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Game Script by NoCookieHere

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/20/06

                 / \
                /   \
               /     \
   |                              |
   |   Shin Megami Tensei:        |
   |   Digital Devil Saga 2       |
   |   Indepth Game Script FAQ    | *** THIS GUIDE CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS ***
   |   Version 1.00               |
   |                              |
    Project Begain:	07/03/2006
    Last Updated:	07/20/2006

 o  Written and compiled by Amy Wu (NoCookieHere at GameFAQs).

 o  The latest version of this FAQ can only be found at:

 o  Please DO NOT reproduce this FAQ, in any portion or entirety, on 
    other websites. You may print this for personal use ONLY.

 o  This FAQ is for personal use only. No portion of this FAQ will be allowed 
    to be used for commercial purposes.

 o  All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by 
    their respective trademark and copyright holders.

  O  Table of Contents     

  I.    Introduction............................................[ #0100 ]

  II.   How To Read This Guide..................................[ #0200 ]
                o Basics
                o Organization
                o Legend
                o Abbreviations

  III.  Game Script.............................................[ #0300 ]
                o Opening Sequences.............................[ #03A0 ]
                o Occupied Sector: Introduction.................[ #03B1 ]
                o Occupied Sector: Dungeon......................[ #03B2 ]
                o Underground City: Introduction................[ #03C1 ]
                o Underground City: Revelation..................[ #03C2 ]
                o Underground City: Exploration.................[ #03C3 ]
                o Underwater Cable: Dungeon.....................[ #03D0 ]
                o Internment Facility: Arrival..................[ #03E1 ]
                o Internment Facility: Additional Dialogues.....[ #03E2 ]
                o Internment Facility: Dungeon..................[ #03E3 ]
                o Interlude 1: Voices of the People.............[ #03F0 ]
                o Karma Society Tower: Dungeon..................[ #03G1 ]
                o Karma Society Tower: Rebellion................[ #03G2 ]
                o Interlude 2: Voices of the People.............[ #03H0 ]
                o EGG Facility: Dungeon.........................[ #03I1 ]
                o Interlude 3: Nightfall........................[ #03J0 ]
                o Power Plant: Dungeon..........................[ #03K1 ]
                o Power Plant: Meganada Awakens.................[ #03K2 ]
                o Interlude 4: Aftermath........................[ #03L0 ]
                o EGG Facility Part II: Dungeon.................[ #03M1 ]
                o EGG Facility Part II: 5 Years Ago.............[ #03M2 ]
                o Interlude 5: Final Hours......................[ #03N0 ]
                o Detour: The Four Archangels...................[ #03O0 ]
                o Airport: Dungeon..............................[ #03P1 ]
                o Airport: Flight...............................[ #03P2 ]
                o The Sun.......................................[ #03Q0 ]
                o Ending Sequences..............................[ #03R0 ]

  IV.   Miscellaneous Scripts...................................[ #0400 ]
                o Side-quest Battle Scripts.....................[ #04A1 ]
                o Post-battle Item Scripts......................[ #04A2 ]

  V.    Version History.........................................[ #0500 ]

  VI.   Contact Information.....................................[ #0600 ]

  VII.  Thanks + Credits........................................[ #0700 ]

* Ctrl-F the codes to find the corresponding section.  Easy, ja?

  I.  Introduction                                              [ #0100 ]

  Hello everyone. The goal of this FAQ is to provide a near-complete script
  to this wonderful game -- Digital Devil Saga Part 2.  Since DDS2 is where
  all aspects of the DDS story finally come together to give a cohesive plot, 
  and also where all the major twists and turns occur, it is a prime 
  candidate to record the script for. That, and DDS1 and DDS2 is my current
  favorite RPGs on the PS2 so I'm feeling motivated.

  Although DDS presents the story to the player in a more traditional sense
  than Nocturne, the player is still required to do some detective work 
  throughout the game. Hints and little information tibits are often tucked 
  away in the dialogues of seemingly-unimportant NPCs, but players might often
  miss these tibits since one may need to do some heavy-duty backtracking.
  By including as much of the NPC dialogues as possible, I hope to supplement
  the enjoyment of those who missed them during their play-throughs.

  It is my hope that you have already played the game before reading this
  FAQ since the script alone does not do the game justice.  Although I've
  included light descriptives of characters' action, it is not my goal to 
  recreate the game as a novel (I don't write that well, anyway. Ha...).
  This FAQ is meant as a reference for those who want to remember certain
  points in the game, or merely to remind themselves of the plot without
  having to play through the game again.  By providing the near-complete
  script, I hope it will also help facilitate more discussions on the

  Lastly, I hope you will enjoy this guide as much as I've enjoyed making it.

  And in case it wasn't obvious enough... *dun dun dun!!*


  II. How To Read This Guide                                    [ #0200 ]

  |     Basics     |

  Basic format:

        - Created in Courier New font, size 10.

        - Best viewed in Courier New or any fixed-width fonts.

        - 79 characters per line.

	- Format is optimized for Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
	  I can't guarantee for other browsers since I don't have them
          to check with.

        - Word Wrap off in when saved in MS Notepad.
          You probably won't need it though.

  |  Organization  |

  The script guide is organized in the way similar to how a player progresses 
  through the game. In addition to major story sequences, NPC and battle 
  scripts are also embedded in their prospective sections as they occur 
  throughout the game.  

  NPCs that inhabit the world often held pieces of stories untold or provide 
  interesting tibits that add to the DDS worldview.  Their dialogues are 
  collected under the "Interlude" section in between major story chapters as 
  these dialogues often reflect the current state of the world.

  Side-quests and miscellaneous scripts will be put in their own section
  because they do not directly impact the main story.  The only exception
  is the Four Archangels side-quest, which will be intergrated in the main
  script, since the event will reflect some progress in the worldview and
  some character development.

  |     Legend     |

  [ ]   Indicate major sections of game areas and storyline.

  < >   Scenario(s) which the dialogues occured in.

  * *   Actions or emotes by the characters.

  ( )   Supplemental information.

   -    Dialogue choices available to player character in response to another.

   %    What characters say when player character talk to them while exploring. 
        These are, for the most part, self-contained dialogues.

   >    Miscellaneous messages from game environment or game system.

   This is the basic system I've used as I jot down the scripts. There is 
   still some inconsistencies in the current version since the markings were
   selected as the need arises. However, you should still be able to read 
   the script without too much confusion.  :)

  |  Abbreviations |

  There are many NPCs in the game who are not named, but are labeled by the 
  group they belong to.  Since some of the labels are a bit too long to be 
  used constantly, I will be using abbreviations in the script.  There will 
  be a brief reminder at each section where the abbreviations first appear.

  These are the most common ones that you will come across:

  UCR           Underground City Resident

  KCR           Karma City Resident

  MoL           Member of the Lokapala

  KTR           Karma Technical Researcher

  III. Game Script                                              [ #0300 ]

  Here we go...

---------------------|| Opening Sequences ||--- [ #03A0 ]----------------------

[Opening Sequence] 

<A group of young children and an adult walks down a green path under the 
clear blue sky.>

Young Cielo: Argilla! Wait for me! 

Fred: Careful guys..Hey Heat! dont run too fast, okay?

Young Heat: Aww, c'mon. Serph and Sera are way ahead of us.

*Young Gale holds a leaf into the sky and looks.* 

Young Gale: Hey Fred, what is this leaf made out of?

Fred: Data... well it's like people's thoughts.

Young Gale: Data?

Fred: People have always wondered about things...questions like, who are we? 
      or what is this world really made of?  They discovered molecules and 
      atoms, and then they found even smaller particles. Finally, the most 
      basic building block was so small that it could only be defined 
      as...data. You and the forest are essentially the same...
      It all goes back to people's thoughts. Thoughts are carried on until 
      they return to their origins... And then--

Young Gale: I don't really get it.

Fred: It's okay. I didnt' either, at your age.  
      But now, I think I do...
      Where we came from...and where we're going...


[Fades into Narration] 

The wolrd sat on the verge of death.  

Science, created by men who acted as gods, assumed our image and betrayed 
its creators' purpose.

Mankind signed a contract for great power and wealth...without realizing 
they had signed their own death warrant.

I suupposed it couldnt be helped..with people wasting their minds on drinking, 
and worse.

But, the ones picking the tab had quite the price to pay.

Needless to say, it was a lot more serious than paying off the barkeeper.

The blazing black sun...

Ruins and wasteland stretching as far as the eyes could see.

Plants withered from the corrupt data of the sunlight...

...and people turned to stone, trapped forever between life and death.

The survivors were forced underground, far away from their old lives.

The lucky few chosen by the Karma Society lived in a sanctuary formed of 
God's wisdom, oblivious to the chaos outside.

Hell... That's what it was -- hell.

<A view of the Occupied Sector as Karma Soldiers patrol the area.>

Captain: Find them?

Soldier: No, sir.

Captain: Alpha Team, began a search to the South.
	 You men, follow me.

Soldier: Roger.

<Continued Narration>

But...They lived through a hell far worse than that.


[Continued Narration: Recap of DDS1] 

The Junkyard-- a city of rusted iron and constant rain. 

Its people lived in divided tribes, and comiited themsevles to a 
neverending war...

...all for a chance to reach the paradise called Nirvana.

Given the power of Atma -- demons -- by the Karma Temple, they ended the war 
with gnashing teeth, as enemies devoured enemies.

At last, they materialized here, in this world...

...searching for the girl who held the key to everything.

---------------|| Occupied Sector: Introduction ||---[ #03B1 ]-----------------

[An abandoned apartment room in the Occupied Sector]

Argilla: So, you're saying this dump is suppose to be Nirvana? 

Gale: Base on the information at hand, it's a logical conclusion.
      I assume the others have arrived, as well.

Argilla: These kids, except for the soldiers, are the only people I've 
         I'm sure Cielo and Heat are okay.

Gale: We must locate Sera.
      This world and the junkyard...and our true identities...
      Sera has the answers.

Argilla: We'll have to take care of those guys outside, first.
         Who are they, anyway? They just attacked without warning.

Fred: They're Karma Society's soldiers, duh...

Gale: Society?

Fred: Don't you know anything? 
      The soldiers come from Karma City to, you know...hunt other humans.

Argilla: *shocked* They hunt--!?

Fred's friend: That's right. For food. 
               Those bastards can turn into demons. They eat whoever they 
               can get thier hands on...

Gale: And, the black sun? the statues? are those related to the Karma 
      society as well?

Fred: You cannot be serious...Of course they're related!  
      The old hag that discovered the stone disease is their boss. 
      Savior of all mankind, my butt!

Gale: Our logical destination should be Karma City. *looks to Serph*

*Serph nods*

Fred's friend: No way! You're gonna get killed!

Argilla: They may have captured our comrades.

Fred: So we're in the same boat, aren't we?

Gale: Do you know of a route to the City?

Fred: Sorry I dont know. But I know a guy who does.
      ...He's kind of a loser, though...

Gale: May we meet him?
      In return, we will helpe you rescue your comrades.

Fred: If this is a trick, you'll regret it.  I dont trust you adults...

Gale: I thought you were fighting against the Society.
      We are making this agreement as warriors.
      Why would a worriror's age be relavant?

Fred's friend: Heh heh.. warriors, huh?

Fred: Okay, it's a deal then.  Alright, I'll take you guys to Roland.

*Fred extend his hand towards Serph*

        - Grab his wrist

                Serph: *Grabs Fred's extended arm abruptly and twist it to 
                       the side*
        - ...?

                Serph: *Blank look*
Fred: Whoa, its just a handshake!  Haven't you ever shaken hands before, um...

*Serph has a confused look on his face*
Argilla: That's Serph. He's the leader of our Tribe.  I'm Argilla.  
         Mr. Personality here is Gale.

Fred: Ok then. C'mon, follow me, Serph.


[Occupied Sector - Apartment]

%Argilla: I thought we'd return to normal once we reached Nirvana...
          We need to find Sera. I'm sure she can explan this.

        - Heat and Cielo will think the same way.

                Argilla: You're right. If we can find Sera, I'm sure we'll 
                         run into everyone else... They'll be fine.

        - Do you think Heat and Cielo are okay?

                Argilla: I'm worried because neither of them really think 
                         things through...
                         I'm sure they can take care ofthemselves, but...

%Gale: The Karma Temple and the Karma Society; it can't be coincidence.
       Sera and...Angel are probably in Karma City.
%Fred's Friend: We appreciate your help...
                But, you sure don't know much about the Society, even 
                though you can change into demons and everything...
                Where did you guys come from?

%Fred: Roland's hideout is at the end of this block.
       We're in Society territory now, but things are still okay on the 
       other side.

----------------|| Occipied Sector: Dungeon ||---[ #03B2 ]---------------------

[Occupied Sector]


> A flier is posted on the wall:
  Don't let the Karma Society push you around! Fight for the human race!

> A notice is posted on the wall:
  If you don't want to die, then for God's sake, stay indoors!

> A newspaper clipping is posted on the wall:
  Sources indicate it's malignant solar data contained in the sunlight.

> A flier is posted on the wall:
  The Society is the reason the sun turned black! Don't believe their lies.  
  They're leading us to extinction!

<In a nearby room>

> Some soldiers can be heard talking.

Karma Soldier: They're around here somewhere...Keep searching!

<Down the ladder>

Fred: Wait, hold on! The Society set up these weird machines all over the 
      We haven't really figured out how to use 'em yet.
      But, uh... You guys are free to try, if you want.

<Turn the corner>

Karma Soldier: Hold it right there! 
               *2 Soldiers appear behind the party and aims their rifles*
               If you start tuning, the kids die.  Get it?

*The Party turns around.*

Argilla: Tuning?

Karma Soldier: Let 'em do whatever they want. 
               I don't know where you came from, but there's no way you're 
               better Tuners than us!

Gale: I would not advise fighting against the Embryon with such a small 
      We know only the ways of the Junkyard.
      In order to live, we kill, devour, and destroy. If you do not wish 
      to die, I suggest that you leave.

Karma Soldier: Y-You're...mocking us!?

*Battle 2 Aerial Andras*

Gale: *To Fred* Devour, or be devoured...That is the rule we must live by.
      Judge for yourselves what kind of beings we are.

Fred: *gulp* A-Alright...

<Inside a room>

*2 Karma Soldiers have caught a woman on the floor*

Karma Soldier: This is Hound Alpha...We've captured a fox.

Voices over the Radio: Roger. Bring them to the transport.

Karma Soldier: Man, this is no fun...Hunting's only good when they resist.
               I wish we'd been assigned to hunt those ghosts, y'know?

Gale: I see...The people of this area are called foxes, and we are considered 
      From the way the soldiers reacted earlier, it seems not everyone knows 
      about us.

Karma Soldier: H-Hey! It's the ghosts! Attack!

*Battle 2 Beast Zhens*

Underground City Resident: Y-You're...a monster...Somebody help me! 
                           *Runs away*

Fred: No, these guys are different!

Fred's Friend: Hmph... She ran away.  I guess that's the way it goes.

Fred: Don't worry, we'll explain it to everyone later.
      We need to head straight north from here.
      That's where you'll find Roland.  C'mon, let's go.

<Outside the room>

*2 Karma Soldiers showed up*

Karma Soldier: It's them!
               We found 3 ghosts and 2 foxes in the location where Hound Alpha 
               lost contact... They seem to be the unidentified Tuners!

Argilla: Ghosts this, ghosts that... I'm getting sick of hearing it.
         We're the Embryon Tribe -- don't you forget it.

Karma Soldier: ...The Embryon?  What are you trying to pull!?

*Battle 1 Brute Bugaboo, 1 Beast Kelpie*

Gale: It seems they've found our exact location.
      Fred, we need to hurry.

Fred: No problem.

*Party cornered by 2 KS in front of a item box*

Karma Soldeir: We cornered them!...They're as good as dead.

*Battle 1 Brute Bugaboo, 1 Nether Hua Po*

<Past a room with small Karma Terminal, outside of room.>

Karma Soldier: It's them!

Argilla: They just never stop...
         If you left us alone, we wouldn't have to kill you!

Karma Soldier: They're heading north, just like we heard.  
               I believe they're headed back to the nest.
               It's only a matter of time, now.

*Battle 1 Human Karma Soldier*
Karma Soldier: Guns aren't effective, huh? *Tunes into Beast Pabilsag*

Argilla: Strange...
         I don't feel as strong as I did in the Junkyard...
         What's wrong with me?

Gale: I feel weaker as well...I do not comprehend it, but there's no point 
      in worrying.
      Even if we lose physical strength, the experience of the past continues 
      to live inside of us. Let's go.

<Inside a room>

*A woman is lying on the ground*

Fred: Are you alright?  We can help--

Karma Soldier: *appears suddenly* Ha! Surprise, kid!

*Battles 2 Brute Bugaboo*

Underground City Resident: You're a demon, but...Y-You're helping me?

Fred: Serph and his friends are different.  They're on our side.

Underground City Rresident: ...Thank you. I...think I can make it out of
                            here by myself.

> Timmy's Journal - April 5:
  I went outside tonight to see my mom and dad again.
  It lookes like when they turned to stone, my dad was trying to protect 
  my mom... His head was shattered, but I can still tell that it's him.
  I'm going to find the pieces of his head, and put him back together.

<Party arrives in a room w/ stairs leading to the surface.>

%Gale: We all arrived in this city separately...
       I assume you've seen the sun; would you like to see it again?

%Argilla: I haven't seen the sun yet.
          When the Junkyard disappeared, I suddenly woke up in the city.

%Fred: You and Gale came here in broad daylight right?
       I guess demon bodies are immune to the effects of sunlight.
       ...I'm a little jealous.

%Fred's friend: The stairs behind you lead up to the surface.
                But, we can't go out there. Since the sun got screwed up, 
                anyone who goes outside gets the Cuvier Syndrome.
                ...Their bodies turn to stone. I'm not even sure if they're 
                dead or still alive.
                I hope they're alive, though... My dad... He's out there, too.


*The blazing Black Sun greets the party*

%Argilla: So, that's the sun.
          I didn't expect it to be black... It's too bright, I can't look 
          at it...
          That thing's the reason Fred and the others can't live outside?
          If this is Nirvana, then I think I prefer the rain of the Junkyard.

%Gale: It appears these people fell victim to the Cuvier Syndrome.
       I believe the Atma power is what protects us from this ailment.
       ...Though, I don't understand why.

> They turned to stone because of exposure to sunlight...The body is falling 

> They turned to stone because of exposure to sunlight.  His head is missing.

> They turned to stone because of exposure to sunlight. A painful grimace 
  scars his face.

<Past the room into the alley again.>

> Voices can be heard talking:
  This is a message for the unidentified Tuners...
  We know you're hiding nearby.
  Surrender in human form immediately...
  ...or we'll kill the captives!

Fred: Those soldiers don't give a damn about humans, Serph!
      If we don't do something, they're going to die!
      Serph! You gotta help them...

<If you left without saving the guy captured by the broadcasting KS...>

Argilla: You're just going to leave him here? No... We need to help. 
         He could still make it!

Karma Soldier: *Holds the guy by his neck*  You guys are pretty slippery... 
               *Toss the guy into the fenced wall, he slips down*  
               I don't care if you're ghosts, or a Tribe, or anything...
               I'm gonna interrogate the hell out of you until I find out 
               how you became Tuners!

*Battle 1 Brute Ikusa*

> He's stopped breathing. (The guy that just got tossed)

*2 Karma Soldiers again*

Karma Soldier: This is Hound unit Charlie. The Tuners are approaching the 
               barrier. I need back. I repeat, backup!

<Party meets Vetala banging on the Underground City Gate.>

Fred: Hey freak! I'll tear those tusks right off your face!

Fred's friend: What he said!

Vetala: It's those brats... Capture them!

Fred: G-Get 'em Serph! Get 'em!

Fred's friend: Yeah, get 'em.

Argilla: Hm, what a funny kid.  Reminds me of Cielo.

*Boss fight: 1 Yaksa Vetala, 2 Aerial Andras*

---------------|| Underground City: Introduction ||---[ #03C1 ]----------------

[Underground City Gate]

(The Lokapala hears commotions beyond the gate.)

Lokapala: Hey, whats that?

*A young girl pushes through the armed men toward the gate.*

Girl: Move! Out of my way.

Lokapala Member: Hey! Stay back!

*Girl runs to the gate, listens, and knocks a code over the gate.*

Girl: It's Fred! He must've beat those Karma Society guys!

Adil: That's not possible.

Girl: It's our secrete signal! It has to be him!

*Roland takes a drink from his flask.*

Roland: They'll get through eventually. *Motions his approval with his head.*

Adil: Open it!

*Someone punched in the password and released the lock*
      > RELEASE
      > UNLOCK
      > OPEN

*Lokapala members prepare their arms and aim at the opening gate.*

*Fred and his friend walk through the gate with Serph's party behind them.*

Fred: Thanks to us, you can go back to sitting on your asses all day.

Adil: Look at them... 
      ...Think they're with the guy we captured?

*Roland nods and walks toward the party.*

Roland: Excuse me, would you happen to know Cielo?

Argilla: You know Cielo!?

Roland: I do. He's safe with us.
        I'm Roland, of Lokapala. ...Welcome.


[Underground City]

<Western Area>

%Argilla: I was right...We're not as strong as before.

        - You think so?

                Argilla: Maybe it's not a big deal, but it still feels 

        - Yeah, I can tell.

                Argilla: Serph... When we left the Junkyard, did you feel 
                         forced out, somehow?
                         I want to say my body was..."overwritten." Does that
                         make sense?

                        - What do you mean?

                                Argilla: Maybe I just can't describe it 
                                         But I think that's why we can't 
                                         remember skills we learned there.

                        - I understand it.

                                Argilla: I think that's why we can't remember
                                         skills we learned there. Sera lost 
                                         her memory too, when she came to the 
                                         Could it be the result of something 
                                         happening that wasn't suppose to?

%Fred's friend 1: "Lokapala" is actually an interesting name.
                  It's from some India country, or something... 
                  It means "Guardians of the Gods." Think that's relavant?

%Fred's friend 2: Hey, do you know what that red thingy is?
                  I don't.  It's kind of bothering me, actually.

        - I don't know either.

                Fred's friend 2: How is that possible? You're a grownup, 
                                 aren't you?
        - Why's there a small terminal here?

                Fred's friend 2: A small what, now?
                                 Me and Fred brought it here after we found 
                                 We plugged it in, and it just lit up and 
                                 started humming. 
                                 We don't know what it's used for.

%Member of Lokapala (outside of Mad Mart): ...
> He's trying to avoid eye contact.

%Shopkeeper: I'm still setting things up.  Please come back later.

<Eastern Area>

%Member of the Lokapala: The Karma Society divides people into two groups: 
                         protected, and don't protect.
                         They think of us as food!

%Gale: It seems like the people here do not possess Atma powers.

%Member of the Lokapala: You fought the Karma Society? There's only three 
                         of you! Stay... Stay away!

<Inside the Building>

%Fred: Lokapala is "planning" an attack on the Karma Society...
       but they're all talk!

%Member of the Lokapala (by the elevator): 
        I was expecting a buff demon guy...                        
        I don't think I'd trust my life to a leader like you. 
        Whatever... Roland's getting tired of waiting for you.

%Adil: Hmph... I can tell you're one of them just by looking at you.
       What's happening to the world?

%Roland (standing in front of the door): 
        Before we take you to Cielo, I'd like to have a word with you.

        - Hold on.

                Roland: Okay. There are things we need to discuss. 
                        Let me know when you're ready.

        - Sure.

                >Proceed with meeting.

----------------|| Underground City: Revelation ||---[ #03C2 ]-----------------

[Meeting with Roland]

<The party sat down in Roland's room.>

*Roloand picks a bottle of alcohol and pours it with an unstable hand.*

Roland: I hope Fred wasn't much trouble.
        I became his guardian after his father died.

Gale: Where is Cielo?

Roland: Well... we thought the Society sent him...
        ...Your friend's nearby.

*Argilla takes a drink from the cup, she chokes and coughs.*

Argilla: What is this!?

Roland: *Sighs* Y'know... You don't seem artificial.

Gale: What do you mean?

Roland: Take a look.

*Roland types in his laptop and pulls up information onto the projector.*

(Image of the Junkyard data appears.)

Argilla: The Junkyard?

Roland: Actually, it's called "Asura Project: Stage 1."
        It's a VR designed for urban warfare.

Argilla: Huh? What does that mean?

Roland: You guys, and that world you're in are programs the Cyber Shaman 
        created for the Society.

Fred: Dude, you seriously need lay off the booze!

Roland: The Asura Project...
        It was designed to develope combat enhancement AI, to be implanted 
        in live soldiers.
        You were going to be programmed into microchips.
        Stage 1 is a colosseum for selecting the most effective AI.
        It's a purgatory born of wisdom...that man stole from God.

Argilla: God?

Roland: Yes, God.
        30 years ago, at the end of the 20th century, crisis erupted 
        worldwide. Mutated pathogens, abnormal weather patterns, collapsed 
        ecosystems... and the Cuvier Syndrome.
        Historically, a genius always emerges in troubled times.
        Ten years ago, one such individual found the source of these 
        problems: Jenna Angel. She was part of the International Environmental 
        Stablization Committee.

Gale: .... 

Argilla: It's her!

Roland: She stated the disasters were caused by data from the sun,
        hidden discretely in its rays,
        The sun -- a gigantic body of accumulated data.
        She said, "He was there from the beginning, infleuncing Earth and 
        its developement."
        That places "him" on God's level.

Gale: And what does this god... have to do with us?

Roland: Man is God's accursed son...
        ...We use our knowlege to find new ways of killing.
        The Society was formed to survive our tribulation, but the army 
        corrupted it, and you were created.
        However, knowlege alone cannt create a perfect AI.

Gale: The Cyber Shaman? You said she created us.

Roland: A medium between God and man. 
        She is the only one with the ability to extract data from God...
        ...the Society's very foundation.

Argilla: Sera works for the Society?
         We risked our lives for her...
         ...You're saying none of that mattered?

Roland: You can't fight your programming.

Argilla: Sera cared about us!

Roland: An artist can feel love for her masterpiece sometimes --

Argilla: Shut up! 

*An angry Argilla leans forward and began to Tune with her Atma.*

Gale: Calm yourself.

Gale: Tell me, How did you learn of all this?

Roland: We have a mole... in the Society.

Gale: How can you verify the information's authenticity?

Roland: This disc of composite data...
        We recieved it just before you arrived.
        A complex electromagne wave pattern... Our test subject became 
        a demon, like you.
        And then, or course, there's your existence.
        God, shaman... we had to believe.

Roland: ...Here's a question.
        Do you know what happened in the Karma Society five years ago?
        Would you like to?
        Colonel Terrence E. Beck.
        He claimed that you had all died, according to Cielo.

(Colonel Beck's data is displayed.)

Gale: That is not his face...

Roland: Back then, he oversaw the Asura Project. He died when God went mad.
        A man who died in this world claims an AI killed him...
        Doesnt make sense.
        You and "Varin" are suppose to be programs.
        Something happened that day...
        Only the Cyber Shaman knows the truth, linking you to the Society.

Gale: Get to the point. What is it you want?

Roland: Bring us the Cyber Shaman.
        It's her fault that there are orphans like Fred.
        But, without the Shaman's power, we have no hope.

Gale: And in exchange?

Adil: We'll give you the infiltration route and all necessary supplies.

Gale: While Cielo remain captive? Unacceptable.

Adil: What!?

Gale: You mentioned a test subject who became like us.
      We need manpower.

Adil: You're saying you want us to become monsters!?

Gale:...a slip of  the tongue.
     I did not ask you accompany us.
     ...Unless the test subject cannot.

(Tense moment ensued as Gale comes to a realization.)

Gale: You killed him.

Fred: Is that true? Roland?

Roland: He could have lost control... We had to.

Gale: This is nothing but coertion.
      You have no honor.

Adil: How dare you slander us!

Gale: It may be true that we became frightful monsters...
      However, the people of the Junkyard fought for their very survival.
      I will not accept that it was all just an illusion.
      You're the people of Nirvana? Lupa had died in vain.

*Serph places a hand on Gale's shoulder.*

Gale: I see. You needn't say anything.
      We will agree to your terms.
      Not to help you. But, for Sera's sake...and for Fred.

Fred: Gale!

Gale: Take care of Cielo.

*Fred glares at Roland in disbelieve.*

*Roland appears frustrated and angry.* 

*Roland grabbed his cup and drank the alcohol, then slammed the cup onto the 



<The party left Roland's room after the meeting.>

Adil: The underground tunnel should take you to a closed-off underground 
      block of Karma City.
      Our informant should be there with further details.
      > Obtained Hacking Disk.
      You'll be able to access the Karma Society's database from terminals.
      I heard you need to use it to download Mantra, or... something.
      > Obtained Medical Kit x2 and Frigid Shot.
      This is pretty valuable, but I'll let you have it.
      Now hurry up and earn it...

---------------|| Underground City: Exploration ||---[ #03C3 ]-----------------

[Underground City]

<back inside Roloand's room>

%Gale: Sera created us as AI, and the Junkyard was a virtual battleground...
       Just because there seems to be some truth to that story doesn't mean 
       we should accept it all.
       There's one large contradiction.

	- Beck's last words.

		Gale: Yes, they would seem to imply that he was created after 
		      his own death...
		      One of these Becks cannot exist, unless there's some 
		      truth we have yet to uncover.

	- I'm confused, please explain.

		Gale: Do you remember the words of Varin Omega, who claimed 
		      to be Colonel Beck?
		      He told us that he died once.
		      However, if he had ceased to exist, then our interaction 
		      with him was a contradiction.
		      One of these Becks did not exist, unless there's some 
		      truth we have yet to uncover.

%Fred: I can't believe this!
       We all shook hands, remember!?
       And now... You just give up...!?

%Argilla: This is very confusing...
          Should we try to remember it together?  It could take awhile...

	- No, it's not important.

		Argilla: I see... That's fine.

	- Recall the conversation with Roland.

		<The meeting sequence will be replayed.>

	- Recall the conversation with Varin.

		<The post-battle sequence with Varin Omega from DDS1 will 
		 be played.>

%Roland: You guys are basically just machines designed for war... 
         You can even change into demons.
         Everyone else here is just a weak human.
         We'd be stupid not to ask for your help.

<Inside the Building>

%Adil: Do you understand that people have lost all hope?

%Member of the Lokapala: Roland's paranoid beyond just being cautious... 
                         You can't win a war by being defensive.
                         If Greg was still alive, we might stand a chance.

%Member of the Lokapala: I know I can't kill a demon with my own strength...
                         But, I don't feel like I'd lose to you guys.

	- ......

		MoL: Ha! Are you scared?

	- What do you mean?

		MoL: Not only do you have demon power, but you also have a 
		     I know you're scared of something. So, what is it? 
		     Electricity? Fire?
		     If I can figure out your weakness, then you won't stand 
		     a chance!

<Eastern Area>

%Argilla: What do you think Heat would say if he heard that...?
          And, what about us? What are we suppose to do if it's true!?

%Gale: If we cannot find Sera, they may be desperate enough to harm Cielo.
       We should do what we can.

%Underground City Resident (dark-haired girl): 
        There's the Cuvier Syndrome during the day, and the Karma Society's 
        hunts at night...
        I'm tired of living in fear. I wish I'd died five years ago...

%Underground City Resident (Old guy with a cane): 
        It's hard to believe the sun's been black for five years already.
        That makes this 2025... See? I'm not senile yet.

%Underground City Resident (Person in brown shirt): 
        It's been five years since the sun turned black... 
        How long will we have to live like this?
        Just once before I die, I'd like to walk through a green park 
        at sunset again...

%Member of the Lokapala (green shirt): 
        You don't wanna know what this gun is packing, freaks.

        - ......

                MoL: You demons can't come in here doing whatever you want... 
                     Leave our city alone.

        - What do you mean?

                MoL: I've got some "anti demon" ammo in the baby...
                     I can easily do elemental damage and ailment attacks, now.
                     The Karma Society created these bullets, but our spy got 
                     us the schematics.
                     Once we mass produce these, it's all over for you demons.

<Western Area>

%Underground City Resident (light brown shirt with cane): 
        I guess humans destroyed nature, which had been protecting us.
        Demons and disease must be punishments from heaven... 
        The sun became furious.

%Fred's friend (younger boy): 
        We go outside so we can find useful things to sell.
        That's what we were doing... when they got Timmy.
        He stayed back so I could escape.

%Fred's friend (older boy): 
        Where's Fred...?
        I'm counting on you to help Timmy.
        The Karma Society got him... He must be in prison somewhere.
        It'd be great if you could stop 'em, but we shouldn't expect 
        others to fix our problems.
        Nobody believes us right now, but one day, Fred and I are gonna 
        crush those Karma jerks!

<Mad Mart>

Kathy: You're not from around here, are you? Sorry, but I can't sell you 
       anything if you don't have the money.
       Hey, what's with the ring?
       Oh, I see... Alright, I gotcha. You don't have to say anything.
       I'll buy that ring from you, so go ahead and pick something out.
       >Sold Serph's Tag Ring for (some amount of money).
       Did you know there's writing on the ring? "Stage 1"... 
       What's that mean?

%Kathy (chat): You wanna chat with me? Tough break--I'm married.
               Go flirt with someone else.

<If you try to exit the city through the north area...>
Lokapala Member: Where are you going? What about your comrade?

%Member of the Lokapala (guards the elevator): 
        I'm not gonna just give you stuff.
        If you need something, go get it yourself.

        - I'm fine, thanks.

                MoL: Look, this is ridiculous. I don't need you threatening me.
                     There's this store called "Mad Mart" nearby.
                     Go check it out. I'll wait for you here.

        - Where's the Vendor?

                MoL: Huh? What the hell are you talking about?

<Back to the elevator...>

%Member of the Lokapala (elevator guard): 
        You sold yer ring, huh? Heh, should I give you some cash for your 
        ...I'm going on ahead.

<Lower Room>

%Gale: We have done nothing to be ashamed of.

%Argilla: We're man-eating monsters...
          Of course they'd hate us!

%Member of the Lokapala (masked guy): 
        What the hell...? Go eat your own kind, demon freak!

%Member of the Lokapala (Baseball cap guy): 
        If we didn't have a hostage, I know you'd kill us all.

-----------------|| Underwater Cable: Dungeon ||---[ #03D0 ]-------------------

[Underwater Cable Tunnel Entrance]

%Member of the Lokapala (white bandana guy): 
		This underground tunnel leads to the New Portland area 
		of Karma City.
		We dug it out of an old passageway that had collasped.
		You can take it all the way through to Karma City -- 
		the Society doesn't have any idea it's down here.
		Some sections have collapsed because of car accidents 
		and things...
		So, you'll need to travel along maintenance and cable pathways 
		to bypass certain areas.

%Adil: You feel like helping others?
       Tch...AI don't have emotions.

%Member of the Lokapala (guy with rifle): 
        I shouldn't have to do this kind of crap...
        I graduated from college, you know.

	- Which Tribe is that?

		MoL: Are you making fun of me because I went to community 
		     You aren't just automatically accepted because you went 
		     to high school, you know!

	- What are you trying to say?

		MoL: Those meatheads around the corner are the ones who 
		     should be doing work like this...
		     Let's say there's one demon strong to fire and another 
		     that's weak to it...
		     Which one would YOU choose to learn a fire ability?
		     See? I'm smart. 
		     ...Now I just need to find a four-year to transfer to.

%Member of the Lokapala (beige shirt): 
        The Karma Society's started sending out guards who can transform 
        into demons.
        You guys have the demon virus too, don't you?
        I know it's not contagious through human contact or anything, but... 
        Don't get too close.

%Member of the Lokapala (next to tunnel): 
        My wife was taken away by the Society.
        ...Help her before something terrible happens!


[Underwater Cable]

%Repairman: Remember, you couldn't have gotten through here without my 
            hard work.

> Serph flips the switch on.

%Repairman: There's gonna be more switches as you continue on. 
            You need to activate them to proceed.
            My little bro should be around here somewhere... 
            So just let him know if you have any trouble.


[A cut-scene at a laboratory]

(A scientist monitors Sera, who is inside some contraption.)

(Jenna Angel and Madam Cuvier stood side by side in the observatory.)

Angel: She refuses to obey us, after losing her friends.

Cuvier: Has it already been five years...? She used to be so small.

Angel: Inside, she's still just a seven-year-old.
       We'll proceed according to guideline and initiate the lobotomy 

Cuvier: Jenna, have you lost your heart?
        She was born of your own sperm and egg -- she's your daughter.
        Do you hate her... or are you jealous?

Angel: Please, I'm not that narrow-minded. This body is the least of my 

Cuvier: We begin to worry as we grow old.
        ...Like me. I'm concerned because you've been acting as if you 
        hate everything.

Angel: Madam Margot. I admit I've changed.
       However, I haven't forsaken humanity yet.

Cuvier: Good to hear.  The surgery will not be necessary.

Angel: Are you planning to delay the Nirvana Project?

*A Karma Soldier burst into the observatory.*

Karma Soldier: Ma'am, there you are. 
               I regret to inform you...that... some of our information 
               was leaked.

Angel: How did this happen? How much information was compromised?

Karma Soldier: We're investigating now.
               An old fiber-optic cable was still operational. 
               I've I've sent troops to check it out.
               We're trying our best to determine suspects.

Cuvier:...What a headache.

*Cuvier and the Karma Soldier leave the watching room together.*

Angel: What's her plan? And... Why would be operation be necessary?

*Jenna turns and looks inside the lab.*


[Underwater Cable]

<Player resumes control of the Party.>

Gale: Serph, wait. There's something up ahead.
      The Karma Society...

Argilla: How is that possible?
         The Society isn't suppose to know about this tunnel...

*The party walks through the door only to see 2 Karma Soldiers.*

Karma Soldier: Whoa!! D-Damn you, Lokapala!
               We don't know when you made this tunnel, but you ain't 
               getting into Karma City!

*Battle 2 Brute Ghouls*

%Argilla: Scouts... No doubt about it, someone leaked information.

%Gale: I don't believe this was a trap set by the Society...
       If it were an ambush, they would have planned it more effectively.

Gale (before climbing the ladder): 
        Serph, we need to alert the Lokapala about the enemy's presence.
        I'm worried about Fred, but the others will need an escape route 
        as well.
        Let us speak with the repairman.

<Party returns to the Repairman>

Repairman: Back already? Is something wrong?

Argilla: I can't bear the thought of those kids being devoured.

Gale: If you do not set up defenses, the Society will devour everyone.

Repairman: Are you serious!? Dammit!  *Sends a message via his walky-talky*
           They formed a defense line, but I'm not sure how long it'll hold. 
           You guys hurry up!
           And... Help my little bro, okay? ...if he's still alive...

%Member of the Lokapala 1: How'd they find out so fast? Did you rat us out!?

%Member of the Lokapala 2: It's your turn to fight these guys.
                           Go out and devour those Society jerk-offs!

<Room before the ladder>

%Member of the Lokapala 1: If they break through, then our hideout is done 

*Adil: Hurry up and get to the city!
       Don't you care about your comrade?

*Member of the Lokapala 2: We'll fire on them from above.
                           Those demons are tough, but we're not gonna let 
                           'em just march on over us.


[Backtracking for extra dialogues]

<Tunnel Entrance with defense lines>

(Member of the Lokapala will now be referred to as MoL.)

%Gale: The easiest way to defend in this area is to form a number of rows.
       As the enemy breaks the first row, the secound will advance to 
       meet them. 
       This is a good delay tactic.
       The final row should block the exit.

%Argilla: They look like a rookie Tribe. Do they have the basics down?

%MoL (right of tunnel): The Society discovered our tunnel!?
                        We need to ready our defenses...

%MoL 1: It doesn't matter who you are... Sooner or later, you're gonna 
        devour everyone.
        If the world's really fallen this far... there's no turning back.

%MoL 2 (white bandana): They found out!? I hope those repair guys are ok!

%MoL 3 (left of tunnel): P-Please... Help my wife.


[Backtracking: Underground City]

(Underground City Resident will now be referred to as UCR.)

<Eastern Area>

%Gale: I've always known of civilians, but this is the first time I've ever 
       seen any.
       It seems foreign concepts were implanted into our minds somehow.
       ...This would certainly support the idea that we were programmed.

%UCR (dark-haired girl): The Cuvier Syndrome is a disease which solidifies 
                         the body, like stone.
                         It was considered rare at first, but now anyone who 
                         touches sunlight becomes infected.
                         Supposedly, the Society spent a lot of time searching 
                         for a cure... 
                         But, I doubt that really happened.

%UCR (brown shirt): It's been five years since the sun went black...
                    Some children have never even seen trees before... 
                    I'd like to be the one to show them.

<Western Area>

%UCR (old guy): Our lives are blessings from the sun. If he's God, I'd 
                believe that.

%Fred's friend (young boy): Do you think Timmy got to see the sun when they 
                            took him away?
                            I wonder what it looks like...

%Fred's friend (older boy): You're the ones who can help Timmy.
                            I hope you're able to find your friends, too.

%Argilla (on top of stairs): 
        Do you remember any of this?
        If we came from this world, then it should look familiar.
        I can remember a blue sky, clear ocean, a large ship, and people 
        It wasn't anything like this place.


[Underwater Cable]

(OK...enough backtracking.  Down the ladder we go...)

<Double-switch gate>

Gale: I see...
      It won't open unless multiple switches are activated.
      ...This is quite a hassle.

<Further down the path, past a small terminal.>

*2 Karma Soldiers behind the door*

Karma Soldier: You're here already, huh...
               Well, this is as far as you go. Surrender or die!

*battles 1 Beast Pabilsag, 1 Dragon Mizuchi*

> The cables are severed.

Gale: Those soldiers must have done this.
      There's nothing we can do. We should return to the repairman.

<Here we go again...backtrack to find the repairman.>

*Repairman's brother is surrounded by 3 Karma Soldiers*

Karma Soldier: What the hell were you up to? Talk!
               How long have you been there!?

*battle 1 Nether Kaiwan, 2 Brute Shadow* (87 Karma)

Repairman: Y-You're the demons who were protecting those kids...

Argilla: Are you the repairman's brother?

Repairman's Brother: Oh, so you've met my big bro.
                     I take care of this back area. I was making my 
                     rounds when those soldiers came barging in.
                     You go on. I'm takin' off... This is no joke.

Argilla: Even if we wanted to, we can't go much further.

Repairman's Brother: What? The wiring's been cut?
                     Okay, take me over there. I'll see what I can do.

<Broken Console>

Repairman's Brother: Ah, here's the problem. Hold on a sec... 
                     *fixes it in 2 secs*
                     This should do it...
                     It won't be easy, but we're counting on you guys, y'know?
                     I don't wanna cause too much trouble. 
                     I'm heading back now. You guys be careful.

*The Party climbs up the ladder*

Karma Officer: So, you vermin are those unidentified Tuners, eh!?
               Y-Your outfits... That... That isn't possible!
               I'll chew you up, nice'n slow... I'll gnaw on yer bones... 
               Then, I'll pull the information outta my teeth!

*Boss battle: Yaksa Hecatoncheires*
Hecatoncheires: I SEE...NOT BAD. I'll DOUBLE MY POWER, THEN.

----------------|| Internment Facility: Arrival ||---[ #03E1 ]-----------------

[Underneath Internment Facility]

(A man in white coat paces around nervously.)

Man: Lokapala? What took you so long?

Argilla: They're all still hiding backhome.
         What's wrong?

Man: It's your guys...!

Argilla: You could say we're here on their behalf.

Man: *Nervous* I was, uh... expecting you to be older.

Argilla: Whatever... They know about the tunnel.

Man: *Panicking*  What? 

Gale: There's no time. Where is Sera?

Man: *Still panicking* No, first, the processing plac--
     Free the captives, first. Then use the commotion to sneak Sera out 
     of the medical room at the Karma Society Tower.

Argilla: Who's going to lead the captives?
         Aren't they all civillians? They'd just get themsevles killed.

Roland: Lokapala will lead them.

Cielo: 'ey guys! *Big smile*

Argilla: Cielo!

*Roland holds up is hand, how engraved with the demon virus "Lightning bolt."*

Roland: Now we're even?

Gale: Why the sudden change of plans?

Roland: Fred gets pretty convincing once honor is involved.

Roland: I sobered up. We all have sins to atone for.

Argilla: Oh please...
         Why should we believe you? How do we know you're not just selling 
         use out?

Roland: Action speaks louder than words...
        I will fight alongside you.
        If I fail you somehow, you can kill me

Gale: Acceptable.

Man: Go on, you need to hurry up!

> Cielo and Roland Joined the party!

%Karma Technical Chief: I'll be up top...
                        Taking care of the Cyber Shaman is delicate work.

%Gale: We can trust Roland.
       I see honor in his eyes.

%Roland: This color represents your Tribe, right? Well, I hope I've proven 
         where my loyalties lie.

%Fred: Heh... We marked our clothes, too. Warriors never abandon their 

%Adil: We're following Roland's orders... But, that doesn't mean we trust 
       you guys.

%Argilla: Gale says it's alright, but can we really trust him?

%Cielo: Dey said... we're just programs dat Sera created, ja?
        But, I like you all. And, Sera cares about us too...
        ...and dat can't be fake. We gotta follow de love, ja?


(The party walks up the stair to the surface.)

(The Karma Technical Chief hides under the stairs to make a call.)

Angel: *Angry* You were instructed never to call me.
       Impossible, How could that happen?
       I know for a fact they didn't have bodies!
       Raw data can't emerge on its -- 
       *An image of the EGG flashes through her mind briefly*
       I see.
       Another one of God's little tricks.
       Continue with the plan. We will let them have Sera.

*Angel Pulls out a handgun from her drawer.* 

Angel: So that's it...you scheming old bitch.
       But, that makes this game all the more worthwhile.
       So artificial... 

*Angel slams her fist onto the glass-dome window.*

[Processing Dome - Outside of Internment Facility]

%Argilla: That dome must be what protects the city from solar data...
          It might allow them to live, but what good is life inside a 
          giant cage?

%Gale: Why would the Society become demons with full knowledge of the risks?
       They're either unhappy with the status quo, or unable to maintain it.

%Cielo: Fred and de others would turn to stone if dey were in de sunlight...
        How'd dat work, anyway?

%Fred: Hang on, Timmy... We're almost there.

%Roland: Adil and some of the guys are going to cause a disturbance outside 
         the prison. 
         We'll use it to get inside.
         I sent a few men inside after our informant contacted us.
         If I can get ahold of them, we should be able to get more information.

%Adil: You need to hurry.
       God won't show mercy to those who sit back and do nothing...
       That big black ball in the sky is no God of mine!

%MoL A: It's so bright...
        I never thought I'd get to see the sun again in my lifetime...

%MoL B: There are demons out there that can mute you...
        If that happens, it's a lot easier for them to drain your MP.
        We'd be in trouble if you died, so I wanted to tell you about that.

%MoL C: There are demons out there that can put a curse on you...
        If that happens, you're super vulnerable to death spells.
        We'd be in trouble in you died, so I wanted to tell you about that.

---------|| Internment Facility: Additional Dialogues ||---[ #03E2 ]-----------

[Backtracking: Underwater Cable & Underground City]

<Underground Cable - a few Lokapala members are now missing from their 
 original spots.>

%MoL (left of tunnel): If I became a demon, I'm sure I could save my wife.

%Cielo: I'm glad you found de Lokapala, bro.
        Dey didn't treat me too well... I thought I was gonna die.

%Roland: She doesn't like me very much, does she? ...I guess that's 
         Hopefully you guys can show me the ropes.

%Gale: The righters seem to lack consistency. They aren't suited for battle.

%Argilla: Their leader is brainless. How can they trust someone that's so 

%MoL (masked guy): Roland took the virus himself?
                   Is he insane!?

%MoL (baseball cap guy): Don't tell us to guard with our lives. 
                         Trust me, once we're serious, it's all over.

<Roland's Room>

%Fred: The reason you don't know things is because you jumped out of a game?
       Okay, then. What level are you, Serph?

%Roland: At this rate, humanity doesn't have much time left.
         When you tell a man with no hope that it's time to die... 
         He can only resist for so long.
         I'm not the first person to wonder if there's really a reason 
         that any of us were born.

%Cielo: So... We still don't know if we're dead, or if we were never real 
        to begin with... What do you think, brudda?

	- I'd rather be a dead human being.

		Cielo: I wonder if dat's really de best option...
		       Okay, let's say we died, right? Do you think we 
		       went peacefully in our sleep?

	- I'd rather be an artificial life.

		Cielo: But, wouldn't dat mean all de choices we made weren't 
		       really our own?
		       When we laughed, or cried...

	- Does it matter? We are ourselves.

		Cielo: I think you're right. Good thinking, bro.
		       What matters is how we act from this point on, ja?

<Eastern Area>

%Roland: We don't have any idea how many humans are still alive in the world.
         To avoid God's harmful data, we're forced into hiding underground.

%Cielo: Man, I thought it was all over after de Junkyard blew...
        But, we're alright, so Sera and Heat must be alright too, ja?

%MoL (man with white bandana): They know about the tunnel?
                               Well if I'm going down, then I'm taking them 
                               with me!

<Western Area>

%Kathy (talk): Have you met my husband yet?
               He has a kiosk... If you see him, let him know I said hi.

----------------|| Internment Facility: Dungeon ||---[ #03E3 ]-----------------

[Internment Facility]

<Mad Mart Express>

Shopekeeper: Whoa, hold up.
             This is the shop. Wherever I set up shop, that's where the 
             shop is.
             This is serious business -- remember that.

Johnny: Let me tell you how our point system works... Pay attention.
        Everytime you purchase or sell items, you'll earn points depending 
        to the amount of money exchanged.
        As you accumulate points, your rank will increase.
        The higher your rank, the more items you'll have to choose from.
        And hey, our best customers even get some keen deals on 
        specially-priced items.
        Wanna see your points and rank? Just select Check Points from the menu.
        Serious business means serious customer service... That's my policy.

%Johnny (talk): Wanna know the secret of good business? Listen up, guy:
                "A wise man sets up shop in enemy territory." Got it?

*Party runs into 2 Karma Soldiers and a Lokapala prisoner.*

Karma Soldier 1: Pretending to be a prisoner and sneaking inside... 
                 I have to say, I'm impressed.

Karma Soldier 2: If Boss finds out we didn't notice the spies... *shudder*

Karma Soldier 1: come on, let's kill this guy before that happens.

Roland: It doesn't matter. We'll take care of you first.

Karma Soldier: It-It's the wanted Tuners!

Roland: Let me handle this. I could use the practice...

*Battles 2 Beast Nues*

Roland: You don't seem injured.
        What about the others who snuck in? Are they alright?

MoL: Yeah. They should be mixed in with the prisoners in the underground 
     There aren't a lot of guards in the cell block area, but that's because 
     the Jailer is patrolling.
     He's...really strong. There's no way you can defeat him in a straight 

*The Party comes across a large bloodied machine*

Cielo: What de heck...
       I don't like de vibes I'm getting from dis machine, bro.


[Internment Facility B1]

Jailer: Who the hell're you?
        Wait... You're those Asuras that escaped from purgatory!
        I don't know how you got bodies in this world, but I'm gonna watch 
        'em rot away to nothing!
        You won't get out here alive!

*Battles with Kumbhanda*
Kumbhanda: No one escapes from me!  *Uses Black Bind on the party*
           Heh heh heh... Go directly to jail!

<Jail cell>

Jailer: Stay put until I find out what Madame wants to do with you.

(Knock Knock Knock)

Member of the Lokapala (from next door): 
        Hey... It's me. You guys still alive?
        The Jailer is the real problem, obviously.
        As long as he's around, there's no way we can release the prisoners.
	But, we came up wth a plan. Listen...
	Even though the people of the Society turned into demons, most of 
	them still don't want to eat flesh that's raw.
	Cannibalism doesn't appeal to many humans -- apparently not even 
	demonized ones.
	So, they use this factory to process human carcasses into canned food.
	Which, of course, the Jailer eats.
	If we can do something with his food, we may be able to catch him 
	off guard.
	Another one of us is finding out what can bbe done with the food. 
	I'll open the door -- hurry!
	He should be in one of the cells to the east.
	When you knock on his door, he'll ask you about the weather.
	Tell him about the "unbearable solar noise," and he'll let you in.
	Did you understand all that?
	I need to hide before someone finds me. Good luck!

*Party is broken out of the cell.*

Jailer: You broke outta the cell, huh? We must have... rats.
        Hyeh heh... But that doesn't matter. It's been a long time since 
        I've felt the thrill of the hunt!

(If your party gets caught while escaping...)
Kumbhanda: No one escapes my grasp! 
           *Black Binds + attack*
           Fools! Most people would learn from their mistakes!

(Party is thrown back in jail.)

Jailer: Breeha ha ha ha ha! You guys escaped from that empty, worthless 
        junk heap... but you can't even get out of a simple jail cell!?
        I guess AI's are no match for the real thing!
        Breeha ha ha ha ha!!

Member of the Lokapala (from next door):
	I told you to watch out for the Jailer! 
	...I can't keep busting you out like this.

<Cell 1E-05>

Man's Voice: ...You don't sound like the Jailer. 
             Hey, how's the weather today?

	- Unbearable Solar noise.

		Voice: Okay, come in.

Member of the Lokapala: You're late. Okay, let's get to the plan...
                        I did some research, and the Jailer prefers meat 
                        that's been... aged for 15 years.
                        Try not to think about it. ...It's disgusting.
                        Another one of us is looking for ingredients and 
                        things... You should go help him out.
                        He should be on B2, on the west side...
                        He'll ask you what's for dinner. Answer back, 
                        "canned surprise."
                        Do you need to hear that again?
                        It wasn't easy getting the guard's key card... 
                        but I did it. You can use it to get downstairs.
                        > Obtained Lv. 1 Key Card.
                        It's up to you now. Hurry! Before they see you!

Jailer: What are you doing there?  Heh... fast food!

*Party escapes to the next floor.*

<Other prison cells>

%Mysterious Voice (1N-01): *grumble grumble*

%Woman's Voice (1N-02): Dont kill me... Don't kill me!

%Man's Voice (1N-03): Please, help me!

%Woman's Voice (1E-01): Lokapala again...? Get me out of here! Hurry!

%Child's Voice (1E-02): *whimper* I'm scared...

%Man's Voice (1E-03): Humans eating humans... It just isn't right!

%Elderly Voice (1E-04): Damn Karma Society... I knew they were bad eggs.

%Child's Voice (1W-01): Hey mister, open the door.

%Man's Voice (1W-02): I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die,
                      I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die...

%Child's Voice (1W-03): It's scary here... I wanna go home.

%Woman's Voice (1W-04): Open the damn door! Let me out!

%Elderly Voice (1W-05): Please let me out. I won't even taste good...

%Woman's Voice (1S-01): Mom... Dad... Please don't forget me...

%Mysterious Voice (1S-02): Ssso... Hungry...

%Man's Voice (1S-03): Shit! I won't be eaten!

%Elderly Voice (1S-04): *whimper* I don't want to die...


[Internment Facility B2]

Jailer: Haha, Run! Run! If I catch you, I'm gonna eat you!
        Breeha ha ha ha ha ha!

<Cell 2W-01>

Man's Voice: I-Is it time to eat yet?  ...What's for dinner tonight?
	- Cellblock sepcialty.

		Voice: Uh... I'm a vegetarian, so I think I'll pass.

	- Canned Surprise

 		Voice: Come in.

	- Nothing for you.

		Voice: H-How could you...? I'm starving!

Member of the Lokapala: 
	You're finally here!
	We figured out exactly what we need to feed the Jailer...
	It's inside one of the cells on the south end of B3.
	Just throw it into the meat processing machine on the first floor.
	After that, go to the control room and turn on the power... 
	Voila! Canned Surprise a la Lokapala!
	Do you need me to sum that up again?
	Here's a key card, and the label for fifteen-year-olds.
	You need to put the label on the can. The key card should be able to 
	get you where you need to go.
	> Obtained Lv. 2 Key Card and Label.
	...It'll be pretty gruesome, but we need to hurry.

Jailer: A good hunter always has a few tools at his disposal...
        Time to rope you in!

*Party escapes to the next floor*

<Other prison cells>

%Deep but Effeminate Voice (2N-01): Well well, what a handsome young thing.
                                    Going my way, sailor?

%Elderly Voice (2N-02): I lived so long... for what?

%Woman's Voice (2N-03): I swear to God I'll kill you if you don't let me out!

%Child's Voice (2N-04): Mommy... Where's Mommy...?

%Man's Voice (2W-02): Pleeeeeeeeeeeheease let me out!

%Elderly Voice (2W-03): If you swallow me, I'll become more powerful than your 
                        digestive system could ever imagine!

%Man's Voice (2W-04): I taste terrible... I swear to God! It's true!

%Child's Voice (2W-05): I don't want him to eat me... No... No!

%Man's Voice (2E-01): I'll...I'll haunt them after I'm dead! With indigestion!

%Elderly Voice (2E-02): Open this door! I'm tired of this place!

%Woman's Voice (2E-03): Demon! Nooooo! Stay back! Leave me alone!

%Mysterious Voice (2E-04): Out... I WANT OUT!

%Child's Voice (2E-05): I'ma tell Daddy on you!

%Elderly Voice (2S-01): It sure is noisy outside today.

%Man's Voice (2S-02): I-I don't want to get eaten! Let me out of here!

%Woman's Voice (2S-03): You have to let me out!

%Mysterious Voice (2S-04): Arghhhhhhhhhhh!


[Internment Facility B3]

Jailer: My blood boils at the thought of drinking yours down! Just one 
        couldn't hurt...
        Dammit... I can't go against my orders...

<Cell 3S-03>

Roland: What a stench... It's been rotting for awhile.
        > Obtained Demon Corpse.
        Hey, look there... Isn't that another key card?
        > Obtained Lv. 3 Key Card.
        That corpse used to be a soldier...
        They didn't just use prisoners. Society members who went insane 
        ended up in cells, too.
        Looks like the Karma Society can't handle people who fully give 
        in to the demon virus.
        There's no point in sticking around. We need to find the control room.

Jailer: There you are!
        No more playing around, chums... You're making me very hungry!

*Party escapes to the next floor.*

<Other prison cells>

%Child's Voice (3N-01): Can't you let me out? They're gonna eat me!

%Man's Voice (3N-02): ...I just don't care anymore... 
                      Take it, my arm, my leg...
                      Take it all.

%Woman's Voice (3N-03): I'll do anything you want... Just don't kill me!

%Elderly Voice (3N-04): Er, nobody's here! You'll have to look elsewhere!

%Elderly Voice (3W-01): Who do you think you are?

%Man's Voice (3W-02): I never thought I'd die like this...

%Child's Voice (3W-03): Don't eat me... Please don't eat me?

%Mysterious Voice (3W-04): Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat
                           Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat Meat...
                           Aheh... Heh...

%Woman's Voice (3W-05): No... No... No... It won't open! Why won't it open!?

%Mysterious Voice (3E-01): I'm not crazy. Who the hell are you kidding? 
                           Shut up!
                           I'm not crazy!

%Child's Voice (3E-02): *sniff* *sob* *sob*...  *whine*

%Woman's Voice (3E-03): I wanted to die beautifully... 
                        Not as a snack for some demon.

%Woman's Voice (3S-01): Deliver me... Father.

%Man's Voice (3S-02): If you help... me I'll reward you!

%Child's Voice (3S-04): Go away! GO AWAY!


[Internment Facility B5]

<Command Center>

Roland: ...This is the command room!?
        This is disgusting... It's in terrible condition.
        ...Is something there?

*Serph digs into the rotting piles of flesh.*

> Obtained Control Room Key.

Roland: This'll let us into the control room.
        It's time for the Jailer to get what's coming to him.

Karma Soldier 1: What? A jailbreark?

Karma Soldier 2: After we play with them, why don't we throw 'em in the 
                 processing machine?
                 Then we can have our way with them twice!

Karma Soldier 3: Oooh, I can't wait to hear that grinding noise again...

Karma Soldier 1: Heh... Exactly what I was thinking...

*Battles 2 Orobas, 1 Nekomata*


[Internment Facility]

<Control Room>

> It's a power switch for the meat processing machine.
> The meat processing machine began operation.

<Meat Processor>

*Serph throws Demon Carcas into the Processor.*

(Gross, squishy sounds can be heard.)

Cielo: ...No comment.

Cielo: Looks like it's on de way to de factory. We'd better go foolow it, ja?

> A strange chunk of meat is moving down the conveyor.

<Conveyer Belt End>

> It's the end of the conveyor belt.
> There's a can full of...meat.  It's rotting.
> Obtained Canned Meat.

<Command Center>

Roland: When the Jailer eats this, he should get sick. Are you ready?
        That's our chance -- when he's vulnerable.

> Serph labeled the can of mean and set it on the table.

Roland: Okay, let's get out of here...

Roland: Hide, Serph. The Jailer's here.

*Party hides behind some crates as the Jailer walks toward the Command Center.*

*Jailer yelps.*

Jailer: Urp... This... isnt --!

*Jailer limps, holding his stomach.*

Roland: Need a bathroom?

Jailer: Y-You!

Cielo: Oh ho! Looks like you should look before you eat, ja?

Gale: It's best to be prepared. You should always carry a Dis-Ache with you.

Argilla: Your comrades will be eating you soon.

*Battles Yaksa Kumbhanda*
Kumbhanda: Y-You...! That canned meat was yours, wasn't it!?
Kumbhanda: Dammit... I can't... concentrate...
           C-Can't... hold it... much... longer...!!
Kumbhanda: Ugh... It hurts... agh... stomach in horrible pain...!
           I gotta hold it... No matter what!
Kumbhanda: It's too... Ugh... Gonna... EXPLODE!


[Outside of the Internment Facility]

<Lokapala cheers after the release of the prisoners.>

Roland: Okay, Adil's gonna raise some hell soon in the city.
        Then we can grab the Cyber--  ...we can save Sera.
        She's being held in the medical romm inside the main tower.

*Gale walks over to Fred, who is sitting on the floor and crying.*

*Gale puts a hand on Fred's shoulder.*

Fred: I'm not a kid... I can figure out what happened.

*Fred takes out a small notebook, there is an olive leaf inside.*

Fred: Why do I still have this stupid thing!?

*Gale remembers Lupa's last words.*


Gale: Lupa... What shall I tell your child?

Lupa: *Dying* Tell him to become a man... of honor...
      He'll be carrying... an olive...leaf...

(End flashback)

Gale: Fred, where did you get that?

Fred: My dad gae it to me. Olive leaves are symbol of peace.
      But, I'm too old for that now.
      I gotta grow up!
      So i can be strong --!

Gale: Fred. I have a message from Lupa, your father.
      He told me that... he wants you to grow up as an honest child.

Fred: You knew my dad!?

Gale: Be proud of your feelings, Fred.
      It's ok to be a kid.

*Fred cries and holds onto Gale.*

%Roland: So it wasn't just Colonel Beck... Greg was in the Junkyard, too.
         ...Thank you.
         You're not programs. As far as I'm concerned, you're as human as 
         any of us.

%Cielo: Parents are s'posed to look like deir kids, ja?
        ...He don't look anything like Lupa.

%Argilla: Be proud, huh...
          Gale actually impressed me with that one.

%Fred: I'll always remember him. No Matter what happens...

%Gale: Serph, I believe I have lied to Fred.

	- It was the right thing to do.

		Gale: I see.
		      Tears, honor...I believe I've started to understand 
		      the rest of you.

	- Lupa would forgive you.
		Gale: I can only hope so...
		      It's a strange feeling... Perhaps now I'm a little 
		      closer to the rest of you.

%MoL 1: That kid didn't cry when he found out Greg, his father, died...
        ...But this might be a little too much for him.

%MOL 2: There are still some Karma Soldiers in the area... 
        I'll do what I can to stop them.

%MOL 3: The Lokapala were founded by Fred's father, Greg.
        He was a good man, but two years ago he died fighting so his men 
        could escape.

%MOL 4: The Karma Society must know about us already.
        This gate should take you to the city. Go to the Society's Corporate 

%UCR 1: The Society must be crazy... Did they think nobody would realize 
        what they were doing!?

%UCR 2: Thank you! I don't know how I could ever thank you enough!

%UCR (kid): Thanks! Beat the Cyber Shaman, too!
            The Cyber Shaman made the sun black. She must be a bad person!

%UCR (elderly): The Society decided that I didn't look very appetizing...

-------------|| Interlude 1: Voice of the People ||---[ #03F0 ]----------------

(The "World Map" is now accessible)

[Underground City]

<Western Area>

%Kathy (talk): So, I hear you helped out those prisoners...
               I can't give you any breaks, though; I still have a business 
               to run.

%Fred's friend (young boy): Did you find Timmy?
                            I borrowed his shoes awhile ago and I need to 
                            give them back...

	- He'll be back soon.

		Fred's friend: You're lying. I know he got killed... 
                               Don't lie to me just cause I'm a kid!

	- Timmy is...gone.

		Fred's fried: He's...dead? Was he in pain...?

			- He was killed before being eaten.
				Fred's friend: 
                                        Then, at least it wasn't painful.
                                        Thanks, this is my appreciation...
                                        > Obtained Medical Gear.
                                        I'll talk... to you later...

			- He's in a better place, now.

				Fred's friend: 
                                        That's a stupid answer. He's dead!
                                        If you say he went somewhere, it sounds
                                        like he's gonna come back.
                                        Leave me alone...

%Fred's friend (older boy): 
        Then... It was too late for Timmy.
        I'd rather know the truth than wondering about it forever.
        We couldn't hold out hope forever...

%UCR (elderly): What creats life...?
                Don't worry about the complicated things; we must quietly 
                endure God's punishment.

%Argilla: Children here come from their parent, am I right?
          That means people in the Karma Society might have parents, 
          as well as children.

<Eastern Area>

%Cielo: Who decided you had to devour to surive, eh bro?
        Dese people aren't eating people, but it's still life, isn't it?
        Plants are okay? So if you're eating a different kind of life, 
        that makes it okay?

%Gale: If one's life is built on the sacrifices of others...
       ...Then those who survive must prove that their lives were worth 
       the sacrifice.

%Roland: The value of life...

%UCR (brown shirt): Vegetables can be grown in our city, but you won't 
                    find any trees.
                    If I'd known sooner, I would have cherished walking in 
                    the woods a lot more.

%UCR (white bandana): They're recruiting humans to become demon guards...
                      If I was like them, I could take vengeance for my 

<Inside the Building>

%MoL: Wow, I can't believe Roland used the demon virus on himself to rescue 
      the prisoners.


[Urban Area]


%Karma Soldier: This is the main dome of Karma City.
                This is where the Corporate Office is located, as well as 
                the shopping mall, and things like that.

%Roland: There was a cat in the Junkyard? That's strange...
         You were given basic knowledge, so it wouldn't be difficult to 
         function in reality...
         ...But why would they put something so unnecessary inside the actual 

%Cat: *Meow~*
> It peers at you through deep, silver eyes.
> It's definetly the same cat.

%Cielo: Hey, isn't dat...
        Yeah... He's the same cat we saw in de Junkyard!

%Karma City Resident 1: Can't you keep it down? I'm trying to shop, here.

%Karma City Resident 2: The prisoners escaped? Well, the Society better get 
                        on that.
                        We, the elites, will be rebuilding the world. 
                        They'll be in trouble if anything happens to us!

<Inside the Shop>

%Argilla: These people are better than Fred? How!?

%Gale: What have these people done to fend for their own lives...!?

%Karma City Resident: I wish those damn savages would learn their place...
                      We'd be better off if they died... 
                      Resources are limited enough as it is.

%Karma Soldier: Is that the new uniform? Sweet, when do we get 'em?


[Sala Park]

%Roland: Most of the world's plants have died.
         Carbon dioxide is starting to build up, since there isn't any 
         greenery to convert it.
         Pretty soon, we won't be able to live outside anymore.

%Argilla: This is Nirvana?
          This isn't the paradise I wanted to see with Jinana!

%Gale: Humans pillage the environment, ignore reality, and degenerate 
       They are irredeemable.

%Cielo: 'ey brudda, isn't dis thing called a tree? I never seen one before...

%Karma City Resident A (northern area): 
        I feel sorry for the people outside who lost their lives...
        ...But there's nothing I can do.

%Karma City Resident B (western corner): 
	This is the only city left that still has real, living plants.
	Foliage is a luxury only the elite few can enjoy.

%Karma City Resident C (western corner): 
	The dome makes life very convenient. I'm not afraid of the sun at 
	all anymore.
	We can sunbathe, take walks through the woods...
	This is definitely the ultimate paradise.

%Karma City Resident D (eastern corner):
	We made it past the competition... Living here is our right!
	Good thing we made an effort to learn.

%Karma City Resident E (eastern corner):
	I heard the Society is working on a way to restructure the human 
	genome so we can live outside.
	Humanity has overcome so many obstacles throughout history, 
	we can't let the sun beat us.

-----------------|| Karma Society Tower: Dungeon ||---[ #03G1 ]----------------

[Administrative District]

(Karma City Resident will now be labeled as KCR.)

<Outside of Karma Society Tower>

%Roland: This is the Administrative District, where the Karma Society's 
         head office is located.
         The information we were given seems to be correct, but...
         I'm not sure that's a good thing.

%Gale: Strange... Security seems to be lacking...

%Argilla: I wonder where Heat is...
          We should'nt assume that he died in the explosion.  ...We can't.

%Cielo: We need to save Sera, brudda! She's probably real lonely.

%KCR 1: Madamne is a very compassionate person. She'll do whatever it takes 
        to continue the human race, you know.
        She was a scientist who worked for the United Nations. 
        She lobbied strongly for environmental protection.

%KCR 2: I came to register my new born son, but they're closed already...
        I guess he won't have a name for a few more days...
        Hey, great timing! Why don't you name my son?
        ...I actually hadn't decided on one yet.

	- Serph's a good name.
		KCR: Serph, huh? Serph... Sounds pretty intense, doesn't it?
		     Okay, Serph it is, then!
		     I really appreciate it. Here, take this!
		     > Obtained Pink Sapphire.

	- Name him Heat.

		KCR: Heat... ...Heat.
		     I bet the girls would really go for a guy named Heat... 
		     Heh... Sure, let's name him Heat.
		     I really appreciate it. Here, take this!
		     > Obtained Tiger's Eye.

	- Gale would be adequate.

		KCR: Gale... Sounds pretty dashing; maybe a little 
		     intelligent, too... I like it. Gale it is.
		     I really appreciate it. Here, take this!
		     > Obtained Pink Crystal.

	- 'ow 'bout Cielo?

		KCR: Cielo, huh? Cee el oh... I bet he'd have a lot of 
		     friends, with a name like that.
		     Cielo's great. That's what I'll name him.
		     I really appreciate it. Here, take this!
		     > Obtained Blood Ruby.

%Karma Technical Researcher 1: 
	So many people look up to the Chief Director...
	It must be her charisma.
	I wonder if she's really...a hermaphrodite...

%Karma Technical Researcher 2: 
	I could've sworn I heard a gunshot up there...
	No way the prisoners could escape on their own...
	I hope it's not a rebellion, or anything like that.


[Karma Society Tower]

<1F: Lobby>

Gale: Hm... No reception.
      Thnking back to the Jailer's reaction, it seems that the head of 
      the Karma Society wishes to speak with us.
      Either way, we must continue. Be careful, Serph.

<10F: Halls and Offices>

Karma Special Ops: Alpha 1, this is Bravo 2...
                   The Asuras just passed my position, right on schedule.
                   I'll continue observation...
                   What? Capture them? But, my orders were to...
                   Ah, I see. Understood.
                   Bravo 2, over and out.
                   I'll show 'em they don't belong in our world...

Karma Special Ops 1: Freeze! Hands on your head, and get down on your knees! 
                     Hmph... They don't look so tough.

Karma Special Ops 2: They're just the dregs of a failed experiment...

Karma Special Ops 1: Heh, that's true.
                     ...And they wanted to put these in our heads? 
                     Ha! No thanks.
                     Hurry up, you freaks. You've got valuable programs in 
                     your brains, right?
                     Well, bow down to us humans, or I'll blow 'em all to 
                     AI heaven.

	- And, if we refuse?

		KSO 1: I see... I'll blow you to hell and back, 
		       you machine-headed freak!

	- *Attack them while they talk*

*Battles 2 Human Karma Soldiers*

*Party is suddenly ambushed in the halls.*

Karma Special Ops 1: BULLSEYE!

> Serph was shot in the side!

Karma Special Ops 2: Alpha 1, this is Delta 3. We made contact, 
                     just as planned.
                     Roger, leave these ass-hats to me.

*Battles 2 Nether Eligors*

(An injured Karma Soldier lays by the wall.)

Gale: We desire information more than battle.
      You may choose... Satisfy our minds, or satisfy our hunger.

Karma Special Ops 2: M-Minds, minds! Please!

	- Where is Sera?

		KSO 2: The Cy-Cyber Shaman is... ...Yeargh!
		       > The Karma Soldier was shot!

	- Who gives your orders?

		KSO 2: The Chief and... and-- Yeargh!
		       > The Karma Soldier was shot!

	- Why were you ordered to capture us?

		KSO 2: W-We were told to follow that red-- Yeargh!
		       > The Karma Soldier was shot!

*Battles 2 Icon Atavakas*

<10F: small office>

Karma Society Worker: Uh... Well, er...
                      I-I'm just a government official who got left behind! 
                      I don't have anything to do with this!
                      G-G-Go fight somewhere else!

Cielo: Maybe we can get some info from dis guy, ja?

	- Where is Sera?

		KSW: Th-The Cyber Shaman!? She's in a medical room l-located 
		     above this b-building...
		     That's all I know! I swear!

	- Why are you running?
		KSW: Madame ordered an immediate evacuation!
		     I h-heard it's because the prisoners have r-risen 
		     to action...
		     The soldiers moved to th-the upper floors...
		     That's why the lower fl-floor were so empty... Okay?

	- Who were those soldiers?

		KSW: Oh... th-them?
		     They're a t-top-notch special forces unit. 
		     They're s-sort of considered outcasts among the other 
		     I th-think they're downstairs, b-but I have no idea why.
		     They t-tend to do their own thing, so it's probably 
		     s-something like that.

	- That's enough from you.

		KSW: Y-You're going to spare my life? Th-thanks...

<11F: Fake Large Terminal>

(Party is ambushed by a group of Karma Special Ops.)

*Battles 4 Brute Titans*

Cielo: Whoa... Dey switched de doors!

Gale: It seems we walked right into their trap...
      An impressive effort on their part.

> Something can be heard from the dead soldier's transceiver.
  Transceiver: Echo 5, this is Alpha 1.
               What happened? Did you get them? Answer me, Echo 5!
               ...Useless --
> The transmission was cut off.

<11F: Mad Mart Express>

%Johnny (talk): Listen up, I'm gonna tell you the secret to a successful 
                "The woman is a shop, the man is the merchandise." 
                Remember that.
                By the way, bring any rare plants you find... 
                I'll pay good money for them.
                My wife goes to the surface at night and plants them.
                You think they'll wither and die?
                It doesn't matter, all we gotta do is keep planting...


[Karma Society Tower]

<20F: Open-air Walkway>

*Serph noticed someone behind him.*

Tribhvana(Heaven): Nice... 
                   He's definetly my type.

Tribhvana(Air): The chick looks pretty tasty, too.
                She's really just data? I heard there were original models.

Tribhvana(Earth): Don't underestmate them.
                  They may not look like much, but they made it all the 
                  way here, didn't they?

Argilla: Who are you?

*Tribhvana(Heaven) does the high-pitch evil laugh.*

Tribhvana(Air): That's so cute... We're your enemies.

Roland: It's the Tribhvana...

Cielo: Who are dey?

Roland: The Society's elite guard.
        They're known for their violent tendencies...
        ...and they look hungry.

Tribhvana(Air): Bingo.
                Processed crap gets old; it's time to get some real 
                breast meat.
                You'll slide right down my throat.

Tribhvana(Earth): We've been ordered to capture you.
                  We couldn've let "him" do it, but we have our pride. 
                  We don't like him much anyway.

Cielo: "Him" who?

Tribhvana(Heaven): And I couldn't care less about that Asura...
                   I won't let some no-name shit-head waltz in and take 
                   our place.
                   Think you can handle this?

*Battle with the Tribhvana (Air, Earth, Heaven)*
Tribhvana Air: Heeeey, you're pretty good!
Tribhvana Heaven: Hmph, I didn't expect you to last this long.
Tribhvana Earth: Don't forget that he's watching us.
                 We mustn't waste time.
*The Tribhvana transform into demons.*
Cu Sith: Wha --? Damn you, bastards!
Ganga: I don't believe this...

Tribhvana(Heaven): Damn they're tough.

Tribhvana(Earth): Fall back, now!

Tribhvana(Air): I'll remember this, meat!

*The Tribhvana jumps off the building.*

Tribhvana(Air): I'm gonna kill you aaaaaaalllll....!!

Cielo: Whoa, what a freak. Sheesh, where do they find dese guys?

%Gale: What reason would they want us captured alive?
       Does the Society need us for something...?

%Argilla: Who do you think they were talking about?

%Roland: I hope our informants are safe...
         I still haven't figured out their motives -- but we need their help.

%Cielo: 'ere we go again... Just another set of freaks.
        Dey better not be as persistent as Bat, ja?


[Karma Society Tower]

<32F Hallways and Rooms>

Tibhvana(Earth): Hold it!
                 I hope you've enjoyed our trip... 'cause the fun ends here.

Cielo: You guys again?

*Cielo stepped backward and hides behind Serph and the others*

Tribhvana(Air): You bastards!
                I'm lucky to be alive...That fall could have killed me!
                This time it's your turn to taste fear!

Cielo: You jumped off on your own!

Tribhvana(Heaven): Just shut up and die!

*Battles Yaksa Cu Sith, Yaksa Ubelluris, Yaksa Ganga (Round 2)
Cu Sith: Die, maggots!
Ganga: You're nothing but a program!
Ubelluris: Don't underestimate humans!
Cu Sith: Hey, you bastard!
Ubelluris: You...!
           This is the power of the Asura..? Dammit, we have to redeem 
Cu Sith: What's up with these guys!?
Ganga: You'll pay for this!

%Roland: I can't believe you defeated those three... not just once, but twice.
         The Asura AI's really are killing machines, if you can take down the
         Society's elite that easily.

%Gale: Who are they comparing us to?

%Cielo: Hey bro, I don't have de greatest feeling about dis...

%Argilla: Forget about them. We need to find Sera.

----------------|| Karma Society Tower: Reunion ||---[ #03G2 ]-----------------

[Karma Society Tower]

<44F: Medical Room>

*The Party looked inside the lighted tube -- they cannot find Sera.*

Heat: Sera's not here.

Cielo: Ahh... not dis again --

(The Karma Technical Chief was thrown across the room by someone...
 ...it was Heat.)

Argilla: Heat? what are you --!?

*Heat blasts fire at Argilla.*

Roland: So that's Heat... I wasn't expecting such hatred.

<A brief flashback of Heat in DDS1.>

Roland: Wait... He's hiding something!

Gale: Have you gone mad!? 

*Gale lunges at Heat but was thrown to the side.*

Heat: I've made my choice!

Argilla: What's wrong with you!?

(The communication screen is turned on. 
 The party can see Cuvier and Sera on the screen.)

Cuvier: He's agreed to cooperate, of his own free will.

Cielo: Sera!

Cuvier: My name is Margot Cuvier. You may call me Madame.
        You've already been made aware that you are just AIs that that 
        Sera created.
        But unlike the others, you were all special to her...
        ...because of something unfortunate. That's why Heat is helping us.

Argilla: Heat... This is just another act, right?

Cuvier: At this rate you'll never be another but marionettes.
        The only difference is who's controlling you.

Gale: Meaning what... exactly?

Cuvier: The person who's been pulling your strings is Jenna Angel.
        Sera's natural parent.

Gale: Angel...?

Cielo: She's Sera's mother!?

Cuvier: Her father as well, to be precise.
        She convinced the Lokapala to abduct Sera, so she could bring us 
        both down.
        ...What could she be scheming?

Gale: I too have questions. What is your goal?

Cuvier: Mankind, becuase of its own foolish, is facing total extinction.
        Man's insatiable greed destroyed the environment which had protected 
        us from God's malignant data.
        We tried to help, but our warnings were ignored...

Roland: You mean the Cuvier Syndrome?
        So then you altered God to purgeg the sinners?

Cuvier: That was an unfortunate accident.
        I want only to sow mankind's seed for the future. 
        Otherwise, we will vanish from earth entirely.
        What we need is order, and bodies that can survive in this hostile 
        Our city does have a limit, afterall...

Gale: So you turn everyone into demons...just to resume living under the sun?

Argilla: That's totally insame!
         Demons have to devour each other to survive!
         And if they loose control...

Cuvier: That is why we will exercise control.
        The Junkyard experiment provided us with an effective demon virus.
        Using Sera, mental deterioration can be prevented.
        And so, food supply is the only remaining concern.

Cielo: Dat's why you farmed out Fred's buddies...

Cuvier: There are some organisms that deserve to live, and others that do not.
        In order to avoid past mistakes --

Gale: You will decide who merits life.

Cuvier: Order will decide.
        A world of Tuners under our control--Nirvana-- is the only way to 
        preseve mankind.
        Come back to us.
        We can ensure you will have a peaceful life without hunger and 
        needless killing.

Serph: - You have a point, but... 
       - We'd never join you...

Gale: One thing is clear...
      This place is not Nirvana.
      A world without sadness, where everyone lives happily in peace...
      ...and need not fight for survival...
      THAT is Nirvana.
      On my honor... I vow that I will not stop fighting. 
      You'll pay for this hell!!

Cuvier: *Sigh* I guess I have no choice...
        Heat... Delete these bugs before they disrupt our world.
        Sera will be fine as long as you're with us.

Heat: Prepare yourself. This time, we're not playing games.
      Do you hear me, Serph?

*Battles 4 Karma Soldiers*

*Battles Asura Agni, 2 Beast Gdons*
Agni: Time to die... I'll tear you apart!
Agni: You call that an attack? ...Give me a break.
Agni: Finally decided, huh? Took you long enough!
Agni: That's pathetic!
      C'mon... Let's go, Serph!
Agni: --the hell? I can't lose! I'm stronger than you!
      This isn't over. Next time, I'll devour you!

*Agni escapes.*

%Roland: He's driven by anger... ...and sadness.
         What did they tell him? We need to find out the truth behind all this
         as soon as possible.

%Argilla: Did Heat really betray us?
          Comrades shouldn't have to fight one another...

%Cielo: Ohhh, Heat looked serious, ja?
        What happened to him, bro?

%Gale: They ran off...
       We need to keep moving. They won't let us escape that easily.


[Karma Society Tower]

<55F Hallways and Rooms>

(Two groups of Karma Soldiers are fighting each other.)

Karma Soldier 1(blue): ...We're currently engaged with the rebellion forces.
                       We need backup!! I repeat, send backup!
                       Dammit... Why don't they send the Tribhvana?
                       They're the elite freaking squad...!

Karma Soldier 2(blue): There's no point in complaining...
                       The unit and that red Asura guy were sent to capture the 
                       remaining Asuras.

Karma Soldier 1(blue): Wh-What!? You're the wanted Asura!

*Battles 1 Brute Rakshasa, 1 Nether Berith*

Karma Soldier 1(red): You need to hurry... Our Chief Tech Officer is waiting 
                      for you.

Karma Soldier 2(red): Don't shoot! We're not enemies.

<55F: Random Battles>

Karma Soldier(red): Are you the Asura?
                    Our Chief Technical Director is waiting for you. 
                    Please hurry.

Karma Soldier(red): I'm not here to fight you. Hurry, move along.

<55F: Angel's Office>

Argilla: Angel!

Jenna Angel: It seems God has not yet forsaken me...
             It was well worth the wait. 
             Take the gyroplane on the roof to the lab.
             *Throws a keycard across her desk*
             You will find Sera there.

Gale: Why? Why do you help us?

Jenna Angel: If they have their way, mankind will repeat its mistakes.
             You have have to agree -- just kill Cuvier.
             Then we will be even.

Argilla: What the hell is it you want, anyway?

Jenna Angel: I want everyone to have an equal chance.
             The Karma Society is trying control humanity's liberation.

Roland: Liberation?

Jenna Angel: Man is an aberration that suppressed karma and ignore the way.
             Our destiny is natural selection -- the strong survive, the 
             weak perish.
             What we need is not transient order; its chaos.

Gale: What of those who achieve liberation?

Jenna Angel: They learn the meaning of life.

Gale: To that end, you'd turn all of mankind into demon?
      So they can devour each other!?

*Angel chuckles.*

Cielo: 'eh, what you laughin' at?

Jenna Angel: Asura's logic algorithym is flawless, save one side effect...

Cielo: oh? And, what is dat?

Jenna Angel: You seem to have aquired humanity.
             Tainted demons who became human...
             What delicious irony... The universe is quite a comedian.

Argilla: This isn't some sick joke! You did this to us!

*Argilla rushes toward Angel, but Cielo held her back.*

Gale: So then, I would have to assume you require Sera as well.

Jenna Angel: Intelligence can be a nuisance sometimes. No more questions...

(Angel remembers David's dying words...)
David: Jenna... You mustn't hate them...
Jenna: Don't leave me! Please don't, David!

Intercome: Director! They've broken through! You need to evacuate! Now!

Jenna Angel: Hurry. Don't waste any time.

(The Party escapes the Tower via the gyroplane.)

Jenna Angel: Sera's beloved children of Purgatory...
             If you wish to help her, then you will continue to do as I say.

*Angel looks at her pendant and remembers Gale's out-reached hand 
before the Junkyard was completely deleted.*

Karma Soldier(blue): Director, you're under arrest for treason.

*Angel raised her hands and turns around.*

Jenna Angel: Who do you think created the demon virus?

*Angel revealed her Atma.*

*The plane is hit by a missle and crash-landed near the Laboratory Dome.*

--------------|| Interlude 2: Voice of the People ||---[ #03H0 ]---------------

(New dialogues are now available in several areas)

[Underground City]

<Western Area>

%Kathy (talk): Men need to be strong so they can protect the important 
               people in their lives...
               Remember that.

%Sales Demon Pyro Jack:
	This hee're's the shop, ho! What I say in the store is what in the 
	store ho goes. Serious business, remember that hee.

        - Ask who he is.

                Pyro Jack: Don't worry hee, bro. I'm a Lokapala, ho.
                           I have hee-spect for Johnny, ho!
                           When I took on hee-ho form, strange hee orbs 
                           started popping out of my head ho.
                           I think it's a peral or see-omething.

        - Ask about item for sale.

                Pyro Jack: A hee-orb that popped out of my hee-hat.
                           I've only got one, hee ho, but it's yours for 
                           $50,000, yo.

                       - No thanks.

                                Pyro Jack: Cheap assed hee-ho...
                                           Hee-how am I suppose to make any 
                                           money, ho?

                       - I'll take it.

                                Pyro Jack: Thanks.
                                           > Obtained Impel Stone.
                                           If another one hee's, I'll let you 
                                           I prolly won't make another one 
                                           'til you hee that one.

%Fred's friend (girl): Hey big-shot, wanna play?

	- Kids shouldn't talk like that.
		Girl: ...Wait, huh? What's that suppose to mean?

	- What are we playing?

		Girl: This cool game I found outside the other night...

			- I'm not really into games, but ok.

				*Girl: Ohhhh no... That was horrible. 
				       I thought you'd do way better than that!

			- I don't want to play.
				Girl: Then stop wasting my time.

			- How's it work?

				> This exciting portable shooter from ATLUS 
				  is simple to play, but impossible to master!
				> Control Dyaus and shoot down enemies in 3 
				  stages of adrenaline-charged excitement.
				Cielo: Seriously?

				> Directional buttons: Control Dyaus
				> Square button: Shoot. A basic, long range 
				  attack. Collect items to power it up.
				> X button: Shoot(auto). Same as the Square 
				  button attack.
				  (Hold down to auto-fire)
				> Circle button: Hunt attack. A very strong, 
				  close range attack.
				  May nullify some enemy bullets.
				> Triangle button: hunt attack. 
				  Same as Circle button attack.
				> START button: Pause. Pause the game.
				  Below are the available commands.
				  Continue: return to the game.
				  Retry: restart from the beginning.
				  Exit: end the game.
				> When an enemy is defeated, the level of your 
				  Score Meter will determine the points 
				> Successful Hunt Attacks will increase the 
				  Score Meter.
				> Incresing the meter while destroying enemies 
				  is the secret behind earning a high score.

				Girl: Ready? Let's play...

<Eastern Area>

%UCR(brown shirt guy): I'm glad the captives have come back. 
                       Now, when do we retaliate?

%MoL(white bandana guy): I've decided to become a Tuner. 
                         If I die, no one will miss me.
                         I'll show that damn Society...

%MoL(slouching guy): I was tough enough to use the demon virus on myself, 
                     but it sucks sometimes...
                     I get so hungry... and then I lose track of what's 
                     going on.

	- Just be careful.

		MoL: Yeah, same to you guys.

	- What do you mean?

		MoL: I feel like my demonization process isn't finished...
		     I'm way stronger than before, but I'm not sure how much 
		     punishment I could take.

<Inside Building>

%MoL: Me? I'm definetly one of your comrades.
      I have to make sure there are still young'ns around for the future.

[Urban Area]


%Karma Soldier(blue): Just between you and me, I hear there's some internal 
                      issues going on between Madame and the Director.
                      I hope they work things out. I don't really want to 
                      take sides.

%Roland: All existence is regulated by solar data, when you get down to it.
         The line between digital reality and real reality is vague... 
         if there's any difference at all.

%Cielo: 'ey, even though we're data, we still get hurt, and feel pain.
        Don't work us too hard, ja?

%KCR: Humans are the ultimate beings. Just look around at this city, 
      built by knowledge we took from God.
      The sun went crazy, but we overcame that by building the domes. 
      Eventually, we'll be greater than God.

<Inside the Shop>

%Argilla: Data... *Sigh*
          It feels like the most important data is missing from us right now.

%Gale: The sun controls the circulation of solar data...
       In the Junkyard, that cycle was established by the rain.
       But, if that's the case...

%KCR(woman): That woman annoys the hell outta me! Tch... Ger her out of here.

%KCR(man): The laboratory dome holds the diamond of human wisdom -- the EGG.
           That's where they store solar data, copied during communication 
           with God.

%Karma Soldier(blue): Using Mantra is pretty tricky. I'm glad I only have 
                      guard duty.


[Sala Park]

%Karma Soldier(blue): The Technical Director started a rebellion!
                      Not only that, but the prisoners have risen to action 
                      as well!
                      What's going to happen next?

%Roland: Humans don't admit their mistakes that easily...
         ...The longer they've lived, the harder it gets.
         I'm sure Madame Cuvier knows the consequences; she just chooses 
         to ignore them.

%Argilla: Wherever we go, there's always fighting... Is that part of being 
          But then, why do we protect our comrades, or fall in love?

%Gale: So, these are the true results of a supervised paradise.
       The general public becomes easily influenced as their ability to think 
       is suspended.
       Any sublime ideals fade, and individual conscience is erased to 
       alleviate feelings of guilt.
       I can understand your goal, Jenna, but that is too cruel...

%Cielo: No way deir plan can work!
        Dey're turning people into demons, but dey don't even have enough 
        food for 'em!?
        Dat old woman must be senile, ja?

%Karma Soldier(blue): Madame and the Director even have different names for 
                      Atma users-- Avatar Tuners or Those Who Devour.
                      I think I'll side with whoever uses cooler sounding 

%KCR(man): I bet the Lokapala are here to steal our tree...
           If that's what they're here for, then I'll fight 'em off myself!

%KCR(woman): The dome makes life very convenient. I'm not afraid of the sun 
             at all anymore.
             We can sunbathe, take walks through the woods... 
             This is definetly the ultimate paradise.

%Amelia: James... Are you angry that I chose to live in the city, 
         while you remain an outsider...?
         Did I... do the right thing?
         Yes, my name is Amelia... How did you know my name?
         He... He said, "Please be happy?"
         James... ...Thank you, James.
         I don't know who you are, but thank you...
         > Obtained Lotus Flower.
         I'm going to leave this city, and try to find happiness.


[Processing Dome]

%Cielo: So de Junkyard was just an experiment to creat de demon virus, ja?
        Dat's horrible... How can dey just use people like dat?
        ...But, are we really people?

%Argilla: Before, I never hesitated to pull the trigger... 
          Aim, fire. Aim, fire.
          It was almost mechanical.
          I cursed this Atma... I hated watching myself devour others like 
          an animal...
          But, without this power, we wouldn't have learned to cry and laugh.
          What am I suppose to do? ...I can't even hate myself.
          If none of this had happened, I wouldn't be able to appreciate 
          you all as comrades!

%Gale: Angel... Could she really be... that Angel?

%Roland: I actually assumed the spy was some kind of plot against us... 
         But, I never suspected Angel.
         It doesn't look like we have very much leverage at this point.

%Fred: So Cuvier wants to turn people into demons... and feed us to them.
       Angel wants to turn everyone into demons and have a battle royale...
       I don't like either of those options!

%MoL 1: Nirvana... That's a land without confusion or war, right? The ideal 
        People who imagine stuff like that are delusional.

%MoL 2: There are still some Karma Soldiers in the area... I'll do what I 
        can to stop them.

%MoL 1(gate): A supervised demon/human society? Ha! I'd rather die...
             The weak may fall... But, we'll keep living as humans.

%MoL 2(gate): The Lokapala were founded by Fred's father, Greg.
              He was a good man, but two years ago he died fighting so his 
              men could escape.

------------------|| EGG Facility: Dungeon ||---[ #03I1 ]----------------------

[EGG Facility]

<Laboratory Dome Area>

%Roland: I don't want extreme order, or extreme chaos... 
         I prefer walking the middle ground.
         Let's find Sera.
         Humanity's karma is too great for one person to bear alone...

%Gale: Are those your true feelings, Jenna... ...Angel?
       ...Who is... David?

%Argilla: Heat, Sera...
          What's the real reason that we were created, anyway...?

%Cielo: De sky's blue like de ocean... We all be laughin'... 
        Nobody's killing each other...
        I think dat's how we all pictured Nirvana would be.
        How'd it turn out like dis?


[EGG Facility]

<1F: Lobby>

%Johnny(talk): Listen up... This is the secret to staying on good terms 
               with others:
               "Accept great offers, not challenges." Remember that.

[EGG Facility]

<B5: Halls>

Karma Soldier(blue): Intruders! Hey, it's those Asuras!

*Battles 3 Beast Gdons*

Karma Soldier(red): *Lays dying on the floor*
                    Y-You guys are the ones who devour? Madame's soldiers 
                    completely took over inside...
                    You need to get to the EGG -- that's where Sera is!
                    > It appears that he's dead.

<B6: Room>

Karma Soldier(blue): You're here already!?

*Battles 2 Deity Sati*
Sati: Guess what this ring does! Here's a hint: it's made from the Cell Data 
      of the Lord of the Flies.

> Obtained Skull Ring from the defeated enemies.

Karma Technical Researcher: Wh--Aaaaahhhhhh!! *Runs away*

<B6: Hallway>

*The escaped Researcher opened the locked door and ran away.*

<B10: Room>

Karma Technical Researcher: 
	P-Please... Don't kill me...
	You're the--
	I shouldn't have run away earlier. I just... I guess I just lost 
	my head, you know?
	The Director told us to cooperate, so...
	My security card's only level 1, but I hope you can still use it.
	> Obtained Security Card 01.
	Madame's soldiers moved in fast, but there must be some researchers 
	who are still alive...
	You won't get too far without security cards. Ask the remaining
	researchers about them.
	...I need to make sure I'm not caught.

<B11: Demon Lab>

%Cielo: Look, brudda... It's moving.

%Gale: It appears that Jenn-- Angel was researching demons here.
       Demon data from the sunlight is normally harmless, and disperses 
       naturally in the atmosphere.
       Angel strengthened that data over five years, and eventually created 
       the demon virus.

%Roland: So it enters an organism and alters its genetic code... 
         Just like a virus.
         Virtual data and data from the real world are essentially the same...
         It says that's the reason they chose you --people of the Junkyard-- 
         as test subjects for the virus.
         This isn't just science; it's bordering on philosophy.

%Argilla: Hindu, Judaism, Shinto, Tao...
          It's amazing... There are so many myths about gods and demons.
          ...Maybe there really is another world beyond this one.

        - So, what's that big thing?
                Argilla: Just a second...
                         Meganada, son of demon king Ravana. A spirit of 
                         lightning, also known as The Undying One, and...
                         ...Indrajit...  ...You're kidding me.

        - ...Another world?

                Argilla: Just look at the Junkyard.
                         Wouldn't it be just as easy for this world to connect 
                         to a higher one?

%Karma Technical Researcher: H-Hey... I'll talk! 
                             ...Please, just give me a chance!

	- I don't care what you have to say.

		KTR: B-B-But... You'll let me live, right?

	- What's behind the glass?

		KTR: Th-That's Mega...nada...
		     It's one of the terrible demons that appeared five years 
		     Varna was terminated-- we...didn't have much choice...
		     But, we managed to capture Meganada.
		     In fact, the Director couldn't have created the demon 
		     virus without that thing's data and the EGG.
	- ...What happened five years ago!?

		KTR: ...You mean you don't know!?
		     Don't you remember your colleague? 
		     ...The one you devoured?
		     That woman looks just like her!
		     Who the hell ARE you...? You have to be him... 
		     Or, are you really just an avatar?

	- Where is the security card?

		KTR: A-Alright.
		     T-Take it... Just don't eat me!
		     > Obtained Security Card 02.
		     See? I helped... D-Don't eat me, okay?

%Karma Technical Researcher: Y-You're the Asuras from Stage 1 of the project!
                             P-Please... Just don't eat me... 
                             I'll tell you everything!

	- I don't care what you have to say.

		KTR: Spare me! Please... ...I probably don't taste good!

	- Where is Sera?

		KTR: Seraphita's inside the EGG... 
		     She'll sing the song of peace for all eternity.
		     Her sacrifice is necessary for the Tuners... 
	             humanity's future.

	- What's wrong with Heat?

		KTR: Madame must have told him something.
		     We needed you guys so that Sera would obey us... 
		     That's all I know!

<B11: Halls>

Karma Soldier(red)(wounded): ...The card...
                             S-Security... card... They took it...
                             It opens the... the gate... ...You need it.
                             They... They can't be far...
                             G-Get... the card...
                             They're still near...by...

<B11: Room>

Karma Soldier(blue): Asuras, ey?
                    Great timing; we were starting to get hungry.

*Battles 2 Nether Baphomets*
> Obtained Security Card 03 from the defeated enemies.

<B13: Room>

Karma Soldier(blue): Still rats in here, eh? Heh... Extermination ain't easy.

*Battles 2 Nether Scathachs, 1 Icon Pazuzu*
> Obtained Security Card 05

<B13: Cuvier Syndrome Lab>

*Party is greeted by Tribhvana:Earth...blood dripping from his mouth*

Cielo: All alone dis time? where's your buddies?

Tribhvana(Earth): they're right here. can't you tell?

Cielo: No, you...ate them?

Tribhvana(Earth): Humans must never be inferior to their own creations.
                  I know my comrades would agree. 

Cielo: How could you...
       You don't deserve to call them comrades!

Gale: Tell me, what did you inherit by devourig them?

Tribhvana(Earth): Strength.

Gale: *Shakes his head* I pity you.
      We've learned that strenth is not everything.

Cielo: Cielo is far greater than you.

*Battles Tribhvana: Earth*
Tribhvana Earth: I'll destroy you with our combined powers!
*Tribhvana transform into Yaksa Abaddon*
         I'LL SWALLOW YOU WHOLE! *Eats a party member*
Abaddon: I'D ALMOST DIGESTED YOU... *Spits out the party member*
Abaddon: WHY...? WHY CAN'T I BEAT YOU!?

Cielo: *Takes the Keycard from Tribhvana(Earth) I think dat's enough for now.
       Get outta my sight.

Tribhvana(Earth): How could I...?

Cielo: Strenght.. isn't de only way to be strong.
       Live life, and remember your comrades.
       Gotta bear your own burden.
       ...Your karma.

> Obtained Master Key from the Tribhvana.

%Roland: Karma...
         The laws of reincarnation suggest that human souls are bound to 
         the world,even after death.
         Angel's "liberation" would be breaking away from that.
         Nobody knows what would come after liberation, but it could be the 
         true form of mankind.
         Angel connected that concept to biological evolution.
         Karma's simplest form is natural selection. She believes that path 
         leads to enlightenment, but...
         With different wording, isn't that just annihilation?

%Cielo: I guess people can't live without de sacrifices of others, ja?
	If dat's true, I'd like to do something in return...

%Gale: Did you examine the document Argilla found?
       The green fire we saw must have been the "initialization code."
       Even though the color and size are different, something similar is 
       in the sky, here.
       ...I feel uneasy.

%Argilla: Serph, look at this document.

> "Report on the Salvage of Cyber Shaman Number 19 and Virus Experiment."

05/20/2025, 06:04

Upon the fulfillment of Tribe 96 ("Embryon"), EGG firewalls and Samsara 
software protection were deactivated. 

05/20/2025, 22.:15

Number 19 recovered her consciousness. However, this confirmed the utter 
destruction of all Stage 1 data.

A Special Investigations Committee questioned the Technical Director and 
27 employees about the matter and conducted an inspection of the entire 
division. They concluded that the incident was unavoidable, and caused by 
the accidental execution of initilization code set by Number 19.

However, since 97% of the demon virus experiment data had been saved in a 
backup system, this incident should have little to no effect on the Nirvana 

In conclusion, it was decided Asura Project Stage 1 held very little value 
to The Society at the time of the incident, so the Technical Division will
be pardoned.

%Argilla: Number 19 is Sera, right?
        - I believe so...
                Argilla: This makes it sound like the entire Junkyard was 

        - Let me check.

                > Re-reads the document.


[EGG Facility]

<B30: EGG Deck>

(The Party walked across the walkway toward the EGG inhibitor.)

(Cuvier looks from the observation deck. The Cat, as well.)

Cielo and Argilla: Sera!

Sera: *Wakes up* Serph...? Serph! *Hugs Serph*
      You're alive! I thought... I thought that you were gone!

*Gale notices Heat by the exit.*

Gale: That will need to wait.

Sera: Heat...

Cuvier: You will obey me, Seraphita.
        Your duty as shaman is to sooth God and preseve humanity.
        Accept this duty, and your friends will not be harmed.

*Heat begins to rush toward Serph with anger and jealousy in his eyes.*

Cuvier: Stop this instant!

*Serph hands Sera to Argilla and stood to face Heat.*

*Heat stabs Serph through the stomach with demonized arm.  Serph did not move.*

Heat: Why'd you just stand there?

	- We're comrades...
	- I won't let you... have Sera.

*Serph grabs Heat and staggered backward. 
 They both plunges down into the depth of the EGG inhibitor.*

*Sera screams.*

*Sera suddenly remembers a flash of old memory.*

(The HAARP satellites begin to operate and transmit data.)

Scientist: The HAARP is operating on its own!

That can't be! The system isnt even connected.

Scientist 1: Connection opened...
             It's transmitting from our side... upload rate is 945.56 
             zettabytes per second!

Scientist 2: That dwarfs even the incident from five years ago...

(Buildings, roads, everything of material become data that rises toward 
 the Sun.)

Scientist: The earth... It's disappearing...
           God's consuming data from the planet itself!

(Scientists ran and scream in terror.)

(In the meantime, Angel watches the sky with a hint of triumph. 
 Dead Karma Soldiers littered under her feet.)

(The alarm sounds.)

*Argilla runs toward the EGG shaft, obviously worried about Serph and Heat.*

Gale: Leave them.

Argilla: Serph's in there.

Gale: Serph is dead! He died so that we could live.

*Gale picks Sera up and heads out.*

Argilla: *Screams* Serph!

*Madame Cuvier kneels down in the EGG in disbelief.*

Cuvier: How could this happen? The human race is doomed...

*Angel snuck up behind her and puts a bullet into Cuvier's head.*

(Madame Cuvier floats face-first on the water with a pool of blood.  
 She is dead.)

Angel: You refused to accept that emotions influence actions.
       The history of mankind ended long ago!

<Outside of the EGG Facility>

Cielo: How could Heat do dat to our leader...? We're comrades!
       What de hell! It wasn't supposed to be dis way!

*Cielo slams his fist onto the junk machine and sadly slumps on the ground.*

Fred: Cielo...

Gale: Do you know of a way to stop the data transmission?
      We only have until sunrise.

Argilla: I'll tear it out of the ground myself if I have to.

Roland: That's not an option. God must be returned to normal.
        The only way to speak with God is the EGG.

Argilla: so what do we do?

Roland: ...The power plant.
        Machines need energy, right? Even machines that mimic God...

> Serph left the party. 

(From this point on, Gale will be the party leader and player character.)

%Cielo: I bet Sera was so happy to see Serph again... And den...

%Argilla: I know what you're going to say...
          "What would Serph do?"
          I know that, but...

%Fred: Be proud of your emotions, Gale... ...right?

%Roland: There's too many electronics for it to run solely on backup power.
         If we blow the power plant, that should be enough to stop the 

--------------------|| Interlude 3: Nightfall ||---[ #03J0 ]-------------------

(More dialogues are available at this time.)

(Gale is now the Party Leader.)

[Underground City]

<Western Area>

%Kathy (talk): I don't need to ask... We all die, someday.
               If someone dies for a cause, then you know they truly lived.

%Fred's friend (boy): But, why not!? If I was a demon too, I could help you 
                      Psh... Adults are so selfish.
                      Don't worry about me...

%UCR (old man): After all this time, the human race is just going to die out!?
                No way, that's just stupid. I won't stand for it!
                Tomorrow I think I'll go out and tell "God" just what I think 
                of that crap!

%Fred's friend (girl): Hey, it's the robot guy!
                       You'll play with me, right? It's important for grownups 
                       to play with children.

        - Gale: I don't comprehend.

                Girl: Hmph, you're boring.
                      Looks like you need to raise your enthusiasm meter.

        - Gale: Adults and children are not different.

                Girl: Um... okay, whatever. So are you in or not?
                      I found this game outside, and it's pretty fun.

                        - Gale: I accept your challenge.

                                > Begins the game.

                                         Girl: (If you do badly) Oh no no no... 
                                               That wasn't so great.
                                               ...Try to cheer up, okay?

                        - Gale: You will fear my elite skills.

                                Girl: Look, you need to start speaking English, 
                                      Just forget it. I don't want to play 

<Eastern Area>

%Cielo: I haven't heard Sera singing in awhile...
        I hope she sings soon.

%Roland: If I ever lose control, don't hesitate to kill me.
         I'm prepared for the worst. ...I think everyone is.

<Inside Building>

%UCR (dark-haried girl): I heard the Cuvier Syndrome has become a serious 
                         So, it's all going to end, come morning? I suppose 
                         we're better off... I'm so tired of this place.

%UCR (man): The youngsters headed for the city, saying they were gonna do 
            whatever it took...
            Look, this is my Atma. With whatever time I have left, 
            I'll fight for those who can't...

%Argilla: How can they be so naive? Even if we devour, we still get hungry 
          later on.
          No matter how much food they have now, eventually they're going 
          to have to kill their comrades.

<Roland's Room>

%Argilla: I'm glad to know that Sera's safe...
          But... Serph and Heat are...

%Roland: Right now, Sera is our only hope.
         If she can't stop it, no one can.

%Cielo: I wonder what happened to Heat...
        Do you think he and Serph are really gone?

<Room below>

%Argilla: If this is really the end, I wish I was with...

%MoL: If we're all gonna die anyway, then I'll do as much as I can before 
      that happens!
      An alcoholic playboy. I guess the city's got everything.

<Underwater Cable>

%Roland: I'd like to finish this crappy novel that I started writing.
         If you leave too many loose ends, then you'll have all sorts of 
         regrets in the afterlife.

%Fred: Man, I could really go for some cake about now...
       What? It's good!

%Cielo: Dis isn't de Nirvana we were picturing...
        I wanna forget about all de bad things and remember de sky... 
        and de pretty ocean.

%MoL (by the tunnel): Check out my Atma. ...I still haven't told my wife 
                      about it.
                      I know she'll divorce me when she finds out, but... 
                      At least she'll still be alive.

%MoL: Everything ends at sunrise...
      What will happen if the world ends tomorrow morning? 
      ...I never thought I'd have time to worry about it.

%MoL 1 (inside the tunnel): We can't hold 'em any longer...
                            We have to withdraw! Now!

%MoL 2 (inside the tunnel): Tell the guys outside that the enemy is closing 
                            in on us...
                            > Obtained Calamity Ring.
                            I jacked it from them... Go on, take it.


[Urban Area]


%Cat: *Its bell jingles*
      > You feel sadness and friendship from the depth of those silver eyes.

%Fred: Oh man, this is great! Look at them... They're all panicked!

%Cielo: No matter what gets thrown at us, I know we can handle it... 
        Dat makes it kinda fun, ja?

%Roland: If I'd never met you guys, then I would be reacting just like them.

%KCR (woman): ...This is all so sudden. I'm not ready to die!
              I... I have so much shopping left!

%KCR (man): Th-The world is going to disappear when the sun rises!?
            Where the hell is the Karma Society!? What are they planning to 
            do about this!?

<Inside the Shop>

%KCR (man): The EGG is outta control!?
            Why the hell did you do that? What's going to happen to me!?

%Argilla: You can't expect to go through life with other people protecting 
          you. ...Serves them right.


[Sala Park]

%Roland: I suppose you could scare civilians and then use their confusion 
         as a tactical diversion...
         That's what you were going for, right Gale?

%Argilla: I'm starting to feel sorry for them...
          Don't tell me you're enjoying it.

%Cielo: *Taunting the Residents* De world's gonna end! Don't you all get it? 

%Fred: Is it wrong to think this is funny?

%KCR (man): I have to grab what's important and get out of here...
            Yeah! The tree! I gotta save the tree!

%KCR (woman): They said the dome would save us!
              Paradise my ass... I'm gonna sue!

%KCR (guy): How can we escape the sun itself!? It sees everything!

%KCR (man on the ground): The world's going to disappear at sunrise...? 
                          Wh-What could cause something like that!?
                          Th-There's... There's nowhere we can go!


[Processing Dome]

<Outside of Internment Facility>

%Roland: I sent some men to the power plant to talk to the workers there.
         ...I don't want our first sunrise in five years to be the last one.

%Argilla: Tears fall... but I'm not sad anymore.
          I wish you could see us, Serph... Everyone's a Tribe now.

%MoL 1: We used orange, just like you guys.
        That should prove our dedication.

%MoL 2: Fred's starting to sound a lot like his father.

%MoL 3: So... The world could end after the next sunrise, huh?
        That's really too bad...
        That's why people should live life to the fullest -- so they never 
        have any regrets!

%Cielo: Now dere's just four of us...

%Fred: It's not just the four of you... Roland and I are here too.
       Serph and Gale inspired the others. You have a lot of new comrades!

%MoL 4: Nirvana... the promised land.
        It's a world unclouded by darkness. ...That's kind of how I feel now.


[Administrative District]

<Outside of Karma Society Tower>

%Roland: I hope there's room to negotiate.
         I definitely don't think natural selection is the best idea.

%Argilla: She let us go because she's hoping we'll kill Madame for her.
          She must really be in trouble, if she's asking for our help.

%Cielo: So, you mean...
        'ey, can't just solve dis with negotiation, brudda? Dat's what yer 
        best at, ja?
        At dis rate, God's gonna swallow all of us, you know?
        I'm sure dat Madame and Angel don't wanna die, eh?

%KCR 1: Madame is a very compassionate person. She'll do whatever it takes 
        to continue the human race...
        She'll know what to do!

%KCR 2: This is the city's Administrative District. See? The Karma Society 
        headquarters is over there.

%Karma Technical Researcher: The Director started a rebellion!?
                             She... She's not the reason the earth is being 
                             devoured, is she...?

----------------------|| Power Plant: Dungeon ||---[ #03K1 ]-------------------

[Power Plant Dome]

<Outside the Power Plant Gate>

%MoL 1: I tried talking to the guys inside, but as you can see, it didn't do 
        much good.
        Are they planning to die along with the city!?

%MoL 2: We started our assault on the facility, but we couldn't get very far.
        The soldiers inside are putting up quite a fight...
        They destroyed the consoles that control the gates.
        ...Our explosives couldn't even dent those things!

%MoL 3: I picked up a Karma Society signal, and it sounds like Madame Margot 
        is dead!
        The Chief Director took over, and she's ordered them to shutting down 
        the electricity.

%Adil: Apparently, Angel will be commanding the pursuit unit herself.
       But don't worry... I won't let her get anywhere near you.
       Where I come from, we'd lay down our lives if it meant saving our 

<Inside the Power Plant Gate>

%Argilla: It looks like we'll have to use force...
          Time to get serious.
          Fred, take care of Sera.

%Sera: .....
       > She's unconscious.

Fred: Leave it to me... I'll be right behind you guys, keeping Sera safe.

%MoL: So that's the Cyber Shaman, huh? She doesn't look scary at all...

%Cielo: De old lady died!? What de heck's goin' on?

%Roland: Is the Society insane!? ...Expect some company, Gale.


[Power Plant]

<Central Corridor>

%MoL 1: The Society's pulled back for now, but they won't be gone long.
        We'll fight 'em for as long as it takes.

%MoL 2: We'll keep them busy. Hurry up and shut this place down!

%Roland: This is our first line of defense, Gale.
         If the Lokapala can't hold the enemy back, they'll slowly withdraw.
         While they delay the enemy, we'll head to the control room.
         It's crawling with demons in there. Once we go in, there's no 
         turning back.
         Are you ready?

        - Gale: Sounds like a plan.

                Roland: Alright, let's get moving.

        - Gale: We need to prepare.

                Roland: I see... Well, let's hurry up. There isn't a lot of 

%Johnny (talk): This is important: "Human life doesn't sell cheap."
                I don't need to know what happened.
                I'm sure that silver-haired kid spent his on something 
                Remember, whether it's a life at stake, or profit, it's 
                all the same.

(Party encounters some Karma Soldiers (blue) trying to jam the consoles.)

Karma Soldier(blue): This is the last console.

Argilla: What the hell are you guys doing?

Karma Soldier(blue): It's too late... And, you're about to die, anyway!

*Battles 2 Dragon Nagas*

> The console is broken.

Argilla: I get it. 
         If these consoles are broken, the doors authomatically lock.
         We dont have time to waste fixing it.

Roland: All we need is something that can force electrical signals 
        through them.
        ...Like this.

*Roland jams his demonized hand into the broken console.*

(The partition opens after some rumbling.)

Cielo: Whoa!

*Argilla whistles.*

Roland: It read my will to open the gate as a signal.

Argilla: You're quite the clever one, aren't you, Roland?

Roland: You're hard to please.

Argilla: You got a point. *Winks*
         That was pretty impressive.

Roland: Heh, what can i say? It's no big deal. My Atma is the Lightning Bolt.

Gale: I see now... Intriging...
      Electric signals and human will can both be seen as data.
      Does this suggest God's true nature?


[Power Plant]

<Western Corridor>

Security System: Unidentified presence detected.
                 Attention: You have 5 minutes to evacuate.
                 Failure to comply will result in the activation of 
                 elimination protocol.

	- Prepare yourself.
	- Leave.

Security System: The unidentified presence must be eliminated.

*Battles 2 Device Laser Cannons*

*Gate opens after the Laser Cannons were defeated*

<Eastern Corridor>

(A similar battle with the Security System also happens in the 
 Eastern Corridor)

*Roland opened one partition but the one behind it closes.*

Roland: Dammit!
        The two partitions seem to be connected.
        When I open the one in the front, the back one closes.
        ...And same thing the other way; what a pain in the ass.

(After a round-about...)

Argilla: Huh? We're back where we started.
         How are you suppose to make any progress?

Security System: Unidentified presence detected.
                 Attention: You have 5 minutes to evacuate.
                 A maximum security warning has been issued.
                 Failure to comply will result in the activation of 
                 eliminatoin protocol.

	- Hurry it up, then.
	- Leaven.

Security System: The unidentified presence must be eliminated.

*Battles Device Gate Core, Device 20mm Machinegun, Device Laser Cannon*
Gate Core: Warning! Warining! Intruders must leave the premises immediately.
           Loading ammunition.
           Firing in 5 seconds...
Gate Core: Railgun malfunction detected.
           Ammunition feed machanism has been repositioned.
Gate Core: Laser gun malfunction detected.
           Power has been redirected.
Gate Core: Railgun and laser gun systems have ceased operation.
           Activating Genocide Mode. 
           All personnel are to evacuate immediately.
           Target locked on.

----------------|| Power Plant: Meganada Awakens ||---[ #03K2 ]----------------

[Power Plant]

<Control Room>

(The security alarm has sounded.)

Karma Soldier(blue): Son of a bitch! She's not gonna like this.
                     Let's go.
                     Our job depends on this one.

<Central Corridor: Console>

*Roland opens the last partition.*

(Lokapala is fighting against Angel's Karma Soldier in the Central Corridor.) 

Angel: What's taking so long?

Karma Soldier(red): The Lokapala are smarter than we thought.
                    I'm sorry, we are unable to fight effectively in that 
                    narrow corridor.

Angel: Guardians of the gods...Clever.
       Very well. Perpare to release Meganada.

Karma Soldier(red): Y--You'd seriously consider that!?

Angel: It's pefect. They'll die exactly like in the myth.

Karma Soldier(red): But Ma'am, won't that put Cyber Shaman in danger too?
                    If she's killed... Then our liberation won't...

Angel: Have faith in me. I'll bring you your liberation.

Karma Soldier(red): Ma'am! *salutes*

Angel: It is futile...
       As long as she desires this, we can do nothing.
       Either way, it won't be long...

(Back to the console...)

(The last partition is opened.)

*Party is greeted by Yaksa Raja Naga and an army of Nagas*

Raja Naga: The Cyber shaman is to be Angel's alone!
           You're free to devour the others!

*Battles 3 Dragon Nagas*
*Reinforcement 2 Dragon Nagas, 1 Yaksa Raja Naga*
Raja Naga: The most basic strategy is to use what the enemy likes least!
           Remember that!
Raja Naga: I didn't think it would be easy, but... This is surprising.
Raja Naga: If the power of one isn't enough, then I shall use many!


[Power Plant]

<Central Corridor>

Roland: Status report, Adil.

Adil: God... What the hell is that!?

*Adil's scream can be heard from the walkie-talkie.*

Roland: Adil! What's happening!?

Voices from the transmission: In...dra...

Roland: They broke through our defenses...

Cielo: What coulda happen to dem?

Roland: I'm not sure, but I don't like it.

*Roland walks toward the console by himself.*

Roland: This is my mess. You guys keep moving.

Fred: But, Roland...

Roland: Don't worry. I can handle them. I'm a clever one, after all.

Argilla: Roland...
         The Embryon's color... It stands for victory. Remember that...

*Roland waves his arm as he walked away from the closing partition.*

> Roland left the party.

%Karma Soldier(blue): Why did we worry... about our jobs...?

<Control Room>

*Gale fiddles around the computer as Argilla and Cielo looked over his 

(The power of the plant is down, but the electronics continue to work.)

Sera: That won't shut it down.
      A replica of God doesn't require man-made energy.

Argilla: How do we stop it?

*Sera shakes her head.*

Roland: Fred... Do you read me?

Fred: Roland!

*Roland limps across the corridors as blood trailed behind him.*

Roland: Did you stop the transmission?

Fred: No... We can't.

Roland: Don't give up!
        There has to be a way...

Fred: Where are you, Roland!
      We're coming!

Roland: Don't bother.
        This thing's a moster...
        I dont think there's a lot we can do.

Meganada: In...dra...

Roland: I have one trick up my sleeve.
        I'll overload the reactor and blow this placec sky-high.
        You need to get out of here.

Fred: You can't do that!

*Roland limps toward the Power Generator room*

Roland: Fred... I'm sorry.
        It's my fault that...
        ...your dad died.

*Roland opens the gate to the Power Generator and heads inside.*

Roland: I'm just a coward.
        I turned my back on him...
        ...He was my best friend....

*Meganada wanders in the corridor, trying to track Roland down.*

Roland: That saved my life...
        And then I just wasted it...

*Roland looks over the main reactor.*

Roland: The funny thing about karma...
        It goes round and round...
        and in the end, it comes back to bite you.
        It's just my turn this time...
        Right, Greg?

<Control Room>

*Fred sees Meganada and Roland on the survailance screens.*

*Fred tries to rush out but was stopped by Cielo.*

Ceile: Dere's nothing we can do.

Fred: Let go of me!

Argilla: Look! Everyone... They're risking their lives for you.
         Listen to me! You have to come to your senses!
         Please, Sera! Come on...

*Argilla's tear falls on Sera's cheek.*

*The Water Crown Atma appears on Sera's right cheek and glows.*

Sera: Serph?
      It's you, isn't it?
      I'm sorry, Serph...
      I'm sorry.

Sera: I'm sorry, everyone.
      Take me back to the EGG.
      I'll try... I'll try to talk to God.

Argilla: You guys go. I'm gonna stay behind and help Roland.

Sera: I'm sorry, Argilla.

Argilla: I want you to be brave. I'm sure Serph agrees.

Cielo: Whaddya mean, help Roland? You can't fight dat thing.

Argilla: Hey, don't you worry about me.
	 I'll catch up, okay? *winks*

*Argilla exchanged a look with Gale.*

*Gale understood what was implied with her determination.*

Gale: Yes. ...Let's go.

> Argilla left the party.
> Sera inherited Serph's power.
> Sera joined the party.


[Power Plant]

<Control Room>

(Sera is now the Party Leader.)

%Argilla: I had so many questions... But, they don't really matter anymore.
          I'm myself, now. I can make my own decisions.
          Good luck, Sera...

%Cielo: Welcome back, Sera.
        I had a lot to tell you... But, now dat you're here, I can't think 
        of anything.

%Fred: I don't really know what to say, but I'll tell you this...
       Try your best.

%Gale: Sera, does your life mean anything?

	- Sera: What do you mean, Gale?

		Gale: There are many lives supporting you. I believe there 
		      is meaning in that.

	- Sera: I don't know... but I'm ready.

		Gale: Very well. You will lead the Embryon.
		      I'll tell you one thing that I was able to comprehend...
		      Lives link to one another, and the world continues.
		      Living beings have a need to compensate for the lives 
		      that have supported them.
		      There are fights that prove unavoidable, and enemies 
		      that must be defeated...
		      ...and one day, we ourselves may all be defeated.
		      But, you mustn't hate anyone. ...Not even yourself.
		      If you can do that, something will change... 
		      And only you can find out what that is.

<Central Corridor>

Karma Soldier(blue): Wait! We can't allow you to pass.
                     Now you'll see what guards are really made of!

*Battles 2 Efreets*
Sera: Lives link to one another, and the world continues...
      *Sera Tunes to her Atma for the first time.*
      I won't run anymore, Serph.

<If you head toward the Power Generator...>
Gale: I understand that you want to help Roland.
      But, for now, we must keep moving.

*Party exits the Power Plant.*

(Back in the Power Generator...)

*Argilla runs into the generator room.*

*Argilla sees Meganada feasting on Roland's body on the ground. She screams.*

(The Alarm sounds as Argilla faces Meganada alone.)

(Megandana slams Argilla into the railing.)

Argilla: So, you like elecricity, Indrajit?
         Well I have something for you...
         How about you suck down the power...
         ...of this whole damn city!

*Argilla reaches for the switch but it was too late...*

*Roland climbs up slowly and exchanged a glance with Argilla.*

*Meganada snaps Argilla's head.*

*Roland pulls the switch with the last of his strength...*

(The bell rings for the dead...)

(The entire Power Plant exploded spectacularly.)

(The Party seeks refuge in Sala Park.)

------------------|| Interlude 4: Aftermath ||---[ #03L0 ]---------------------

(New dialogues now available.)

(Sera is now the Party Leader and player character.)

[Sala Park]

%Gale: Remeber what you see here...
       That fire is the light of life, which we must carry on.

%Cielo: Come on...
        Someone has to put an end to dis, ja?

%Fred: Roland... Argilla...

%KCR 1: Oh my god... The power plant! Without that, we're doomed!
        W-Wait, I know! I'll burn the tree! Ha ha, yeah! Fire is the symbol 
        of civilization!

%KCR 2: What's that, some kinda crater?
        I'm SO going to sue!

%KCR 4: The world's going to disappear at sunrise...? Wh-What could cause 
        something like that!?
        Th-There's... There's nowhere we can go!


[Underground City]

<Western Area>

%Kathy (talk): Have you met my daughter?
               With all that's going on, I haven't had much time to spend 
               with her.
               Please play with her, if you can; I'd like her to have more 

%UCR(woman): My older sister had a baby girl, this morning.
             But, once tomorrow comes, she'll die without a name...
             I know! Can she use your name?
             Just for now, I mean?

%UCR(old man): Once the sun rises, it's all over? Then... I won't be able to 
               tell God what I really think.
               That's not fair... I can go out and complain all I want -- 
               but God won't change a damn thing!
               Talk about a bad day...

%Fred's friend (girl): How can they think about the store at a time like 
                       My mom and dad need to get a clue!

	- Sera: Having both parents is a blessing.

		Girl: ..........
		      My mom used to tell me... When you have a sad face, 
		      it makes all your friends sad, too...
		      *sniff* I miss them...

	- Sera: We'll play with you.

		Girl: Really? Yay!
		      Let's play this game that I found outside...

			- Sera: That sounds like fun.

				*Girl: Aww, don't be so sad... 
				       Your friends are gonna tease you if 
				       you look like that.

			- Sera: I'm sorry, we're in a hurry.

				Girl: Oh, okay... You should have told me 
				      you were busy.

<Eastern Area>

%Cielo: Remember how Gale said dere weren't any kids in de Junkyard?
        Dere are lots'a kids here.

%Gale: Fred has seen many things.
       He seems to have grown since we first met him.
       I think it began when...

%Fred: I didn't grow any taller, you just haven't seen me for a bit.
       Stop being so childish. We need to hide...

%Fred's friend (boy): Don't you think Fred's taller?
                      It's not fair. I wanna grow too.

<Roland's Room>

%Gale: We have much to discuss, but stopping the EGG is our priority at 
       the moment.
       There's no time to waste.

%Cielo: I want to show you de city if we ever have a chance...
        It's a lot homier dan de Karma Society's city.

%Fred: As long as I'm alive in the morning...
       I'll be ready to guide you.

<Underwater Cable: Room>

%Gale: The situation can get no worse than this.
       People who are prepared to die make for fierce warriors.

%UCR(old man): I used to be a cop, but that was a long time ago...
               I'm not so great with a gun anymore, but I can still help 

%UCR(woman): I can do something, right?
             I'm so tired of saying I'm too tired.

<Underwater Cable: Tunnel Entrance>

%Fred: Look at everyone's eyes... They seem so alive.
       Up until now, it felt like we were all half dead.

%Cielo: Life ain't easy, but as long as we can imagine a better world, 
        I don't mind fightin' for it, ja?

%MoL 1: I'm staying here until the end.
        I promised Roland... The Society won't get a single demon past here.

%MoL 2: My wife and I are still alive.
        It's just a few hours until sunrise. This is all in your hands, now.


[Urban Area]


%Cat: .....
      > The silver eyes are calm and enouraging.

%Gale: Being overprotected only makes a person weaker.
       If people outlive their benefactor, then they won't have the skills 
       necessary to live on their own.
       One cannot grow inside a shell.

%Cielo: I feel sorry for dese guys...
        Do you think it bothers dem dat dey can't live without someone 
        else's help?

%Fred: I'm nothing like them...

%KCR 1: T-Take me somewhere safe...! I don't wanna die -- I'll pay you!

%KCR 2: Wh-What!? People that turn into monsters?
        ...Avatar Tuners? The Society was going to turn us into monsters!?
        How could they trick us like that?

%KCR 3: I'm still not done shopping yet.
        C'mon! Open the store!


[Processing Dome]

<Outside of Internment Facility>

%Fred: Why did Roland and Adil have to die!?
       We have to fight! We can't let them die for nothing!

%Gale: You may cry if you like, Sera.
       But, don't allow despair to take hold. You must find the strength to 

%Cielo: I'll take you on a cruise after dis is all over, ja?
        By den, all we'd have to worry about is getting eaten by a sea 
        monster. Hee hee...

%MoL 1: Roland, Adil, and the others are going to the promised land, right?

%MoL 2: When I heard Roland had died... I thought we were through.
        ...But, Fred's right.

%MoL 3: This is it! We'll do our best!

%MoL 4: He's definetly Greg's son... You can tell because he still has hope 
        for the future.


[Administrative District]

<Outside of Karma Society Tower>

%Gale: You and Serph share the same "Water Crown" Atma.
       Your abilities should be similar. Allow his will to guide you 
       in battle.

%Cielo: Dere isn't much time. Let's hurry up and finish dis, ja?

(Karma Techinical Researchers will now be labeled as KTR.)

%KTR: It-It's the... Cyber Shaman...
      I know you probably h-hate us... but, can you do something to stop God?
      I know we did horrible things... ...But we really thought it was for the 
      best interest of society!

%KCR 1: A bunch of people tried to push their way through, but the guards 
        turned them away.
        Yeah, humans against demons... They didn't stand a chance.  

%KCR 2: I can't believe Madamne is gone... It's all come crashing down.

----------------|| EGG Facility Part II: Dungeon ||---[ #03M1 ]----------------

(Karma Technical Researchers will now be labeled KTR)

[Laboratory Dome]

<Outside of EGG Facility>

%Gale: Nobody bears a grudge against you, Sera.
       You can stop God... You can give us light.

%Cielo: It's hard not to worry about Heat and Serph...
        But, right now, we need to worry about stopping dat thing!

%Fred: I'll keep an eye on the Society people from here. Good luck


[EGG Facility]

<1F: Lobby>

%KTR: Aheh... Hyeheeheehee... Inside... It's like nothing you've ever seen... 
      Aha! Everyone's... They're gone! Hee hee hee... The voice took everyone 
      away! Can't you hear the voice? See...? It's crying...

%Johnny: Wherever I set up shop, that's where shop is... and that's here.
         This is serious business, my friend.
         Let me give you a piece of advice. Inside, it's too dark to see 
         what's coming at you -- just like life.
         Buy some items to light your way.

%Johnny(talk): Listen up, girl: "A good woman values a man's spirit."
               That applies to both business and relationships. Remember that.
               Do you know what makes a woman more than just a female?
               A good woman is strong enough to accept the death of the man 
               she loves...
               You need to accept that you may never able to understand it...
               But, I'm sure that he did.

<B6: Halls>

Demonized Human: Aha... Heeheehee... I haha... must return... to my body 
                 hee hee hee...

*Battles 2 Brute Pisacas*


<B10: Halls>

(Party arrives at an eerie, mutated hallway.)

Cielo: What's with dis place?

Sera: God's data must be leaking.
      The data comprising this entire area has already been corrupted.
      The EGG might be damaged...

Gale: That would make this God's will. What is God, exactly?

Sera: I can't really say... He is a being of vast greatness.
      Talking with God is different than talking to people.
      As he enfolds me, I can feel his will.

Gale: That is conversing with God?

Sera: I don't know if he... if he even has a distinct mind, like us.

Cielo: Seriously? How you gonna change his mind if he don't have one?

Sera: I felt warmth in him.
      I think that the way people have lived, and God destroying our world...
      are related somehow.
      We ignored something very important, so...

Cielo: He jus' gave up?

Gale: You see that as an opening for negotiation.

Cielo: 'ey, what happened to "I do not comprehend," eh brudda?
       I kinda miss it.

Gale: Somethings must be felt, not comprehended.
      Our comrades' deaths must not be in vain.

<B11: Room (after the Party entered the first warp)>

%Gale: Some might blame you for the end of the world, and hate you for it.

	- Sera: I shouldn't hate them, right?

		Gale: As long as you understand, it is fine.
		      I'll remain on your side, even if the whole world turns 
		      against you.
		      It's pointless to hate people...
		      I can help you carry the burden caused by the hatred of 
		      others. That should make it easier on you.

	- Sera: Yeah... I know...

		Gale: Don't worry, Sera. Your friends do not feel that way.
		      This is something that one person cannot take sole 
		      responsibility for.
		      ...Even you, Sera. Do not hate other, or blame yourself.
		      I'll remain on your side, even if the whole world turns 
		      against you.

%Cielo: Tch... De reason doesn't matter!
        We support Sera because it's de right thing to do, ja?
        Dis all woulda happened wit' or wit'out Sera. You can't blame her 
        for it! I mean, look at de people here. Honestly, dey're good for 
        If I was God, I woulda destroyed it all a long time ago, ja?

<B11: Room>

> Something's emerging from the vortex!

*Battles 2 Icon Hanumans*

<B11: Hall>

Demonized Human: Don't come... any closer...
                 Stay AWAAAAAY!!!

*Battles 2 Beast Chimeras*

<B13: Room>

Demonized Human: Grrr... Eat... Will...
                 ..........is PURE!

<B13: Lab>

KTR: Can't you hear it? ...From the vortex?
     It's so sad and painful... I heard that voice, and I wanted to 
     comfort it.....
     ...And then I was here.


<B30: EGG Room>

> Sad, bitter crying can be heard on the other side.
> Open the door?
	- Yes
	- No

(The Party walked inside the room to see a giant demon where the EGG 
 used to be.)

Vritra: It's about time.

Sera: Heat...

Vritra: I told you I was strong, Sera. Now I just have to devour you.

Sera: I'm sorry, Heat. I know that I've made you suffer.
      Devour me, if that that's what you really want.
      But please, allow me to talk to God first!

*Vritra bellows and thrashes his tentacles around.*

Vritra: Talk to me.

Sera: You don't understand--

Gale: Stand back, Sera.

Cielo: Be careful. We wanna talk with you, bro...
       ...Just de way you like it.

Vritra: Let's go.

*Battles Yaksa Vritra, 2 Yaksa Tentacles*
Vritra: Don't be so half-assed! The sun's gonna rise if you keep wasting time!
        I killed your leader!
        Aren't you angry? Where's your hatred!? Bring it on!!
Vritra: No, y'dumb bastard!
        That won't do a damn thing!
Vritra: This next one's my best move! ...Don't disappoint me.
        You'd better survive!
Vritra: Yeah... That's better.
        Don't let your guard down!
Vritra: You thought you'd win by chopping off my arms!?
        *Regenerates Tentacles*
Vritra: Heh, took you long enough.
        Now I'll get serious...
        Come on!!
Vritra: Heh... Not bad...
        But, it's not over yet.
Vritra: You won't like this one... Get ready!

------------|| EGG Facility Part II: 5 Years Ago ||---[ #03M2 ]----------------

[EGG Facility]

<Inside the EGG Inhibitor>

(Sounds of fighting above can be heard from inside the EGG inhibitor.)

*Serph lays on the bottom of the EGG fluid.*

Cat: The fluid that sustained Sera has saved you as well.
     You should be able to wake up.

*Serph opens his eyes slightly...*

Cat: It would be very easy to return to God right now...
     ...but you have an obligation to those whose lives you touched.

*Serph sees the mysterious gray cat beside him. Its eyes are glowing...*

Cat: I am Schroedinger. 
     I'll use that name, as this world requires data to represent existence.
     All things in this world are composed of data.
     Human beings, you, myself, even the world itself...
     Data originates from God, and to God it returns. This is the cycle of 
     the universe.
     Beyond this knowledge lies enlightenment--
     ...understanding what is truly important.

(The scene shifts to a view of the Earth and the universe.)

Schroedinger: That is the sole reason this world exist, and you within it.
              You may not be able to understand it yet...
              For now, let me show you the data you wish to see.
              I can do that, in here.


[Schroedinger's Vision: Flashback]

(The Serph, Heat and Argilla in this scenario is their real counterpart, 
 when they were still alive. The label "AI" indicates the version in Sera's 
 dream, prior to the creation of the Junkyard.)

<EGG Facility: 5 Years Ago>

*Heat walks toward Serph, who is standing by the EGG inhibitor.*

Heat: How long are you going to keep this up?
      For crying out loud, Serph... She can't even live without that fluid.

Serph: That's why you'll never surpass me.
       Since when did people start expecting science to be humane?
       To study the body, you cut it open. To study the mind, you isolate it 
       by curshing the heart.
       Historically, that's how science has advanced.

*Argilla wheels Sera toward the EGG. They are greeted by Serph and Heat.*

Sera: I, uh... I talked with the sun for two whole minutes today...

Serph: You did great, Sera!

Sera: You'll realy let me go on a boat if I can talk for ten minutes?

Serph: I promised, remember?

*Heat turns away and walks out of the room*

Sera: That guy's scary, Serph...

<Simulated Beach in Sera's Dream>

(Everyone plays happily on the sandy beach.)

*AI Serph knocks the ball into AI Cielo's face*

*AI Heat throws the volleyball into AI Serph's face. AI Serph falls flat 
 on his back.*

Cuvier's voice: A fully cohesive virtual world!?

Angel's voice: Number 19 created it outside of our knowledge.
               Not only that, but also AI programs with fully functional 
               virtual egos...

Serph: It's a worthless, sentimental playhouse she created for
       ...It's sickening.

(The scientists monitors Sera's status.)

Beck: This is incredible! I'll draft the proposal immediately--

Heat: You can't!
      Her mental and emotional stress is off the charts.
      She's aging at an accelerated rate... We can't risk pushing her even 

Beck: It is true?

Serph: Don't be concerned, Colonel Beck.

*Heat is shocked and speechless.*

Scientist 1: There's an error in Samsara's data circulation system. 
             Code: 8081454.
             Aborting stages 2 through 5...

Scientist 2: These EGG readings are all wrong.. Her condition's critical...

Serph: She should last a bit longer. Inject the stimulant.

(Stimulents are injected into Sera's body in the inhibitor.)

*Sera gasped in pain.*

Serph: can you hear me, Sera?  Hang in there-- we're almost done.

Heat: That's enough!

*Heat draws a handgun and points at Serph.*

(The scientist scrambles and accidentally hits the switch to the 
 viewing screen.)

Serph: Don't be a hypocrite.
       You wanted to learn about God, didnt you? That's why you joined.
       If Sera dies, we move onto the next child.
       If that child dies, we use another... That's how it works.
       Honestly, we shoudln't be wasting time on trivial arguements.
       I think we're both better than that.

Heat: You're really something, you know that?
      You can't just manipulate people to do whatever the hell you want!

Serph: Oh, can't I now?

*Heat was suddenly shot from behind. Argilla holds the smoking gun with her 
 shaking hands.*

*Serph picks up the gun that Heat dropped on the floor and waves it around.*

Serph: Simple, huh?
       The human heart is a machine. We can predict the outcome of any action.
       Considering my goal is God's power...
       People are just tools.

*Sera sees the entire event, and cries.*

(Her sadness overrides the EGG system and all hell breaks loose...)


<Inside the EGG Inhibitor>

Schroedinger: Her sadness angered God.
              Contaminated by the rush of data,
              the man became a demon.
              He devoured those around him,
              and was eventually killed.

(The data of Real Heat materializes behind Serph.)

Real Heat: She spent five years here, sealing her heart shut.
           Her paradise became hell; 
           She dreamt for a long time, about you.
           Your original traits may reflect her preception of us.
           You are different now.

(The Real Serph and the Fake Serph also materialize behind Serph.)

Real Serph: There you are!
            What did you do to me!?

Fake Serph: Sera...
            Where is Sera?

Real Heat: You and I are dead.
           Accept it... We must join the circulation of data and await 
           the end.

Real Serph: You're lying! I can't be dead!
            You fool... I have the power of God!

Fake Serph: Sera... Where...?

Real Heat: Now,
           defeat these phantoms and break free from the past.
           Release my other self, as well.

(Serph's Water Crown Atma glows with his growing determination.)

*Battles Yaksa Real Varna, Yaksa Fake Varna*
*Serph is joined in the battle by Real Heat's data*
Real Varna: I won't lose to you, Heat!
Real Varna: Everything will be mine... Knowledge! Power! Everything!
Fake Varna: Sera...
            Where is Sera...?
Fake Varna: Where... are you... Sera!?
Fake Varna: Sera... Sera...
Fake Varna: Sera... Sera... Sera...!
Real Varna: Get out of my way, you imposter!
Real Varna: I'm not dead!
            I can't be dead!
Real Varna: No... Noooo...
            I still haven't--


[EGG Room]

<EGG Walkway>

Vritra: I'm not finished yet!

(Vritra's stomach is slashed open by a blade from the inside.)

Cielo: Wh-- What the---!?

Sera: Serph...?

*Varna emerges from the bowel of Vritra and appears before the Party*

*Flood of blood comes gushing out of Vritra's stomach*

Gale: Serph!

(Vritra howls and falls onto the walkway.)

(Serph stood before the party with Heat back to normal, by his side.)

Cielo: It is you!

Heat: Who else... could it be?
      Serph wouldn't die -- that'd be too easy.
      Well? Now do you see where I stand?

	- I do...
	- ......

Heat: Then let's finish this where it all began...

*Heat's data teleports to the observation deck and Serph intends to follow.*

Sera: Please stop, you two!
      This is all my fault... There's no reason to --

Cielo: Dey'll work dis out on deir own.

Gale: There are those who find identity in battle.
      For them, fighting may lead to salvation.
      Let him go.


[EGG Facility]

(Player now controls Serph by himself)

<B27: Observation Deck>

*Serph walks into the room and sees blood all over the place*

*Serph sees a huge puddle of blood near where Heat is sitting*

Heat: You're too damn slow... I almost fell asleep.

*Heat sprawled on the chair, his side bleeding profusely*

Heat: Sorry... We'll have to settle this later.
      You killed me. Understand?

	- I know. You don't need to explan.

		Heat: You're the one who has to protect Sera now... 
		      Don't let go of her...

	- Heat, I--

		Heat: I don't want Sera to blame herself... Take good care 
		      of her...

Heat: *Dying* I did it...
      I made my choice... and I lost.
      I don't... regret --

(The bell rings for the dead...)

*Serph brought Heat's body out of the room. The group shed tears of sadness.*


[Laboratory Dome]

<Outside of the EGG Facility>

Cielo: Some stuff happened, and... de machine broke.
       I'm sorry, Fred.

Fred: So, then...

Sera: There's still hope.
      I remember they were conducting experiments in a facility far away 
      from here.
      If it's still functional...

Gale: We still couldn't reach it. There isnt' time.

Sera: I think we can still make it if we take an airplane.
      I will go to the sun myself and ask God to return earth to normal.

Cielo: You can do dat!?

Sera: I haven't tried before, but... I'll send my data.

Gale: How will you return?

Sera: I won't return. 
      And that's why I'm going alone.
      It's my responsibility...

Gale: Sera, I am hurt.

Sera: Why?

Gale: Because you aren't asking me to help with negotiations...

Cielo: Aww, dis is cute... Looks like you're pretty insecure beneath all dat 
       You can't be reasong with God, bro.
       Maybe I could show him some jammin' Latin rhythm, ja?

Cielo: *Dances around* Oh yeah, baby~ Dig it.
Gale: I'm sure you would only anger him.

Cielo: Really?
       Den why don't we see which one of us can convince God first!?

Gale: Agreed.

Cielo: Well den Sera, looks like you'll need to make reservations for 
       three more.

*Serph puts his hand on Sera's shoulder in support.*

Sera: Thank you... everyone.

> Serph joined the party.

-------------------|| Interlude 5: Final Hours ||---[ #03N0 ]------------------

(New dialogues are now available)

(Serph is now the party leader)

[Laboratory Dome]

%Sera: ......
       The Nirvana everyone imagined was a world I created before the 
       Junkyard... I created friends using the images of people who I knew 
       and cared about.
       They told me to erase everyone when I created the Junkyard... 
       But, I couldn't do it.
       I'm sorry Heat... I'm sorry Argilla... ...everyone...
       It's cruel, isn't it...? You can blame me...

%Gale: So the Junkyard was the remains of Sera's dream...
       Varin was correct... but in a way, also mistaken.

%Cielo: It's okay, Sera...
        It might have started out like dat, but now we're just ourselves, ja?
        Heat and Argilla chose deir own paths...
        Just like us.

%Fred: I can't believe you were modeled after such a sleaze bag...
       But, Sera was just a kid then -- well, she's still a kid, right?
       It just proves that you can't trust adults...

%KTR: Didn't y-you guys just come out from h-here...?
      Well, y-you're not going back in! I'm w-w-warning you!
      'Cause inside...
      Inside, there's...!


[Underground City]

<Western Area>

%Kathy (talk): It'll all be over soon, but I decided to keep the store open.
               Good business means doing whatever it takes to support your 
               I'm sure my husband would agree.

%UCR(woman): My older sister had a baby girl, this morning.
             But, once tomorrow comes, she'll die without a name...
             I know! We can name her after that girl in your group!
             ...Just temporarily.

%UCR(old man): You should hurry up and get that girl to the hospital.
               I hope it's not too late...

<Eastern Area>

%Sera: I had a little dizzy spell... ...I'm okay now.
       Let's hurry to the airport.

%Cielo: According to what you saw in de EGG, bro, she's...
        We should stay positive, ja?
        Or else... It's too sad...

%Gale: Serph, I'm sure you realize that she doesn't have much time left.
       With her last remaining moments, she is acting of her own free will 
       for the very first time.
       Let's assist her to the best of our abilities.

%Fred: Are you feeling okay, Sera? You look pale...
       Have you started growing again?

%Fred's friend: I heard you guys are going to the sun. 
                That's incredibly brave.
                Won't it be hot?

<Roland's Room>

%Sera: Angel didn't know that everyone was in the Junkyard.
       I tried to do an emergency override to stop the virus experiment, 
       but I was too late.
       There were a lot of heavy firewalls set up in the Junkyard.
       They were supposed to prevent anyone from interfering, but Angel...

%Gale: I see. That's why we were told to find Sera.
       They wanted to imprision us in the Junkyard, so Sera would obey.

%Cielo: So dat's why we had to go to all de trouble of saving Sera?

%Fred: Thanks to you guys, the Karma Society's been crushed.
       See, not everything's bad!

<Underwater Cable: Room>

%UCR 1: If they wanna eat me, let's see 'em do it. I'll rip their tongues off 
        from the inside...

%UCR 2: Guards lost their sanity... They were eating humans...
        If humanity's fallen this far, then we don't have a future.
        ...When you give in to fear, that's when darkness comes.

%Gale: Jenna... You had to go this far in order to keep your hatred burning, 
       I cannot imagine how difficult it must've been for you...

%Fred: Even if the sun does turn back to normal...
       ...will the demonized people stay the same?

%Sera: It was a virus created from God's solar data... There should be a cure.

<Underwater Cable: Tunnel Entrance>

%Cielo: Loneliness?
        We all gonna be lonely at de end... Dat means we should appreciate 
        our friends while we have 'em, ja?

%MoL: *huff* *huff* It's like hell in there...
       Just... Monsters, everywhere!

%UCR (woman): My husband died...
              What an insensitive jerk... If he was going to die anyway, 
              he should have stayed with me...


[Urban Area]


%Sera: Schroedinger was the name of the cat Dr. Heat gave to me.
       ...But, it was just a normal cat.

%Gale: Since he guided you, I doubt he's our enemy... 
       But, why would someone use the name of Sera's cat?

%Cielo: Dat cat's de same one we saw in de Junkyard, ja?
        What do you mean, he talked?

%Fred: I saw a cat like that, but... He seemed strange, somehow.

%KTR 1: All the soldiers have been given orders to capture the Cyber Shaman.
        ...The order came from the Chief Director.
        She mentioned using the Shaman to stop God, but that doesn't make 
        The EGG was destroyed, and that's the only way to speak with God -- 
        and she had us dispose of the inhibitor.
        Without all that, it's just not possible...

%KTR 2: I knew the people who you guys were modeled after.
        Serph was responsible for the Cyber Shaman's mental stability.
        Heat monitored her physical health.
        Argilla was a nurse who worked under Heat.
        Serph brainwashed Argilla and used her as a spy, to keep Heat out 
        of his way.

%KCR: A cat!? Why would I care about some stupid cat?
      Look, if it's not on my list, then I don't care!
      This sale's huge, and I'm not going to miss it for anything!


[Sala Park]

%Gale: Argilla once asked you what it meant to live.
       I would also wonder what it means to die.
       Is simply existing considered life? In that case, would disappearing 
       be considered death?
       Is life really nothing more than data -- words with representations?
       Then, what have we been living for?

%Sera: I'm fine...
       I could feel everyone's solar data stabbing into me...
       But, something is still missing.

%Cielo: While you were gone, Argilla and Roland died, bro...
        I feel sad...
        ...But, it kinda feels like dey're not really gone.

%Fred: Once someone dies, that's it. It's stupid to hope for more.

%KCR(man): I was gonna burn this tree, but... No matter how hard I scrape, it
           just won't light...
           I wish I'd gone camping as a kid...

%KCR(woman): I'd never lower myself to such a primitive level.
             I'm refined!

%KCR 3: Nobody ever told us what to do in this type of situation...
        I blame the educational system!

%KCR 4: I'm can't believe how helpless we are without electricicty...
        I used to think I could take care of myself, but I can't really do 
        much of anything.


[Processing Dome]

<Outside of Internment Facility>

%Gale: Fred doesn't realize how dangerous our task will be.
       We will have to face Angel...

%Sera: There's an airport, but it isn't used much anymore.

%Cielo: Another fight with Angel?
        Sheesh, it's gonna be a tough one!

%Fred: The Society wants to stop the sun too, right? Do you think we can 
       talk with them and work together?

%MoL 1: You guys...
        I'm sorry... I wish we could do more on our own, instead of relying 
        on you...

%MoL 2: You're taking an airplane to some old facility?
        Uh, I don't really think I can help you with that.

%MoL 3: You're going to the sun!? ...Will that really work?
        Well, you have our support; we're counting on you.

%MoL 4: ...The promised land is starting to sound pretty good.


[Administrative District]

<Outside of Karma Society Tower>

%Gale: It doesn't matter who the model was; a person is the sum of his deeds.
       I believe in Serph, leader of the Embryon.

%Sera: Dr. Heat was scary... I was always afraid of him.
       Argilla was a kind nurse, who treated me like a little sister.
       And... The chief doctor was very gentle. ...I loved him.
       But, it was all just a dream... That was just how I saw those people 
       in my mind.

%Cielo: So... De reason our hair and eyes were different colors is 'cause 
        we became AI's...

%KTR 1: Before the Cyber Shaman project began, there were telepathic ability 
        A lot of talented children went mad... ...and died.
        I remember this one really bright kid from South America or the 
        Caribbean or something...
        He was an early Shaman candidate. 
        ...Heh, I can still see that little guy's dreadlocks.

%KTR 2: The Karma Society was completely different, in the beginning.
        It was originally a small group of researchers, funded by the 
        government to study God.
        When the world was destroyed five years ago, Madame established the 
        Karma Society as we now know it.
        She's survived many hardships...

%KCR 1: Madame Cuvier had found a way for the human race to survive...
        What happened? How could it turn out like this?

%KCR 2: Jenna Angel was going to spread the demon virus worldwide by having 
        Sera communicate with the Sun...
        But, I think people still could have escaped underground.
        ...Why would she think something like that could lead to 

-----------------|| Detour: The Four Archangels ||---[ #03O0 ]-----------------

[EGG Facility]

<1F: Lobby>

KTR: Was... Was that the right thing to do? ...I couldn't refuse an order 
     from the Director...
     Leave me alone!

Gale: The Director... Does he mean Angel?
      Serph, if there's a chance she's involved, we cannot ignore it.
      Will you allow me to interrogate him?

        - There isn't time.

        - Okay, it's up to you. (Choose this one for further dialogues)

Gale: This should be a good warm-up for my bet against Cielo.

Gale: What should I do...?

        - Question.

                Gale: What is your objective here?

                KTR: N-Nothing... I just stopped by...
                     R-Really, that's all! I don't... I don't know a-anything!

                Gale: If you refuse to tell the truth, then...

        - Talk.

                - Using Logical tone.

                        Gale: If you're trying to protect yourself, there is 
                              no point.

                        KTR: Wh-What...!?

                        Gale: The world ends in the morning.
                              If you're hiding something, now is the time to
                              spit it out.

                        KTR: ...I didn't have any choice! It was an order, 
                             I... I didn't WANT to do it!

                        Gale: Hm... An order... I see.

                - Using threatening tone.

                        Gale: What should I eat first? Your arm? Perhaps your 
                              No... I believe I'll go straight for the head.

                        KTR: I-I failed the last health exam! 
                             S-So who knows... what's wrong with me!
                             If-If-If you're fine with that, then eat me!

                        Gale: That was careless.
                              It's more difficult to gather information if 
                              he's hysterical.

        - Manipulate.

                Gale: Your logic is contradictory.
                      You claimed to have just stopped by, but then you said...

                        - You were meeting someone.

                                Gale: ...you said that you were meeting up 
                                      with someone.

                                KTR: Actually... I don't think I ever said 

                                Gale: Ah... It seems I'm the one with 
                                      incorrect logic...

                        - You were ordered here.

                                Gale: ...you said that your orders brought 
                                      you here. Did you not?
                                      I don't understand why you would lie 
                                      in such an obvious fashion.

                                KTR: .......
                                     ...Sure, I came here because the Director 
                                     ordered it...
                                     But, I was told to wait here!
                                     It doesn't change the fact that I don't 
                                     know anything!

Gale: What is it you're waiting for?

KTR: How am I suppose to know!?
     I was told to wait here. ...I don't even know what's going on inside!

Gale: ...You still refuse to be honest.

        - Question.

                Gale: If you don't know what you're waiting for, then how 
                      will you know when it arrives?

                KTR: Wh--!? ...An order's an order!

        - Talk.

                - Using tempting approach.

                        Gale: I have a ration here. You're getting hungry, 
                              aren't you?

                        KTR: I don't want that crap!
                             ...Though, I haven't had flautas in forever.

                        Gale: I know of Flauros. But, what is Flautas?
                              We are wasting too much time. There must be a 
                              better approach.
                - Using threatening approach.

                        Gale: The researchers inside are your friends, are 
                              they not?
                              Why won't you help them?

                        KTR: Psh... No way!
                             Once you get like that... you're not human 
                             My friends are dead!

                        Gale: Hmph...
                              He knows what happened inside. ...We've got him.

        - Manipulate.

                Gale: There is a flaw in your story.
                      You were ordered to wait here, and claim not to know 
                      what happened inside, but in fact...

                        - You were infected with the demon virus.

                                Gale: You strongly implied that you were 
                                      infected by the demon virus.

                                KTR: ...Where'd THAT come from?

                                Gale: ...Uh, I'm certain that...

                        - You've been in the EGG facility.

                                Gale: ...Do you realize that you essentially 
                                      told us you'd gone inside the EGG?
                                      Otherwise, how would you know what had 
                                      happened to those inside?
                                      ...Very careless.

                                KTR: .....Shit.

                        - You want to eat Flautas.

                                Gale: You clearly stated that you wished to 
                                      eat Flautas.

                                KTR: ...I could go for tortillas, too.

                                Gale: Tortillas!? What is that?
                                      Flauros, Flautas, Tortillas...
                                      What kind of demons are these?
                                      No... He's trying to distract me.
                                      I won't be caught off guard. I am the 
                                      brain of the Embryon.
                                      Serph is depending on me.
                                      *Glares at the Player intently*

Gale: What should I do?

        - Question.

        Gale: What were Jenna's orders?

        KTR: Wait... What?

                - Question.

                Gale: Tell me what Jenna wanted you to do here.

                KTR: You know the Director's name...
                     How are you two related?

                        - She's... an old friend.
                                KTR: ...... I see...
                                     There's something... you should know.
                        - I am her enemy.

                                KTR: Then I have nothing to say.
                                     Kill me -- it doesn't matter.

KTR: Even though it was an order... I did something terrible.
     I released the seal of the devouring angels who descended five years ago
     with Varna and Meganada...
     Their minds have eroded to a point where they don't remember anything 
     about this world.
     ...They're going to destroy us all.
     The Director knew this -- that's why they were sealed in the first place.
     She's... different from before.
     Lately, it feels like there's darkness all around her.
     Please... Defeat the angels, if you can.

	- Where are they?

		KTR: I was in such a hurry to get out of there, 
		     I'm not sure...
		     One of them might even still be inside.

	- We don't have time for that.

		KTR: Well... If you change your mind, please come back.
		     There aren't many who could defeat them.


[EGG Facility]

<B13: Lab>

Uriel: Where is this... Who am I?
       These stone dolls... I have seen them before.
       Yes, we took the betrayers and turned them to stone.
       No, this is not the same. I thirst... I must find a way to rid myself 
       of this thirst!

*Battles Light Uriel*

> Uriel has disappered.

<1F: Lobby>

%KTR: You defeated one of them!?
      I see... The Director definitely keeps powerful company.
      That means there's still three left...
      You've gotta do something about the others...


[Processing Dome]

<Outside of Internment Facility>

%MoL: What the hell was that!?
      I saw it!
      It was really dark, but... But, I saw it flying in that direction!

<Internment Facility>

Raphael: This is not the factory I know...
         Who... am I?
         I thirst... I must quench this thirst...

*Battles Light Raphael*
Raphael: I'm a human... Five years ago, on that day...
         No... I'm Raphael... My duty is to build the Millennial Kingdom
         by God's authority!
         Witness the fury of the heavens!

> Raphael disappeared.


[Administrative District]

<Outside of Karma Society Tower>

%KCR: Is that a bird? Whait, an airplane!?
      It was hard to tell in the darkness, but it came from the direction of
      the corporate building.

<20F: Open-air walkway>

Gabriel: This city isn't my city...
         Where is the savior? Where is the millenium?
         I thirst... I must quench this thirst!

*Battles Light Gabriel*
Gabriel: I... was once human... What happened... 5 years ago...?
         I... I am Gabriel... My duty is to build the Millennial Kingdom
         according to God's will...
         May God bless us all...
Gabriel: Be warned... Your foe still remains...

> Gabriel disappeared.


[Occupied Sector]


Gabriel: This land is different from ours.

Raphael: We are not like this twisted black sun...

Uriel: But, as we have arrived here, it's our duty to establish a 
       thousand-year kingdom.

Michael: Cleanse the flase kingdom with God's fire and establish a new 
         millenium! Repent of your sins!

*Battles the 4 Archangels*
Uriel: Lord... Do not forsake your servant...
       I will cast you down to hell!
Raphael: Enough! I'll show you the glory of God's design!
         Lord, give me strength!
         Witness the fury of the heavens!
Raphael: Why, my lord...? Why do you not answer me...?
Gabriel: I am Gabriel.
         Though this is not our world, I cannot forsake Michael and the 
         others. You must... defeat us.
         May God bless us all...
Gabriel: This was not according to our design...
         Please... You must spread love to all... the world...
Michael: How dare you assault Uriel, Raphael, and Gabriel!
         I shall avenge their deaths!
Michael: Lo, you sinners who turn your backs to God will perish!

> The Celestial Angel's solar data flowed into the sky.
> What will become of them?

----------------------|| Airport: Dungeon ||---[ #03P1 ]-----------------------


<Airport entrance> 

(The Party walks toward the Airport entrance.)

Cielo: (To Fred) Okay. Dat's as far as you go.

Fred: What? Why!?

Cielo: You still got stuff to do.

Gale: The Karma Society will be gone. You'll be needed here.

Gale: There is one other thing.
      Back in the junkyard, I killed a noble warrior.
      ...your father.

Fred: Roland told me.
      But, I... I don't hate you.
      You guys taught me something important.
      We're... We're comrades.

Gale: Yes, comrades.

*Gale shakes hand with Fred.*

Cielo: Let's get goin' den, we wouldn't want to miss de fireworks now, 
       wouldn't we?

*Fred waves his arm at the Party as they head into the airport*

%Gale: Condemning mankind for its sins... Jenna, what could you gain from all
       that sadness?
       Have you forgotten what Karma means?

%Sera: The song I taught you was one that Angel used to sing.
       It always sounded sad...

%Cielo: Wait... Huh?
        So Sera created us before de Junkyard was made, ja?
        But... Dere's no model for Gale, and Lupa and Varin were real live 
        people... right?
        How would you explain dat!?

%Fred: Dad taught me never to say goodbye.
       I'll see you guys around.




Karma Soldier(red) 1: It's the Cyber Shaman!
                      Tell the others, immediately!

Karma Soldier(red) 2: ...Alright, let's move! We'll capture her.

Gale: You work quickly, Jenna...
      Serph, listen to me.
      They mustn't have Sera. Kill anyone who gets in our way.
      Them, us -- we're all Asuras. There isn't time to take chances now.

	- I understand.

		Gale: Of course. You're the leader, after all.
		      However, it is my role to advise; I hope I've served
		      you well.
		      Let's go.

	- We're sad creatures.

		Gale: Hm... Perhaps.
		      For one thing to live, another thing must be killed.
		      God, or whoever is responsible, deserves respect
		      for creating such a system.
		      It reveals that we cannot take all matters into our
		      own hands.
		      We need only to focus on doing our best -- a simple,
		      yet profound way to live, is it not?
		      Now, let's go.


Karma Soldier(red): You guys think you can just run off with the Cyber
                    Ha! There's nowhere we can't find you!

*Battles 2 Aerial Gurrs*


Karma Officer: Here they are...
               We must capture the Cyber Shaman!

Karma Soldier: Roger. It will be done.

Karma Officer: What the hell do you think you can do, huh?
               You're nothing but AI! Angel is going to save us!

*Battles Yaksa Kali, Yaksa Dakini*
Kali: There are many who follow Director Angel.




Karma Soldier(red): Give us the Cyber Shaman. Would you really put the
                    world at risk?

*Battles 2 Nether Flauros*


Karma Soldier(red): We've gotta take 'em now. It's almost sunrise!

*Battles 1 Nether Flauros, 1 Brute Rangda*
*Reinforcement arrived: Dragon Nidhogger*

<1F: Outside of Hangar>

Gale: The hangar should be beyond here.
      Are you ready?

	- Yes
	- No

<1F: Hangar>

Karma Soldier: Fools! The airplanes are all gone!
               I'll watch as you're torn to shreds by your own shadows!
               Now, die!!

*Battles Yaksa Chernobog, 2
Chernobog: Your own shadow will decapitate you!
Chernobog: My mind and body are not of this world!
           In the name of the dark god, I call forth forbidden power...
           I shall become a sword and rend your corpse asunder!
Chernobog: Hmph, impressive!

%Johnny: The shop is wherever I say it is.
         That's how serious business works; I've been watching you -- this
         is definitely serious business.
         Now, you might have gotten me a little mixed up with it...
         but if there's one thing I know how to handle, it's serious business.

%Johnny(talk): Listen up, guy: "A real man supports a woman's resolve."
               That applies to... both business and relationships.
               Remember that.
               ...Huh? Am I... okay?
               Heh... Don't be silly... The customer... doesn't worry about
               the shop...
               Now go, fly... Fly high...

%Cielo: Hey bro...
        He's talking brave, but... He'll be okay, ja?
        I mean... He owns de shop. Dere's plenty of medicine, if he really
        needs it... right?

%Sera: What if... all the planes were destroyed?

%Gale: There will be a plane. That much is certain...
       Even if Angel ordered them to destroy the planes, no one would listen.




(If you have the Light Ball activated...)

Karma Soldier: Tch! We couldn't sneak up on 'em.

*Battles 2 Icon Ganeshas*


Karma Officer: The Asura AI's are definitely impressive...
               You broke free of Angel's control and made it all the way here.
               But, don't think I'm just another one of those grunts.

*Battles Yaksa Kartikeya*
Kartikeya: There's a voice in my head...
           I can be seen, yet I do not exist. Try as you might, you will
           never touch me!

%Cielo: If I was stronger, Maybe I could fly us all dere myself...

%Sera: *huff huff* ...Sorry... I ran out of breath.
       I'll do my best... I'm going to fight... I can still... ...do it.

%Gale: We are almost to the hangar.
       There's no turning back once we take off. Are you ready?

	- Just a minute.

		Gale: There will not be a second chance. We can't afford to
		      make mistakes.

	- Let's go.

		Gale: Understood.
		      No matter what transpires after this, we must not turn
		      back. It's our duty to end all of this.

			- Gale...

				Gale: You're a good man, Serph.
				      I'm proud to have met you.
				      Now... What are your orders, leader?

			- Let's end it.

				Gale: I will make sure you take flight.
				      Let us go.

------------------------|| Airport: Flight ||---[ #03P2 ]--------------------


<Hangar 1>

(Party walks to the hangar to find Angel already there.)

Angel: I knew you'd come.

Sera: Angel...
      Please, you have to let us get through! Otherwise --

Angel: You will die no matter what.
       Your body needs the inhibitor.
       Wouldn't you rather die here...
       instead of growing old and decrepit in the blink of an eye?

Cielo: How can you talk like dat!? You won't survive dis thing either!

Gale: She is aware of that. Go.

*Gale walked toward Angel to confront her.*

Sera: But...

*Serph puts his hand on Sera's shoulder and nods.*

(The Party moves past Gale and Angel.)

Cielo: What about our contest?

Gale: We'll postpone it.

Cielo: I'll just give you de win, brudda.

Gale: Thank, brother.

Angel: Do you honestly think I'd leave the airplane intact?

Gale: She's only bluffing!

Angel: That's quite a gamble. How can you be certain?

Gale: There's no one left who would die to carry out your orders.
      This has gone on long enough.

Angel: What does that mean?

Gale: David wanted you to help people.
      Stop this hatred, Jenna!

*Angel sees Gale's image overlapps with David's.*

(Angel suddenly remembered the past...)

(Flames engulfs the building while chaos took hold of the people.)

(David laid on the ground. He is dying.)

Voice: The Cuvier Syndrome Isolation Ward was hit!
       The patients are dying! We need help over here!
       We can't wait for the CDC! Hurry up with the ambulance!
       Damn self-righteous terrorists!

David: Jenna... You mustn't hate them...

Jenna: Don't leave me! Please don't, David!

David: I know you'll... find the cure...
       ...my... angel...

(Angel's flashback ends.)

Angel: No...
       You can't possibly be him!

Gale: No, but David is a part of me.
      When people die, their data return to God.
      Since we are born of God, it is no surprise that thier souls dwell 
      in us.

Angel: You're lying...
       David was was killed by those fools and their ignorance...
       The Cuvier Syndrome isn't contagious, but they --

Gale: He was content.
      Though his body perished, he had someone to carry on his will.

Angel: Stop it!

Gale: He took pride in his work. He loved people...
      ... and he loved you.

*Gale slowly walks toward Angel, extending his arms.*

Angel: You don't know anything!

*In her anger, Angel stabs Gale with her demonized hand.*

*Gale holds Angel and stabs her with his demonized hand.*

*Angel falls upon Gale's body.*

Angel: Is this what you wanted...?
       ...You're just data.

(The bell rings for the dead...)

> Gale left the party.


<Hangar 2>

(A single Karma Society S.T.O.V.L. fighter is left in the hangar...>

%Cielo: What a showoff... Tryin' to act so cool...!

%Sera: I knew she hated me...
       But, even after all of this... I can't bring myself to hate her.
       Help her, Gale...

> It's the hangar control console.
> Get in, and Cielo will control it.

> The Karma Society's S.T.O.V.L. figher.
> There aren't any guards.

	- Don't ride.
	- Climb in.



(Cielo flies alongside the fighter plane, there)

(Several enemy planes tailed the Party)

Cielo: Geeze... Leave us alone!
       'ey bro.

*Sera gave a worried looks back to Cielo as enemies show up on the radar*

Sera: Cielo...!

Cielo: Where'd your pretty face go?
       C'mon, smile!
       I'll meet you in Nirvana, ja?

*Cielo flies toward the enemy planes alone*

Cielo: You asked for it... Here I come!

*Cielo flies toward the enemy planes and cuts them with his bladed horn.*

(A stray missle cuts through Cielo's wing.)

(All enemy planes disappear from the radar along with Cielo)

(The bell rings for the dead...)


[HAARP Facility]

<Outside of the HAARP>

> Cielo left the party.

%Sera: This is the old HAARP facility.
       We're the only two left, and soon...

	- Yeah, you're right...

		Sera: It's scary... Being alone is scary...

	- Don't worry, we'll always be together.

		Sera: Serph...
		      I won't be afraid, as long as you're here.

<Inside the HAARP>

*Sera punches in the passcodes for the HAARP system*

(The backup power of the facility is turned on.)

Sera: It still works. I'm glad...

*Sera is weak, but Serph holds her in support.*

Sera: I-I'm alright... We have to get started now.

Sera: Alright, then. I'll start trasmitting our data to God.

*Sera wears the transmitting device and sits on a chair.*

*Serph kneels down and holds Sera's hands.*

Sera: Thank you, Serph. Thank you... for everything.

(The computer beeps and the HAARP satillites began to operate according to
 Sera's will.)

(The beams of data are transmitted toward the sun, however...)

(The HAARP satillites overloads and begin to overload and explode one by one.)

(The Facility is caught on fire... Sera and Serph persisted inside
 until their final moments.)


(Massive data from the Earth is being devoured by the sun...)

Sera's Solar Data: God's data can easily overwhelm us; We need to focus.

*Sera and Serph's solar data flies toward the Sun, hand-in-hand*

(As they fly together in embrace, a new being is created -- Seraph.)

(Everyone's solar data materializes and flies besides Seraph.)

Seraph: Everyone!
        I can tell...
        We're not alone! You're all here with us!

----------------------------|| The Sun ||---[ #03Q0 ]--------------------------

[The Sun - Arrival]

(Seraph arrived on the calm surface of the Sun)

(Important characters, past and present, await Seraph's descend.)

Seraph: Everyone...

Schroedinger: It's good to see you, Seraph.

Seraph: Seraph? But I'm --

Schroedinger: Seraph...

Schroedinger: Take a look at your new self.
              When Sera's thoughts merged with Serph's, 
              you were born as a complete whole.
              Eventually, your minds will become one, just as your bodies have.

Seraph: Serph and I... will be one...

Schroedinger: Your journey is about to end.
              Show God man's infinite potential...
              with the help of all your comrades.

Seraph: Who are you...?

Schroedinger: you'll see.
              Open your consciousness.
              No truth will be hidden from you.

*Schroedinger glows and disappears*

Argilla: Are you ready?

Gale: Let's go.

Cielo: Let's do dis.

Seraph: Heat...

*Roland puts his hand on Heat's shoulder.*

Roland: This is something you have to do.

*Roland gives Heat an encouraging push toward the group.*

Heat: Hey, lighten up, alright? I'm here for you.

*Jinana and Lupa also offer their support silently.*

(Jinana and Lupa bestow their powers upon Argilla and Gale)

Seraph: Junana... Lupa...

Angel: I'm finally at peace.
       Now go... Sera, Serph.

(Angel bestows her power upon Seraph)

> Argilla, Cielo, Gale, and Heat joined the party.
> Seraph receieved the Reincarnate skill from Angel.
> Gale received the Pyriphlegethon skill from Lupa.
> Argilla received the Seraph Lore skill from Jinana.


[The Sun]

<Surface of the Sun>

(Characters' Solar Data will now be labeld with SD)

%Argilla's SD: I'm glad we got to see each other again, Serph... Sera...
               Serph, I asked you a question back in the Junkyard...
               I asked you why any of us were alive...
               Seeing you two together, I think I'm starting to understand.
               I owe you so much... Thank you.

%David's SD: I should thank you...
             Thank you, for saving Jenna's soul.
             > Obtained Purple Crystal.

%Lupa's SD: It's been awhile, fellow members of the Embryon.
            Thank you for guiding Fred and Roland.
            I hope that my power will aid you now, in your time of great

%Jinana's SD: Tears cried for others... Sadness felt on another's behalf
              is the only way to overcome strife...
              Argilla... Did I make the right choice?

%Gale's SD: The solar data of the fallen returns to God.
            I was able to comprehend metempsychosis once I felt David's 
            consciousness within me.
            However, I never thought I would encounter you in such a form...
            The data of all things travels endlessly between here and earth,
            in a cycle of reincarnation.
            The fact that you two were able to become one seems to signify
            something outside of that cycle...
            Let us ascertain the meaning of this, Sera... Serph...

%Madame Cuvier's SD: All solar data is created by God and returns to God...
                     That's the essence of metempsychosis.
                     I was so mistaken...
                     Seraph, please calm God's anger and guide life along its
                     new path.
                     > Obtained Hope Diamond.

%Cielo's SD: Man, did you see my awesome death scene?
             ...It's kind of embarrassing to see you guys so soon after,
             Maybe if I fired dat laser from my mouth like before, I could've
             survived a bit longer...
             Oh well! It's still good to see everyone again, ja?

%Heat's SD: I'm glad you paid attention to the last thing I said.
            I never wanted you guys to get this close, though...
            At least you're kind of cute, I guess.
            Don't worry, Sera. I won't hurt you, anymore.

%Johnny's SD: This is the shop.
              The shop's wherever I decide it is. Yeah, even if I'm dead...
              This is serious business, remember that.

%Johnny(talk): Listen up, uh...girl.
               "Business serves the world and its people."
               In business and in life, real value is determined by a single
               I don't have much left to say, but I'm not worried about
               my family.
               I'm sure that they're proud of me.

%Roland's SD: It's about time the Embryon got back together again...
              I'm actually kinda tired... I think I'll just stay back and
              cheer you on from here.


[The Sun]

<2nd Layer: 1F>

*The Party is ambushed by a Gate Keeper of the Sun.*

*Battles Dragon Kingu*

%Karma Ring Creator's SD: I wanted to make the world's greatest Karma ring,
                          but I got between Madamne and the Director...
                          And I was killed.
                          I'm so full of regret...

<2nd Layer: Path to next layer>

Harley's SD: OnE..... oNe ThiNG... It's eAT... OR BE eaTen...
             eAT... OR be EATEN...

*Battles Asura Hayagriva*
Hayagriva: Ugh...! That hurt!
Hayagriva: Leave me alone!
           Eat, or be eaten!
Hayagriva: Burn to ashes!
Hayagriva: Gyahahahaha!
Hayagriva: Y-you won't devour me!


[The Sun]

<3rd Layer: 1F>

%Real Argilla's SD: I had no choice...
                    He was going to shoot Serph... so I... I...
                    To be honest... I didn't like that little girl!
                    Those eyes...
                    It was all for Serph, I... Oh... What have I done!?

<3rd Layer: 2F>

(If you haven't finished the Jack Frost sidequest yet...)

A Familiar Voice: You stupid, lazy hee ho's... You're so ignorant.
                  Do you heemember the number of answers you ho'd correctly?
                  If you want to hee-see me, then get 100 questions right,
                  and bring the certificate, ho.
                  Bring some curry bread, too. Hee ho, you hear me?
                  Frost, hee-out!

<3rd Layer: Path to next layer>

Bat's SD: You AND i aRe the SaME -- we DEvOUR otherS to LIvE...
          wE do wHaTeVeR It TaKEs to SUrvIVe. YoU'Re the SaME aS ME...
          AdmIT IT...
          ...sAY it, BitCH!

*Battles Asura Camazotz*
Camazotz: You should all be dead!
Camazotz: Bo-ring!
Camazotz: You're gonna be nice and cute, hehehehe.
Camazotz: How are you... and I any different...?
Camazotz: I'll shred you to pieces!


[The Sun]

<4th Layer: 1F>

%Hip Hop Brothers' SD: What's the dealie, yo
                       That brings you here, ho?
                       We fizzy figured you'd be around
                       sooner or later, that was bound
                       to hee happen, ho hizzle, hee ho!
                       You know why?
                       Do I?
                       You know why?
                       Do I?
                       This is the afterlife, ho,
                       and now it's after yo's!
                       Afterlife ho,
                       after death, yo!
                       Why's that, hee?
                       Afterlife ho,
                       after death, yo!
                       What's that, ho?
                       How long we gonna be hee, yo?

<4th Layer: 3F>

Pallas Athena's SD: What is a child of man doing wandering around up here?
                    Wait... You are no longer human.
                    The blood of battle is warming in my veins...
                    I have no choice but to challenge you!
                    I hereby order you to fight. Prove your mettle, 
                    curious mortal!

*Battles 2 Deity Pallas Athenas*

<4th Layer: 5F>

Girimehkala's SD: Wh-What am I doing here?
                  I was a Corporal in the Brutes...
                  But, I was also born Girimehkala.
                  No, I'm a knight... On a crusade.
                  There's too much solar data here.  I can't maintain 
                  my self...
                  I need to eliminate unnecessary data.
                  Yeah, that'll work...
                  Unnecessary solar data like you!

*Battles 2 Brute Girimehkalas*

Samael's SD: I am called Samael, the one who carries the burden of
             God's intentions.
             Man and woman are not yet to become one.
             By God's will, your mind and body must be split asunder 
             once more!
             Ingest once more the fruit of knowledge, and realize your sin.

*Battles 1 Dragon Samael*

<4th Layer: Path to next Layer>

Mick's SD: AwWw... HoW NicE... You caMe aLL THiS wAy sO I CoULd
           deVOUR YoU...

*Battles Asura Rahu*
Rahu(Head): Gwaaaaah... My... Body...


[The Sun]

<5th Layer: 1F>

Ex-Member of the Solids (Solar Data):
        Hey, it's me...
	My name's James Mason... Remember me now?
	You gave her my message. ...Thanks.
	I know she died too, but... I guess that's just karma.
	In the next life, I'm gonna make her happy, no matter what.
	I swear it.
	That means it's up to you to save the world, so we can be
	reborn in the first place.
	...I'm counting on you.
	> Obtained Soma.

<5th Layer: 1F Maze>

Schroedinger's SD: Beyond that seal, your Atma power will be suppressed.
                   As long as you're inside, you will be unable to transform
                   during battle.
                   Proceed, Seraph.

<Random Battle: Parvati>
Parvati: If you wish to speak to my husband, take this spear from me.
         Prove to me that you are worthy of his presence.

<5th Layer: 2F Maze>

Schroedinger's SD: Beyond that seal, time has been compressed.
                   As long as you're within that area, you will not have
                   as much time to act, in battle.
                   Proceed, Seraph.

<Random Battle: Narasimha>
Narasimha: You wish to meet with my master? Then wrest this sword 
           from my hand.
           Don't expect it to be easy... Show me what you're capable of!

<5th Layer: Path to next Layer>

Varin's SD: I'M a CoLoNeL... CoLoNeL BECK...
            I'Ve HAd eNOugH of THiS BullShit! 
            I'lL TeAR yOU guyS apARt...
            I'M geTtIng thE HelL OuttA HeRe!

*Battles Asura Ravana*
Ravana: I'm impervious to physical attacks!
        I am Colonel Beck!
        Mind! Body! Intellect! I am superior to AI in every respect!
Ravana: I refuse to perish!
        Die... at the hands of Colonel Beck!
Ravana: Am I... dying... again!?
        No... Now many times must I suffer?


[The Sun]

<6th Layer: 2F>

Arahabaki's SD: ?A%(-.-)%A?

*Battles Icon Arahabaki*

<6th Layer: 3F>

(Party is ambushed by Meganada, who awaits behind the final gate.)

*Battles Yaksa Meganada*
Meganada: IN.......DRA...
Meganada: I......N.....D.....R......A.....

<6th Layer: 4F>

Schroedinger's SD: Until they realize it, their suffering will never end.
                   ...The solar data will simply recycle them endlessly,
                   for all eternity.
                   Does that make you sad, Seraph?

        - Yes.

                Schroedinger's SD: There's nothing we can do.
                                   They must discover it for themselves.

        - I... don't know.

                Schroedinger's SD: All we can do is pray, hoping that one day
                                   they will be released from their shackles.

<Throne of Eternal Lotus>

> A great force lies somewhere in the solar data above...
> Trust your body to the solar data?

	- Yes.
	- No.

(The Party is teleported into the depth of the cosmos.)


Seraph: Is this God?

(The party sees what seems like a giant glowing brain.)

Seraph: Please return Earth to normal.
        I'll tkae responsibility...
        I know people make mistakes, ...and they probably always will.
        But, they do their best!
        Please! You can't destroy humanity!

(The brain reveals its core and embraces the Party in the sweeping
 solar data currents.)

(God shows his true form and seems to communicate with Seraph's mind.)

Seraph: "You must fight me"...?

*Final Battle: God Brahman*

----------------------|| Ending Sequence ||---[ #03R0 ]-----------------------

(God's solar data embraces the party...
 The party members become part of the solar data current once again.)

(Seraph receives the Earth's memories of wars and destruction.) 

Seraph: I understand now...
        Who God is...
        Why the world exists...
        I am you, you are me.
        You are the world, the world is myself.
        And, what is truly important...
        How could we be so foolish?
        We ignored something so simple.
        It's one word...
        One word is all we ever needed...

(Seraph's tears flows toward the Sun.)

Schroedinger: I see you found've the answer.
              Then, we have served our purpose here.

(Schroedinger becomes another Seraph.)

Both: From here on, you and I will bear witness to many different realities.
      However, if we hold on to what we learned here, there's nothing to 

(Schroedinger extends his hand toward Seraph.)

Seraph: Can people change?

Both: If they realize it.
      Don't worry, others will join us soon.
      ...One simple word can bind us together.


[Earth: Dawn]

(The Sun rises once more, Fred shed tears of happiness.)

Fred: The sun...! 
      The sun's back to normal!

(The population cheers as they greet the sun for the first time in 5 years.)


[The green path from the opening sequence]

Young Heat: Come on, hurry up! Gale.! 

Young Gale: Hold on! Jenna, lets go

Adult Fred: Yes, our journey is just beginning...
            I pray that these children, who share their names with you,
            can find happiness.

*Young Jenna looks back as she runs with the others*

Young Jenna: Don't worry, Fred.


[Cue Credits]


shan-ti shan-ti...


  IV.  Miscellaneous Scripts                                    [ #0400 ]

  These are the scripts that do not affect story or fall under any specific 
  time frame, but they are listed in case anyone is interested.

  This section is currently under construction, and is largely incomplete.  
  If you would like to help me complete this section, please feel free to 
  submit missing scripts to me. Your help is very much appreciated!

-----------------|| Side-quest Battle Scripts ||---[#04A1 ]--------------------

** Coming soon... **

-------------------|| Post-Battle Item Scripts ||---[ #04A2 ]------------------

  These are the dialogues I've came across during my playthrough. If you've
  come across more, please let me know.

  And now, for your random, pointless amusement...



Serph: > Serph sensed something nearby...
       > It was (item)!
       > Serph obtained (item).

Serph: > Serph's stomach hurts. He must have devoured something bad...
       > It was (item)!
       > Serph regurgitated (item)!

Serph: > Serph tripped on something...
       > What luck! It was (item)!
       > Serph obtained (item)!

Serph: > Serph's keen senses located an object...
       > It was (item)!
       > Serph obtained (item).



Gale: > Gale spat something out...
      I suppose my head collects items as well as formulates strategy...
      > Receive (item) from Gale.

Gale: > Gale noticed something...
      I logically predicted this item's location. Use it effectively.
      > Received (item) from Gale.

Gale: > Gale walked up to Serph...
      I found this on one of the bodies. Hold on to it.
      > Received (item) from Gale.

Gale: > Gale held something out...
      Take everything an enemy has -- not just their flesh and blood.
      > Received (item) from Gale.

Gale: > Gale walked up to Seraph...
      This is a perfect example that all things are formed of data.
      > Received (item) from Gale.

Gale: > Gale brought something with him...
      Whatever form I take, you are the one I wish to serve.
      > Received (item) from Gale.

Gale: > Gale noticed something...
      A great deal of data has been collected here. It seems it's formed
      into items, as well.
      > Received (item) from Gale.



Argilla: > Argilla held something out...
         - They dropped this... We're so cold-blooded, aren't we?
         - Take it, Serph. Don't ask how I got it...
         > Received (item) from Argilla.

Argilla: > Argilla approached Serph...
         One of the enemies had this. We might as well put it to good use.

Argilla: > Argilla is acting strangely...
         M-My chest is on fire...
         > Received (item) from Argilla. Gale was unmoved.

Argilla: > Argilla approached Seraph...
         I found this thing earlier.
         > Obtained (item) from Argilla.

Argilla: > Argilla found something...
         Do you think this was created by data, too?
         > Received (item) from Argilla.



Cielo: > Cielo held something out...
       - It's easy to spot things from de air, ja?
       - 'ere you go. (When Gale is Party Leader)
       > Received (item) from Cielo.

Cielo: > Cielo is acting strangely...
       Dere's something in my teeth... How about a hand, brudda?
       > Pulled (item) out of Cielo's mouth.

Cielo: > Cielo came up to Serph...
       Here you go, brudda! We can use dis, ja?
       > Received (item) from Cielo.

Cielo: > Cielo flew toward Serph...
       I found this on de ground. I don't really know why I was looking dere, 
       > Received (item) from Cielo.

Cielo: > Cielo approached Gale...
       You should hang on to dis.
       > Received (item) from Cielo.

Cielo: > Cielo approached Sera...
       I got a present for you, Sera! It was... uh... Stuck in my throat.
       > Received (item) from Cielo.

Cielo: > Something's bothering Cielo...
       Dere's something in my teeth... How about a hand, sis?
       > Received (item) from Cielo.

Cielo: > Cielo flew up to Seraph...
       What should I call you, now? You're not a bro... but you're not
       Sera, either...
       > Received (item) from Cielo.

Cielo: > Cielo is looking upward...
       What de!? 'ey, dey dropped dis!
       > Received (item) from Cielo.



Roland: > Roland walked up to Serph...
        This should come in handy.

Roland: > Roland held something out...
        - Looks like new supplies came in. Here, you should have it.
        - How are you holding up? (When Gale is party leader)
        > Received (item) from Roland.

Roland: > Roland regurgitated something...
        I'd have to say that wasn't very enjoyable...
        > Received (item) from Roland.



Sera: > Sera is acting strangely...
      Th-There's something in my mouth...
      > Received (item) from Sera.

Sera: > Sera ran up to Serph...
      I found this earlier, Serph.
      > Received (item) from Sera.



Heat: > Heat threw something to Seraph...
      Tell me what you need; I'll see what I can do.
      > Received (item) from Heat.

Heat: > Heat spat something out...
      It's a little gnawed on, but it should still work fine.
      > Received (item) from Heat.



Seraph: > "Om Mani Padme Hm..." A great voice rings in Seraph's 
        > The data surrounding Seraph compressed and formed (item)!
        > Seraph obtained (item)!

Seraph: > Something is floating...
        > It was (item)!
        > Seraph obtained (item)!

  V.  Version History                                           [ #0500 ]

 v. 1.00  (07/20/2006)

        - Main script completed and checked.
        - Misc. script started.
	- Format optimized for Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer.
        - Submitted to gamefaqs for release.

  VI.  Contact Information                                      [ #0600 ]
  Comments, suggestions, constructive criticism?  

  If you find any mistakes or would like to contribute additional scripts 
  that I missed, please let me know. I will give you proper credits.

  If you'd like to contact me, I'd appreciate if you can observe some simple 

        - Mention Gamefaqs and DDS in the subject line. I will most likely 
          delete anything else that resemble spams.

        - Don't send me any attachments. I will delete it un-read. Period.

        - Have some semblance of grammar and spelling proficiency.  I don't 
          require your writing to be perfect, but if I can't understand it, 
          I won't read it.

        - Please practice netiquette and common sense.

  Now that those are out of the way, you can reach me via email at:

  karuros19 (at) gmail (dot) com

  VII.  Thanks + Credits                                        [ #0700 ]

  Thanks to:

        - Atlus, who brought over this incredible game.

        - CJayC, for the existence of GameFAQs.

        - Jagged Jim, for the excellent DDS1 and DDS2 FAQs that guided 
          my playthroughs.

        - Mochi, for listening to my DDS-obsessed rants and always being there.

        - You, for reading my script FAQ. :D

  shan-ti, shan-ti...

  Copyright 2006 Amy Wu (A.K.A. NoCookieHere/snowbubble)

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