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Terry by Shirow

Version: Final | Updated: 06/23/03

     _/_/_/_/_/       _/_/_/_/       _/_/_/        _/_/_/    _/      _/   
        _/           _/             _/    _/      _/    _/    _/  _/      
       _/           _/_/_/         _/_/_/        _/_/_/        _/         
      _/           _/             _/    _/      _/    _/      _/          
     _/           _/_/_/_/       _/    _/      _/    _/      _/       
  Terry Bogard Character Guide 
  Garou: Mark of the Wolves
  Systems: Arcade & Neo-Geo
  Written by: Kertra
  E-mail: kertra <at> servihoo <dot> com
  Version: Final
  Date: July 20, 2002

  Copyright 2001-2002, Kertra. All rights reserved. 
  This is a free publication and cannot be used for profitable purposes. All 
  of the info contained in this FAQ can be obtained just by playing the game 
  and some searching but please don't take info from this guide and just claim
  it to be yours.  

  Garou Dentetsu and Terry Bogard are Copyright SNK, Japan.

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  - www.gamefaqs.com (also check there for the latest version)
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  - www.cheatcodes.com

  Other webmasters who wish to post this FAQ on their site should read
  the disclaimer before e-mailing me.

  For whatever reason you wish to mail me, please read the e-mail policy
  first and then look at GameFAQs for the latest update before doing so
  if you found this guide at any of the other sites listed above!

 .-------------------.               .-----------------------------------.
 '-------------------'               '-----------------------------------'
     I. Introduction  
    II. Bio sheet
   III. Control notation
    IV. Game features
     V. Short moves list
        a) Throws
        b) Special moves
        c) Super moves
        d) Potential powers
        e) T.O.P. attack
        f) Feint moves
    VI. Moves descriptions
        a) Normal moves
        b) Throws
        c) Special moves
        d) Super moves
        e) Potential powers
        f) T.O.P. attack
        g) Feint moves + further notes
   VII. Combos
        a) Regular combos
        b) Special cases combos
  VIII. Strategies
        a) CPU
           - Rock
           - Dong Hwan
           - Hotaru
           - Butt
           - Hokutomaru
           - Kevin
           - Freeman
           - Tizoc
           - Jenet
           - Gato
           - Jae Hoon
           - Grant
           - Kain
        b) Challengers
    IX. Misc stuff
        a) Outfits
        b) Quotes/Dialogues
        c) Voice Samples
        d) Contributions from readers
     X. Outro
    XI. Legal disclaimer
   XII. Contact info <----------- (READ!)
  XIII. Revision history
   XIV. Credits

                           I N T R O D U C T I O N

Hello ya all and welcome to my Terry FAQ for the new generation Garou
Dentetsu. This is my third FAQ for the game, the two other ones being
a Butt guide and a Kain Infinites FAQ. I guess there's no need to present
the game anymore since it has been ported to the Dreamcast too.

Why Terry? Simple, he is THE man! What would be Garou without him? Nothing!
And that's why he's still in while all the others have been left out. 
Anyway, Terry is even better this time. Most of his moves now enable 
juggles and the break moves make him even more powerful. You'll realize
for yourself as you read the FAQ. Have fun!

                               B I O  S H E E T

Age:              35 years old
Height:           182 cm
Weight:           81 kg
Birthday:         March 15
Blood Type:       O
Nationality:      America
Fighting Style:   Martial Arts
Hobbies:          Wall Paint
Specialty:        Making 50 3-point shots in a row
Most Important:   Ukkee, his monkey (ran away from home right now - nothing
                  new, this has been happening since the beginning)
Most Unpleasant:  Cigar/cigarrettes
Likes:            Vintage Jeans
Dislikes:         Slugs
Favorite Food:    Rock's specialty Club House Sandwiches (he overate
                  recently and is a littly chubby)
Favorite Music:   Country
Best Sport:       Basketball

Win mark:         Star (same as on his jacket)

                       C O N T R O L  N O T A T I O N

           ub   u   uf                        A        B
             \  |  /        
           b -- n -- f                   
             /  |  \      
           db   d   df                        D        C

  General Notations:
   n    - neutral                             A     - Weak Punch
   d    - down                                B     - Weak Kick
   u    - up                                  C     - Strong Punch
   b    - back                                D     - Strong Kick
   f    - forward                             

  Special Notations:
   db   - down-back                           P     - Press A or C
   df   - down-forward                        K     - Press B or D         
   ub   - up-back                             AB    - Low dodge attack/
                                                      Break move          
   uf   - up-forward                          CD    - T.O.P. Attack
   qcf  - d,df,f                              START - Taunt
   qcb  - d,db,b             
   hcf  - b,db,d,df,f  
   hcb  - f,df,d,db,b
   dp   - f,d,df
   rdp  - b,d,db
   c    - charge for 2 seconds

  NOTE: A/B/C/D position may be different! The buttons always represent the 
        same thing though.

                          G A M E  F E A T U R E S

There are some new features in the game and you need to know them well to
understand the guide. Here's a brief explanation for each of those.

FEINT MOVES - These are moves which you use to confuse the opponent and to
              give them the false impression that you are going to use a 
              move. Basically, a feint move is the starting animation of
              a special move except that the character will not really
              perform the move.

BREAKABLE MOVES - These are moves that you can stop at a particular 
                  instant. This is done by pressing AB at the appropriate
                  time. I'll put a BR next to the move in the list (for
                  the record, it's the Power Dunk). The advantage of this
                  feature is that it greatly reduces the recovery time if
                  the opponent has blocked and you can achieve better
                  combos through it. More about this later!

T.O.P. - A new feature to the game. Before each match, you'll be asked to
         set your T.O.P. gauge along with the opponent. Your life bar is
         divided into 3 parts for this purpose and it is up to you where
         you'll place it. When you reach that part, your character will
         flash as long as his life end in this particular region. Once
         he loses more life such that the gauge disappears, the character
         stops flashing. 
         Here's what happens during this time:
                  * Your offensive power increases.
                  * Your recover some life while you are not being hit.
                  * You can use your T.O.P. attack which is specific to
                    each character by pressing CD.

JUST DEFENDED - Another new feature, this one will occur when you defend
                a move at the very last second. Your character will flash
                briefly and the words "Just Defended" will quickly be
                displayed on your side. When this happens, you recover 
                some life and you can use guard cancel to hit the opponent.

GUARD CRUSH - This occurs when you block too many moves in quick succession.
              Once the guard crush is about to occur, your character will
              flash red and you must avoid blocking any more more for the
              next 3-5 seconds. If you do so, your guard will break and
              the opponent's following attack will connect.

S. POWER - S. Power is needed to pull out your character's super move.
           When you pull out the move, the background vanishes to leave
           a black screen and the animation freezes for a second or so.

P. POWER - P. Power refers to Potential Power. These are stronger versions
           of your super moves. The screen turns back once more but here,
           you'll also see some kick-ass light effects which are definitely
           worth a look. The animation also freezes when you pull these. 

                       S H O R T  M O V E S  L I S T

|-------------------------------  THROWS -----------------------------------|

 Buster Throw                                  when close, f or b + C

|---------------------------- COMMAND MOVES --------------------------------|

 Power Wave                                    qcf + P

 Burn Knuckle                                  qcb + P

 Power Dunk (BR)                               f, d, df + K

 Crack Shoot                                   qcb + K
 Power Charge                                  f, f + P (up to 3 times)

|----------------------------- SUPER MOVES ---------------------------------|

 Power Geyser                                 qcf, qcf + A

 Buster Wolf                                  qcf, qcf + B

|-------------------------- POTENTIAL POWERS -------------------------------|

 Power Geyser                                 qcf, qcf + C

 Buster Wolf                                  qcf, qcf + D

|--------------------------- T.O.P. ATTACK ---------------------------------|

 Max Dunk                                     Press CD when in T.O.P.

|---------------------------- FEINT MOVES ----------------------------------|

 Burn Knuckle (weak)                          f + AC
 Burn Knuckle (strong)                        d + AC

                    M O V E S  D E S C R I P T I O N S

|---------------------------- NORMAL MOVES ---------------------------------|

 Close A  :  A quick jab in the face. It comes out very quickly and has very
             good recovery time. You may even pull 2 or 3 of those in quick
             succession. Can be mixed with other moves for more damaging
             combos. Good for poking!
 Usefulness  :  [****-]

 Close B  :  A weak kick which hits low. It has good recovery time but it's
             not very useful though mainly because it is a bit slow to come
             out. Can be used in combos. But truthfully, Terry has much 
             better moves and I don't expect you'll use this very often.
 Usefulness  :  [**---]

 Close C  :  A strong punch in the face. Note that you can follow this with
             a "f + C" although the latter doesn't really count as a move.
             Has decent recovery time although it is a bit slow to come out.
             Use as starter for combos!
 Usefulness  :  [****-]

 Close D  :  A high roundhouse kick with horrible recovery time. It appears
             to be quick but your opponent will be able to do anything if
             he manages to block. Has its uses, decent attack overall.
 Usefulness  :  [***--]

 Far A  :  A quick punch which will hit high. Very quick to come out and
           has a decent recovery time. Although it doesn't look like it, you
           may combo after this if you're quick enough.
 Usefulness  :  [***--] 

 Far B  :  Terry will kick high briefly. Up to today, I have never seen any
           use for this attack. It cannot even be cancelled into any other
           move and has a lame lag time. Don't bother with this one!
 Usefulness  :  [*----]

 Far C  :  A strong punch which hits high. It's not really useful as an
           attack though. It isn't interruptable and has too much of a 
           recovery time to make it safe.
 Usefulness  :  [**---]

 Far D  :  Terry will kick the opponent hard in the stomach. A bit slow to
           come out and has a bad recovery time. However, it may take the
           opponent by surprise and you can use it in mind games or for
 Usefulness  :  [***--]

 Crouch A  :  A quick crouching jab. Very quick and good recovery time.
              Excellent for poking the opponent and you can combo from 
 Usefulness  :  [****-]

 Crouch B  :  A fast kick. It comes out quickly and has good lag time but
              otherwise, it isn't really useful and you will be better using
              the crouch A instead most of the time. Can be used in combos.
 Usefulness  :  [**---] 

 Crouch C  :  An excellent attack. Terry will punch the opponent very hard
              in the stomach for standing opponents. Comes out quickly and 
              Terry recovers fairly fast from the attack. Can be used in
              combos and in chains.
 Usefulness:  [*****]

 Crouch D  :  The crouch D is a quite good move but I'll have to give it only
              3 stars due to its horrible recovery time. Of course, it will
              knock down the opponent if it connects. I would advise you to
              use it only when you are sure it will successfully connect.
              Why? The animation is way too long and thus makes Terry very 
              vulnerable if it is blocked. You'll be in for some serious
              damage if the opponent blocks it.
 Usefulness  :  [***--]

 Jump A  :  Terry will punch at an angle of 45 degrees. However, he does so
            rather high and will miss most of the time, which makes it not
            so useful. Still, it has an excellent recovery time and you
            might considering using it against those damn opponents who keep
            jumping all the time.
 Usefulness  :  [***--]

 Jump B  :  If you find any use to Terry's jump B, let me know so I can have
            a good laugh. This is probably the most useless command in the
            whole game. Terry will do a weak kick WITH HIS KNEE. Yeah, it
            may be quick and have a good recovery time but the angle at
            which it comes out is awkward. And besides, it hits too high 
            such that you'll have a lot of trouble using it efficiently.
 Usefulness  :  [*----]

 Jump C  :  A hard punch in the face. Has decent lag time and appreciable
            range. Use as starter for combos but you might consider using the
            one below instead.
 Usefulness  :  [****-]

 Jump D  :  A very hard kick which hits high. This is also an overlap move
            and it has many uses. Has an awesome range and it will take the
            opponent by surprise if you know exactly when to use it. Since
            it has greater range than the jump C, you'll be better using it
            to start your best combos.
 Usefulness  :  [*****]

|-------------------------------  THROWS -----------------------------------|

 Buster Throw  :  when close, f or b + C
 Terry will grab the opponent by the neck and will throw them down really 
 hard. A nice throw, and it does some damage too. If you use forward, he'll
 throw them on the same side. If you use back, he'll throw them on the other
 side and this makes it a cross-over move. You would be better making it
 switch sides if you had previously been cornered to take advantage of the
 Usefulness  :  [****-]

|---------------------------- COMMAND MOVES --------------------------------|

 Power Wave  :  qcf + P
 Terry's projectile! A version comes out quicker and travels rather slowly.
 C version takes more time to come out but is very quick. Both will travel
 the whole screen. The recovery time is decent, whether you're using the
 weak version or the strong one. However, your opponent may jump over them
 and so, do not abuse them in the hope of winning through guard damage. These
 cheap techniques no longer work. They have never worked in Garou Dentetsu,
 in KOF yes, but never in Garou. You can now use the Power Wave as counter
 hit (more on that later.)
 Usefulness  :  [****-]

 Burn Knuckle  :  qcb + P
 Throughout the years, this has always been Terry's most used move aside 
 from the infamous Rising Tackle. Since the Rising Tackle now belongs to 
 Rock, then you'll surely go back to the Burn Knuckle. A version comes out 
 quickly and travels half the screen. C version takes a hella time to come 
 out but it travels 2/3 the screen distance. Note that only the weak version 
 can be comboed, the C version takes way too much time. In either case, the 
 recovery time is your main obstacle to using it often. Simply use the A 
 version ONLY in combos. Use C to get close to a far-away opponent, it's
 actually better than just running.
 Usefulness  :  [****-]

 Power Dunk (BR)  :  f, d, df + K
 At last, the power dunk is back and the new animation is excellent. Your
 typical anti-air move and it can also be used as counter. B version comes
 out fairly quickly but doesn't travel very far, either forward or upward.
 D version takes more time to come out but make Terry jump higher as well as
 travel forward quite a lot. Basically, you can start the strong Power Dunk
 from a distance and the last hit may still connect. Both may be used in
 combos but that's not where they rule. The Power Dunk is Terry's breakable
 move. You need to do so upon the first hit in both cases. Master the
 subtleties of the breakable moves and consult the combo section!
 Usefulness  :  [*****]

 Crack Shoot  :  qcb + K
 I know some people consider this a pretty useless move but my guess is that
 they don't know how to use it yet (hence the purpose of this FAQ ^_^). B
 version is rather slow and doesn't go far. On the other hand, the D version
 is quick and makes Terry travel a good distance. However, the recovery time
 is really lame. Thus, you shouldn't use the move that often, specially 
 against quick/skilled opponents. The Crack Shoot is also a counter and it
 enables special combos.
 Usefulness  : [****-]

 Power Charge  :  f, f + P (up to 3 times)
 A nice new move! C hits harder. The button also determines the distance.
 The weird thing about the Power Charge is that the strong version has a
 better recovery time. A very aggressive attack and should enable you to
 catch/corner your opponent in little time. Use in combos!
 Usefulness  : [****-]

|----------------------------- SUPER MOVES ---------------------------------|

 Power Geyser  :  qcf, qcf + A
 A great anti-air super. Does a lot of damage and can be used in easy and
 complex combos. Works great against jumping opponents like the Kim brothers.
 Does less guard damage than the Buster Wolf though.
 Usefulness  :  [*****]

 Buster Wolf  :  qcf, qcf + B
 Terry has a new super and its name is thr Buster Wolf! Personally, I love
 using this super. The opening animation is a bit like the Burn Knuckle but
 this time, Terry "radiates" more energy. It will do a LOT of guard damage.
 Can be used in combos and as counters.
 Usefulness  :  [*****]

|-------------------------- POTENTIAL POWERS -------------------------------|

 Power Geyser  :  qcf, qcf + C
 He'll pull 3 of the super move although it seems he's only pulling 2 of
 those. Of course, it is a great anti-air but be warned that if you pull 
 this against a jumping opponent, the probability that it'll do only 2 hits
 is very high. Doesn't do that much guard damage though. 
 Usefulness  :  [*****]

 Buster Wolf  :  qcf, qcf + D
 A state-of-the-art P. Power which you should use as soon as you can. Does
 massive damage and comes out fairly quickly. It has good recovery time too
 but some of the faster characters can still punish you if you miss. May
 be used on counter-hit and some exceptional combos.
 Usefulness  :  [*****]

|--------------------------- T.O.P. ATTACK ---------------------------------|

 Max Dunk  :  Press CD when in T.O.P.
 Terry will do the first hit of the Power Charge and will follow with the
 2 last hits of the Power Dunk. Very damaging and comes out fast. Very
 damaging and the guard damage is excellent. Use in combos for full effect!
 Usefulness  :  [****-]

|---------------------------- FEINT MOVES ----------------------------------|

 Burn Knuckle (weak)  :  f + AC
 Very simple, Terry will do the motion of the weak Burn Knuckle and will
 cry out "Burning". The animation is very fast and will confuse the opponent
 enabling certain combos. Use this in mind game and against human opponents,
 it works wonders.
 Usefulness  :  [*****]

 Burn Knuckle (strong)  :  d + AC
 Terry will raise his hands as if he will perform the strong Burn Knuckle.
 You may cancel it even before he finishes it though. An excellent feint move
 and you should practice the combos where it is involved a lot.
 Usefulness  :  [*****]


 In the game (and as I have very briefly described in the Game Features
 section), there are the so-called feint moves.
 The feint moves are actually the opening animation of an existing move.
 As you've already seen, for Terry, the feint move is the Burn Knuckle.
 The advantage of using it is that it'll make you recover faster than the
 opponent. For example, let's say you just pulled a close C. Terry should
 take some time to recover, right? Well, by pulling the feint move, you'll
 make him recover faster. At the same time, this gives you enough time to
 place in more hits since the opponent hasn't yet recovered from being
 punched or kicked. Thus, you'll have more openings.

 This feature enables a lot of tough and very damaging combos. Check the
 Combos section for them!

                                 C O M B O S

This section will be divided into 2 sections:
(i) Combos which you can pull anywhere,
(ii) Combos which you can pull in only in specific situations. Note that 
     there will be a lot of notes in this section.

|---------------------------- REGULAR COMBOS -------------------------------|

Blah, this is the combo section. Switch on your console, go into practice
mode and uh...Practice?

   /                                                                   /
  /                      B  E  G  I  N  N  E  R                       / 

NOTE: Stand C at the start of the combos and after jump D can be replaced by 
a crouch C except when stated.

* f, f + A -> f, f + A -> f, f + A

* f, f + C -> f, f + C -> f, f + C

* Stand A -> stand A
  Basic combo.

* Stand A -> stand B

* Stand A -> stand A -> stand B

* Crouch A -> crouch A -> crouch B

* Jump D -> stand C

* Jump D -> crouch C

* Jump D -> stand A -> stand A

* Jump D -> stand A -> stand B
  This combo is very cool-looking because the stand B is considered as a 
  far attack. Try it!!

* Jump D -> crouch A -> crouch B

* Stand C -> f + C
  This combos still confuses me. AFAIK, the f + C isn't a move but it's
  like a combo. Those who've played KOF will recognize the Rising Upper 
  but apparently, that's not quite it.

* Jump D -> stand C -> f + C

* Stand C -> qcf + P
  A nice combo and quite damaging at that too!

* Stand C -> qcb + A
  Owing to the time it takes for the strong Burn Knuckle to come out, only
  the weak one will combo after the stand C. Don't say I didn't warn you!!

* Stand C -> dp + K

* Stand C -> T.O.P. attack

* Stand C -> f, f + A (x3)
  C versions don't connect.

* Stand C -> qcf, qcf + P
  Some might find this a little hard to pull. In this case, go for the
  crouch C as starter instead.

* Stand C -> qcf, qcf + K
  Same here!

* Jump D -> stand C -> qcf + P

* Jump D -> stand C -> qcb + A

* Jump D -> stand C -> f, f + A (x3)

* Jump D -> stand C -> dp + K

* Jump D -> stand C -> T.O.P. attack

* Jump D -> stand C -> qcf, qcf + P

* Jump D -> stand C -> qcf, qcf + K

* Stand C -> feint -> qcf + P
  In this combo and the ones below, the hits won't add up but it does count
  as a combo since your opponent is still "stunned" when you feint the Burn

* Stand C -> feint -> crouch A -> qcb + A

* Stand C -> feint -> crouch A -> dp + K

* Stand C -> feint -> crouch A -> qcf, qcf + P

* Stand C -> feint -> crouch A -> qcf, qcf + K

   /                                                                   /
  /               I  N  T  E  R  M  E  D  I  A  T  E                  / 

As a vet, I don't really consider these combos as intermediates but more as
beginners. However, I've noticed that newbies do take some time to get used
to the feint moves' harder combos and that why I'm putting this intermediate 

Combos with the feint moves must be done close to the opponent and may
require some running.

Don't forget that the stand C can be replaced by the crouch C if you're
having trouble.

* Stand C -> f + C -> qcf, qcf + C
  It doesn't look like a combo and the hits don't add up...However, if you'd
  care to take a closer look, you'd see that the opponent is kinda dizzied
  after the second hit. Since, the P. Power Geyser is very quick to come out,
  the opponent won't ever be able to block however fast he may be.

* Stand C -> feint -> stand C
  Must be very close to work!

* Stand C -> feint -> f, f + P (x3)

* Jump D -> stand C ->feint -> stand C
  Must be close again!

* Stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcf + P
  If you're having trouble with these combos, pull crouch C the second time.

* Stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcb + A

* Stand C -> feint -> stand C -> dp + K
  This one is much harder to pull than the others! 

* Stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcf, qcf + P

* Stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcf, qcf + K

* Jump D -> stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcf + P

* Jump D -> stand C -> feint -> stand C -> f, f + A (x3)

* Jump D -> stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcb + A

* Jump D -> stand C -> feint -> stand C -> dp + K
  Second stand C must be close for strong Power Dunk to connect.

   /                                                                   /
  /                          E  X  P  E  R  T                         / 

I've decided to list all his breakable moves' combos in the expert section
since breaking the moves is kinda hard without forgetting how it is even
harder to follow with more moves for the most damaging combos. -_-

NOTE : While timing is required to break a move successfully, the timing
       to put in the follow-ups is even more CRUCIAL. Heck, if you input
       the commands too early, The Legendary Wolf will just spin around
       but he won't do anything...

* Jump D -> stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcf, qcf + P

* Jump D -> stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcf, qcf + K

* dp + K -> break -> dp + K

* dp + K -> break -> qcb + B
  Getting the Crack Shoot to connect is not as easy as it sounds. You must 
  be very quick.

* dp + K -> break -> qcf, qcf + P

* dp + K -> break -> qcf, qcf + K

* Stand C -> dp + K -> break -> dp + K

* Stand C -> dp + K -> break -> qcb + B

* Stand C -> dp + K -> break -> qcf, qcf + P

* Stand C -> dp + K -> break -> qcf, qcf + K

* Jump D -> stand C -> dp + K -> break -> dp + K

* Jump D -> stand C -> dp + K -> break -> qcb + B

* Jump D -> stand C -> dp + K -> break -> qcf, qcf + P

* Jump D -> stand C -> dp + K -> break -> qcf, qcf + K

   /                                                                   /
  /                         F  R  E  A  K  S                          /

Someone once said that he was decieved with Terry. IMO, he didn't know of
the following combos.
WARNING: High level of skill required! Breakable and feint moves must have
been mastered!!

* Corner opponent -> f, f + C -> stand C -> feint -> run if necessary ->
  stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcf + P

* Corner opponent -> f, f + C -> stand C -> feint -> run if necessary ->
  stand C -> feint -> stand C -> f, f + A (x3)

* Corner opponent -> f, f + C -> stand C -> feint -> run if necessary ->
  stand C -> feint -> stand C -> qcf, qcf + P/K
  Both supers will do here!

Now, introducing Terry's best combos : 

* Corner opponent -> f, f + C -> stand C -> feint -> stand C -> feint ->
  stand C -> feint -> crouch C -> qcf, qcf + P/K
  Use crouch C as the last normal attack. You may need to run from time to
  This is very hard to achieve but with practice and some luck, you'll be
  able to pull it.
  You may finish with any Super or P. Potential, they'll all connect.

* Corner opponent -> stand C -> feint -> stand C -> dp + B -> break ->
  qcf, qcf + P/K
  Use the weak Power Dunk only.
  And, of course, you may add a jump D at the beginning.

|------------------------- SPECIAL CASE COMBOS -----------------------------|

The following combos are some special ones that you can pull only under
certain conditions. These conditions are achieved either through a game
feature or the particularities of a move. Note that you cannot practice
these combos on the Neo-Geo simply because you cannot set up the required
conditions. I dunno about the DC version. Also, please read the notes because
otherwise, you'll most likely miss all the important stuff.

* During gameplay, the Burn Knuckle can sometimes act as a counter. Whenever
  this happens, you should take advantage of it and throw in more hits. You
  must be fairly quick though.

  The counter hit is achieved mostly again jumping opponents. The opponent
  must be jumping towards you and I do think that the height also matters
  but truthfully, I'm still unsure of the real distance.

  Anyway, the Burn Knuckle should hit the opponent and he'll be sent flying
  upward. You have enough time to throw in another hit before the opponent
  falls to the ground if this happens. Here's how it should go:

                                                       stand C/D
  qcb + C ------------------- hits jumping opponent --------- dp + K
  strong                                            \         timing crucial
  only                                               \
                                                       qcf + P will hit
                                                       opponent just as he
                                                       touches the ground if

  Supers and P. Powers may also connect but the probabilities that they
  will effectively do so are very small.

* The stronger Crack Shoot also acts as a counter. In fact, both of them
  work as counters but I'd advise to stick to the D version because it gives
  more time to throw in the next hits.
  Again, it works mainly again jumping opponents. If the opponent goes up
  upon being hit, then you can try to throw in more hits.

                                                      stand C/D
  qcb + D ------------------ hits jumping opponent ----------- dp + K
  strong                                           \           works fine
                                                      qcf + P
                                                      qcf, qcf + P
                                                      qcf, qcf + K

  The Supers and P. Powers are not that hard to connect. You may have to run
  forward if you intend on pulling the Power Geyser in certain cases.

* It is possible to combo 2 Power Waves similar to Butt's projectile (check
  my FAQ - shameless plug :P).
  For this to happen, the first one must be a counter hit. As soon as this
  occurs, do the strong Power Waves. That'll make 2 hits for the opponent 
  to hit! ^_^

  qcf + A ------------------------------------- qcf + C
  counter                                       2 hits
  1st hit                                       combo

* Use the Power Dunk as counter on the first hit and break it. Do another
  Power Dunk, break and follow with the weak Burn Knuckle. This is very hard
  to perform!

  dp + K ---------------------- dp + K --------------------- qcb + A
  counter                       break                        3 hits

  Works best against cornered opponents.

  I guess I don't need to tell you that you can use other moves too. Just
  try them out!

                            S T R A T E GI E S

|--------------------------------- CPU -------------------------------------|

These are the strategies that you may use to beat the CPU opponents when you
play as Terry.  The strategies have been written according to the AI and to
the attacking patterns of the characters. Of course, since this is a fighter,
the strategies won't work all the time but they'll be enough to tell you
what you need to do and what you must not do against a certain character.

If you are unfamiliar with the move names of the other characters that I may
have included in here, consult Jame's Kuroki's excellent FAQ at GameFAQs.

Characters are listed as seen on selection screen.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

ROCK : Considering who Rock really is, you can just bet how hard the lad is.
       To get on with it, jumping at Rock is really not a good idea since he
       has good anti-airs which have very high priority. You can be caught
       in his Rising Tackle or even worse, his Raging Storm if you're that
       unlucky. And too bad for you, he really seems to enjoy using those
       moves and you'll sure be seeing a lot of those since Terry always 
       ends up fighting against Rock.

       Even though it is unwise to jump at him, you still need to be
       aggressive and to do a lot of attacking. Playing defensively only
       ensures that you'll lose since Rock is very quick and he has a lot
       combos. So, you need to attack a lot. However, never jump at him if
       he remains crouching at a distance. He will almost always use the 
       Rising Tackle eventually. 

       When this happens, throw in a weak Power Wave quickly followed by
       the strong one and hope that he's caught in it. Otherwise, don't 
       hesitate to break your Power Dunks if blocked. I've also noticed
       that he's easily confused by the feint move and so, don't hold back
       on those whether you're attacking or not.

       The Crack Shoot is also effective. Rock is so aggressive that he'll
       be taken by surprise a lot of times. Once this happens, it will very
       likely be a counter hit. Just throw in a nice combo and you'll 
       eventually win.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

DONG HWAN : He's not so hard compared to the rest of the cast. Simply jump
            at him with your strongest attack when there's an opening and
            use all your combos effectively. The Crack Shoot and the Power
            Dunk will win over most of his moves and you should use those
            often. Luckily, Dong Hwan doesn't make full use of his counters
            and you really shouldn't have a hard time against him.

            Just be ready to crouch block from time to time or you'll eat
            his juggling move. Thankfully, Dong Hwan doesn't really make
            full use of this move other than one or two hits and you're
            still safe.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

HOTARU : When I first played the game and fought against Hotaru, I chuckled
         and though this would merely be filler. Nowadays, whenever I'm
         playing and she shows up, I shake with fear...This is just to tell
         you how annoying Hotaru can be.

         With her high-recovery time moves and fast pace, Hotaru is a real
         bastard. Just keep an eye open for anything since she'll throw 
         anything that she's got when you least expect it. Her teleport
         moves also make her appear out of nowhere and you'll really have
         trouble knowing where she'll show up next.

         Note that both of the supers come out very quickly and Hotaru
         knows when to use them. She'll use her Ten-Shou Ran-Ki if you
         are stupid enough to jump at her when she has a power. Also, if
         you use a move but it miserably fails to connect, she'll punish
         you with her Sou-Shou Ten-Ren-Ge if she has the ability to do 

         Jumping at her with an attack works fine from time to time but
         with her quick moves, she'll have the upper hand most of the time.
         It's OK to rely back to the ol' strategy to mix up your attacks
         but just don't keep on pulling the same stuff over and over again
         or you stand no chances of winning.

         Luckily, the Burn Knuckle belongs to Terry and it'll be very 
         useful in this match. Remember to use only the weak one most of 
         the time though. The strong one is good to make you get close to
         Hotaru but she may still punish you after having blocked it.

         Use the Power Dunk if you're close to her when she reappears. 
         Power Geyser or Buster Wolf if you have the ability when she
         comes from above since she can't block. If it's possible, get
         close to her and abuse your feint combos. They work well against
         her. Otherwise, good luck! You'll need it... ^_^

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

BUTT : Another character against whom jumping is not advisable. I mean, this
       is Ryo's student, you can't go about with this sick pattern right. ^_^
       The best thing to do is to wait for him to use his projectile and to
       jump at him while he is still recovering. 

       Be quick though or you may still be caught in the Ko Hou. Otherwise, 
       use the Crack Shoot when he's not using his projectile and when he's 
       just hanging around. The Burn Knuckle is not recommended against him 
       since he'll very likely use his projectile and you'll just eat it 
       without being able to do anything about it.

       His Kyokugen Ko Hou is also very quick to come out if he can use it.
       Try the Power Dunk from time to time. With a bit of luck, you should
       land near him just after he's thrown another Ko-ou Ken and you'll have
       enough time to use a nice and damaging combo.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

HOKUTOMARU : She may look easy but she can be very annoying with her fast
             projectiles and all her other moves. Wait for her to use a
             projectile and use your cross-over D. D is better because
             it has more range and you're sure to be far from her when
             she throws her projectile.

             Luckily for us, she doesn't use her supers very often and she's
             not that quick. She is still fast though but Terry is much
             faster. And since you'll almost always meet her in one of the
             first 3 matches, she won't pose much of a resistance.

             NOTE: Crack Shoot can pass over her projectile and hit her
             if timed well. What's better is that it has lotsa chances of
             being a counter hit.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

KEVIN : An average CPU character but his chain combos are more than a 
        challenge. Thankfully, you've got one of the best qualities on 
        your side: speed. Simply keep moving at all times and don't
        stop with the jump D whether you are close or not. If Kevin
        charges one of his moves, you can try and attack him as he does
        so. Don't keep hopping back though. Since you never know which
        range he'll use, try to block it or attack him instead.

        Use your best combos when you have openings. The Power Wave is
        also great against him and you can rely on it a couple of times
        but don't abuse it. 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

FREEMAN : His moves and supers are a real nuisance. If he pulls his 
          Creeping Death, do your best to avoid it. That move sure
          deals a lot of damage. As for the Full Blast, he'll always
          use it either in combos or when you're recovering such that
          you'll find it very hard to avoid it.

          Otherwise, keep attacking him but make sure you don't get
          caught in any of his moves, particularly the V.O.D. They're
          rather unpredictable.

          The Burn Knuckle also seems to work well but because of the
          Full Blast, I usually avoid using it alone. And the Power 
          Wave is a mistake against Freeman, he'll avoid it and attack

          Oh yeah, read my Freeman guide </shameless plug>

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

TIZOC : Don't let his size fool you. Tizoc is rather easy and isn't that
        hard to beat. Just make sure you're not too close to him or he
        will grab you with one of his damaging throws. Keep jumping and
        follow with your strongest moves.

        When Tizoc jumps up and turns around, he's quite vulnerable and
        you should hit him as he does so. But make sure you aren't in
        his range when he falls back though.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

JENET : She can be pretty cheap at times but most of the time, she's just
        freaking predictable. All you need to so is avoid being caught in
        her Crazy Ivan and you'll do fine. Her other moves are not that
        strong and you can see her supers coming miles away.

        You have more priority in the air and thus, your jump D will work
        anytime. Just attack her with your best combos. The Power Dunk is
        also darn effective against Jenet, abuse it if you wish! ^_^

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

GATO : Possibly one of the hardest character and that's not even because
       he is cheap...Gato is the perfect all-round character - power moves,
       quick, unpredictable, good supers and high defensive capabilities.

       He'll win anytime in air, his moves are all excellent and they'll
       take away a lot of Terry's life at the same time. Watch out for his
       Rai-Ga, it's a real sucka and will deplete your whole lifebar by

       Try to get in close as he recovers from a blocked or missed move.
       You'll have to be very quick though. A nice thing you can do is to
       punish his mistakes with a Burn Knuckle but that doesn't work
       everytime though.

       Crack Shoot is good for counters and hope you'll be able to add in
       more hits. You'll really need them here! Make full use of your 
       breaks because Gato will make you feel stupid if you fail to make
       them connect.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

JAE HOON : Jae Hoon is rather easy, even at level 8 and there's no real
           need to worry. I always get Miracles against him (which are 
           achieved by winning with a Perfect ^_^). Cross-over, stand C,
           etc...You don't need anything more!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

GRANT : He has very good anti-airs and is very dangerous for our usual
        approach. Still, that's your best bet and you just need to time
        your jumps well. Crack Shoot is also quite effective and may take
        him by surprise once he is pulling some of his own moves.

        If you get knocked down and Grant is quite close to you as you
        get up, do a crouch C immediately. He is prone to eat it. If 
        he is far away, throw in a strong Power Wave or a weak Burn 
        Knuckle. Don't do either if he is close though, he'll jump over
        and hit you as you recover.

        Grant has pretty good recovery times and you have to be fairly
        quick in this match. Don't hesitate to poke him if you can get
        him in the corner. It sure works and you can then mix those with

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

KAIN : For cheap play, use the weak Power Wave followed by the strong one
       whenever Kain's at a distance. Do so even more when he is crouching.
       He will be hit by the second one because as you throw the first Power
       Wave, he'll almost always jump in towards you. Anyway, except for
       this sick pattern, there's no true way to defeat Kain. The real
       problem is that even his normal moves are good anti-airs and they
       all have priority over Terry's jump attacks. You'll be caught in
       those most of the time.

       Use your best combos whenever you can. Don't bother with the feint 
       moves outside of combos though, Kain isn't really fooled by those.
       You can try using the Power Dunk when he uses his Schwarze Flamme
       but he doesn't take that long to recover and so, it's only a matter
       of luck.

       You'd also better watch out for his supers. He uses them whenever he
       can. The final boss sure seems to have a high AI this time and not
       just cheap moves. If he's close to you and you appear to be recovering
       from a missed attack, he'll use the dreaded Himmlischer Atem/Steele
       and you won't be able to block.

       Try defeating him the in the first 2 rounds. In the third round, his
       whole life will be in T.O.P. and he'll be even cheaper than before!

       (NOTE: Some more info on this in the "Contributions from readers
        section". Check it out!)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

|----------------------------- CHALLENGERS ---------------------------------|

I know everybody has his own playstyle when it comes to dealing with
challenger but truthfully, Terry was and will always be your typical
aggressive character. Blocking or turtling with him won't take you 
far and will just make you look very silly. So, you'll have to deal 
with your human opponents with an aggressive attitude.

You can use the Power Wave from time to time but since there is now
the Just Defended option, don't abuse it or you'll just help your
opponent win. But if you're really going to use it, do so when the
opponent is at a distance. And the best thing to do is to throw the
weak one immediately followed by the strong one since it may hit
him as the opponent comes down after jumping.

The Crack Shoot is very effective against affective opponents and
you can use it from time to time. Don't use it too often because of
the recovery time. If you feel that it will connect as a counterhit,
be prepared to add in another move quickly afterwards. Don't waste
such opportunities!

And, of course, you can use the Burn Knuckle to get close to the
opponent. You may use the weak one to do some tick damage or to
make him keep blocking and rely on the strong one to get close to
a far away opponent. Using the strong Burn Knuckle is actually
safer than running since you risk being caught in a super as 
Terry mindlessly runs on towards the opponent... ^_^

Make full use of your breakable moves and your feint moves. Feint
moves are really great to use against human opponents because
they'll confuse them into thinking that you'll really pull the
move and they also allow in to place in more hits as they recover.

You should be constantly moving and use your jabs to poke the
opponent around. Since Terry's jabs are cancellable, you may
then quickly follow with a special move and dish out some 
serious damage. Terry is very quick and his combos can be really
deadly if you know how to use him.

Remember, the key to winning with Terry is to be aggressive. If
your opponent is of the blocking type, you're in for an easy win.
Attack constantly. By the time the opponent's guard breaks, you
should have a power and you just have to use one of the breakable/
feint moves' combos. Very easy since your opponent won't be able
to block then.

Against turtlers, use the Power Wave technique and feint moves to
confuse them. Once they react, attack them as they recover and
make full use of your best combos. You're playing with Terry,
you can't lose!! ^_^

                            M I S C  S T U F F

|------------------------------- OUTFITS -----------------------------------|

In MotW, each buttons gives differently colored outfits. Here are the 
outfits for Terry.

Button A : brown jacket, blue jeans, dark blue trims and gloves.

Button B : green jacket, blue jeans, light blue trims and gloves.

Button C : grey jacket, tan jeans, brown trims and gloves.

Button D : reddish-brown jackets (a bit more towards red though), 
           greyish-blue jeans, trims and gloves (the trims and gloves are
           a bit lighter in color).

|--------------------------- QUOTES/DIALOGUES ------------------------------|

In this section, you'll find all of Terry's quotes. You probably already
know that each character has a different quotes against a particular 
character when he wins. Here are all of them! Enjoy!

Note that I've done Rock, Grant and Kain seperately since Terry has more 
than just quotes with them. They are done in the following order: i) Rock,
ii) Grant and iii) Kain as you'll always fight them in this order.


I may have made certain mistakes with the ending dialogues, specially the
ones with Kain. Please let me know if you happen to spot mistakes, you'll
be fully credited.

Against B. Jenet : Wake up and smell the java! You're nothing but a clown.

Against Butt : HEY! Today's humiliation! Tomorrow's fuel for victory!

Against Dong Hwan : You're a real goof-off!! Get serious or get lost!

Against Freeman : Consumed by ambition, you just had to lose!

Against Gato : To win, you must first beat your inferiority complex.

Against Hokutomaru : Shiranui ninja arts? Your master must be...

Against Hotaru : Looking for your brother? I'll tell you if I see him.

Against Jae Hoon : You've got the talent. You're just like your father!

Against Kevin Rian : Good job! The country's in good hands with you!

Against Tizoc : Sorry. Pro wrestlers just don't scare me.

 - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - -

Against Rock, there is a sequence and a conversation before the match 

>Rock : I've been really waiting for this: the semifinals!
>Terry : Hey! You made it all the way here? Good job, Rock!
>Terry : If you win, maybe you'll know your mother's secrets.
>Rock : She's got nothing to do with this! This's about me!
>Rock : I fight to test my own power. Enough talk! Let's begin!

There will be another conversation once you have beatem him.

>Rock : Still tough, huh. Still the champ.
>Rock : The semifinals and you're not tired at all...
>Terry : Sorry, Rock. But don't worry.
>Terry : I'll find your mother.
>Rock : D..Don't bother! I'm no Oedipus!
>Terry : Hmph! Okay!

 - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - -

Before you fight against Grant.

>Terry : This's a weird lay-out.
>? : You fight rather well. But your peak has passed.
>? : You're no match for the power of Dark Karate.
>Terry : Ha! Quite a claim...
>Terry : But you don't convince me, hidden like some weenie!
>Grant : I am Grant...The Martyr of Might...
>Grant : Now, show me the full extent of the power...
>Grant : ...show me all you have.

There is another conversation once Grant is defeated.

>Grant : What kind of freak are you? Don't your ever give up?
>Terry : I'd love to but my enemies just won't leave me alone.
>Grant : I hear ya!
>Grant : Goodbye, legendary one...Farewell, Kain!

 - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - -

You should now what happens against Kain by now... ^_^

Before match :

>Kain : So, the legend really was true.
>Terry : You must be Kain?
>Terry : Why this competition?
>Kain : To meet the killer of Geese, my dear brother-in-law.
>Terry : ...Geese? Who are you?
>Kain : To think Grant lost...
>Kain : His power's the real thing.
>Kain : Or maybe?...
>Kain : Don't get me wrong. Hey! I'm asking you to join me...
>Terry : Don't know about that.
>Kain: This overwhelming dread...Is this the power of Geese?

After match :

>Kain : Terry, the legendary wolf...You're as good as I thought.
>Terry : Now, you know. Once can't live by strength alone.
>Kain : Yeah, one needs compassion. But it brings conniving, bias.
>Kain : A lone wolf like you should know of what I speak.
>Kain : These days, no one has it...
>Kain : The vision to really live!

 - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - -

After Kain's mansion has collasped;

Southtown at night.
"Hey, heard the rumor?"
"Is this city really going to declare independance?"

The picture changes to that of Terry walking in a street the next day. You'll
be seeing him from behind though and of course, he's got his jacket on.
[Terry] "It doesn't matter anyway. Our lives won't change any."

You'll be shown Rock who appears to be in a cathedral (OK, there's nothing 
that really proves that it's a cathedral but the structure could only belong
to one.)
[Rock] "Terry, I don't know anymore."
[Rock] "Was what Kain tried to do such a wrong thing to try?"

Terry will now be shown from the side but his face doesn't really appear on
the screen, you see only part of his head. There will be two ladies to the 
right. Notice how the name Andy's written on the wall just above the lady
in white. ^_^
[Terry] "Excuse me, lady...Isn't that an emerald?"
[Lady] "Oh, can you tell?"
[Terry] "I'll take jewels to independence any day!"

The picture changes to Kain just as he dies (if he died since you don't know
what SNK can come up with ^_^).
[Kain] "A wolf like you should know, people today aren't alive..."

Now, Terry will be sitting by a fence with a factory in the background.
[Terry] "I love this town..."
[Terry] "But..."
[Kid] "Hey, Terry!"

The screen changes to 3 kids carrying a basketball.

[Kid] "Put 'er there, Terry!"
[Kid] "Terry wins again!"
[Terry] "Thanks, everybody!"

Terry will be alone and will look up, smiling.
[Terry] "Yup, it's no bull...It's all about heart!"
[Kid] "Terry, how 'bout a game of hoops?"
[Terry] "Ooooh...kay!"

 - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - - + - -

|----------------------------- VOICE SAMPLES ------------------------------|

Entrance :          Hops up and down, getting warmed up, pushes his hair
                    back, then gestures to the opponent "C'mon, get serious!"

Entrance 2 :        (vs Rock) Puts his hands on his hand and seems to relax,
                    "Hey, rookie!"

Win :               Points his finger to the downed opponent, "Stand

Final Win 1 :       "OK!" Terry tosses his jacket up, turns and catches it,
                    before putting it over his shoulders.

Final Win 2 :       (vs Rock) "Tsk, tsk, tsk" as he waves his finger
                    "All right!" takes a guts pose (raises an arm)

Taunt :             "Hey, c'mon, c'mon!" motioning to get over here

Post-Win Taunt 1 :  Bows courteously, "Sorry!"

Post-Win Taunt 2 :  Wipes his forehead with his arm, "Good going!"

Small KO :          "Shit!"

Flying KO :         "Uwaaaaaaaa!"

Draw :              "....."

Time Loss :         "You're dead!"

MAX Dunk :          "Crash!"

Power Wave :        "Rock you!"

Crack Shoot :       "Kick that!"

Burn Knuckle :      "Burning!"

Power Charge :      "Shoo!  Ha!  Charging!"

Power Geyser (S) :  "Go bang!"

Power Geyser (P) :  "Livewire! Go bang!

Buster Wolf :       "Are you OK?"
 *When hits         "Buster Wolf!"

|----------------------- CONTRIBUTIONS FROM READERS ------------------------|

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Chase Coulson has mailed me with some very nice stuff to play with Terry more 

(I'm doing this by parts.)

1. TEXT (edited):

    Just Defended: This technique is the most vital part of the game. It can
    break or make you (win) in MOTW. Me and my friend are pretty equally 
    matched  in terms of combos, strategies etc., but he still has better Just
    Defense skills, so he wins more matches (hey a match won with one hit of 
    power left is still a win). I felt you needed to stress what an important 
    role Just Defended plays in the game. If you learn to do it well enough, 
    you can use it to regain enough life to make a comback. Even if you try to
    fake the other guy out into thinking you're going to attack so that he'll
    Just Defend and you can punish him afterwards doesn't always work if the
    other guy is good enough.

    Well yeah, Just Defense does play an important in the game. Otherwise, it
    wouldn't be in it? However, this is only a character FAQ and there is no
    point in rambling on about Just Defense. Otherwise, Chase himself has just
    put all that you need to know on Just Defense and I do not need to add
    anything more. If you still need more info though, check out James 
    Kuroki's excellent FAQ at GameFAQs.

2. TEXT (edited):

    AB attacks: You skipped over the important, standing and crouching AB
    attacks. Standing AB can be used as a trick move and are very hard to 
    Just Defense, and jump over a sweep. Terry's crouching AB can be used as
    combo/super combo starters, and when the opponent is coming out of the 


    I overlooked that (but then that's because I don't rely on them a lot :)
    Again, he's put it all himself. His crouching AB is highly effective
    against a landing opponent and will give you high priority. I now use
    that to trap them and to get them in a position where I'll be able to
    pull a damaging combo. The standing AB is really hard to Just Defense
    but some of the CPU opponents do it rather easily (specially Marco).
    Use it a lot against challengers.

3. TEXT (edited):

    Strategy against Kain: I highly disagree with you about there not being
    a set strategy that works. There is one and it has to do with Just 
    Defense. Kain is extremely predictable, that's the key. Use Just Defense
    whenever he attacks you and since his attacks are so slow, they're really
    easy to Just Defend. They also give you a lot of back life. He throws out
    projectiles a lot and you can Just Defend them, regain a lot of life and
    Guard Cancel to punish him. Also, he will predictably do a strong kick
    move that charges at you and if you Just Defend it, he's wide open for any
    combo. If you Just Defend when he's coming down at you, you can also 
    punish him with a combo.

    The stategy works but not always. Still, it's worth trying out but there
    is an essential condition you must meet if you really want to use this
    strategy: you must be good at Just Defending. Believe me, my friend (who
    has never cared to become familiar with the feature) wanted to try it out
    and it was horrible! >:(  
    Anyway, that's a sound strategy to beat Kain. His moves really are slow
    to come out and you can take advantage of that.

4. TEXT (edited):

    Jae Hoon: I understand he's one of the weaker characters the game the AI
    plays him but as as overall character, he's one of the strongest in the
    game. Plus he plays a lot like Kim in KOF and that's all the better. I
    guess what I'm objecting to is that an average person who is just getting
    into the game and looking for some good strategy on the characters may
    misinterpret your section on him and think he's a weak character, which
    is not the case, and they may overlook a terrific character.


    Calm down! :)  I never said Jae Hoon is weak. I just pointed out that as
    a CPU opponent, he's pretty lame and with Terry, there should be no 
    problem in defeating him. But like you say, he's deadly in the hands of
    an expert player. Which I am not with Jae Hoon (on the other hand, it's
    another story with Dong Hwan).

5. TEXT (edited):

    Guard Cancel: You hardly mentioned Guard Cancelling at all as part of
    the strategy of the game. It plays right alongside Just Defense. I know
    it's difficult to perform but if it can be mastered, it is deadly. Even
    if you do it a couple ot times in the game, if you use it in key moments,
    it can be a deciding factor.


    I overlooked that one but I truthfully think everybody's aware that Guard
    Cancel does play a role in the same (just like Just Defense). But I won't
    brush up the strategy sections again to add this because it's pretty 
    obvious and it's here now. The advantages of Guard Cancel and how to use
    it are already listed in Kuroki's FAQ or my full FAQ, check either out. 
    I won't put those here because this is only supposed to be a character 
    guide and such info don't belong here.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Very good question from Ryudain Yamazaki <onokanin@hotmail.com>.

   TEXT (edited):

    Concerning the feint moves and after reading your combos and trying them
    out, I wanted to ask something. Since, basically, it is possible to do a
    crouch C -> feint -> crouch C, shouldn't this lead to a nice infinite?


    I also thought of that myself when I first got the game. However, after
    3 crouch C's or so, Terry is pushed back even more such that it is next
    to impossible to have another one combo in because of the distance.
    As a side-note, Terry doesn't really need infinites. :)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

                                O U T R O

That's it then, folks! I hope to have done Terry justice with this guide. I
realize there are already 2 FAQs for the character up at GameFAQs and 
possibly a lot more on other sites but up to now, the ones I've read all
lacked information. They didn't dwelve into the special combos enough and
didn't concentrate on all his counters either. Hope you won't have to ask
questions on message boards now! ^_^

By the way, as you can see there is now a Contributors section in the FAQ.
Feel free to send me your own strategies and if they do work, I'll put them 

"Don't you dare underestimate me, you arrogant bastard!"
              - Terry Bogard in Fatal Fury : The Motion Picture
                (one of my favorite quotes)

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 * Edited various glaring errors and corrected quote against Butt and Dong
   Hwan (thanks to TwistingGears for pointing this out).

                                C R E D I T S

My thanks and love in the making of this guide to everyone listed here:

 - SNK <http://www.neogeo.co.jp>
   For knowing how to change Garou Dentetsu and making it even better. Sure,
   I know I said MotW isn't the best in my reviews but it comes quite close. 

 - Jeff "CJayC" Veasey <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
   For giving me a life- er, I mean, for posting my FAQs on his website.
   Thx for such a great site, CJ!

 - Jame Kuroki
   Bio sheet and movelist has been taken from his FAQ at GameFAQs. I also 
   used his guide to check the voice samples but I must say there are points 
   where I do not agree with him.

 - Chase Coulson
   For a load of contributions and pointing out what was missing from the 
   FAQ - I have put up a new section by the way.

 - Jazzie D
   For pointing out that one of the subsections was a mistake (Seiyuu changed
   into Voice Samples).

 - TwistingGears
   For correcting me on Terry's victory quote against Butt and for pointing
   out a typo I made for the one against Dong Hwan.

 - You
   Once, I went to the Garou board and saw a topic "Terry is tops, no doubt".
   Unfortunately, I didn't have time to read it. To that guy and to Terry
   players, I will now say only one thing: Terry is not tops, Terry is a 

 MY CRP: http://www.gamefaqs.com/features/recognition/8556.html

  - EOF -

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