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Freeman by Shirow

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 06/23/03

The Bloody Freeman Guide!
Dedicated to all the lonely kupos of the universe (because they taste good).

Garou: Mark of the Wolves/Freeman guide (Arcade/Neo*Geo)

By Kertra
kertra <at> servihoo <dot> com

v 2.5
March 15, 2003

Have a spare quarter? Head towards that lonely Garou cabinet and choose him.

Why bother about Fonts? Use NotePad, MetaPad or JoyPad!

Before I abide by Freeman's rules and type down everything you want to know
about him and even more, lemme just add a nice disclaimer for all those
potential thieves, plagiarists and morons. You are not allowed to post this
guide on your site without my express permission. Most of the time, my 
permission will be lethargic, but the key word is 'Permission' here. Got it?

If you, the player who wants to know naught about Freeman, found this
elsewhere, let me know so I can take action, and maybe Freeman himself will
show you some of his techniques.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves is (c) SNK of Japan.
Freeman is not to be confused with Crying Freeman, the crappy movie, or
Freeman, one of the most popular French rap artists, former member of IAM,
group which is slowly dying.

This guide is (c) Kertra. Ha.


1 ---> Tracking and interviewing Freeman
2 ---> Dripping foreword
2 ---> Handling Freeman
       · Movelist
       · Basic
       · Special
3 ---> Rush # Hits
4 ---> Freeman's guide to killing people
5 ---> Freeman's stylish departure
6 ---> Kertra's fight for survival
7 ---> Kertra's drafts
8 ---> Power OFF

Oh yeah, everything in this guide pertains to the Dreamcast version

+---+ Tracking and interviewing Freeman +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

When I heard that Freeman, the ever-popular criminal, was in town, I
realized that this would perhaps be my only chance to talk to him.
Yes, it looked like an almost impossible task but being the ace reporter
that I am, I succeeded in tracking him. Of course, being related to
Yamazaki also helped.

Anyway, after tedious researching and escaping bullets from Eminem 
because I insulted him in my latest article, Yamazaki pointed out where
Freeman might be hiding. Always trust Yamazaki, he's never wrong! Sure,
it cost me a pint of blood but since I'll be getting all the chicks I
want when the world knows I survived an encounter with Freeman, I don't
care. Huh, wouldn't that be Blade staring at me? *shivers*

The tracking part would be too long to include here, so I will directly
jump to the interview and most importantly, what to do to become his
good friend. Become his friend, become my friend, let the world know about

Here's a transcript of the interview. Please not that some cussing,
sweating and bleeding has been left out at the request of my editor-in-

K: Um, Mr Freeman, so this is your first time in a tournament?
F: No, I participated in a cooking tournament once. But I was disqualified
   for not understanding the rules and for cooking a member of the jury.
K: What convinced you to get into this tournament, the fighting one I 
   mean, well the one I'm interviewing you about?
F: Blood...
K: Uh, okay. Do you realize you are now considered as the Public Enemy No.
   1 for killing so many people? 
F: So what, they got a blissful death.
K: (oh oh, this is getting dangerous, better change subject) What are your
   next plans?
F: Kill everybody and become the President of the US. I have dreams where
   criminals will decide everything.
K: Other criminals?
F: Clones. I'm going to create an army of myself because I trust only
   myself and I don't need ****ers like you to ruin everything.
K: How do you intend to do that?
F: ...
K: To get on with the purpose of this interview, how does it feel to be
   one of the strongest fighters currently?
F: You'll know shortly.
K: Ah...You realize some people say you're just a copy of Iori Yagami?

At that moment, Freeman started pounding on me, but he stopped when I
offered to write a comprehensive guide on him so the world could marvel
at his powers.

F: Okay, I'm just going to tell you everything you need to know. Type it
   up on a...uh...how's it called?
K: Computer.
F: Yeah, type it up and I'll check it before you can contact the biggest
   editor, preferably someone I won't be killing soon.


   Gentleman, ladies and robots, welcome to the comprehensive Freeman 
   guide for the only game he's appeared in: Garou: Mark of the Wolves.


+---+ Dripping foreword +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

Since Freeman is a very direct and brutal man, he convinced me to scrap
the controls section by pointing out with his bloody finger that only 
fools haven't played the game he's in yet.

However, as he is fully aware that there are aliens on this planet (who
don't taste that good by the way), he would like to bloody-point you to
GameFAQs where you can find a couple of guides with full explanation of
the gameplay, what you need to know, what you need to do, and how you're
going to die. For those freaks who are wondering, Freeman wishes to 
reassure them ; CJayC is only 173,420th on his 'To Kill' list, so the 
site will be here for a long time.

+---+ Handling Freeman +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

Before I go ahead and write down his secrets to his strength, here's
a quick list of his special moves for those who don't care about a more
in-depth explanation (why are you here then?).

As from now and because he strangled me to show me, the whole text is
a transcript of what Freeman said. He also forbid me to make changes 
whatsoever. Oh okay, I'll delete that...

However, here is a small reminder for those who have been hibernating:

A - Weak punch                       P - A or C
B - Weak kick                        K - B or D
C - Strong punch
D - Strong kick

Gore Fest                   f or b + C when close to bloody fool

Nightmare                   qcf + P (must meet guy who made Devil May Cry)
V.O.D.                      qcb + P (input command thrice bahaha)
Phobia                      f,d,df + P (no, this command wasn't stolen)
Morbid Angel                hcf + K (you can break it if you want)
Crow                        qcb + K (don't like it, grrrrr)

Full Blast                  qcf,qcf + A (take that in yo face, sucka)
                               [hold A]
Creeping Death              qcf,qcf + B (retaliation time!!)

Full Blast                  qcf,qcf + C (¨¨)
                               [hold C]
Creeping Death              qcf,qcf + D (¨¨¨)

I can feint the Full Blast with f + AC and the Phobia with d + AC. Ain't
that cool?


A: quick jab (elbow), good recovery, use to poke opponent around
B: quick knee attack, again good recovery and useful in poking situations
C: strong slap, combo starter, useful everywhere, don't miss it
D: damaging, quick, combo starter, yeah baby

I like to poke my opponents around. As a matter of fact, I will simply
state that my weak attacks are among the best in the game. Because I am
so agile and quick, I can link jabs onto jabs onto jabs. But keep in
mind that the combo must be button-specific for it to work, eg. A -> A.
To make things easier, just keep pressing forward and I will hit 'em in
my unique stylish way.

My close, strong attacks are as common as can be. Oh yeah, my close 
stong kick does 2 hits, hehehe...You'd be best using them to start 
combos when that fiend is confused enough to eat them probably because
he doesn't know about Just Defending, which I don't even need in the
first place but which is also a quite cool option.

Also, since I'm of a medium build, I have good recovery for all my close
moves. Freeman + Poking > Kertra, okay ? I also have the sweet ability to
combo A or B -> D. Not very damaging but nice to watch and verrrrrrry


A: Bad recovery, forget about it
B: Little lag makes this good to surprise turtlers, scrubs and victims
C: Believe it or not, I can use this as an anti-air, wOOt!
D: My far kick is a bit slow to come out but it has a very good range

Never, I repeat, never use my far weak punch because that's suicidal.
Specially if you have that cheap Hokutomaru or Hotaru (yum, yum) on the
other side. The weak kick is, on the other hand, excellent. It cannot
be seen coming out unless you cry out "FAR WEAK KICK COMING IN YOUR FACE,
SUCKA" and besides, it hits low which makes it even easier to avoid.

I have practiced my far standing strong punch for a while now and I must
admit I am pretty proud of it. Not only is it good to surprise an
unsuspecting moron but it can also knock out that fool if he's stupid
enough to try and jump in. My strong kick has the best range yet, hop
back if the opponent is aggressive and unleash it before watching him
double over in pain.


A: same properties as close, baha, you'll love it
B: one of my quickest moves, use to trap opponent and unleash power
C: another quick move with great recovery, basic combo starter
D: sweep, knocks opponent down, very bad recovery but useful

Logically, the crouch A and the crouch B will work wonders if you want
to poke the opponent around. Even sweeter, my ultra fast speed mean I
can quickly whiff onto a move and laugh as the poor opponent hides his
groin or his stomach upon impact. Remember to mash the half-broken
Start button to add humiliation to victory. My taunt is really cool, I
stole it...I mean, I devised it from Bart Simpson before I killed him.

My crouching strong punch can be used to start combos on a crouching
opponent. Its range is awesome, so it will even drag in a turtling
opponent as long as you time it well. Crouch D is typical sweep, watch
out for recovery though.


A: elbow attack, come out too high and very bad range, forget about it
B: because I was run over by a truck, this comes out at a weird angle
C: strong slap-like attack, good priority, small lag though
D: diagonal kick, high priority, other combo starter

You may as well forget about using any of my weak moves while jumping
because they will never hit and even if they do, watch out for lag.
The strong jump attacks are great though, whether you want to start
combos or just to attempt a surprise jump-in. In air-to-air situations,
always use D. It has a very good priority. C can also be used but the
likely outcome is that I will trade hits with the (Mark Vivien) Foe.

Let's move on to my special moves now. As a side-note, I don't like
Keertraa's formatting but hey, it's not as if I can do any better, so I
won't say anything. I'll pound on him instead! Mwahahahaha!!




In the Nightmare, I will arch back and then lunge forward with one of my
unique slashes. Heh, tell you a secret, the first few frames of the
Nightmare are invincible. Not only that, but since there is a lag as I
move back, even if my opponent dares to attack me at the same time,
chances that I will avoid his hits are extremely high. The weak version 
has just a range which is about 2/5 the screen distance but the strong 
one wreaks havoc with a 4/5 range. I can just use it again and again and
win against middle tier opponents. It figures that everybody is middle 
tier against me, and even then, I'm being unlikely generous.

One thing I can do as cheap play is to pull the strong Nightmare, hop
back, strong Nightmare, hop back...Notice a pattern? Because of the lag,
only the weak version can be comboed though but that's more than enough
once you think of it and I'm sure you will.

Want counterhits? Looking for reversals? Then, pull this. Because the
invincible frames and delay make it very unpredictable and if a sucker
is on the other side, he'll be so confused he'll prolly just sit there
and let all the hits connect. Muahahahahahaha!! I am so kewl!!



This, my friend, is one of my most useful moves. Some say it's cheap
but of course, they never dare to say so in front of me which makes
their claims unfounded. Before I go into further details, keep in mind
that the V.O.D. is in fact a chain move. I can link 3 of it into a
combo and although versions hits different places, I can mix any version
in any combo to make things harder for that annoying Hotaru.

The most obvious form is: qcb + A -> qcb + A -> qcb + B. Replace the A
with a C wherever you want and have fun!

To spare that poor Kertra from e-mails, here is a little chart which shows
where each V.O.D. hits and some additional notes where necessary.

                       (A)                     (C)
   1st hit         kinda diagonal,        more range, but
                   medium range           also more lag

   2nd hit         hits low,              basic opposite
                   good range             of (C) 1st hit

   3rd hit         horizontal             diagonal blast,
                   slash                  sends foe up

In the case of the (C) third hit, it actually looks as if the opponent
is juggled but it really just looks like it. THE (C) THIRD HIT IS NOT
dumb enough to try and follow-up because once, Tizoc grabbed me and my
head still hurt after that wrasslin' freak slammed me down so hard.

Another thing I like to do is stop any chain after the first or second
hit if it is blocked and opt for the Full Blast. Upon seeing me charge
up, people tend to try and attack and thus fall for it. I just release
it as soon as they stop blocking and howdy-ho!!



Ever heard of Phobia? No, not the one in the dictionary, I'm talking
about one of my move. The Phobia is not as great as the Nightmare or
the V.O.D. but I still get a blast [Full Blast?] out of it. Here, I
will strike forward once after going back a bit. The stronger the
version, the further I go back but the range also increases. Similar
to all my moves, I take some time to hit and there are invincible 
frames. Yep, another move which can confuse my opponent when used

Again, only the weak version is comboable since I take a tad longer
to strike if I'm using the strong, more damaging Phobia. But I still
use the strong version as it enables me to avoid attacks and to 
confuse my opponent who should be on the brink of death now.


>>>Morbid Angel<<<

The only time I will use the Morbid Angel is when I'm stoned, which is
quite often once I sit down and think of it. Anyway, this is my Break
Move but _even_ doesn't make it a tad useful. I need to be next to the
opponent if I want it to connect, just that alone makes it as useful
as that Grant guy. If I'm lucky enough and it does [connect], I will
stab my opponent in the back.

If I decide to break it [which, I think, isn't very often, right?]...Shut
up, you...Um, if I break it, I can perform a combo but since I always
got hit just by pulling the Morbid Angel, I have managed to grasp the
idea that this move should be left alone.



I don't like the Crow either but I must recognize it saved my ass a bunch
of times. One of its uses is that it allows me to switch side with my
future meal. However, neither version is comboable and the opponents do
have the ability to retaliate since each takes a lifetime to come out.
The damage kind of makes up for it though but it's really not worth
the risk as I once ate Terry's Buster Wolf as a response to my gimmicks.

The weak version will make me switch sides against a crouching opponent
(albeit Hokutomaru if I recall well) while the strong version makes 
me cross-over anybody. Thankfully, the recovery is quite good which means
I don't always get hit in the back after landing.


>>>Full Blast<<<

This is my first power and what a nice one indeed. Some say I stole this
move from Eiji Kisaragi but I swear that's not true. I got it from his
grandfather, Zantetsu. Yeah, I wasn't supposed to be alive when Ye Olde
Man was still fighting, but that's none of your business!

As the name implies, the Full Blast is composed of blasts which I form
with my claw-like hands. S. Power consists only of 1 blast while Potential
hits twice for major damage. Both versions can be comboed. The first 
blast in both cases is the same, a horizontal one with good range. The 
additional one if it is a Potential comes out at an angle and has a
slightly bigger range.

Yes, I can also hold the Full Blast but let it be said [typed] that this
is just to confuse the opponent. The damage remains the same even if
I hold it as long as possible. Obviously, I won't hold it if I want to
follow-up or if I'm pulling it as a reversal. The recovery is good too
which means my first Power is very, very useful unlike some other


>>>Creeping Death<<<

I'm so proud of this move I really don't know what I would do without it.
On the other hand, my opponents are hoping I lose it to but nobody cares
as they're of minor importance. However, it still has disadvantanges
and if you're a scrub with no real skill, you may as well go play a
Dead or Alive game or a Marvel vs. Capcom with Megaman or Roll.

Upon inputting the command, you'll see that I will walk forward in a
very unique way, while some shadow effects add to my already overwhelming
ego. My Creeping Death is, basically, a counter super and one of the
best you'll see in the fighting industry (best belongs to my good friend,
Lin, from The King of Fighters).

If my foe attempts to attack me while I'm walking, I'll pull the move.
Super involves me slitting their throats twice while potential has me
summoning my inner strength for 7 very damaging blasts. Know my T.O.P?
The last blast in the super looks like it but the curve is way bigger. 
Because I am such a madman, the screen turns black in either case and 
you can only make out our shadows. On the other hand, the blasts come 
out loud and clear.

You must now be wondering when I like to use my Creeping Death, right?
Indeed, you should be wondering because ever since I've become famous,
people have been wondering about its intricacies and all the subtleties
logically lying within it.

I usually get used to my foe's attack and try to predict when he'll
try to hit. And I will obviously use my Creeping Death just as he
performs his next move. Of course, getting to predict attacks is quite
hard but some weirdos have moves that can be seen coming miles away
(Marco, Tizoc, Grant).

Another thing I like to do --call it my trademark-- is to pull it
immediately after one of my combos is blocked. In other words, I'll
be taking advantage of recovery instead of my opponent hitting me after
a missed combo. Throughout all my fights and defeats...erm, victories,
I have grasped the concept that people like to counter after a missed
combo. But, just between us, which will win, a move or a counter super?
Got it now?

Of course, if I miss, I'm served for lunch but don't forget that I'm
in Creeping Death stance AS LONG AS the shadow is behind me. A lot of
my opponents --all those who died-- tend to forget that and get hit
afterwards!! Mwahahahaha!! I can also pull it as a reversal after Just
Defending but few people fall for it, so I've dropped that bad habit
of mine.

If the move is blocked, I will then throw whoever is insane enough to
oppose me. And no, throwing is not cheap! But Tizoc is!


>>>Overkill (T.O.P.)<<<

This is my T.O.P. attack and I chose to name it the Overkill because
it can be supremely useless at times although it _does_ have some
purposes. If you press CD while I'm in T.O.P., I will create a huge
blast around my chest. Okay, maybe not so big but it still has a great
range and will thus take my opponents by surprise.

The downside is that I also take a helluva time to recover mainly because
it does take me a lot of effort to stop slouching. Which is why I only
use it in combos. Don't worry about me, I have made sure that the Overkill
is easily comboable, so no problems here.


+---+ Rush # Hits +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

"Combos are to fighting games what headlights are to a deer!" 
                            - My meal 1 year ago

I like to use combos. Yeah, okay, I may not have a lot of them and the
stinking fools at SNK thought it fit to give me a horrid Brake Move but
I still like the little I have.

As a matter of fact, since I don't have a bunch of combos like some others
(*stares at Terry and the Kim brats*), it gives me another reason to enjoy
them. If you're going to pull 'em combos, at least make sure you know
them and learn them by heart if need be! If need not be, need be not!

Before displaying the list of my combos, I would like to state that combos
involving my unique Full Blast involves the move not being held. You
should already know that but since there are lame players, lemme just
state it again so you don't go and humiliate me against a cheap Hokutomaru

_Stand D and jump C are, obviously, my best combo-starters. They also deal
 major damage, never underestimate my feet!

_I can combo my T.O.P. but ow, scrap it. I have much better to offer.

_Combos are part of the way to victory. Getting them to connect show
 complete Freemanship, Sons of Criminality.

~ Stand C -> qcf,qcf + P
  This basic combo will do good damage and is great when you feel your
  gauge needs to be spent. Of course, I have much more to offer but I
  have accepted to learn measly combos for those crappy gamers.

~ Stand C -> T.O.P.
  I don't like it myself, so forget about it. Using it may have me
  turning towards you and ripping your flesh apart.

~ Stand C -> qcf + A
  It's a nice combo for beginners.

~ Stand C -> f,d,df + A
  My favorite combo ever. Invincible frames make it a must-learn, must-lose
  and must-go-to-pee combo-lombo.

~ Stand C -> qcb + P -> qcb + P -> qcb + P
  Yo, this is what I am all about, yessir! If first is blocked, stop and
  pull the Creeping Death because the predictable opponent is bound to
  retaliate. If he doesn't too bad, hope I have a lot of life left. Mix
  the punch buttons for major effect. I'll delve into more details in the
  reeking-in-awesomeness "Freeman's guide to killing people".

~ Add a jump D to all of the above for jump-in situations, one more hit,
  more damage, to deplete my opponent's life further and to see victory
  finally approching.

~ Since I can also link stand A / B onto stand D, replace this with my
  stand C and all combos will increase by 1 hit. Also looks cooler!
  Takes more GUTS though!

~ Believe it or not, I have no ultra-damaging 10-hits Brake combos. Bah,
  I don't need 'em anyways, so pah!

+---+ Freeman's guide to killing people +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

# # # 

Now, that you know the bases, lemme tell you more about myself, and more
so, how to become a complete master so nobody can life to tell they 
encountered me [except me, you mean].

Firstly, some finical guys and gals may already have noticed that I do
not have a shit-load of moves unlike some others, not counting the fact
that one of them really sucks. But now, I will tell you that the number
of moves never changes anything. Otherwise, how do you explain that Dan
is in a fighting game? [Uh, Dan is a Shotokan, Mr. Freeman.] What? Shut
up you!!

Where was I? Oh yeah, don't let my few moves mislead you. Throughout my
years of training in the Himalaya, I have seeked to perfect the best
moves so that nobody could stand up to me. Erm, except for the Crow which
I was forced to learn after losing a bet but that doesn't interest you.
[You bet...]

To prove my superiority, I'll take one, easy example : my V.O.D. Did you
know that, at the lower levels (5,6) and against the first opponents, this
move alone will let you win the match. I swear, you just have to trap the
opponent, wait for the opponent to get up, and buffer my strong punch into
the V.O.D. But hey, that's just cheap play and although it can gain 
Perfects, you'll ruin my hard-earned reputation. [What?]

One of my best strategies is to whip out my V.O.D., combos or no combos,
boobs or no boobs. For even better results, mix the versions and cook the

Classic examples:

qcb + C -> qcb + A -> qcb + C

qcb + A -> qcb + C -> qcb + C

I'll let you find out the rest by yourself. If that's too hard to do, you
don't deserve to play as mighty me.

The good thing is that some opponents (specially beginners and scrubs,
yes I am aware that's the same thing) are actually stupid enough to try 
and attack me between two hits. Nice try but don't count on that to work, 
heh! The next hit will suck their pathetic attacks in and combo, combo, 

Also, my V.O.D. enables me to get close to the opponent and in certain
cases, the third one only connects and earns me a counterhit. There is
a certain range to be respected though. Note that the counterhit chances
increase if the third one is strong (i.e., qcb + C). Doesn't really 
matter what the first 2 ones were.

The best range would be:
 |                  |    
 |                  |    Other great thing is that opponent will be
 |          F    O  |    trapped afterwards and I can poke him more if
 |__________________|    required. Watch out for dodges and Rock though.

   F - Mighty me
   O - Foolish opponent

# # #

Another thing I have always seeked is invincibility. Some of my moves have
very good invincibility at the beginning, giving them good priority. Need
I really say more? Timing is everything! Get to pull my moves at the
right moment and you'll become an expert very quickly. People will shiver
when they see you again, they will even pee in their pants, and chicks
will gather around you.

# # # 

When combos are blocked and you have power, go for the Creeping Death.
Most players always take advantage of recovery but too bad for them, I
recover quickly! Mwahahahaha! As soon as I stop, go for my Creeping 
Death and drool at the flashy effects that only I can perform. Note,
experts won't be fooled but if you're an expert yourself, it becomes
damn easy to predict everybody's move and getting my Creeping Death to
connect will be a piece of cake.

# # #

My moves are even more supreme because I easily earn counterhits and
reversals. As soon as the "Counterhit" signal flashes, follow-up with
whatever and take the most out of the opportunity. Depending on where
and what height the opponent is, I can even have my Full Blast connect
and I'll let you guess how damaging that is.

Anyway, be quick because I get counterhits without you even predicting
it since my moves have a certain delay. You'll say that's amazing but
in fact, that's just part of my charm.

# # # 

And remember that feinting is the key to victory. As a matter of fact,
I rarely use them since I am so cool, but they're very useful in mind 
games and scrubs fall for them very easily (although why you would need 
to feint against scrubs is beyond me). [Agreed.] Stop agreeing with me
and adding your own comments, you! Nobody's interested in what you think.
[Okay, okay...]

# # #

~ Specific-situation strategies ~

Based upon certain situations, I find it obvious to respond with some
specific attacks that will break my opponents' arms.

Here's how the lay-out will be:

n. Situation
   - What I'll do

On with it!

1. Opponent jumps in without attacking
   - Stand C
   - Well-timed Nightmare
   - Full Blast

2. Opponent jumps in with attack or aims for cross-over
   - Dodge attacks
   - Just Defense onto counterhit
   - Creeping Death

3. Opponent hops back
   - Hop forward and sweep
   - Crow
   - Full Blast (depends on distance though)

4. Opponent pokes
   - Dodge attacks
   - Blocked combo/reversal onto Creeping Death

5. As opponent gets up
   - Stand C onto V.O.D.
   - Strong Nightmare
   - Poke

6. I jump without attacking
   - Poke
   - T.O.P. (if available)
   - Throw if opponent is blocking
   - Sweep

7. I jump in with an attack which is blocked
   - Crouch-block
   - Hop back and stand D
   - V.O.D. alone

8. I jump in with an attack which successfully connects
   - Follow with jump C
   - Go for most damaging combo
   - Stop/hop back if attack pushes opponent too far (happens)

Just a few situations and the best responses! I do fine with those but
of course, there are unlimited situations and I can't just put every
damn one in here!

# # #

~ Advice against CPU opponents ~

Don't get me wrong, there are no real set strategies to use against the
CPU brats (except Terry who's too hard for words). [I completely agree.]
However, they do have a certain pattern and through losing to them...I
mean, though beating them up, I have become somewhat familiar to their
styles. Here are some advices for you so you manage to win but hey,
that should be so hard to achieve once we think of it.

* Rock *

 - If he crouches, stay back.
 - Don't try to sweep him unless you're sure it will connect.
 - Full Blast quite effective when he's trapped.
 - Just Defend his projectiles.

* Terry *

 - Just Defense or jump over Power Wave.
 - Never let him poke you.
 - Be careful while jumping, Power Geyser up my butt. OW!
 - Creeping Death strategy very rarely fools him.

* Don Hwan *

 - Go for jump-in and combo.
 - When he jumps, use Nightmare.
 - Try holding Full Blast, he moves so much it easily connects.

* Jae Hoon *

 - If you need pointers to beat him, you suck.
 - Combo, combo, combo.
 - Anything works.

* Hotaru *

 - Just Defend projectiles.
 - Nightmare/T.O.P./stand C when she jumps (careful in last case).
 - Trap her and V.O.D., she's quite weak against that cheesy strategy.

* Gato *

 - Careful when jumping.
 - Never use Morbid Angle and Crow.
 - Once he goes up and falls down, greet him with a combo-starter and
 - Be fast, Gato recovers very quickly.

* Jenet *

 - Don't use aggressive strategies, Jenet is quicker (and sexier) than 
 - Combo-starter onto follow-up but you need to be careful.
 - Why are my pants suddenly tight?
 - Stop laughing, Kertra!

* Marco *

 - Again, Just Defend his projectiles.
 - This fool has the typical Shotokan cheap pattern (qcf, dp, qcf, dp...).
   Don't fall for it.
 - Nice way to avoid this is to evade one, but don't really "jump-in" at 
   him and dp will miss.

* Hokutomaru *

 - Avoid air situations AT ALL COSTS.
 - Hop back to avoid teleport attacks.
 - Be quick to block high or low, Hokutomaru is very versatile.

* Tizoc *

 - Whenever he does one of those moves where he jumps first, just jump-in
   too with a strong attack.
 - Jump-straight D is also great to fend him off.
 - Make sure you don't get hit if you do jump alongside him.
 - NEVER jump-in when he remains on the ground. You don't want to know 
   what may happen.

* Kevin *

 - He's a cop, so I shall win! COP KILLA! </D12>
 - Take him off-guard during his Creeper and when he charges.
 - Once you surprise him, it's fairly easy to combo in.

* Grant *

 - Abel.
 - Watch out for his strong attacks.
 - If he uses dp, block (don't try to Just Defend; hopeless) and counter.
 - Try to get as many counter-hits as possible and follow-up.

* Kain *

 - Just Defense his projectiles until he jumps in or comes forward. 
   Greet him with an attack.
 - NEVER jump-in if he has power, his supers are extremely quick to come
 - Use only V.O.D. if possible.
 - If well-timed, Phobia and Nightmare will enable me to avoid his
   projectiles. Yes, I know, that's extraordinary but heck, that's just
   plain ol' me!

* Ryu *

 - Shout "Stupid Shotokan" and laugh at his stinking face.

# # #

10 tips for the road:

- Don't look at my power gauge and my lifebar, have an idea. One
  glance sideways and I'm dead meat.
- Use varying strategies, alter between offensive and defensive 
- Feint if required, brake for no apparent reason if you want to use 
  Morbid Angel.
- Become familiar with opponent's style of play. Scrutinize his habits.
- I rule at mind games, go for them!!
- Don't play when drunk, 0 faculties = 0 moves connecting!
- Don't waste power.
- Just Defense whenever possible.
- Go for guard crush if possible.
- Always recovery roll, adds to surprise factor and kicks ass against
  overly aggressive opponents.

# # #

Things you should avoid doing:

- Don't whiff too much...Grrr...Need better recovery!
- Never underestimate my opponent.
- Don't let my opponent corner me.
- Don't pull my T.O.P. endlessly -- easily punishable.
- That would be all, I think!

+---+ Freeman's stylish departure +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

Now that everything has been added per my request by that Kert, it is 
time for me to go and conquer the world. In this document, lies the
keys to being one of the most fearsome criminals and hopefully the next 
dictator. Only I will succeed instead of being dragged away to cell like 
all my predecessors. In any case, if you decide to pick me in Garou, rest 
assured that you know everything you needed to know. 

It is time for me to carry on with my projects. I'll leave it up to my
Kaka friend for the final touches and to make it public. [How surprising!]
|___ Argh! Disconnecting!

+---+ Kertra's fight for survival +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

"Here we are, fighting for survival, I got to be the ruler of the world!"
   - whoever said that and apparently didn't succeed 

Wow, Kertra taking over now! Can't believe he didn't kill me. Yeah, he
broke my foot but at least, I'm still alive and I can release this
document which almost cost me my life. Anyway, because Freeman is such 
a busy man, any comments about the validity of my interview, Freeman's
eating habits and my sex life will have to be directed at my hacked
e-mail account. The address is at the top of this FAQ. Please refrain
from adding me to your contact list, I HATE KLEZ!

Meanwhile, make a killing out of your opponents!

+---+ Zoxea's drafts +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

March 15, 2002 <v 0.1> - started tracking Freeman

March 22, 2002 <v 0.5> - found him, interviewed him, started typing loads
                         of stuff, foot broken by Freeman

 April 2, 2002 <v 0.9> - Edited some stuff per request, watched Freeman
                         train for half an hour, last sections added

 April 3, 2002 <v 1.0> - Sent to the biggest editor, CJayC, for stamp of
                         approval, and destroyed my LameCube

 April 8, 2002 <v 2.0> - Edited some stuff for everybody's sanity

  June 4, 2002 <v 2.1> - Minor update (doesn't affect content)

 June 20, 2002 <v 2.2> - Corrected some silly mistakes, Tekken 4 is junk!

 June 24, 2002 <v 2.3> - Brushed up some sections, SSBM SUCKS!!

 July 20, 2002 <v 2.4> - Added a minor sub-section. Next update will be
                         final, gotta catch some monkeys!

March 15, 2003 <v 2.5> - Exactly one year after the release of this guide,
                         Freeman decided to rip me apart because I didn't 
                         bother to keep it as 1337 as possible. NOW IT'S

+---+ Power OFF +---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+---+

[Kertra's collaborators]

- Freeman, for not killing me
- SNK, for deciding that Freeman was fit to be in a game
- CJayC, for agreeing that the world should know more about Freeman
- My ass, for being so beautiful
- A lot of bands and artists including, but not limited to, NTM, IV My
  People, Sniper and D12
- Badmash X, major inspiration
- Kao Megura, inspiration


- Aruze, %#$@!!
- Capcom's Vs. era, also Street Fighter: The %#$@!! (the one with
  that fool of a Van Damn in it)
- Ass-kissers, their number increases each day, grrrrrr!!
- Korea, for taking advantage of poor officiating %#$@!!
- Any overrated %#$@!!, particularly DOA, SSBM, Tekken 4, LOTR, 
  Matrix, American Pie, Virtua Fighter 4, Chrono Trigger


- www.gamefaqs.com, message boards, reviews, FAQs, codes, moronic users,
  ass-kissers, parasites, pre-50 hairstyle 'guys', everything you want 
  and even more
- www.kofonline.com, best KOF website, pics, wallpapers, KOF 99-01
  distinct sections
- www.mmcafe.com, gaming news served fresh, appletizer
- www.neo-geo.com, go there for all your Neo-Geo needs, this site also
  now hotes my Neo-Geo guide, Neo & Geo rule, Neo (in The Matrix) sucks
- my CRP, click on my name, read my reviews, send hate mail, wait
  for even more hateful reply

[Closing statement]

Nintendo is going to make an adult department!
Chang owns yer favorite character fer free!
Choi too!!
Britney Spears' initials show her true identity!
"I'm the Devil / If ever there was such a thing"

                                - LIGHTS OUT - 

This guide is copyright to me etc...Mess with it, and I'll mess with 

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