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FAQ/Walkthrough by sharmineishak

Version: 1.5b | Updated: 11/11/05

    |       Walkthrough / FAQ         |-----------------------------\
    0=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=0 A Work in Progress...       |    
    |Platform Format: Sony PlayStation®2                               |
    |Genre          : Survival Horror                                  |
    |Developer      : Capcom                                           |
    |Publisher      : Capcom                                           |
    |                                                                  |
    |Author         : Sharmine Ishak (aka Sam)                         |
    |E-mail         : sharmineishak@yahoo.com                          |
    |FAQ Version    : 1.5b                                             |
    |Last updated   : November 11th 2005                               |



 Note: To go to a specific section, press CTRL+F to open the FIND menu.
       Type in the section name you wish to go to (don't forget the #).
       Be reminded that the find menu is character sensitive, so make
       sure you only type in what is relevant (especially of spaces).
       Or you could just copy and paste.

 |   SECTION                                              |  SEARCH KEYS  |
 |                                                                        |
 |     I. Legalities .....................................   [#01LGL]     |
 |                                                                        |
 |    II. Updates ........................................   [#02UPDTS]   |
 |                                                                        |
 |   III. The Basic Stuff ................................   [#03BASIC]   |
 |           A. Story ....................................   [#03STORY]   |
 |           B. Characters ...............................   [#03CHAR]    |
 |           C. Enemies ..................................   [#03ENM]     |
 |           D. Gameplay .................................   [#03GMPLY]   |
 |           E. Controls .................................   [#03CTRLS]   |
 |                                                                        |
 |    IV. Walkthrough ....................................   [#04WALK]    |
 |           A. How this walkthrough works ...............   [#04HOWTO]   |
 |           B. The Paranoid's 10 Survival Tips ..........   [#04TIPS]    |
 |           C. The Story Begins                                          |
 |                 i.    The heiress to Belli castle .....   [#04WLK01]   |
 |                 ii.   A guardian angel for Fiona ......   [#04WLK02]   |
 |                 iii.  Incomplete Nature ...............   [#04WLK03]   |
 |                 iv.   Driven by Azoth .................   [#04WLK04]   |
 |                 v.    The Fall of Riccardo ............   [#04WLK05]   |
 |                 vi.   A House of Truth ................   [#04WLK06]   |
 |                 vii.  The old, young, and new .........   [#04WLK07]   |
 |                 viii. When the Dead don't die..........   [#04WLK08]   |
 |           D. Puzzle Guide                                              |
 |                 i.    The Puppet's Eye ................   [#04PZL01]   |
 |                 ii.   Butterfly Kisses ................   [#04PZL02]   |
 |                 iii.  The Secret Staircase ............   [#04PZL02]   |
 |                 iv.   The Road of Darkness.............   [#04PZL03]   |
 |                 v.    Serpentine ......................   [#04PZL04]   |
 |                 vi.   The Three Trials of Jupiter .....   [#04PZL05]   |
 |                 vii.  Elemental .......................   [#04PZL06]   |
 |                 viii. White Blood .....................   [#04PZL07]   |
 |                 ix.   Meth ............................   [#04PZL08]   |
 |                 x.    Disarrangement in the Library ...   [#04PZL09]   |
 |                 xi.   Three Circle Combination ........   [#04PZL10]   |
 |                 xii.  Broken Arrow ....................   [#04PZL11]   |
 |                 xiii. A Question of Balance ...........   [#04PZL12]   |
 |                 xiv.  Planetary Alignment .............   [#04PZL13]   |
 |                                                                        |
 |     V. Endings ........................................   [#05ENDGS]   |
 |                                                                        |
 |    VI. Ratings/Play Types .............................   [#06RATE]    |
 |                                                                        |
 |   VII. Unlockables/Secrets/Extras .....................   [#07UNLCK]   |
 |           A. Extras & Secrets .........................   [#07EXT]     |
 |           B. Costumes .................................   [#CSTM]      |
 |           C. Lists                                                     |
 |                 i.   Movie Gallery List ...............   [#07LIST01]  |
 |                 ii.  Music Gallery List ...............   [#07LIST02]  |
 |                 iii. Art Gallery List .................   [#07LIST03]  |
 |                 iv.  Character Gallery List ...........   [#07LIST04]  |
 |                                                                        |
 |  VIII. Items ..........................................   [#08ITMS]    |
 |           A. Battle Items .............................   [#08BTL]     |
 |           B. Health Items .............................   [#08HLTH]    |
 |           C. Dog-Related Items ........................   [#08DOG]     |
 |           D. Equipment ................................   [#O8EQP]     |
 |           E. Key/Special Items ........................   [#08KEY]     |
 |           F. Miscellaneous ............................   [#08MISC]    |
 |                                                                        |
 |    IX. Synthesizing ...................................   [#09SYNTH]   |
 |                                                                        |
 |     X. FAQ ............................................   [#10FAQ]     |
 |                                                                        |
 |    XI. My Personal Review .............................   [#11REVW]    |
 |                                                                        |
 |   XII. Credits ........................................   [#12CRED]    |
 |                                                                        |
 |  XIII. Other Sites Featuring This Walkthrough .........   [#13SITES]   |
 |                                                                        |
 |   XIV. About the Author ...............................   [#14ABOUT]   |
 |                                                                        |


I.                             Legalities                          [#01LGL]
This walkthrough/guide/FAQ is copyright©2005 Sharmine Ishak. Feel free
to download or print it for your own personal, private usage. However.
you may not reproduce it without prior written consent. 

Haunting Ground and all its characters are the trademarked property of 
Capcom. The PlayStation®2 is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment.
All related names fall under the same applicable laws. All rights reserved.

Also, there's no problem putting it up on your website, just notify me
beforehand and give me the credit where it's due. If you don't inform
me, I'm going to get VERY ANGRY. And you don't want to see me VERY ANGRY,
do you? You do? I'm sure you don't, unless you want me to drag your sorry 
behind to a court of law and sue the heck out of everything you own.

If anybody sees this FAQ on a site that's not listed (see Other Sites
Featuring This Walkthrough), message me and I'll make sure you get a
special thanks in the credits section.

That said, I'm a pretty nice guy.

II.                              Updates                         [#02UPDTS]

 | 05.07.2005 | "The First Day Writing A Walkthrough"

Well this is it... my first walkthrough. I've just finished playing 
Haunting Ground (now starting a new game in Hard Mode) and the greatness
of this game, well... it just got me all pumped up to want to write a FAQ
all about it! As this is my first effort, I hope you guys really forgive 
me - I am really clueless at this, but I'll give a try writing this, coz'
I really want to write this, I really do! So anyway, here goes...

 | 05.08.2005 | "Basic Stuff"

Completed the Basic Stuff. Took a while writing that - I've got my
TV Production exams on Monday (both studying and writing this at the same
time). Well anyway, I've only just finished the first part of the 
walkthrough, still got loads to go - but bear with me as I want to make 
this a really great guide in playing this game, as I feel... the game 
deserves it! It's that a bad excuse to write a walkthrough or what? =P

 | 05.11.2005 | "More Sites Are Featuring This FAQ. Wow!"

It's only been two days since I put the FAQ on GameFAQs, but now other 
sites are featuring my guide: NeoSeeker and IGN. For now, not much change
yet... hold on, I'm getting more info for this guide...

 | 05.25.2005 | "Adding Stuff"

The exams are over - college is out and I'm just gonna sit home and finish
this FAQ! Still more updating needed. Started playing through the game in
Hard Mode now, and suffering for it - I've died eight times now, mostly 
from being hunted down. Hewie is not helping (maybe coz' I used the German 
Shepard costume and that costume makes him hard to control...) I've also 
started classifying most of the information under their own specific 
categories. I also opened up a few new sections: and my own Personal
Review, Items and Lists (which I have classified under Secrets).

 | 06.19.2005 | "Tired... must... keep... going..."

Whew! Writing is hell, but it sure does pay off when you complete it huh?
E-mails are coming in, to most of them I personally replied. Whatever
that is worth to be mentioned here, will be mentioned here. Keep em'
coming people. I'm writing the walkthrough as fast as I can and taking
it closer to Ricky (that's my pet name for Riccardo) for now. Meanwhile,
I'm proofreading it, and changing some remarks I made earlier, altering 
most of the states and well, making sure nothing offending was said and 
ensuring nothing offending WILL be said.

 | 07.26.2005 | "2 Months of Silence..."

FOR THIS WALKTHROUGH FOR SO LONG! Finally the walkthrough is complete!
Basically I fulfilled all the things that I put in the contents except
for the Hewie mini-game. I also scraped a lot of the old format during
a major "overhaul", practically changing and redesigning the FAQ for a
more cleaner look. Now here it is for your eyes only, cleaner, better, 

 | 11.11.2005 | "Finally posted it up huh?"

I finally posted it up... though it's not complete yet. You would
think that with all that time I had, I should have finished it. Well, at 
least I posted it up first with updates instead of leaving it on my 
computer where it will continue to rot until I update it the next time. 
Hold  your horses people, I will write this until it is complete! 
Very sorry!

III.                          The Basic Stuff                    [#02UPDTS]
                          |       Story        |                 [#02STORY]

Haunting Ground or Demento as it is also known tells the story of a girl
named Fiona Belli, the sole survivor of a tragic car accident 
who wakes up only to find herself locked up in an old unfamiliar castle. 
With no apparent way out, she wanders through the ancient castle and soon 
learns that upon her parents' death in the car accident, she has now 
inherited the very large, very spooky, very ghostly Belli castle. 
Cue Velma: "Jeepers!"

To make matters worse, Fiona is pursued by a disturbed and deformed man 
Debilitas, but is lucky to come across a white german shepherd named Hewie 
who she also finds trapped in the castle. Upon releasing him, a bond is 
formed between the two and together, they work to find and free themselves 
from the castle and it's eerie surroundings, constantly on the run from the 
mentally-challenged Debilitas, the psycho murderess maid Daniella, the 
mysterious castle keeper Riccardo, or the unknown Lorenzo who has a secret 
agenda of his own.

So what happens next? You find out.

                          |     Characters     |                  [#02CHAR]

                                FIONA BELLI
Another weak helpless girl stuck in a secret plot only possible by the 
makers of Clock Tower (presumably). Although not the typical kick-butt 
protagonist (like Capcom's Jill Valentine or Konami's Heather Mason), 
Fiona has all the British charm instilled in her, and all the makings of 
the average slasher horror flick heroine: big assets, fainting at all the 
right moments, and the voice to scream hell when danger approaches.

Tag line: "HEWIE!"

The white german shepherd doggie who guides Fiona through Belli Castle. 
After freeing him from a tree that he was tied to, a bond is formed between 
the two and Hewie follows Fiona all around, helping her with his animal 
instinct and his will to be man's best friend. However at times he can just 
be plain deaf, or plain dumb (whichever comes first) making him more of a 
liability than a help. Well, if it's a gift, it's also gotta be a curse...

Tag line: "BARK! BARK!"

"He's big, he's hairy, he's sometimes smelly..." Neo Hunchback of Notre 
Dame makes his debut here as the gardener cum psycho pervert. He may be 
dumb and stupid, but he's a danger when he gets all "excited" over Fiona. 
In fact, I think you should be able to smell him a mile away, what with 
that horrible garbage he's wearing...

Tag line: "My dolly!"

The perfect maid who's by far the most psychotic of the lot. Unable to feel
pain or pleasure (as she puts it - she's some sort of genetic creation I 
think) she hunts Fiona down, hoping that by killing Fiona - it would make 
her whole. Don't be fooled by the doe-eyed harmless look, you gotta stop 
and look past the staring eyes and you'll soon see the psycho within, 
wielding a shard of broken glass and a fiery metal poker. Chilling! 

Tag line: "I am not complete."

He's the castle keeper. Or so he says. Dressed up as a monk and somewhat 
bearing a close resemblance to Mr. Belli (Fiona's dad), Riccardo is as 
mysterious as the castle he supposedly keeps. Can he be trusted? Or can 
the gun in his hand be a more trusted adversary?

Tag line: "You are mine, Fiona."

The savior. He says he wants to help Fiona, but apparently it is obvious 
that he has much more on his mind than just helping. I'll leave what he 
looks like to your imagination, don't wanna spoil the sur-preese!

Tag line: "Azoth!"

                 MR. AND MRS. BELLI aka MOTHER AND FATHER
Fiona's dead-and-gone parents. Though we've never seen them anywhere else 
'cept for the FMVs, they looked quite like the happy couple - until the 
accident happened... so sad... so tragic... so typical... 

Tag line: (screams and then crashes into something and silence...) =p

                          |      Enemies       |                   [#02ENM]

These blue orby balls are attracted to Fiona, and will shatter upon touch, 
increasing Fiona's panic and emit a loud sound that will bring any pursuer 
nearby in the vicinity to your location. 

Solution: Head into another area and shut the door! They can't follow 
          Fiona's smell, and will lose track of her.

They look like sprouted Mandragora babies and will try to constantly grab 
hold of Fiona. When they do manage to grab Fiona, they'll wail like a cat 
being beaten to death attracting attention, hence calling forth your 
average neighborhood psychos. Hiding from them is of no use, as they'll 
just give away your position to your pursuer. 

Solution: As they approach, prepare to kick them to death until they 
          disperse in a cloud of red smoke. 

                          |      Gameplay      |                 [#02GMPLY]

Well, Haunting Ground has about the same gameplay as Clock Tower, having 
the main character run around, escaping from demented sickos and unable to 
do little or no combat at all. As it is, the gameplay has much of the
essence of a TRUE survival horror - the type of survival horror involving
just running to save your own behind. Right. So what can you do?

Your only hope is "HEWIE", the dog that'll soon come to be your best buddy
and your only hope in getting out of this hell-hole ALIVE. Using the right-
analog stick, you can control Hewie to come and go. You may also praise him
and scold him, but these affects how Hewie reacts, leading to serious 
consequences. So whenever Hewie does something good, praise him; if he does 
something wrong that you disapprove off, scold him. But Hewie doesn't come 
in until a bit later in the game, so until then you have to fend off for 

You can't wave a weapon around, but you can "KICK". Kicking is used mostly 
for breaking apart vases on the ground, doors, or whatever that may seem 
destructible or fragile. It may not do much damage, but getting the right 
equipment may just power up your legs to do some real damage and yes, real 
combat (added leg power = real combat?). Be warned though, you CAN kick 
Hewie and that may affect your relationship with him - so look out where 
you kick. Note: I recommend you sick Hewie on the enemy and kick at the 
same time. This tag team effort is sure to bring down anybody in no time! 
You can also kick doors, to close open doors fast! For fun, why not kick
the doors when the enemies are walking through. "Give them a little jolt!"

You may also do a "SHOVE". To do this: with Fiona running, do a kick and 
Fiona will ram into the enemy, causing them a short moment of sur-preese, 
which is enough for you to make your getaway. However this move consumes 

To avoid enemy attacks, Fiona may also "BACKSTEP" and dodge the enemy's
attack. I haven't done this a lot and don't know how effective it is,
but just like the shove, it consumes stamina - so use it wisely. 

You can also make Fiona "LUNGE" by doing a backstep and then kick, which 
will make Fiona lunge forward and push the enemy. A perfect counter
attack after dodging. Also consumes stamina.

Before long, you'll soon find yourself being pursued by the relentless
psychos. Utilizing the "PANIC" meter as before, Fiona reacts to the 
surroundings around her: the blood on the walls, or a sudden scream, 
whatever it is that may lead to her getting panicky and her heart racing.
However, unlike Clock Tower, there isn't a meter to keep track of how 
high your panic is rising. But as panic increases, the graphics become 
grainier and monochromatic, her heartbeat picks up the pace and the music 
increases dramatically. 

When you are struck by a "PANIC ATTACK" which is when Fiona gets too
flustered up, all you can do is just run like hell. When this happens,
items are totally unusable to bring down the panic, and all you can do
is let her calm down gradually (which can take a while). However, 
even in a panic attack, you can still order Hewie to attack or fend
off anybody who may be chasing you (just to buy time). If Fiona gets
really, really panicked, she'll fall and you'll end up crawling on the
ground which can really be a real panic for you - what with the pursuer
just behind. But if at all possible, avoid this at all costs! Note: In a
panic attack, enemies will deal more damage. If you're already on the
ground, pray you don't get hit or it's back to square one.

When being pursued, you can only do two things: run like hell and pray
they don't follow, or find an "EVASION POINT". Evasion points are all over 
the place, you just have to keep an eye out for them. Tables, beds, 
closets are everywhere - so use it to your advantage. When hiding, panic 
and stamina recovers at an increased rate. However, if you hide in the 
same place one too many times, the enemy will find you, then you'll have 
to flee. But if the enemy doesn't find you, stay there until the sign 
"COAST CLEAR" comes up. But I recommend you just sit tight until the music
comes back on (see Survival Tips) because you may never know if the enemy 
comes back into the room even after a coast clear.

You can also "CROUCH" in shadows, but honestly, I haven't tried this
method as you are all the more prone to being detected than hiding
in an evasion point.

After you lose your pursuer, you can recover yourselves by drinking from
a "RECOVERY POINT". Recovery points are usually sinks, fountains and the
like. By drinking from it, Fiona will restore her status, gaining back
lost stamina and calm her from panic. However, you cannot use a 
recovery point during a chase.

The next up is "TRAP". Traps are the newest "in" things in Haunting
Ground. In fact, the entire castle is booby-trapped. You won't be able
to know where the traps are, but Hewie does. Keep an ear out for Hewie 
growling, coz' it may just be a trap and triggering it means an instant 
death. And instant death means it's back to square one.

Another thing new to the game is the "SYNTHESIST ROOM" which will be
located all over Belli Castle - mysterious holes with a light breeze
that blows from the other side. Enter the hole, and you end up in a
sanctuary where you can refine your medallions found throughout the
game to make various items, dog-related, equipment or battle throwables.
Here, no enemy can get you, but Hewie can't either. And you can't climb
in here when you're being pursued.

And lastly, the "SAVE POINT". This is where you save your progress. Save
points are grandfather clocks that lay throughout the castle. Use the 
clock to save your progress whenever you need it, but you can't save 
during a chase so remember to save often!

That said, we can now move on to the basic controls of Haunting Ground.

                          |      Controls      |                 [#02CTRLS]
These are the original default controls in the game.

  D-Pad/Left Analog Stick .............. Moves Fiona around
  X .................................... Confirm/Dash
  O .................................... Examine/Open-Close doors
 [] .................................... Kick (you may also do a Shove, by 
                                         running then pressing [] at the 
                                         moment you want Fiona to do it) 
 /\ .................................... Use equipped item
 L1 .................................... Crouch (you may also use this to 
                                         hide behind shadows)
 R1 .................................... Backstep (pressing [] after this 
                                         will make Fiona lunge forward)

The right analog stick is used to issue commands to Hewie:

          -R. Stick Up ................. Go (or Attack in battle mode; 
                                         using this on Hewie when he is 
                                         attacking will edge him on and 
                                         increase the length of the attack)
          -R. Stick Down ............... Come (or call off an Attack)
          -R. Stick <- ................. Scold (may affect your 
          -R. Stick -> ................. Praise (may affect your 
                                         relationship; may also recover 
                                         some of the dog's stamina)
          -R3 (press down on analog) ... Sit/Stop

IV.                           Walkthrough                         [#04WALK]
                 |      How this walkthrough works      |        [#04HOWTO]

 | Room Name | "Any added comments"
 Synthesist Room (if any): Its position in the room
 Recovery Point  (if any): Its position in the room
 Evasion Point   (if any): Its position in the room
 Save Point      (if any): Its position in the room
 Item            (if any): Its position in the room [ITEM NAME]
 Trap            (if any): Its position in the room

Description of what to do in that room (or at that time of the game).

***A NOTE CONCERNING ITEMS*************************************************
Playing the game on different levels of difficulty will affect how and what
items you will receive. On Easy mode, a Lavender may be a Medallion when
picked up in Hard mode. To make this easier, I have written down what item 
you will find in the following format (ITEM/E - ITEM/H). E and H both
represent Easy and Hard mode respectively.

                 |    The Paranoid's 10 Survival Tips   |         [#04TIPS]

I thought I'd give some survival tips before we got started with the
walkthrough. Take a moment to read this, as it may save your life when
you least expect it.

       1. When an enemy approaches, the music will mute itself - so
          quickly: RUN INTO HIDING!
       2. When hiding, do not use the same place you hid before as
          the enemy will find you. If you really must, alternate
          between hiding spots.
       3. When hiding, do not get out until the music gets started
          again, as the enemy may return.
       4. Do not rush into things; wait as Hewie may give out a 
          warning bark (to warn of traps ahead, danger, enemies...)
       5. SAVE, SAVE, SAVE and SAVE! Save at every possible moment 
          (your rating will not be affected) as you never know what 
          might happen next.
       6. If there's a save point nearby... bad things are going to
          happen next.
       7. Use Hewie to your advantage to uncover secrets or things
          unknown, or unseen to humans (eg: secret items). Also, use 
          him to attack the enemy and buy some time to run away.
       8. If you see a recovery point, use it to recover your stamina,
          because you never know if you have to run the next moment.
       9. When you are able to synthesize stuff, try to get the best
          you can (strive for medicines or throwing items) - you'll
          need these in a battle.
      10. Always, and I repeat, always expect the worst...
          Well, that wasn't really a tip, but then again - I needed
          to fill in all the 10 spots...

                 |           The Story Begins           |           

                      i. The heiress to Belli Castle             [#04WLK01]

 | Garden |
 Item : Shed at the back [CAMOMILE/E - MEDALLION/H]

The FMV plays to give you a little background on the game. So, Fiona is a
prisoner in this strange castle... right. Once you gain control of Fiona,
run past the tree (note the vase on the left) and go up the steps all the
way. You can't break the vase now (not in that piece of cloth at least)
but you can get an item in the shed at the back, so get it and go up the

 | Castle Suite | 
 Evasion Point : Under the bed (Duh!)
 Save Point    : By the painting on the left side of the room (the clock)
This is Fiona's room. Just continue a little bit more and you'll be
introduced to the psycho maid Daniella (who will seem normal... for now).
Anyway, don't worry bout her, just get the clothes she set for you. If 
you are playing this a second time round, you can change your clothes by
the chest of drawers next to the bed. Anyway, after the cutscene, go out
the door next to the fireplace.

 | L-Shaped Staircase |
 Item : Vase underneath stairs [ANTIMONY POWDER]

There's an item underneath the stairs, so go get it since you can now kick.
The door downstairs is locked (but we'll get to that later), so for now
just go into the only other door which leads to the walkway.

 | Castle Walkway |
 Item : On the desk in study [LAVENDER/E - MEDALLION/H]

There are pillars here and one of them is covered in blood. Examine it to
get a look at what panic is like (if you're a newbie). Okay, skip the
first door on the right and go down the walkway. There's another door
on the right that leads to the study, but there's nothing much save for a
locked desk and an item on the desk beside the blackboard. Examine the
board if you want and it mentions something about Azoth and Luminessants.
O-kay. You already know Luminessants, so let's head back down the
walkway to meet somebody new.

 | Castle Walkway | "After cutscene Enter: Debilitas!"

Well, no time now for introductions, let's just blow. Now that Debi has 
broken his dolly, he wants Fiona instead. Well, forget it. Turn around,
and run back to your room. Handle this calmly. 

 | Castle Suite | "There and back again."
 Evasion Point : Under the bed, and fast!
 Save Point    : By the painting on the left side of the room

Upon entry, Fiona will act a little (oh what now?). So remembering the
bed earlier, just head over there and hide under it. Wait for Debi to
come in and watch in amusement as the stupid lug looks around for you
(this may take a while before he leaves). After he leaves, you can
wait for the music to come back on (in case you haven't read the survival
tips, I suggest you do that now), or get out and leave immediately. Now
that he's gone, backtrack to the walkway.

 | Castle Walkway | "Yet again..."
 Item : On the floor [BISQUE DOLL]

You can pick up the doll that Debi dropped earlier. I don't really know
what's it for though, but hold on to it all the same. There's a crate on
your left that you need to move to enter the next room, but for now
head on right and into the last room at the end of the corridor.

 | Forgotten Room |

This room is sorta dusty as if it hasn't been cleared in ages. In the
corner of the room is a little typewritter that makes plate-keys. This is
a plate-pressing machine. For now, make two plate-keys (one EMETH and the
other REST). You'll understand this later. Watch Fiona's sur-preese! Once 
you receive the two plate-kets, head on back to the walkway and enter the 
room blocked by the crate earlier.

***EXTRA OPTIONS***********************************************************
For those playing a second time round, instead of making the [EMETH PLATE-
KEY], make a [METH PLATE-KEY] and slot it into the golem. The golem will
then disintegrate to leave behind an Obsidian Choker (see Item section
for details on its abilities).

Or, you could also make a [SALTATIO PLATE-KEY] and put it into the golem
to be treated to a 10-second Para Para dance. This also applies to those
who are playing this the first time. However, don't forget to make one of
the two plates above - either METH OR EMETH.

 | Refinery |
 Item : On the table [OLD PARCHMENT]

Pick up the parchment on the table. Read it and it'll ask you to make a
plate called EMETH (oh wait, we've got that covered already). Now use
the plate that you made earlier on the stone golem and watch as he moves
away leaving the door open to you. Next.

 | Balcony - Sealed Well |
 Evasion Point : Under the bench
 Item          : In the vases by the well [MAGNESIA]

Take the ladder, the stairs are no good - they end halfway down. There's 
an item on the top column, but you can't get it for now. Down by the 
sealed well, there are vases. Kick them for a item. There's also a bench 
to hide underneath in case things get iffy. Now, head into the door on the
right as the other one is locked.

 | Passageway Leading to a Courtyard |
 Evasion Point : Behind Barrels (crouch)

Make your way down the passageway and enter the door opposite the
barrels. You may hide behind the barrels by crouching, but I wouldn't
recommend it. Anyway, into the audience room...

 | Audience Room |
 Evasion Point : Bookshelf (come into this room when being pursued by Debi 
                            to trigger a cutscene; useable only once) 
 Item          : On the table [GARDEN KEY]
               : On dresser behind table [MEDALLION]

Nice room, big bookshelf (if you get chased by Debi at any point of the
game, come into the audience room and you will trigger a scene - essential
if you want to complete the movie list). Once you're done examining the
room, pick up the key on the table and be treated to a cutscene which
holds no meaning... for now. At any rate, you've now met the voice but
whoever it is, we'll know later. So take the key and the item on the
dresser behind and head back to the sealed well and use the key to unlock
the other door.

 | Castle Corridor |
 Save Point : Next to the locked room, the Puppet Room
 Item       : In the weak part of the wall [REFINED ANTIMONY]
            : On the floor outside bathroom [CRACKED PLATE-KEY]

There's a floor switch that is quite important, but you can't do anything
with it for now, so continue down the corridor. There's clock on the right
next to the Pupper Room door which is locked and in need of something to
hang on its lever. Move on and head down the stairs.

There's a door on the left leading to the kitchen but continue down the
corridor to the wall that looks a bit crumbly. Give it a few kicks and
retrieve the item. Fiona may panic a little over the bugs but it should be
okay. After taking your item, head over to the door on the right beside
the broken wall. It's locked and there's a broken plate-key on the ground, 
but we've got this covered too, so now put your REST plate-key into the 
metallic red box on the wall and the door unlocks. Voila!

 | Castle Bathroom |
 Recovery Point : The Sink 
 Evasion Point  : In the bathtub
                : The shower cubicles
 Item           : On bathroom counter [CAMOMILE/E - MEDALLION/H]

What a neat bathroom! Well, take a sip at the recovery point to restore
a bit of your stamina and panic (if any). Head on to the left of the
room and examine the cubicles. One of them is locked but you can use the
other cubicles to hide if Debi comes running along. Now, head over to the
right side of the room and pick up the item on the counter. There's also 
a bathtub to hide if you ever need it, but as there's nothing else, to the 
kitchen it is...

 | Kitchen |
 Item : On kitchen counter [CHICKEN JERKY]

Pick up the jerky on the counter. Other than that, there's nothing much
here - it's quite empty really. Before you go down the stairs into the
cellar, head over to the dining room (that's the other door). We gotta
do something before we proceed.

 | Dining Room | "All these candles aren't really necessary."
 Evasion Point : Behind the Curtains (crouch)
 Item : On the dining table [CRACKED PLATE-KEY]

How romantic having dinner in this beautiful dining room, all set for two.
Too bad we can't see each other with the candlesticks in the way. Anyway,
pick up the other half of the plate-key on the table, but as we've solved
that little puzzle already, we'll just keep it as a souvenir. After that,
just go to the other end of the dining room, unlock the door (it opens 
into the staircase earlier). Once done, head back to the kitchen and down
the stairs to the cellar.
 | Wine Cellar |
 Item : On the table [CASTLE SKETCH]
      : In the gold vase in the corner of the room [CHICKEN JERKY]

Just as messy and dusty as the Forgotten Room - only one thing stands out
here: a map of Belli Castle. Pick it off the table and it'll be put under 
the key items inventory. As it won't automatically update itself as a map, 
you have to use it. There's also an item in the gold vase in the corner of 
the room. After collecting it, go back up to the kitchen for a cutscene.
Debilitas is back, and chases Fiona. Luckily for her, Riccardo saves her
and introduces himself as the castle keeper. Hiding underneath his 
monk-ish hood, it's not clear who he looks like or what his motives are. 
Explaining to Fiona about the accident and having now inherited Belli 
castle,Fiona remembers more of the crash. Too much information... 
head heavy... tired from running - and in all horror movie tradition, 
she collapses to the floor in a dead faint. End of part one.

                     ii. A guardian angel for Fiona              [#04WLK02]

 | Castle Suite | "After the Nightmare..."
 Evasion Point : Still under the bed
 Save Point    : By the painting on the left side of the room

Fiona wakes up from the nightmare of the crash, and hears the dog
whimpering in the garden. Well, what are you waiting for? To the garden
it is!

 | Garden |
 Item: The vase on the left beside the first flight of stairs [MAGNESIA]
     : The vases beneath the second flight of stairs [MEDALLION]

It's dark, so it must be in the middle of the night. Anyway, head down the
stairs and back to the tree earlier. Free the dog and watch the cutscene.
Okay, now that the canine is gone, go back to the vase that we saw earlier,
kick it and grab the item.

Now that there's nothing much... go back to your room. On the way, you
should see that the iron grille that was locked before (if you checked)
is now open. Whatever it is, ignore it - it'll save you so much more time.
Instead, go and kick the bejeezus out of the pots underneath the stairs.
You should find another item. Now go back to your room.

 | Castle Suite | "A White Intruder" 

Debilitas just doesn't give up, does he? Well, we've just got to teach him
a lesson. Now that we've got Hewie: "Hewie - sick 'em boy!" Order Hewie
to attack (push up on the right analog) and watch as Debi runs like the
coward he is...

***FIGHT AND STEAL*********************************************************
You can steal items from your attackers by dealing enough damage to them
until they fall to the ground. I suggest getting Hewie to get hold of them
and then kick them until you bring them down. After they fall, examine 
their body for an item. Then get out of there or search them again and
wait for them to get back up again for more battle mania! You can do this
a whole load of times, but then again - don't overdo it.

 | Castle Entrance | "Beyond the open grille..."
 Item : On top of pile of rubble [BROKEN MARRIONETTE] (Hewie needed)

Back to the moment at hand. Debi's gone and you've made a new friend.
Everyone's happy. Now with Hewie, it's time we headed back to the open 
grille earlier (the one I told you to ignore). Beyond the grille... is
the castle entrance. And on top of the pile of rubble on Fiona's left
(just after entering the open grille) is a marrionette that you'll need
to progress. Try climbing and Fiona will just slide down again. Instead,
send the pooch. He'll get up there in no time and get it. Excellenté.
Now remember to praise the pooch to build friendship. Now that we've got
the next piece of the puzzle, head back to the balcony by the sealed
well earlier on (past the refinery room). We're going to get the next
item... the one on the top of the column earlier.

 | Balcony - Sealed Well |
 Evasion Point : Under the bench 
 Item          : On the top of the column [ALBUM MEDALLION] (Hewie needed)
Once back at the Balcony at the Sealed Well, send Hewie on another errand
to retrieve the item on the top of the column. After his daring feat to 
retrieve the item so whole-heartedly for his master, he'll then jump down 
to the ground below from the column. Join him and then praise him for his 
act of bravery and blind faith for his new master. Now, head into the 
Castle Corridor. 

 | Castle Corridor |
 Save Point : Next to the locked room, the Puppet Room

Here's that switch again. And here's Hewie! Are you thinking what I'm
thinking? Right. First, let's unlock the room next to the clock. Hang the
marrionette we got earlier on the door, and it unlocks to reveal the next 

 | Puppet Room | "Puzzle: The Puppet's Eye"
 Trap: The Red Carpet next to the Wall of Eyes

If you're wandering around the room just to look, please be reminded that
you should not step on the red carpet or you're probably not going to make 
it. If you also noticed, there's a gate here. Okay. Here's what I'm
thinking - get Hewie to sit on the switch earlier. This raises the gate in
the puppet room. Now, just breeze right through and deactivate the switch
box on the other side to shut the trap for good. Praise Hewie for his
obedience again. Let's move on.

 | Telephone Room |
 Item : On the table opposite the table with the phone [MAGNESIA]

Wow, the only room with a telephone in the entire castle? With the phone
in full view, it is too obvious that it's going to ring soon. Duh.
So, cutscene. Hmm... Azoth. And of course, cue: Debilitas! Since there
aren't any places to hide here, and you would probably don't have any
time to do so anyway, make a break for the bathroom at the end of the
castle corridor and hide in the bathtub. You should be fine (if you
manage to lose the idiota). Once he's gone, backtrack to the telephone
room, get the sparkly item and move onto the next room.

 | Entrance Hall |
 Item : Vase at the front entrance [ANTIMONY POWDER]
      : One of the two vases behind the staircase [CHICKEN JERKY]

A beautiful Resident Evil-like manor hall. It's not as good as RE's but
it'll have to do. Grab both the items, unlock the main entrance door
which opens up to the bridge at castle entrance earlier where you picked
up the marrionette. After that, go upstairs and cross the 2nd floor
walkway to the nursery.

 | Nursery |
 Evasion Point : The Closet
 Items         : In the vase by the chest of drawers [MEDALLION]
               : In the safe [INQUISITOR EARRINGS & JADE CHOKER]
                 (use a MAGNUS plate-key)

Everything about this castle is a nightmare, and the same goes for the
nursery. Talk about freaky. There's a closet here; you can use it in a
pinch. Next to the closet is a chest of drawers with an item in the vase.
Closer to the rocking chair (which is eerily rocking by itself) is a small 
safe-like thing which you can open using a plate-key with the word MAGNUS. 
The safe will open, presenting to you two items that may help you a bit. 
I don't know whether you can do this the first time you play though. Once 
you're done here, open the door and enter into the Diorama Hall.

 | Diorama Hall | "Everything about the hole screams don't go in..."
 Synthesist Room : A hole in the wall behind on the left side of the

A good sculpture but we ain't here to sightsee. There's a door on the
opposite side of the hall that opens out into a balcony, steps that
lead downstairs, and a mysterious hole on the left side of the room, 
just behind the diorama. My, my, my... aren't we curious?

 | Synthesist Room |

This is not the only synthesist room located in the castle; in fact
throughout the entire game there will be so many of these synthesist
rooms that you can climb into to refine your medallions. Here you can 
refine the medallions that you collected throughout the castle into 
equipment (see Synthesisizing section for more details). There's a machine 
here in the right corner which is where you refine the medallions into 
items, and next to it on the left is a little pedestal that you can find 
items on a regular basis (if you're lucky). There's also a mysterious 
machine next to the one in the right corner with a slot in it. In this 
slot you can put in various plate-keys, and in return you'll get ready 
made items (but I don't know whether this works the first time playing).
And yeah, you can't get into this room when you're being pursued, so don't
think that this is a perfect hiding place...

Once you're done here, get out back into the diorama hall and take the 
first door on the left, next to the stairs.

 | Crumbly Balcony |
 Item : On top of the column [MEDALLION] (Hewie needed)

Before greed overwhelms your judgment, head over to the left to get an
item on the top of the column. There's also a ladder here that leads up
to the roof but for now, we have no reason to go up there so we'll get
back to that in a while. Once you've gotten the item on the top of the
column, pick up the other item on the ground, which will trigger a scene
of the balcony crumbling and Fiona tumbling down.

 | Walkway of Four Doors |
 Evasion Point : The bushes on the left side
 Item          : On the ground right in front of Fiona [CHICKEN JERKY]

Great. Not only did we fall, we've also got Debilitas on our tail. It's
time to lose the bugger. Pick up the item that had fallen along with you,
and head behind the pile of rubble. Open the door, and head into the
billiard room.

 | Billiard Room |
 Item : On the billiard table [LAVENDER]

Except for the item on the billiard table, this room is virtually empty.
Not that we have time to do anything at the moment anyway. Quick as
lightning, unlock the next door and head back into the lower floor
of the diorama hall. There's another door on the same level. Open it
and run into the castle guestroom.

 | Castle Guestroom |
 Evasion Point : There's a big bed... 
 Save Point    : The clock by the bed
 Item          : On the cupboard by the door [MAGNESIA]

Aha, a guestroom! There's got to be a bed somewhere. It's at the back
of the room, so before Debi comes barging in, hide underneath it. Once 
you've gotten rid of him, get out and lay claim to the item on the 
cupboard. There's also a TV nearby, but unless you want Debi to come
running back, I strongly advise against messing with it.

 | Walkway of Four Doors |
 Evasion Point : The bushes on the left side

I guess you already know the drill: come back to the last spot you were
before being interrupted, chased and hunted down. Well, here we are again.
Before anything else, don't even bother opening the two doors between
the one on the farthest left and the one which you have just come out from
5 secs ago - they're duds; walls made to look like doors. Anyway, head
over to the right side of the building. First things first.

 | Dead End Leading to the Rooftop | "Don't know what to call this place."
 Item : Behind fence [RUBRUM MEDALLION] (Hewie needed)
      : In the vase at the top of first ladder [BEEF JERKY]

There's an item behind the fenced area, but you need Hewie to get it for
you. Remember to praise him to build friendship. Now, climb the first
ladder and you'll see a vase. Kick it and grab the item and proceed up the
next ladder to the Rooftop.

 | Rooftop |
 Item : One of the two vases [MAGNESIA]

A piece of machinery stands in the farthest corner of the roof. This
controls the drawbridge on the other side of the roof, but it's stuck so
you need to kick it. Before you do so, break the vases on the other end
of the roof, grab the item and do what you have to - kick the machinery
about three times and that should do it.

Once you've loosened the little lock on the machine, turn around and run
for the ladder as fast as you can. The lowering of the drawbridge has
attracted the attention of Debilitas on the other side who's looking for
you. If you're fast, you can leave without being noticed. Once you're
back on the ground again, head back to the Walkway of Four Doors and head
left onto the

 | Path Leading to the Passageway of Holes |

There's a hole here that Hewie can be ordered to go into but for now,
we need to do something else. Continue down the path, across the ramp
and down the passageway of holes to the courtyard.

 | Courtyard |
 Evasion Point : Under the bench closer to Debilitas' hut
 Item          : In the fenced up area [FRESH FLOWERS] (Hewie needed)
               : In the gold vase outside Debi's hut [VIOLA MEDALLION]
               : In the red vase outside Debi's hut [ONION]

Well, it's not exactly like a courtyard but it looks like one... never
mind. Okay, there's a lever here that raises a gate. If you noticed,
this gate will open up the way to the earlier passageway with the barrels.
Anyway, we don't have any business there, but feel free to make a run
for the audience room if Debi comes after you (you can use the bookshelf
we saw earlier to knock him down, that is, assuming that you haven't used 
it yet). 

Back to the moment at hand, there's a fenced area with a bouquet of purple
flowers. Examine it, and send Hewie to fetch them. You'll need this
to progress. Once you've taken the flowers, you can head over to the left
closer to Debi's hut to get the other items in the vases. There's also
a ladder here, make a mental note... you'll need to come back here later.
So now, a challenge: if you dare, you can head into Debi's hut.

 | Debilitas' Hut | 
 Item : On the shelves near the door [BEEF JERKY]
      : On small table near the shrine at the back [BISQUE DOLL]

Pretty small and cramped if you asked me, and probably the foulest living
conditions ever... why would anyone continue living in a place like this
is beyond me. Pick up the item on the shelf. If you threw the bisque doll
you picked up earlier or did not bother picking it up in the beginning, 
it will now be sitting on a table at the back of the hut. Pick it up if
you want to, but until now, I don't really see any use in the doll. Well,
at any rate - let's get out of here; I really can't imagine getting
cornered here... get out and head back to the path leading to the
passageway of holes.

 | Path Leading to the Passageway of Holes |

Now that we've gotten the purple flowers (which was our objective)...
order Hewie into the hole that we saw earlier and remember to tell him
to stay. Now, run back to the Walkway of Four Doors, and enter the
door on the farthest left.

 | Butterfly Room | "Puzzle: Butterfly Kisses"
 Save Point : The north side of the room

There are butterflies swarming the dried flowers hung at the door that
we need to get through. Well, it doesn't take a genius to realize that 
with the fresh flowers, we can now avert their attention away from the 
door. Place the flowers you got into the vase by the main door and before
you can say voila, the butterflies are gone and we can get through.

 | Laundry Room |
 Evasion Point : The whole room is an evasion point
 Item : There's something in the sink

In case Debi should come running, you can use this entire room as your
evasion point - just close the door and push the crate to block it. 
Done. Sure you're locked in but that should keep Debi away for the time
being. Take the item in the sink and head down the ladder to the 
basement. Aha, Hewie! So that's where the hole leads to huh?

 | Basement |
 Item : The sparkly item in front of Hewie [STUDY KEY] (Hewie needed)
      : The vase in the back [MEDALLION]

Ask Hewie to pick up the key in front of him, and... alright! We can now 
unlock the desk in the study that we saw earlier in the beginning. Before
we leave, pick up the item in the vase at the back and hightail outta 
there! Make for the ladder by the courtyard earlier.

 | Path Leading to the Passageway of Holes | "Fi-o-na..."
 Item : Examine the holes [SCRAWLED MEMO]

As we make our way across the passageway of holes, don't you hear that?
Somebody's calling Fiona's name. Wait. Stop. Do you hear that again? I 
think it's coming from one of the holes. Examine it and after the 
cutscene take the scrawled memo and head over to the ladder.

 | Courtyard |

Climb the ladder. Hewie will have to stay here for the time being, but it's
just going to be short while. Climb the ladder all the way up and enter
the door that leads to the...

 | Music Room | "High above the audience room..."
 Item : Just down short of a few steps [LAVENDER]

Are those things... speakers? They certainly look like speakers. Anyway,
there's a refracting telescope here but it's kinda outta place, so
turn the pivot RIGHT three times until the telescope clicks in place.
Done. Now unlock the door on the right and it opens out into the 
walkway in the beginning.

 | Castle Walkway | "After all that, we're still here?"
 Item : In the locked study desk [LUNAR REFRACTOR]

I hear someone getting whipped. Is someone being naughty? Before you be
overly curious, we had better get the item in the study first. Head over
there, unlock the desk drawer and take the refractor. Now, head back to
the walkway and make for the forgotten room. You'll watch a cutscene.

Okay, so somebody's a little too panicky, or should I say a little
too dramatic? No doubt, that little scream would have attracted the
attention of the gardener cum psycho... so if it does, run for the music
room and make for the ladder! We have to get back to the crumbly
balcony earlier.

 | Courtyard | "Run like hell."

Okay, here's what you need to do: run down this courtyard, across the 
Passageway of Holes, across the ramp, down the path, back to the Walkway 
of Four Doors, into the Billiard Room, back into the Diorama Hall, up the
stairs, and into the Crumbly Balcony which is the first door on Fiona's 
left coming up the steps. You got that? Now go!

 | Crumbly Balcony |

Back here again. Now climb that ladder that you've been itching to climb
since we got here. Go across the drawbridge that we've lowered earlier
and open the door into the room of the Secret Staircase.

 | The Secret Staircase | "Puzzle: The Secret Staircase"

Yet another puzzle that requires a little logical thinking. All you need 
to do is push the colored blocks back into their respective places. If you 
don't want to wreck your brains out (not that it needs that much logical
thinking anyway...), here's what you do: you need to go down one of the
stairs and move the orange blocks first. 

You first move the orange block that is blocking the gap in the orange 
line, a space to the left. In this puzzle, you need the orang gap very 
importantly, so whatever you do... do not push any of the orange blocks 
into place yet. So, once you moved the orange block and cleared the gap, 
move the next piece orange piece a few notches to the left and out of the 
grey block's way. The grey gap is just opposite the orange gap, so what 
you do now is go back up the stairs and down the other so you can push
the grey block all the way left, and back into place. As you have not
blocked the orange gap, you can get behind it to push the grey block.
Are you following me? I'm sorry if you guys get a little confused, but
I'm trying to prepare something a little visual for this. Maybe in the
future. Anyway, once you've gotten the grey block back into its place - 
the others will be as easy as pie. Just push the orange pieces back into
the gap and the green one back into its own and you're good. 
The stairs should open up now, and reveal the way to the lower level,
where two more refracting telescopes await you.

 | Ground Floor of the Secret Staircase |

Don't forget to unlock the door, as you'll need to come through this door
later. Anyway, the first thing you need to do is put the Lunar Refractor
back into its rightful place. Place it in the telescope closest to the
hole where the light is supposed to come through. Then position the
telescope by turning it twice to the right until it clicks. Then head
over to the next telescope and turn it once to the left. This should
direct the moonlight straight to the weird looking door in the back. 
A cutscene should reward you and now proceed.

 | Staircase to the Road of Darkness | "Puzzle: Road of Darkness"
 Save Point : In the corner of the room the minute you step in

The clock ticks ominously in the corner as if awaiting your death. Rule
#5 of the Paranoid's Survival Tips, SAVE A LOT. Rule #6 of the Paranoid's
Survival Tips: if there's a save point nearby, bad things are going
to happen next. This is my way of reminding you to save. Don't say I did
not warn you. Go down the stairs.

If you read the sign before entering the door, you would probably know
what awaits you beyond it. If not, then here's a little wisdom for you:
don't forget Hewie. He's essential in this puzzle. Enter the door.

Before you, lies the road of darkness with only two little spots of light
that pave before you the only safe places to step. If you tread wrongly in
this puzzle, you'll be treated to the ground below and the red screen of
death. So, I guess this is simple and obvious. Ask Hewie to "GO!" and 
he'll sniff out the path for you. Follow him closely, and walk cautiously. 
Don't rush, we're in no hurry. But if you want to take my advice... you 
can try this (if you dare): when first entering the room, go to the 
farthest corner of the wall on the  right (from camera's viewpoint) and
walk. Once you reach the middle, go to the farthest corner of the wall on 
the left and walk. You should make it safely even without Hewie's help.
Dare you try it?

 | The Chapel |
 Item : On the goddess statue, hanging on Hermes' cane [SATURNUS KEY]

This is a beautiful place for a shoot-out (hint, hint). I guess you
already can smell the boss-fight in the air. Note the two pulley thingies
on the left and right. This holds the chandelier up in the air. Keep it
in mind. Now head on straight to the goddess statue.

Read the inscription, bla bla bla and when asked to examine, say yes. 
Grab the key, and turn around to be greeted by Hell's most demonic
gardener, the ever-persistent, ever-perverted, ever-psychotic,
Debilitas the Retard! It's a battle to the death, Hewie and Fiona vs.
Debi. A handicapped match. Who will win?

---------------/ "THE BATTLE AT THE CHAPEL: DEBILITAS" \-------------------
It is time to put an end to the suffering and misery of both Fiona and 
Debilitas. Fiona needs peace. Debilitas just needs to stop chasing us.
Basically, this boss fight is simple. There are two strategies to
defeating Debi though, of which both will trigger two completely different
endings and consequences:

 a) Defeat by use of Chandelier
    With the pulleys in mind, you should basically understand what needs
    to be done. Lure Debilitas to any of the pulleys and have him charge
    at them. It should take a few tries to get him to break the pulleys.
    Then watch as the chandelier smashes into him. He won't die, but do
    you think he'll come after us again? Thought so. Goodbye Debi.
 b) Defeat by force
    With this, I mean that you have to really bring him down. Get Hewie
    to bite him, and combo with your kicks (you should be able to manage 
    three or four kicks). If you have any equipment that you may have 
    synthesized, do not forget to equip them (Battle Boots, Earrings, 
    etc.). Lower your panic frequently but if you manage to dodge most of
    Debi's hits you should be able to keep your panic at a minimum.
    Remember to watch out for Hewie's health too though. When he starts
    look fatigued or something, give him the Chicken Jerky. When you do
    this, Debi should not be able to hit you as you go through the
    feeding animation. After a few minutes, which I think is more than
    enough, you should be able to defeat him and Debilitas will die (sad
    really, but crucial if you want to get all endings...)


Now that the idiot won't be disturbing us anymore, we're free to do
anything we want. But here's a little thing, if you defeated Debi by
use of Chandelier, you will be able to unlock some goodies so head over
to his place.

 | Debilitas' Hut |
 Item : Taken from Debilitas [SMUDGED KEY]

As a token of peace, Debi will offer to you a smudged key that will 
seemingly have no meaning to you, but anyway, it is an offering of peace
between both parties so I guess we'll just have to accept it. But it
really does have a use to it, so head over to the bathroom earlier.

 | Castle Bathroom |
 Recovery Point : The Sink

If you remembered correctly, I did say that one of the cubicles was
locked. And if I implied correctly, I guess you understand that the key
that you just received will be able to unlock that cubicle. Well, head
over there, unlock the cubicle on the farthest left and make your way
down into the secret basement.

 | Secret Basement Beneath Bathroom | 
 Item : On the table [CASTLE GATE KEY] (available on second play)
      : On the table [METAL BOOTS]

Pick up the boots (and now we'll be able to do 2x the damage, hey,
whatever helps...). If you are playing this the second time round, you
will also find the castle gate key which you can then use to unlock
the gate at the castle entrance, hence escaping WWAAAYYYY ahead then
usual, snagging yourself the ending Dona Nobis Pacem. Once you're done
here, "hasten" to the Secret Staircase as the inscription says.

 | The Secret Staircase |

There was a door earlier in the Secret Staircase room with some sort of 
ornate design that looked strikingly familiar as the way the elves 
decorated Rivendell in LOTR. No matter... use the Saturnus Key to unlock 
the door and you'll be treated to the next cutscene. End of part two.

                          iii. Incomplete Nature                 [#04WLK03]
 | L-Shaped Staircase | "Dinner is served, miss..."

In the beginning of Part 3, we are treated to a cutscene of Daniella the
maid explaining that she was built the perfect woman but unable to
experience pleasure nor pain. "I am not complete." O-kay, so why are you
telling us this? Anyway, after the cutscene, guide Fiona back to her
room... you can't run, tell Hewie anything or open doors. Something about
meal was bad, and Fiona isn't feeling too well. I guess this must be the
slowest part in the game... even a short walk feels like eternity. Once
you get to your room, go to bed.

 | Castle Suite | "I am not complete."

Fiona is awakened in the middle of the night with psycho Daniella
having a blast feeling all over Fiona's body (it's not that naughty!). 
Anyway, Daniella will get really pissed off about not being complete and 
break the window with her head. Picking up a really big shard of glass, 
Fiona prepares to leave. It's time to vamoose! Make your way back to the 
Secret Staircase! Here comes Psycho Daniella! She will be easy to outrun,
so just continue running and if she ever gets close, sick Hewie on her...

 | The Secret Staircase | "Now where were we?"

Back here. Whew. Luckily Daniella couldn't... what the!? How she got here
is beyond us, so leave her to her cleaning (It's cleaning time now, miss)
and we should be able to get through here without incident. 

 | Dim Passageway |

Now, let's move on... oh no. Daniella's back. I guess she must have
realized something was amiss when we were talking to her. If not...
well whatever it is. She's not exactly right in her mind if you no what
I mean. Now make a run for the door at the end of the dim passageway.

 | The Flight of Stairs |

Up, up, up. Loads of steps. 21, 45, 78... okay, let's not count. Up we
go. A mirror. Hmm... of course if there are loads of steps, Fiona's sure
to trip (duh!) Daniella nears and when she sees the mirror, she seems
to lose control. Well, well, well... she hates her own reflection. Now's
not the time to be sitting wondering why though. Let's push on. Up the
last flight of stairs. Next room.

 | Spiral Waterway |

Take the spiral stairs down. Once you near the door, a cutscene will take
place and the room will be filled with water. Well, I guess we can't turn
back anymore though...

 | Mansion East Corridor |
 Synthesist Room : A big gaping hole at the end of the corridor
 Evasion Point   : The curtains on the right, where you've just come out
 Save Point      : In the circular room with the Luminessant lamp
 Item            : On the cupboard next to the Luminessant lamp [LAVENDER]
                 : On the round table with the candle [CAMOMILE]

From here on, this place is known as the mansion. There's no point trying
to go back to the castle as Daniella has locked the door leading to the 
castle back at the dim passageway, so whatever items you may have 
forgotten will have to remain behind.

Anyway, there are some curtains to the right (camera POV) that you
can use in a pinch. Continue straight ahead and there will be a synthesist
room that you can use to make a hoard of items for battle. Take the two 
items (one on the table with a candle; the other is on the cupboard in the
circular room). The corridor that leads down the turning will take you to 
the Mammoth Walkway, but we'll come to that later. The door on the left 
leads to a balcony but there's nothing here. On the right is the circular 
room; there's a save point, so save here before we progress. There's also 
a red door but it opens into a wall. No use.

If you notice, there is some sort of lamp next to the save point. This
is a Luminessant Lamp and as obvious as the name states, it is operated by 
Luminessant energy. So this is what we do now, head south of the corridor 
(meaning downwards from the synthesist hole) and into the following room.

 | Connecting Room Between East Corridor and Mandragora Catwalk |
 Evasion Point : A mirror hidden by a piece of cloth

This room is completely empty except for a mirror in the corner (covered
by a cloth) that we can use if Daniella ever comes our way. Now, just
go out the other door.

 | Mandragora Catwalk |

Lush greenery. A change from the dull sepia toned walls of the mansion
and dull colors of the castle. We're above the Mandragora Garden and a 
Luminessant is coming our way - just the thing we need! Slowly bait it 
back to the Mansion East Corridor and let's pull back to the connecting 
room earlier.

 | Connecting Room Between East Corridor and Mandragora Catwalk |
 Evasion Point : A mirror hidden by a piece of cloth

Make sure the Luminessant is following you. Don't move too fast. Head
back to the Mansion East Corridor.

 | Mansion East Corridor |
 Synthesist Room : A big gaping hole at the end of the corridor
 Evasion Point   : The curtains on the right, where you've just come out
 Save Point      : In the circular room with the Luminessant lamp

Lure the Luminessant over to the unlit lamp. What you've got to do is
get it to collide with the lamp. Once it collides, the lamp will be lit,
revealing to us a secret underground stairs. Now, that the way is open
for us, head back to the Mandragora Catwalk and down the catwalk into
the next door.

 | Mummy's Passageway |
 Evasion Point : A big closet on the left after entering
 Item          : In the gold vase near the Mummy Couch [MAGNESIA]
               : On the triangle table at the foot of the staircase 
                 [CHICKEN JERKY]

There's a closet on your left that you can use to hide, just after you 
step in. Continue down the passageway and you should come to a woman
sitting on a couch. Talk to her. Haha... just kidding. I bet that gave you
a good scare. This woman's a mummy (note the room name). Anyway, kick
the vase near her for an item. There's a red door here too but it opens
into a wall just like the previous one. So now there's only one way and 
that's to go down the stairs that we uncovered earlier. There's an item
on the table here, so don't forget to take it.

 | Fenced-Up Area |

A portion of the area here has been fenced up, and Hewie will probably 
start growling here. If you look into the fenced area, you'll see the
maid Daniella busying herself over some cleaning. Good, that should keep
her occupied for a while. Enter the first door on the left.

 | Mansion Bathroom |
 Recovery Point : The sink 
 Item           : On the dresser [REFINED ANTIMONY]

It's been a while since we've last seen a recovery point, so keep it in
mind if we ever need a cure for panic. But just so you know, I didn't ask
you to come here if this bathroom did not serve as an important part of 
the game. There's a plate pressing machine in the corner of the bathroom,
and nearer to the window, a chart that somewhat resembles a crossword
puzzle. Examine it if you will. I think you would probably notice the 
answer to this puzzle but there's a clue that should come in later.

Anyway, head over to the plate pressing machine and make three plate-keys.
One is the [SALT Plate-Key], another [MERCURY Plate-Key] and the last a
[SULFUR Plate-Key]. Now that we're done, we can proceed with the next
puzzle. Oh yes, there are shutters here that you can open to a cutscene,
but if you are about to do that... be prepared to face Daniella. Leave
it if you know what's best for you. Go back to the fenced area and into
the next room.

 | Red Passage Junction |

Straight ahead is the Mansion East Alcove and to the left (again, camera
POV), the Merry-Go-Round. Before we do anything else, I suggest we save
again, so let's head over to the room straight ahead.

 | Mansion East Alcove | "aka Sitting Room"
 Evasion Point : Beneath the comfy couch
 Save Point    : In the corner of the room near the arch to the Red Passage
 Item          : On the only table in this room [MANSION SKETCH]

Generally I would have preferred the name of this room to be the Sitting
Room (since there are loads of chairs implying that this room serve as a
sitting room) but I can't really say since that is the official name given 
to this room by the programmer's themselves. But hey let's not sweat the 
small stuff...

Anyway, there's the save point and a hiding spot that can be used in case
Daniella is on your tail (let's hope not). Take the map on the table
(I actually don't see any use in the map, since it can't be zoomed in or
out and doesn't exactly have any notable features about it). Remember to
use it because the map doesn't automatically update itself as a map;
instead it registers itself as an item.

 | Red Passage Junction |

Back to the passage here. Go down the other path and into the merry-go-
round room. There's nothing much in the merry-go-round so just make
your way across it and into the opposite room.

 | Corridor of Puzzles |
 Evasion Point : A mirror, near the Serpent's Hall door (covered by cloth)
 Item          : In the gold vase [VIOLA MEDALLION]
               : In another gold vase [RUBRUM MEDALLION]
               : On a stand at the end of the corridor [REFINED MAGNESIA]

You'll be amazed that this is the meeting point of all the major puzzles
in Daniella's chapter. Anyway, you'll come out to the right of the 
corridor, next to the crossword puzzle thing that looks similar to the one
we saw earlier. This is the clue I was talking about but now that I'm
already guiding you through it, it doesn't really matter.

Break the vases and grab the medallions. To the left is the Three Trials
of Jupiter but both the doors are locked. We need a Jupiter Key for that,
so we'll come to that later. Downwards is a locked door... so unlock it,
coz' it'll make things easier later. Upwards leads to the Serpent's Hall,
a mirror nearby and an item on a stand at the end of the corridor. Grab
the item and make for the Serpent's Hall.
 | Serpent's Hall | "Puzzle: Serpentine"
 Item : Inside the Luminessant activated safe [FILM REEL]
      : In right serpent's mouth [TORN LETTER]

A jet of flames are bursting forth somewhere on the right. Okay. We'll
deal with that in a while. There's the Venus door, which is locked and in
need of a Venus key. Don't have that yet, so never mind. A safe with
a Luminessant lamp. You know what to do. Lure a Luminessant from the
Corridor of Sorts to the lamp and once lit, the safe opens. Grab the film.

Okay, it's time to quell the flames of the Serpents. Taking the plate-keys
you made earlier, put them into the Serpent's mouth, left and right. For
the third one on the top, you'll need help: Hewie's. Give Hewie the last
plate and he'll jump up there to put in the final plate-key. That done,
the flame pillar is now cooled into a tall ice pillar. Climb it and
head upstairs to the Mansion Study.

 | Mansion Study |
 Save Point : By the door leading out to the Wooden Corridor
 Item       : Between two book shelves [MAGNESIA]
            : On the top of the wooden ladder [JUPITER KEY]

The Mansion Study sure is a mess. Pick up the item between the two book
shelves and head over to the ladder where a shiny item can be seen on
its highest step. You can't climb it - it doesn't look sturdy enough.
Well I guess there's only one way - kick it, three times to be precies 
(why is it always three times?) and the item will fall. Pick it up on the 
other side and it turns out to be a key for the Three Trials of Jupiter.
Remember to unlock the door leading to the Wooden Walkway (continuing down
this walkway leads to the Mammoth Hall earlier), but don't go there because
we are not taking a long way back (and also, there could be a high chance 
that Daniella is waiting on the other side too). Instead go back to the 
ice pillar and climb down. Now go out back to the Corridor of Puzzles.

 | Corridor of Puzzles | "Puzzle: Three Trials of Jupiter"

Head back to the Three Trials of Jupiter. If you checked earlier, there
are two doors here - the one to the left is the Room of Truth, and the
one on the left is the Room of Deception. If you don't already understand
what I mean by that, is that this next puzzle involves you spotting the
differences. The Room of Truth on the left will show you everything as it
is. The Room of Deception will show everything as the same, with three
little differences. Spot the differences and you're on your way. There
must be no mistake here or you probably won't make it. Go save now and
come back.

 | Room of Truth |

Look around and see if you can remember everything that needs to be
checked over on the other side. There's Daniella (how did she get into a
locked room anyway?) but whatever you do, do not talk to her. Instead
of giving her usual "It's cleaning time now..." Daniella will chase you!
And what's more she'll be brandishing her new weapon: a red-hot poker
which causes more damage mind you! Leave her be, check it out and go over
to the next room. And now for the solution.

 | Room of Deception |
 Evasion Point : The closet (do not use this unless you are being pursued)

Don't touch anything in this room until I say so. And of all, don't ever
open the closet in the corner of the room - Daniella is waiting inside
(pretty unlogical, but then again Daniella is known for being everywhere
at the same time). You can use the closet when you're being pursued by 
Daniella, but don't nose about.

So, in this room, everything is mirrored off the other room. Only three
things will show a difference from the other room, whilst the other
three objects will remain the same. Your job is to spot the differences.
As I said before - make a mistake and you'll never make it out alive.
The door will lock and when you try to leave, you'll see why you'll die.

Anyway, here is the solution to the Three Trials of Jupiter:

 a) The Hourglass, beside the fireplace
 b) The Two Statues (one sitting, one standing)
 c) The Chessboard

Examine these three and something seems to have moved. Alright, get out
and head back to the Corridor of Puzzles.

 | Corridor of Puzzles |

You will have to go back to the merry-go-round via the door next to the
crossword puzzle thingy. Head over there, make your way across the
slightly rotated merry-go-round and into the next room.

 | Torture Chamber | "Puzzle: Elemental"
 Evasion Point : The Iron Maiden (the thing with spikes in it)
 Item          : On the table of tools [CAMOMILE]
               : Around dead man's neck [VENUS KEY]

Proceed down the stairs. Gross, this room is making me feel sick (not
that we'll be hanging around here for long anyway). Pick up the item on 
the table and head towards the chair with the dead man in it. There's
a key around his neck if you care to take it. There's also an iron maiden
in the corner which you can use to hide in (pull the lever to lower the
spikes first but if I were you, I'd find somewhere else to hide because 
you CAN die in here if Daniella finds you). Anyway, back to the dead man, 
try taking his key. Whoops. He won't let us have it. Find we'll just have 
to do it the hard way.

Behind the dude is some sort of a statue with flames that we need to
put out. The flames are put out in relation with the colored panels on the
ground we step on. Once we extinguish all the flames, that should kill the
dude once and for all. Step on the panels (with Hewie's help) in this
 a) Red and Blue
 b) Red and Yellow
 c) Green and Blue
 d) Green and Yellow

Once we've killed the flames, the dead man should finally slump into an
eternal slumber if you know what I mean. Now that he won't resist, grab
the Venus key and head back to the Red Junction Passageway and into
the branch off that leads to the other side of the merry-go-round.

 | The Other Side of the Fenced-Up Area |
 Item : On the floor beside the red vase [RUBRUM MEDALLION]
      : In the red vase [BEEF JERKY]
      : Given to you, from Daniella [HEBEL'S PERFUME]

Going through the merry-go-round on the other side will bring us to the
inside of the fenced area (start thinking: how did Daniella get here if
the merry-go-round hadn't turned?) Pick up the items, from both the ground
and vase and talk to Daniella who's busy cleaning. She'll give you
Hebel's Perfume (courtesy of her master). Hewie will probably growl a bit
but it doesn't matter. Once you've got the perfume, make for the Serpent's
Hall (remember that I said earlier we needed a Venus Key for a Venus Door?)

***EXTRA ITEMS*************************************************************
If you are looking for some extra items, you can head back up to the 
Mummy's Passageway and into the red door that was once a wall. This will
lead you into a Upside Down Junction Passage with a red vase containing
a [WEEPING STONE]. Continue down the passage and pass another door will
lead you to the Chimera Room where in the stuffed Chimera's mouth is
a [SYLVESTA ESCA]. Then, make your way back to the Serpent's Hall the
same way you came.

 | Serpent's Hall |

Unlock the door with the Venus key and enter the Mandragora Garden.

 | Mandragora Garden |
 Item : From the white mandrake bed [WHITE MANDRAKE]

When first entering, a cutscene will follow of Fiona picking up a mandrake
on the ground. This will cause her a bit of a panic, but you should be
fine otherwise. Now, here we need something and with Hewie's help, we can
get it. Let him sniff Hebel's Perfume and he'll lead you to the correct 
plant (the white one). Take it, and be ready as the plant will cause Fiona
a bit of panic, not to mention it will also call forth its caretaker -
Ms. Crazy Maid Daniella. At this point, you better start running. Head
out of the garden and back to the Corridor of Puzzles.

 | Corridor of Puzzles |

Coming out from the Serpent's Hall, turn to the left and run to the very
end of the corridor. Open the door and cross the bridge (which if you 
last time checked before completing the Three Trials of Jupiter) was just
a pool of water. Open the door on the other side and make your way into the

 | Graveyard | "The graves are all for me."
 Item : On the ground, surrounded by stones [BEEF JERKY]

Creepy graveyard. The tombstones all belong to an Aureolus Belli. Who's
that? Well, we don't know for now, but we probably will later. Get the
item. There's also a bush here that Hewie may hide in and attack if 
anybody comes too close for comfort, but now that we're quite close to
the end...

Head over to the tomb. Examine the darkness for something, and a hand
comes popping out beckoning for something. I think I know what it wants.
Give it the White Mandrake and watch as it returns back into the
darkness from whence it came. Now that the path is clear for us, we can
head inside!

 | The Crypt | "Puzzle: Meth"
 Item : Down the RRR Path [MAGIST MEDALLION]
      : Down the RRLRR Path, on the open sarcophagus [MEDALLION]

Here's our next puzzle - we've got to lead the golem to the Meth symbols
all over the maze. Only then can we kill the flames. And the only
instructions we can give to this golem are the letters (L) for left,
and (R) for right. By engraving a series of letters on a plate-key,
we are able to command the golem to move in the directions we have set.
Here are the four possible plate-keys:

 a) RRR
    This will lead the golem right three times at every turn until it
    reaches the "Meth" inscription. Then it'll calm the flames to reveal
    an item - the purest of medallions, Magist.
 b) RRRR
    The golem will head four rights, and open a path for you into 
    a garden with nothing much, except for an oven and a [LAVENDER] just
    a few feet away on the ground.

 c) RRL
    This is the keyplate essential to the game. This path will be your
    progress into the game. It will lead the golem right two times
    and a left.
    This keyplate will lead the golem to calm a fire that opens a pathway
    into a library. Before you progress onto the game, head here first,
    solve the next puzzle, view the cutscene (which will help a lot) and 
    get outta there and head on back to the RRL path to move on.

Once you've killed all the flames and taken all the items that needs to be
taken, head down the RRLRR path, pass the Underwater Tunnel and up the
long stairs into the Mansion Library.

 | Mansion Library | "Puzzle: Disarrangement in the Library"
 Save Point : On the left side of the library
 Item       : On a bookshelf [WISEMAN CRAFT'S]
            : Underneath a bookstand [OCCULT PHILOSOPHY]
            : On a table opposite the save point [CATHEDRAL SECRETS]

We've only just solved a puzzle and here we are again at the next puzzle.
This is simpler. All you have to do is pick up the books from their
places (as stated above) and return them to their respective bookshelves.
When you have put them all back into place, the bookshelves will move
into place, enabling Fiona to walk over them like a path towards a door
at the end of the library which leads to the Film Room.

 | Film Room | "Party-pooper!"
 Item : On the floor [CHICKEN JERKY]

With the film reel that we got earlier, we can now watch a video using the
projector on the table. But before that, pick up the item on the floor.
Now let's watch...

Okay, here comes the party-pooper. We learn more about Daniella. So you
want my Azoth huh? You want to be human? Alright woman, come and claim it.
Once she starts coming after you, lure her away and make a run for the
crypt. Once back at the crypt, make your way to the RRL path.

 | Stairs of Confusion |
 Item : Near what seems like a spacesuit [ALBUM MEDALLION] (Hewie needed)

Run up the stairs of confusion. Wow, vertigo. Everything seems to be so
god-darned confusing. Oh well, it's just stairs. Go all the way up. Near
the door that leads to the Red Window Hallway, there seems to be a
horizontal spacesuit on the right with a shiny next to him. We can't get
there, but we know of someone who can...

Hewie! Get over there and get it. Pick up the medallion, and when he gets
back - praise him. Are you doing this often?

 | Red Window Hallway |

Coming out on the left, there are stairs up ahead that lead to a 
junction. Straight on to the left is the Operating Room; the branch to
the right leads to the Mansion West Corridor. Downwards leads to a
darker corridor and we don't want to go there yet for the moment, so let's
just make for the Operating Room.

 | Operating Room |
 Recovery Point : At the sink at the end of the room
 Evasion Point  : Sulfuric Acid on the cabinet
                : Acetic Acid on the metal shelf
 Item           : On the examination table [LAVENDER]

Why would anyone need an operating room in a mansion? Weird. Anyway, grab
the item on the table and leave. Should Daniella chase you, you can run
into this room (though you must be faster than her) and examine the
sulfuric acid when prompted to do so. Don't bother with the acetic acid,
it doesn't affect her. Back to the hallway and into the room branching
off from the junction.

 | Mansion West Corridor | "Puzzle: Three Circle Combination"
 Save Point : At the end of the corridor, closer to the last cell

There's a Synthesizer here in the corner of the room but we have no use
for it now. Continue down the corridor, past the jail cells and we have a
save point here. Save if you want, but it's going to be just a short while
before we see another save point. Anyway, make your way down the steps
and to a little section of pipes. This is what we've seen in the film
earlier and if you paid attention, you should be able to get through
without a problem. 

Turn the top dial left once (two halves of a circle), leave the middle one
empty and the lowest dial, turn it right twice (a half of a circle and
two quarters of a half). That should drain the water in the next room,
so open the door.

 | Spiral Pool |
 Item : On the way upwards, on a ledge [REFINED MAGNESIA]
We're back at the spiral pool earlier. We can now go up or down. Downstairs
is the Mars door, but like both Jupiter and Venus, the Mars door needs a
Mars key. So let's go up, and on the way up take the item on the ledge.
Proceed upwards to the door and open it to another puzzle before us.

 | The Archer's Walkway | "Puzzle: Broken Arrow"

Nice panels. Are they for decoration? Of couse not. Is Hewie with you?
Make sure he is. This puzzle works almost like the Road of Darkness 
earlier so if you have Hewie, you should be fine. All you need to do is
ask Hewie to show you the way and follow him closely. You are not likely
to die from this puzzle, since it gives you three chances (by my standard,
far more forgiving than the Road of Darkness). Once you've safely crossed
the other side, make sure you deactivate the archer by pressing the
switch on his back. Then head straight on into the Mansion Catwalk.

 | Mansion Catwalk |
 Save Point : Next to the door leading to the Dome
 Item       : On the ground next to the pile of junk [REFINED ANTIMONY]

The mansion library earlier is below us. Pick up the item and save on the
other side. The next door takes us to a Dome, and you recall - if a place
has a really fancy name like the Chapel, or the Dome... there's sure to
be a boss fight.

 | The Dome |
 Item : After the battle with Daniella, on the floor [MARS KEY]

Beautiful. The glow of the moonlight reflected on the mirror makes for a
surreal experience. Until something "unreal" comes running along that it
marks the time for things to end once and for all. You want my Azoth?
You want pleasure? Come and claim it!

------------------/ "THE BATTLE AT THE DOME: DANIELLA" \-------------------
A battle with Daniella to the death. A catfight. Alright. Let's not play
fair since Daniella's not been playing fair since the beginning. The point
of this battle is simple: you have to push all the four blocks on the 
ground following their set paths into place. In order to do so, you will 
need Hewie to keep Daniella busy.

Obviously while pushing the blocks into place you can't exactly command
Hewie, so what you need to do is to know when to ask for help and when
to push. It's a balance of your own timing and if you do it right, you 
should be able to make it pass this battle without any hits (though poor
Hewie would have probably been hit a bunch of times). Push all the blocks
into place, and with the last block finally powering up the mirror, lure
the stupid maid into the middle of the mirror. 

        "Smile you pretty vain prick!" 
                       - John Constantine, from the movie Constantine

Daniella's dead. Or should I say firmly lodged in place with a large shard
of glass. She did smile, I guess... maybe she did finally feel a tinge of
pain. Well, whatever you little psycho... 

Pick up the Mars Key and head back to the lowest level of Spiral Waterway.
Unlock the door and head into the next room. Fiona's probably facing a
little trauma now (she's seen something so violent...)

 | Circular Passage |
 Synthesist Room : A very obvious hole, obviously... you'll see it
                   coming in

Walk a little and you'll meet a new friend, one called HOMUNCULUS. They
look like little Mandragora babies and they'll try to grab Fiona. Kick
them before they do, or you'll just attract attention with their
psycho-sonic screaming.

Anyway, continue down to the hallway.

 | Homunculus Hallway | "There's another of those chanty men..."
 Item : On the table with the flowers at the end of the corridor

Here's another of those chanty guys (they don't seem to do much, even
after kicking them). They are also Homunculus, but how they are related
to those Mandragora babies, I don't know. Anyway, head straight down the
corridor and pick up the item on the table. Don't bother with the door,
it's locked. So now, just turn around and go into the door opposite the
naked Homunculus guy.

 | The Artificial Womb |

This is the curse of Azoth I tell you. One after another, everyone falls
under the curse of wanting the dastardly Azoth. Well, if he wants it,
he'll have to come and get it (that is getting a little too old). I hope
you're prepared for more fights. Especially with someone who has a gun...
End of part three.

                            iv. Driven by Azoth                  [#04WLK04]


                 |              Puzzle Guide            | 

This Puzzle Guide is for those who just want a quick answer to a hard
puzzle without reading too much and spoiling everything about the story or 
game secrets. It contain most of the solutions to the puzzles available in
the game minus the spoilers. As a bonus, I have also listed out which 
puzzle that may result in death if completed incorrectly.

 | The Puppet's Eye | "Failure results in death"                 [#04PZL01]

This is an easy one but if rushed into may cause a gruesome death. Outside
the Puppet Room, at the end of the Castle Corridor is a floor switch that 
raises a gate in the Puppet Room. Order Hewie to sit on the switch and 
quickly get back into the room, go through the open gate and deactivate 
the trap. Done.

 | Butterfly Kisses |                                            [#04PZL02]

Very simple puzzle that involves putting two and two together. Butterflies
are swarming dried flowers hund by the door that we need to get through.
Obviously to distract their attention we need something. To the left
of the Walkway of Four Doors (after running a bit), you'll come to a 
fenced area where there are some purple flowers. But we can't get to
them so what you do now is ask Hewie to go fetch some of the [FRESH 
FLOWERS]. Take the flowers back to the Butterfly Room where there were 
butterflies you saw earlier. Put your fresh flowers in a vase by the
door. That should avert their attention from the dried ones on the door.
The path is clear for you.

 | The Secret Staircase |                                        [#04PZL03]

A very logical puzzle with a very tedious explanation. To complete this
puzzle, you need to push the colored blocks back into their respective 
lines. Start by pushing the orange block blocking the gap in the orange
line a space to the left. In this puzzle, we will be needing the gap in 
the orange linevery importantly, so whatever you do - DO NOT BLOCK THE GAP! 
Once you moved the orange block and cleared the gap, move the next orange 
piece a few notches to the left, down and right out of the grey block's
path. The grey gap is just opposite the orange gap, so what you do now is 
go back up the stairs and down the other so you can push the grey block 
all the way left, and back into place. As you have not blocked the orange 
gap, you can get behind it to push the grey block. Are you following me?
Anyway, once you've gotten the grey block back into its place - the others
will be as easy as pie. Just push the orange pieces back into the gap and 
the green one back into its own. Finito!
 | The Road of Darkness | "Failure results in death"             [#04PZL04]

You've been warned beforehand - if you read the sign that is. Only Hewie
can take you through this one. Just ask Hewie to go and he'll sniff out 
the path for you (from the camera's POV "viewpoint" when first entering 
the room - walk the farthest right, and then the farthest left) Once you 
get past, heave a sigh of relief - but wait it's not over yet, you gotta 
do this on the way back later again. Just follow Hewie and you should be 

 | Serpentine |                                                  [#04PZL05]

This puzzle is beautiful, simple - logical. Outside the Hall of the Three
Serpents in the walkway is some sort of a "crossword" like puzzle thingy
on the wall that has some words highlighted. Examine the connection between
the highlighted words and the numbers written on the side. Notice any
connections? Now head on back to the restroom beside the fenced area where
Daniella usually is. The same picture except there are no words 
highlighted. So, next what?  

 | The Three Trials of Jupiter | "Failure results in death."     [#04PZL06]

At a first glance the two rooms look alike, but after differentiating
between the two - you'll notice that there may be some differences. That's
right, this puzzle is a game of spot the differences and in this puzzle,
there are three of them. The room on the left shows all the things the way
they are, and the room on the left shows three things that are fake. Your 
job is to identify all three correctly without mistake; making a mistake 
here will lock the door, and trigger a death scene (for those who are 
interested in fulfilling their movie list). If you have bad eyesight or 
you just want to make it a quick breeze through, here are the answers to 
the Three Trials of Jupiter.
 a) The Hourglass, beside the fireplace
 b) The Two Statues (one sitting, one standing)
 c) The Chessboard

Trigger it all, and paths that were closed to you before will now be open.

 | Elemental |                                                   [#04PZL07]

A statue lies behind the sitting living corpse of a man holding onto the
Venus Key. Try taking the key, but he's holding on to it as if he's
guarding his life. Our mission is to solve a puzzle involving the
relation of elements: by extinguishing the flames on the statue behind
him. Each flame is controlled by the panels that we step on. In this case,
we need Hewie too. Press the following panels in order:

 a) Red and Blue
 b) Red and Yellow
 c) Green and Blue
 d) Green and Yellow

That should extinguish the fire and kill off the living corpse once and for

 | White Blood |                                                 [#04PZL08]

If you've been to the graveyard before the Mandragora garden, then you 
would probably have encountered the mysterious hand beckoning for 
something. To continue and solve this puzzle, as a start you require two

 a) Hewie, and 
 b) Hebel's Perfume 

To get Hebel's Perfume, you first need to solve the Three Trials of 
Jupiter. Once solved, go through the Merry-Go-Round Room (via the Red
Junction Passageway) and you'll end up in the fenced area. There, take 
from Daniella (don't worry, she won't hurt you) a vial of Hebel's Perfume 
(courtesy of her master...) Now, head back to the the garden and ask Hewie 
to sniff out Hebel's Perfume, and he will lead you to the correct plant. 
Pluck it and run for your life! Head back to the graveyard and feed it to
the hand who'll take it and leave, opening a path for you into the crypt.

 | Meth |                                                        [#04PZL09]

Right after the White Blood puzzle, you'll be in another fix. This time
it involves a golem, a keyplate machine and an inscription of "METH".
Here's how it works: you have to make a keyplate, slot it into the golem 
and watch as it walks in the directions you set for it, and makes its way 
over to the "METH" inscriptions, thus calming down the flames. Here are 
the four main keyplates you can make to slot into the golem.

 a) RRR
    This will lead the golem right three times at every turn until it
    reaches the "Meth" inscription. Then it'll calm the flames to reveal
    an item - the purest of medallions, Magist.
 b) RRRR
    The golem will head four rights, and open a path for you into 
    a garden with nothing much, except for an oven and a [LAVENDER] just
    a few feet away on the ground.

 c) RRL
    This is the keyplate essential to the game. This path will be your
    progress into the game. It will lead the golem right two times
    and a left.
    This keyplate will lead the golem to calm a fire that opens a pathway
    into a library. Before you progress onto the game, head here first,
    solve the next puzzle, view the cutscene (which will help a lot) and 
    get outta there and head on back to the RRL path to move on.

 | Disarrangement in the Library |                               [#04PZL10]

There are three books missing from three shelves, which is categorized by
three different authors. What you need to do is find these books and put 
them back in their rightful place. With each book back in its own shelf, 
the bookcases will move into place enabling you to walk over them in a 
path. Right, so now, pick one up from a bookshelf, the other on a table
and the last book underneath a book stand. Check which book belongs to 
which shelf, return it and you're done!

 | Three Circle Combination |                                    [#04PZL11]

Solving the library puzzle earlier should give you a straight answer
for this puzzle. In case you missed it, here's what you should do: turn 
the top dial left once, and the lowest dial right twice. That should
unlock the door.

 | Broken Arrow | "Failure results in death."                    [#04PZL12]

Similar to the Road of Darkness, this one is acutally quite forgiving.
A great number of panels lay before you with only a few laid in a 
path. All you have to do is ask Hewie to go, and he'll show you the 
correct panels you should walk on. But take a wrong step, it's strike one. 
Another step, strike two. Last step, strike three - the knight in armor 
fires an arrow and it'll kill you. Overall, a simple solution and
definitely simpler than the Road of Darkness.

 | A Question of Balance |                                       [#04PZL13]

This puzzle involves running all over the place transmuting the [PRIMA
MATERIA] found in the garden into several forms of matter until its
final form. The final matter is needed to balance the scales in the
Room of Balance. Should you try to balance the scales with a half
transmuted matter, the scales won't balance. Here are the steps in order
to achieve the final matter - the [RED GODSTONE].

 a) Take the Prima Materia to the Extractor. Use the stone on it and it
    transmutes into a matter called [SULFURIC ORE].
 b) The next step is the Purifier. Use the Sulfuric Ore on the machine
    and it changes into a [SILVER ORE].

 c) Bring the silver ore to the Synthesizer where it will be changed once
    more into a [WHITE GODSTONE]. We're close, but we're not done.
 d) Bring it to the Metamorphosis machine and change the White Godstone
    into it's final form - the [RED GODSTONE]. Now take it back to
    balance the scales, so you may unlock the doors. Don't forget to take
    the Red Godstone along with you after the balancing. You can change
    it into [PHILOSOPHER EARRINGS] later.

Should you accidentally transmute the substance into something else than
what is needed, take it back to the Decomposer where the matter will be
broken down back to its original form as the Prima Materia. Make sure
you do everything in the order given. 

 | Planetary Alignment |                                         [#04PZL14]

A team effort between Fiona and Hewie. Unlike the Elemental puzzle in
which you need to think before acting, the Planetary Alignment puzzle
just needs you to light all the planets, moving from one to another.
First, step on the only planet lit up. The next planet lights up. Send
Hewie to step on the next one and ask him to stay. Once he sits, you move
to the next planet lit. Then send Hewie again on the next one that lights
up. And again. And again. Do this until all the planets and the sun lights
up and you'll have solved the puzzle.

V.                               Endings                         [#05ENDGS]

There are four endings in Haunting Ground but so far I've only seen
two of them:

How to get it: Finish the game once. The second time round, after
               defeating Debilitas at the chapel, collect the [SMUDGED KEY]
               from him at his hut, and head over to the restrooms to 
               unlock the locked cubicle to the secret underground room. 
               Take the [CASTLE GATE KEY] and escape outta there!
What happens : Fiona and Hewie leave the castle. Fiona turns to have a
               last look at the castle. Then... opening the giant doors,
               they leave - out into freedom. Meanwhile... back at the
               castle - Lorenzo, having heard that Fiona has just left,
               chases her in a frenzy and having done so, falls down the
               stairs. Oh dear... poor thing. Well, what's done is done.

GOOD ENDING  : FORTES FORTUNA JUVAT (Fortune favors the brave!)
How to get it: Defeat Debilitas using the chandelier. This will affect
               the ending of the game between the best and normal ending.
               However, you must also have a good level of friendship with
               Hewie or you might trigger the bad ending.
What happens : Fiona and Hewie leave the castle when suddenly, Debi comes 
               out carrying hedge clippers - looking quite psycho (at first 
               I thought I had to start running again.) But then he bows
               and then goes on with his work trimming the hedges as if 
               nothing has happened. Huh? Oh well, let's go Hewie! Now's 
               our chance! THE END. Don't spoil my happy ending...

NORMAL ENDING: IGNIS AURUM PROBAT (One is tested in the fire)
How to get it: Do not defeat Debilitas using the chandelier. This will 
               affect the ending of the game between the best and normal 
               ending. However, you must also have a good level of 
               friendship with Hewie or you might trigger the bad ending.
What happens : Don't know. Haven't really seen it for myself but from what 
               I read, it's typically the same as Fortes Fortuna Juvat, but
               Debilitas will not come out to clip the hedges. Well, just
               a minor change in ending.

               (What you are, I was. What I am, you will be.)
How to get it: Have the worst friendship level with Hewie ever. To make 
               things easier for you, be on an okay level of friendship 
               with Hewie, but as you near the forest level, treat him 
               really bad - kick him, feed him onions, junk, scold him.
What happens : Don't know either. Well not yet. But whatever it is, Hewie 
               will die in the forest and won't come to Fiona's rescue 
               this time. Well, it seems that the game ends there...

GAME OVER    : ACTA EST FABULA (The drama has been acted out)
How to get it: Die. Get yourself killed in traps, murdered by your
               pursuers or anything that involves death. I'm sure you'll 
               see this screen at least once.  Or, in HARD MODE, let Hewie
What happens : There's silence and then everything turns a bloody red. If
               you were murdered by your attackers, you can hear them
               do something (freaking gross), or maybe it's just music...
               Depends on how you die.

VI.                        Ratings/Play Types                     [#06RATE]

Ratings are achieved at the end of the game. There are various ratings
available and are achieved depending on the way you play the game.

 | 01. Top Breeder |
 Achieved: Treat Hewie VERY nicely (do loads of handshakes), get the best 
           possible friendship level and have Hewie get NO critical 
           injuries. What I mean by critical injuries is that Hewie 
           should not ever be in a high level of fatigue (panting). This
           should get you an A dog level. 

 | 02. Treasure Hunter |
 Achieved: Collect more than 75% of the items located in the game; which 
           includes secret items and items from your enemies. 

 | 03. Warmonger |
 Achieved: Defeat your enemies more than 30 times. If you want to get
           this rating/play type, I'd suggest you do loads of battles
           with the crawling Lorenzo (he's the easiest to defeat).

 | 04. Track Star |
 Achieved: Beat the game in less than 3 hours.

 | 05. Dog-Lover |
 Achieved: Treat Hewie nicely, always praise him and have a good 
           friendship level. Basically, get a B-C dog level.

 | 06. Scream Queen |
 Achieved: Get into 30 or more Panic Attacks. This is definitely
           achievable in Hard Mode.

 | 07. Speed-Walker |
 Achieved: Beat the game in around 3-4 hours.

 | 08. Fugitive |
 Achieved: Get the Dona Nobis Pacem ending.

 | 09. Unjudged |
 Achieved: Fulfill a few of the play types (Scream Queen, Speed Walker,
           Warmonger, etc.)

 | 10. Late Bloomer |
 Achieved: Beat the game in around 20+ hours.

 | 11. Dog Beater |
 Achieved: Get the Tu Fui, Ego Eris ending.

* Credit goes to Davey2100 for the rating and play types. Thanks buddy!

VII.                    Unlockables/Secrets/Extras               [#07UNLCK]

 | The Secret Room |
 Unlock: Finish the game once

After completing the first round of Haunting Ground, a new option will
be open to you in the menu - the Secret Room. The Secret Room will be
Fiona's room in the game, and here you will be able to change into your
costumes, view artwork, movies or listen to music. You may also play
a mini-game which lets you play as Hewie in the role of protecting Fiona
from all her pursuers. Talk about reversing roles...

 | Hard Mode |
 Unlock: Finish the game once

Hard mode is more challenging though, in the sense that Fiona will panic 
more easily than before and is more vulnerable than she ever was in easy 
mode. Hewie, in Hard mode will also be vulnerable and will actually die
if he takes too much damage! When playing Hard mode, all the characters 
will also be wearing their alternate costumes.

 | Second Play |
 Unlock: Finish the game once

On Second Play, not only will you be able to have a completely new
experience of Haunting Ground but several options will also be unlocked
for you. On Second Play, you will be able to wear several new costumes
which changes a little bit of how the game plays. You may now also make 
the Extra Plate-Keys (see below) that will enable you to get items from
the Synthesist Room and also access the new Dona Nobis Pacem ending. 
There are also a few new cutscenes that are not seen in the first round of
the game and will now be available on Second Play.

 | Hewie's Mini-Game |
 Unlock: Finish the game once

Hewie's Mini Game is a very simple mini-game. It's too simple. All you
have to do is lead Fiona to the destination point. That's it. There is no
depth in this mini-game, there are no puzzles, and all you have to do is
bark a lot so as to attract Fiona's attention and save her from the bad
guys. Not very interesting. Well, whatever adds to the replayability.
Challenge 1 and 2 are automatically unlocked. Complete Challenge 1 and
you'll unlcok Challenge 3. Challenge 4 is unlocked by completing Challenge

                     |     Extra's and Secrets      |              [#07EXT]

 | Para Para Golem |

If really need a good laugh, or you're just curious - make a keyplate with
the word [SALTATIO] inscribed on it. Slot it into any golem, the one in the
beginning or the one in the crypt - your choice. You will then be treated 
to a 10-sec Para Para dance, complete with Euro music. Great stuff. It also
restores your status the first time you do it. 

 | The Extra Plate-Keys | "Again, credit goes to Davey2100 for this!"

Upon completion of the game several times and fulfillment of
certain criteria and play types, you will be given a passcode that
may be put onto a plate-key. This plate-key can then be inserted into
a machine in the Synthesist Room for an item.

 -  MAGNUS  - Unlocks the box in the Nursery; reveals a Jade Choker and
              an Inquisitor Earring

 -  ADAMAS  - Makes a Diamond Choker
 -  POWDER  - Makes Burst Shoes

 -  MORGAN  - Makes Fairy Earrings

 - ALCHYMIA - Makes Alchemist Earrings

                     |           Costumes           |             [#07CSTM]

 | Fiona - Texas Cowgirl |

"An outfit any cowgirl would be proud to call her own. Fiona can attack
her enemy via her sweet six-shooter when wearing this costume." 

Looks something the girls at rodeo shows would wear. Sexy. Unlock it by
finishing the game once. Added features: Fiona doesn't panic too easily.

 | Fiona - Illegal in Some States |

"A risqué number guaranteed to shock many a churchgoer. Fiona can attack
the enemy via her kinky snakeskin whip when wearing this costume."

Think Britney in Toxic. Tight black PVC (Trinity) with lots of gaping
holes revealing every contour of her body. Naughty bondage. Unlock it by
finishing the game once. Added features: A wider range of attack. Don't
know whether Fiona does more damage though.

 | Fiona - Fiona the Frog |

"A suit that will no doubt have the enemy seeing green. Execute backstep
dodges without losing stamina." 

Here is where the phrase: "see it to  believe it" comes in handy. Fiona is 
dressed in a ridiculous mascot-like Kermit-the-Frog outfit and is 
DISGUSTINGLY ANNOYING! Unlock it by finishing the game the second time 
round. Added features: Backstep dodges lose no stamina.

 | Hewie - German Shepherd Dog |

"Black German Shepherd Type. Known for its extremely high attack power and
wild, almost uncontrollable nature." 

Nice handsome dog. Powerful attacks. Almost uncontrollable nature. You got 
that right - in this costume, commanding Hewie is a pain. I died the most 
when I had Hewie in this costume. Unlock this by finishing the game once. 
Added features: Hewie has a boost in attack power. Good for battles. Bad 
for your well-being.

 | Hewie - Stuffed Toy |

"Stuffed Toy type. Its soft padding acts as an armor assuring that this
beast will never fall from direct physical attack." 

Very cute, very cuddly. Considering he's a stuff toy, this is the time to
take revenge on your attackers. Unlock this by finishing the game the 
second time round. Added features: Hewie is INVINCIBLE! Muahaha...

NOTE: All of Fiona's and Hewie's original costumes will also be unlocked
      there for you to choose. (Normal Outift 1, Normal Outfit 2,
      Under the Scalpel, White German Shepard) The original costumes
      do not have any added features.

                     |            Lists             |              

                          i. Movie Gallery List                 [#07LIST01]

001. Whereabouts Unknown
002. The Watched
003. Enter: Debilitas
004. Infernal Contraption
005. Emeth
006. Meth
007. Figure From the Future
008. Luminessants
009. Evening in the Music Room
010. Night in the Music Room
011. Approach Encounter
012. Exire Debilitas!
013. Nightmare
014. Freedom
015. Gate-Crasher
016. White Intruder
017. Hewie!
018. Mountain of Rubble
019. No Escape
020. What's Cooking?
021. Pupa Cella
022. Evil Eyes
023. The Phone's Dubious Ring
024. Bite Attack A
025. Bite Attack B
026. Bite Attack C
027. Balcony Collapses A
028. Balcony Collapses B
029. Flower Arrangement
030. My Dolly
031. Hide and Attack
032. Advice from the Dark
033. The Drawbridge
034. Ouroboros
035. Just Desserts
036. Luna Refractor
037. Let There Be Light
038. Saturnus
039. Stand Against Debilitas
040. Fate's Punishment
041. Adoration
042. A Moments Silence
043. 2nd Chance
044. Dinner Is Served
045. The Awkward Table
046. Night Visitor
047. The Mirror Tells No Lies
048. The Great Flood
049. Hidden Stairs
050. Woman Scorned
051. My Fight
052. Fire & Ice
053. The Human Body
054. Chess Anyone?
055. The Hourglass
056. The Ultimate Scavengers
057. Armed & Dangeroud
058. The Iron Maiden
059. The Immortal
060. Fleeting Immortality
061. Stick and Move
062. Mandragora
063. Guardian A
064. Guardian B
065. Golem of the Underworld
066. The Hidden Camera
067. Snuff Film
068. Sulfuric Acid A
069. Acetic Acid A
070. Archer A
071. Archer B
072. Cat Fight
073. Shish Kebab
074. The Other Woman
075. Sulfuric Acid B
076. Acetic Acid B
077. No Problem
078. A Question of Balances A
079. A Question of Balances B
080. Stray Dog
081. Poor Doggie
082. Checkmate
083. Invasive Exam
084. Prison Reunion
085. Jail Break
086. The Incredible
087. Grand Convergence
088. The Viaduct
089. Fall From Grace A
090. Fall From Grace B
091. Azoth
092. The Man in the Wheelchair
093. The Big Bang
094. To Survive!
095. Conveyor Belt A
096. Conveyor Belt B
097. Conveyor Belt C
098. Invitation
099. Thus Spoke Lorenzo
100. Return to Youth
101. Caduceus
102. Challenge of Lord Lorenzo
103. Straight to Hell!
104. From the Depths of Hell!
105. Fallen Goddess
106. Burnt Out
107. Fortes Fortunat Juvat
108. Ignis Aurum Probat
109. Dona Nobis Pacem
110. Tu Fui, Ego Eris

                           ii. Music Gallery List               [#07LIST02]

01. Endless... HAUNTING GROUND
02. Strange Door
03. Twisted Eyes
04. Innocent Freak
05. Last Debilitas
06. Stalking Insanity
07. Something Lacking
08. Last Daniella
09. Writhing Embryo
10. Sly Hunter
11. Last Riccardo
12. Spiral End
13. Warped Obsession
14. Final Lorenzo
16. Closed Mind
17. Solitary Bells
18. White Carousel
19. Red Carousel
20. Fake Planets
21. Hazy Vision
22. Liebestraume Notturno III-lunatic
23. Liebestraume Notturno III-nostalgic
24. His Repentance
25. Precious Hewie
26. Secret Dance
27. Endless Zero

                          iii. Art Gallery List                 [#07LIST03]

01. Fiona - Normal Outfit A
02. Fiona - Normal Outfit B
03. Fiona - Under the Scalpel 
04. Fiona - Opening
05. Fiona - Illegal in Some States
06. Fiona - Texas Cowgirl
07. Fiona - Prototype A
08. Fiona - Prototype B
09. Hewie
10. Debilitas
11. Debilitas Prototype
12. Daniella
13. Daniella Prototype
14. Riccardo
15. Riccardo Opening
16. Lorenzo - Old A
17. Lorenzo - Old B
18. Lorenzo - Young
19. Lorenzo - Lord of Fire
20. Father
21. Mother
22. BG Concept Design 1
23. BG Concept Design 2
24. BG Concept Design 3
25. BG Concept Design 4
26. BG Concept Design 5
27. BG Concept Design 6
28. BG Concept Design 7
29. BG Concept Design 8
30. BG Concept Design 9
31. BG Concept Design 10
32. BG Concept Design 11
33. BG Concept Design 12
34. BG Concept Design 13
35. BG Concept Design 14
36. BG Concept Design 15
37. BG Concept Design 16
38. BG Concept Design 17
39. BG Concept Design 18
40. BG Concept Design 19
41. BG Concept Design 20
42. BG Concept Design 21
43. BG Concept Design 22
44. BG Concept Design 23
45. BG Concept Design 24
46. BG Concept Design 25
47. BG Concept Design 26
48. BG Concept Design 27

                        iv. Character Gallery List              [#07LIST02]

01. Fiona - Normal Outfit 1
02. Fiona - Normal Outfit 2
03. Fiona - Under the Scalpel 
04. Fiona - Texas Cowgirl
05. Fiona - Illegal in Some States
06. Fiona - Fiona the Frog
07. Hewie - White German Shepard 
08. Hewie - German Shepard
09. Hewie - Stuffed Toy
10. Debilitas A
11. Debilitas B
12. Daniella A
13. Daniella B
14. Riccardo A
15. Riccardo B
16. Riccardo C
17. ? ? ? ? ?
18. Lorenzo - Old A
19. ? ? ? ? ?
20. Lorenzo - Middle-aged A
21. ? ? ? ? ?
22. Lorenzo - Young A
23. ? ? ? ? ?
24. Lorenzo - Lord of Fire
25. Homunculus A
26. Homunculus B
27. Golem
28. Crow
29. Rabbit
30. Fish A
31. Fish B
32. Fish C

VIII.                     Items (Incomplete)                      [#08ITMS]

If you are looking to find the usage of a specific item, say - an item
you just synthesized, press CTRL+F and type in the name of the item
you want to find. 

                    |        Battle Items         |                [#08BTL]

 | 01. Antimony Powder | "LVL.1 ANTIMONY"
 Use    : Throw
 Effect : Stuns enemy for a short while; low damage

 | 02. Refined Antimony | "LVL.2 ANTIMONY"
 Use    : Throw
 Effect : Stuns enemy for a medium length of time ; medium damage
 | 03. Antimony Tube | "LVL.3 ANTIMONY"
 Use    : Throw
 Effect : Stuns enemy for longer; high damage
 | 04. Magnesia | "LVL.1 MAGNESIA"
 Use    : Set on ground
 Effect : Explodes; little damage
 | 05. Refined Magnesia | "LVL.2 MAGNESIA"
 Use    : Set on ground
 Effect : Explodes; medium damage
 | 06. Prima Magnesia | "LVL.3 MAGNESIA"
 Use    : Set on ground
 Effect : Explodes; very high damage

 | 07. Weeping Stone |
 Use    : Set on ground
 Effect : Distracts enemy 

                    |        Health Items         |               [#08HLTH]
 | 01. Quies |
 Type   : Alchemic concoction
 Use    : Stamina
 Effect : Restores small amount

 | 02. Camomile |
 Type   : Herb
 Use    : Stamina
 Effect : Completely restores

 | 03. Recreatio |
 Type   : Alchemic concoction
 Use    : Stamina
 Effect : Completely restores

 | 04. Lavender | 
 Type   : Herb
 Use    : Panic
 Effect : Slowly reduces

 | 05. Mundus |
 Type   : Alchemic concoction
 Use    : Panic
 Effect : Reduces small amount

 | 06. Sedatio |
 Type   : Alchemic concoction
 Use    : Panic
 Effect : Completely reduces

                    |      Dog-Related Items      |                [#08DOG]

 | 01. Chicken Jerky |
 Type   : Meat
 Effect : Restores small amount of dog's stamina.

 | 02. Beef Jerky |
 Type   : Meat
 Effect : Completely restores dog's lost stamina and makes them "happy"

 | 03. Esca |
 Type   : Alchemic concoction
 Effect : Restores small amount of dog's stamina.

 | 04. Magna Esca |
 Type   : Alchemic concoction
 Effect : Completely restores dog's lost stamina and makes them "happy"

 | 07. Sylvesta Esca |
 Type   : Alchemic concoction
 Effect : ? ? ?

 | 06. Onion |
 Type   : Plant
 Effect : Lower dog's stamina

                    |          Equipment          |                [#08EQP]

 | 01. Metal Boots |
 Effect : Attack becomes x2 powerful, minimum chance of power attack
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine (OR) found in the Secret
          Basement of the Castle Bathroom

 | 02. Burst Shoes |
 Effect : Every kick is powered with a small explosion
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine (OR) found in the Synthesist
          Room by using the key-plate POWDER on the machine on the right
 | 03. Silver Boots |
 Effect : Attack becomes x5 powerful, high chance of power attack

 | 04. Obsidian Choker |
 Effect : Easily escape being detected by Luminessants
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine (OR) found by using the
          key-plate METH on the golem blocking the door in the Refinery
 | 05. Jade Choker |
 Effect : Reduces the speed of stamina loss, and increases recovery speed;
          increases chance to avoid enemy power attack
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine (OR) found in the Synthesist
          Room by using the key-plate MAGNUS on the machine on the right

 | 06. Ruby Choker |
 Effect : Reduces the speed of stamina loss, and increases recovery speed;
          increases chance to avoid enemy power attack
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine
 | 07. Diamond Choker |
 Effect : Greatly reduces speed of stamina loss, and doubles stamina
          recovery speed; impervious to all power attacks
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine (OR) found in the Synthesist
          Room by using the key-plate ADAMAS on the machine on the right

 | 08. Inquisitor Earrings |
 Effect : Slightly increases the speed at which panic is lost
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine (OR) found in the Synthesist
          Room by using the key-plate MAGNUS on the machine on the right

 | 09. Alchemist earrings |
 Effect : Recover from a panic attack faster than usual; gain less panic
          when hit
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine (OR) found in the Synthesist
          Room by using the key-plate ALCHYMIA on the machine on the right

 | 10. Fairy Earrings |
 Effect : Fiona becomes invisible when not moving, making it hard for
          enemy to find her
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine (OR) found in the Synthesist
          Room by using the key-plate MORGAN on the machine on the right

 | 11. Philosopher Earrings |
 Effect : Speed at which panic is loss increases as well as mental 
 Found  : Made with the Synthesizer Machine (OR) take the Godstone used in
          the balancing of the scales, and when at the jail put the 
          Godstone into the machine near the door to have it transformed
          into the Philosopher Earrings

                    |      Key/Special Items      |                [#08KEY]

 | 01. Broken Marionette |
 Found : On the pile of rubble outside the Castle Entrance
 Used  : Unlocks the Puppet Room door

 | 02. Fresh Flowers |
 Found : In the fenced area of the courtyard
 Used  : On the vase in the Butterfly Room; lures the butterflies away

 | 03. Study Key |
 Found : In the Basement of the Laundry Room
 Used  : Unlocks the locked desk in the study

 | 04. Lunar Refractor |
 Found : In the locked desk in the study
 Used  : On the refracting telescope in the Ground Floor of the Secret
         Staircase room

 | 05. Saturnus Key |
 Found : In the chapel, at the end of Hermes' cane
 Used  : Unlocks the door in the Secret Staircase room
 | 06. Smudged Key |
 Found : Given to you by Debilitas in his hut (if you defeated him
         with the use of the chandelier)
 Used  : Unlocks the locked cubicle (leads to the Secret Basement) in the 
         Castle Bathroom

 | 07. Castle Gate Key |
 Found : On the table in the Secret Basement of the Castle Bathroom (only
         available on Second Play)
 Used  : Unlocks the castle gates, game ends with ending: "Dona Nobis

 | 08. Jupiter Key |
 Found : On the steps of a wooden staircase in the Mansion Study; kick
         the staircase three times to drop the key onto the floor
 Used  : Unlocks the two doors of the Three Trials of Jupiter

 | 09. Venus Key |
 Found : By completing the Elemental puzzle; around the dead man's neck
 Used  : Unlocks the Venus door in the Serpent Hall (leads to Mandragora 

 | 10. White Mandragora | 
 Found : In the Mandragora Garden; led to by Hewie after smelling Hebel's 
 Used  : Given to the beckoning hand in the graveyard crypt

 | 11. Cathedral Secrets |
 Found : On a table in the Mansion Library, opposite the save point
 Used  : On the bookshelf of books written by Furkanelli

 | 12. Wiseman Craft's |
 Found : On a bookshelf in the Mansion Library
 Used  : On the bookshelf of books written by Nicholas Framel

 | 13. Occult Philosophy |
 Found : Under a bookstand in the Mansion Library
 Used  : On the bookshelf of books written by Agrippa

 | 14. Mars Key |
 Found : On the ground after the Daniella boss fight
 Used  : Unlocks the Mars door in the Spiral Waterway

                    |        Miscellaneous        |               [#08MISC]

 | 01. Bisque Doll |
 Found : On the floor after first encounter with Debilitas; on the
         table near shrine in Debilitas' hut
 Use   : Unknown

 | 02. Cracked Plate-Key (1) |
 Found : On the floor outside the Castle Bathroom
 Use   : Features a clue to the creation of the REST plate-key

 | 03. Cracked Plate-Key (2) |
 Found : In the middle of the dining table
 Use   : Features a clue to the creation of the REST plate-key

 | 04. Ball |
 Found : In the training ground just outside of the garden
 Use   : Builds friendship and trust with Hewie

IX.                     Synthesizing (Incomplete)                [#09SYNTH]

In Haunting Ground, you can synthesize a great many items using the 
medallions that you've gathered (eg: Album, Viride, Magist, etc.) in a 
room called the Synthesist Room. The synthesist room is found by entering 
the many holes all over the castle. Inside this room, your attackers
cannot follow you, nor can Hewie. You may sometimes find an item or two,
but that is solely based on luck. 

As I've said before, you can synthesize a few good alchemic items using
the medallions. Using the machine in the top right corner of the room, 
you can be able to change the medallions into weapons, accessories,
throwables, medicines, etc.

 | How the Machine works |

I'm still figuring out how this darn machine works! Will update more!

X.                                FAQ                              [#10FAQ]

QI: Why are you so slow with the entire walkthrough?
AI: As it is, I like to take my time writing everything down (as I have
    this obsession with perfection). If you don't mind, I'd like to take it
    slow as I don't want to make a mistake that may mislead players
    everywhere (leading you people in circles...) so, if you please,
    hold your horses - and wait up! And, yeah, my apologies too... =p

Q2: Where are the "real" questions that people sent to you?
A2: Uh, sorry about that but I haven't really sorted the mail I got into
    this FAQ yet so if you hold on a minute (or two) I'll get it up and
    going... =p


XI.                        My Personal Review                     [#11REVW]

I love playing games, and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE bragging about how good it is 
when I'm done playing them. Reviewing tends to demand a high level of 
honesty and to be honest, this must be THE surival horror to quench my 
longing desire for fear and anxiety. Haunting Ground does exactly that in 
its own unique way. 

Originally named Demento (and it sounds better, for obvious reasons),
Haunting Ground is very different from the average survival horror in the
sense that the main protagonist doesn't run around guns-a-blazin' shooting 
at everything that moves. That is what exactly I mean about it being the 
TRUE survival horor. It actually lets you feel to be in that position, 
fighting for your own survival with nothing but your bare hands. 

To start off, let me brag a little bit about the graphics of Haunting 
Ground. The graphics are, to be perfectly honest... excellent, the in-game
character models are as beautiful as that of Onimusha 3 and they seem 
almost human-like in design and in animation. Lighting and shadows immerse 
the players in realism; sometimes I even forget I'm playing a game. The
opening FMV and the cutscene FMVs were somewhat a disappointment though 
(especially since it was done by ROBOT, the same CG department that did the 
grand opening for Onimusha 3). But in terms of gaming graphics, the
designs of the level, the textures, the character models - flawless...

Next up is the sound and music of Haunting Ground. Here, I have some good
news and some bad news. Well, which do you want to hear first? The good 
news first? Okay. The good news is... the music is a masterpiece. Fine, 
it's an exaggeration - it's not a masterpiece equal of Killzone or Halo or
something but it is beautiful. Beautiful in the sense that it is perfect
in all its Psycho-likeness. With all the gratings and bangs, it similarly
reminds me of Silent Hill with a tinge of Psycho. Perfectly complements the 
game atmosphere. But where there is good, something lacks and here the
voice acting and sound fails to make good where music does. Hewie barks 
like a robot (literally!), Fiona screams as if she's forced to, but hey, 
most of the sound is not all bad. Debilitas does sound demented 
("My Dolly!"), but credit goes the most to Daniella's voice acting for the 
crazy laugh and psycho act! Sound effects are okay most of the time, so
far I've noticed no flaws... [07/10]

Thirdly, the gameplay. For those in the need of an action fix, stay away
from this game. This game is very, very sluggish (as in slow moving?). 
There are no machine guns, no grenades, running on walls or bullet-time 
action. There's only hiding away in the darkest corner of the room biding
your time from your enemy. Sure, it may seem unmanly - but to think of it, 
if you were in that position, do you think you'd be "blessed" with the
usage of a machine gun? I didn't think so. Anyway, I'm crapping... back 
to the point.

That said, Haunting Ground is a very good scare game, as in the case that
most of the  encounters with the enemies are sudden and unscripted. Gameplay 
is simple, not too much of button mashing. It has an equal share of its 
"action" and logic sequences which makes it balanced. Sure, it may seem 
boring (heck, she can only kick her enemies?) but the impact the creators 
wanted the players to feel was there all right. It made my heart jump a few 
times when I fell face down flat onto the ground, crawling away from a 
murdererjust metres away - I could definitely feel the pressure. It may 
appeal to most survival horror fans, but to those who favor Resident Evil 
or Silent Hill over Clock Tower or EchoNight, forget this game. Put it back 
on the shelf if you ever picked it up and walk away. This game is not for 
you. [08/10]

What about the story? Okay, just to tell you people - the story is a bit
weird. What is it with all this Azoth business? Is it some sort of DNA
or something? Well, I think it is - but that's not the point now. To tell
the truth, the story is quite confusing in the beginning, but it does have 
a beginning, a middle and an end, and a bit of a twist here and there. 
It may seem confusing at first but overall, as the game slowly plays itself
to the end - Haunting Ground manages to pull itself from psycho, 
meaningless story to epic-storytelling masterpiece. An 8 for me. [08/10]

The life-span for this game however is a bit short. Personally, I felt that
there weren't enough features for me to replay the game again and again
(aside from filling up the remainder of the lists and trying out the
cool costumes). The Hewie mini game featured in the Secret Room on the
other hand was to easy, I finished it in under half an hour. That said, 
replayability for me (compared to RE4) was almost ZILCH - since RE4 let's
you replay the story in a different point of view, and has a better mini-
game, I think I'll leave this section at a 7. [07/10]

 | Graphics: Characters are almost human-like  | [09] |
 | Sound / Music: Good music, average sound    | [07] |
 | Gameplay: Slow but powerful                 | [08] |
 | Story: Weird but not bad...                 | [08] |
 | Life-span: Replaying the game with new      | [07] |
 |            elements, a bit repetitive...    |      |

Hence my final verdict is: The Bronze Award [07/10]

                      One for the survival horror fans - it makes a good
                      addition to the collection, but if you're just
                      buying it for the kicks, you might as well rent it. 
                      It's good for a while, but will grow dull to most
                      people after a few runs of the game.

XII.                            Credits                           [#12CRED]

 - GameFAQs - For being the only place that will take me in!

 - Capcom - For finally making a game worthy of satisfying my need for a 
            horror fix! You guys rock!

 - David Kamikaze - I read his walkthrough and used it as a sort of guide
                    to helping me write my own. I guess without his FAQ
                    I probably wouldn't have gotten anywhere in the 
                    beginning. Thanks a bunch to him!

 - Davey2100 - For the information on the extra keyplates and the ratings
               achieved after completing the game!

 - To you guys - For your attention and patience in reading a newbie FAQ! 

XIII.            Other Sites Featuring This Walkthrough          [#13SITES]

These are the sites that currently have the rights to display this
guide. If I find that you are putting my FAQ on your site, without
permission - you will know what I will do to you... 

Don't add yourself in this list, if you want my FAQ, drop me a line
and I'll add you in here...

Main site:
GameFAQ - www.gamefaqs.com

Other sites (with permission):
IGN - www.faqs.ign.com
Neoseeker - www.neoseeker.com

XIV.                        About the Author                     [#14ABOUT]

An avid gamer at heart, SHARMINE ISHAK (aka SAM) was brought up in a 
household of consoles and games. Owning a Nintendo at the young age of 5, 
a PlayStation at 12, and finally the PS2 - Sam has played and enjoyed many 
of the games that has made its mark on today's world. A broadcasting major
currently studying at the Malaysian Institute of Integrative Media, Sam 
spends his free time writing or gaming - whichever seems more enticing. 
HAUNTING GROUND is his first walkthrough.

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