Were is Connie?

  1. When you get letter to meet her.

    User Info: wert200

    wert200 - 8 years ago


  1. You Need To Do This

    Talk to Captain Ciboulette and head back to Happy Garland. Go to the food store
    by the Lobster Inn and talk to Marjoram. He'll tell you to find Fennel at the
    Station Inn. Go there and talk to him. Afterwards head to Eurydika and speak
    with Rosemary (you might want to get the Excalibur at Dandelion's workshop on
    the way there). Go back to Happy Garland and take a train to Vision Ranch.
    Talk to Dr. Nutmeg and then head for Nefroburg. Find Basil beneath the overpass
    between the station and museum. Go to Rosemary's old apartment and talk to Ms.
    Echinachea next door. Tell her that you haven't seen Connie. She'll tell you
    she went to Seagull Beach. Head for Seagull Beach. Connie will be waiting
    there for you. Tell her "I challenge you!".

    User Info: ZidaneVanilla29

    ZidaneVanilla29 - 8 years ago 0   0

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