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FAQ/Walkthrough by DKamikaze

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 11/15/06


Format: PS2
Genre: Survival Horror
FAQ Version: 2.0
Date of last update: June 12th 2005
FAQ by: David Kamikaze
(aka Kami aka Kazemana aka "That can't be your name, surely?!")


Section One - The Legal Stuff
Section Two - Updates
Section Three - Game Basics
Section Four - Tips and Tricks
Section Five - Walkthrough
Section Six - Puzzle Guide
Section Seven - Endings
Section Eight - Game Movies List
Section Nine - Game Secrets/Unlockables/Easter Eggs
Section Ten - Hewies Mini Game
Section Eleven - FAQ
Section Twelve - Contact Information
Section Thirteen - Credits
Section Fourteen - Permissions

|Section One - The Legal Stuff| 

Look, I hate writing this as much as you hate reading this. But sadly, in 
an age where people will steal just about ANYTHING, it has to be done. 
Besides, who isn't getting sued these days? At least the 
lawyers/solicitors are making a healthy living, and they will do from you 
if you don't read this bit with care. 

This guide is Copyright (c) 2005 David Kamikaze. You may use this for 
private, personal usage only and  may not be reproduced without prior,
written consent by me. You may download and print this document, but only
for non-commercial usage.

As obvious as this is, as this document is protected by copyright law,
you may not claim ownership, edit, or use any part of this guide. This
should be obvious but some people still don't seem to get it, so I am
explicitly stating it here, now.

All trademarks are the property of their respective owners. Haunting 
Ground and all its characters are property of Capcom. 

This guide so far is updated most frequently on GAMEFAQs 
(http://www.gamefaqs.com) - check GameFAQs for the latest updates. 

Those found using this guide without my prior consent will be asked to 
cease usage and take it down. Further breach of this agreement will force 
me to take legal steps and may end up with people being spanked on the
bottom. If all else fails, I will wedgie you all the way to court. Get
the picture?

So, basically, steal this at your peril.

|Section Two - Updates |


Damn, this is my first walkthrough for ages! It's been what? Two years? 
Doesn't the time fly... *sigh* Oh well. Here I am, older and wiser (I 
think), my sense of humour more refined (Yeah, right)... sheesh. I hope I 
can still do this... oh wait, I already am! KOOL BEANIES! Ahem. Anyway, 
walkthrough all the way up to the Debilitas boss fight, puzzle guide, key 
spots to take note of... you know the drill, I'll just hold your hand and 
guide you through. FAQ is looking a little empty though, but I'm sure it 
won't be that way for long. The guide is still incomplete, but I thought 
I'd offer at least a slightly fuller version. Will update VERY soon.


It's been uploaded, and updated already? Yes, yes, LOL and all that jazz.
Anyway, the walkthrough and puzzle guides have been updated to the end of
Daniella and up to meeting Riccardo as your new enemy. Please note that
staying up all night, playing the game and typing this out is NOT a good
way to preserve your patience or sanity, I do it so you don't have to.
I'm tired. Exhausted... need sleep... zzzzzzzzzzzzzz....


Sleep. It's good for the soul. And I'm not getting any of it, sadly.
Anyhow, updated to the end of Riccardo now, taking you close to the end.
Aren't I a nice guy? Also this update, I made some minor format changes
(removing unnecessary breaks and correcting typos) and added new sites
to the Permissions list. This amount of gaming cannot be healthy. Oh,
and next update, I will finish the walkthrough and puzzle guides. So
this is version 0.5c - next update it will be 1.0. Enjoy what is here
so far!


Forget zombies. Forget this game. You want horror, you just need to look
at me right now. I'm running on absolutely nothing, and yet still typing
this out and making perfect sense! However, once I started... I couldn't
stop... and now, the walkthrough for the best ending is up! It's pretty
much as complete as I'd hope for at this early stage of writing (1.0 is
still pretty early), updated the puzzle guide, updated the Endings part
with the good ending and it's translation, as well as a brief ending
description. If you want to send in descriptions of the other endings,
please do, I will credit you! Start sending in those questions, comments
and suggestions, I'm open to them! But please, do enjoy the complete


OK, so I've started now on the end-of-game unlockables and secrets, which
I'll keep working on. And I will also start next update on the Mini
Game walkthrough. Another permissions update, and general formatting
issues continue (Mainly because I was writing this walkthrough while
playing the game, so attention was divided somewhat). Added up Fiona's
unlockable costumes, and currently seeking and verifying potential
Easter Eggs. I don't remember doing a walkthrough being this... well.
Stressful isn't the word... Hectic?


Yep, another update. Credit to a one Frank Kortland for taking the time
to e-mail me with information about a hiding spot in the Mandragora
Garden. Excellent stuff. Also added another site to the permissions
list. It's worth asking, but if this guide is seen ANYWHERE that isn't
on the permissions list, please e-mail me with the link to the site,
and I'll have words.


Back again with a pretty heavy update. First of all, large and undiluted
credit to Hima (Surname wasn't well translated), who I believe is from
Thialand, for MASSES of in-game tips, tricks and information. Also I must
give credit to Lisa Johnstone, for pointing out a cutscene I wasn't
aware of. My deepest thanks to you both for your valuable input. Anyway,
in other update news, I have started on the movies list, started on
Hewie's minigame and - behold - FAQ actually contains some questions!
Huzzah! The format of the guide has changed a bit too, to make it a bit
more easy to read and follow, there's been a MASS proofreading and as
such spelling and a few other problems in the text of the guide have
been ironed out... made a start on the movies list, Hewie's Mini Game,
and added in Tips and Tricks just before the walkthrough as to things
which Hima suggested. In short, a pretty fair progression to 1.1a - hope
this helps you guys!


This is a pretty minor update. Hello to all my Japanese fans who have
taken the time to e-mail me (All five of them! Hey, by my reckoning,
that's one more than Gwen Stefani has! GO ME!)... err, konnichiwa! I
thank you for your praise, doitashimasite. (I'm learning!) As your
requests, I have made a couple of small changes to the guide that you
suggested had confused you, hopefully it clears things up for everyone
else too. Also added information on Fiona the Frog (Costume), added up
two of the endings (Bad and Quick Escape), and therefore I also updated
the movies list accordingly. Enjoy.


OK, I had to take a break. Playing one game only for two weeks can do
funny things to your mind, so I decided to take a small break. Anyway,
time for an update. Thanks to Shaun Sturgess for another hiding spot
that I missed (Wow. More than I expected!) and the location of an item,
which might prove useful. Next update, I plan to start work on a list
of the items you can synthesise, do a full keyplates list, and finish
off the movies list. Oh, added another site to the permissions list as


It's been a while. This update however is huge. No scratch that, MASSIVE.
The walkthrough has been tweaked, refined and made a little clearer at
times. The movies list is complete. The keyplate list is complete. More
easter eggs! More other-game references! More information as to what Azoth
is! More! MORE! MMOORREE! It's such a big update, it's now version 2.0!
So enjoy! Sorry it took so long, I haven't been well and I meant to do this
update last week, since it was my week off...


Woo. I am back from the seemingly dead... it's been a bit of a rough year
and I haven't found any games of late I want to write walkthroughs of,
although I am hoping to find one soon. It's odd but I need to be inspired.
Anyway, there are reasons why I am updating. First of all, big apologies
for taking down my guides e-mail server, which sadly ended up swamped with
unimaginable levels of spam. New e-mail added. Secondly, tidied up one or
two sections which people quizzed me over. And lastly, some new stuff to
add from people.

|Section Three - Game Basics |

Haunting Ground is a survival horror very much in the same grain as Clock 
Tower, whereby your character does very little to no combat at all, it's 
essentially a true SURVIVAL horror, you're being staked by freaky, weird 
or just sanely challenged people and if they get their hands on you... 
well. You're stuffed. 

Also in Haunting Ground is the addition of the "TRAP" - these lovely 
instant death scenes are scattered about and can do your head in, but 
getting past them is pretty good fun. 

The character, Fiona, reacts pretty much as any teenager would in her 
situation: her heart races, she panics, she hides, she gets scared by some 
pretty minor things which most game leads would take in their stride - 
Fiona is human, with all the weaknesses that entails. Hence why she is 
later joined by Hewie, a gorgeous albino Alsatian who can be trained 
in-game using simple commands, rather like Capcom's earlier attempt in 
Outbreak - just works better here. 

At heart though, this game is about getting lost and trying to think of 
the most logical way to progress - often meaning you have to ram into 
things, kick things (just try not to kick Hewie too much!) and examine 
everything. It's slow-paced and has plenty of good scares, those seeking a 
fast-paced and easy to get into experience might not get into this title, 
but those willing to take their time will love this extremely clever 

Oh, and on one final note - the game looks absolutely (bleep)ing gorgeous.

OK, onto some key points of the game. First up is the PANIC status - when 
the brown stuff hits the fan, Fiona freaks out and panics. In this state, 
she just runs for her life. Commands for the dog later will just be 
"Help!", and Fiona can often stumble in this status. It's good for getting 
away in a pinch, but in PANIC Fiona takes a LOT more damage, so generally 
you'll want to keep her calm. Panic can be reduced by items, or hiding, 
but if Fiona was lost it, you can do neither except let her system work it 
out. Gotta love the freaky confusing effect in this status though. 

Secondly, controls are actually a lot more refined than in previous Capcom 
games, finally the character goes where the control stick is pointed. 
Camera angles are forgiving, and it feels much better. 

Basic commands:

D-Pad/Left Analog Stick - Moves Fiona.

X - Run, you'll use this a lot.

Circle - Examine something/Open doors/Close doors

Square - Kick. While running, this command turns into  'SHOVE' whereby Fiona
does a shoulder ram instead. Kicking is good for uncovering items in vases.

Triangle - Use equipped items/weapons.

L1 - Crouch. Fiona will remain crouched until you input another command.

R1 - Jump Back/Backstep. Pressing square after this will make Fiona lunge 

The right analog stick is used to issue commands to Hewie:

Right Stick Up - Go and Attack
Right Stick Down - Come
Right Stick Left - Scold
Right Stick Right - Praise
Right Stick R3 - Sit/Stop

To respond to those who ask what the R3 button is - press the Right Analog
stick in, and you'll hear a quiet "click". This is the R3 button. Hope that
clears it up. (But seriously, you would know this if you read the PS2 manual)

And last in this section, the characters.

FIONA BELLI Fiona might not be a kick-***-and-take-names kinda girl, but 
she's not stupid. Leaving home at 18 to go to University. Reunited 
sometime later, presumably in the time off students get, they take a 
little car ride. Fate intervenes, and the car crashes - in what 
circumstances, we don't know. Mr and Mrs Belli are killed. Somehow, Fiona 
survives, but finds herself awakening in the dungeon of a creepy castle... 
is this just a bad dream? Or is it a living nightmare? 

Mr and Mrs BELLI We see them in cutscenes, very much in love. Such a happy 
family, and such a sad tragedy... 

HEWIE An albino Alsatian dog who was also captured and held in the 
dungeon. When Fiona saves him from being tied up at a tree, he decides to 
follow Fiona around. He's smart, although definitely still has that 
infamous selective hearing problem that all dogs seem to suffer with (mine 

DEBILITAS Big, dumb and ugly. He would be harmless but when he gets 
excited, he loses all control. With the body of a huge hunchbacked freak 
and the mental age of a five year old, Debilitas might just want to play, 
but Fiona is just as breakable as any dolly in this freaks collection. 

DANIELLA The mysterious maid who seems to feel no pain whatsoever. Loves 
her Mandragora Plants, and protects them at all costs. While she seems 
harmless enough, she can wield shards of glass and pieces of sharpened 
metal and be a sizable threat. You have been warned. 

RICCARDO This guy seems to be the leader. He introduces himself as the 
castles keeper, but it is very clear he has another agenda on his mind, as 
well as a seemingly split personality. Riccardo bears a close resemblance 
to Mr Belli, Fiona's father. Could they be related? 

LORENZO He seems to want to help... but he has a much larger plan in 

|Section Four - Tips and Tricks |

* Utilise anything that could help you when hiding. Thanks to Hima for
mentioning to me that certain objects - such as TVs - can be turned on
and used to distract enemies from your actual hiding spot.

* If there is no hiding spot, crouch behind a door. Hima tells me that
this works very well in a pinch, and after trying it out, I have to
say, it is surprisingly effective - but like all spots to hide, abuse
it and you'll still be found.

* If you want easy Hewie friendship, get Hewie to sit (R3) and hit R3
again to perform a "Handshake". Praise him for this and friendship
increases (note: does not work when being chased) - once again, thanks
to Hima for this contribution.

* If you WANT panic in the mansion, kick or hit the chanting men three
times and they'll turn around and punch you. Hima is getting a lot of
credit here! :)

* Hima once again continues to dominate this section of the guide by
pointing out that Fiona CAN slam doors into the faces of enemies, by
closing the door as they start walking through. Well, every little
bit of damage helps! Note this is a double-edged sword, as they can
also open doors and hit Fiona by doing so!

* And thanks to all who mentioned Hewie's "Critical Attack". Order
Hewie to Sit and Stay, then when an enemy is around and he starts to
growl, order him to attack for a super-damaging attack. Vicious little
pup, isn't he?

|Section Five - WALKTHROUGH |

It's what you're here for, right? Just to point out certain things:

*CLOCK SAVE* This means there is a clock in the nearby vicinity. These act 
as your save points, so use them! 

*RECOVERY POINT* These points recover stamina and reduce panic. Cannot be 
used while being chased, but keep these points in mind as they save on 
item use. 

*SECRET ITEMS* Basically, there's an item hidden nearby. I will NOT use 
this however for the vases on the floor, you should learn to kick those 

*HIDING SPOT* These are the most important areas in the game - somewhere 
to hide when being pursued. Try not to hide in the same place every time 
though or the bad guys will very quickly suss out what you're doing. 

*TRAPS* And finally, I will give fair warning of traps and explain how to 
bypass them. Traps mean instant death, which isn't fun. 

OK, we're done with that, time to get on with the guide.

-> CHAPTER ONE - Aim: Find a map of the Castle


Cut scene.

[The Gardens]

OK, walk through the gardens and towards a tree. You can go past this on 
this level and down a dead end, towards a caged area - in which usually 
hides a MEDALLION, but I have picked up a CAMOMILE here too before. Head 
back to the tree, note the stairs leading up, and run ALL the way up. Yes, 
ALL the way up. Enter the door. 

[Guest Room]

*CLOCK SAVE* on the left side of the room.
*HIDING SPOT* underneath the bed, obviously. 

First up, a scene of Daniella, the oddly attractive maid. She has prepared 
some nice gothic clothing for you, so go up to the bed and put them on. 
("Too tight around the chest", yeah Fiona, none of the guys playing the 
game really care.) Some dirty man is having a peep show (NO FAIR!). 
Anyway, once you regain control, leave through the nearby door. 

[Staircase from Dining Room to Guest Room]

Downstairs is a locked door which leads to the dining room, we'll take care 
of that one later, and a dead end with a red vase containing an item. 
Whether you get the item or not, take the other door at the top. 


One of the pillars appears to be covered in blood, you can examine it but 
it will make Fiona panic a little. Inch along, past the first door (which 
is locked), and towards the second. You CAN go in here now if you want, 
but it's not required - all you'll find in the Study is a locked desk and 
an item. So let's go meet our new friend. 

Watch the cutscene. Yes, it thinks Fiona is his new dolly. Don't ask, 
please do NOT send e-mails asking me questions about this because I don't 
know and to be quite honest, I do NOT want to know. 

OK, run back to the Guest Room.

[Guest Room]

*CLOCK SAVE* on the left side of the room.
*HIDING SPOT* underneath the bed, obviously. 

Fiona will close the door behind her. Where do we hide? If you haven't 
noticed, I mentioned it TWICE now so you have no excuse to not nip to the 
bed and hit CIRCLE to get under it. Third time's the charm. Stay under the 
bed until the big lug (who is called "Debilitas") goes away, at which 
point you go BACK to the walkway. 


OK, back to where we got chased from - Debilitas dropped his dolly, pick it 
up - I haven't used them yet but I'm sure it distracts him for a few 
seconds if you throw it. You should push the crate out of the way, but 
before we go into this room, take the other path and go into the room back 

[Typewriter Room]

This room is empty bar the typewriter which makes passcards. You'll be 
wanting to make TWO of these - on one, type "EMETH". On the other, "REST". 
All will become clear... anyway, back to walkway and the door behind the 


There's a file on the table telling you a passcode, which we've just done 
(EMETH Keyplate!) - slot it into the golem and it'll walk out of the way. 
Ooh, a door behind it, who'da thunk? Gee, what is the next move... hmm.

IMPORTANT: If you're thinking that a walking golem is somehow dull, then
you can use a keyplate typed "METH". This gives you a different scene of
the golem crumbling to pieces, and grants you an Obsidian Choker - which
makes Fiona less magnetic to Luminescents. It's a rather pointless equip
in all honesty, as the Luminescents are easily avoided and outrun, but
if you're a completist, you'll have to do both scenarios eventually. It's
your choice.

[Balcony and Sealed Up Well]

*HIDING SPOT* underneath the bench.

The stairs finish half-way, so not a good idea to go that way. Ignore the 
sparkly item for now, you'll get it soon enough. Down the ladder, you'll 
notice a bench. It's facing the opposite way, so not much good for sitting 
on, but perfect for hiding UNDERNEATH. There're two doors down here too - 
one is locked, so that gives you a clue... 


This is as close as you'll get to one I suppose, so I call this the 
courtyard. At the far end is a closed gate, and halfway across - a door. 
Closed gate... door... hmm. Door... 

[Audience Room]

There's a very obvious sparkly key on the table. As you go to pick it up 
though, you get a cutscene. OK, that is pretty sick. Not gross, but sick 
nonetheless. Anyway, take that key, and note the bookcase in here. You 
might be glad of it's services later. The key unlocks the door back in the 
Balcony/Well area, so go back there and open the door! 

[Service Passage]

*CLOCK SAVE* and seriously, you cannot miss this clock!

OK, the service passage. Note that opposite where you walk in is a 
depressible bit of floor, which you will need to remember for later. Walk 
down the hall and note the very obvious clock, save if you want, and carry 
on down the passage. The first door, which is locked and needs a special 
key, is the Puppet Room. Down the staircase and on the left, is the 
kitchen - we'll go in there in a sec... 

*SECRET ITEMS* Not far from this spot is a cracked wall - directly ahead 
of you. Fiona notes that the wall is weakened, so take that as your cue to 
kick the living (bleep) out of it and procure your item. 

OK, with that done, notice the passage now to your right. Down the stairs 
is a piece of a keyplate, but I've solved this one for you (The two halves 
make up the word "REST") - put your REST plate into the machine. 


*RECOVERY POINT* Take a drink from the sink/faucet.
*HIDING SPOT*, technically, there are TWO in this room. There is one in the
actual  bathtub to the right of the entrance (this is camera view, by the
way) and you can also very successfully hide in the central closet down
the stairs as well.

This is a key spot, your first Recovery Point, and you'll be glad of it 
later. Refresh yourself if you need to, but otherwise, back to the Service 
Passage, and to the door leading to the kitchen! Take note of the closet
spaces as well. From left to right: left door is locked. Middle door is
open. Right door is full of garbage and unusuable. Keep that locked door
in mind for later...


OK, not much here, you should go down the stairs but let's make our life 
easier first of all. Go past the kitchen worktops, and towards the door 
leading to the Dining Hall. 

[Dining Hall]

*HIDING SPOT* right behind the curtains - not marked as a hiding spot,
rather like the loos in the restroom - and a pretty one-shot solution
before the big lug susses this spot out, but use it when you need it! 

On the table is the second half of the cracked keyplate. Shame we already 
did that bit, eh? Oh well. At the far end of this hallway is a door which 
we can now unlock, which leads back to the staircase near the Guest Room. 
Hooray for us, now we have an unlocked door and don't have to run around 
aimlessly! Wallow in this for a second, then return to the kitchen. 


Go to the far side of this room, and down the stairs, Run and 
ram the boards which make up the (broken) door to clear your way into the 

[Wine Cellar]

*HIDING SPOT* should be obvious; there's a big table. Don't make me spell
it out. 

OK, down here we find the castle map, which doesn't automatically update 
until you have used it as an item. Mind you, not that I ever found the map 
much use, but hey, every little helps! There should also be an item lying 
around here you might want to pick up. Once done here, time to go upstairs 
and into the kitchen. 


Cutscene. How in the **** did he hide back there? Can he do the splits or 

[Service Passageway]

Another cutscene. Debilitas gets a scolding, and we meet Riccardo, who 
looks more like a monk than a curator/keeper. Seems like Fiona has 
inherited the castle... well, we're sure getting a nice reception... oh 
now see, that's what happens when you get chased about. The lead character 
has to collapse. End of the first mission goal, so therefore end of this 
chapter. See what I did there? Split each goal and mission into chapters. 
I know, I know. ^^ 

-> CHAPTER TWO - AIM: Find a way out of this part of the castle.

Before we start here with Chapter Two, let me make this clear. Not 
everything that is necessary will sparkle or stand out. It is possible to 
get lost here for quite some time before you finally figure out what is 
going on. Remember - I tear my hair out so you don't have to. 

[Guest Room] *CLOCK SAVE* on the left side of the room. *HIDING SPOT* 
underneath the bed, obviously. 

Aww, that poor dog is tied to the tree. Time to go make a new friend. Down 
the steps and out the door. 

[The Gardens]

OK, down the stairs and free the dog. As the owner of a rescued dog, 
believe me, this one tugs at the heartstrings (And sadly, happens, which 
makes it all the more depressing) - Fiona frees the dog... aww. Bless. 
Anyway, hmm, time to go back and explore a bit, wouldn't you say? You can 
by all means take the passage which you find open on the way back up to 
the Guest Room, but you won't be doing much there yet. So we nip through 
the guest room... 

[Guest Room]

*CLOCK SAVE* on the left side of the room.
*HIDING SPOT* still under the bed. 

Aww man! This thing just doesn't get it, does he? Come on Fiona, a good 
kick in the right place is all it takes... aha! Dog attack! Even better! 
Learn how to order the dog to attack, and it'll scare Debilitas away for 
now. We will now be traveling with Hewie, and Hewie might take a bit of 
time to train up. The key is - praise him every time he gets something 
right, and scold him when he doesn't do as he is told. It does not take 
long for Hewie to get the message and become an extremely useful asset. 

Technically, now you can enter into "combat" by ordering Hewie to attack.
Remember that if you want him attacking, to urge him on and then praise
him. This, in conjunction with certain items, can wear your foes down,
and even knock them down! When KO'ed, search them once and once only for
items. Then get your butt outta there. 

OK, Fiona is alive: check. Our new friend Hewie: check. Fiona's chest - 
check. I mean, ahem, sorry, umm, yes, shall we move on? Let's get on with 
the important bit now. Back out into the gardens. 

[The Gardens]

Right downstairs, and to the left is a barred gate. It's blocked by a box,
but there's a hole to the right of the door! Hmm, Hewie sized too. Send
Hewie in by hitting UP on the right analog stick, and then he'll allow you
access to The Training Ground.

[The Training Ground]

*Hiding Spot* is opposite the vase - in the bushes. Fiona in a bush. Yes,
there are more joke oppertunities in that than I can take... *faints*

This is in for the sake of completion. First of all, there is a ball on
the ramp - the shiny object. This toy can be used to play with Hewie and
apparantly improve his friendship level. Also, you can command Hewie to
attack the straw dummies - one will reveal a secret item. And the vase can
also be smashed for an item. There is a big gate here, but it's jammed, so
no way out there then... darn. Anyway, back into the gardens.

[The Gardens]

Time to return back up those stairs, remember that door which we saw in an
earlier cutscene? Now we have Hewie, we can investigate that area. So, um,
do so.

[The Castle Entrance]

First thing we come across is a pile of rubble Fiona can't climb up. Order 
Hewie to "Go!" and he'll scramble up the rubble and grab the Broken 
Marionette. Now we can open the door to the Puppet Room. But first, carry 
on through here, grab the sparkly item and check the doors at the other 
side of the bridge to realise that you're not getting out that easily. We 
COULD go back to the puppet room through the kitchen, which is undoubtedly 
quicker, but there is an alternative... back up to the Refinery, the room 
where the golem moved. 


Out the door to the balcony.

[Balcony and Sealed Up Well]

*HIDING SPOT* still under the bench.

OK, I'm not being stupid, of course Hewie can't climb down ladders. But 
remember that sparkly from earlier? Get the camera properly adjusted so 
you see the sparkle, and order Hewie to "Go!" - he'll leap over, get the 
item, and drop down to the area with the well. Go down the ladder and 
remember to praise him for this death-defying act of obedience. Now we can 
nip into the Service Passage. 

[Service Passage]

*CLOCK SAVE* is still obviously at the obvious clock. Obviously. 

OK, this is where you best hope Hewie plays ball. Remember that bit of 
floor which sinks when you walk on it? Yep, we have Hewie now, so walk on 
it, make sure Hewie is on this switch, and order him to STAY. If he 
follows you, scold him and repeat until the pooch gets over his selective 
hearing problems. 

OK, to the door now. Use the Broken Marionette to open the door. Quirky 
variation on the usual, bog-standard key. I'm almost impressed. 

[Puppet Room] *TRAP*
*********** * Trap Puzzle * **********************************************
With Hewie out on that switch, there should be a gate right in front of you
that is raised. Go through it and hit the lever to deactivate the trap. DO 
NOT, and I repeat, DO NOT walk on the section of floor with the eye before
you deactivate the trap, or you will be killed.

Once this trap is nulled for good, call for Hewie and praise him. Time to 
move on, I would say. 

[Telephone Room]

*HIDING SPOT* is under the chaise.

Cutscene. Hmm. Azoth. Interesting. I wondered what it was that Fiona had 
that was so important (apart from being the cliche horror victim with big 
assets). By this point the big lug will be after you again, so use the 
conveniently placed hiding spot that has been provided, and move on when 
the coast is clear. 

[The Entrance Hall]

The big lug will still be after you, so unlock the door (which leads out to 
the old bridge we crossed earlier) but run up the stairs and through the 

[2nd Floor Passage]

Run through here and down the long stretch, hmm, that red padding is 
awfully strange. Anyway, door here, enter. 

[Nursery] *HIDING SPOT* is in the wardrobe/closet (delete where 

OK, without a doubt, this is (bleep)ed up. Note the obvious hiding place, 
and also note there is a safe-type thing here you can open with a MAGNUS
keyplate. The two items you get here are what Debilitas would normally drop,
so note that Debilitas won't drop them if you get them here! Time to move on
before that big excuse for a... thing, arrives. Out the other door here. 

[Sculpture Gallery]

Now that's an impressive piece of work! Check if you want, but while we're 
up here, there's an important spot you should remember. In the far wall 
from where you enter, in the corner, is a hole. Everything about it 
screams 'Don't go in'. Guess what? Yup, we're going in! 

[Synthesis Room]

This whole room is a Hiding Spot, Debilitas can't get you in here, but 
Hewie can't come in here. In this room are two important things - one is a 
spot where you can occasionally find some useful items to aid you in 
combat, the other is the large machine. This is where you use Medallions 
to synth up some alchemic delights. There are directions of how to use it 
in this room, but the goal is to line up as many spots of the same colour 
as possible. It requires patience and good reflexes, but it is possible to 
make some good stuff here. Use up your medallions, and leave the way you 
came in. 

[Sculpture Gallery]

OK, moving on, there's a door and stairs going down. We've no real need to 
go downstairs yet, so that means we go through the door. 

[Old Balcony]

Order Hewie to "Stay", since we're going to have a little accident now. See 
the nice sparkly item? Go to it to trigger a cutscene. Whoops!

NOTE: As an extra cutscene, you can lure Debilitas near the shiny item, by
either using Hewie to herd him there or using a Bisque Doll. Either way,
this scene is an extra scene for your movies list and you're Debilitas-free
for a little while.

[The Passage With Fake Doors]

*HIDING SPOT* and thanks to Shaun Sturgess for this one, in the left-hand
corner are some bushes you can apparantly hide in. Nice work, Shaun!

Debilitas may once again be on your case. Not good. There are four doors here, 
left to right - the first door takes you into a small office-type room, 
the second and third doors are fake, and the fourth door takes us into the 
Recreation Room. Which is where we want to go! 

[Recreation Room]

Don't hang around here. Opposite where you come in is a door. Unlock it and 
go through and we're downstairs from the Sculpture Gallery. 

[Sculpture Gallery]

Not that it's important, but that little feature seems rather ghostly and 
shimmery. Ahh well, you can call for Hewie now. There's a door down here, 
which we're going into. 

[Maids Bedroom]

*HIDING SPOT* underneath the bed.
*SAVE SPOT* thanks to Bizzy, USA for this - there is also a clock in this
room that you can use behind the screen.

There's a hiding spot here. Use it. If Debilitas happens to find you, run 
back upstairs and use either the hole, or the closet/wardrobe in the 
Nursery. Either way, there isn't much of note here - except a painting 
which Fiona notices looks like it's painted in blood and raises her panic 
slightly. Whatever happens, get Hewie and go back to the passage with fake 

[The Passage With Fake Doors]

*HIDING SPOT* in the left-hand corner, in the bushes.

Go to the right and down that passage.

[Dead End - With Bridge Mechanism]

*SECRET ITEMS* OK, not "secret" since you can see the sparkle, but order
Hewie to "Go!" and he'll leap the fence, retrieve the item and leap back
over. Praise him for this. 

OK, up the ladder at the end. And then up the other one. This is where I 
find most get confused, since this spot up here is empty bar a metal thing 
in the corner. Kick the side of it three times to lower the bridge. This 
IS important, so remember to do it. Now we go back to the Passage with 
Fake Doors. 

[The Passage with Fake Doors]

*HIDING SPOT* in the left-hand corner, in the bushes.

Ignore that one door I mentioned earlier for now, and run past it.


There is a hole here Hewie can go in, but not yet. Run forwards, and up the 
ramp, into another area. 

[Tunnel with Holes]

Halfway along is an area to the right - examine the holes for one of those 
cool cutscenes, and get a letter to Fiona. This is from a guy called 
Lorenzo, and he seems to want to help by providing you some details of 
what to do. Anyway, press onward. 

[Gate Area]

There is a lever here, pull it to open the gate (note this can't be done 
while you are being chased). This takes you to the Courtyard-type area we 
went to earlier, but we have no need to go that way now. See those 
flowers? Stand next to the hole and order Hewie to "Go!" - he'll go in and 
retrieve some Fresh Flowers. Now we have these, we can go back to the 
Passage with Fake Doors. However... 


Remember that Hewie-sized hole? Order Hewie into it. He'll stay there it 
seems until you order him out. So now for that door we haven't been into 
yet in the Passage with Fake Doors... 

[The Passage with Fake Doors]

*HIDING SPOT* in the left-hand corner, in the bushes.

Only one we haven't been in yet. the far-left door. Enter.


*CLOCK SAVE* on the north side of the room.

OK, this is another puzzle. There are lots of butterflies flying around 
some dried flowers... and a vase right next to where you enter. Seems 
obvious really, but use the Fresh Flowers on the vase and the butterflies 
will leave the door, another one of those puzzles which is obvious when 
you've done it. Save if you want and enter the door we just cleared. 

[Laundry Room]

*HIDING SPOT* and the whole room is a hiding spot! If Debilitas is chasing
you, then close the door and push that crate across. Sure, you're stuck in
here now, but then, Debilitas can't get to you. Which is a good thing. 

Check the sink for an item, it doesn't sparkle but it's not exactly hidden. 
There is a ladder here, go down it. 

[Laundry Room - Down Below]

Ahh, so THAT is where Hewie is! Order him to "Go!" and he'll retrieve a 
Study Key. Nice work boy, we'll praise him in a minute. 

*SECRET ITEMS* In the back corner of this room is some rubble and a crack in
the wall. Kick it to reveal an item, but also a piece of Magnesia. This
doesn't do any damage from what I can tell, but it can give Fiona a scare.
Anyway, we're now done here. Time to return to Hewie. 


Call for Hewie, praise him, and head back to the Gate Area.

[Gate Area]

Now, further on here is a ladder - which is fine, but if you're feeling 
daring, ignore for a minute and press on. 

[Old Hut Area]

*HIDING SPOT* underneath the bench, not the best hiding spot but we'll
take it. 

There is an obvious wooden hut/shed here, with a burning brazier outside 
it. Not that I get off on asking for Lloyd Grossman's help but, "Who would 
live in a house like this? David, it's over to you..." 

And thank you, Lloyd. Now, for our home and studio audience, though not for 
our Fiona, here's whose house it is. 

(Hint: Debilitas' house)

Go into it.

[Debilitas' Place]

There isn't much here bar a few items. You should get a Beef Jerky, which 
is a good thing indeed, but I wouldn't spend long here - it's a total dead 
end and getting cornered here is not good news. Back to those ladders.

Note: Shaun Sturgess points out, if you DO get cornered, there is a doll
next to the shrine that can be picked up and used in a pinch.

[Gate Area]

Order Hewie to stay, and go up the two ladders, and into the room at the 

[Music Room]

Ahh, nothing like a good piano, eh? I like a good tinkle of the ivories 
myself (bet you didn't know I was classically trained ;) ) - there's an 
item here, a locked door which leads out into the Walkway from earlier, 
and a swivelly telescopic thing. Use that thing and turn it until you see 
it click. That's one thing done. Now, out the locked door and into the 


OK, remember I said there was a study here earlier? It's just before the 
spot we met our dear friend Debilitas. Go in there. 


If you didn't come in here earlier, there should be a shiny item, a board 
explaining things about Azoth and Luminescents, and a locked desk. Use the 
Study Key and get a refracting mirror. We'll need this. Anyhow, return to 
our dear Hewie now, who is by this point howling out loud. This is not 
good, it attracts attention. Either way, we've got to go back to the old 
balcony, just off the Sculpture Gallery. Not hard to find the way back. 

[Old Balcony]

Shiny item here - command Hewie to "Go!" and he'll get it for you. Good 
boy. Praise him for his efforts, and then go up the ladder - you can order 
him to stay, but by not doing so he'll more than likely meet up with you 
soon. Failing that, leave him in the Graveyard area. But you won't have 
him to get the item. Your choice. Up the ladder, we find the bridge we 
made drop earlier. Cross it and open the door. 

[Hidden Staircase Room]

This is one pain of a puzzle - not that it is hard to do, it should be 
pretty obvious what needs to be done - push blocks back to their normal 
resting spots. It's just rather time consuming, and as such Hewie will do 
a lot of barking. Push the blue block out first a bit, then push the green 
one down to it's normal place, running around the stairs to slot it into 
position. Push the blue block until you can run around it in the gap in 
the red line, and push it down towards the blue line and finish that up. 
The last two reds blocks should be straight-forward from there. Your reward 
is a hidden staircase (Hence why I call it the "Hidden Staircase Room". 
Genius, really.) going down. There's a locked door up here too, which 
we'll come back to later. Anyway, back to those stairs... 

[Room of the Swivel Mirrors]

There's a door here you can unlock to go back to the graveyard - Hewie will 
likely be dutifully waiting for you here. If not, find him. Anyway, back 
to this room. 

There are another two swivel mirrors here - and one requires that 
refracting mirror we picked up earlier. Like the mirror in the Music 
Room, line them up until the two mirrors click, and watch the scene. Mmm. 
Door. Wonder where we go now? 

[Spiral Staircase]
*CLOCK SAVE* is once again sticking out like a sore thumb. 

SAVE HERE! Believe me, the next few areas can try your patience. I highly 
recommend that you save here. OK, do that, and run down the stairs. At the 
bottom, notice that there's a plaque on the wall - you'll need Hewie for 
this bit. Oh dear me, this is the stuff of nightmares... 

[Hall of Darkness]

Welcome to the biggest ***** of all. Take the utmost care here, because it 
is so easy to die here it's almost unforgivable. But the solution is a 
no-brainer if you read the placard just a second ago. Order Hewie to "Go!" 
and stick to him like glue, walking through him in necessary. You'll need 
to do this twice to clear this area this time. If you fall, you hear a 
sickening squelchy crunchy sound (eww) and the game over screen. 
Thankfully, we only just saved... or did you? Oh well. Clear this area and 
we get onto a boss fight. On the other side, Hewie can also find a hidden
item. Thanks to Prelude2Disaster who e-mailed me this information.

[The Chapel]

Wow. Nice and spacious. Gotta be a catch - of course, boss fight. Run to 
the goddess statue at the end of the aisle, paying note to the two levers 
which you can't do much with now - you might wanna use them soon. 

Anyway, check the statue and examine further for a key. Before we can 
whoop, and wager our guesses as to what door this opens, we're rudely 
interrupted by Debilitas, and he doesn't seem happy. Or is he? I can never 

This is courtesy of Bree o'Neill. And it's a truly odd one. When Fiona uses
the door, it opens into the Hall of Darkness. When Debilitas uses the door,
it opens into the Chapel. While a minor point, it's good to see Capcom
getting it wrong!

* BOSS FIGHT - DEBILITAS                                 *
*                                                        *
* After much thinking, I decided to play this fight out  *
* as if going for the best possible ending. So... here's *
* a clue as to how to beat Debilitas...                  ******************
*                                                                         *
* THE CHANDALIER!                                                         *
* By far the most entertaining and satisfying way to get rid of this      *
* menace, it also requires some good timing. Debilitas will charge towards*
* you a lot - use this force, and time it just right so you run/dodge out *
* of the way so he hits those levers instead! Yep, they're holding that   *
* priceless antique up. Repeat for lever number two, and watch the most   *
* gloriously satisfying cutscene so far. Think he got the message?        *
*                                                                         *
* ALTERNATE STRATEGY courtesy of Garry Hogg                               *
* Gary notes that actually Fiona can break the levers here herself, and   *
* while it takes a few kicks, it's a slightly safer method if you don't   *
* like the idea of being headbutted by Debilitas                          *

OK, so we've knocked some sense into Debilitas (finally), and now have a
nice shiny key to progress onto the next chapter. But before we rush off,
there is something which you can do to even the score... we need to head
back to Debilitas' Place first though. You've been there before. The messy
and slightly creepy wooden shed-type building?

[Debilitas' Place]

OK, OK, yes, pity him. Poor thing has the mental age of a five-year old
but the body of a mutant killing machine. He seems to have sussed that
we are smarter than him (No, really?) and as a peace offering he offers
us a smudged key. This key isn't your ticket to freedom... but it's a
nice ticket to kicking ass. Once you have the key... it's time for a
little visit to the Restroom.


Recover here if you need it - perhaps not, but whatever. Remember the one
stall down the stairs which was locked? We can now open it with the aid
of our new friend Debilitas' key! Go down the stairs, follow the path and
on the table lie some shiny new shoes! METAL BOOTS, to be precise, and now
you can do twice the damage when you kick!

This makes life easier later - while Hewie has a foe distracted, you can
sneak in some kicks. Now your kicks are more powerful, the tag-team effort
is a lot more effective. More downtime for your enemies means more goodies
to pick up, so don't be afraid to fight from now on if you have to!

On your second play through the game, this room also contains a Castle Key,
which can be used to get ending C: Dona Nobis Pacem. Use this key on the
castle doors outside the entrance hall.///

Anyway, with that, time to go to the Hidden Staircase Room.

[Hidden Staircase Room]

There is a shiny locked door here. Use your key... or as the cutscene
would prefer... perhaps not... end of chapter. Woohoo!

-> CHAPTER THREE - Aim: Explore Belli Mansion.

Once again, this is a small area really but things can be so easily missed,
forcing backtracking. Anyway. Let's get on with it then.

[Dining Hall]

Cutscene. Poor Daniella. She was made to be the perfect woman, but lacks the
emotions and feelings to complete the package. It's depressing to be that
beautiful but be unable to feel anything. Anyway, whatever Fiona ate isn't
agreeing with her...

[Staircase from Dining Hall to Guest Room]

Ugh. That sucks, Fiona is really not feeling well. Best go and lie down in...

[Guest Room]

Check the bed and rest. Cutscene. Daniella isn't complete... but Fiona is.
Whether it be through a false sense of betrayal, jealousy or just that Fiona
has what she can't have, Daniella breaks the window with her head (Hey, that
is a pretty awesome party piece!), grabs a big shard of glass and goes after
Fiona. Bugger.

We're pretty much done in the castle bit, and Daniella isn't too hard to
outrun, so run back to...

[Hidden Staircase Room]

NOW we can unlock that door! How Daniella got there so fast is amazing, but
leave her alone here and she'll leave you alone... for now. Open that door!

[Mansion - Long Passageway]

Run forward and Daniella will pop up behind you. Yikes! Run to the end of
the hall and through the door!

[Mansion - A Lot of Stairs!]

That's an awful lot of stairs! Run up to trigger a cutscene. Hmm, Daniella
seems to hate her own reflection. While she's busy screaming, press on

[Mansion - Waterway]

Seems we're probably under that well now. Hmm. Down the stairs, check door,
trigger another cutscene.

[Mansion - Luminescent Lamp Hall]

*HIDING SPOT* just after you enter. You can conceal yourself behind the
*SYNTESIS ROOM HOLE* is also here. Use it as and when required.
*CLOCK SAVE* is located in the room with the unlit luminescent lamp.

OK, now we're in the mansion proper. A couple of sparkly items should
be picked up, explore this area. The first turning takes you to the
Giant Mammoths Head Walkway (We'll come to that shortly), ignore that
turn for now and walk straight ahead from the hole (Silent Hill 4
overtones, or is that just my imagination?). On the left side of
the screen is a balcony, which you can use to hide in. On the right,
is an open room with an unlit lamp and a save point. I'd save right
about now, but we're in no imminent danger. Regardless, straight on
from these doors is another door. Use it.

[Mansion - Shaft with Mirror]

There is a concealed mirror here. Note this in case you need to keep
Daniella's mind occupied. Walk through here and into...

[Mansion - Garden Room 2nd Floor Walkway]

See that blue luminescent? Remember how you usually avoid them and
shut doors behind you to keep them from following you? Tough, we need
this one to follow us. Back to that unlit lamp.

[Mansion - Shaft with Mirror]

Make sure the blue light is following you. And press onward.

[Mansion - Luminescent Lamp Hall]

*HIDING SPOT* is still behind those curtains.
*SYNTESIS ROOM HOLE* is still here. Use it as and when required.
*CLOCK SAVE* is still located in the room with the unlit lamp.

OK, now for the fun bit. Lure it into that room with the unlit lamp
in the middle. The aim here is to get the luminescent to collide with
the lamp, lighting it up and revealing a passageway for us to go to.
Once done, back to the Garden Room.

[Mansion - Garden Room 2nd Floor Walkway]

Run around the walkway, and open the door. Admire the lush greenery
from above if you have to.

[Mansion - I Want My Mummy Passage]

I deliberately bring your attention to the strange feature of this
passageway. Beside you as you enter is a closet which you can hide in,
although it's not great and I wouldn't recommend or list it as a
hiding spot. Further down the walkway is some sofas - on which sits
a mummified woman! Ick! Not nice. But pointless. Anyway, just beyond
that is a red door (can't use this door now), a vase (you are kicking
these things, right?) and a staircase we revealed with the aid of our
little blue stalker. Down the stairs, is a door. Hmm... the logic of
this walkthrough compels you to go through this door...

[Mansion - Fenced Off Room]

A fenced off room. Hewie will probably start growling here, but ignore
for now. In the first corner you approach is a door. Woohoo! Now we're

[Mansion - Restroom with Passcard Machine]

*RECOVERY POINT* is at the sink/faucet. Mmm. Water.

OK, this room is more than just your recovery point. First of all, there
is a picture on the wall in here, a wordsearch of a sort. The clue comes
later but it isn't very hard to clearly pick out the words.

Go to the passcard machine, and make three passcards. One should be
called "SALT", one "MERCURY" and one "SULFUR" - spell SULFUR correctly,
this one had me for a little while since I'm used to spelling it as
'sulphur'. We have three passcards, we're fully recovered, and we're
ready to roll. Let's go!

NOTE: Special thanks to Lisa Johnstone for this info. In this room, you
can open the shutters for a little cutscene. Problem is, Daniella will
chase you after this scene.

[Mansion - Fenced Off Room]

Go straight ahead to the other door in this room.

[Mansion - Red Light Passage]

*HIDDEN ITEMS* Hewie will bark at the red light on the branching path
of this hallway. Check it for an item.

OK, we're not doing much here, just passing through. Ignore the branching
path and go straight ahead.

[Mansion - Relaxation Area]

*CLOCK SAVE* at the clock beside you as you enter.
*HIDING SPOT* underneath the sofa. Of course.

Hopefully Daniella isn't chasing you, if she is use the hiding spot
provided. Daniella, I have found, has an evil habit of hitting Hewie
when she can't find you. Nasty piece of work, that Daniella. Anyway,
when the coast is clear, or otherwise, then take the Mansion Map from
the table (WOOHOO!), and return to that branching path, the door here
is locked from the other side (and should remain so until I say so).

[Mansion - Red Light Passage]

Take the branching path.

[Mansion - Merry-Go-Half-Round]

This is truly messed up. But not much to do here except take the door
opposite you.

[Mansion - Serpents Hallway]

Hewie will growl. Notice the picture on the wall - we have the three
keyplates now, so we're good. Down the stairs. To the south of you
here are two vases, and that locked door. DO NOT, and I repeat, DO
NOT UNLOCK IT YET! Doing so lets Daniella in (this is if you haven't
met her here yet), and we don't want that. The stairs to the left,
going down, head to a puzzle we can't yet solve. So go north and enter
that door. Oh yes, there's a luminescent here. Make it follow you into
this next room.

[Mansion - Fury of the Serpents]

Fire bad, OK? There's a door here we can't unlock yet, and a lamp...
oh wait, we know what to do here already, right? Luminescent hit lamp,
open safe. Sorted. We have a Film Reel.

Next is the serpent heads. This is pretty straight-forward but first,
grab the torn note from one of the serpents mouths. Read it if you
must. Not necessary since I'm taking you through this, but hey, knock
yourself out.

Right, these serpents have open mouths. Three heads, three keyplates.
Bottom left, Salt. Bottom Right, Mercury. Once these two are in place,
examine one of the heads and use the Sulfur keyplate, and Hewie leaps
into action. Praise him like you should. The fire is now ice, order
Hewie to stay and climb the ice pillar.

[Mansion - Library]

*CLOCK SAVE* at the far right of the room, next to the door out of

Wow. A lot of books. But first, pick up the carelessly placed shiny
item (Mmm.) and walk to the back of the room. Walk right, until
you're behind a rusty ladder. Fiona can't climb it, and neither will
Hewie (lazy dog), but there's a shiny object on the top! Hmm. I
wonder if kicking it will do any good... kicking it three times...
BINGO! One Saturn Key. Leave this room using the normal door method.

[Mansion - Wooden Walkway]

Straight-forward walk to the other side, nothing more nothing less.

[Mansion - Mammoth Head Room]

Literally, MAMMOTH head room. Gross yourself out by walking over its
trunk, and note the room in the background. We'll go there soon.

[Mansion - Luminescent Lamp Hall]

*HIDING SPOT* is still behind those curtains.
*SYNTESIS ROOM HOLE* is still here. Use it as and when required.
*CLOCK SAVE* is still located in the room with the unlit lamp.

We're back here. But we want to be back at the Serpents Hallway.
If Daniella gives you grief, sick Hewie on her and kick her as well.
Or hide, your choice. Either way, back to Serpents Hallway.

[Mansion - Serpents Walkway]

We now need to go down the staircase on the left side of this hall.

[Mansion - Jupiter's Test]

OK, take note of what the placard reads. We need to go check out the
room to the LEFT now, so lets do so. Down the stairs, use your key
to open the door.

[Mansion - Room of Truth]

Examine everything closely. I'll give you the solution as well soon,
however doesn't hurt to understand what I'm talking about. Well,
OK, DO NOT EXAMINE DANIELLA! (She gets about a bit sharpish!) Doing
so will make her chase you with a new weapon - a red-hot pointy
poker. I believe this does more damage than the glass shard.

OK, examined everything? Good. Back to...

[Mansion - Jupiter's Test]

OK, we now take the right-hand staircase and open the door down there.
Use the key. Yes, it's mirror image, which should be the biggest clue
to solve this puzzle...

[Mansion - Room of Deception]

OK, first and foremost, DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING YET! Just glance around
the room and drink it in. OK, figured out what to do yet?

First and foremost, DON'T open the closet. Daniella is hiding in there
(HOW IN THE !?&$ DOES SHE DO THAT?!?!). Basically, you check the items
in this room and are given the opportunity to examine them further.
There are six items here - three are true reflections, three are the
same. Closely examine the wrong item and the door locks shut, and by
trying to leave (which you eventually must) you're treated to a grizzly
little death scene. Hmm. Not nice.

The three items you should examine are:
1) The chessboard, is a true reflection.
2) The wax models.
3) The hourglass by the side of the burning fire.

Each time you examine the right item, you get a little scene where
something moves. The red doors, usually blocked by walls, are now
accessible, and a patch of water we haven't yet been to is now
crossable. Leave this room now, and return to the Serpents

[Mansion - Serpents Walkway]

Remember the door leading to the Merry-Go-Half-Round? Go there.

[Mansion - Merry-go-Half-Round]

The whole thing has rotated a bit. Take the other door.

[Mansion - Torture Chamber]

*HIDING SPOT* will really creep you out. It's in the Iron Maiden,
the metal thing with spikes. Hit the lever to lower the spikes,
then you can hide in here. A big thanks to everyone who pointed
out that YES, Fiona can die in here - a bit gruesome perhaps, but
required if you want a complete movies list eventually... ick.

Anyway. Shiny item ahoy! There's a corpse in a chair - you can
examine it and try and take the item, but it's no good. The thing
is possessed and will resist. So, we need to exorcise it. Ooh look
behind it, coloured floor panels and four flames to extinguish!

The combination requires both Fiona and Hewie standing on coloured
panels. In this order: Red and Blue, Red and Yellow, Green and Blue,
Green and Yellow. Watch as the corpse is well and truly exorcised
and take the VENUS KEY from it. We'll use this later. First, we
explore a bit more. Return back to the Red Light Passage.

[Mansion - Red Light Passage]

Take the branched path back to the Merry-Go-Half-Round.

[Mansion - Merry-Go-Half-Round]

Take the other door.

[Mansion - Fenced Off Room]

We're now behind the fence. A vase is just asking to be kicked
here. Hewie is growling... Daniella is here. But she isn't armed.
This is one of those occasions you DO want to speak to her. And
I still don't get how she does these acts of teleportation. That is
rather unsettling. Anyway, seems the master of the house asked her
to give you an item - Hebel's Perfume. Yeah, Daniella creeps me out
too, so lets get out of here sharpish. Back to the mummy hallway.

[Mansion - I Want My Mummy Passage]

The red door, previously blocked, is now open. Go through it.

[Mansion - Connective Passage]

This passage branches off to the right - and takes you back to the
Luminescent Lamp Hall. Goody. Less running around. Anyway, ignore
that for now and press straight ahead, and open the door here.

[Mansion - Chimera Room]

This is the room we could see from the Mammoth Head Room. There's
an item in the Chimera which we want. Cool beans. Now, there's one
more door that we can open now... whatever you do, don't go to the
Shaft with Mirror... we sorta lowered the platform... return all
the way back to the Fury of the Serpents.

[Mansion - Fury of the Serpents]

We can open that door now! Do so, Daniella may have finally
snapped back to stalking you now...

[Mansion - Mandragora Garden Room]

Thanks go to Frank Kortland for e-mailing me about the
*HIDING SPOT* in this garden, located in the lower-left corner of
the screeen, just south of the purple Mandragora bed. She may come
back, but it's certainly a BIG help and saves on using any panic
reducing items.

Also, more thanks to Hima from Thailand for pointing out that while
you can hide, while you have the Mandragora in your grasp here, that
there is a very real danger that it will give away your position.

Anyway, moving on.

Ooh, that's creepy. For those interested in such things, that is
a Mandragora (no need to call it a plant) - a sort of mythical
root vegetable that sleeps underground, and has an unnatural scream
when removed from the comfort of its resting spot. Castlevania
players will of course already know this - it's been in plenty of
the recent games. It's a plant, as far as I know a mandragora is
otherwise immobile and can't do much at all.

Also worth noting here, for those interested, this is NOT the first
time Capcom have borrowed something from Castlevania. Clock Tower 3
fans will remember the statue which cries tears of blood - also a
nice feature in several Castlevania titles. Ho-hum. Not that I am
implying anything of course, just worthy of a mention I think.

Anyway, let us move on, shall we? OK. Remember that perfume that
Daniella gave us? Use it on Hewie, and he'll guide you to the
correct place to pull out a Mandragora (The white one, although feel
free to take another and use it in place of the white one later...
again, this is required for a complete movies list, so feel free to
do so if you really want to) - it will scare the bejeezus out of
poor Fiona and attract Daniella to boot. Not a good combination.
Hide or run, take your pick! Note that the mandragora sometimes will
scream, which gives away Fiona's hiding position...

[Mansion - Serpents Walkway]

Stop, turn to the right and run forwards, pick up the item shining
brightly and open the door.

[Mansion - Shaft Bottom]

This is the walkway from the earlier shaft which we lowered. We
can cross the water whereas we couldn't beforehand. So do so.

[Mansion - Graveyard]

This is most CERTAINLY a graveyard. Creepy place to keep your
skeletons. Anyway, our main focus of attention is the big and
proud mausoleum-monument directly north of Fiona. Check the
black door for a fright - cool, eh? It wants something. Maybe
it would like that mandragora we picked for it? Listen to the
crunches and the screams... animal or vegetable, that isn't a
very nice way to go. Anyway, that arm is no longer blocking
the way... like it or not, we're going in!

[Mansion - The Crypt]

By far and away the most entertaining puzzle, purely down to
it's blatant simplicity. There's a golem, like the one we
moved in the refinery. It moves forwards when commanded by a
keyplate, but engrave a series of letters on the plate and it
will turn Left (L) or Right (R).

There are four ways the golem can go and get results:

RRR (3 Rights)
- The golem will extinuish the flames, revealing an item.
(Magists Medallion)

RRRR (4 Rights)
- More flames extinguished and leads into the garden. Not
much here bar an item and a good shock moment if you can
stomach to examine the oven burning... *shudders*

RRL (Right twice and a Left)
- This is your way onwards. But before that...

RRLRR (You get the drill)
- Takes you down underground, out the other side and into a
Great Library.

[Mansion - Great Library]

*CLOCK SAVE* to your left as you enter.

This is a neat little puzzle too. Your aim is to find three
books here and put them back in their place. They aren't too
hard to find, two are in the open and one is concealed under
a trolley of books, which you push out of the way.

Examine the books, three authors. This bit requires no help
because it is so straight-forward: put the right book back in
its rightful place, and the bookcases slide to reveal a path!
Cool! Climb the ladder to the side of one of the bookcases,
and follow the path. Open door.

[Mansion - Projection Room]

You got a film reel earlier. Grab the shiny item and use the
reel on the conveniently placed projector - basically, Fiona
has been filmed. Hmm. But the last bit is MOST interesting...
remember those symbols. Or well, I will remember them for
later use.

Cutscene time, where we learn what Daniella's motives are.
Fiona has the essence of life - it makes her complete, human,
whole. Daniella does not have Azoth, and as such is not
complete, whole, or indeed, human - just a walking, talking
and psychotically deranged doll. Get out of this room.

[Mansion - Great Library]

No time to save! RUN! Back to the crypt - a place so creepy
that Daniella dare not follow! (She obviously has more than
a few braincells, I wouldn't go into the crypt! Heck no!)

[Mansion - The Crypt]

OK, down to that last place we haven't explored yet... whew.
That was a heck of a side-track, but interesting, no?

[Mansion - The Impossible Stairs]

Ignore the chanting freak. Up the stairs, order Hewie to go
and get the shiny item, and out the door.

[Mansion - Red Window Hallway]

OK, back to normality (Silence those giggling at that
intentionally cheesy comment.) Three other ways out here,
two darkened doorways and a door right up the top, beside
the red window. Let's check the door first...

[Mansion - Examination Room]

*RECOVERY POINT* at the sink in the far corner of the room.

Err... this is just going BEYOND wrong! Take the item, use
the recovery point if you need it, and take note of the
cabinet. It would provide a useful hiding spot... but the
thing seems to be locked. Damn. Anyway, time to leave.

[Mansion - Red Window Hallway]

OK, walk south a bit and take the path right, and through
the door.

[Mansion - Machine Room]

This machine seems important, has a description if you
examine it - back to that at a later point. For now, we're
just passing through.

[Mansion - Dark Row]

*CLOCK SAVE* is a bit far down the hall here, but since the
hall is nigh featureless, it sticks out a bit.

OK, carry on through the cells, save at the clock (would be
good to save now), and onward down the stairs.

[Mansion - Combination Lock]

This is the room we saw in that film earlier. Remember the
combination? Well, if not, I'll jog your memory.

1st Symbol, rotate to the left once (two half circles)
2nd Symbol should stay the same (Whole circle)
3rd Symbol, left or right twice (Half circle & two quarters)

The water has drained from behind that door. We're going in!

[Mansion - Well Well]

Another well thing. Joy. Downstairs is a locked door, so
we're going upstairs! Take this door.

[Mansion - Crossbow Man Puzzle]

Some people make a right meal of this puzzle, but it is so
straight-forward it's silly. You can only walk on certain
panels on the floor - command Hewie to "Go!" and follow him.
It's pretty easy and you get three chances to make a
mistake before you get a death scene - most will never view
this one unless they decide to kill Fiona on purpose. Anyhow,
examine the crossbow man's back, press the button to make
100% sure he is deactivated... and lets press on!

[Mansion - Great Library Catwalk]

*CLOCK SAVE* is on the right side of the catwalk.

If you go left, there's an item waiting for you. Then go
right, and SAVE HERE. Not that there's a boss fight 
coming up or anything. Ahem. *cough*

[Mansion - The Observation Dome]

A nice, subtle blue glow masks that you're coming up to
meet Daniella in a showdown. Head upstairs and forwards to
see Daniella go ker-aay-zee.

* BOSS FIGHT - DANIELLA                                  *
*                                                        *
* Daniella is a surprisingly easy boss... you just need  *
* to time things right, that is all.                     *
*                                                        *
*                                                        ******************
* In this room is a circle and four pushable blocks, with defined paths.  *
* The aim is to keep Daniella busy while Fiona pushes the blocks. Fiona   *
* can't order Hewie while pushing, so this requires knowing when to let   *
* go and order Hewie about some more. The liklihood is good that you'll   *
* knock Daniella down (I did, easily), in which case grab the item from   *
* her and continure pushing. Once all four blocks are in place, and the   *
* circle is glowing, get Daniella to walk over the circle. I don't know   *
* whether to laugh or cry because Daniella's tale is so sad... get the    *
* Mars Key and let us leave this place...                                 *

Time to use that key. Return to the well.

[Mansion - Well Well]

Run all the way to the bottom now. There's a door here you can use the
Mars Key on.

[Mansion - Circular Passage]

*HIDING SPOT* is located under the rubble on the left.
*SYNTHESIS ROOM HOLE* is in the circular bit of the room.

Run forward, noting the hiding spot and the hole. Go in - with the
Magists Medallion, you're pretty much guaranteed to make something
with it (No black spots when you use that medallion).

Here you'll be introduced to the "Failures" - the substitute now
for luminescents. These little baby-sized things run toward Fiona,
latch on and start screaming like a Mandragora. Not good news,
kick it three times a la Miss McBeal and press on.

[Mansion - Hall and Stairs]

Those chanty guys are harmless (I think, haven't tried kicking them
yet!) - just go to the left. I would say go to that door, but before
we do that, let's go upstairs... they aren't hard to miss, yet one or
two have told me they did. (No comment.)

[Mansion - Ruined Corridor]

Well, this corridor is well and truly trashed. But...

*SECRET ITEM* - halfway along, order Hewie to "Go!" - he'll sniff
out a PRIMA MAGNESIA. This little baby will prove VERY useful. Anyway,
the door at the end of the hall has rotted. Kick it down and enter.

[Mansion - Decomposer Room]

Machine #2. We probably won't use this one at all. There's a document on
the table, it seems Hewie has been a naughty little boy. Aww well,
Riccardo seems to think Fiona is his true prize. There's a hole here,
which we may use later. Anyway, we're done here, so back downstairs
and take that door for a cutscene.

[Mansion - Artificial Womb]

Poor Fiona. Riccardo goes psycho, end of chapter three, we have a new
enemy now, and this one has a gun! Oh, poopstickles.

-> CHAPTER 4 - Aim: Escape!

This is a very difficult chapter. And Riccardo will be the toughest
yet, obviously. Not only is he a remarkably speedy sort, but he's
got a gun! Riccardo can make mincemeat out of Fiona surprisingly
quickly, despite his poor aim, and because the threat of a gun is
too much, Fiona tends to panic far more quickly. The biggest issue
is that this section is not too big - essentially a bit of a loop,
and with fewer places to hide, Riccardo can find you much more often.
In short, this chapter is a pain. Hold on tightly as I take you
through this chapter...

[Mansion - Impossible Stairs Catwalk]

Riccardo is after you. Logic would dictate you run your pretty
little backside off to the other door. Use Hewie to slow down that
Riccardo if he catches up with you.

[Mansion - Stone Hall]

Run forward, we'll take the turn later but for now, straight ahead
and out the door.

[Mansion - Watchers Room]

*HIDING SPOT* is under the table.

SO USE IT! Evade Riccardo, then return to that dead end - Decomposer
Room. We do actually want Riccardo to be following us here... which
might sound odd but trust me, there's good reason! Just use anything
which reduces panic should the need arise.

[Mansion - Decomposer Room]

Lure Riccardo over that noticably marked square on the floor. KER-
ASSSSSSH! Ain't Karma a *****? We have lost Riccardo for now. Order
Hewie into the hole, and tell him to stay, then return to the Stone

[Mansion - Stone Hall]

Take that turning now. Two 'Failures' will drop down, play soccer
or football with them, depending on your persuasion. Kick the vase
too, then go up the stairs.

[Mansion - Sealed Room]

This, friends, is called "Killing two birds with one stone". Not
only did we manage to lose Riccardo in that room, we also got
Hewie inside the sealed room! Order Hewie to "Come", and he'll
raise the bar on the door. We can now explore the room. There's
a PURIFIER in here (important for later), a shiny object and a
door. Take the door.

[Mansion - Western Alcove]

*CLOCK SAVE* on the left as you enter.

There's an item on the table, and another door. Save first though.
We're going to have to be brave here...

[Mansion - Statuette Room Catwalk]

Hewie will be growling. Uh-oh, not good. Enter the door on the
other side of the catwalk...

[Mansion - Hall of Doors]

He's back! And he's not happy about how we dumped him last time.
It will take a while for him to get through those doors, but since
there is no-where to hide so far (nowhere that he won't easily find
you anyway), we're going to need to pull him back to the Sealed

[Mansion - Sealed Room]

This is as good a place as any to make your stand. Keep your panic
down, use antimony items and magnesias to wear Riccardo down and
keep Hewie attacking at all times. Heal stamina when required, it
won't take too long to knock him down. Grab the item from him and
run back to the Hall of Doors.

[Mansion - Hall of Doors]

*HIDING SPOT* at the far end, under the chaise.

Get Hewie to attack the failures, kick them as well if they get a
bit too close. Ignore the strange humanoid, run to the end of the
hall (kicking failures as if you need that winning goal!) and take
the door at the end.

[Mansion - The Garden]

You might have been here before if you did all four golem codes.
This is the upper part of the garden, next to the Graveyard. The
door here unlocks onto the Graveyard - which is nice. But before
that, order Hewie to collect the shiny. We receive the key item,
"Prima Materia" - please, no FF7 comments on that. OK, we have a
raw material, now we need to make it into something... and you
remember all those machines? Now we get to play! Now, it's a walk
either way, but we need to return to the Artificial Womb. There,
the first step of the process can begin. I recommend going through
the crypt, through the impossible stairs, south down the Red Window
Hallway, through the Watchers Room (Ignore the chanty humanoid),
through the Stone Hall, back across the walkway of the impossible
stairs, and bingo. We're there.

[Mansion - Artificial Womb]

Here is your first machine - The Extractor. Use your Prima Materia
here, and wait as it turns it into Sulphuric Ore. Why was it
spelled right here and not for the Serpent puzzle earlier? BAD
CAPCOM! NAUGHTY! Anyway, next stop is the Sealed Room.

[Mansion - Sealed Room]

The machine in this room is the Purifier. Use our Sulphuric Ore on
the machine and - wow - we get Silver Ore! I'm impressed. Anyway,
next we need to head back to the Red Window Hallway again, and into
the Machine Room - the next turning in the hall to the right. Not
too far away, and there is a save point near there too. I highly
recommend you use it!

[Mansion - Machine Room]

This machine is the Synthesiser. Yup, use the silver ore here and
marvel as the Silver Ore becomes a White Godstone! OK, one last
machine to go - please, DO NOT return to the Decomposer Room
and use that machine unless you didn't follow these events right.
The decomposer will ruin your hard work and you'll have to start
again. Anyway, back to the Stone Hall. But unfortunately, it seems
Riccardo has found us. He seems to always turn up about now, and
since once again we're short on hiding spaces... retreat to the
Sealed Room. It's quite a run, but remember - Riccardo's aim is
pretty poor in Normal.

[Mansion - Sealed Room]

Once again, we fight Riccardo here. I like it because you have a
little more space to run around him, and since it's slap-bang in
the middle of everywhere, when he does recover chances are he'll
take the wrong way. Keep Hewie attacking, chip in with kicks and
any throwing items you may have. Riccardo falls after a bit, so
heal up Hewie (he'll no doubt have been injured here), grab the
item on Riccardo and quickly back to the Stone Hall.

[Mansion - Stone Hall]

Remember where we kicked the vase in the circle? Remember a doorway
north of it?

[Mansion - Stone Walkway]

Walk across this space.

[Mansion - Closet Room]

*HIDING SPOT* - in the closet. Obviously.

Shiny item, and a door. Take item, use door. Simple.

[Mansion - The Room of Balance]

The statue here requires a counterbalance to solve the puzzle. We're
well on our way to doing that. Take the door to the far-right.

[Mansion - Red Window Divided Corridor]

Run forward, nothing that thing licking up something... OK, let's
just NOT go there, OK? I really, REALLY don't want to know. Don't be
eating when you see this. It's hurl-inducing stuff. Anyway, ignore
the door here, take the shiny, and go around to the other side of the
divide, where there is another door... but first...

*SECRET ITEM* and you'd think it's in that pile of rubble, wouldn't you?
Well, even I was wrong, Hewie finds it in the middle of the path. Take
it and use this door...

[Mansion - Room of Metamorphosis]

This is not right. Not right at all. Are they growing these freaks? It's
just a bit too bizarre for me. Anyway, our final machine is here in this
room. The transmuter turns our White Godstone into a Red Godstone. Sweet.
Anyway, you now hear glass shattering. Failures drop in for a not-so-
friendly chat, so run out the room and close the door behind you.

[Mansion - Red Window Divided Corridor]

That door we ignored here earlier can be unlocked from this side, and
takes you back to "Hall with Stairs" - from here, you can nip back to the
Circular Passage and use up those medallions you've been collecting (or
perhaps, hoarding?) - do so, and then return to the Room of Balance.

[Mansion - The Room of Balance]

Statue needs item. We have item. We use item. Way is now open. PLEASE
remember to take the Red Godstone with you! Turns out this room is
the mansion entrance hall, and the door - your ticket out! To coin one
of Strong Bad's lines, "SWEET LADY FREEDOM, LET'S MAKE OUT!" - it's
not over yet however... we've got a little bit farther to go. But since
we achieved our objective to escape, end of chapter. WHEEEEEEEEE!

-> CHAPTER 5 - Aim: Give Riccardo his well-earned come-uppance!

Essentially, that means we're going to make sure Riccardo gets hurt,
hopefully in an equal or greater way than the poor Daniella - she was
unable to tell the difference or feel anything, Riccardo clearly can
and therefore is going to find karma biting his backside soon. This
new area is The Forest.

[The Forest - Mansion Front]

We're out! Down the stairs now, go to the left, grab the paper on
the fence which just happens to be a conveniently-placed Forest Map,
and continue left.

[The Forest - Chaos Forest]

*CLOCK SAVE* is the sundial in the clearing. Hey, a sundial is still
a clock, after all!

Hewie, NO! Bad... bang? But... but Hewie... Hewie... *sniffle*

We'll have to find Hewie... go straight ahead of you to find lots of
pots to kick and a sundial... go back to where you started after
finishing up here, and go to the left...

Chaos Forest is one BIG room, so I'll divide each segment here with
dashes like so: -*-*-*-*-
See those, it means we're moving onto another screen. OK, let us begin
with where we are now.


A T-Junction. Ignore the turn to the left and go onwards.


Whimpering... that's... HEWIE! Go onwards. Follow the path and the
sound of the whimpering... down the path, kick the pot, and onwards...
HEWIE! That... son of a... shot Hewie! And now he's behind us! Up to
you what to do here - you can follow the directions to outrun him, or
use what you got to kick that bung-bandits backside! (I chose the
latter, of course. I have a dog, OK? I was compelled to kick his
backside from here to kingdom come!) Either way, back to the junction.
We must leave Hewie here for now.


Take the left at the junction now.


Crossroads. You've come from the East. Go straight ahead to the
west, and follow the winding path down to another crossroads. Don't
forget to pick up the shiny object here.


You come from the east path. Go north, and follow the path here for
a cutscene which finally explains a few things. Riccardo is not his
real name - it turns out that Fiona's father and himself are in fact,
clones. Watch the FMV which shows how the "accident" happened. Ugo,
Fiona's father, was killed to make sure that 'Riccardo' would be an
original (nice demented logic for you there). Ugo was blessed with
Azoth, while 'Riccardo' was not, and Fiona has inherited that Azoth,
which is what he wants. It's too much for Fiona to take. She faints.

[Tower - Cells]

We pick up the action now as Fiona comes to - Hewie is here again!
HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! Umm... why is Fiona now wearing that snappy
little ensemble? Why did Riccardo redress her? And why does Fiona
look hotter with her hair down? Hmm. Lots of questions. Anyway,
notice the documents to the side? Take the TOWER SKETCH, and yet
another memo from our 'friend', Lorenzo. Seems that the tower is
sealed off bar one exit - which takes us to the place in which
Lorenzo resides. Interesting. Also, take note: Riccardo seems to
be MUCH more dangerous now than before. I suggest running away for
now, he'll get his soon enough. Now, Hewie, be a darling and fetch
those keys for us, you sweet mutt, you. Now we're out, walk onward,
and take the BRONZE FIGURINE from a recess in the wall on the left,
and the sparkly item. There's a machine here - the reason I said to
take the Red Godstone with you was to use here. It is turned into
the Philosophers Earrings, which calms you faster and slows the
rate of panic. Nice deal, eh? Anyway, now we leave here.

[Tower - Base]

Take the passage. Scene kicks in where Riccardo gets a little TOO
obsessive over his niece (Being Ugo's brother, that does make Fiona
technically his niece!) - RUN! Through the passage, all the way.
You will not be able to see Riccardo, but you DON'T want to get
too close. Keep Hewie attacking and run, up the stairs, to...

[Tower - Entrance]

*CLOCK SAVE* by the big doors.
*RECOVERY POINT* is the old water fountain, it is lit up.

Keep Hewie attacking and run up the ramp... suddenly, Riccardo
fades away and leaves you alone. Suspicious, no? Either way, now
is a VERY good time to save, don't you think? Outside the doors
is an item, but we'll be here later. With Riccardo gone, go back
to the Base...

[Tower - Base]

There are pipes here to kick away. Look around, kick them all, one
has a shiny item and one has a MINITURE BRIDGE, which we'll be using
in the very near future. Anyway, back to the Entrance now, and up
that ramp!

[Tower - Corkscrew Ramps]

Halfway up, Riccardo will surprise you. Just take some time and
avoid him, seems he fades away again pretty soon after a couple of
Hewie attacks. He seems to be vulnerable in this state, which is
good because he seems to run at the slightest hint of trouble.
DON'T KICK THE VASE! It conceals a Luminescent, which is the last
thing we need here. Once Riccardo goes away again, presumably to
set up another surprise for us, run to the top and hit the lever.
Now we can continue up.

Near the next circular platform, Riccardo will drop a barrel near
you. Stick Hewie on him again a few times and once again, the mad
Riccardo goes away. Take the slightly-concealed path under the
obvious ramp, kick this vase for an item, and up that ramp to pull
the lever. Go back and take that other ramp upwards now.

Luminescents! Lots of 'em! Panic at this point is dangerous, so
lure them to the side on the ramp a bit, then run past them, across
the platform and up the other ramp... whew.

[Tower - The Planetarium]

*CLOCK SAVE* Just as you enter this chamber.

Whew. We made it. And into a nice, fun, easy puzzle. This chamber
has several "buttons", and you have to stand on them when they
are lit. This is a joint effort between Fiona and Hewie, so find
the first lit button and stand on it. Another button lights up.
Face in it's general direction, and order Hewie to "Go!", and he
will go stand on it. Tell him to STOP and STAY, then move Fiona
onto the next lit panel. And so on. Essentially, one of you must
be on the last lit panel for this puzzle to be solved. When all
panels are lit, a spiral ramp descends. I guess that's our cue to
go up then... open the door...

[Tower - The Top]

This is important. Next to the door is a hole. There are two
others, but this one is the one you need to be aware of. Also,
around the rim are three weakened sections of wall. You can
kick all three down, but you need only kick one - the wall
that is opposite the Diorama Model. That is also important, not
that there's... oh, you know what is coming now. Use the model
bridge on the diorama, and place it from the tower to the
manor. Success! The bridge is now up! Of course... did you
REALLY think we were going to get away that easily?

* BOSS FIGHT - RICCARDO                                  *
*                                                        *
* Riccardo is a very easy boss when you know how. and    *
* have prepared for it in advance.                       *
*                                                        *
*                                                        ******************
* Order Hewie into the hole by the door, and he'll pop up in a window,    *
* just above the diorama model. With the wall kicked down beforehand, this*
* fight is now about merely lining up Hewie, Riccardo and the now-exposed *
* gap. BE SURE to use the "Attack" command, when Riccardo is in the right *
* spot, Hewie will leap down and attack from above. Watch as Riccardo now *
* plummets like a depressed lemming to his miserable doom. Satisfying?    *
* Damn right it is!                                                       *

With Riccardo now well and truly dead, we can descend down now back to the

[Tower - Entrance]

*CLOCK SAVE* by the big doors.
*RECOVERY POINT* is the old water fountain, it is lit up.

Finally, we can go out the doors, and across the bridge.

[Tower - Bridge]

Eww. Yes, I know, not pleasant. Run across the bridge now to Lorenzo's
Mansion. Finally, maybe we can see this guy who has been helping us...

-> CHAPTER 6 - Aim: Escape alive!

We're now going to the House of Truth. Time to blow this plot and game
to itty-bitty pieces.

[House of Truth - Entrance Hall]

*RECOVERY POINT* is directly ahead of you, the basin of water.
*CLOCK SAVE* is down the first staircase on the left.
*SYNTHESIS ROOM HOLE* is directly opposite the clock.
*HIDING SPOT* is the large shrub downstairs near the clock and hole.

OK, the winning post is in sight, but we've gotta keep the pace up and
not get too clever. This is going to be an interesting chapter.

The first staircase on the left takes you to the clock, save point and
hiding spot - all in one confined space. Nice. Use as and when needed.

The first staircase on the right takes you down into an empty chamber
bar some boxes marked, "HIGHLY FLAMMABLE". And of course, we are
Firestarters, twisted Firestarters, so we'll come back to this little
piece of fun later. That flame on the wall... so near and yet so far...

Back upstairs, there are two more doors behind the recovery fountain,
each side, and both lead to the same place, so left or right door -
your choice.

[House of Truth - Hall of the Dead]

Yes, this is truly more gross-out stuff. The walls are packed with
lifeless bodies. Down at the end of the hall, is a patterned door
which we'll come to VERY shortly, but first - a detour through an
open doorway halfway-ish down the corridor...

[House of Truth - Spiral Staircase]

Not much to do here. Just go down, grab the candlestick, and back up.

[House of Truth - Hall of the Dead]

Make your way down the rest of this corridor, and open the patterned

[House of Truth - Lorenzo's Room]

Not QUITE what you were expecting, eh? Everyone has an agenda.

[House of Truth - Hall of the Dead]

Lorenzo will start running... sorry, CRAWLING after you. For someone
who is crawling, he's rather nippy. Since Lorenzo is an old man, I can
assure you this creepy old man can be KO'ed with extreme ease. It takes
absolutely no effort, so if you're short on items and want to try your
chances on the synthesis machine, knock him about a few times. But when
you're done, simply return to the Entrance Hall.

[House of Truth - Entrance Hall]

*RECOVERY POINT* is directly ahead of you, the basin of water.
*CLOCK SAVE* is down the first staircase on the left.
*SYNTHESIS ROOM HOLE* is directly opposite the clock.
*HIDING SPOT* is the large shrub downstairs near the clock and hole.

WE ARE FIRESTARTERS! Down to that flame on the wall... walk over the
raised impression to blow open the way forwards, and crush Old Lorenzo
under the rubble. Ouch. Moving on...

[House of Truth - Dark Corridor]

Walk down the corridor, there's a path off here up more stairs, but
the door is sealed. Walk down... WHAT IN THE?!?! Didn't we just kill
this guy? Get Hewie to stall him, and run down the corridor, and through
the door at the end.

[House of Truth - The Crusher]

Run across the room and kick the machine three times to start the rock
crusher, and another boss fight!

* BOSS FIGHT - LORENZO                                   *
*                                                        *
* A nice, easy one for you here - but take care.         *
*                                                        *
*                                                        ******************
* DO NOT walk on the crusher while it is moving, or you will be treated to*
* one of those fun death scenes. Keep Lorenzo busy until the conveyor belt*
* stops. Kick the machine TWICE, and then lure Lorenzo onto the belt. Sick*
* Hewie on Lorenzo to keep him on the belt and occupied, run over to the  *
* machine and kick it once more to see Lorenzo become pulp.               *

Pick up the Sol Key, and use it on the locked door here.

[House of Truth - Main Hall]

*CLOCK SAVE* just opposite as you enter.

Save your game after that fight, and use the door north of you.

[House of Truth - The Study]

The door slams behind you. Just check the other door here to reveal a
dead end, then check it again to close the door. Try and leave as you
entered for one more little scene.

[House of Truth - Lobby]

*CLOCK SAVE* is standing out, loud and proud!

Grab the shiny item, and lets go to see what this voice wants... seems

[House of Truth - Revelations]

Finally, we are told properly that Azoth is the essence of life - and
alchemists use it as a sort of immortality potion, to become young
again and cheat death. This, if you didn't figure it out, is Aureolus
Lorenzo Belli - yup, seems we didn't squish him well enough. Watch as
he becomes rather young and dashingly good looking - now, coupled with
some spells - this man is a potent threat. RETREAT!

[House of Truth - Lobby]

Use the other door here and run.

[House of Truth - Long Red Window Corridor]

Run through this corridor.

[House of Truth - Gothic Passage]

Run, if Lorenzo decides to teleport in, sick Hewie on him. Just keep
running even though it seems like you're going in circles, don't turn

[House of Truth - The Door]

This passage has a door. Use it...

[House of Truth - Trial of Truth]

This puzzle isn't tough, but it's a bit frustrating. Each of these
repeating rooms is tinted with colour - essentially the aim is to mix
four different colours and then end up in the black door. I used
Blue, Yellow, Green, Red and then Black, but I'm sure there are other
combinations to this. Once you exit the final door...

[House of Truth - The Entrance Hall... Maybe Not]

*CLOCK SAVE* stands in the corner.
*SYNTHESIS ROOM HOLE* is pretty in-your-face.
*RECOVERY POINT* upstairs, at the fountain.

Save here. This place is pretty much the duplicate in layout of the
entrance by which we entered this mansion. Head upstairs, straight
across and down the stairs on the left, and through the door down
in this room.

[House of Truth - The Hall of Shadow]

Run down this corridor, two failures will attempt to scare you but
Hewie and Fiona can just beat them senseless now. Halfway down this
corridor is an entrance... go into it.

[House of Truth - Dark Room]

*CLOCK SAVE* standing out, loud and proud.

There isn't much here except the entrance into another room...

[House of Truth - Generator Room]

Take a good look at this place - you'll be coming back here again.
For now, though, just check the placard on the wall to the right.
Something is missing... and Hewie has the scent! Back to The Hall
of Shadow.

[House of Truth - The Hall of Shadow]

Continue on down this path, and through the door at the end.

[House of Truth - Caves]

The aim is to get through the caves, there is no real danger here.
The path to the right takes you exactly where you need to go,
straight away, but on your way a failure wants a hug. Say no. The
path on your left splits, and the locked door can be unlocked here,
taking you back to the Lobby. Anyway, continue on to what appears
to be an empty room... but wait? What is this? Hewie is barking at
a wall! Examine it... freaky scene aside, collect the cane. Return
to Dark Room, but on the way you may encounter Lorenzo... we'll
sort that out soon enough, just stick Hewie on him and run.

[House of Truth - Dark Room]

*CLOCK SAVE* still here, and now USE IT!

Please, do use the save point so generously provided here... and
then we can move back into...

[House of Truth - Generator Room]

Put the cane in the wall to trigger a cutscene. He's right, you
know. Time to stop running...

* BOSS FIGHT - YOUNG LORENZO                             *
*                                                        *
* Young Lorenzo is a pain of the highest calibur.        *
*                                                        *
*                                                        ******************
* The basics of this boss fight are simple. There's a pool of lava in the *
* middle of the room, and two buttons - each powering a pretty potent fan *
* device, gushing wind forwards. The aim here is very VERY similar to how *
* we beat Riccardo... first of all, we need to get Lorenzo near the edge  *
* of the pit. When Lorenzo is near the pit edge, and in line with one of  *
* the fans, get Hewie to occupy him very briefly as you go and hit the    *
* button. Watch as Young Lorenzo falls into the lava... think he's dead   *
* yet? That is twice!                                                     *
*                                                                         *
* ALTERNATE STRATEGY courtesy of Jamie Johnston                           *
* Jamie said he found it hard to get Young Lorenzo in line with the fans, *
* however he noted that there are green stones (magnesia) which can be    *
* kicked into the fire, creating hotspots - which you can lure Lorenzo    *
* into for damage, and kill him that way.                                 *
*                                                                         *
* ALTERNATE STRATEGY courtesy of Jerome                                   *
* Jerome has noted that the fans are not the only way of knocking Lorenzo *
* to a fiery doom - Fiona can ram him in and Hewie can attack him in too! *
* A little more dangerous, but probably, if done right, a bit faster.     *

Oh dear, looks like trouble We'd best make ourselves scarce! Back to the
Dark Room!

[House of Truth - Dark Room]

*CLOCK SAVE* where it was last time. Use it.

Oh, this is NOT looking good for Fiona Belli. Leave this room.

[House of Truth - The Hall of Shadow]

Cutscene. Oh, for...

Anyway, patience here people. First and foremost, you have to crouch
when you feel a large tremor coming. This ensures you don't get thrown
off your feet and unnecessarily hurt. The flaming corpse will also be
chasing you, and his touch is a one-hit kill. So stay clear. Anyway,
the door here MUST be checked first. It's jammed. Order Hewie to "GO!"
and he'll leap at the door with total disregard for his own safety. Go
in the door, sharpish!

[House of Truth - Mines]

Just make your way to the door, avoiding Fiery Lorenzo and crouching
every now and then to ride out the tremors... to the door leading to
the Lobby!

[House of Truth - Main Hall]

Damn! The statue fell! Forget the control stick, do as I did. Wedge
on UP and LEFT on the D-Pad and hammer the SQUARE button repeatedly!
It'll be back in place in no time. Now, just run where there is no
obstruction, and soon you'll see a fantastic cutscene. Lorenzo is now
well and truly dead. Enjoy the fantastic, yet slightly puzzling,
ending. Congratulations! You just beat the game with the best ending!

|Section Six - Puzzle Guide |

These are the solutions to the puzzles in Haunting Ground. Warning: MASSIVE 

* PUPPET ROOM TRAP * This trap is nice instant death, but easily bypassed 
and deactivated. Outside, in the hallway, there is a switch which sinks 
when weight is put on top of it. Get Hewie to sit on this switch, go into 
the Puppet Room and walk through the raised gate. Hit the switch on the 
wall to deactivate the trap. Easy peasy! 

* THE BUTTERFLIES * Another remarkable straight-forward puzzle if you put 
two and two together. The butterflies are attracted to the dried flowers 
above the door. Outside, run a little way to an area with a large gate and 
a lever. Here, you'll see a few butterflies circling some flowers. There's 
a hole in the fence to these flowers, command Hewie to go in and get some. 
Back at the office, there is a vase right beside the door you enter from. 
Put the flowers here to treat the butterflies and clear the door. 

* HALL OF DARKNESS * A pain of a trap, this one you need to rely on Hewie. 
Order Hewie to "Go!" and he'll walk across the darkness. Follow him across 
the same stretch, be careful however because he looked in one direction 
and I fell. Walk where Hewie walks and you'll be fine. 

* FURY OF THE SERPENTS * is just a case of trial and error. In the
Serpents Walkway, there is a picture with highlighted lines. Remember the
positions of these, and go to the Restroom. Here is a similar picture -
examining the same lines reads, "SALT" "SULFUR" and "MERCURY". Use the
key machine to make three keyplates -  you guessed it, type one of these
words on each keyplate. Back in the Fury of the Serpents: bottom left is
SALT, bottom right is MERCURY. Examine one of these heads again, and then
use the SULFUR plate - Hewie leaps into action! The column of fire is now
a column of ice, the Fury of the Serpents calmed.

* THE TRIAL OF JUPITER * This is a frustrating puzzle because get it
wrong and it's instant death. The room to the left is the room of truth,
basically everything here is right and proper. Leave Daniella alone if
you know what is good for you! Make sure you check how things have been
positioned... now, return to the stairs and take the right path. This is
the room of deception - there are three truths and three lies here. The
aim is to pick out and further examine the three truths - examine a lie
and the door locks, and you die. The three truths are: the chessboard,
the wax models and the hourglass to the side of the burning stove.
Three new paths are now open to you.

* EXORCISM * This puzzle is easy to figure out with trial and error. You
and Hewie must step on four combinations of two floor panels. The correct
combination is: Red and Blue, Red and Yellow, Green and Blue, Green and
Yellow. With this, the corpse in the chair is well and truly exorcised and
you can retrieve the key with no resistance.

* MANDRAGORA MADNESS * In the Garden Room, we'll see beds of Mandragora
plants, those mythical creatures which squeal like you wouldn't believe.
Anyway, before you come here, go to the Merry-Go-Half-Round room from
the Serpents Walkway. Through here, we're on the other side of the
fenced area - Daniella is here, and her master has ordered her to give
you a vial of Hebel's Perfume. In the Garden Room, use the perfume on
Hewie and he'll point out where to pick a mandragora from. This scares
Fiona and attracts Daniella, who adores these plants. Advice? RUN!

* THE FEEDING OF THE DEAD * A continuation of Mandragora Madness, in
the Graveyard there is a mausoleum monument. Check the black entrance
to be scared by an arm, beckoning out for something. Use that lovely
Mandragora to satisfy the creatures hunger - not a nice way to go.
With that, you can enter the black doorway and go into the Crypt.

* GOLEM A-GO-GO! * This puzzle is simple, fun and entertaining. You
need to make cards on the keyplate machine to direct the golem to
quell the fires in the passageways. Type the following into four

RRR (3 Rights)
- The golem will extinguish the flames, revealing an item.
(Magists Medallion)

RRRR (4 Rights)
- More flames extinguished and leads into the garden. Not
much here bar an item and a good shock moment if you can
stomach to examine the oven burning... *shudders*

RRL (Right twice and a Left)
- This is your way onwards. But before that...

RRLRR (You get the drill)
- Takes you down underground, out the other side and into a
Great Library.

Go to the library first, solve the simple puzzle and then take the
RRL pathway to progress.

* BOOK CASE * This is such a simple puzzle it's really not worth me
typing out the answer, so I'll direct you. In the library are three
books - two in full view, one hidden under a trolley of books. Check
the authors of these books and put each book in the bookcase it
belongs. When all three are returned to their rightful places, the
bookcases reveal a path. Climb the ladder on a bookcase near the
clock and follow the path. Simple.

* COMBINATION LOCK * This combination lock is easy if you watched
the reel of film earlier. Turn the top dial to the left once, and
the bottom one to the right (or left) twice. Simple.

* POINTY END OF A STICK * This puzzle gives you three chances to
pass it before it gives you a death scene, but you can get it in
one, no problems. Order Hewie to go forwards, and walk on the
panels he walks on. No problem.

* SEALED ROOM * This can get rid of both Riccardo and open up the
way forwards. Lure Riccardo into the Decomposer Room, and have him
walk over the noticeable weak patch. Good riddance for now. Then
command Hewie to enter the hole. Run around where we left from that
cutscene earlier, to a stone hall. Take the turning, kick the
failures about a bit, and go up the stairs, to the Sealed Room. Now
that Hewie is inside, get him to come to you and he'll open the
door. Whew.

* BALANCING THE SCALES * In the Garden, you'll find a PRIMA
MATERIA. This raw substance is going to be essential in the Room
of Balance, but sadly not in its present condition. Instead,
we will enlist the aid of some machines scattered around the
mansion to turn this mass into a usable item.

The chain for this is as follows:

ARTIFICIAL WOMB - In the back of this room is The Extractor.
Prima Materia becomes Sulphuric Ore.

SEALED ROOM - In this room is The Purifier. This turns our Sulphuric
Ore into a Silver Ore.

MACHINE ROOM - Just off the Red Window Hallway, this room contains The
Synthesiser, and turns our Silver Ore into a White Godstone.

METAMORPHOSIS ROOM - This chamber is found just past the actual Room
of Balance. It's the other side of the divide in the Red Window
Dividing Corridor. In this room, the machine will turn the White
Godstone into the Red Godstone. And we're done with the stone.

note, if you don't follow this sequence, you can use the material on
the scales, but it won't balance. Take it to the Decomposer Room, and
use it to break your item back down to a Prima Materia. So you can
start again, this time, doing it in the right order.

The stone can now be used in the Balance in the Room of Balance. Open
door, sweet freedom, but take the red godstone with you.

* PLANETARIUM PUZZLE * This is a tag-team puzzle between Fiona and
Hewie. The aim here is to light all the planets, so put Fiona on the one
lit planet, and other lights up. Order Hewie to go to it, command him
once there to SIT and STAY (important), and then while he's on that
planet, go to the next which has just lit up. Repeat for all the planets
and the sun, and you've solved the puzzle. Simple, fun and relaxing.

* TWISTED FIRESTARTER! * In the House of Truth, as you walk down the
passageway towards Lorenzo's room, there is a door branching off, taking
you down some stairs. Down here is a GOLDEN CANDLESTICK...
When Lorenzo is chasing you, then you can run to the main entrance and
down the stairs to the right. Down these stairs is a raised section
which, once walked on, triggers a glorious cutscene.

* GENERATOR X * The red-hued Generator Room is where you'll fight a
boss, but first we gotta get that power on! Examine the suspiciously
empty placard/wall space, and Hewie will bark. Seems he's got the
scent of whatever was here... now, back to the Hall of Shadows, and
go south, and into the caves. In this area is what appears to be an
empty room, but it isn't - Hewie will start barking at a wall. A mark
on Fiona's back seems to reveal, in the wall, the key to the power
problem. Return back to the Generator Room, and place the cane in its
rightful position.

|Section Seven - Endings |

Haunting Ground has four distinct flavours of ending. They are:

A. Fortes Fortuna Juvat
(Fortune favours the brave!)

Notes: Fiona and Hewie escape. Debilitas comes out with hedge clippers,
bows to Fiona and she walks off. Debilitas walks into the gardens and
starts trimming the hedges, as if nothing had happened... or maybe,
just maybe, he knows now he has a whole castle to do with as he pleases...

To Get:
* Must drop chandalier on Debilitas.
* Hewie's friendship level must be good.

B. Ignis Aurum Probat
(One is tested in the fire)

Notes: Fiona and Hewie escape the mansion... everyone is dead. While
I haven;t got this ending yet (But did get the bad ending), I'm told
it's basically the good ending minus Debilitas. Which... umm. Sounds
dull, but who am I to judge?

To Get:
* Must kill Debilitas without the aid of the chandalier.
* Hewie's friendship level must be good.

C. Dona Nobis Pacem
(Give Me Peace)

Notes: Fiona and Hewie escape in the cool night breeze. Fiona takes one
last look back at the castle, and then she and Hewie walk away... as
they walk into the misty night, Lorenzo - in the hall at the top of the
stairs, cries out for Fiona to not go... and he and his wheelchair
fall down the stairs... Fiona will not return to the castle. Lorenzo
will never get his prize...

To Get:
* Game must have been completed at least once.
* Must drop chandalier on Debilitas.
* Must get key from Debilitas in his hut.
* Must unlock door in castle restroom, and get the Castle Key.
* Must use key on the big doors outside the Entrance Hall.

D. Tu Fui, Ego Eris
(What you are, I was. What I am, you will be.)

Notes: Treat Hewie really badly, and he'll die in the forest. Hewie won't
be coming to Fiona's aid this time... and it seems Fiona has fulfilled the
prophecy that Riccardo had shown her earlier in the game...

To Get:
* Hewie's friendship level must be low.
* Don't look for Hewie in the woods.

(The drama has been acted out)

Get killed, spring traps, all sorts of things get you various game over
screens, many of the death scenes are very different, some are gruesome
and some are just downright wrong. You'll get at least ONE game over.
Believe me.

|Section Eight - Game Movies List |

Within the Secret Room, at the end of the game (See Section Nine for
more details), you can view the numerous cutscenes. Do note that many
of these do involve... well. Dying. Others involve approaching some
situations in different ways.

001 - Whereabouts Unknown
002 - the Watched
003 - Enter: Debilitas
004 - Infernal Contraption
005 - Emeth
006 - Meth
007 - Figure From The Future
008 - Luminessants
009 - Evening in the Music Room
010 - Night in the Music Room
011 - Approach Encounter
012 - Exire Debilitas!
013 - Nightmare
014 - Freedom
015 - Gate-Crasher
016 - White Intruder
017 - Hewie!
018 - Mountain of Rubble
019 - No Escape
020 - What's Cooking?
021 - Pupa Cella
022 - Evil Eyes
023 - The Phones Dubious Ring
024 - Bite Attack A
025 - Bite Attack B
026 - Bite Attack C
027 - Balcony Collapses A
028 - Balcony Collapses B
029 - Flower Arrangement
030 - My Dolly
031 - Hide and Attack
032 - Advice from the Dark
033 - The Drawbridge
034 - Ouroboros
035 - Just Desserts
036 - Lunar Refractir
037 - Let There Be Light
038 - Saturnus
039 - Stand Against Debilitas
040 - Fate's Punishment
041 - Adoration
042 - A Moments Silence
043 - 2nd Chance
044 - Dinner is Served
045 - The Awkward Table
046 - Night Visitor
047 - The Mirror Tells No Lies
048 - The Great Flood
049 - Hidden Stairs
050 - Woman Scorned
051 - My Fight
052 - Fire & Ice
053 - The Human Body
054 - Chess Anyone?
055 - The Hourglass
056 - The Ultimate Scavengers
057 - Armed and Dangerous
058 - The Iron Maiden
059 - The Immortal
060 - Fleeting Immortality
061 - Stick and Move
062 - Mandragora
063 - Guardian A
064 - Guardian B
065 - Golem of the Underworld
066 - The Hidden Camera
067 - Snuff Film
068 - Acetic Acid A
069 - Sulphuric Acid A
070 - Archer A
071 - Archer B
072 - Cat Fight
073 - Shish Kebab
074 - The Other Woman
075 - Acetic Acid B
076 - Sulphuric Acid B
077 - No Problem
078 - A Question of Balances A
079 - A Question of Balances B
080 - Stray Dog
081 - Poor Doggie
082 - Checkmate
083 - Riccardo's Lab
084 - Prison Reunion
085 - Jail Break
086 - The Incredible
087 - Grand Convergence
088 - The Viaduct
089 - Fall From Grace A
090 - Fall From Grace B
091 - Azoth
092 - The Man in the Wheelchair
093 - The Big Bang
094 - To Survive!
095 - Conveyor Belt A
096 - Conveyor Belt B
097 - Conveyor Belt C
098 - Invitation
099 - Thus Spoke Lorenzo
100 - Return To Youth
101 - Caduceus
102 - Challenge of Lord Lorenzo
103 - Straight To Hell
104 - From The Depths Of Hell
105 - Fallen Goddess
106 - Burnt Out
107 - Fortes Fortuna Juvat
108 - Ignis Aurum Probat
109 - Dona Nobis Pacem
110 - Tu Fui, Ego Eris

|Section Nine - Game Secrets/Unlockables/Easter Eggs |

Haunting Ground, like any good Survival Horror game, has a few nice
unlockables and some clever easter eggs. An easter egg is often just
visual and has no real bearing on the game at all other than to keep
the fans happy.


Complete the game to unlock this mode which... umm... makes the game
harder - probably why it's called Hard Mode. Though I could be wrong.


This is accessible when you have completed the game once, and it is
essentially the Guest Room where Fiona first gets her clothes. Now,
you can view movies from the game, check outfits unlocked, change
clothes, access the mini game... essentially, relive the game again.
There are plenty of movies I have yet to unlock and will strive to
do so in future updates.


Costumes: When you have finished Haunting Ground, Fiona can change
into different costumes - three of which are unlockable. These
three costumes do much more than make Fiona look good - they also
change how the game plays somewhat!

* Fiona Costume: Texas Cowgirl

My favourite costume, this sees Fiona play dress-up as a sexy, cool
cowgirl. Not only does this outfit actually look pretty damn hot, it
also gives Fiona a gun - this weapon takes place of the kicking
action, which is interesting to say the least.
* Added effects: Aside from the gun which only works at reasonably
close range, I've noticed in this that Fiona tends to panic less.

* Fiona Costume: Illegal in Some States

Those men in Capcom HQ obviously thought Fiona needed some sex appeal,
and ouch, does she get it in this catsuit-style ensemble which reveals
quite a bit. In this costume, Fiona sports a whip, which takes place
of the usual kick action. 'Some people, with, too much time on their
* Added effects: The range is wider using the whip.

* Fiona Costume: Fiona the Frog

After seeing this costume on the hidden section of the Japanese site,
this costume is pretty demented. Fiona sports a bulky Frog Mascot Suit
and I have to say, whatever the joke with it is, I don't see it. It
IS kinda funny I suppose... but also kinda lame. Still, whatever
floats your proverbial boat... I got this when I got the quick ending,
"Dona Nobis Pacem".
* Added effects: Stamina is not lost when backstepping.

* Hewie Costume: German Shepherd

This is a traditional Alsatian colour choice - dark brown with black
spots. Still insanely lovable though.
-Added Effects- this Hewie costume increases his attack power, meaning
enemies can fall faster. However, the downside is that it makes Hewie
harder to control, as he'll often ignore you and at times even attack
you! Ouch!

* Hewie Costume: Stuffed Dog
(Credit to Hima from Thailand for this one!)
This is an extremely unique little design - but despite its design, it
also apparantly contains one detail which far and away makes it an
unlockable I am feverently now working to get: it makes Hewie...
INVINCIBLE! Yes, Hewie takes no damage in this outfit. Look at it as,
"God Mode" for Survival Horror...


Easter Eggs vary from developer jokes to pointless but interesting
secrets hidden within the game.

* Easter Egg: The Dance-Dance Golem! (Credit to Midwinter)

In the Crypt, where you must use keyplates to move the golem, create
a keyplate with the world SALTATIO, to be treated to a rather bizarre,
brief, ten-second Para-Para dance sequence. Weird...


Other than the obvious keyplates needed to progress, these net you items
and a cutscene!

ADAMAS (Use in Synthesis Room after you beat the game one)
ALCHYMIA (Use in Synthesis Room after you beat the game one)
POWDER (Use in Synthesis Room after you beat the game one)
MAGNUS (Opens Red Safe in the Nursery)
MORGAN (Use in Synthesis Room after you beat the game one)
SALTATIO (See above Easter Egg section for more information)


* AnyaEmmersonRocks noted that the sound that the Wailing Stone makes is
the same sound the ghosts apparantly make when they chase Alyssa in Clock
Tower 3. I would verify this, but my friend has "borrowed" my copy of CT3,
but seems perfectly reasonable since Capcom did make CT3, although it does
show a sign of laziness I suppose...

|Section Ten - Hewie's Mini Game |

This mini-game is accessible from the Secret Room when you have
finished the game once. The mini game involves the roles being well
and truly reversed - here, you play as Hewie, and your aim is to
guide Fiona to safety and away from the bad guys.

The sad thing is, you'll have done the areas before. So there is little
need for a guide to this section, or to the behaviour of the enemies.
You'll not have too many issues doing this mini-game.

Levels one and two are automatically unlocked. Challenge 3 is unlocked
by beating Stage 1 and Stage 4 is unlocked by beating stage 2.

|Section Eleven - Second Play |

On your second run through this game, there are some very notable changes
to the game. THis section describes those changes.

* On HARD, all enemies will be wearing their alternate costumes.

* The synth room will now have a Keyplate Vending Machine. This neat device
is used when you have fulfilled criteria for some of the rankings, which
give you a passcode to put on a keyplate. But if you're lazy: ADAMAS nets
you a Diamond Choker, ALCHYMIA nets you Alchemists Earrings, POWDER gets
you Burst Shoes, and MORGAN gets you Fairy Earrings.

|Section Eleven - FAQ |

Q. How exactly does Fiona have "Azoth"? It isn't explained well , did
I miss something! (From Kingston Andri via e-mail)

A. Hi Kingston, thanks for e-mailing. And the new answer comes from Kanzakii,
and I'm cutting and pasting this for you.

"Just a bit of infomation on Azoth. While it is not explained in-game,
ie. we all know about Azoth is just "Essence of Life," Azoth is
basically a very powerful word in the world of alchemy.
For alchemists, there are the Alkahest (Univerial Solvent), and
Philosopher's Stone (Gold-Transmuting Substance). Some people claim
that Azoth is another name for the Philosopher's Stone.
Azoth in itself is an interesting word. It signifies the unity of
beginning and end. "A" is the beginning of all alphabet, and "Z" in
Arabic, "O" in Greek, "TH" in Hebrews are all ending alphabets.
One of the authors mentioned in the game (Library area), Paracelsus
(His full name being Aureolus Philippus Theophrastus Bombastus von
Hohenheim.. note Aureolus), was a alchemist and physician who created
Iatrochemistry - use of chemistry combining with medicine. One of his
portraits shows himself showing a sword, and on the pommel it reads
Azoth. This is believed that the Azoth is his elixir vitae - the
infallible remedy.
Some also believe that Azoth is the Mercury (or rather, "Mercurius")
in the three spiritual essence, "Salt," "Mercury," and "Sulphur." Some
see it as the spiritus animatus, animated spirit.
Also, the entwined snake staff in the game (and is seen in many
game/anime). The two snakes symbolize Salt and Sulphur, the two
extreme end, and in order to balance such, there are the stuff at the
middle, which is Azoth, the Mercury, uniting the two ends."

Q. "Beef Jerky" completely restores Hewie's stamiman and makes him "happy".
Does "happy" have any effect? Does it make Hewie more efficient in taking
orders? Does it increase Hewie's attack dmg? (From GameFreeek, on the
GameFAQ's Haunting Ground Message Board)

A. The "Happy" effect seems to have an effect on the friendship levels
bewteen Hewie and Fiona. It restores Hewie's stamina, and makes him more
friendly towards Fiona. I have seen little change in the attack damage,
but the friendlier Hewie is to Fiona, the easier it seems he takes
orders. Hope that helps.

Q. On Haunting Ground, when playing Hewie’s mini game, do you play the
ENTIRE game as Hewie and does it tell you all the controls? Also, good
work on the walkthrough. (From Kerry Wall via e-mail)

A. No - the Hewie mini-game is just a series of "Guide Fiona from the
start to the finish, avoiding the bad guys" missions. And yes, before
you start the mini-game, it shows you a list of controls for Hewie. And
thanks for letting me know you liked the walkthrough! :)

|Section Twelve - Contact Information |

If you want to get in touch with me about this guide, ask questions, ask to 
use it elsewhere etc. then follow the following guidelines. I will 
mercilessly delete any and all junk that does not follow the following 

* First up, read the walkthrough. If I haven't answered your problem in 
either the Main Walkthrough or the Puzzle Guide, then send me an e-mail. 
Don't get upset if I don't respond - I'll try, but if it's a good question 
I'll answer it in a guide update. So check back often. 

* Secondly, praise me as much as you want, I won't guarantee to answer 
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* Thirdly, as obvious as it sounds, please type in proper English. I don't 
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English is not your first language, then please do your very best and 
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* Don't use my mail address to send me ANYTHING. I have a spam filter in 
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* If you want to use this guide on your site, then please e-mail me with 
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I've done it before and I won't hesitate to do it again. Failure to comply 
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* Finally, I know I have other walkthroughs on the internet from days long 
past, and the memories are warm and fuzzy. But for the most, I no longer 
own/play those games, and while I understand one or two might want to ask 
questions on older guides, I'm afraid I won't be doing that. I apologise 
for such an inconvenience, but I like to play through a game and know 
where the problem lies - if I can't do that, I can't help you much I'm 

OK, with that out of the way...

webmaster (at) projectkami (dot) com

* Any in-game glitches, bugs, or anything else which might seem odd.
* Any noticeable easter eggs.
* Any more noticeable references to other games.
* Anything I may have missed - secret items, hiding spots etc.
* Your own enemy-beating strategies!

* Anyone correcting spelling. First, I'm British and second, I DID study
English Language at A-Level. This guide was rushed, I admit, so I'm now
correcting spelling as I go.
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* Any e-mail in all caps. You know who you are...
* Anyone asking me to send them a copy of the game. No. No. And again, NO!

|Section Thirteen - Credits |

General Credits and Thanks:

GameFAQs - For being the initial place to post this guide.
People on the Haunting Ground Message Board at GameFAQs - for providing
help and advice, and support. I love you guys!
Capcom - For continuing to fuel my passion for survival horror.
Caffiene, Pepsi, Coca Cola - For keeping me going through this!
You - Obviously, for reading this junk.
Me - Because I wrote it. I can do walkthroughs, me!

Contributors to this guide (HUGE Thanks to all in this section)

Frank Kortland (For information on the Mandragora Garden Hiding Spot)
Midwinter (For the Dance-Dance Golem Easter Egg)
Lisa Johnstone (For the Mansion Restroom Cutscene)
Hima (For all the information you provided!)
Shaun Sturgess (For hiding spot information)
Bizzy, USA (For noting a save spot I missed)
Jerome (For alternate boss strategy)
Bree o'Neill (For a blatant in-game error)
Garry Hogg (For alternate boss strategy)
Jamie Johnstone (For alternate boss strategy)

And all those who send me information, even if I don't list you due to
multiple people sending the same information, thank you.

|Section Fourteen - Permissions |

Last section. If your site is NOT listed here, then you can't use the 
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Current Places which get priority updates to this guide:
GameFAQS - www.gamefaqs.com

Current Places granted rights to use this guide:
NeoSeeker - www.neoseeker.com
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Places not allowed to use this guide, for any reason EVER!:
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