Reviewed: 07/18/06

A innovative game with tons of fun

Story: 10/10
I loved the storyline, it made the game come alive, and I could get sucked into it with no problem. Its 2007 and a traitors are everywhere!

Audio: 10/10
The Chaos theory team did a great job of creating realistic sound effects into the environment. Unlike Pandora Tomorrow, there is now a sound bar as well as a light bar. All the noises in the environment mask the sound you make as long as the little squares dont go over the big square. Using this feature forces you to move as slow as my grandma moving through hardening cement.

Gameplay: 10/10
The camera angles, easy quick kill button and the easy knock out button make it so much easier to play than pandora tomorrow, where you had to keep pressing R1 rapidly to knock someone out. Unlike Pandora Tomorrow, you can trigger as many alarms as you want, but remember each alarm makes the enemy more alert, and they will put on helmets or multiply. So stealth is still of the essence. You still have the awesome SC-20K that kicks butt more that the Hulk. There are now weapon modifications, like the shotgun attachment or the sniper attachment that both deliver maximum pain to the evil terrorists. Sam's little silenced pistol comes with something called the OCP that turns off lights. This is really fun to use to piss enemies off in battle. Also, Sam now has a knife, which he can use to tap cameras to silence enemies. That's right, Sam can now slit throats, stab backs, and put a deep gash in the enemies' hearts.

Graphics: 6/10
This is where the game falls apart. The graphics are blocky and Sam's hair looks like black grass. Enemies don't float when you kill them in the water, and when you get wet, you look as dry as ever. Somehow, there is no blood in this game, you can slit a dozen throats and somehow you never get that spray you want. The only good thing about the graphics is the ragdoll graphics that make the terrorists to splits or twist his head around 180 degrees.

Co-op: 8/10
The coop is very cool and the moves are awesome, but I finished the entire coop mode, BY MYSELF in about half an hour. Everything is the same except for that crappy three alarms. If you get three alarms, you have to start all over again.
Overall, a very good game, but you should get the XBOX version for the full gameplay. The online mode is very hard, and you need years of experience before you can even hope to beat someone. I would still buy this game and I wouldn't rent it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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