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FAQ/Walkthrough by ButterzV

Updated: 05/21/05

79 characters long
Haunting Ground

This guide is a (c) copyright production of ButterzV 2005.  This guide cannot
be reproduced in any way.  This guide is for personal use only and cannot be
used for profit by anyone.

I am pretty cool about it if you want to use this guide on your site.  All
that I ask, is that you email me to let me know you are doing it, and give me
the name of your site, which in turn I will put in this guide.  Also, if you
want to use this guide you MUST give me full credit.  You may not say it is 
your work.


NOTE: This guide is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS.  The full and final guide will not be
done for quite sometime.  However, right now I feel I need to put up the one
thing that is really important to people, the Walkthrough.

Updates: Version History

- May 17, 2005 -
* Noticed that on the website version of the guide several things are changed.
  Some diagarams and stuff in the item section is screwed up.  I will be 
  trying to fix this ASAP, but I don't want to neglect the rest of the guide 
  as well.
* Very minor Walkthrough update

- May 16, 2005 -
* Updated Walkthrough
* Guide published

- May 15, 2005 -

* Updated Items
* Updated Puzzles
* Updated FAQ
* Updated Walkthrough
* Still nothing real major, but I hope to complete the Walkthrough soon, then
  I will focus much more on the extra things.

- May 14, 2005 -

* Began this guide
* Added the some parts of the Walkthrough
* Started some of the characters

Table of Contents

7.Ranking Guide(Coming soon)
8.Endings(Coming soon)
9.Rewards(Coming soon)
10.End of Document


I have had Haunting Ground for a couple of days now.  Even though I was able
to successfully complete most of the game on my own, some areas I really had a 
hard time on.  I was stuck.  No clue.  Clueless.  What better place to go when
your clueless, then GameFAQs?  I came here hoping for some answers, and got
none.  There are only a couple of Walkthroughs up and I found none of them
clear enough or complete enough to help me.

So, as soon as I finished the game, I started making this.  I am working hard
and fast to get the Walkthrough up, because I feel people need it up.  If this
game is anything popular, people will want to play it and when they get stuck
I want them to have a good Walkthrough guide they can come to.  I am leave
almost everything else blank until the Walkthrough is up.  Over the next 
few days I will be making a mad dash to update this and get the Walkthrough 

This game isn't really divided into sections like other of Capcoms survival
horror games, so it is hard to sort of divide the walkthrough into sections
like Resident Evil or Silent Hill or anything like that.  So I will try to
divide it into some sort of organized way, as soon as it's fully up.


Haunting Ground-Without anything else, here it is.

Head through the garden area.  Pass the big tree up and continue down the path
to a caged area.  Open the gate and pick up the sparkling item.  Head back
towards the steps, and follow them all the way to the top.

You are now in your safe room.  You can Save here and hide in here.  You will
also be greeted by your first cut scene in here.  If you want to watch it 
you can.  But, most of the time I just skip them.  After the cut-scene, go and
examine the clock.  Whenever you see an old clock like this, you can always
save your game.  Change into the clothes the maid gives you, and go through
the door.  Go up the stairs to Fiona's left.  Run straight and ignore the door
here.  Keep going until you come to the end of the hallway and another cut  
scene will start.

Here, you will meet Debilitas.  A big monster creature-like thing.  He is your
only real problem right now.  After the cut scene, return to your safe room
and HIDE under the bed.  You do this by going next to the bed and pressing
circle.  After he has left the room get out from under the bed and go back
to the hall.

Go back to where Debilitas was and pick up his doll.  You see a box in front
of a door on the left and a hall on your right.  For now, go to your right and
enter the door.  You see a typewriter in the corner of this room.  Head over
to the typewriter and type in the word "EMETH" and another one that says 
"REST" and leave.  Go over to the box in front of the door, and push the box 
out of the way.  Proceed through the door.  After the scene, go through the 

Outside.  Go down the ladder.  Head through the second door in this area, as
the first one is locked at the moment.  Continue around the end of the path
and enter the door.  Go over to the table and pick up the key and another cut
scene will begin.  After the scene is over, take the key and return to the
original outside area.  Use the key on the locked door and you will meet your
next enemy, Luminescents.  These are easily avoided.  Go through the door.

Go to Fiona's left and down the hall.  Save at the clock if you want to.  Go 
around the corner and notice the cracked wall.  Kick the wall with the square
button and take the Cracked Keyplate.  Go down the steps and insert your REST
keyplate into it the red thing. 

This is the Bathroom.  Take note of four important things in this room.  
Number one, the sink.  The sink is a place where you can have a drink of water
and rejuvenate yourself.  This will come in handy when Fiona is tired or weak.
Number two, the bathtub to Fiona's left as soon as she enters the room.  This
tub is a good hiding spot when you need one.  The third note, is the middle
closet in the back.  This is another good hiding spot for Fiona when she is in
trouble and needs to hide.  The last thing to take note of is the locked 
closet(the closet to the way left).  Return to the hall.

Go through the door closest to you in this area.  This is the kitchen.  Head 
to the right and go into the door.  Your in the Dining Room.  Go to the table 
and get the Cracked Keyplate.  One plate says RE and the other ST.  Take note 
of that.  Go to the other door in here and unlock it.  You can now have faster
access to the Safe room area of the mansion.  Return to the kitchen, then go 
down the steps on the other side.  Pick up the map down here(many people don't
use maps, but I can find them useful in some cases).  Then return back up the 

You will then be have a cut scene with you and Debilitas, then you and 
Ricardo.  After the cut scenes are over you wake up in your room and a new

You have to go and set that dog free.  Head back outside into the gardening
area.  Go and free the dog.  As you make your way back to the safe room, you 
will notice a gate open.  Continue back into your room.  When you return to
your room, another cut scene with you and Debilitas happens, and then the dog
that you just saved comes to save you.  Order the dog to attack Debilitas and
he will leave.  After that, the dog "Hewie" will follow you.  

NOTE: Regarding when to scold and praise Hewie, I usually just praise him
      after he gets me something good, and I scold him when he doesn't
      listen or follow orders. 

You will also get an instructional lesson on how to use the dog and what his
commands are, using the right joystick.

Once you have control if Fiona and Hewie, leave out the door to the garden and
go down the first flight of stairs.  Once your on the first balcony, go to
Fiona's right and through the gate.  You see a pile of debris.  Fiona can't go
up it, so order Hewie to go up it, by pressing the right analog stick up.  He
will come down with the Marionette.  Continue going this way, and get the
shining item on the bridge.  I am not sure what you will get, but I got a 
Medallion.  After you have the item, go back to the safe room.  Exit the safe
room out the opposite door.  Go through the door right up the stairs to your
left.  Go down the path and through the door and into the golem room.  Go out
the golem room and on to the balcony.

On the balcony, you should have noticed a shining object above the door into
the clock hallway.  If not, look now.  Stand near the ladder or wherever you 
must to have the shining object in your view.  Order Hewie to go and get the
object.  Once he has it, go down the ladder and give him a praise.  Go into 
the clock hall.

I would suggest that you save, incase you screw up on the up coming challenge.
In the first area of the clock hall, on the opposite side of the room, you
will notice a little switch that you can stand on that will raise a gate.  
Go insert the Marionette in the door right next to the grandfather clock.  
Then go stand on the switch and order Hewie to come and stay on it.  Make sure
he stays, or you won't be able to complete this task.  Once he is definitely 
on the switch, run into the room next to the clock and head to Fiona's left.
Go around the bend and go over to the blue light on the wall.  Deactivate the 
lever and you should be good.  If you walk across the eyes on the wall to 
Fiona's right, before you deactivate the switch, spikes will shoot out and you
will die.

Get Hewie and go through the door in this room.  You see a chair in the light
here.  Keep going down the hall and you will hear the phone ring.  After you
answer it, you automatically go to a cut scene and then after that Debilitas 
will be chasing you again.  Run to the bathroom and hide because you will most
likely need an immediate hiding spot.  After it's safe go back the way you
came and return to the room that you were called in.  Debilitas may still be
chasing you, so be careful.  Once back in this room grab the item off the
table.  Go through the door.  Make your way up the stairs and through the 
door.  Go around the passage and into the door at the end.  You are now in
the nursery.  You could hide in the closet in the corner right next to the
door.  If Debilitas is still on you, I strongly suggest you hide in here until
the coast is clear.  Continue on to the second floor balcony.

You see a bunch of statues of knights and warriors here.  Continue around the
path.  You will see a small hole in the corner as your making your way around
the area.  You can go in here if you want, but you really don't need to.  This
is the machine room.  There is a special machine that you can but your medals
and medallions in and then try to match colors for items that will help you.
It is not a necessity that you go in here now, but I suggest you check it out
sooner or later.  Continue around the second floor and go through the door 
right before the stairs.  Have Hewie sit here and wait before you check out 
the sparkling thing.  Then go check it out.  

You will fall and Debilitas will be chasing you again.  Run into the fourth
door on the right.  If you can, try to close it behind you.  Leave the item 
for now and go through the door directly across from you.  Go around the
corner and into the next room.  Here you can hide under the bed if you need 
to, to stop Debilitas.  You can also get an item from the side as well.

Once you loose Debilitas, go back to where you fell and make sure you pick up
Hewie on your way.  Once here, go through the passage to the right of the four
doors.  Go down the path and have Hewie get the item over the fence.  He will
bring it back to you.  Praise him and then run all the way around to the 
opposite passage, next to the first door.

NOTE: The first door is a sort of safe room, so you could go and save in it
      if you need to.

Anyway, make your way around to the other side.  Go all the way through and
at the end raise the gate by pulling the lever.  Stay in this area and have 
the dog get you the flowers on the other side of the fence.  Once you have the
flowers backtrack over the ramp and before the gate heading back to the doors
you should notice a little hole.  Order Hewie in the hole and go to the doors.
Enter into the first door.

You can save here.  In the corner of the room, you will see some moths.  They
are attracted to nectar or something like that.  Next to the door that you 
entered in, is a empty pot of flowers.  Put the Fresh Flowers in the empty pot
and they will eave and go to those flowers.  You can then enter the next room.
In here, you are safe from Debilitas, if you close the door and push the thing
to the left of the door, in front of the door, he can't get in.  Anyway, there
are a few items in here.  Pick them up and head down the ladder in here.  You
will see a big fence that Fiona can't get past, but Hewie should be on the 
other side.  Order him to get the thing on the floor and then return back up.
Exit the room, and return to the hole where you left Hewie.

When with Hewie, praise him and tell him to come.  Head up and over the ramp
and past the flowered area.  Continue around everything past the bench and all
the way to the end.  There is some beef jerky in a cabin at the end, and you 
can obtain many items by bashing the flower pots on the ground on your way
there.  After you've got all the items head over to the bench(which can also 
provide a good hiding spot) and go up the ladder next to it.  Go up the next
ladder.  There may be an item in here on the floor.  If so, pick it up and 
unlock the door near the piano.  

NOTE: MAKE SURE that you push the revolving eye thing until it clicks.

Walk out a little bit and you will notice some familiar surroundings.  Head 
over to Fiona's right and down the path and through the door(this area is 
right before the golems room).  In here, use your Study Key on the desk to 
unlock it.  Get the Lunar Refractor and leave.

Return to the area where the balcony collapsed on you, where the four doors
are.  Where the four doors are, head to the right of the fourth door(the one
that leads you back into the mansion).  Go down this path and past the gates.
Go up the ladder in the corner, then the next ladder.  There are two vases up
here.  Break them and get the item before you do anything else.  Go over to
the thing in the opposite corner of the flower pots and kick it.  I had to 
kick it three times to lower the bridge.  After I lowered it, Debilitas jumped
over the sides of the area and chased me.  Be aware, that this very well may
happen to you also.

After that, head up to the second floor where the hole to the machine room
was.  Up here, go through the door to the balcony on the second floor(the one
that you crashed through the floor in).  Go up the ladder and over the bridge.
Proceed through the door.

NOTE: You can order Hewie to go and get the medallion on top of the thing.  It
     	 is shining so you will know exactly where it is when you see it.

Puzzle Room.  Now you have to solve your second puzzle.  This isn't a real
difficult one, but if you don't do it in the right order, it will be very 
annoying.  This is a list of things to do in order.

1.Go down the left stairs and move the Blue stone one space out.
2.Move the Green stone down to the open slot, but no further.
3.Go back up the stairs and down the other ones.
4.Move the Red stone that is touching the other stones, left just until you
   have the two open spaces cleared.
5.Move the other Red stone, one stone length right.
6.Go back down the other stairs and move the Blue one enough, so you can go
   behind it and push it into the blue slot across the room.
7.Insert the two Red stones and a cut scene happens.

NOTE: If you need anymore help check out the Puzzle section where I included
      a diagram.

Go down the stairs in here, into the next room.  You could unlock the door
in here.  Notice, the two eye things.  Use the Lunar Refractor on the eye near
the door.  Push each eye until you hear the click and then there is another 
cut scene in which you gain access to the other door in this room.  You should
probably save in the clock that area, as you will have to fight Debilitas 

Go around the corner and proceed down the stairs.  Go through the door down 
here.  Order Hewie to go and follow him.  There are large gaps in certain 
areas of this room, so Hewie should lead you in the right direction.  If you 
fall, you die, that is why I recommended you save.  Anyway, once your past
this area, continue to the next.  Run past the pues and search the statue and 
the cane.  Take the Saturnus Key.  Try to make your way back and Debilitas 
will try to attack you.  You see those two things on the sides of the wall as 
you came in.  Those gold colored things?  Lure Debilitas into them and the 
light on the ceiling will fall on him.  After this happens, he becomes your 
sort of friend.

After you defeat him make your way back to the room with the two eyes(where
the puzzle room led down to).  Go through the door in this room leading to the
outside area.  Go over the ramp and go to the end of this area, past the bench
and into the little cabin at the end.  Go to the back and find Debilitas in
the back.  He will give you the Smudged Key.  You can do this later, but the
sooner the better.  Make your way to the Bathroom near the Kitchen.  You can
make your way there faster, by using the gate you can pull up in the flower
yard by using the lever.

Go to the LOCKED stall in the bathroom and use the key Debilitas gave you.
Follow the passage way all the way down and pick up the Metal Boots on the

After you get the boots, head back up to the puzzle room.  Use your Saturnus 
Key on the door.  You will be interrupted.  Cut scene.  Once you have control
of Fiona, make your way up the stairs and have her lay down.  Another cut
scene except now, Danielle is chasing you.  Run away from her and go back to
the puzzle room and use your key.  Walk a little bit and Danielle comes back.
Run straight forward and through the door.

Run up the stairs.  About half way up you will see a mirror and when Danielle
sees it, she will flip out and start going nuts.  When you get control of 
Fiona again, head up the rest of the stairs and through the door.  Go down the
stairs and through the door.

Hallway.  As soon as you come into this hallway, notice the little side rooms.
The first side room is not a room it is a curtain.  You can hide in here.  
Make your way around the hall, searching the side rooms.  I found a Camiloe
and some Lavender.  There is also a big clock, in which you can save at.  Now
is a pretty good time to save.
After that, exit this little area, and head to Fiona's left and through the 
door.  Head straight and pull the curtain away, revealing a mirror.  Head
around the side and through the door.  You are now in the plant room or indoor
gardening area.  You see that luminescent?  Have it follow you back to the
clock save.  Lure it into the little light in the center of the room and then
watch the cut scene.  Return to the plant room.

Continue around the walkway and through the door at the end.  Go around the
corner, past the couches.  Right after the couches is a little hole and a 
vase a little further down.  Break the gold vase if you want then go into the
little hole and go down the path.  Get the item and break the vase and through
the hole.

Head down the hallway, and through the first door you see.  You can rejuvenate
yourself in the sink as soon as you walk in.  Head over to the word jumble on 
the wall.  Look at it and try to find the three words.  If you can't here they
are: "SALT" "SULFUR" and "MERCURY".  Head over to the typewriter and make 
three plates with these words on them.  Then leave this room and back into the
hall.  Go through the door to Fiona's straight ahead.  Continue straight until
your in the next save area.

Fetch the map here, incase you need it.  Then head back to the red passageway.
Go through the door in the middle here.  In the carousel room.  Continue 
through the door.  Head down the stairs allowing the luminescent to chase you.  
Head to Fiona's right and into the first door you see.

Have the luminescent crash into the lamp in the corner and the door will open.
Take the film reel.  Use your three key plates here.  Insert the SALT key 
plate into the bottom left statue.  Then insert the MERCURY key plate into
the bottom right statue.  Then go to either statue and try to use the SULFUR
key plate.  Hewie will do it for you.  Praise him and go up the ice ladder.

Go through the passage here and pick up the sparkling item on the floor.  Then
go over to the ladder on the other side.  Kick it three times and grab the
Jupiter Key.  You could save if you want.  Go through the door in here.  
Continue over the walkway and through the door at the end.

NOTE: Danielle may chase after you here.  She chased me at least.

Continue around the room and through the door.  Look familiar?  Head around
the other side and down the stairs on the left side of the hall.  They may be
sort of hard to find because they are not out in the open, but they are there.
Go down the left stairs and use the Jupiter Key.  This must be Danielle's room
or something.  Search the chess board, the hourglass next to Danielle and 
the statues.  Don't search Danielle or she will chase you with a different 
weapon.  Once you've done that, leave and go back up the stairs and down the
right staircase.  Use the Jupiter Key again, and through the door.  Same room
except on the other side?  You could examine each item further, but if you
examine the wrong item further you will die.  Examine ONLY the chess board,
the hourglass, and the clay statues.



The main character in the game is Fiona.  She appears to be a teenager or some
sort of young person, who's not sure where she is or what's going on.  She has 
to piece together a puzzle and figure out what is going on.  She finds out
that her and her family were in a car accident, and she was the only one that
survived.  She must now make her way out of the castle and find out what is 
really going on here.


A little white dog that his owner, for some mysterious reason chained to the
tree out in the garden of the mansion.  Hewie is saved by Fiona and becomes
her companion throughout the game.  He has his own set of commands to follow.
Hewie's commands are done by pressing the right analog stick a certain 

Up		Attack		Go
Down		Back off	Come along
Left		None		Scold
Right		None		Praise


A big freakish like person.  Really resembles Lenny from Mice and Men, except
much slower.  He is a real pain in the @$$ when he is chasing after you, but 
when you see him in cut scenes he looks so innocent and cute in a weird way 
that you kind of feel sorry for him.  Anyway, he's a real pain when he's 
chasing after you and watch your back all the time.  He sometimes pops up at 
random places.  


The maid of the castle.  She is the second bad guy that will case you in the


Antimony Powder		Throw it, and it explodes on impact.  Weak, but can 
			stun enemies for short period
Bennenam Esca		What does this do?
Beef Jerky		Restores dog stamina and makes him "happy"
Bisque Doll		Debilitas favorite play thing
Broken Marionette	Used to unlock the door leading to the Eye Puzzle
Caminole		Completely restores lost stamina
Carbo			What does this do? Nothing
Chicken Jerky		Restores some of dogs stamina
Fresh Flowers		Distracts moths, so you can enter the laundry safe
Lavender		Slowly reduces panic
Magnesia		Place on ground and if an enemy runs over it, it will 
Medallions		Medallions can be used in the machine to make useful
			items that can be helpful to Fiona
Metal Boots		Stronger boots for Fiona to wear
Onion			Lowers dog stamina
Quies			Restores small amount of stamina
Refined antimony	More power then standard antimony powder
Smudged Key		Taken from Debilitas and used in the Bathroom to get
			the Metal Boots 
Torva			What does this do? Nothing


PUZZLE #1: Killer Eye Puzzle
Location: Clock hallway, door located around the corner from Kitchen
This isn't your ordinary puzzle.  What you have to do, is get Hewie to sit on
the switch located in the hallway.  The switch is on the other side of the
room, opposite the door to the outside.  "Call" Hewie over then order him to
"Stay".  This will leave the gate in the up position, so you can go into the
door, and go to Fiona's left and pull the blue switch.  Then you can walk past
the eyes on the side of the side of the wall.

PUZZLE #2: Colored Block Puzzle
Location: Room across the bridge on roof of mansion
The room is set up something like this:

X	     R 	B.   X
X      d	d. G X
X		 .   X
X	   R	 .   X
X		 .   X
X		     X 

(Not draw to scale)
R = Red Stone
B = Blue Stone
G = Green Stone
  = Empty space
. = Barrier
d = Stairs

Here is a list of things to do from when you enter the room.
1.Go down the left stairs and move the Blue stone one space out.
2.Move the Green stone down to the open slot, but no further.
3.Go back up the stairs and down the other ones.
4.Move the Red stone that is touching the other stones, left just until you
   have the two open spaces cleared.
5.Move the other Red stone, one stone length right.
6.Go back down the other stairs and move the Blue one enough, so you can go
   behind it and push it into the blue slot across the room.
7.Insert the two Red stones and a cut scene happens.


If you have any questions regarding the game, e-mail them to me at
ButterZ@hotmail.com and I will answer them for you.

Q: How do I get Debilitas to stop chasing me?
A: Hide until you see "Coast is Clear" and then you will probably be safe.

Q: I get "Coast is Clear" but when I leave the room he is right there.
A: Stay in the room a little longer or take a different path.  I have been 
   in many different chases with this guy, and he can really be a paint to
   get rid of.

10.End of Document

This guide is (c) ButterzV 2005.  This guide cannot be re-written in any
way and cannot be used for anything other then personal use only.  

If anybody wants to contribute their information ANYWHERE in this guide, just
give me an e-mail and I will post what you want me to put up.  I will give you
all the credit you deserve and will make people aware of what you wanted to be

If anyone wants to use this guide on their site or whatever, it's cool.  Just
e-mail me letting me know your doing it.

Thanks, ButterzV

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