Review by Igydigitek

Reviewed: 09/06/06

If you enjoy misery and frustration, this game is just for you!

Let me start off by saying that I was just as excited as you when I heard about this game, and read a few reviews, and rushed to the store to get the game. I was hoping for an RPG with a good story, and decent game play. I was not hoping for the next xenosaga or final fantasy, just something that would get me through the storm since I had not played a good story driven RPG for along time.

Story: 9/10
This is a decent story, where you need to devour your enemies to survive. Although the story is compelling at first, if you did not play the first Digital Devil Saga, you will be pretty lost. Although you can read a few scripts to catch up, the story isn’t good enough to attract your average RPG game. You need to be a fan of the first game to keep up with this one. Again, it’s not absolutely necessary but it will help. Other than that, let me get into the level design.

Game play: 4/10
Level designs are boring. That’s it. No one can tell you otherwise. You go through repetitive tunnels, and they all look the same. All tunnels look the same, with unnecessary backtracking that is just plain boring. With the high level of random encounters, there is not enough motivation to keep playing except for the story. And even that isn’t good enough. On top of that, the ridiculous number of high encounters does not compensate for the fact that enemies are too hard. Not only do you encounter enemies at a high and frustrating rate, but they are simply too hard for your current level of game play. I must have died 20 times in this game. I don’t expect for there not to be challenge, but for 15 hours of the game I was at 100 hp, and no more. While you would encounter enemies that with one move your whole party was dead. So you say, well, I’ll just have to level up then. Yea, that would be great if leveling up was fun. But its not. High level of enemy encounters, and not enough rewards at the end. The leveling up system is similar to the sphere grid in FFX, but again, at the rate that you learn new skills and spells is simply not relative to the difficulty level of random enemies including bosses. That being said, this is a frustrating experience. This simply kills any joy in playing the game. Repetitive tunnels and hallways, levels are dark and color less, and random encounters simply make this an extremely unknowable and frustrating experience.

Music: 7/10
Ok, expect for the first few hours you get this annoying, repetitive hentai style elevator music which is so bad you just can’t wait for you to level up to avoid this music in the future. Fortunately it ends once you level up and pass certain parts of the game, but wow, really boring elevator like. But 80% of the music is ok, not too bad. It’s manageable.

Overall: 6/10
I wish I could have enjoyed this game, because the story is unique and has potential to be a great RPG. But unless you enjoy unnecessary challenges and stress, this game is only for great fans of the first, and RPG gurus that want to put this title under their belt. If you are an average RPG fan, and enjoy games like Final Fantasy and Xenosaga style, you will probably not enjoy this game. If you are wiling to pop a GameShark code (which by the way I tried and still wasn’t enough for me to continue the game till the end) you should look the other way and not feel guilty because there are much better RPG experiences out there than this. Someone submitted a review that this was better than FFX, but that is an opinion. You cannot compare this game in any way to other well balanced RPGS, and there are many out there. When you look at a review for a game, and it has more than 50% scores of 10/10, you know you are in a good state to purchase the game. When you see only one or two reviews for 5/5, then your aright. But when more than 50% of reviews are 8/10, 7/10, 9/10, and a few 5/5’s, you know right off the bat what the odds are for you. Good luck!

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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