Review by amber2749

Reviewed: 11/26/07

Not as good as FoMT, but still good enough to compare...

So, I've played Friends of Mineral Town, More Friends of Mineral Town, and DS. Personally, I say this wasn't the best game in the Harvest Moon series. The basics would be a tolerable, enjoyable game if you play it right.

Graphics - 4/10
Terrible! Too blocky and 3-D for my taste, and much too of the cartoon style. The girls were the worst, due to lack of serious but cute faces. I saw no detail at all. I miss the style in the DS and Gameboy Advanced version, with all those cute and young faces. Overall, tolerable.

Storyline - 7/10
Okay, so the story wasn't too bad. Actually, quite better and much more realistic. The past games had a bit of a 'fairytale' storyline to them. The realism gives this story an extra boost of charm. But as a past farm girl, I find it very predictable. Overall, good.

Sounds - 9/10
I loved them. Very realistic and much more enjoyable. It added a certain charm, keeping the game fresh and exciting, for the most part. Cows mooing and hens clucking make farming such a joy. Plus townsfolk giggling here and there give the game a happy feeling. Overall, beautiful.

Music - 7/10
Same as the other games. Most songs are quite beautiful, and nice at first. But like each series before, the repeating sounds get very annoying. But still pretty nice and a good addition to the gameplay. It has improved since the past, and that really adds a good score to the enjoyment of the game. Overall, good.

Gameplay - 6/10
Too time consuming for me. It is pretty fun wooing the four girls, other than the annoyance of male dominant games. But to tell you the truth, not the best of Natsume's work. It was a sure letdown for me. The lag is simply not tolerable at first. But for first time farmers, it should be very enjoyable. (Also note it's on the PS2, so the controls can get confusing and hard to master if you're used to other consoles). Overall, so-so.

So it sums up to this - Rent or Buy?
Rent is the best way to go. I'd say to keep it less time consuming, play about the first 8 days or so, then see how you like it. You may regret buying first off, because selling it could profit you little. Overall, rent first.

Overall Rating - 6/10

Closing Note - What won me over
Well, it is overall a very enjoyable game. The sounds and story are by far the best part of this game, that's what kept me going. But the thing that gives it such a bad score is it's graphics and serious lag. Well, that closes my review. Thank you for reading and I hope this influences your decisions.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

Product Release: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (US, 10/28/05)

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