Review by shAdo_1253

Reviewed: 09/18/06

Can a repetitive game really be fun?

Game Play: 6.5/10

Well let’s see what can I say about the game play that hasn’t been said in the previous games? Um…oh! More fish sizes, choosing between having a son or a daughter, and one more bride. Good enough for you? Didn’t think so... anyways like the previous titles, you wait up around 5:00 A.M. to start your chores; water the garden, take the animals outside, milk the cow, feed the chickens and then sell the egg and the milk for some money. All this can be done in about 7 game time hours. So you will have 3 hours to go fishing, talk the girl of your dreams and give her a gift then you run back to your little farm get some more milk, find out how many dollars you got off the stuff you sold yesterday and wait around for 6 hours before you have to go to bed again and start your whole life over Which specially is quite fun. Wake up the next day, and if its raining just do everything you did yesterday except for taking out the animals or they will catch a cold and you don’t want that. Another thing is the extensive load times. Running into your home to take a nap or grab some food, wait 3 minutes for the loading; run into the barn to do your chores, wait another 3 minutes; even wanting to see if your tired or how much money you got from hitting pause, wait another 3 minutes! I might be just a little bit exaggerating but its gets quite annoying after the first day. Even the first cut-scene, prologue or whatever takes up like 30 minutes of real time and since there are no voice-overs you gotta read everything luckily they took out the annoying beeping sound from the previous installment. You are also forced to get married in this game within the first year or your whole game is over. While the year is only 60 days long since every season (spring, summer, fall and winter) is only 15 days, it still seems lengthy because of the time. in addition, the festive that you get in every game is different since its only a cut-scene with only about 4 guys standing around the guy playing music.

Sound: 8/10

First of all, I want to talk about the music from the first two season I believe you gotta listen the same song over and over, day after day; this is unless you take the disc out from your old school record player and throw it into the storage room. Along the way, you find more songs to throw on your record player or into your storage room. While the second song you come across, in my opinion, is a lot better than the first and is also free but you gotta wait until fall to get it and I would listen to that song for almost 1 year before it gets annoying. Like I said in the game play portion of this review there is no voice-overs so I can’t really say any thing about that except for the little giggles everyone will do sooner or later. It’s a little nice to hear some background features like the cows mooing, river flowing and the birds cheeping.

Graphics: 8/10

To begin with the graphics I gotta talk about the cartoonist style graphics, which some people really don’t like about so if you don’t like the cartoon style graphics of any game then your probably not gonna like this game. The village and villagers look ok but all the girls look like they could probably be still little 9 year old kids, that’s why I had a hard time wanting to marry one of them because it seemed like your marring a child.

Storyline: N/A

You’re a boy that is about to follow your fathers dreams of becoming a farmer in Forget-Me-Not Village. Along the way your story changes around from being a farmer to become a father. I can’t really say anything about the storyline since they really don’t worry about the storyline.

Replay Value: 5.5/10

There’s a little replay value in this game since you can marry one of the four wives, they all got there own personality. That’s the only replay value in this game.

Rent it or Buy it

Rent it first see if you like it then buy it. But a recommendation would be to buy it (only if it’s around 20 dollars) since it takes forever to beat then you can sell it after. I personally wouldn’t buy it just because it’s really repetitive.

Pros: Long game
Able to choose between son or daughter
No beeping noise while reading the text

Cons: Long game
Cartoonist style graphics
No Voice-overs!?
Most of the animals in this game are useless

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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