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Omoikane FAQ by Davzz

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/01/2006


Copyright (c) 2005 Davzz. (Contact info at bottom of Faq)

Do not sell this Faq or edit it by removing my name from it.
Do not post it on any other website without my permission. 
Do not incorporate any part of this FAQ into your own guide
without obtaining my express written permission.

Digital Devil Saga (c) and related materials owned by Atlus.

This FAQ can be found at both http://davzz.tripod.com/ or
GameFAQs. If you are seeing this FAQ at some other site, be
warned that it might not be the latest version.


 1.  Version History
 2.  Introduction

 3.  Omoikane Basics

 4.  Advanced Omoikane Techniques

 5.  Contact info


Version 1.2
(The only update here is really a global e-mail address change,
if you've sent an e-mail to the old address between this update 
and the last update, it probably went poof)

Version 1.1
("All Three Rings" updated thanks to exorbio)

Version 1.0
(FAQ done. Released to GameFAQs)


What is Omoikane?
Omoikane(ŽvŒ“) is a Shinto god of knowledge. 
His name means "serving one's thoughts."
(Thanks Wikipedia!)

In DDS 2, he is represented as a brain-like creature. As the god of knowledge, 
he carries around a treasure trove of Karma, AP and money. Since he represents 
knowledge, the mini-game battle in which you fight him is not about brute 
strength, but careful planning and use of the Press turn system.


Once the battle starts, the squad of 5 Omoikane will give a speech as a hint on
how to win the battle, here's what it means.

Each Omoikane has a different elemental weakness and void everything else. When
you hit them with an elemental weakness, they will self-destruct at the end of
the round, giving you the reward. You only need to hit each Omoikane once and
the more you kill, the merrier. The elemental properties of the Omoikanes
are randomized each battle, but will ALWAYS follow a certain order.

Thanks to the DDS 2 board for this list:
Zan Tera Zio Bufu Agi
Bufu Zio Agi Zan Tera
Zio Agi Bufu Tera Zan
Agi Zan Tera Zio Bufu
Tera Bufu Zan Agi Zio

What this is not: If you hit the first Omoikane in the squad with Zan, 
and then have another Omoikane battle, the first Omoikane might not be Bufu, 
and neither is the first Omoikane in the following battle going to be Zio.

What this is: In a battle, if you hit the 1st Omoikane with Tera, the 2nd
Omoikane will ALWAYS be Bufu, and the 3rd Omoikane will be Zan.

So to win this battle, first make sure you have a wide variety of spells
on your characters. Then you have to test your luck on the 1st Omoikane. 
If you hit it with your very first shot, you'll have enough Press turns 
to finish off the rest without any help.

On the other hand, if you have to hit it with your 2nd shot, you can only kill
up to 2 Omoikanes... normally, that is. There are many ways to increase your
chance of getting the right one, which will be described in the section 4.

Final note, DO NOT:
- Cast an attack all spell, which will make the Omoikane accuse you of cheating
and run away.
- Use Almighty spells, it won't kill them and you waste a press turn anyway and
probably get accused of cheating
- Use Analyze, all you get is a nice bunch of question marks.


Impel Stone

This item, which can only be bought 1 at a time from the Pyro Jack salesman in
Lokapala for 50,000, gives you 4 flashing turn icons (minus a turn you just
used up for using the icon.) Although it is quite expensive, if you even kill
one Omoikane with it, you'll make back the money and get huge Karma and AP.

Since this is the earliest item you can get to help with Omoikane hunting, I'll
explain how to use it by itself and then explain how to use Impel stone with
the help of other items in the other section.

By itself, two ways to use it. First, the desperation method. When you're down
to one press turn (because of the first elemental being voided), use the impel
stone for 2 more shots for a total of 3/5 chance to get at least a correct shot.
Of course, if you don't guess right and all, you're out 50k, sucks to be you.

The more conservative method is after being voided once, guess correctly and
leave yourself with 1 flashing press turn. Now, use the Impel Stone to get the
4 more extra turns you need to wipe out the rest of the Omoikane Squad.

Block Ring

Received from Airport dungeon... which is late in the game unless you're doing 
a 2nd playthrough. The Block ring reduces the turn loss from voided attack
to only 1.

On it's own, the Block Ring doesn't do much. Whatever way you choose, you'll end
up with the same number of turns you would normally get. You have to use the 
Impel Stone along with the Block Ring to make use of it.

Here's a sample fight of how to use both of these items. This is a worst case
scenario situation, since a best case scenario is very simple to solve.
2nd character has Block ring in this example.

1st: Pass. (2 full 1 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell. (2 full)
3rd: Pass. (1 full 1 half)

1st: Impel Stone. (1 full 4 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (1 full 3 half)
3rd: Voided Elemental spell (1 full 1 half)

1st: Elemental spell (End round if voided)

4/5 chance of getting at least one right answer even in worst case scenario. If 
you hit the Omoikane on your last shot you can hit up to 3 Omoikanes. Anything
earlier and you can wipe out the whole squad..

Variable Ring and Turn Ring

The Variable Ring is probably the earliest ring you can get, 
but it is of no use without the Block Ring for this purpose. 
The Turn Ring requires you to defeat an optional sub-boss.

The Variable Ring gives you a random 2-4 turns, while the Turn Ring gives you an
extra turn which would be 4 normally. For the purpose of Omoikane hunting, it
would be kind of dumb to use both of them together, as 4 is the magic number of
turns that you want.

For the variable ring, there's only 1/3 chance of getting 4 turns, but luckily
the difference between 2 and 3 turns isn't terribly huge. Here's how a worst
case scenario would go (as usual, my 2nd character has block ring)

1st: Pass. (1 full 1 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell. (1 full)
3rd: Pass. (1 half)

1st: Impel Stone. (4 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (3 half)
3rd: Voided Elemental spell (1 half)

1st: Elemental spell (End Round)

It's still 4/5 chance of getting a right answer, only that you won't 
be able to finish off all or most of the Omoikanes... unless of course 
you get a correct guess very early.

Now, assuming you are lucky enough to get 4 turns or just use the Turn Ring,
here's the worst case scenario for it.

1st: Pass. (3 full 1 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell. (3 full)
3rd: Pass. (2 full 1 half)

1th: Impel Stone. (2 full 4 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (2 full 3 half)
3rd: Voided Elemental spell (2 full 1 half)

1st: Voided Elemental spell (1 full)
2nd: Elemental spell (1 half)
3rd: Elemental spell (End Round)

With 4 turns you are guranteed TWO Omoikane kill at end. Which of course if you
remember is enough to at least pay for the Impel stone you just used up.

Pass Ring

The Pass Ring can be received in the last dungeon by completing the Heeho quiz.
It allows you to pass the equipped character's turn without using up a turn.

You can use this to pass turn to get to your character with the Block Ring,
here's an example. Once again, Block ring is on 2nd character while Pass Ring
is on third character.

1st: Pass (2 full 1 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (2 full)
3rd: Pass (2 full)

1st: Pass (1 full 1 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (1 full)
3rd: Impel stone (4 half)

1st: Voided Elemental spell (2 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (1 half)
3rd: Elemental spell (End Round)

Guranteed 1 Omoikane kill at least.

All Three Rings

Here's Turn Ring on 1st, Block Ring on 2nd and Pass Ring on 3rd
worst case scenario.

1st: Pass (3 full 1 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (3 full)
3rd: Pass (3 full)

1st: Pass (2 full 1 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (2 full)
3rd: Pass (2 full)

1st: Pass (1 full 1 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (1 full)
3rd: Pass (1 full)

1st: Impel stone (4 half)
2nd: Voided Elemental spell (3 half)
3rd: Elemental spell (2 half)

1st: Elemental spell (1 half)
2nd: Elemental spell (End Round)

At least three Omoikane kills guranteed.

Note that while this can be done with Variable ring if you get 4 turns, 
keep in mind that Pass ring will have almost no different with 2 turns. 
I would recommend not using it in this scenario.


You can e-mail me at Davzz666@gmail.com if you have any need to
contact me. Make sure your e-mail subject is something like 
"[DDS 2] Omoikane FAQ" or I'll probably delete it immediately 
because of the massive spam I recieve.

Faq copyright (c) Davzz 2005. Digital Devil Saga 2 (c) by Atlus

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