How do I identify my current Battle Rank?

  1. Thanks to ramteiger's FAQ, I can determine my current Event Rank, estimated by talking to the short advisors in each town. However, I want to be able to detect what my Battle Rank is, also.

    If my assumptions are correct:
    1. The Battle Rank is independent from the Event Rank, so I could increase the Battle Rank without increasing the Event Rank, or run from battles to keep the Battle Rank from increasing, right?

    2. If we can't detect the exact battle Rank Point variable a player is currently at, can we detect it indirectly, by the kinds of monsters encountered, or another method?

    3. I assume battle Rank Points are the variable that determines what difficulty classes of monsters are encountered, yes? In other words, it's not area-specific: fighting a lot in Rosaria will gradually cause stronger monsters to spawn in battles, regardless of area, yes?

    The reason I ask is that this is a game that doesn't encourage the player to grind, in fact, penalizing the player somewhat, if I understand the system. If I choose to just fight lots of battles, without finding much treasure and items, the game's battle difficulty greatly increases.

    Let's start an ongoing discussion about the game mechanics here, if possible. I don't have the Ultimania guide of course, and I thought that the answers to my question may here once before....

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  1. 1) no, Rank points are rank points. They scale your BR/ER the same exact way.

    2) i don't think anyone has broken down the calculation for that but any battle can be anywhere from 1~54

    Rank Point Formula:
    [1~54 per battle]
    * Higher Battle Rank (stronger monsters) = bigger increase. But even under the
    same conditions, the increase is still somewhat random.
    * If you get 2305 or more points, your Rank Points are lowered to a randomly
    chosen number between 2048~2111.

    3) correct

    4) yes, if you grind without doing any quests for "free" item upgrades, you will suffer tremendously. i did this my first playthrough because i played claudia and thought sylvan/brau were so awesome.. then i did the quest that removed them from my party. then i did the twinmoon temple with 2 stand in (hawke and albert) with no equipment. sadly to say, i had to grind there just to learn moves and try to get their stats up. i died repeatedly to that last optional boss and when i got out my ER skyrocketed and the game just continued to go downhill from there for me. right now i'm doing a minimal battle ER run and only select battles have been difficult since i already have prior knowledge.

    Taken straight from the Ramtieger guide, pretty much they are gonna scale in a linear fashion.

    Rank Points Event Rank
    0~88 0
    89~178 1
    179~267 2
    268~357 3
    358~447 4
    448~536 5
    537~626 6
    627~715 7
    716~805 8
    806~895 9
    896~984 10
    985~1074 11
    1075~1163 12
    1164~1253 13
    1254~1343 14
    1344~1432 15
    1433~1522 16
    1523~1611 17
    1612~1701 18
    1702~1791 19
    1792~1880 20
    1881~1970 21
    1971~2304 22

    Rank Points Battle Rank
    0~255 1
    256~511 2
    512~767 3
    768~1023 4
    1024~1279 5
    1280~1535 6
    1536~1791 7
    1792~2047 8
    2048~2303 9
    2304 10

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