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Reviewed: 04/03/06

Really fantastic and worth playing isn't it?

Four years had passed since Natsume, one of the most creative RPG game publishers, had created the game of Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland for PS2. Years and years ago, they had created many Harvest Moon sequels, one of the most popular RPG in the whole world. They tried the best to make the best RPG from the mistakes in early sequels. Now they had created, for me, the best and new Harvest Moon sequel: Harvest Moon: Ah! Wonderful Life-Special Edition for PS2, the other sequel of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life for Game Cube.

This game is, which I think, is rather enjoyable and more real. Here are my scores for this game.


The graphics is just AWESOME. Everything in this game looked much more real than before. Natsume had made a huge comeback from the early sequels which have a little bit graphics problem. In fact, everything looked more detailed and clear even from far distance. This game made it. I have never seen the best 3-D effects before.

Sound & Music

Sound and music are two of the most important aspects for every game. I’ve heard some rough and gritty sound in more than one game, which makes the game bad and repetitive music also will make the person who played the game boring. Not for this game. This game has many natural sounds of wind, your footsteps or even animals. Music, too, is FANTASTIC. This game has a new option which allows you to get different music in certain way and choose which one you want to set for your background music. This game made it.

Game Play

That score is not bad for a new sequel. The reason why I give the game the score is because the controls are pretty hard to master for me. Many people may be able to master it quickly though. Many people have different characteristics. Talking about different characteristic, this game has tons of new characters with different likes and different characteristics. You too, are different, because you choose different people to marry. Even your chosen wife will give birth to a baby which has different characteristics for each wife’s baby.

Making money is the second thing. You don’t have to worry. It’s not as hard as making money on the sequels before. The thing is now you have a new feature in this game that allows you to make money by yourself (I won’t spoil what is it, so don’t worry. :) ). You can make money in many ways. Find it out for yourself. Also, friendship is one of the most important aspects of this game. You’ll learn that if you befriend people in this game, it is very useful and beneficial. You should try this game.


You’re a boy who told to take over your father’s farm in a village named Forget-Me-Not Valley to make a happy life there by one of the villager. The rest is revealed later on. The story is not the main part of the game. It’s not bad though.

Play Time

This game used a short amount of game time to finish one day of the game, but nearly 25 minutes in the real time. To matters easier, one season in the game only consists of 10 days and not 30 days. And then, to make matters more fun, it needs years and years to finish this game. The balancing for the time is great, but people are different. Some people think this is enough, too short or maybe too long. But, about the in-game time, there’s also some changes overtime. Some people may come to your village, some may age and maybe a person can die from age. You should try this game.


This game is worth replaying, because you can still marry different girls and change your lifestyle. This game made it.

Is it worth buying or renting?

After you read this review, can you choose whether to rent the game or buy the game? People are different, once again. My opinion and recommendation for you is that you should not rent this game. BUY THIS GAME. The reason why I strongly encourage you is because: TIME. Do you get it? If you don’t get it, let me fully explain it. This game used up huge amount of game time to finish and complete this game successfully.

That means you need even larger and enormous amount of real time. If you rent this game, you will not be able to finish this game completely then. Even if you completed the game successfully in a rush, there is simply no point of playing this game. You will forget all the enjoyment in this game. So, if you want to enjoy this game completely, I strongly encourage and suggest you to buy this game. If you rent it, you may regret it.

Final Score

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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