feint moves            : f + AC - Shakka Shuu
                       : d + AC - Hou'ou Kyaku
TOP attack             : CD - neri chagi

In depth

when close, f or b + C
Jae Hoon will throw opponent over his shoulder and onto the ground. f will throw
forward while b throws back. Use like any other throw.

Shou-kyaku Hou
b, b + B
Jae Hoon back-dashes, then dashes forward with a high kick. A good surprise move that
can be used as anti-air and is also cancellable. The best move to cancel w/ this is his
D Hien Zan and finisher. A new thing I discovered that if this move connects, it does a
launch which can be pretty much be followed with ANYTHING. Even a Hou'ou Kyaku.

Hien Zan (BR)
charge d, u + B/D (can follow up w/ d + D after D version)
Kim's infamous kick but w/ a fire effect! Decent anti-air and the D version can be 
followed up w/ d + D for  extra damage. However, its range has suffered, and is hard to 
combo off of, unless you are extremely close or in the corner. It is breakable, so if it 
is blocked, breaking will leave you less vulnerable, and if it connects, a breaked Hien
Zan it can be followed up by another Hien Zan or even better... Hou'ou Kyaku!!!

Hangetsu Zan
qcb + B/D
Another move Jae Hoon took after his father w/ fire! B version is comboable off his
close C/D or crouch C. Both versions are also decent anti-air if the opponent is not
too much above you. D version is good against an opponent that missed a move.
Good block damage as well.

Hishou Kyaku
in air, d + B/D (can follow up w/ either df + B/D or qcb + B/D)
Kim's Hishou Kyaku. If it connects, hold df, and tap B/D to get that finishing slide in!
If blocked, do the qcb + B/D since it hits high. Either way, if it's blocked, you risk
getting punished, so use the kick wisely.

Ryusei Raku
qcf + B/D
Kim's Ryusei Raku, except Jae Hoon doesn't slide. The first hit hits low, and the second
hit is an overhead. If ranged properly, it can be safe as a ticker, but try to reserve
the move for combos. Always combo the D version off a connected close C/D or crouch C.
This move also does the most damage out his specials that are comboed. Be careful... if
opponent blocks the first hit, there is a small window of opportunity for them to counter
before the second kick comes out!

Shakka Shuu
qcf + A/C (hold)
Jae Hoon lifts his back leg up and dashes forward kicking 4 times. If you hold the button
he keeps his leg up, and while in this position, he can guard against any high/middle
hitting attacks, which makes as an effective counter. Initiate, wait, attack comes, let go
of button. Not too bad! However, the guard point is not instant so you'll have to
anticipate. This is another move that is comboable off close C/D and crouch C, and has
the most range. Easiest to combo, and has the most range which makes it the most versatile.
Also this move does good tick damage, so if ranged properly, this makes as an effective poke.

Houyoku Tensho Kyaku
qcf, qcf + A/C (C version can hold, then let go)
Jae Hoon jumps forward quickly with a kick (overhead too!) then follows up with a MASSIVE
Hien Zan! Must be done VERY close for maximum damage, and can effectively be used as
anti-air. Always hold C when doing the C version, because if it connects, Jae Hoon will 
power up, and then when the opponent falls, let go of C at the right time and he will juggle
with a follow up kick. If you connect w/ the follow up, it does more damage than the D Hou'ou
Kyaku... You can ALSO follow up the C verion w/ a Hien Zan for flashiness, but it doesn't do
as much damage as the proper follow up.

Hou'ou Kyaku
qcf, qcf + B/D
Kim's Hou'ou Kyaku, but instead of a long jump, Jae Hoon dashes very fast towards the
opponent. Good priority, and will usually beat out any move, but always save it when an
opponent messes up a move. B version does the standard beat-em-up-then-finish-with-Hien-Zan.
D version beats em up, then lifts em w/ a Kuu Sa Jin, then finishes w/ Hien Zan and finisher!
Very good, solid damage. Also, it can be done after a breaked Hien Zan!!!!!!!!!

TOP attack
while in TOP mode, CD
Neri chagi. An axe kick that is slow to come out, but it does do good damage if it
hits, and does VERY good guard crush if blocked. Plus, it has no recovery time, so you
are pretty much safe if it's blocked. Just don't use it on aggressive opponents.

Jae Hoon Combos

j - jump
c - crouch
s - stand

Any cC can be substituted w/ a close C/D, although the close C/D must be cancelled off
the first hit, thus making the cC more effective.


jD, cC, qcf + D                - 4-hit, most damaging of the three... BREAD AND BUTTER!
jD, cC, qcb + B                - 4-hit, may not hit at certain range.
jD, cC, qcf + C                - 6-hit, most versatile due to range and easiness.
jD, D Hien Zan, finisher       - 5 hit, must be done in corner.
cB, D Hien Zan, finisher       - 5-hit, must be done close or in corner.
jD, cB, D Hien Zan, finisher   - 6-hit, must be done in corner.
jD, Hishou Kyaku               - flashy, but not too great on damage.
b, b + B, D Hien Zan, finisher - 4-hit... flashy!
b, b + B, qcf + A/C            - 2-hit, nice looking juggle... but Hien Zan is still the best.
b, b + B, qcb + B/D            - 2-hit, same as above.
b, b + B, Hou'ou Kyaku         - 9/19-hit. Good surprise move and very easy!

C Houyoku Tensho Kyaku, D Hien Zan, finisher - 13-hit. Flashy... but not as much damage than
                                               the standard super finisher. Just for looks.


jD, sA, D Hien Zan, finisher                 - 6-hit, corner.
jD, close C/D, D Hien Zan, finisher          - 6-hit, corner. Just like Guile's standing Flash Kick 
                                               combos! Pretty difficult...
Hien Zan, break (AB), D Hien Zan, finisher   - 3-hit. Flashy!

Hien Zan, break (AB), Hou'ou Kyaku           - 9/19-hit. A connected breaked Hien Zan = free Hou'ou
                                               Kyaku! Excellent!

jD, cB, B Hien Zan, break (AB), Hou'ou Kyaku - THE Jae Hoon combo!

 - 11/21-hit!!! Looks VERY flashy... but can only be done in the corner. This is possibly
   Jae Hoon's most damaging combo w/ D version (nearly puts opponent in TOP mode if his TOP
   is at the end). And if you land it, anyone watching will be wide-eyed for sure! The reason
   for the B Hien Zan is so that it can be comboed off the cB and breaked easier =P


I do not call myself a top-level Jae Hoon player... but there are general things a person will
need to know to play this guy.

- Just defended. Always do this every chance you get, such as against projectiles or air blocking
  anti-air. This can always make the difference between winning and losing. If you manage to just
  defend an anti-air, land, and then follow w/ cC, Ryusei Raku for easy punishable damage.
- Range special attacks accordingly. You can get severely punished for doing a Shakka Shuu,
  Hangetsu Zan, or Ryusei Raku too close, so range them properly so that the edge of Jae
  Hoon's foot touches the opponent. You get the best block damage this way and staying safe
  from retaliation.
- Play mind games. That is, use overheads (AB, Ryusei Raku, etc...) and low pokes at will to
  keep your opponent on his toes. This is also known as "footsie"... so ABUSE that crouch C!
  The crouch C has GREAT range for a crouch attack, and if connected, always follow up.
- Shakka Shuu may be useful as counter attack, but only if you anticipate. Otherwise, you're dead.
  This move is most ideal for aggressive opponents and can always punish them due to its counter
  funtions. But against turtlers, use it at its max range as a poke and in combos.
- When you have a level, get into the habit of breaking the Hien Zan. If the opponent blocks
  you will be safe. If you connect, you can land the Hou'ou Kyaku, which is MUCH more damage
  than a full Hien Zan and finisher... This makes as EXCELLENT wake-up.
- The TOP attack is excellent at guard crush, plus it's pretty safe. It's just the startup that's
  very slow, so you just have to do it at the right time. Very effective if you know how to use it.
- Remember, the Houyoku Tensho Kyaku is very effective at anti-air, and the startup move is an OVERHEAD!
- Hou'ou Kyaku is VERY fast, so it can always get someone who missed a move.
- The b, b + B move is good for surprises. It is also decent as anti-air. When connected it will
  ALWAYS do a launch. Follow up with D Hien Zan and finisher, or if you have a level... Hou'ou Kyaku!
  Almost like a breaked Hien Zan, except can't really be used as wake up. Although it can be used
  as surprise which makes it equally as good.

Want to add something? ^^; Contact me, and I'll credit you!

Beating Kain

Beating Kain with Jae Hoon is actually not too difficult. Because of Jae Hoon's excellent range
w/ his cC, he can easily punish Kain after almost anything he does!

One of Kain's MAIN weaknesses is his reliance on his anti-air move. Just jump at him, and don't
attack. Simply hold back right before landing, and he'll almost always do his anti-air. If he
does it, you'll be awared w/ just defended, and once he lands, he'll be open. This is your chance
do to a cC, Ryusei Raku. If you have a level, do a super move instead.

Also, always do just defended against his fireball.

Basically, the main retaliation to do against him is cC, Ryusei Raku. Just a few of these is enough
to cause Kain to be counting stars.



Jae Hoon is at the alter...
Jae Hoon: What is this place...?
Grant:    Tae kwon do? All that kicking's fine...
          But it's a sport that's no more than child's play.
Jae Hoon: I may be green, but those who insult tae kwon do...
          ...I can in no way forgive! As my father's witness!


Grant:     To think it'd come to this...
Jae Hoon:  Thanks, Pops. I knew it! Tae kwon do's the ultimate!
Grant:     Hmph. Earnest, to the last.
           Later, kid. Goodbye, Kain!
Grant dies... and scene changes to Kain.

Kain:      To end decadence here... all the weak must die...
           The truth of humanity is found only in bloody battle!
Jae Hoon:  You must be Kain, right?
           Just what're you plotting?
Kain:      I have one goal.
           Picture, for me, a city... ruled by force.
           To think Grant lost...
           His power's the real thing...
           Or maybe?
           A truly free society!
Jae Hoon:  Say what, psycho?
           Whaddya babbling about?
Kain:      You don't want to face the undeniable reality?


Kain:      To lose to you... is it possible...?
Jae Hoon:  You were wrong. That's why I won.
Kain:      Hmph. A direct viewpoint. To a direct fault...
           However you, blinded by youth, may believe you are right...
           But is your belief correct?
Jae Hoon:  What do you mean?
Building starts to collapse...
Kain:      ...Don't forget... Justice... is easily twisted...

Flash to the ending, w/ Jae Hoon and Dong Hwan on top of a grassy cliff...

Jae Hoon:  Gee, that was really close!
Dong Hwan: That blonde freak... 'Undeniable reality' indeed!
Jae Hoon:  ...'Undeniable reality'?
Dong Hwan: It's always freaks like him! Idleness makes them crazy. Hey you listening, Jae?
Jae Hoon:  Kain's raving rantings...
           My father's idea of justice.
           I've lost faith in my own judgment...
Dong Hwan: Hey, Jae!
Jae Hoon:  ...Huh. Sorry, what?
Dong Hwan starts to walk off.
Dong Hwan: Hey, get off Cloud 9, Jae!
Jae Hoon:  Chill out, Dong Hwan! I'm listening to you!
Jae Hoon follows behind.
Dong Hwan: You're really hopeless!
           I'm out of here, Jae Hoon!
Jae Hoon:  I'm sorry, Dong Hwan. I said I was listening!
View of the sky...
Jae Hoon:  There is only one reality.
           Now I understand... Father!

Conclusion and Credits

Pretty much everything such as moves and combos are concerned, have been devised by me, after
playing around so long w/ this guy. All this stuff was pretty much done off the top of my
head... except for the profile details of course.

Anything you would like to give me any comments, add anything, etc., feel free to contact me at

This is the very first version of this FAQ, and possibly the last. I'll update if I find anything
new, or if people supply me w/ new stuff.

Just remember... abuse the crouch C!

Thanks goes to: 

- GameFAQs for accepting my FAQs (such as my Tiberian Sun FAQ!) - http://www.gamefaqs.com
- James Kuroki for his general Garou FAQ and letting me use his info from the Jae Hoon profile.
- Everyone who's read this FAQ.


Brian Yip
Copyright (c) 2000

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