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Reviewed: 10/07/11

Better this or Amnesia:The Dark Descent?

I see so many differences and similarities between Demento and Amnesia. Here is some of them that I notice:

1. Enemies
In Demento, you can using kick, Hewie's attacks, or alchemy created weapons, and the enemy are able to knocked down. But in Amnesia: The Dark Descent, don't even think you can kill any enemies, not even fight them! No weapon, no defenses, nothing at all! And enemies in Demento will die only in their boss fights. You will not be able to kill any enemy in Amnesia, a really bad, bad, news.

2. Hide and seek
Most of the gameplay of both game are hiding from the enemy. In Demento, you can find some hiding spot at s particular areas. In Amnesia, if an enemy approaches, you can simply crouch and go into nearby dark places. You can also barricade the doors, something that never happens in Demento even if you want to give it a shot. Although, monsters in Amnesia can break doors and some obstacles. And in Demento, if you hiding in a same spot quite often, the enemy will catch wind of your hiding place.

3. Items
In Demento, players can using many variety of items, from healing items, weapons, and accessories for the player. But in Amnesia, there's not much items. The items are not more than just healing item, oil, tinderbox, and some key items. Nothing more, nothing less. And sometimes in Amnesia, you have a very, very, empty inventory space.

4. Panic/sanity
If you played Demento, you may recognize what is panic, and how to reduce it. Panic induces if you watch some events, attacked by enemies, or checking scary objects. The good news is, there are so many ways to reduce panic in Demento, by using items to reduce panic, hiding, or simply crouching. For those who played Amnesia, I'm sure you know what sanity is. However, restoring sanity is not as easy as reducing panic in Demento. Player must keep their position in light area to stop sanity from draining. Watching some events, staring at enemies, or standing in the darkness may reducing sanity (sometimes sanity reduce rapidly), and it will make you more noticeable by any enemies around you. While panic only make the movement a bit harder than normal. Less likely for player to find any sanity-raising items, merely just trying to solve puzzles, or at least entering new areas to regain full sanity back. What a waste!

So, what do you prefer, Amnesia or Demento?

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Haunting Ground (US, 05/10/05)

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