Review by Sanchez501

Reviewed: 05/16/05

A Ghosts Shadow!

This game is a great stealth game with makes you feel that your really in danger and your really there. people are still rambling on about metal gear solid 3 being the better stealth game well their wrong. sure, metal gear solid 3 beats all of the splinter cell games when it comes to action but this game is all about stealth!

STORY 8/10
So its 2007 and chaos is reeking havoc! one simple algorithmic code has crashed the Asian stock-market, blacked out New York and taken control of ballistic missiles. you are Sam Fisher you are a Splinter Cell.

Amazing graphics........but not for PS2. the lighting is cool but take my advise if you really want to be dazzled by this game then play it on the X-BOX. but don't let this put you down, the PS2 does do its best with the lighting but at the end of the day there's no competition.

Here's were the game really stands out, the camera angles are easy to handle so you wont have any problems. and as usual Sam has his trusty SC-20k with new gadgets to attach. and the best thing is Sam's new knife. its hard to believe that its taken this long to give sam a blade, what took em so long? thankfully there no more of that "3 alarms and the mission is over" nonsense. you are now free to mess around and charge into battle guns blazing if you wish.

Not much to say apart from these controls are easy to use and you will adjust to them very quickly.

AUDIO 10/10
Again a great performance by Michael Ironside who has made sam fisher a great and humorous character for a game. the music is excellent especially on the boat level (level 2) and all the other sound tracks are top notch!

Fun to play but not really much in it. you'll probably beat the co-op mode in about an hour if that. although the double team stealth moves are pretty cool this mode doesn't really offer much.

Overall this is a superb game..but even better on the X-BOX. i recommend renting it if your not quite into stealth games but if you are then get it now......don't wait!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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