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Reviewed: 10/01/07

Harvest Moon is better in GBA.......

Why did I buy this game? Simple, very simple indeed. To test if its as cool as in Game Boy Advance version but it turned out worse than that Game Boy Advance version....... No thrill, little fun and of course, lag...... A very boring game with very low graphics and the money isn't worth it anyway and, telling this, you obviously know what the heck am I talking about. A total disappointment for me and trust me, this is the first time I grade a game in 5 but others find this game very exciting. I don't see the big deal, anyway, anyhow.

Harvest moon is really better on Game Boy Advance as the title shows. Harvest Moon there is very simple, the concepts but not the game. The game there is quite complicated. Specific gifts must be gave to a person to really befriend him/her.

Hoo Boy...... This game is just a total waste of valuable time. I should be finding a Dex Drive last year but no....... I played this very interesting game for babies. You heard me right! A total game for babies because the fact that you can't learn the game for the first 3 minutes, means that this game isn't interesting to play. I would like a game like this that have more adventures and thrill.

Well, I shall tell you about the game. This game has a realistic story, as you inheriting a farm. You should help it grow. That's all. Befriending with others is such a waste of time, except the Sprites, which can help you. Not even an adventure like unlock grand gate, etc. Just plain old boring game that you try to just improve your farm.

You had seen my ratings. There is nothing special about this game. I repeat, there is nothing special about this game. But I still rated it.


A total crap that when a character speaks, his mouth is moving faster or slower than what he/she says. A total fixed-like graphics that when a character jumps, its on two feet and surprisingly, it just pass the wooden fence. A graphic that really overlaps and for me, it sucks period.

SOUND: 8/10

Well, this factor hit this game high on me. The sounds are sweet and entertaining.


OMG! When you combine this factors, this creates a totally suck game.

Well, I can't recommend buying this game for you. Try or rent it first, then you'll see.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Product Release: Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Special Edition (US, 10/28/05)

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