Animation SupervisorsSandra Christiansen
Animation SupervisorsEric Ingerson
Animation SupervisorsDavid Russell
Art DirectorScott Campbell
Creative DirectorTim Schafer
Executive ProducerCaroline Esmurdoc
Lead DesignerErik Robson
Lead Gameplay ProgrammerMatthew Franklin
Lead ProgrammerDavid Dixon
MusicPeter McConnell
Music ComposerPeter McConnell
Senior Graphics ArchitectJon Stone
Story & DialogueTim Schafer
Voice of Becky HoundstoothZoe Galvez
Voice of Benny "The Nose" FideloBill Tanzer
Voice of Bobby ZilchDoug Giorgis
Voice of Brave SnailsToby Gleason
Voice of BulldogAndy Valvur
Voice of ButcherEarl Boen
Voice of CarpenterPaul Francis
Voice of Clem FooteAndy Morris
Voice of ColliePeter Dennis
Voice of Crispin WhyteheadDwight Schultz
Voice of DalmationMatt Kaminsky
Voice of Elka DoomVictoria Hoffman
Voice of Elton FirChristina Pucelli
Voice of Female DancerSydney Rainin
Voice of First PeasantJarion Monroe
Voice of Franke AthensJessie Di Cicco
Voice of Gloria Von GoutonRoberta Callahan
Voice of Hearty KnightKevin Blackton
Voice of J.T. HoofburgerJeannie Elias
Voice of Lampita PasionadoJulie Nathanson
Voice of Lili Zanotto,Squeaky Flower, Squeaky ThistleNicki Rapp
Voice of Milka PhageLara Jill Miller
Voice of Milla VodelloAlexis Lexin
Voice of Phoebe LoveCrystal Scales
Voice of Quentin HedgemouseSherrie Jackson
Voice of RazRichard Horvitz
Voice of Raz's FatherArmin Shimerman
Voice of SheegorTara Strong
Voice of St. BernardWarren Burton
Voice of Vernon TripeFaith Abrahams
Voices of Baby Oly, Second Rainbow SquirtAmber Hood
Voices of Boyd Cooper, Second PeasantAlan Blumenfeld
Voices of Chops Sweetwind, Male DancerOgie Banks
Voices of Coach Oleander, Dr. Loboto, Pokeylope, KochameraNick Jameson
Voices of Crystal Flowers Snagrash, Nils LutefiskColleen O'Shaughnessey
Voices of Dogen Boyle, Whispering Rocket Lady, First Rainbow SquirtNika Futterman
Voices of Dragon, EagleDave Boat
Voices of Edgar Teglee, Third PeasantJerry De Capua
Voices of Ford Cruller, Hulking Lungfish, Officer O'Lungfish, Lungfish Zealot, French SoldierDavid Kaye
Voices of Fred & Napolean BonapartAndre Sogliuzzo
Voices of Froggy Flower, Froggy ThistleThessaly Lerner
Voices of G-Men, Lungfish Zealot, TigerSteven Jay Blum
Voices of Head Flower, Head ThistlePeter van Shaik
Voices of Jasper Rolls, The PhantomJoe Paulino
Voices of Lungish Mom, Den MotherGinny Westcott
Voices of Lungish Zealot, Dingo Inflagrante, MatadorJosh Keaton
Voices of Maloof Canota, Kitty Bubai, Chloe BargeBrett Walter
Voices of Mikhail Bulgakov, Lungfish ZealotMark Ivanir
Voices of Sasha Nein, Bonita SoleilStephen Stanton
Voices of Wrestling Announcer, CobraJosh Blake


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