Review by Big_Ef

Reviewed: 11/30/05

Thankfully this game is actually better than SMT: Digital Devil Saga

SMT: Digital Devil Saga 2

This game is a direct sequel to SMT: Digital Devil Saga, starting off where it ended. Thankfully this game is actually better than SMT: Digital Devil Saga. Serph, Gale, and Argilla awaken to find themselves in a land littered with stone statues that used to be people. The members of the embryon are disappointed to find that their promised land, Nirvana, was nothing more than another nightmare. The only thing they can think to do is find Sera and get some answers. The story is very intriguing and doesn’t leave you hanging for that long. I’d give the story a 9/10. The only reason why I wouldn’t give it a perfect score is that the ending wasn’t quite what I was looking for, but it was still satisfying anyway.

Of course, this game uses the same fighting system as DDS and Nocturne but there are a few more added bonuses that come along with the new game. Your clear save file from DDS will transfer to DDS 2. There are a few new moves and combos in this game and the skills are no longer learned through the straightforward path like DDS. The mantra are set up more like the sphere grid from Final Fantasy X. Once a mantra is learned the surrounding mantra are unlocked. The way the grid is set up there is team work involved with unlocking secret mantra. To unlock a secret mantra all the ones surrounding it must be mastered, but they don’t have to be mastered by the same party member. I liked this system a little better than the first. Another big difference between the two is the added half demon mode. Sometimes when the solar noise is strong enough the party won’t be able to keep control of themselves and take on a half human, half demon state. In this form no skills other than physical can be used. The strength of the party is a lot higher but with the sacrifice of a severely lowered defense. Escape is 100% in this mode so the question is how bad do you want it? Boosted experience points at the risk of death. I liked this feature. Overall I would give the gameplay a well deserved 10/10.

The music for this game is excellent. I liked the music 10 times more than I did the DDS music. The graphics were great too. Everything that didn’t improve from the last game stayed constant. As far as sequels go I’d say that this is the best one that I’ve ever played, so I’ll give it an overall 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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