Review by hoji13

Reviewed: 05/26/05

An amazing game regardless of the system

when this game first came out I was a wondering if I should get it. Then everyone began praising it, but only for xbox, so i forgot about the whole thing. Later on I saw it in a store for ps2 and I decided to take a chance and found out that this game even though considered better for xbox is still an amazing creation even for the ps2.

Game play (10/10)
This game is THE stealth game. You can do amazing things like hold onto pipes while breaking unsuspecting terrorists' necks, or simply shoot them. The detail in the game play is simply amazing. When you hit someone depending on the way you do it you can be heard or you can avoid everyones attention. You can pick locks or break them, hack computers, and stock your enemies from the dark while they are rendered completely useless by the darkness around. You have different weapons, one is your assault pistol with which you can take out lights and cameras, and you have SC-20k that Sam carries on his back which comes with attachments that can help you stealthily take out an opponent, or launch a camera to check if there is danger ahead and take it out by deploying gas from the camera. Overall an amazing amount of detailed things that you can do in the game.

Story (8/10)
Dont take the score I gave this category wrong, because the story isn't in the least bit bad, but of course I wont tell you it. It's simply nothing out of the ordinary though contains twists and turns. Not much else to say about it.

Graphics (10/10)
The graphics for this game may indeed be better on the xbox, but the graphics are still above average and definitely more than exceptional for one of the best games of the year. The in game graphics are amazing and pack a lot of detail, while the graphics in the cut scenes are even better.

Multiplayer mode (10/10)
This game contains a multiplayer mode which though short story-vise will still keep you glued to the TV for a good two hours or so. Even though its short it packs nearly as much gameplay detail as the single player mode and maybe even more due to the team moves that you can do, like give someone a boost to get to a high vent or lower them into a missle silo with a rope while avoiding motion detectors. This makes it really fun to play with a friend and gives you more freedom with your weapons unlike in single player mode where its best not to kill.

Sound (9/10)
The sounds in this game are perfect in all concepts, like when he shoots runs on different materials, like carpet, grass, sand, or stone, when he reloads, etc
Music in this game also seems to find the perfect time to switch except in some cases when it starts playing faster and louder giving you the impression that you are seen, which is when you panic, get out your gun and shoot everything until you are sure that nothing is left alive. The voices for the characters are also perfect, and suit the game.

Controls (10/10)
The controls in this game are another up side to the game seeing how you can do absolutely anything in the game without going into all sorts of menus and such. Anything in this game can be done with the click of one button.

Overall (9.5/10 = 10/10)
Even though I played this game on ps2 rather than xbox, and it was my first splinter cell game, I was still glued to the tv for a good 6-7 hours. If you are a fan of splinter cell you should definitely get it, and even if you are not you should still definitely get it.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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