Review by salazarbear92

Reviewed: 04/23/18

Haunting ground

I really Enjoy the game Haunting ground I gave it five heart but I really feel it earn a four and half heart.thete are things about it I felt that should of been in the game what I think would of made the game better and more enjoyable.ok the first thing I want to start with it the end part of the game,not the ending cut science from where Fiona wakes up toward the end of the game with her hair down wearing a flithly raggedy dress.yea that how much recording thinks of her.ok any ways I did like from that time pint of game to very end.I thought it was very thought out by the designers but it is still a great game.I deal strong that they could of been more created thinking up a better way to end game.the part he chased al the way to end of the tower could of turned out a different matter re creative and the very wheat his younger form fell in the fire then out after chased her till he couldn’t live anymore.i think could of came up with something better. Oh one things I don’t is that she only 18.her age should be maybe between 21 and 24 .to me she doesn’t act 18 .she acts somewhat older and she does look really young.there are people in the late 20s who still look 16 or 18 just saying. Oh I didn’t really care for the clock tower games.haunting ground could beeen it’s own game not related to clock tower.

Ok here what I feel strongly what They couldnt of added to the game would of made it more enjoyable.what if Fiona had a twin.this would make it more the cut scene during the crash after Fionas parrents smashes into glass of the window Fiona laying down in the back seat.Fiona twin would be sitting on the floor holding knees with back up toward the door where Fionas head was. Ok They both wake up in different location of the haunting ground it is a bit confusing racardo was to empregnate her but then he was to take her Azoth they mostly all of them want her Azoth.cofnfuding right?so Then if Fiona had a twin in game they would want them for those porpouses.Recardo wants to enpregbate Fiona and take her twin Azoth to put into Daniella.Fiona would wake up in the same place her twin would wake up somewhere with chains on her wrist.

Though she would find a way to get Them also what would make this interesting through the game Fionas twin has no way to pretect her self she doesn’t have a protector like hewie so would have to fight back but still run and would be cool a button on the control or to allow her to to defend her she could slap Daniella.but you can get away with it like 2 or 3 times if you slap Danny 4 or 5 times she may pick her up and throw her goal in the game would be the same to get out of the castle but also they goal would be for Fiona and twin to reunite. Fionas twin would have to deal with Daniella more then Fiona.what do you think ?

I have also thought if some other interesting things they could put in the game message me if you like this idea.if only capcom would remake haunting ground.they remake movies all the time and change some character in the movie or the plot so why can’t they remake games and change some of the story?

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Haunting Ground (US, 05/10/05)

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