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Reviewed: 04/14/10

DDST2 Digital Devil Saga 2

I actually liked this game. It's a great RPG, a unique story that is unlike many others seen before. Not to keep you waiting, I will go in depth for each of the elements of this game..

Story - 10/10
This story was really...something. It's very hard to explain, and you need to pay good attention to fully comprehend it. This game could have easily been a nice fantasy book series or the likes. It takes off the ending events of DDS1 and continues in more mind-numbing events. I am trying not to spoil this AT ALL, because it's a very fragile story and knowing any type of spoiler can ruin it for you. DDST2 also has lots of nice cutscenes with strong emotional feelings. By the end of this game you will seem like you are brother/sister to the characters!

Gameplay - 5/10
This is the weak point. Dungeons in this game are absolutely horrid. They are dark, boring, colorless, confusing, headache causing, stressful, and terrible experiences. You WILL need a walkthrough, unless you want to spend hours. I know this is a dark-themed game, but still. It lacks color, BAD. Healing moves should be all glittery and sparkly. Though, this problem is updated in Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne(A later game). But let's not talk about graphics just yet.

Ok, dungeons are absolute hell in this game. Each room looks the same, no distinction, you will once again NEED a walkthrough. You can easily end up where you started and due tons of backtracking. This makes gameplay utterly not fully enjoyable. The next thing that really knocks this off the wall is the encounter rate. The encounter rate isn't BAD, but it isn't good eigther. You can be half dead, heading straight for a save point then out of nowhere you will be ambushed with a party-hitting move giving you a game over.

Enemies are also very overpowered, you will need to train and do alot of the side. Also...SAVE OFTEN. I can't stress that enough. You will not go through this game without a game over, or having to restart. So save. Enemies will kill your party like ants in a volcano. Characters also leave the party...alot. I won't spoil that, just know that they do.

Graphics - 8/10
When you ignore the constant darkness, this game has pretty cool graphics, enemies are made well. Designs are absolutely awesome for enemies. As for the main characters ... the designs could have been better. Serph looked awesome, so did Cielo. But Argilla... I don't know what she is supposed to be. She is a yellow spikey thing with teeth on her breasts and a big horn thing where her nose should be. Her arms are also whips. So weirdness is not absent when it comes to graphics... hehe...

Music - 10/10
I love the boss songs and the regular battle songs. The songs will easily get attached to your mind and have you humming them all day.

The End
Overall, this game could have been much better with the littlest improvements. I still recommend it. If you have gamefly or something like that then definately rent it! Totally worth it. But follow my advice, this will be a stressful experience. But It's all worth it :-) It's still fun

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2 (US, 10/11/05)

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