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Guide and Walkthrough by AtelierMana

Version: revised | Updated: 06/03/2006

HH  HH       AAAA       RR   RR  VVV  VVV  EE      SSS          TTT
HH  HH      AA  AA      RR   RR   VV  VV   EE        SS         TTT
HHHHHH     AAA  AAA     RRRRRR    VV  VV   EEEEEE     SS        TTT
HH  HH    AAAAAAAAAA    RR RR      V  V    EE         SS        TTT
HH  HH   AA        AA   RR  RR     VVVV    EE         SSS       TTT
HH  HH  AA          AA  RR   RR     VV     EEEEEE  SSSSSS       TTT

FF           III      SSS     HH  HH      III     NN    NN GGG
FF           III        SS    HH  HH      III     NNN   NN GGG
FFFFFFFF     III         SS   HHHHHH      III     NN N  NN GGG  GGGG
FF           III          SS  HH  HH      III     NN  N NN GGG    GG
FF           III          SSS HH  HH      III     NN   NNN GGG    GG
Walkthrough Compiled By: R.D.Tockary (RADIO)                   

(revised version 2005/2006)

Harvest Fishing is a trademark of 505 Gamestreet, 
distributed by Marvelous Interactive Inc., 
and Digital Bros S.p.A. 

This walkthrough is for www.gamefaq.com only. 
No duplication or publication for other 
sites is allowed. 

Anyone who copies this walkthrough must give credits 
to me and gamefaq.com. No one is allow to copy 
this walkthrough for profit purpose. 

This walkthrough is free and only for personal use. 

Table of Content.
(Use the search facility for your convenience [ctrl-F] 
 and input the [short cut key].)

1.     Introduction
2.     Character(s)                                      [ABC]
3.     Control                                           [BCD]
3.A.   General Control                              
3.B.   Fishing Control                              
4.     Main Menu and In-Game Menu                        [CDE]
4.A.   Main Menu
4.B.   In-Game Menu
5.     General Info of Building(s) or Landmark           [DEF]
6.     Fishing Equipments                                [EFG]
6.A.   Lure(s)
6.B.   Rod
6.C.   Bob
6.D.   Basket
7.     Other Fishing Equipment(s)                        [FGH]
8.     Item(s)                                           [GHI]
9.     Key Character(s)                                  [HIJ]
10.    Animal(s) and Creature(s)                         [IJK]
11.    Fishing Tournament(s) and Cooking Contest(s)      [JKL]
11.A.  Fishing Tournament(s)
11.B.  Cooking Contest(s)
11.C.  Recipe(s)
12.    Fish                                              [KLM]
12.A.  Stream
12.B.  Mntn
12.C.  Field
12.D.  Rapids
12.E.  Swamp
12.F.  Underground
13.    Color Buttons                                     [LMN]
14.    Walkthrough                                       [MNO]
14.A.  Stream Area (Shizuka Village)                     [NOP]
14.B.  Mntn Area (Minamo Pass and Minamo Peak)           [OPQ]
14.C.  Field Area (Asatsuya village)                     [PQR]
14.D.  Rapids Area (Mizukiri Pass and Mizukiri Village)  [QRS]
14.E.  Swamp Area (Kasumi Village)                       [RST]
14.F.  Underground Lake Area                             [STU]
15.    Complete Character(s) Identities                  [TUV]
16.    Treasure Map/Fossil(s)                            [UVW]
17.    The Straw Millionare                              [VWX]
18.    Tips                                              [WXY]
19.    Cheat(s)                                          [XYZ]
20.    Credit(s)
21.    Comments on the game

1. Introduction
Harvest Fishing is a fishing game with an RPG gameplay twist. 
It's not easy for me to point out accurately locations for 
items or stuffs because of the limited landmark(s). So for 
certain things like location of bait(s) and animals, 

I will give a general description of the location 
and/or key character(s) nearby. There maybe some 
info that I will leave out but will not effect 
the gameplay.

I will leave out listing items prices and recipe prices. 
Why? Because it's not important and obviously time 
staking to write. Also, I will leave out dialogs, 
trivia questions, as it's too many and not important 
from my prespective, and because the dialogs 
are repetitive.

There are some things that I can't find but are not 
important to finish the game. The key objects are 
listed below and I've found it after so many retries 
and months of non-stop virtual fishing.

In the game, there are a number of activities to do.:
1. Fishing for money and increasing your level
2. Shopping for items, recipes and equipments
3. Do errands to gain experience and items, 
   including open event
4. Meet animals and creatures; answer trivia
5. Cooking from the recipes
6. Join contests

2. Character(s) [ABC]
There are 4 characters to choose at the beginning of 
the game. All 4 are part of a family, each having 
different HP, Level, Fishing Technique, Experience, 
Money, and Cooking Skill. Below is a general info 
of their background skill.

a. Bro   : HP: 100 ; Lv.: 1 ; Fishing Technique: 1 ; Experience: 0 ; 
           Money: 100G ; Cooking Skill: Amature.
b. Father: HP: 120 ; Lv.: 1 ; Fishing Technique:1 ; Experience: 0 ;
           Money: 200G ; Cooking Skill: Amature.
c. Mother: HP: 100 ; Lv.: 1 ; Fishing Technique: 1 ; Experience: 0 ;
           Money: 300G ; Cooking Skill: Mediocre.
d. Sis   : HP: 80 ; Lv.: 1 ; Fishing Technique: 1 ; Experience: 0 ;
           Money: 150G ; Cooking Skill: Amature.

Key Note:
1. HP : your HP will increase according to the LV. you get. 
2. LV.: your level will increase after every certain amount of 
        experience gained.
3. Fishing Technique : increased after every certain amount of 
                       experience gained.
4. Experience: Gained from the fish caught, each fish contribute 
               different amount of EXP. point.
               Effect you HP, LV.,Fishing Technique, walking speed,
               and swimming speed. Each time your experience level 
               reached a certain amount, your HP, LV.,Fishing 
               Technique, walking speed, or swimming speed will 
5. Money     : Gain from selling fish at the fish shop. 
               The money can be use to buy items or stay 
               in the inn to replenish your HP point.
6. Cooking Skill : Gain level by cooking often.

3. Control [BCD]
A. General Control
1. X       : action/interact with other character
2. O       : cancel
3. Square  : -
4. Triangle: In-game Menu
5. L1      : Quick Equip/Un-Equip Fishing Rod
6. R1      : Zoom in/out camera
7. L3      : Control movement/Walk/Run/Swim/Row
8. <- / -> : Look Left/Right
9. Select  : Option (Sound and Vibration)
10.Start   : Same as Select
B. Fishing Control
1. L1      : Quick Equip/Un-Equip Fishing Rod
2. X       : Cast/Reel 
3. O       : Reduce Tension
4. Square  : Quick Equip Bait Only
5. <- / -> : Turn Left/Right
6. L3      : Cast Direction
7. R1      : Zoom in/out camera

**There is no pause button. L1 button can only be use 
  if the fishing equipments are all equip. The fishing 
  equipments consist of lure, bob, rod, and basket. 
  To configure it, go to the in-game menu and choose 
  "Equipment". When fishing, get an idea of how to 
  maximize the fishing control. 

4. Main Menu and In-Game Menu [CDE]
A. Main Menu
The main menu is straight forward, consist of ;

1. New Game : After choosing this option, you 
              will have to choose a 
              character, enter the first name 
              and last name for the 
              character you choose. The first 
              name will be use in your
              save file, while the last name is 
              use through out the gameplay.
2. Continue : play the game from the last saved site.
3. Option   : Option menu to customize sound and 
              vibration setting.

B. In-Game Menu
The in-game menu consist of ;

1. Fish      : start fishing
2. Equipment : for setting your fishing equipment 
               (lures, bob, rod, basket)
3. Item      : info of item(s) you have, it's 
               divided into 2 section. 
               the top row is your other fishing 
               equipment, while the lower
               row is your food supply.
4. Cooking   : info of recipe(s) you have aquired. 
               You can cook certain menu
               by pressing on the recipe but you 
               must have the ingredient in 
               your basket.
5. Examine   : you will use this button often. 
               use this button to find "bait"
               and search for "treasures" or hidden 
               object. To make your search
               for baits better and faster, you 
               must first aquire items
               for your other fishing equipments. 
               These items can be purchase 
               at bait shops through out the game, 
               but some will be given for
               completing an errand.
6. Basket    : inform you of the type and number 
               of fish you have caught.
7. Record    : inform you of the names of fish, 
               size and number caught in the
               area(s) you have played.
8. Diary     : is a record of important dialog(s), 
               errand(s), and clue(s) to 
               treasure(s), also things accomplished.

5. General Info of Building(s) or Landmark [DEF]
Through out the 5 out of 6 areas in the game, you 
will be able to find houses, shops, statues, 
shrines, bridges, etc. 

1. Jizo Statue          : To save game, there may be more 
                          than 1 statue in an area.
2. Shrine               : There may be more than 1 in an 
                          area, each having diffent
3. Dark Green Patch     : Use "Examine" to search for bait(s). 
                          Some "animal" can be found in it 
                          too. (see animal for more info)
4. Shop(s)              :
      a. Equipment shop : Sells recipe(s), some also sells 
                          "other fishing equipment"
                          such as basket and net. You 
                          can also buy food to
                          replenish your HP to a certain 
                          level only. Items and 
                          recipes bought will not be on 
                          sale again, but food such 
                          as lunch box will always be 
                           available for purchase.
      b. Bait shop      : Sells fishing equipments such 
                          as lure(s), rod(s), and 
5. Inn             : Staying in the inn will cost 
                     5G to 20G, use this to fully 
                     replenish your HP. you can find 
                     a "notice board" in it also. 
                     There's notes to read and can also
                     be use to write notes. Not much use.
6. Fish Shop       : Large Kanji Character which when 
                     translated, means "fish shop". 
                     Use this place to sell caught fishes 
                     for money. 
7. Dark Soil Patch : Use "Examine" to search for bait(s).
8. Tall grass      : Use "Examine" to search for bait(s).
9. Tree(s)         : Use "Examine" to search for treasure.
10.Bridge(s)       : There are many bridge in the game, 
                     each area may have at least 2.
11.Well(s)         : There are a number of wells in the area.
12.House(s)        : There are many house in each area, there 
                     are no uses anyway, except where you 
                     must meet Old Smarty and Serika. 
                     Apart from that, some residences 
                     do have some useful info for you.
13.Island(s)       : There are a number of islands in the 
                     area, stream, mntn, rapids, swamp, 
                     and underground lake area. 
14.Flower Patch(es): Use "examine" to search for bait(s).

6. Fishing Equipments [EFG]
A. Lure(s)
Lures are divided into 3 catagories; bait, lure, and fly. 
For bait(s), you can choose to purchase it in the bait 
shop or search in the dark green, dark soil, and flower 
patches in the areas you play. Note that not all baits 
can be found in all areas. Maximum carry capacity for 
each type of bait is 9 pieces. Maximum carry capacity 
for lure is 1 per type, while flies can be more than 1. 

1. Bait(s) : living creatures such as fish, egg, insect, etc.
             Use on poles only.
   a. Worm       : Can be purchase in bait shop, can be found 
                   in dark green patch or soil.
   b. Shrimp     : Not on sale. can be found in dark soil 
                   patch in the lower stream area at the far 
                   end between the river dam and the Ayu 
                   fisherman, and around Serika's house, 
                   also at river side at rapids area, 
                   also in Mntn Area. Best search near tall
                   grass by the water or on islands.
   c. Insect     : Can be purchase in bait shop, can be found 
                   in dark green patch and tall grass.
   d. Bee Larva  : Can be purchase in bait shop, can be found 
                   near green patch under trees in almost 
                   all areas, **upper stream near shrine and 
                   waterfall at stream area.
   e. Maggot     : Can be purchase, near well next to water 
                   wheel at rapids area, and at B3 
                   underground area.
   f. Small Fish : Can be purchase in bait shop in field 
                   area, can be found near rocks at Minosa 
                   Pass, Rapids, and underground lake. 
                   Best search at water edge, or beach.
   g. Frog       : Not on sale. can be found in middle stream 
                   area near a young boy west of the first 
                   bridge, green patch north of Nussie at 
                   mntn area, yet to find in other area.
   h. Fish Egg   : Not on sale. can be found at beaches around 
                   Minosa Pass,and underground lake.
   i. Pasta Bait : Can be purchase in field and mntn bait shop, 
                   can be found in dark soil patch next to 
                   Jizo statue at field area and behind 
                   cooking contest stand and near member #1 
                   in field area, and near 3 branch tree south 
                   of cooking contest in rapids area 
                   next to the tree by the red Jizo.

**Press "square button" to quick equip bait. But all baits 
  are easy to find in the sreas, but not all can be obtain 
  in the areas. Some are only available in certain 
  areas, eg.: fish egg and small fish.

**There maybe more types of baits and areas where 
  it's available that I might missed. Try searching 
  for it you have ample time to spare.
2. Lure(s) : can be purchase in bait shops. 
             Buzz spinner can only be purchase 
             in field area. Prices varies for 
             each lures, available through out 
             game. Use on lure rods only.  
   a. Pencil Lure
   b. Jig
   c. Soft Lure
   d. Spoon
   e. Spinner
   f. Buzz Bait
   g. Minnow Lure
   h. Crank Bait
   i. Spinner Bait
   j. Vibration

3. Fly(S) : can be purchase in bait shops. 
            Can only be use with fly rods. 

   a. Dry Fly
   b. Nymph Fly
   c. Wet Fly
   d. Streamer
   e. ---
   f. ---
   g. ---
   h. ---
   i. ---
   j. ---

** --- not sure whether it's for carrying extra fly 
       or for other flies. 

B. Rod(s)
First time you play, you will only have a bamboo pole. 
You must buy the other rods in the bait shops. 
Once bought, it will be yours and will not gain 
any damage point. Each rod can use certain lures only. 
For example, the bamboo pole can only use baits, 
while the fly rod can only use flies. Some rods are 
specially made for catching certain fish only. 

There are 13 rods to collect.
1. Bamboo Pole     : For stream area fishing 
                     (low tension resistance) 
2. Carbon Pole     : Multi purpose rod 
                     (moderate tension resistance)
3. Lure Rod        : For lure fishing 
                     (low tension resistance)
4. Pro Lure Rod    : For lure fishing 
                     (high tension resistance)
5. Casting Pole    : Multi purpose rod 
                     (high tension resistance)
6. Hera Pole       : For catching Hera fish 
                     (low tension resistance)
7. Tanago Pole     : For catching Tanago fish 
                     (low tension resistance)
8. Fly Rod         : For rapids area fishing 
                     (moderate tension resistance)
9. Fly Rod 2       : Better rod than fly rod 
                     (high tension resistance)
10.Boss Fly Rod    : Can cast furthest for fly bait fishing 
                     (Get from Naoko)
11.Mineral Rod     : The special edition rod from Mineral Town 
                     (Get from Kai)
12.Master's Pole   : The best pole for master fisher 
                     (Get from Old Smarty)
13.Master Lure Rod : The best lure rod for master fisher 
                     (Get from Raiko)

** for Poles : equip basket, pole, bait, bob
   for Rods  : equip basket, lure rod, lure
   for Flies : equip basket, fly rod, fly
(Only poles can use L1 to automatic equip new bait after 
sucessful bite, or lost of bait, on condition that there 
is still enough bait of the same type as the one equiped. 
But if finished, the you must open the "equip" menu. For 
lure rods and fly rods, if you lost a lure or rod, 
you must open the menu to equip a new one.)

C. Bob(s)
First time you play you will get Float A (Round). 
Bobs can only be use for rods that uses baits. 
No damage points effects the bob.

There are 4 bobs through out the game
1. Float A (Round) : Default
2. Float B (Stick) : Buy in stream area
3. Float C (Rabbit): Buy in rapids area
4. Float D (Panda) : Given by Old Beardy after 
                     finding Miya

D. Basket(s)
Basket are for collecting the fishes caught. 
Each basket have different carrying capacity. 
At first you will have a small basket that can 
carry 10 fishes. Some basket must be bought 
while some you will get after completing an 

1. Small Basket  : Default, 10 Fish capacity
2. Medium Basket : Buy in Stream Area, 20 Fish capacity
3. Large Basket  : Buy in Mntn Area, 30 Fish capacity
4. Giant Baskett : Given by Member #1, 50 Fish capacity
5. ---

** --- Not sure where to get it.

7. Other Fishing Equipment(s) [FGH]
Other fishing equipment will be kept in 
the "Items" menu in the "In-Game Menu". 
All except 1 will automaticly be use when you 
use the "examine" option in the "In-Game Menu".
Most of it must be purchase at the bait shop 
or get from doing an errand given by certain 
characters in the game.

1. Washtub          : Get in the Mntn area after 
                      completing Benhei's errand
                      To equip, while swimming, 
                      press "Item" option in the 
                      "In-Game Menu" and press 
                      the washtub icon. (Use as boat)
2. Shovel           : buy in the Stream area at 
                      bait shop (To get Worm)
3. Insect Net       : buy in the Stream area at 
                      bait shop (To get Insect)
4. Magnifying Glass : buy in the Stream area bait 
                      shop (To get Maggot, Shrimp, 
                      Fish Egg and Pasta Bait)
5. Work Gloves      : buy in the rapids area at 
                      bait shop (To get Maggot, 
                      and Pasta Bait)
6. Landing Net      : buy in the Mntn area at 
                      bait shop (To get Small Fish)

8. Item(s) [GHI]
Certain items must be bought while others you 
will get from making it using the "Cooking" option 
in the "In-Game Menu". The effect of using 
the items is replenishing your HP. Those with 
information are items you get from completing 
an errand.

1. Rice Ball        : buy in any equipment shop
2. Box Lunch        : buy in any equipment shop
3. Deluxe Lunch Box : get from Naoko, 
                      buy in Swamp Area.
4. ---
5. ---
6. ---
7. ---
8. ---
9. ---

**--- are slots for keeping food produced from
      using the cooking option or extra(s). 
      (see recipe)

9. Key Character(s) [HIJ]
Key characters are those "persons" who will 
give you errand or help you to find objects 
and animals, and some will even help you open 
new areas. So I will only give these names and 
information on the general info you will get 
from talking to these characters. Sorry I can't 
give you the dialogs. 

1. Kazoko         : She's a fortune teller, in the 
                    Stream area near a well 
                    next to the Inn. She will ask 
                    you to get her a  
                    River trout. After completing 
                    her errand, she will give you 
                    a treasure map. Follow the 
                    clue given to find a treasure. 
                    From finding the treasure you 
                    will gain excess to the contest 
                    in the stream area. Later when  
                    you have completed 'The Straw 
                    Millionare' and 'Treasure Map', 
                    she will do your fortune telling 
                    by answering a number of her 
2. Naoko          : She's a college student from town, 
                    and will be your no.1 rival. You 
                    will meet her in the bridge at the 
                    stream area and several other areas 
                    also. She will ask you to find an 
                    Ayu fish. If you win, she will give 
                    you a Salt Grilled Ayu Recipe. Meet 
                    her at the Mntn area to trigger the 
                    errand. Go to Minamo Peak far south, 
                    catch a Great Brown Trout larger 
                    than 31 In. Take it to Naoko. 
                    You will get a Deluxe Lunch Box.
                    You will meet her again at the field 
                    to get her signiture for Member #1, 
                    fishing showdown at rapids, and at 
                    swmp fishing tournament. She will 
                    also later give you a Boss Fly Rod 
                    after winning the '7ups' challange 
                    at the swamp area.
3. Old Smarty     : The elder from the stream area, 
                    something like a village chief. Go 
                    to his house in the upper stream area 
                    near the north bridge. He will tell 
                    you to go to the shrine across 
                    the north bridge. Go there to find 
                    the next errand. He will also inform 
                    you about what the fossil is after 
                    you found all the pieces.
4. Minoru         : Meet him at the north bridge at the 
                    Stream area, he will ask you to find 
                    the person who wrote the recipe in the 
                    bottle he found. Go to Minamo Pass to 
                    meet Shizu. You will get a Butter 
                    Grilled Big Iwana Recipe.
5. Shizu          : The girl at Minamo Pass, who speaks about
                    fishermen being poor cooks. She wrote a
                    recipe which she put in a bottle and float
                    it downstream to the stream area direction.
                    After the event with Minoru, she will stay
                    at the stream area, and give you a recipe.
6. Yoko           : Meet Yoko at the upper stream across the 
                    north bridge. She will ask you to go to 
                    meet Takako. Later get for her a Salmon 
                    fish. She will give you a Blacken Newt 
                    and Boiled Prawn Recipe.
7. Sachiko        : Meet her near the fisherman at the 
                    centre of Minamo Pass after the boat 
                    dock. She will tell you that it's Bass 
                    Festival. Catch 6 Black Bass and take 
                    it to her. She will give you a smelt 
                    Tenpura Recipe.
8. Benhei         : Meet him at the centre of Minamo Peak 
                    Bridge near Nussie. He will ask you 
                    to get him his 100th fish. Go to the 
                    Island East of Nussie by swimming. 
                    Catch an Albino Rainbow trout and 
                    take it to him. He will let you 
                    pass to the island he blocked and 
                    tells you to examine the statue to 
                    get a washtub.
9. Member #1      : Meet him at the field area near the 
                    fish shop. He will ask you to get 
                    an autograph from Naoko and a Monster 
                    Bass for Naoko. Go to the centre of 
                    the main field pond to get the fish. 
                    Go south of the cooking contest stand 
                    to meet Naoko. She will give you the 
                    autograph. Take it to him and he 
                    will give you a Giant Baskett.
10.Serika         : Meet her across the pond in field area 
                    by swimming or using washtub. She will 
                    talk about the fossil you found in the 
                    mntn area. She will ask for Eel, Iwana 
                    and Smelt fish. Get it for her and 
                    she will give you a fossil.
11.Ms.Rumiko      : She's the teacher in the field area 
                    next to the equipment shop. She teaches 
                    biology, and has 5 students, 3 boys and 
                    2 girls. She will ask for your help to 
                    get 6 killifish. She will give a loach 
                    stew recipe in return.
12.Mamoon         : Meet him in the lower stream area, near 
                    the equipment shop. He is the one that 
                    talks about curry and fishermen giving 
                    him fish. He will ask for 3 items from 
                    you. But will ask for 1 at a time, so 
                    be prepare to get them for him. It's 
                    for making his special curry 
                    "Mamoon Curry". The errand are to catch 
                    Itou, Cherry Salmon and Prawn. In 
                    return he will open the way to the 
                    rapids area and will drop a Raw King 
                    Carp Recipe. The curry will fully 
                    replenish your HP.
13.Bearnaise      : The cooking judge in the stream area, 
                    talk to him, then use the "examine" 
                    option to his right and get a 
                    Love Letter. There's other cooking 
                    judge whose name is simmilar to him, 
                    but have different clothing. 
                    But in all, they are the loyal subject 
                    of Prince Yuburicho.
14.Old Beardy     : He's the old man (granpa) next to the 
                    Mizukiri Pass bridge, talk to him. He 
                    will tell you a story about Miya. It's 
                    his long lost guppy fish. He will ask 
                    for your help to search for it. 
                    An old lady down stream across the 
                    bridge will inform you where to find 
                    it. Go to the water wheel area 
                    to fish for it. Once you complete 
                    Old Beardy's errand and 
                    it's fish's errand, go to Old Beardy 
                    to collect reward, a float D (Panda).
15.Yama           : Meet 'the sloppy detective' to learn 
                    about the crime scene next to inn at 
                    rapids area. After talking, find Saburo
                    Kaori,Miyuki, and Akako. There is no 
                    reward, but it open the fishing 
                    tournament there.
16.Akako          : The red hot dress woman standing under 
                    a tree next to the inn at the rapids 
                    area. She is the suspect murderer. 
                    After the event in the Rapids area, 
                    you will later find out that she ran 
                    to the Swamp area. You will later find 
                    her standing at the far south in an 
                    island at the rapids area from where 
                    Misako is.
17.Saburo         : Meet 'the gardener' after seeing Yama, 
                    to get the first clue to where to 
                    start the search for the "murderer".
18.Kaoru          : A red and white stripe guy who likes 
                    gardening in the Minamo Peak area 
                    next to the bridge. He will talk
                    and make an exchange with you. You 
                    will give the ??? seed you got from 
                    the sprite and in return he will give 
                    a vegetable set.("The Straw Millionare
                    :Part 2".)
19.Woman          : There's many curly haired lady with 
                    thick lipstick in all of the areas. 
                    Find the one north east in the field area. 
                    She's north from Serika's house. 
                    Talk to her and trade the vegetable set 
                    for a bracelet.
                    (The Straw Millionare:Part 3)
20.Woman          : Find a little girl behind the water 
                    wheel in the Rapids area. Talk to her 
                    and trade the bracelet for a 
                    pretty stone. (The Straw Millionare:Part 4)
21.Hiroshi        : Find him near water wheel, he will ask 
                    for a Big Iwana, Big Rainbow Trout, 
                    and Big Catfish, you will get
                    a Big Catfish Miso Soup Recipe 
                    and a treasure map.
22.Kazuki         : Standing near tree, west from bridge. 
                    He will ask for help to look for his 
                    brother Mizuki.
23.Fishmonger     : Meet at fish shop at swamp area, 
                    he will ask for a King 
                    Akane and Big Snakehead. 
                    Will give a Stew Motsugo recipe.
24.Mizuki         : Meet him east from fish shop, he 
                    will ask for a boiled 
                    prawn for his father.
25.Ayu Sawanataki : Her name will be mentioned in the 
                    Minosa Peak area between where Kaoru 
                    and Nussie's spot. The fisherman 
                    near Nussie will refer to her as 
                    "a girl in frilly dress", 
                    while the woman next to Kaoru will 
                    mention her name. I found her at 
                    the swamp area next to Naoko.
26.Tetsuo         : He's in the lower stream area near 
                    the Ayu fisherman. He talks about a 
                    tree that fell and block the
                    path to the swamp area. Later he will 
                    also inform you about Akako escaped 
                    to the swamp area.
27.Apprentice     : Meet him near fish shop. He will talk 
                    about the chef. Will ask for Big Itou, 
                    Silver Buna, Oshorokoma, 
                    and Big Grass Carp. 
28.Chef           : He's the master and teacher of the 
                    apprentice, he's inside the house near 
                    where the apprentice is standing. later, 
                    after completing the apprentice's 
                    errand, he will come out and give a 
                    Huge Catfish Miso Soup.
29. Raiko         : The old man at the swamp area, 
                    in exchange for the bracelet, 
                    he will give a master lure rod. 
                    (The straw Millionare: Part 5)
30. Kazuka        : The bald boy at the swamp area south 
                    from where the woman who speaks about 
                    wild boars, to get a treasure 
                    map. Go find it to get the final fossil, 
                    in order to open the final area.
31. Kai           : The man near the dock at the Mntn area, 
                    who is in the boat. Talk to him several 
                    times to get a mineral rod, said to be 
                    the special edition rod from 
                    Mineral Town.
32. Gray          : A blacksmith apprentice, training from 
                    Mineral Town. He is in the B1 Underground
                    Lake. I didn't met him while playing 1st
                    time. But met him after completing the
                    game once. 

**Note that these errand sequence are according to my 
  personal experience. So it may be different to yours, 
  as you may play it in some other sequence. The timing 
  of this errand are triggered after completing previous 
  errands given. Completing the errand in each area will 
  also trigger the contest in the area. If you fail to 
  trigger the next event, try to complete the previous 
  errand first or talk to other characters before 
  talking to the key character again. 

10. Animal(s) or Creature(s) [IJK]
Beside the key characters, fishermen and other characters 
in the game, there are also animals and creatures in the 
game. These animals and creatures are difficult to find, 
as some need patience before being able to meet it in 
certain areas, before encountering it.

There are at least 2-3 creatures or animals in an area. 
Usually you will get a general idea or clue to where to 
find it, some are simply because of luck a.k.a accidential. 
Talking to some of it will help you through a level, while 
others are simply for the fun of answering trivia questions.

Answering correctly to the animals or creatures encounter 
may get you an item, but wrong answer may result to lost 
of fish. I have list the animals and creatures I met,
but I can't list the questions and answers to the questions 
each animal or creature ask. But don't worry about giving 
wrong answer as the questions are random and all will repeat. 
So you will answer same questions more than once. 

You may have to wait in a certain spot for at least 2-3 
minutes before triggering the meeting. But while waiting 
at the spot, don't move or press any button. I can't give 
an exact position because of the lacking of landmarks.
All I can do is give you a general idea where the creature 
or animal is to be met. One question per encounter. 

Some creature may not ask question but will talk to you 
to do something or just a simple dialog before giving 
something as a reward for finding it.

1. Guinea Pig      : Meet at the dark green patch behind 
                     the fisherman next to Minoru at upper 
                     stream,Stand on the dark green patch 
                     at the junction that leads to 
                     Old Smarty's house behind the fisherman. 
2. Blue Sprite     : In the middle of the lower stream area. 
                     You must first need to learn 
                     swimming from Old Smarty. 
                     It will give you a ??? Seed. 
                     ("The Straw Millionare:Part 1".) 
3. Wood god        : In the shrine at upper stream area 
                     after giving Yamame fish offering to 
                     the shrine. It will grant 
                     1 wish (open path to Mntn area).
                     Use the "Examine" option on the shrine 
                     by the waterfall at the stream area to 
                     trigger the errand. 
4. Squirrel        : Talk to the fisherman and Minoru, they 
                     will talk about a squirrel. Go to the 
                     dark green patch north of the north bridge, 
                     next to where Shizu will later stand. 
                     Wait for it there, you can get insects on 
                     the patch too. An insect will be rewarded 
                     to you after answering several questions.
5. Flying Squirrel : At the area from north bridge in stream area to 
6. Cat             : A girl in the Mntn area at Minamo Pass infront of 
                     the boat dock will mention about it. She mentioned 
                     about seeing it in the tall grass.  
7. Nussie          : A large blue balloon shaped Loch Ness creature in 
                     the Minamo Peak area next to Daisuke. 
                     It will ask for 3 fish and will give you a treasure map.
8. Deer            : It's in Minamo Peak, somewhere in the dark green 
                     patch between the Man, Woman and Green Jizo statue. 
                     A girl near the bridge by Minamo Peak-Minamo Pass, 
                     will mention about it.
9. Rabbit          : I found it accidentally after searching for insect 
                     at the dark soil patch. It's south to the bridge 
                     where you met Benhei, just behind the Woman who talk 
                     about Benhei using a golf stick to fish and she 
                     will later talk about the deer.
10.Fox             : Also found it by accident after talking to a 
                     fisherman. It's behind the tall grass next 
                     to the pink shirt fisherman before the first 
                     bridge at field area. A brown shirt fisherman 
                     will mention about it. Also can be found behind 
                     the blue shirt lady at the cooking contest at 
                     the field area. 
11.Sheep           : A woman behind the fish shop at the field area 
                     will talk about it. There's a village sign 
                     board behind her, stand to the right side 
                     of it, just behind the dark green patch. 
                     It's there and will give fish egg for 
                     answering correctly to it's trivia. 
                     It's name is "Q.T." the sheep.
12.Raccoon         : It's a small Raccoon Dog. The woman next to the 
                     fish shop at the field area will talk about it. 
                     Stand to her right and wait. It will give you 
                     a fish egg for talking to it.
13.Kappa           : It's a bald headed pond turtle at the field area. 
                     A Japanese mistical creature. Find a dark green 
                     patch in the pond above the green sunken log  below 
                     the tall tree on the upper left side of the pond. 
                     There are 4 patches there, use the small one on the 
                     right. Right answer will gain you a fish egg 
14.Panda           : A student infront of Ms.Rumiko mentioned about it. 
                     But I haven't found it yet.
15.Miya            : A Guppy that belongs to Old Beardy in the rapids 
                     area. Once you catch it for Old Beardy's errand, 
                     it will ask for you to catch 3 Guppy fish. 
                     Catch it, then take Miya and friends to Old Beardy.
16.Tanuki          : It's a large Raccoon Dog at the rapids area. Find it 
                     at the island where Suzuka is. It's near the tree 
                     branch, by the stream on the dark green patch.
17.Dog             : Boxing dogs. There are many in the rapids area. 
                     I found it in the centre of 3 large rock where the 
                     man near the bridge mentioned about it. I also found 
                     it infront of the house near well beside Saburo. 
18.Wild Boar       : East of Mizuki's spot, a girl will mention 
                     about it. Fail to answer it's trivia will 
                     cost you lost of a fish.
19.Horse           : South of Jizo statue to Rapids area in the 
                     swamp area.
20.Yeti            : A man at the foot of the swamp south hill will 
                     mention about it. It's near the trees at 
                     the area not far from where it was mentioned.
22.Bear            : A large brown bear, found it in the B1 Underground
                     lake, left from the B2 entrance.
22.Bovine          : A cow. Not sure where to find it.

**Besides having to stand still at the location where the animal's 
  path is, you can also try to meet it by walking slowly towards 
  the area where the animal might be found. By chance you will meet 
  it, walking too fast might not trigger the encounter. 
  Another way is continuously tapping, 'examine'. 

11. Fishing Tournament(s) and Cooking Contest(s) [JKL]
A. Fishing Tournament(s)
Fishing tournaments are triggered after completing errands 
in the area. You must empty your fishing basket before allowed 
to enter. Each contest are timed, each lasting for 5 minutes. 
I suggest you explore the area before joining the contest, as 
you must catch a certain fish that is not plenty. You must 
find out what it eat, where to find it and what the fish looks 

Also you must first collect enough bait or lure and 
correct equipment to prevent you failing in the contest. 
You must get no.1 to continue to the next area.Winning the 
contest will also gain you money. There is a judge for every 
contest, the character is wearing a red suit with big head. 
contests are divided into 2 types, winning counted by 
size (In.) or by number of fish caught. 

1. Ayu fishing tournament     : In the stream area north of the fish shop. 
                                Need at least 3 fish to win.
                                Winner will get 500G.
2. Bass fishing tournament    : In the minamo Pass area east of the dock. 
                                Get at least 3 Black Bass fish to qualify. 
                                Winner get 500G.
3. Hera fishing tournament    : In the field area behind the fish shop. 
                                Qualify by quantity.
                                Winner get 700G. 
4. Tanago fishing tournament  : In the field area near the first bridge. 
                                Need at least 4 fish to win.
                                Winner get 700G.
5. Turtle fishing tournament  : In the rapids area near bridge. 
                                Need at least 2 to win. Winner get 1500G. 
6. Catfish fishing tournament : In the swamp area, need at least 1 
                                monster size to win. Winner get 1000G

Other fishing challenge(s)
1. Black Bass Festival  : At the Mntn area, Sochico. 
                          Get Snelt Tempure Recipe.
2. Ayu Vs Naoko         : At the Swamp area. 
                          Ayu and you vs Naoko showdown. 
                          Get Grilled Big Eel Recipe.
3. 7ups                 : At the Swamp area. 
                          You vs Naoko's final showdown. 
                          Get Boss Fly Rod
B. Cooking Contest(s)
Cooking contests are found through out the area. 
There is only one cooking contest per area. 
You must empty basket and item (food) before 
entering. But before that, you must be able to 
cook from your recipe list in the "In-Game" menu.
(See Recipe). 

Note that, once you fail to win in an area, 
you can't retry in that area for some time. SO you must 
go to the other areas to try your luck. So make sure 
you have all the recipe for the areas to give you a 
wider choice of cooking, and makes things easier for 
you because with having all the recipes available, 
then your fishing choice will not be limited, thus 
reduce time consumption for walking and searching.

The object of the contest is, you must search for fish 
needed to make from the list of recipe menu you have 
in your cooking menu option. Each area will request 
for you to make a certain portion to win. 

I suggest you enhance your cooking skill before 
joining and also make sure your lv.(level) is high 
enough to reduce no of times failing to produce a 
dish so that less time is needed to fish for more 
fish. So make sure you know what fish you need and 
where to find it in each area.

Before joining a contest, it's wise to upgrade your cooking 
level by catching and cooking. Make sure you learn to cook 
all the recipe(s) that will be use in the contest. The more 
you try, the higher the rate of sucess will be. But this 
is of cause relative, since even after getting a higher 
cooking level, the rate of failure is still quite high.

Cooking skill advancement:
1. Amature    (too difficult to join)
2. Mediocre   (too difficult to join)
3. Passable   (still not skillful enough)
4. Decent     (just enough to join 1st round)
5. Skilled    (enough to join 1st round)
6. Pro        (a must in order to enter 2nd round)
7. Star       (able to join all round)
8. Master     (able to join all round)

**After winning once in any area, you are required to 
  increase your cooking skill to "pro" before allowed 
  to join the next cooking contest round.
**Not sure, how much cooking practices needed before 
  skill increase.

Cooking contest:
1. In the stream area.
   You must make 2 dishes of your choice, 5 minutes time limit. 
   In this area, there are 5 dishes to choose from your recipe 
   menu list. They are; Salt Grilled Ayu, Butter Grilled Iwana, 
   Rainbow Trout Meuniere, Amago Saute, and Fried Kajika. 
   Make any 2 will do to advance to next round.

2. In the minamo Pass area.
   Your choice of menu are Butter Grilled Iwana, Butter Grilled 
   Big Iwana, Rainbow Trout Meuniere, Smelt Tempura, 
   Goby Tempura, Raw Carp, Amago Saute, Salt Grilled Salmon, 
   and Sweet Stewed Honmoroko.
3. In the field area.
   Your choice of menu are Raw Carp, Loach Stew, Grilled Eel, 
   Catfish Miso Soup, Chili Shrimp, Boiled Prawn,
   and Stew Motsugo. Must make 2 dishes, 5 minutes time limit.

4. In the rapids area.
   Your choice of menu are Raw King Carp, and Raw Carp.
   Must make 2 Dishes, 5 minutes time limit.

5. In the swamp area.
   Your choice of menu are Grilled Eel, Grilled Big Eel, 
   Raw Carp, Catfish Miso Soup, and Monster Catfish Miso Soup. 
   Must make 3 dishes, 6 minutes time limit. 

These cooking contest are for fun only. 
It does not matter if you win or lose, the 
areas will still be available as long as
you complete the errands and general story line. 
Winning after final round will earn you a Softshell 
Turtle Juice.

Judges :
1. Bearnaise  : Stream Area
2. Pearnaise  : Mntn Area
3. Pilnaise   : Field Area
4. Bulnaise   : Rapids Area
5. Belnaise   : Swamp Area 

C. Recipe(s)
Recipes are use for cooking and making food for your 
suppies needs. Recipes are divided into 2 groups. 
Those that have to be purchase from equipment shops 
and those that will be given to you for completing 
an errand. 

These recipes that you must buy are quite 
expensive, ranging from 400G to 1500G or more per 
recipe. Below are the list of recipes available 
for collection.

1. Salt Grilled Ayu
2. Butter Grilled Iwana
3. Butter Grilled Big Iwana
4. Rainbow Trout Meuniere
5. Smelt Tempura
6. Goby Tempura
7. Raw Carp
8. Raw King Carp
9. Loach Stew 
10.Grilled Eel
11.Grilled Big Eel
12.Softshell Turtle Juice (Get after winning cooking contest)
13.Amago Saute
14.Fried Kajika
15.Salt Grilled Salmon
16.Blackened Newt
17.Catfish Miso Soup
18.Monster Catfish Miso Soup
19.Chilli Shrimp
20.Boiled Prawn
21.Sweet Stewed Honmoroko
22.Stew Motsugo

To make the recipe:
Open the cooking menu in the "In-Game" menu. 
But first make sure you have caught the right 
fish that you want to cook. Choose through the 
Menu from your fish recipe. Press x and a 
report will tell you the result. 

The result maybe "Fail" or "sucess". If sucess, 
the result will be kept in your item menu. 
You can use it to replenish your HP. The higher 
your cooking skill, the less the failure. 
Once you can cook, then you can choose to join 
the cooking contest.

12. Fish [KLM]
There are many fish to catch in each area, not all 
is easy to spot. Some are simply too rare to find 
while others need patience, correct lure and luck 
to find where it is. I can't give much information 
about each of the fish I've caught. I will list the 
names of fish I've caught, though. 

"many"             = >70% chance  
"Moderate"         =  60% chance   
"Moderate to Many" = >60% chance  
"Moderate to Rare" = <50% chance
"Rare to Moderate" = >30% chance  
"Extreamly rare"   = <30% chance

It really depands on your luck and correct choice of 
fishing equipment. Even the most common fish can 
become rare to catch if you use wrong fishing 
equipment and fish in the wrong location. Fish that 
I list below with "---" are those yet to find. It is 
possible for you to find the fish that I marked 
as rare be many. I think it all depands on the lure 
used and the location.  

A. Stream
        NAME           AVAILABILITY           Use Lure(s) 
    ************     ***************         *************
1. Akaze                 Many                Insect/Worm
2. Aburahaya             Many                Insect/Worm/Shrimp
3. Amago                 Moderate            Insect/Shrimp
4. Anemasu               Many                Insect/Lure
5. Ayu                   Moderate to Rare    Worm
6. Itou                  Moderate            Insect/Lure
7. Big Itou              Moderate to Rare    Insect/Lure
8. Albino Itou           Rare to Moderate    Insect/Lure/Worm
9. Iwana                 Moderate            Insect
10.Big Iwana             Rare                Insect
11.Oshorakana            Moderate            Worm/Insect
12.Kajika                Many                Worm/Shrimp
13.River Trout           Many                Worm/Insect/Lure
14.Gogi                  Moderate            Insect
15.Cherry Salmon         Many                Insect/Shrimp/Lure
16.Takahaya              Many                Insect
17.Rainbow Trout         Moderate            Insect/Lure
18.Hazu                  Rare                Insect/Shrimp
19.Yamame                Many                Insect/Worm/Lure
20.Crab                  Rare to Moderate    Worm/Insect
21.---                   Rare

B. Mntn
        NAME           AVAILABILITY           Use Lure(s) 
    ************     ***************         *************
1. Ugui                  Rare                Insect
2. Oshorakana            Moderate            Insect/Worm
3. River Trout           Many                Insect/Worm/Lure 
4. Pink Salmon           Many                Insect/Fish Egg/Lure
5. Gogi                  Moderate            Insect/Shrimp/Lure
6. Cherry Salmon         Many                Insect/Shrimp/Lure
7. Big Cherry Salmon     Many                Insect/Shrimp/Lure
8. Salmon                Moderate            Insect/Lure
9. Donka                 Rare to Moderate    Insect
10.Rainbow Trout         Many                Insect/Lure
11.Albino Rainbow Trout  Extreamly Rare      Lure/Insect
12.Big Rainbow Trout     Moderate            Lure/Insect
13.Hazu                  Rare                Insect
14.Higai                 Rare                Fish Egg/Shrimp
15.Princess Salmon       Many                Lure/Insect
16.Brown Trout           Moderate            Lure
17.Great Brown Trout     Moderate            Lure
18.Black Bass            Moderate            Insect/Shrimp/Lure 
19.Bluegill              Many to Moderate    Insect/Lure/Worm
20.Red salmon            Moderate            Lure/Insect
21.Honmoraka             Moderate            Insect
22.Yamame                Many                Insect/Worm/Lure
23.White Yamame          Extreamly Rare      Lure/Insect
24.smelt                 Moderate to Rare    Insect
25.Wataka                Moderate to Rare    Insect/Lure
26.Frog                  Moderate to Rare    Insect

        NAME           AVAILABILITY           Use Lure(s) 
    ************     ***************         *************
1. Itaya                 Moderate to Many    Insect/Pasta Bait
2. Itamaroko             Moderate to Many    Insect/Pasta Bait
3. Eel                   Moderate to Rare    Insect/Shrimp/Lure
4. Carp                  Moderate            Insect/Pasta Bait/Lure
5. Sand Loach            Many                Insect/Shrimp/Pasta Bait
6. Tanago                Moderate to Rare    Insect/Pasta Bait/Shrimp
7. Tsuchifuki            Moderate            Insect/Pasta Bait
8. Fighting Fish         Moderate            Insect/Pasta Bait/Lure
9. Loach                 Moderate to Rare    Insect/Pasta Bait/Lure
10.Taniya                Moderate            Insect/Pasta Bait
11.Catfish               Moderate            Insect/Lure
12.Black Bass            Moderate to Many    Insect/Lure/Shrimp
13.Monster Bass          Moderate to Rare    Insect/Lure
14.Bluegill              Many                Insect/Worm/Lure
15.Pejerrey              Many                Insect/Shrimp/Lure
16.Big Herabuna          Moderate            Insect/Lure
17.Snakehead             Rare to Moderate    Insect/Shrimp
18.Motsuga               Moderate to Rare    Insect/Pasta Bait
19.Herabuna              Moderate to Rare    Insect/Lure
20.Prawn                 Moderate to Rare    Worm/Shrimp/Pasta Bait
21.Crawfish              Moderate            Worm/Shrimp/Pasta Bait

        NAME           AVAILABILITY           Use Lure(s) 
    ************     ***************         *************
1. Aouo                  Rare to Moderate    Insect/Shrimp
2. Akame                 Moderate            Lure/Maggot/Insect
3. King Akame            Moderate to Rare    Lure/Insect/Maggot
4. Ina                   Moderate            Maggot/Shrimp
5. Oikawa                Moderate            Lure/Insect
6. Oyanirami             Many                Maggot
7. Kamatsuka             Many                Maggot
8. Kamaruchi             Many                Maggot
9. Kawanutsu             Many                Maggot
10.Bullhead              Moderate to Rare    Fish egg
11.Guppy                 Moderate to Rare    Maggot
12.King Carp             Moderate            Maggot/Lure/Shrimp
13.Bighead Carp          Moderate            Shrimp/Lure
14.Albino Bighead Carp   Extreamely Rare     Shrimp/Lure
15.Big Bighead Carp      Moderate to Rare    Shrimp/Lure
16.Satsuki Trout         Moderate to Many    Lure/Shrimp/Maggot
17.Grass Carp            Moderate to Many    Lure/Shrimp/Maggot
18.Big Grass Carp        Moderate to Rare    Lure/Shrimp/maggot
19.Tamoroko              Moderate to Many    Maggot/Shrimp/Pasta Bait
20.Silver Carp           Moderate            Lure/Pasta Bait/Maggot
21.King Hakuren          Rare                Insect/Shrimp
22.---                   Rare
23.Mabuna                Moderate to Many    Lure/Maggot/Pasta Bait
24.Mugit'suka            Moderate            Maggot/Pasta Bait/Shrimp
25.Roughskin Sculpis     Moderate            Pasta Bait/Maggot/Shrimp
26.Turtle                Moderate to Rare    Pasta Bait/Shrimp/Worm
27.Softshell Turtle      Moderate to Rare    Maggot/Shrimp/Pasta Bait  

        NAME         AVAILABILITY           Use Lure(s) 
    ************   ***************         *************
1. Eel                   Many                Shrimp/Worm/Insect
2. Big Eel               Moderate            Shrimp/Worm/Insect
3. ---                   Rare
4. ---                   Rare
5. ---                   Rare
6. Carp                  Moderate to Many    Shrimp/Insect
7. ---                   Rare
8. ---                   Rare
9. Tilapia               Moderate            Shrimp/Insect
10.---                   Rare
11.---                   Rare
12.Big Catfish           Moderate to Rare    Shrimp/Insect
13.Monster Catfish       Moderate            Shrimp/Insect
14.Nigai                 Moderate            Shrimp/Insect
15.---                   Rare
16.---                   Rare
17.---                   Rare
18.---                   Rare
19.Mabuna                Moderate to Rare    Shrimp/Insect/Pasta Bait
20.Killifish             Many                Shrimp/Pasta Bait
21.Albino Killifish      Extremely Rare      Shrimp/Pasta Bait
22.---                   Rare
23.---                   Rare
24.Big Snakehead         Moderate            Shrimp/Insect
25.---                   Rare
26.---                   Rare

F. Underground Lake
        NAME         AVAILABILITY           Use Lure(s) 
    ************   ***************         *************
1. Pirarucu              Many                Small Fish/Fish Egg/Lure
2. Alligator Gar         Many                Frog/Small Fish/Lure
3. Silver Arowana        Many                Shrimp/Fish Egg/Maggot/Lure
4. Black Arowana         Many                Shrimp/Fish Egg/Maggot/Lure
5. ---                   Rare                
6. Coelacanth            Many                Shrimp/Fish Egg/Small Fish/Lure
7. River King            Extremely Rare      Frog/Fish Egg/Small Fish/Lure
8. Freshwater Ray        Many to Moderate    Fish Egg/Shrimp/Small Fish/Lure
9. Sterlet               Many to Moderate    Frog/Fish Egg/Small Fish/Lure
10.Butterfly Fish        Many                Shrimp/Fish Egg/Maggot
11.Gar Pike              Moderate to Many    Shrimp/Fish Egg/Maggot/Lure
12.---                   Rare
13.Royal Knife Fish      Moderate            Shrimp/Fish Egg/Maggot/Lure
14.Cuban Gar             Moderate            Shrimp/Fish Egg/Maggot/Lure

13. Color Buttons [LMN]
There are strange buttons marked by bright color. 
It's hidden in the far side of the areas. 
There is only one in each area so be sure to 
explore each areas carefully. To activate the 
button, you must use the "Examine" option while 
standing on it. When triggered, it will produce a 
spotlight, then it will produce a dialog. 
Not sure what it's for. Because I've tried several
dozens time pressing on it, but no item or effect
happens, only dialogs from the spotlight button.

Here's the list of the buttons:
1. Stream area : Far north of upper stream next to the 
                 waterfall. (Red)
2. Mntn area   : At Minamo Peak, behind some trees from Nussie 
                 and Benhei's centre bridge. (Yellow)
3. Field area  : On the far east across the stream, behind some 
                 trees from Serika. (Yellow)
4. Rapids area : Behind a tree, in the brown fenced area 
                 behind the bait shop. (Yellow)
5. Swamp area  : Between trees on island north from 
                 Ayu's spot, where Naoko will finally stay. (Red)

14. Walkthrough [MNO]

Before I start, I can't give a list of the items that 
is available for sales in each bait shops, and the 
recipe(s) available in each shops, nor can I list the 
price of each of it. But I don't think it's necessary 
because the game is straight forward, so you just have 
to collect as much money as possible by catching and 
selling as many fish as possible in each area.


A.STREAM AREA (Shizuka Village) [NOP]
(baits: Worm, Shrimp, Frog, Insect, Bee Larva)
After choosing and naming the character of your choice, 
you will be taken to a short cut-screen and dialog in a 
family of 4 consisting of a father, mother, bro and sis. 
After the dialog, you will be outside the house. 
I suggest you first go to the Inn infront of your 
character's house. Enter to read the Notice Board. 
There will be three messages to read. The first one 
mention about a fishing tournament, the second about 
cooking contest, while the third mention about a stream 
Next, go to the far south to meet Mamoon, he will 
talk about curry. Next go to the sign board infront 
of the shop, to read the name of your village. 
Go into the shop, it's an equipment shop that 
also sells a medium basket. Don't buy it yet. 
Walk out of the shop and talk to the woman next 
to the well and your house. She will ask you 
to do an errand for her. She wants you to catch 
for her a river trout. Open your "equipment, 
you will find that you have 1 worm, bamboo pole, 
float A (Round), and a small basket. 

Go to the next shop, it's an bait shop that 
sell lures, rods, and baits, as well as other 
fishing equipment. Buy a shovel there, if you 
have enough money, go ahead and buy the insect 
net also. Without the items like insect net, 
shovel, landing net, etc. You will have 
trouble finding the baits that are available in the 
areas I've mentioned, if you don't have all the 
equipments for bait hunting. 

Next, walk to the fish shop, use the "examine" 
option on the dark green patch next to it and 
the cooking contest stand. You will get 
"worm bait", keep pressing x button to fill 
up you bait box. Next, go to the stream to start
fishing, once you catch a river trout, give 
the fish to the woman. She will give you a 
treasure map. You can choose to find the 
treasure or continue fishing. I suggest you 
continue fishing for more. 

Once you have enough money, use it to buy the 
Magnifying Glass and Medium Basket. You can 
also choose to buy the recipes after buying 
the equipments, including the rods and poles, 
as well as the lures and baits. But I have to 
say that the maggot and bee larva will not come 
to play in this area. So why waste money buying 
it now.

Now go to talk to Naoko on the first bridge, 
she will ask you to catch an Ayu fish. She will 
compare who's fish is longest. If you win, she 
will give you a recipe. Before catching the fish, 
take your time to talk to all of the characters 
to learn more on where to catch fish and find 
out about the area. 

You can also choose to try answering the trivia 
questions the animals ask. Also you can continue 
to find out where to find the baits. The bee larva 
can be found across the north bridge around the red 
shrine and waterfall. 

The insect can be found near Minoru and around Old 
Smarty's house, also behind the fisherman next to 
Minoru. The frog can be found south across the 1st 
bridge before the young fisherman, near some trees. 
The shrimp is south of the Ayu fisherman before the 
river dam. The worm can be found next to the fish 
shop and up further before the path to Takako.

Once you caught an Ayu fish, go to Naoko to trigger 
another conversation and collect your reward if you 
win. I won the first time round. So I don't know 
what will happen if your fish is smaller than hers. 
Go to the Jizo statue infront of the bait shop to 
find the treasure. 

Just follow the clue, you will end up infront of 
the tree next to your house beside the woman who 
looks more like a grandma to me. You will find 
a treasure of some sort. Next, go to the fishing 
tournament and join. Catch as many Ayu(s) as 
possible within the time limit. I'm sure by now 
you should have a general idea where to catch 
the fish. 

If you fail, don't worry, keep entering it. 
You must get first place to trigger Old Smarty's 
dialog. After winning you will get 500G. As I've 
mentioned, now go to Old Smarty's house. Talk to 
him to learn how to swim. Now go to where the Ayu 
fisherman is. Swim across to meet the Blue Sprite. 
He will give you a ??? seed. Return to Old Smarty 
to talk about the boulder that is blocking the path 
to Mntn area. 

He will tell you to catch a Yamame for the Wood god. 
Catch one for it. Place the fish by using the "examine" 
option infront of the shrine. A cut screen will trigger 
and the boulder will be removed. Time to head for the 
next area.

%%% ? Love letter : Not sure what for and who's. ? %%%

B.MNTN (Minamo Pass and Minamo Peak) [OPQ]
(baits: Fish Egg, Insect, Shrimp, Frog, Pasta Bait)

Once you enter the next area, go to meet Shizu on the 
right side behide the large mount before the bridge to 
Minosa Pass. Now go to the bait shop to buy a landing 
net and anything you feel you might need. 

Personally the rest of the items are less important for 
the moment. Next go to talk to Naoko near the boat dock, 
a dialog will trigger about the great brown trout. 

Go talk to the rest of the characters in Minosa Pass 
and go across to Minosa Peak. Walk straight to the far 
south passing Nussie while talking to all of the 
characters there. You will end meeting Naoko again. 
Start fishing for the trout mentioned.

I caught it after 2 tries. I believe you will also 
especially since by now you should have an idea that 
the larger the fish the larger it is visible to your 
eye even before starting to fish, although you won't 
be able to know what fish it is before it bites on your 
lure. Once you caught the fish, talk to Naoko, she will 
give you a reward. Return to Minosa Pass, to meet 
Shizu again. 

After that, go back to stream area to meet Minoru. 
You will trigger a dialog about a floating bottle 
containing a recipe that he tried and liked. 
He will ask you to find the person who wrote the 
recipe. Go back to Minosa Pass and talk to Shizu. 
You will trigger another dialog, where Minoru 
propose to Shizu to stay and marry him. 
Shizu will give you a reward.

Go to Minosa Peak to talk to Daisuke and Nussie. 
But before that, make sure you have at least 3 
large fish. After giving the fish to Nussie, 
it will give you a treasure map. 

Now go back to where the green Jizo statue is. 
Walk to the beach and press the zoom out button. 
You will see partially an island. Swim across to 
meet a fisherman who will talk about buying a boat. 

Go to the only tree there and use the "examine" button, you 
will get a fossil. Swim back. Now go to meet Sochico, the red 
dress girl near the fisherman who talks about Wataka and 
Honmoraka fish. She will talk about a Bass Festival. 
Now go to find 6 of it. Take it back to her and get your 
reward. Go to the equipment shop to buy a Large Basket.

Upon winning, go to meet Behei, he is the Ninja look alike g
uy on the bridge at the centre of Minosa Peak. He will talk 
about his 99 fish and ask you to catch an Albino Rainbow 

But this Island is further and deserted. Swim from where 
Nussie is, you will end up on the island. Try catching it 
from there. I don't guarentee anything. But, that's where 
I found the fish Benhei mentioned. Do remember that on the 
island you won't find any bait or lure. So make sure you
bring enough.

So if you run out of lure or bait, you must go buy more or 
search for more. Go back to Benhei after catching it. 
He will let you pass to the next island behind him. 
He will also mention about a washtub hidden in the 
statue on the island. Go to find the item mentioned. 

After that, go to the fishing tournament to join 
the Bass fishing tournament. Catch a large fish 
to win before time up. Once you win you will get 
500G. Next you can choose to catch more fish to 
buy all the items available in the Mntn area. 

Now go back to the stream area, talk to Yoko near 
the shrine, she will give an errand, you must go 
to meet Takako not behind the hill from the 
Oshorokana fisherman. Talk to Takako to trigger 
another errand. After knowing what the errand is, 
go back to Minosa Peak, start fishing for the salmon. 
Now go back to Yoko to start another dialog. 
She will give you 2 recipes, Blacken Newt 
and Boiled Prawn. A new area is now available. 

C.Field (Asatsuya Village) [PQR]
(baits: Worm, Insect, Pasta Bait, Shrimp)

Go and explore the area. Now talk to the Member #1 
infront of the fish shop. He will give you an 
errand to meet Naoko and get for him her autograph 
as well as give her a monster bass. Now go to where 
the tall grass is near the 1st bridge. You will also 
by now know that there are plenty of bass in the 
centre of the pond. Equip the washtub, and row to 
the centre of the pond. You can equip your rod 
while in the tub. Catch a monster bass. 

Take it to Naoko across the bridge behind the cooking 
contest stand. She will give you her autograph. 
Take it to Member #1, he will give you a Giant Baskett. 

You will notice that there are 2 fishing tournaments 
available. Choose the one you feel will give you the 
best chance of winning. After collecting the reward 
from the first contest, go and join the second contest. 
I believe catching Tanago is easier than Hera. 
Once you win in both contests, you can go to meet 
Serika across the pond in the area. 

She will talk about fossils.She then will offer to give 
you her's if you catch for her an Eel, Iwana and Smelt. 
You must catch all 3 before going back to give to her 
the items in her errand list. By far this errand is 
the toughest because catching the 3 fish are not easy 
as it's not many and only can be found in certain spot 
in each area that you must visit.

After doing the errand. Talk to Ms.Rumiko, she's the 
teacher next to the equipment shop in the area. She will 
ask for help to catch 6 Killifish for her biology class. 
Do the errand to get a Loach Stew Recipe. After that, 
you can choose to catch as much fish as possible and buy 
all the recipe. 

After doing so, go back to the stream area and 
meet Mamoon at the far south lower stream area 
near the equipment shop. He will talk about his 
special curry known as "Mamoon curry". 
He blocks the path to the next area, you must 
get his 3 things. 

But he will ask for 1 at a time. Get each one to 
satisfy him. The errand is to catch Itou, Cherry 
Salmon and Prawn. Once you get all three, he will 
let you taste his curry. It will replenish your 
HP. Also he will open the path and drop a 
Raw King Carp Recipe. Now the rapids area 
is open.

D.Rapids (Mizukiri Pass and Mizukiri Village) [QRS]
(baits: Maggot, Small Fish, Insect, Shrimp)

Now explore the area first. This area is by far 
the most intresting of the areas I've explored. 
The fish are more agressive than that of the 
other areas. It's my favourite area. First, 
go to the bridge, you will meet an old man 
holding a round fish bowl. 

He will talk to you about a missing guppy pet of 
his, named Miya. His name is Old Beardy. You must 
look for it. If you go to the lower right across 
the bridge, far below the vegetable plot, you will 
meet an old lady who will give you a clue to where 
the fish maybe found. 

It's near a water wheel. Not easy to find, but it's 
around that place. Catch it, to get another errand. 
This time from the fish it'self. It will ask for you 
to catch 3 of it's guppy friends. Catch it, then take 
"them" to Old Beardy. He will give you a 
float D (Panda) as reward.

Next go and meet Yama the sloppy detective by the 
brown well on the hill side by the Inn. He will 
take you to a cutscreen about a possible murder. 
The suspect is Akako, the red dress lady behind 
the tree. But before you get to her, you must 
talk to some of the rapids area residence. 
First talk to Saburo the gardener next to Yama. 
He will give you a clue to the witness. 

Next go to the equipment shop. The equipment shop 
is not easy to find. it's on an island downstream 
from Old Beardy's location. Swim to the area. 
You will notice there are 3 persons there besides 
the equipment shop lady. Talk to Misako to get 
another clue. She will tell you to go to a house 
upstream just behind the Mizukiri Pass sign 
post. Talk to Hironori. 

He will tell you to find Suzuka upstream. 
But before you find him at the downstream 
across the bridge from the equipment shop. 
Go upstream and swim to the island next to 
the water wheel. Meet Norio, a friend of 
Suzuka, he will tell you where the boy is. 
Now go to meet him. He will tell you to go 
meet Misako to find another possible witness. 

Now go to meet Kaori, the girl in red standing next 
to the well near the water wheel. She will later 
tell you of another possible witness, Miyuki. 
She is downstream, next to Misako. Meet her to 
find more information. You will meet Yama, next 
to the inn. You will later find that 
Akako is the suspect.

There's not much to buy in the area, there's the work 
gloves for your other fishing equipment needs, 
float C(rabbit) and the wet fly to buy. Other than 
that, there's no recipe or rod to buy. After that, 
the turtle fishing tournament is open for play.
Now go to the mntn area to meet Kaoru, he will offer 
an exchange for you ??? seed with a vegetable 
set (The Straw Millionare:Part 2). 

Now go to the field area, find the woman standing north 
of Serika's house. Talk to her and trade the vegetable 
set for a bracelet (The Straw Millionare:Part 3). 

Next, meet another woman behind the water wheel in the 
rapids area, to trade the bracelet with a pretty stone 
(The Straw Millionare:Part 4). 

If you talk to Tetsuo, you will find out that Akako ran 
to the swamp area followed by Yama the detective, but Akako 
is hiding in the island south of the equipment shop.

Find Naoko across south dam at Rapids area near Akako's 
hiding spot. She will challenge you to a fishing showdown 
to catch an Aouo of 40 Inches or larger. Catch one of the 
required size and bring it to her. Once you win, the swamp 
area is open. Then, go to meet Hiroshi near water wheel, he 
will ask for help to find a fish that he need. Get him one 
at a time, a Big Iwana, Big Rainbow Trout, and Big Catfish. 
He will give a big catfish miso soup recipe and a treasure 
map. Follow the clue to find the treasure in the rapids 
area, a fossil.

Go to the field area, to meet Kazuki, he will ask for help 
to find his brother Mizuki. Go to the swamp area to 
find him, talk to him and he will ask for a boiled prawn 
cooking. Get it for him.(also informed in part E.)

E.Swamp (Kisumi Village) [RST]
(baits: Worm, Shrimp, Bee larva, Frog)

To get to this area, there are two ways, the first 
is to go from the east of the fish shop at the rapids 
area, while the other is through the stream area 
behind Tetsuo. The rapids area path is openned first, 
later the stream area path will also available after
winning the showdown with Naoko at the rapids area. 

Go to the fish shop to talk to the fishmonger. 
He will ask an errand to catch a King Akane and a 
Big Snakehead for him to cook for a customer, 
he will give you a Stew Motsugo Recipe.

Find Mizuki further north from the fish shop, he's 
wearing a blue shirt with a panda patern. 
He will talk about his father. He is then willing 
to return home if he can bring his father's 
favourite food, a boiled prawn. Make one and give 
it to him to complete the errand.

Talk to the apprentice, he will talk about his teacher 
"the chef" and his problems. He will ask for help to 
catch some fish. He will ask for a Big Itou of 
63 Inches or larger size, Silver Buna of 7 Inches 
or more, Oshorokoma of 9 Inches or more, and a 
Big Grass Carp of 50 Inches or more. 
Complete the errand to open a short cutscreen. 
The chef will give a monster catfish miso soup.

Now, find Raiko, the old man near the field in the area, 
talk to him to exchange the pretty stone for a master 
lure rod (The Straw Millionare: Part 5).

The fishing tournament by now should be open, join it 
and catch a monster size catfish within 5 minute. 
After winning it, a long cutscreen will show a tv 
reporter interviewing you from an "All Pro Fishing 

Now head south to the hill, to find Naoko, Ayu and Ayu's 
Manager debating. Ayu will propose a fishing showdown. 
Go catch an electric ell of monster size. Upon winning, 
you will get a grilled big eel recipe from Ayu. 

Next, swim to the island next to the catfish contest. 
Find Naoko behind some trees. She will ask for a final 
showdown. This time, the is known as '7ups', where you 
must get a fish from any area within the mentioned size 
range. It cannot be smaller or larger than the ranged 
size. Also you must empty your basket leaving only a 
fish to contest for each range. 

The first range is, 1-11 inches, the second is 
16-22 inches, the third is 26-35 inches, and the last 
is more than 40 inches. If you win, she will give 
you a boss fly rod. And the rivalry between you and 
Naoko is officially ended. 

Now talk to Kazuma to get a treasure map. Find the 
'piece of something' treasure near the woman who 
talks about wild boar. Use the "examine" button 
to find for it. It's quite tricky and more 
difficult to find than the other treasure map. 
On finding the fossil, there will be a cutscreen 
showing an earthquack. 

Go to the stream area to talk to Old Smarty. 
He will inform you that the fossil actually is 
a 'fish fossil', which is a River King's. 
He will also give a Master's Pole. A new area 
will open, after he mentioned about a mysterious 
underground lake.  

But before you leave for the next area, go to the 
Mntn area to find Kai at the boat dock, standing 
on a boat, talk to him several times until he ask
you about fishing and mention about pineapple. 
He will give you a mineral rod if you answer 
"fish" when he ask you about what you like. Now, 
go back to the stream area and prepare yourself.

If you talk to Kazuko 'the fortune teller' at the 
stream area, she will read your fortune, by 
answering simple questions. 

Make sure your fishing skill is 4 or higher to 
proceed, and make sure you have made enough food 
and full HP. Once ready, go to the far north to 
the waterfall from Old Smarty's house. Swim or use 
the tub to go into the waterfall to reveal a 
new area.

F. Underground Lake [STU]
(baits: Maggot, Small Fish, Fish Egg)

This area is divided into 3 areas; B1, B2, and B3. 
All are the same but with different fish in lake. 
To get to each areas, you must either swim or use 
the tub to the far end of the lake in each area. 
As long as you have enough HP and your fishing 
skill is at least 4, you should have no problem 
in this area. 

Go to the B3 area to find the River King, it's a 
monster size coelacanth, with it's fin bearing a 
red "Australia Continent" marking. Once you get 
the fish, then a cutscreen will appear. End of game, 
but it will take you back to the stream area where 
you can save your game and continue searching for 
other fish or items yet to find. 

Having difficulties finding the river king? Well, 
if you notice the fish in the centre, near the far 
end of the lake in B3, which appear and disappear 
quite quickly. Well....that's it. You may be 
fooled a few times. But with sure luck, that fish 
will bite. 

Also, if you go back to your house at the stream area, 
you will be informed that a new River King has appeared. 
If you want to catch it, just go to the same spot 
where you caught the fish.

This time, there will be plenty of river kings to catch.
All can be found at the centre lake of B3. Also, if you 
talk to the charachters in the game after completing
the game and then continue, they're dialogs will
change. And Kazuko's fortune-telling will also require
more questions than the last time before completing the

You can also choose to change character and play 
from beginner again but with all areas already 
opened, from the loading screen. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>> END OF Walkthrough >>>>>>>

15. Complete Character(s) Identities [TUV]
A. Stream Area
1. Father
2. Mom
3. Bro
4. Sis
5. Kazuko          : Blue Dress
6. Old Smarty      : Red Shirt, old, big head
7. Judge           : Red Suit, Fishing Judge
8. Mamoon          : Orange Shirt, White Turban
9. Bearnaise       : Cooking Judge
10.Cook            : White Shirt
11.Tetsuo          : Red-White Stipe Shirt, Black cap
12.Takako          : Blue Shirt, School Girl
13.Yoko            : White shirt, Blue Skirt, School Girl
14.Naoko           : Pink Pants, White Shirt, College Girl
15.Minoru          : Red-White Stripe Shirt, Black cap
16.Kayo            : Bunny Ears, Red Skirt
17.Man             : Red-White Stripe Shirt, Black cap
18.Man             : Light Blue Shirt, Light Blue cap
19.Man             : Brown Shirt, Straw Hat, Gardener
20.Man             : White Shirt, Blue Bald Head
21.Man             : Orange Shirt, Blue Bald Head
22.Man             : Blue Shirt, Straw Hat, 
                     Bait Shopkeeper
23.Man             : Green-White Stripe Shirt, Green Cap
24.Man             : Red Shirt, Fishmonger
25.Man             : Black Shirt
26.Woman           : Pink Shirt
27.Woman           : Blue Long Dress
28.Woman           : Light Blue Shirt, Inn Keeper
29.woman           : Orange shirt, Old Lady, granma
30.Woman           : White Shirt, Equipment Shopkeeper
31.Fisherman       : Maroon Vest, Maroon hat, Glasses
32.Fisherman       : Dark Green Vest
33.Fisherman       : Blue Shirt, Blue Cap
34.Fisherman       : Orange Shirt, Boy
35.Fisherman       : Brown Vest, Brown Hat, Glasses
36.Fisherman       : Dark Brown Vest, Brown Hat    

1. Shizu           : Blue-White Dress, Brown Coat
2. Pearnaise       : Cooking Judge
3. Cook            : White Shirt
4. Judge           : Fishing Judge, Red Suit
5. Benhei          : Black Ninja Suit
6. Daisuke         : White Shirt
7. Sachiko         : Red Long Dress
8. Kaoru           : Red-White Stripe Shirt, Black Hat
9. Akiro           : Black Shirt, Blue Jeans
10.Kai             : Brown Shirt, Red Bandana, Blue pants
                     Restaurant Owner
11.Man             : Light Blue-White Stripe Shirt, 
                     Light Blue cap
12.Man             : White Shirt, Blue Bald Head
13.Man             : Blue Shirt, Straw Hat
14.Man             : Green Shirt, fishmonger
15.Man             : Green-White Stripe Shirt, Green cap
16.Man             : Red Shirt
17.Man             : Blue Shirt, Straw Hat, Bait Shopkeeper
18.Man             : White Shirt
19.Man             : White Shirt, Blue Bald Head
20.Man             : Dark Brown Vest, Brown Hat, Glasses
21.Woman           : Light Blue Shirt, Brown Skirt
22.Woman           : White Shirt, Green Skirt
23.Woman           : White Dress
24.Woman           : Red Long Dress
25.Woman           : Blue Long Dress
26.Woman           : Pink Shirt
27.Woman           : Orange Shirt, Inn Keeper
28.Woman           : Yellow Shirt, Old Lady
29.Woman           : Blue Skirt, Girl
30.Woman           : Green Shirt, Equipment Shopkeeper
31.Woman           : Green Long Dress
32.Woman           : Purple Shirt, Blue Skirt
33.Fisherman       : Dark Brown Vest, Brown Hat
34.Fisherman       : Dark Brown Vest
35.Fisherman       : Dark Green Vest, Dark Green Hat, 
36.Fisherman       : Dark Brown Vest, Brown Hat, Glasses
37.Fisherman       : Dark Blue Vest, Dark Blue Hat, 
38.Fisherman       : Red Vest, Boy
39.Fisherman       : Maroon Vest, Maroon Hat, Glasses
40.Fisherman       : Blue Vest, Blue cap

C.Field Area
1. Member #1       : Red shirt, Big Head
2. Miss Rumiko     : Blue Suit, Teacher
3. Kazuki          : Blue Shirt
4. Judge           : Red Suit, Tanago Fishing
5. Judge           : Red Suit, Hera Fishing
6. Pilnaise        : Cooking Judge
7. Serika          : Red Long Dress
8. Ooizumi Junjiro : White Hair, Yellow Bow Tie, Blue Suit
9. Man             : Black Shirt
10.Man             : Blue Shirt, Blue Bald Head, Student
11.Man             : White Shirt, Blue Bald Head, Student
12.Man             : Black Shirt, Blue Bald Head, Student
13.Man             : Brown Shirt, Straw Hat, 
                     Bait Shopkeeper
14.Man             : Brown Shirt, Straw Hat
15.Man             : Black-Grey Stripe Shirt, Brown Cap
16.Man             : Blue Shirt, Straw Hat
17.Man             : Green Shirt, Fishmonger
18.Man             : Purple Shirt, Straw Hat
19.Man             : Black Shirt, Blue Bald Head
20.Woman           : Pink Shirt
21.Woman           : White Shirt, Student
22.Woman           : Blue Shirt, Student
23.Woman           : Orange Shirt, Equipment Shopkeeper
24.Woman           : White Long Dress
25.Woman           : Green Shirt, Old Lady
26.Woman           : Green Long Dress
27.Woman           : Blue Shirt, Inn Keeper
28.Woman           : Orange Shirt, Old Lady
29.Woman           : Pink Shirt, Girl
30.Woman           : Dark Green Shirt, Old Lady
31.Woman           : Light Blue Shirt
32.Woman           : Red Shirt, Old Lady
33.Woman           : Blue Shirt
34.Fisherman       : Green Vest, Green Hat
35.Fisherman       : Orange Shirt, Boy
36.Fisherman       : Green Vest, Brown Hat, Glasses
37.Fisherman       : Pink Shirt, Boy
38.Fisherman       : Blue Shirt, Boy
39.Fisherman       : Blue Shirt, Blue Hat

D.Rapids Area
1. Suzuka
2. Saburo
3. Old Beardy      : Black Suit, White Beard
4. Misako          : Blue Shirt          
5. Akako           : Bright Red Skirt
6. Judge           : Red Suit, Fishing Judge
7. Bulnaise        : Cooking Judge
8. Cook            : White Shirt
9. Miyuki          : White Shirt, Girl
10.Detective Yama  : Black Shirt, Messy Hair
11.Cop             : Blue Uniform
12.Cop             : Blue Uniform
13.Cop             : Blue Uniform
14.Cop             : Blue Uniform
15.Hiroshi         : Blue Shirt, Blue Cap
16.Kaori           : Red Long Dress
18.Hiromori        : Black Shirt
19.Norio           : Orange Shirt, Boy
20.Man             : Red Shirt
21.Man             : Brown Shirt, Straw Hat, Farmer
22.Man             : Green-White Stripe Shirt, 
                     Green Cap
23.Man             : Brown Shirt, Straw Hat
24.Man             : White Shirt, Fishmonger
25.Man             : Light Blue-White Stripe Shirt, 
                     Blue Cap
26.Man             : Red-White Stripe Shirt, Black Cap
27.Man             : Light Blue Shirt, Blue Bald Head
28.Man             : White Shirt, Blue Bald Head
29.Woman           : Orange Shirt, Equipment Shopkeeper
30.Woman           : Yellow Shirt
31.Woman           : Orange Shirt, Old Lady
32.Woman           : Blue Skirt
33.Woman           : Pink Skirt
34.Woman           : Yellow Shirt, Inn Keeper
35.Woman           : Light Blue Shirt
36.Woman           : Pink Shirt
37.Woman           : White Shirt
38.Fisherman       : Brown Vest, Brown Hat, Glasses
39.Fisherman       : Brown Vest, Brown Cap
40.Fisherman       : Green Shirt, Green Cap
41.Fisherman       : Pink Shirt, Boy
42.Fisherman       : Dark Green Vest, Brown Hat

E.Swamp Area
1. Ayu             : Pink Party Dress
2. Manager         : Black Suit, Carry Bags, Quite Bald
3. Mizuki          : Blue Shirt, Panda Patern
4. Fishmonger      : White Shirt, X-Shape Blue Strings, 
                     Big Knikes
5. Judge           : Red Suit, Fishing Judge
6. Raiko           : Purple Shirt, Straw Hat
7. Apprentice      : Blue Polka Dot Shirt, 
                     Polka Dot Bandana
8. Chef            : Red Shirt, White Polka Dot Bandana
9. Kazuma          : White Shirt, Blue Bald Head
10.Belnaise        : Cooking Judge
11.Reporter        : Elvis look alike, white suite
12.Cameraman       : Brown Suite, Brown Hat, Handcam
13.Cook            : White Shirt
14.Man             : White Shirt
15.Man             : White Shirt, Blue Bald head
16.Man             : White Shirt, Blue Bald Head
17.Man             : Green-White Stripe Shirt, 
                     Green Cap
18.Man             : Light Blue-White Stripe Shirt, 
                     Light Blue Cap
19.Man             : Brown Shirt, Straw Hat, 
                     Bait Shopkeeper
20.Man             : Red-White Stripe Shirt, Black Cap
21.Man             : Blue Shirt, Straw Hat
22.Man             : Red Shirt, Red Cap
23.Man             : Green Vest, Green Cap
24.Woman           : Pink Shirt, Inn Keeper
25.Woman           : Red Long Dress
26.Woman           : Yellow Shirt, Girl
27.Woman           : Orange Shirt
28.Woman           : Green Long Dress
29.Woman           : Brown Shirt, Equipment Shopkeeper
30.Woman           : Dark Green Shirt, Old Lady
31.Woman           : Blue Long Dress
32.Woman           : Blue Shirt, Straw Hat
33.Fisherman       : Maroon Vest, Maroon Hat, Glasses
34.Fisherman       : Brown Vest, Brown Cap
35.Fisherman       : Dark Green Vest, Dark Green Hat, 
36.Fisherman       : Blue Shirt, Boy
37.Fisherman       : White Shirt, Red Cap
38.Fisherman       : Dark Green Shirt

F.Underground Lake
1. Gray            : "USI" blue cap, Red Shirt, Blue Pants,
                     Blacksmith apprentice

**Note: The list above is base on their original location 
        base on first encounter, some will show up later
        at higher level or after another area is open, 
        eg. Ooizumi Junjiro. While some will move to new 
        location base on story line, eg. Shizu. 
        While some will disappear after a certain 
        story line, eg. Detective Yama. 
        Names maybe mentioned by certain character 
        in an area but found in another area, 
        eg. Ayu and Mizuki. While others may appear 
        in several areas, eg. Naoko.

16. Treasure Map/Fossil(s) [UVW]
1. Map #1 : Given by the woman by the well at the stream 
            area. The map reads, 'East 30 paces from 
            Jizo statue, 10 north, 5 West'. 
            After doing her errand, go to the 
            tree next to the woman infront of your house. 
            You will find a fossil.
2. Map #2 : Given by Nussie after you feed him 3 fish. 
            The map reads, 'Someone is waiting on an island 
            with no bridge'. Go to the island next to 
            the Minosa Peak bidge near the green Jizo 
            statue. Go to the tree behind the fisherman. 
            You will get a fossil.
3. Map #3 : (No Map), Just do Serika's errand, 
            she will give you her fossil.
4. Map #4 : Do Hiroshi's errand. The map reads, 
            Where 3 dead trees meet, near the 
            downstream bridge'. Go to the 
            3 dead trees downstream from the cooking 
            contest to find the fossil.
5. Map #5 : Talk to Kazuka at the swamp area to get a 
            map. The map reads, 'The treasure is in a 
            slightly hidden field of flowers'. Find the 
            'piece of something', not far north from 
            him, south of the woman who mentioned 
            about wild boars, blocked by a tree.

**Use "Examine" to find the fossils, except the one from Serika.

17. The Straw Millionare [VWX]
1. Part 1: Swim to the middle of the lower 
           stream area an meet a Blue sprite.
           It will give you a ??? Seed. 
2. Part 2: Find Kaoru in the Minamo Peak area 
           next to the bridge. He will talk
           and propose an exchange of the ??? seed 
           you got from the sprite for a vegetable 
3. Part 3: Find a Woman across from Serika in the 
           field area. Talk to her and trade the 
           vegetable set for a bracelet.
4. Part 4: Find a Woman (find a little girl) in the 
           Rapids area. Talk to her and trade the 
           bracelet for a pretty stone.
5. Part 5: Find Raiko, the old man near the field 
           in the area, talk to him to exchange 
           the pretty for a master lure rod.

18. Tips [WXY]
Here are some tips.
1. Fill your basket to the maximum before going to the 
   fish shop to sell the fish. To reduce travelling.
2. Catching more fish will faster boost your experience 
   point and make your capabilities level rise. Do so 
   to quickly improve your fishing technique, walking 
   speed and swimming speed. Cook often to raise cooking 
   skill and reduse failure in the cooking contest.
3. Use the "Examine" option as much as possible when 
   exploring the areas for the first time to
   find out what baits are there and where to get it 
   when needed. baits found in the area also
   indicates what the general types of baits the 
   fish will likely bite.
4. Make use of the Inn to replenish your HP.
5. Make sure to save your game before doing a tournament 
   or contest. So that if you fail, you can just reload.
6. Reloading games, can sometimes be helpful, especially 
   when trying to catch certain fish. Sometimes it becomes
   scares and difficult to find. 
7. Make sure you are familier with the reel and cast as 
   well as reduce tension. With enough practice, you will 
   know when to reel and when to reduce tension. Once 
   skilled, your loss will reduce significantly. And, 
   using any rod or pole on any size fish will be possible. 

19. Cheats [XYZ]
1. Sachico's Errand. She didn't mention about rules 
   where to catch the 6 Black Basses. Catching black 
   bass in the Minosa Pass area is quite rare, even
   though she didn't give any time limit. Go to the field
   area and fish for the basses there. 
2. Naoko's showdown at the rapids seems to be buged. 
   It's not necessary to get an Aoui, using a King Akame 
   is also alright, maybe using some other monster size 
   fish is possible.
3. To get the Mineral Rod, talk to Kai several times, 
   until he starts talking about pineapple,
   answer "fish" to get the rod from him.
4. Naoko's final showdown at the swamp does not require 
   any certain fish from certain area, so you are
   free to choose the type and where to get it, so long 
   it's still within the limited size required.

20. Credits
This walkthrough is compiled from my personal 
experice playing the game. Thus, none of the information 
is to be credited to anyone. 

As for those of you who wish to quote part(s) of my 
walkthrough in your own walkthrough have to put my name 
in large Bold Font before the parts quoted and must 
mention thanks to me in the credits section.

This walkthrough may only be qoute by 
Http://www.gamefaq.com/ members for use in the gamefaq.com 
site only. Gamefaq.com have the rights to reject 
use of this walkthrough by it's members. 

No parts of this walkthrough may be printed out and 
mass duplicated for profit purpose. 

Names of characters and Harvest Fishing game for 
Sony PS2 is a trademark and copyrights of 505 Gamestreet, 
and distributed by Marvelous Interactive Inc. 

No part of the game or characters may be use for profit 
purpose. Violation to the copyrights and trademark by 
those using it unlawfully will be prosecuted accordingly 
by the respective owner of the rights. 

21. Comments on the game
This game is so much fun, especially for me since I 
like fishing games. But it's difficult because of 
the poor camera angle, which limits certain viewing 
angles. And lacking of utilizing the PS2 keypad buttons, 
and focusing on using the menu. 
Especilly for the "examine" option.

Also, the fish bites on vitually all bait and lures, 
and can be catch by using almost any rod, so long 
the fishing skill is high enough. Worst of all, the 
game maker seems to be too busy to even give enough 
names for the characters in the game. 

There's just too many characters named 
as Woman, Man and Fisherman. At least, give names 
for characters that have something to do with the 
progress of the game, so that it not confuse gamers 
by having to speak to all "un-named" characters. 
This also includes their costumes. Sooooo....mono tone. 

But anyway, the game is so much fun. Many thanks. 
Too bad the fish can't be BBQ !!!

*** There maybe some mistyping and spelling mistakes 
         through out the walkthrough. What da heck !!!

>>> Sorry...can't provide further info, especially 
    for the "blanks" I left out.


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