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Reviewed: 06/03/08

what i think of harvest moon

I think Harvest Moon is quite a good game as in the first year you get to choose 1 of four characters to marry, and they all have different personalities and like separate things. When you have a child, all the children will be different depending on which wife you have.

I think the characters are cute, and I like the way they age, and in the second chapter more people move in and everything changes.

There are also different cutscenes, which break the game down. Whatever choices you make depends on how your life will turn out, and the cutscences will be different.

It has good sounds and I like the idea of riding the horse as your character moves very slow. The cows are quite bad tempered though as it takes ages to grow fodder and so they go hungry. Your cat, dog and horse will never die from hunger or illness. Sheep and chickens are useful creatures to have as you can sell the eggs and wool, or give them away as gifts to make friends with everyone else in the village.

As well as wool and eggs, you can pick wild vegetation and flowers to give away, or even dig for some underground materials which can sell. You can also give away/sell/eat crops but they dont have much value. Same with fish

The graphics are quite good, as is the sound, and the characters, except the characters have very little to say and it is quite hard making friends with some of them. However, if you make friends with them, they often give you free, important items.

However, there are quite a few problems with Harvest Moon. Even though the months are short (10 days) and each minute in that time is a second in our time, it takes round about 15 - 30 mins to complete each day and half of that time is wasted by not doing much, as it only takes round about 2 game hours to feed all the animals and water your crops.
Getting anywhere is slow and not much money can be made. Also, there is 6 game years, which will take alot of your time to complete.

I gave this Harvest Moon a 7/10 because even though I recommened it, and it is worth buying, its also slow and will take up alot of your time. However it is quite fun and addictive, as alot can be done.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

Product Release: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (US, 10/28/05)

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