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FAQ/Walkthrough by ex-s_temjin

Version: 0.5 | Updated: 04/26/05


CAPCOM®, 2005

-------LEGAL INFO--------------------------------------------------------------

This FAQ is written and copyright by ME, for all DEMENTO Fans in the year 2005.

This FAQ should not be reproduced/ distributed in any mean without asking for 
my permission first.Currently, the only site(s) that are legally authorized 
this FAQ is:

Gamefaqs (http://www.gamefaqs.com)

Violating this rule will cause some serious legal action upon you, so it is 
adviced for you NOT to do so. However, you may download/ print a copy for your 
own personal use. Selling/ using it as a mean to gain profit as if it's your 
own work is ultimately prohibited. I'll kick your a** myself if you do that. 
I spent hours after midnight to complete this FAQ, and i don't spend them only 
to find out that my work is being plagiarized by some morons, mind you.


What’s New!?                                                              #NEW

21-04-2005: Made up my damn mind to make a FAQ of this game before anyone else.

25-04-2005: More updates added to the walkthrough.


NOTE: To use Seach Keys, go to Edit> Find or just press CTRL+F on your keyboard
      and then enter the key into the text area and click on "find next".

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|        Prologue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#PROLOGUE       |
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|        My Review and impressions . . . . . . . . . . . . . #REVIEW         |
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|        Story . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #STORY          |
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|        Controls . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#CONTROL        |
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|        Characters . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .#CHARACTERS     |
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|        Walkthrough . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #WALKTHROUGH    |
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Hi and thanks for reading my Demento/Haunting Ground FAQ.

Hmm? You wanted to know about me? I'm just an ordinary Malaysian chinese 
currently taking in Animation/CG Special Effects lessons.

I'm out of words on this, and you're not interested in reading this anyway. 

So ignore me >_<



Graphical Section 

Overall, the In-game graphics are fabulous; if you thought DMC3/Onimusha3 looks
great in game, this is way better. It actually reassured me that the PS2 could 
handle RE4 (at least, a slightly downgraded version of it). However, I find 
that ROBOT, the CGI movie department had their qualities downgraded on the 
facial expression, unlike the amazing Onimusha3 intro. The characters in the 
CGI movies looked somewhat stiff, but just so you know, everything's perfect in
real time polygons.

The lightings are great, and the overall atmosphere is awesome. Players are 
most likely to be immersed in the world of Demento.


Sound Effects, Voice Actings and BGMs

The Sound effects are of excellent quality, there's a vast number of sound 
samples in the game. But when it comes to the voice acting, I find Fiona's VA a
bit dull, especially her scream in the teaser trailer. Other than that, the 
rest of the cast is great, especially Daniella's. I can't imagine someone could
possibly laugh like her during the recording process O_o!!!

The SFX, BGM are all nice, but the one thing I had problem with was Hewie's 
barking. He sounded either like a robot dog, or a recorded soundtrack of a dog
barking inside a metal container. 

Gameplay elements: 

This, in general, is similar to Capcom's Clocktower3, except that you don't 
have a panic meter, effective attacks, and you need Hewie to help you. 

As usual, you'll get puzzles to get doors open, getting Hewie to ambush on 
enemies, etc. Puzzles are pretty simple in this game (so far), pushing stuffs, 
finding keys, and kicking suspicious things. Of course, you'll need some common
sense for most parts. If there's a hole in the wall, get Hewie. 

Sometimes in the game, you'll encounter some Luminescences (Blue floating orbs)
which looks pleasant to the eyes, but BEWARE!! This orbs homes in toward Fiona 
(they're slow, fortunately), and when they hit her, Fiona will get a fright. 
Somehow, they're still needed to solve some puzzles.

There're places along your path that you can use against your pursuers. These 
ambush spots will either activate upon reaching the spot (having Hewie with 
you), or setting them up first beforehand (have Hewie hides in a hole, pursuer
comes to you, and the attack cutscene will begin). 

In Demento, your pursuers roams around the castle at real time, so expect the 
unexpected at all times (Unlike RE3's Nemesis who appears only in scripted 
areas). Hewie proves to be useful in this section, he'll growl at the general 
direction the pursuer is coming from, and you'll have enough time to find 
yourself a hiding spot.

The Panic System: 

Fiona is a VERY vulnerable girl. Examine things of horrible nature (eg: Blood 
on a wall/pillar), will get her frightened. In this frightened state, you'll 
get a vision blur of some sort. The screen will get brighter, and you'll 
experienced some sort effect which looked similar to lags in Online games, 
except that this is done on a rhythmic fashion (set to Fiona's heartbeat, to be
exact). The more scary stuffs she's exposed to during this panic state, the 
more panic she gets (and hence the screen get even brighter and the 'lag' comes
even more frequent). 

Eventually, she'll lose it, and started to run uncontrollably (as in 
Clocktower3), bumping into anything she runs into. You are still able to cry to
Hewie though. In this state, you won't be able to access your menu to stop 
your panic, so run wisely and be careful not to bump too much, or else you'll 
fall down to a crawl which sets you to the extreme point of the panic system; 
Fiona moves at the speed of a snail, the screen is in total black and white 
with noise effects kicking in. Any hit from your pursuers in this state is a 
guaranteed kill.


Doors are no longer an option for you to escape. Unlike the REs before RE4,
Demento featured doors that will not close automatically when you had them
opened. They'll stay that way until you close them yourself. Which means, if
you get chased and you managed to open a door, Debilitas will still follow you
until you get yourself hidden or until he leaves the area. Some doors still
close by themselves, but you won't want it to happen, coz it it does, it means
two things: 

1) Someone/something had entered to room you're in, or 
2) You'll get a short panic pump from the fright.

Fortunately, the game implemented a lot of hiding areas for Fiona, such as 
under the bed/table, in the closet, behind curtains, crouching behind barrels, 
and even behind opened doors(great setup for escaping out of a room with one 
door). You'll also have recovery points, the wash room. I'm not entirely sure 
what you recover though, since the game does not rely on lifebars or RE's 
fine-caution-danger indicators. I'll guess that this recover your panic effect
(provided that you're not in the extreme panic, that is). 

One thing to watch out for is Hewie; Although he may looked like another dog in
the neighbourhood, when he's growling or barking mad at something, stay alert, 
there might be an enemy or even traps in that area (got myself killed because I
ignored his warnings, hehe). To maintain a good relation ship with Hewie, use 
the praise command every once in a while when he helped you through a certain 
difficulty, scold him when he's disobeying you, and feed him when he's lying on
his sides (injured).

Here's a gameplay tip for starters: ALWAYS close the door behind you. This will
slow down your pursuers. If you want to do it quick, give the door a kick.

Speaking of the kick, BEWARE!. You can kick Hewie if he's in your way. Kicking 
Hewie to much and he'll start to run in a panic and will pounce on Fiona for a 
couple of time until he calms down, but he'll get less obedient. I tried this, 
and he ignored every single command at that moment. Plus, if you hurt him too 
much, he'll lie down on his side. When Hewie is in this state, give him some 
food to gain back his trust.

NOTE: The grandfather clocks are your savepoints. 


So far, this game had manage to impress me with it's presentation, you'll stay 
hooked the moment you start. It is more to creepy side for the moment, and 
there are minor jump scares and a SH feel to it, so rest assured, this is a 
solid fear factor.  Overall, this game is up with Silent Hill and Fatal Frame.

My current score for it will be a 8.5/10. 


The Bad side of the Review:

Downpoints are the camera angles at some places. While it looks pleasant, it 
actually limits Fiona's(and you, too) POV. For example if the camera is set so 
that Fiona will head towards the screen to get to the other area. The problem 
is that when you can't see the next area, you can't see what's coming (this is 
where most jump frights occur). 

I had one experience of this type of angles where I fail to hear any footsteps 
from Debilitas and started walking towards the screen, and the moment the 
camera changes its angle to proceed to the next area, I was right under 
Debilitas' nose (the panic music starts instantly). When you think of it, Fiona
should have a clear view of him long before that. 

Another thing that might annoy fellow players is that when you get spotted, 
you'll have a looooooong way to run away from your pursuer. They runs faster 
than Fiona (but pauses along the way), and if they sees you right around the 
corner,they'll know where to find you. You'll have to find a place to hide, 
waits for them to give up, and when they do, you'll need to backtrack all the 
way to continue what you're doing previously. And if you're unlucky enough, 
you'll get spotted again and the whole process repeats itself. This part of the
game is like playing a MGS without guns. 



Fiona opened her eyes from a deep, netherworld sleep.

She was all alone, without a sticth of clothing on, shut up in a strange and 
unknown underground room...she found herself shut up in a CAGE.

Fiona started thinking of how she could get out of this cold cage and this dark
underground room...

I've got to run.
But where?

Before she knew it, she found herself in an ancient castle. 
Fiona wandered about.

Before long, Fiona came to know what happened to her.
She had been involved in a car accident with her parents, and Fiona, the lone 
survivor, was brought to this castle by some of her relatives.

Fiona was shocked. However, it didn't just start there...
There is a bizarre and odd man wandering around pursuing Fiona persistently.
The creepy man stares at her in a twisted way.

There is a sign that someone is there, a shadow passes by.
Numerous tools of the alchemy are lined up systematically.

The castle stood appearing to harbour malice inside.

Fiona set out to investigate with a dog, Hewie that she helped save by chance.
Where will this bad dream colored with insanity lead her?



Below are the default controls (Type-A) for Demento (NTSC/J):
*NOTE: This is the Japanese version. Cirle and X is the most likely to switch 
position in the english versions* 

D-pad/Left Analog- Movement 

Square   - Kick (useful for discovering items or activating some mechanisms)/ 
           Defensive push (Available while running)

Circle   - Examine/ Opening and closing doors

X        - Run.

Triangle - Use equipped item.

L1       - Crouch (Fiona stays crouched until you press something else) 

R1       - Backstep. Pressing square during the jump back will cause Fiona to 
           push forward (just in case you got yourself cornered). Beware, three
           backsteps will cause Fiona to gasp for air.


HEWIE COMMAND (Right Analogue Stick)

Up   : "Go!" This is to order Hewie to either Attack, search, or pick up items 
       on places Fiona can't go, depending on the situation you're in. 

Down : "Come!" This is to get Hewie to follow you. 

Left : "No!" The scold command. Use this when Hewie thinks you're nuts and 
       ignores you.

Right: "Good Boy!" The command you do to get the dog knows what is best for 
       both of you.

R3   : "Sit!" Gets Hewie to sit, mostly for puzzle solvings.

NOTE : You can also kick doors open, depending on which way they are opened.




At 18, she left home and went off to university.
Upon reuniting with her parents, she was involved in a traffic accident, and 
before she knew it she found herself locked up and confined in an old castle.

Before long, Fiona was told by the servants of the castle that she had become 
its heiress, but she had no idea at all that she was related to anyone in the 
castle. Bemused and bewildered, she searched for a way to get out of this 
creepy old castle, but she was confronted and obstructed by the inhabitants of 
the castle.

When it comes to sports and athletics, she doesn't really do very well.
She's very quiet and doesn't say much, but her inner core and will are very 
strong- she's not the introverted or weak type.

She's not much of a talker, but she's mentally agile and is very witty. She 
resists overreacting or letting her emotions get the best of her, and appears 
to be very much the adult, but in the smiles that come from her heart, there's 
something charming that draws people in and wins them over.

While searching through the ancient castle she meets a dog named Hewie and they
strike up a partnership.


He's a four year old white male Alsatian dog who has been captured and held in 
the castle. Tied up and confined, he was saved by Fiona when he was weak and 
from that point on he began to follow her around.

He seems to have originally been kept as a pet somewhere, as he has his name on
a tag around his neck. He has a strong sense of curiosity, is clever and smart,
and helps Fiona get through some difficult times.


Upon seeing Fiona, this hunchbacked man began chasing her almost instinctively.
Debilitas himself probably has no intention of doing any harm, but when he gets
excited he loses control of himself and become dangerous.

Usually he busies himself with gardening work and general odd jobs around the 
castle. It seemed like that Debilitas caught Hewie somewhere.

His body alone has grown and developed in a bizarre and abnormal way, but 
mentally speaking he has the infantile mind of a child.

He seems to understand what he's being told, but he doesn't speak.


Daniella is a mysterious woman who seemed to be responsible for taking care of 
the mansion and its residents. Although she seemed to be just a weird maid in 
the castle, she turns out to to be a major threat when she wields weapons like 
a shard of glass or a sharp piece of metal.

Daniella is usually the one who takes care of the food, clothings and the 
cleanliness of the mansion and is very protective of the Mandragora plants. 
She'll do anything to protect them, even if it means killing the person who 
dared to pick them off their soil.

An incomplete clone, Daniella is unable to feel pleasure, pain, or even taste
the food she cooks.


Ricardo seems to be the leader of the villains. He's calm and is pretty much of
a scientist. Chasing Fiona with a gun, it seems that he is performing weird
experiments in his labs.

However, he's just the same as Daniella, both of them are incomplete clones of
Lorenzo, who seemed to be related to Fiona's father, as Ricardo bears the same 
face of Mr. Belli.


The mastermind of the entire chain of events. His strong desires for 
immortallity urged him to kidnap Fiona, who possessed the "Azoth", the essense
of life.

With this "Azoth", he'll be able to reborn again. 




After the FMV, proceed straight down the path, make a 90 degree turn to Fiona's
right, going past the stairs. Go to the far end of the backyard and open the 
wooden gate. Get inside and pick up the medallion.

Now make your way back to the stairs, and go up both set of stairs and open the
blue door. You'll be in a bedroom. Proceed forward and a cutscene will play.


Examine the clothes on the bed and choose 'YES'.


After the cutscene ends, you'll be given the instructions for basic actions.
Now exit the room through the brown door, and go down the flight of stairs, 
ignoring the door you'll see in the way (it's locked). At the end of the path,
kick the vase to get the "Antimon Orb" (Refer to #ITEMS).

Go back up the stairs and go through the door facing the stairs. In that area,
go down the path and enter the second door you encounter (ignore the blood on 
the wall). Inside the room, pickup the medallion on the table. Check the desk 
at the other side, and you'll find that it had a locked drawer. Remember this
room for future visits, and exit.

Upon reaching the end of the path, a cutscene will play.


Run back all teh way to the bedroom, and Fiona will automatically closes the 
door(for once), and you'll be given an instruction for hiding. Check the bed
("...!!" showing in red) to hide under it. Wait until Debilitas exits the room
("No Enemy" shows on screen), and run back to the place where you meet 
Debilitas. Pickup the doll, and push the box away from the door. Inside the 
room, examine the note on the table, and then the golem blocking the door.
Exit the room and now take the route to your right. Enter the room at
the end of the path, and examine the platewriter (typewriter looking machine).



Puzzle One: Golem
This one is simple. Examining the Golem reveals the clue to getting it out of 
your way. It had =EMETH= written on it, so the common sense is to remember this 
name, and then find your way back to the room with the fallen chandelier where 
you'll find the platewriter (typewriter-looking machine that writes on plates).
Type the name with it and you'll get the EMETH plate. 

After typing the desired names, a short cutscene will play.


Go back to the Golem blocking the door and use the plate

You can only produce up to 10 plates at a time, but exiting and re-entering the
room will reset the machine's maximum amount back to 10. 

When the METH plate is inserted, you'll receive the "Obsidian Choker". 
When SALTATIO plate is inserted, the Golem will start dancing. 

NOTE: Plate names other than EMETH are discovered at the Mansion of Truth


You'll find yourself outdoors. Go down the ladder and go behind the well. Kick
all vases to get some items. Go through the door which isn't locked. Proceed 
all the way into the building and examine the key on the table.


Pick up the key after the cutscene ends, and return to the area with the well, 
and use the key on the locked door. Make note of the floor switch the moment 
you enter(next to the chair), saving your game if necessary using the clock.
Go to the end of the path and pick up the broken plate. Examine the machine on
the wall to learn that it is a plate reader. Backtrack and go through the door 
closest to you(facing the chair). You'll be in the kitchen. Go down the 
stairway and kick the boards away to enter the wine storage. Pickup the map on
the table, and go back up to trigger the next cutscene.


Exit the kitchen back through the way you first entered, and another cutscene 
will play.




Puzzle2: Marionette Room Trap
The door to this Marionette room is located next to the save point/clock. The 
door is identified with a picture of a marionette and has hooks on it. Unlock 
this door by using the broken marionette you found. 

Be sure to have Hewie around with you, as he provides you with a warning. If 
you walk right into the carpet with the symbol of the eye, you'd just step into
a trap (instant death). To get around this trap, go back to the corridor with 
the clock and get to the spot with the floor switch. Command Hewie to sit on 
that spot, and return to the Marionette room. The gate which was previously 
closed is now opened. Go through and examine the switch on the wall next to the
door. This will turn the trap off. Get Hewie back to your side.

NOTE: If Debilitas is following you after Hewie returns to you (hence the gate 
closes) and you'd not turn off the switch, a special cutscene will roll.


Puzzle3: The Locked drawer in the study room
Insert the MAGNUS key (obtained from Daniella).


Puzzle4: The Door Blocked by Moths
Go back to the area where you opened the giant gate. If you noticed, there're 
flowers growing in the small fenced area. Checking around the fences will 
reveal a small hole on one side of the fence. Command Hewie to enter through 
the hole, and command Hewie again to pick up the flowers. Then command Hewie to
get back out. Now return to the room with the moths and use the flower you'd 
just obtained on the vase not far from the door you came through.


Puzzle5: Getting the Key (Inner Gallery Underground)
Go back outside and take the western path. You'll see a hole on the wall upon 
reaching the next area (This is also an ambush spot if Debilitas is chasing 
you). Command Hewie to get into the hole, and return to the inner room of the 
gallery. When you go down the stairs, Hewie should be at the other side of the 
fence. Command Hewie to get the key. 


Puzzle6: Lowering the Bridge
Return to the area with the Moth room and take the eastern path. Go up both set
of ladder and kick the metal piece of the machine till it triggers a cutscene.


Puzzle7: Using the Reflector's Mirror
You can only use it after you'd solved the puzzle with the colored boxes (push 
each box to their same set). But prior to using the reflector, it is better for
you to return to the room with the grand piano, and examine the Reflector 
(turn it left/right until it "clicks"). Then go back to the puzzle room and go 
down the spiral staircase. Use the reflector's mirror on the reflector to your 
right, and then turn both reflectors in that room until they both "click".


Puzzle8: Invisible Pits
Be sure to have Hewie with you, and command Hewie to lead the way. Follow Hewie
to get across the pits. Failing to do so will result in a Death Scene.


Puzzle9: Defeating Debilitas in the chapel
If you're playing on Normal Difficulty, you can simply command Hewie to attack 
while you throw chemicals on Debilitas, but in Hard mode, Debilitas' deals alot
of damage, and Hewie is much easier to get injured, it is advisable for you to 
damage the two wires holding the chandelier, while Hewie takes on Debilitas.

Defeating Debilitas without using the chandelier trick will get you Ending B.
Defeating Debilitas using the chandelier trick will get you Ending C 

Refer to #ENDING REFERENCES for more details.


Puzzle10: Using the Saturnus Key
The door of the step on the stairway which is two of the puzzle rooms.


Puzzle11: Capturing Luminescences with Lanterns
Upon entering the old Mansion, proceed straight along the path, and check the 
room after the T-Junction to Fiona's left(That's your right). There's a save 
point in this room as well as a lantern. Remember this room. Get back out and 
continue straight on. You're now in a room with wooden floor and a mirror 
(anti-Daniella). There's nothing in this area, so proceed to the next. Here 
you'll have a Luminescence coming at you. Lure it back to the lantern you see 
earlier(make sure it hits the lantern) and you'll unlock a path not so far 


Puzzle12: The Three Dragon Heads and The Clue; MOONLIT-SUN-STAR
After unlocking the path in Puzzle 11, go down the flight of stairs and proceed
to the next area. You'll be in a L-shaped path. Go forward and enter the door 
to your left. This is a recovery point. Check the clues next to the tub near 
the window. Make note of this clue (as well as the platewriter) and get back 
out, proceeding to the next area. 

There should be a puzzle on the wall with the same pattern as the clue you'd 
just examined. Solve the riddle and return to the recovery point. Type the 3 
answers(Salt, Sulfur, Mercury) with the platewriter, and return to the path 
with the wall puzzle. Don't proceed down the stairs yet, and head straight 
towards the door in front. Use the 3 plates you'd obtained on the Dragon Heads 
(Use the third one on Hewie).


Puzzle14: Using the Jupiter Key
Go back to the path with the wall puzzle, and go down the stairs. The Jupiter 
key is used on both doors below.


Puzzle15: The Mirror Rooms
Examine everything in the western room at the bottom of the stairs (Jupiter 
Room1). Once you're done, exit the room and head to the other room (Jupiter 
Room2). This is where you set everything in place so that they're the mirrored 
image to those in Jupiter Room1. Beware though, one wrong switch flipped and 
you'll not be able to undo it, and you'll get a death scene upon examining the 

The Answer: Wax Doll, Hourglass, Chess Piece.


Puzzle16: The New Layout of the Mansion
Upon exiting the Jupiter Room, the red doors (previously revealing brick walls)
are now opened. The path previously blocked by water is also accessible.


Puzzle17: Lighting the 4 Flames in the Torture Room
*Still figuring it out*


Puzzle18: Mandragora Garden and Hebe perfume
By using the Venus Key on the other door in the room with the 3 Dragon Heads, 
you'll open the door to this area. A cutscene will roll introducing the 
Mandragora plant. 

With the Hebe perfume in possession, use it on Hewie in the Mandragora garden. 
Hewie will help you indentify the Mandragora with the correct color. Beware! 
Daniella will rush to the Mandragora Garden the moment you pick it, so run out 
of the room, out of the room with the 3 Dragon heads, and proceed to Fiona's 
left (the corridor with the mannequins), and head outside of the old mansion.


*Still figuring it out*


*Still figuring it out*


Puzzle21: Bowgun Trap
Command Hewie to lead the way, and making sure that you step on the exact 
hexagon pieces he walked on. You have only 3 tries. Stepping on the wrong piece
for the 3rd time will trigger a death scene. After getting past the bowgun 
statue, examine it to switch it off.


Puzzle22: Decisive Battle- Daniella
When the battle starts, command Hewie to attack Daniella while you push each of
the block along their designated routes toward the center (black circle). If 
you have chemical weapons with you, use them occasionally. After you'd all of 
the blocks in place, the battle will end the moment Daniella enters the 
lighted-up circle.


Puzzle23: How do I unlock the barred door?
Go back to the corridor before the event and go up the flight of stairs leading
to a dead end. Kick it to gain access to the room. Command Hewie to go into the
fireplace, and then head toward the long curved corridor (with red vases and a 
flight of stairs facing a doorway). Go up the stairs and you'll hear Hewie 
barking again. Go to the end of that corridor, and check the door. It's locked 
from the inside with a metal bar. Command Hewie to come over to you to trigger 
a cutscene.


Puzzle24: Where do I get the Prima Materia?
From the room you'd just entered in puzzle 23, exit through the second door to
re-enter the graveyard. Command Hewie to get it. Then unlock the metal gate for
future explorations.


Puzzle25: The Balance Goddess Statue
You'll need to balance the weight in order to open the doors. To get the 
correct item to be placed onto the tray, use the Prima Materia on the "culture
tanks"(Brown-rusty machines with bluish glass window).

Here's the correct order:

Vessel of Extraction (The same area where you had the Ricardo event)
Vessel of Refinement (The room where Hewie unlocks the door for you)
Vessel of Compound (The area where you unlocked a door with a block puzzle)
Vessel of Metamorphosis (The room where there's a Homunculus pounding his head 
on the wall)

Should you screwed up the process, putting the item on the tray will turn it 
into powder. When this happens, go back to the room where you first commanded
Hewie to go into the fireplace, and use the powder on the Vessel of 
Disassembly. This will get you the Prima Materia to restart all over again.

Once you'd the correct item in place, you'll unlock the door. Go back to the 
Statue and remove the item from the tray, and exit to the forest.


Puzzle26: I'm free from the cell, now what?
Take the bronze figure near the culture tank. And use the item you took from
the statue before you exited the castle, and exit through the lone door.
Proceed further into the tunnels and a cutscene will play.

Now, explore the tunnels thoroughly, kicking pipes on the ground to obtain
key items. Once you had all of the tunnel explored, exit the tunnel through the
stairway. You'll find yourself at the bottom of the tower, so proceed upwards, 
saving your game at the clock if you want to. There's also a recovery point.


Puzzle27: The Constellation Puzzle
Face the lit panel on the floor and command Hewie to go forward. He'll 
automatical move towards the panel. Now command him to stay on the spot. You'll
notice that another panel on the floor will light-up. Have Fiona go towards the
panel and stands on it. Another panel will be lit. Get the idea? Repeat the 
whole process until you reached the centre to solve the puzzle.


Puzzle28: The Diorama on the roof.
Place the miniature bridge you find in the tunnels into the diorama. A cutscene
will play after that.


Puzzle29: Decisive Battle- Ricardo
See those deteriorated pieces on the edge of the roof? Kick them till they fall
off, and now have Hewie to go through the holes of the structure in the center 
of the arena. The trick is to get Hewie, Ricardo and the broken edge in line.
Get Hewie to appear through the hole above the diorama.


Puzzle30: How do I get rid of Lorenzo?
Go back to the main section of the mansion where there's a recovery point. Take
the left stairs down and let him chase you to the corner where there's a pile
of wooden boxes. When he gets close, run towards the torch set on the wall to 
trigger a cutscene. 


Puzzle31: Defeating Lorenzo (Old Man)
In th room with the rock crushing machine, kicking the generator a few times
will turn it on. So when Lorenzo gets to you, lure him to the conveyor belt and
hurt him till he's not able to move for a moment. Quickly rush to the generator
and kick it till it activates to trigger a cutscene. Beware though, if you're 
the one fallen on the conveyor belt during the extreme panic state, you'll have
a death scene. Pickup the "Sol" Key from the belt after the cutscene.


Puzzle32: The Coloured Looping Corridor
Solve the puzzle in this order:

Red-> Blue-> Yellow-> Green-> Black

If you picked the blue door at first, this is the order:

Blue-> Yellow-> Green-> Red-> Black.

Get the idea?


Puzzle33: Hewie's barking at a wall
Check the wall to get the key, d'oh!


Puzzle34: Defeating Lorenzo (Youth)
Get Lorenzo to reach the fan, then command Hewie to attack him while you go to 
the floor switch which activates the fan. A cutscene will begin when you deal
enough damage to him.


Puzzle35: What do I do after defeating Lorenzo?
Save the game, and get out. You'll have a cutscene after that, and immediately
run for your life. Run to the door and command Hewie to ram it open. Make your 
way out to the main intersection and a cutscene involving a statue will roll.
Push your D-pad/Left Analogue stick to its general direction and hit the square
button like there's no tomorrow to get it back straight. Continue your escape 
to the door unlocked in a previous cutscene.

The ending cutscene will play the moment you reached the designated area.








A: Fortes Fortuna Juvat. (Perfect Ending)
Condition: Drop chandelier on Debilitas.

B: Ignis Aurum Probat.(Normal Ending)
Condition: Don't drop the chandelier and complete the game. You won't get any 
more events involving Debilitas.

C: Dona Nobis Pacem. (Quick Escape)
Condition: Follow the condition for Ending A, and then go to Debilitas' shed, 
take the key and go to the "REST" room. Open the locked door with the key to 
obtain the Castle key. Open the main gate to escape with the Castle key.

D:Tu Fui, Ego Eris. (Bad Ending)
Condition: While leaving the the exit at the old part of the castle, be mean to
Hewie (Kick it, slams door on its face, feed him onions). Go to the cliff at 
the forest to see the ending.



Q: What the hell is the "Azoth"?
A: I had no idea. I'll need the English version of the game to find out.



*Coming Soon*



Demento Walkthrough @Wiki >> http://www2.atwiki.jp/demento/pages/1.html
Babelfish                 >> http://babelfish.altavista.com
Gamefaqs                  >> http://www.gamefaqs.com
Capcom                    >> http://www.capcom.com

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