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Guide and Walkthrough by anarcho_selmiak

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 11/01/2013

                       MMMMMMM'          '''MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM        
                      MMMMMMM   .........        :MMMMMMMMMMM.      
                    MMMMMMM   .MMMMMMMMMMM          'MMMMMMMMMM   
                .MMMMMM'    MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM           MMMMMMMM    
              MMMMMM    ..:MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM         MMMMMMM      
            MMMM           MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM            MMMMMM    
             MMMM.          MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.      .MMMMMMMM          
                              SHADOW of the COLOSSUS

                                    - FAQ -

       System: PS2 - Author: selmiak - Version: 1.00 - Date: 16.02.2013

                            Content of this file:

            Content                                      [.here.]
            Introduction                                 [.intro.]
            Walkthrough                                  [.walkthr.]
              1 //  Valus  ............................. [.01.]
              2 //  Quadratus .......................... [.02.]
              3 //  Gaius .............................. [.03.]
              4 //  Phaedra ............................ [.04.]
              5 //  Avion .............................. [.05.]
              6 //  Barba .............................. [.06.]
              7 //  Hydrus ............................. [.07.]
              8 //  Kuromori ........................... [.08.]
              9 //  Basaran ............................ [.09.]
             10 //  Dirge .............................. [.10.]
             11 //  Celosia ............................ [.11.]
             12 //  Pelagia ............................ [.12.]
             13 //  Phalanx ............................ [.13.]
             14 //  Cenobia ............................ [.14.]
             15 //  Argus .............................. [.15.]
             16 //  Malus .............................. [.16.]
            Secrets                                      [.secrets.]
            Versions                                     [.vers.]
            Thanks                                       [.thx.]
            legal stuff                                  [.legal.]

I implemented a clever search system into this FAQ, if you want to jump to the 
solution for one certain colossus, you just have to press Ctrl+F to activate 
the search function of your browser and then enter the code in brackets 
(including the square brackets) behind the desired colossus or chapter and so 
you will be brought to the secion you wish to read.

For example, if you are searching for more info on the 8th colossus the you 
press Ctrl+F, enter [. 8.] (of course without the space, I just added it to 
make the search match the correct place and not here) and then press Next or 
however the start search button is called.

In case you just can't find a colossus then, for example for the 12th colossus  
you enter [. 12a.] and start searching. You will be taken to a description of 
the path to the colossus immediately. Of course enter it without the space.

Of course you can also view the solution in a nice html version with lots of 
links between the pages, easy navigation and lots of images and maps, 
especially for the fruits and white tailed lizards. See here:

    > http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/ps2/index.php?lang=eng&game=sotc <

In case you find some ads on my page, that seem interesting to you, just check
them out!

And on top of that, this guide is available as an ebook for your convenient 
reading everywhere experience on kindle, please go shopping here:

                  > http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00I8VW0WY <

                             ________________                         [.intro.]
We start this fantastic adventure with a horseman who rides towards a temple 
over a huge and colossal bridge. He seems to be searching for something. He 
reaches the temple and gets in. He passes 16 unbelievable huge idols and rides 
towards the altar that is found in the middle of the temple.
There he gets down from his horse and carries a lifeless girl with waving 
clothes towards the altar. He puts her down on the altar.

Dormin gets you into the story now and tells you all about the area  filled 
with wide and desolate realms and really tall colossi where this epic adventure 
takes place. You are Wander and you are talking in a language no human on this 
world understands, but that doesn't matter as you are in another world where 
this language is spoken and there are subtitles.

Your task is to destroy the 16 idols in the halls of the temple. But it would 
be way too easy to just smash the down, so you have to ride through the 
beautiful lands and find the incarnations of the idols and kill these instead.
Normaly no normal human is allowed to set foot in the forbidden lands but you 
are carrying the sword of the elders and this empowers and allows you to get in 
the forbidden lands and defeat the 16 incarnations of the 16 idols in the main 
hall of th temple. But you might need some brains for this. And maybe this very 
document here.

                         First Steps, first colossus

Search for you horse called Agro. If you can't find it at once you can call him 
by pressing the X-Button. If Agro is close to you he come at you not that fast, 
so it is better to move towards him as he seems to have his own mind.

If Agro is farther away to do his horse business you whistle for him (X-Button) 
and he comes running at you.

Stand next to Agro once he is standing still and press the ^-Button (Triangle) 
to climb up on Agro and find your seat in the saddle.

Once you are sitting in the saddle riding Agro is like driving a car (on the 
PS2), using X gives him the spores and he starts walking and after kicking him 
some more he starts running. You control his movement with the left analog 
stick. Sometimes he moves a bit uncontrolled, just like horses like to do but 
most of the time he just rides straight on and is easy to control.
If you reach a cliff that is not that high Agro even jumps from it to the 
ground below. If the cliff is too high he refuses to jump though and turns, 
just like he does when you are riding straight into walls of mountains or trees 
or other obstacles.

Now that you know how to control your trusty horse ride out of the temple. The 
exits are to the left and to the right of the altar.

To find your way through the wide lands just press the start button by now. You 
can see another options menu and especially the map of the calm lands.

The controls for the map are quite easy, the left analog stick moves the map 
and the right analog stick  zooms into the part of the map you want to examine 
closer and also farther away. You can of course still move the map while 
zooming in.

Sadly there is not that much to see on the map as all places where you didn't 
defeat the colossus yet are covered with heave dark clouds. So press start 
again, enjoy your view over the lands start riding towards southern direction.

                          !!!   Attention   !!!
  If I ever write cardinal directions then I refer to the relative direction
  seen from the map. And as you know your way around with the map by now just
  ride towards southern direction.

                          !!!   Attention   !!!

Now we reach a specific point of the gameplay in Shadow of the Colossus. You 
have to search for a colossus before you can fight and eventually defeat it.

For this you take out your sword on a sunny place and against all laws of 
physics and optics your swords reflects the sunlight and this ray of light 
always points into the direction where the next colossus can be found. 

Move the ray of light with the left analog stick in a way so that ray of light 
gets denser and denser until there is a laser ray and controller vibrates. Now 
you know where the colossus you will face and fight is located.

You draw your sword with the O-Button (Circle). If nothing happens when 
pressing O take a look at the weapon displayed in the small square in the lower 
right of your display and press left or right on the D-Pad and you switch 
through the bare hands, sword and bow and arrow. You need the sword now.

                        The way to the 1st colossus                     [.01a.]

Now it starts, now it starts!

Ride out of the temple and draw your sword to see the reflection of the 
sunlight on your sword. Follow the ray of light reflecting from you sword to 
where the light is bundled the densest. It is not that hard to find the first 
colossus as you just have to exit the temple and the just ride straight on to 
the south. Pass through a small valley with some trees and once you are at the 
foot of the mountains you are right on track as the first colossus is waiting 
for you up there and ready to smash you into the ground. So let's get into the 

The first thing you will learn now is a basic element fo the gameplay in Shadow 
of the Colossus, that is the R1-Button. While holding R1 you grab onto all 
rough and edgy surfaces, the red circle empties over time and once it is 
completely empty Wander lost all his strength for now and loses grip and just 
falls down to whereever he will land below. But as long as you keep pressing R1 
and a small bit of red energy is still in the circle nothing will happen.
So jump to the ivy and grab onto it and climb up. Press the ^-button to jump 
over the edge. The longer you press the ^ button before releasing it the 
stronger you jump and the higher you jump. 

After this we have to play a little parcours game and jump and duck over and 
under obstacles until reaching the tower.

Climb up on the right side of the tower and then jump towards the tower from 
the right side. Grab onto the ledge of the tower and keep holding on. Now you 
can climb around the tower while still grabbing onto it. Now position the 
camera behind you, get into the jumping stance with pressing the ^ button while 
still holding down R1. While the strenght circle loads up on white jump energy 
pull the left Analog Stick back. You can see Wander frees one hand, turns 
around a bit and leans backwards. This is the moment to release the jump button 
(^) to jump over the gap while still holding R1 to land safely on the other 
side. Pull yourself up over the ledge with the ^ button and you learned a new 
move. And you now are only a few steps away from the first colossus. 

                           * The 1st Colossus *                          [.01.]

Enjoy this really strange and unknown and breathtaking moment while the huge 
giant stomps past you while you are hiding in awe behind that rock. This is the 
first colossus.
Okay, now let's get to another important point.

You now have to take down this colossal Colossus with aimed strikes from you 
sword. Sounds overwhelming but is great fun actually.
Draw you sword and let the sun reflect from it like you did when you were 
searching for the direction to go to. Now aim the reflecting sunlight onto the 
colossus and search around on him and his weak points will be revealed.

The weak points are exactly there where the sunrays are bundled the densest and 
your controller starts to vibrate. Most of the colossi have 2 weak points you 
have to find and in case you selected the sword as your weapon they are shown 
as light blue ornaments.

So let's face the fact we have to take this beast down now. So you better read 
on to find out how.

As this is the first colossus the difficulty level is not that high yet so his 
weak are on his head and on the back of his left foot.

Avoid his stomping and smashing attacks and find a way behind his left food. So 
just jump onto his food from behind and grab onto the fur there. Don't let him 
shake you off. 

Make sure you have selected the sword as a weapon (change it with the 
directional pad left or right) and climb into a position directly above the 
glowing ornament in the back of his foot.

So if you hit weak point of the 1st colossus with the [] button (square) this 
hurts the colossus and he knees down. This is the right time for you so get up 
and climb up on his back until you reach his shoulders. Grab onto his fur there 
and climb on until you reach his colossal huge head.

When you can see the ornament on his head position yourself in the middle over 
it so you can perfectly strike it with a blow and there you go crush your sword 
into his ugly old stinky head.

Use the []-button (square) to crush your sword deep into his weak flesh (or 
whatever he consists of) while you are hanging on the back of his head like a 
small flea. If you only tap [] the cut will not be as effective as when you 
press the [] button once and the keep calm to charge your powers for the cut. 
Watch how the circle in the lower right fills with white color. This is your 
charging power. Once the circle is completely filled hit [] again to release 
the blow with full power. But watch out, the first colossus shakes a lot and if 
you are shaken too much you will lose all your charged power while your 
grabbing powers also decrease. 

But of course the 1st colossus will try to get you off of him but you are 
lucky, he only has very short arms and so the only thing for him to do is 
shaking. Grab on tight and always watch your grabbing powers (the remaining red 
in the small circle in the lower right edge). If your grabbing powers are very 
low just loose your grab and try to stand on his shoulder while he isn't 
shaking and charge up.

If you fail you will fall and have to climb up again. This can happen on every 
colossus, so just get back onto his leg and make him kneel again to climb up 
again and finish him off. 

After slamming the sword into his head for a few times and spilling a lot of 
black blood you should have defeated him and wake up in the temple again. 

                        The way to the 2nd colossus                     [.02a.]

Grab Agro and ride out of the temple with him. Ride around the temple on the 
west side of it. You will reach a smaller and two bigger treelike 
stoneformations that were an archway a long time ago. Ride through the two 
bigger pillars and the ground below you will turn into a long and natural 
bridge high above the ground.

After crossing this bridge take the way to the right following the little 
natural fence and ride along the mountain wall into the dark depth.

Once you are at the bottom of the way down ride towards and under the bridge 
and right after the pillars of the bridge you turn to the right and there you 
will meet the second colossus breaking free from the mountain. 

                           * The 2nd Colossus *                          [.02.]

So sadly this gruesome beast from the past that is the second colossus has no 
fur on the legs you can grab onto so we have to find another way to take it 

Take a close look at its hooves. If the beast walks a step and moves the hooves 
up a bit you can see the glowing under it really good, so this means it has a 
weak point under the hooves. As the sword is of no great use here use you bow 
and arrow and hang around in front of it a bit

Once he (it?) noticed you he will turn around to face you and start standing up 
on the back legs. And to do so he has to lift the front legs. As there is no 
other way to stand on 2 legs. And while it stands on the front legs shoot an 
arrow onto the glowing underside of one of the hooves.
An alternative strategy is to stand behind the beast and have good timing. In 
the short timeframe it lifts its hoof for walking you can actually shoot a 
really good aimed (and timed) arrow into the underside of the hoof. This might 
be good for your nerves as you don't have to face the 2nd colossus face to face 
while it is building up in front of you

And also I recommend the second, alternative strategy as this also reduces 
danger of getting stomped by the hooves after him coming down from his nice 
stance on the back hooves.
So, after you finally hit the monster there where you want to hit it, which 
might be on the underside of the hooves (recommended) or in its nosehole the 
hurt leg will come down.

So climb up on the leg you just shot, and if you can reach it you should go for 
one the back legs first. At and above the knee there is enough fur to grab on 
to, everything below the knee is not good as there is nothing to hold on or 
continue climbing once the colossus stands up again. So climb up on the fur 
above his knee and over his hips.

The two weak points you have to injure really bad are on his forehead and on 
his arse. So once you hurt one of the ornaments to about 50% over all health 
this ornament will disappear and only the second one will be left. So you 
better not fall down but go out to reach for the other ornament. And nobody 
wants to stay that close to the anus of a colossus anyways, and I don't even 
want to know how it smells there.

The way between the ornaments of the second colossus is filled with a lot of 
bones and cartilage heaps but it should be no problem to climb over this. Just 
grab onto a ledge, climb up and then jump down on the other side and take care 
to not drop down.
In case you actually drop down (or you jump down because you don't want to 
climb over the bones and cartilage stuff) shoot the foot of the colossus again 
and make him kneel down and climb up again to make him go down.

Once you reached the last ornament smash you sword into it until the colossus 
doesn't know where or who he is anymore. He will desperately try to shake you 
off, but don't give in and loose you grip. You better keep on stinging into his 
ornaments. Then he can shake as much as he wants, you will take down the 2nd 
colossus and he will soon be a giant chunk of dead colossus. 

                        The way to the 3rd colossus                     [.03a.]
Ride along the temple on the west side again and over the natural bridge over 
the canyon just like you did to reach the second colossus, but this time you 
don't follow the path down into the valley but you continue straight after the 
bridge. Well, a little bit left, but it's more straight than the way down into 
the canyon to the second colossus.

Pass the small stone hill to your left unto you are on a huge plain. Turn about 
45° to the left and ride all across the wide plain and aim for the dark place 
between the huge mountains. If you are unsure just use your sword, there is 
enough sun here.

Here you ride along this dark path until you reach a big lake and your riding 
is interrupted by a short cutscene. This videosequence shows you the plateau on 
which the third colossus is waiting for you. The long way up on the west side 
of the pletau is also shown.

Use the way up until you are really close to the colossus. Now you have to jump 
two times and hold on tight and climb a bit around the stones up here and in no 
time you are at the third colossus. Please note that the longer you hold the ^-
button the farther you jump. 

                           * The 3rd Colossus *                          [.03.]

The 3rd colossus is really mean and angry. All the time he tries to hit you 
with his long and hard mutated arm and makes use of two different attacks. 
Number one is him getting huge momentum into his arm while you are far away. 
Then he smashes down his arm and tries to catch you like an annoying fly. His 
second attack is crushing his arm straight down onto you when you are near him 
and running around between his feet. He always tries to crush you.

When he uses the attack here he gets huge momentum and smashes his arm to 
ground his arm remains stuck in the ground for a moment. If you managed to 
dodge the attack you can walk up on his limb but then there is no way to climb 
up higher from there because a ring made from stone around his arm is blocking. 
So what can you do to reach higer?

The solution how to climb onto the third colossus is quite easy once you know 
how, but it is difficult to find out about it. You should now take a good look 
at the huge stone circle on the ground in the middle of the plateau. This is 
part of the solution. But before we do anything with it you should stand at the 
outer edge of the plateau and whistle and lure the colossus near. Once the 3rd 
colossus is really close to you and the edge of the plateau it is the right 
time to run to the stone circle in the middle of the plateu. Stand right on in 
and again attrackt the attention of the colossus. Of you are fast enough the 
colossus is still at the edge of the plateau and far enough away so that he 
uses his distance attack. He will get momentum for his arm and then smash it 
down in your direction. Needless to say, you have to avaoid getting hit now, so 
run away from him, not to the left or the right but straight away from him. If 
you did it right the colossus will now hit the stone circle and this shakes his 
arm enough to break the stone ring on his arm that once was blocking you from 
climbing up higher on the colossus.
Now you have the provoke the colossus once again and make him do his long blow 
from the distance. While his arm is stuck in the ground again after missing you 
once again climb onto it and walk up on the arm. Now you can climb up his arm 
and climb higher and higher. If you need to rest to refill your grabbing powers 
the elbow is a good place to do so. If you managed to climb higher already you 
can always refill on his shoulder because now it's getting interesting.
So climb up on his deformed head and make him hurt. But grab on tight as he 
doesn't like you being there and so he shakes and shakes and tries to shake you 
In case your grabbing powers are drained too low you can climb down onto his 
shoulder or his neck once he leans back or is standing still. It's quite easy 
to stand there to restore power. Sometimes he even shakes while you are 
standing there so you have to grab onto his fur there.

After you drained about 50% of his health the ornament on his head vanishes and 
you can jump down onto his shoulder to regain some powers. Then you climb down 
his old back until you can't go down any further, then you just loosen your 
grip and drop down and while dropping down keep pressing R1. If you are lucky 
you land on the platform around his belly, if not you will just grab onto it. 
You can steer your direction a bit while falling. So make your way to the other 
end of the platform, to his bellybutton, this is where his last ornament is 
placed. Grab onto it and beat the life out of this ornament too.

It is also possible to jump from the arm you use to climb up directly to the 
platform around the belly of the third colossus but this is harder than the way 
described above. 

                        The way to the 4th colossus                     [.04a.]

Ride out of the temple and use you sword. It points you to a southeastern 
direction. So you just ride out of the temple and keep to the left to find the 
fourth colossus. You will see some mountains rise. Find your way to a small 
path between the first, smaller mountain from the left and the next even bigger 

Follow this dark and real foggy path deep into the mountain until you reach a 
bright green grassland with 4 bunkerlike structures on it.

Here is where the 4th colossus roams. A big distant from the entrance in the 
last corner of the grassland he is just laying around and being lazy and doing 
his colossus business.

To reach him you have to take this small path down to the plain, cross this 
plain and the bunkers and ride on to the end. 

                           * The 4th Colossus *                          [.04.]

Start by luring the 4th colossus to these bunker like structures on and in and 
under the ground. You do this by riding to him and making sure he sees you. If 
he ignores you just whistle, this will attrackt him. And then ride back to the 
bunkers. He will follow you.

Get rid of Agro once you are at the bunkers and then wait for the fourth 
colossus to come near. While he is coming close you can take a closer look at 
him. You will notice he has absolutely no fur at his legs, so climbing up on 
his legs is no option to defeat the 4th colossus. He also makes no strange 
moves that would allow you to climb up on him. He neither has any attacking 
point that you can use to make him kneel down.

So you have to think of something else. And this is where the bunker comes to 
use. Position yourself on one of the bunkerhills and wait until the colossus 
number 4 is really close. Then jump down the hill and wait until the colossus 
is over the hill and tries to stomp on you. Then you jump into the bunker 
really fast.

Now you should run through the bunker and find another exit than the one you 
just came in from. Once you are outside again approach the 4th colossus from 
behind real slow and careful and watch him. After some time he will ask himself 
where you are and look into the bunker hole you jumped in. To do so he will bow 
down his head and kneel down. And you abuse him in this situation. From 
behind... you grab his tail and climb up on his back.

After you found your way up and on his back you have to fight through to his 
head as there is the only weak point you have to hurt.

If you can't make it onto his head you should hang into his neck and then smash 
you sword into his neck. He will bow down his head and you can jump onto his 
head now without problems. So you can finally reach the ornament on his head 
and strike the colossus down in an epic struggle. Don't let him throw you off.
And sadly you cannot defeat him by the weak point in his neck. Only the 
ornament on his head will bring down his health and finally kill the fourth 
                        The way to the 5th colossus                     [.05a.]

Jump on your horse and get out of the temple, just like you always do.

This time your way is similar to the way to the 4th colossus. You have to move 
to the east, but this time your way isn't the small dark and foggy path but to 
the left past the mountains there.

Ride on the narrow but green path with the mountains to your right until you 
reach a bigger plain.
At the end of the plain your fate leads you into the south eastern edge and 
along the small path that is there until you find some buildings that are in 
the water.

Here you have to leave Agro und jump into the water. Swim under the small 
building that's in the middle of the water dive through the small arch on the 
waterlevel until you reach the square pillar. After climbing up the square 
pillar walk to the end of the platform and jump through the hole in the fence 
and drop down into the water.

You now entered the area of the 5th colossus. 

                           * The 5th Colossus *                          [.05.]
Right in the middle of the huge lake the 5th colossus is waiting for you on his 
pillar. His long and scabby tail is tangling over the surface. But you can't 
reach his tail as he seems to notice that you are up to something and moves 
away when come close. So you have to think of a different strategy.

All around the central pillar are other decayed old buildings. They look 
similar to bridges and under the bridge are some small platforms. There are two 
to three platforms under each bridge building. Swim to one of these platforms 
and stand on it. Now take a look around.
If there are 3 platforms it's best to stand on the middle platform, if there 
are only 2 it doesn't matter which platform you stand on.

Now you have to attract the attention of the birdy fifth colossus. Just shoot 
an arrow onto his old body. The colossus is not amused and will start flying 
around because he wants to know what is going on in his pond. While he is 
flying above you shoot him with another arrow in his crusty torso. It's not 
that easy to hit him with an arrow because he moves quite fast, but you will 
notice when you hit him as he screams quite loud from the pain once you do hit 
the 5th colossus.

Now you have to be careful. Watch him carefully and see where he is flying, 
after some circeling above your head he will steer so that he is coming 
straight at you. Now you need good timing or you will lose a lot of energy 
while you are pushed away from the platform. Once the bird dives down you have 
to jump up and then grab hold to him.

Now we fly through the air with unbelievable speed. Wait until you can control 
Wander again and climb up on the beast. Now move really slow and keep the slip 
stream up here in mind. Move to the end of the long tail of the 5th colossus. 
Here you can find the first glowing ornament and you should work on it until 
there is only 1/2 to 1/3 of the health of the prehistoric bird left.

Now it's getting really interesting. While at maximum speed you have to get 
back to the head of the monster. Walk careful, everytime he is flying a curve 
you have to grab hold on. The last two glowing ornaments are at the tip of his 
wings, and this is exactly where we are going now!

While he is gliding in flight and not flapping his wings you can run to the tip 
of the wings really fast and grab on there. Stick your sword into the ornament 
with full power and then hold on tight again as he will fly very chaotic now. 
This could cause you to fall down. In case your grabbing powers are running out 
you can run behind his head and recover there. If you grab hold there you can 
still recover as you are not hanging around (at least most of the time, in case 
you are in a curve with the bird this is something different). After recovery 
you can run to the end of his wings, hold on tight and smash your sword into 
his wounds. Do this with both of his wings until you defeated the 5th colossus.

In case you are falling down or Avion shakes you off you have to swim to one of 
these platforms again, shoot him with an arrow and hop on him again. This can 
happen sometimes and is really annoying, but there is nothing else you can do 
(besides not falling down in the first place)..         
                        The way to the 6th colossus                     [.06a.]

The way to the sixth colossus leads Wander to the northwest of the temple. 
There a narrow path between two not that hight mountains brings him to a small 
and cold forest. At the northwestern end the forest turns into a steep abyss. 
From the abyss you reach another wide plain.

Cross the plain and find your way to the huge mountains in the southwest of the 
exit to this plain by holding up your sword and following the reflections of 
the sun. The plain is very very wide and the sword is very very helpful in this 
moment. It could happen you reach a cliff that Agro won't jump down so you have 
to ride around it but still keep your direction.

The entrance to the cave of the 6th colossus is in the middle of a japanese 
temple like building right in the mountains. Maybe the temple got lost here or 
it was placed here on purpose just to look out of place, so enter it.

Walk down the stairs and climb over the obstacles thrown in your way to find 
another staircase you should go down to finally reach the cave of the 6th 

                           * The 6th Colossus *                          [.06.]

At first you have to climb down to the sixth colossus because he won't come up 
to you, that's for sure. Well, you can just jump all the way down but this will 
drain at least 1/5 of your healthbar and looks crappy. So we want to do it like 
a gentleman before we slay the beast to death.
So walk straight on to the hole in the handrail and walk over the edge but keep 
pressing R1. So Wander will walk over the ledge but grab onto it right 
afterwards. Now you can slowly climb down by releasing and pressing R1 again. 
You'll get down like this without losing a single bit of your health.

Now it is important to have fast legs and a lot of health. Besides being a 
beardy colossus, the 6th colossus is a bit clumsy with his movements and tears 
down everything that dares to stand in its way. Including you. So keep your 
distance to him because his feet are extremely heavy too and they also plough 
through the ground like... a plough. And beeing hit by his feet or pieces of 
rock that fly around sucks off a lot of your health.

Flee away from the colossus in the total opposite direction he came from. You 
will notice the direction you have to run to by the small wall that is in your 
way. Climb up this small wall at a location with one of these pillars or huge 
vases, jump over it and run to the next wall in your way. You have to climb 3 
walls in total before you can rest and overthink the situation in a cave that 
even this colossus cannot destroy.

But the 6th colossus is very interested in what his uninvited visitor does 
inside the cave so he comes close and takes a look. And maybe he knocks once or 
twice on your new parttime home.

Now take your time to regenrate and then run out of your cave and grab his 
beard. Without hesitating for even a second climb up his beard and his 
shoulders to find something to stand on on his shoulders and recharge your 
gripping powers.

Like you could have expected it to be, the first ornament you have to kill is 
placed on the forehead of the sixth colossus. But this colossus shakes like 
crazy once you hit the ornament in his forehead, so you better have full 
grabbing powers. But after 50% of his health is gone to ornament is gone too.

Now you have to climb down on the left side of the back of the 6th colossus and 
check out the glowing ornament there. And by checking it out I mean hurt and 
destroy and kill it. This is how you defeat the 6th colossus.
While you are hanging around here the colossus shakes really bad so hold on 
tight to not fall off. But after some time of grabbing your grabbing powers 
will run out. If you grabbing powers are close to runnung out climb back up on 
his back and try to regain some grabbing powers there as climbin back up on his 
beard is very frustrating as he really like to twist and shake hard for a long 

In case you should actually really fall down get back into the cave where he 
cannot grab inside. Then wait there until he looks inside again and then, while 
you are really refreshed, climb back up on his beard, as he is a really beardy 
                        The way to the 7th colossus                     [.07a.]

Climb aboard Agro and get behind the temple again. Take the path to the north 
where the way parts. The one with the ruins of the old arch over the natural 
bridge (which you took every time by now). And at the end ignore the path to 
the second colossus again and ride straigh on on the smaller path.

Pass the mountains on your left and the ride on straight along the huge bridge 
over the wide and untouched land. After some time following the way of the 
bridge other mountains will appear to your left. Just ride straight on to the 

After some time even the mountains to your left disappear and another wide land 
opens up next to you. And this is where you turn to now, ride across the sandy 
plain to the left to the west until you reach the save shrine there. If you 
need to you can save your game here but you are almost there anyways. Just to 
the west of the save shrine is a wide staircase with a small entrance in the 
middle. This entrance leads you to the swimming pool of the 7th colossus. Well 
you are on your way to it, but you still have to jump into the dark, cold, 
lonely, silent water to find this water colossus.

Sadly you cannot bring Agro with you to this fight because he doesn't like to 
jump down this kind of height and is also afraid of dark unknown waters. At 
least he told me so. So you are on your own again. 

                           * The 7th Colossus *                          [.07.]

Now it's time for fun in the water with the colossal giant leech, the 7th 
colossus, so be a hero and and jump into the dark and cold wet substance and 
take a look around. Look for a glow under the water and swim there. You can't 
dive as deep as the seventh colossus is swimming but if he is swimming below 
you just wait a few moments, his glowing spikes from his back are coming really 
close to you. If they are coming too close avoid them and swim away because 
they send out electrical impulses that are not good for your health. But don't 
swim away too far because once the 3 electro spikes are gone by the long tail 
of the colossus shows up and you have to grab onto it with all your power.

Now you go for a hell of a ride like on a rollercoaster through the deep water 
and shortly before your oxygen runs out the colossus resurfaces again.
Use this very opportunity to run towards his head and be prepared for him to 
dive down again. When the seventh colossus does dive down you will notice this 
by your feet getting wet. So then grab onto his back again and hold on tight 
while you are under water. Once the colossus comes back up again you can run on 

But there is a catch to it. You do remember what I wrote about the electro 
spikes just now, don't you? Because they are electric and relly mean, these 
spikes hurt you once you are close enough to them. Especially when they are 
partially under water as water conducts electricity. So once you are near one 
of these electro spikes grab the fur behind them and swing your sword into the 
nicely glowing small hurt point before the 7th colossus can dive down under 
water again. With this technique you can short circuit the electric spikes and 
get rid of the threat. If you cannot hit the hurt point before the colossus 
dives down again try to get as far away from the still electric spike as 
possible, but still grab onto the fur.
So if you are still too close to the electro spike you get a good blast of 
electricity and Wander doesn't like this, as his healthbar also doesn't.

Use this technique to reach the head of the seventh colossus. After killing the 
second electro spike you better wait a bit longer as the colossus likes to dive 
down for a longer time and force you to losen your grab under water as you are 
running out of air (strangely enough Wander still manages to breath heavily 
without coughing under water if you listen close enough). But it's not a 
problem if you lose the huge leech, just wait a bit until the colossus 
reappears on the surface, grab his tail again and work you way on to the head. 
If you already killed all three electrospikes it is harder to see the colossus 
under water but he will come back every time, no matter what.

After getting rid of the last electro spike you have to walk on a bit to the 
head of the 7th colossus because now the final ornament appears on the head. 
Smash your sword into it until the colossus is finally done. Because the 
colossus likes to dive down under water a lot once you are hanging on his head 
you should charge your sword sting power only a bit and then hit him with only 
10-20% force. This is better than charging 100% and then only hitting the water 
with your charge. So start charging once the colossus is over water and hit him 
really fast. It only appears to you as if it takes longer because swordhits 
that only hit the water don't help at all and it takes even longer. So if it is 
going really wrong it could happen that the colossus dives down deep into the 
depth of the pond again, you have to dive back to the surface and wait for the 
colossus to reappear and get back all the way to his head to place one blow. 
These short blows are really faster and faster than the mentioned situation. 
                        The way to the 8th colossus                     [.08a.]

This time you want to ride to the south in the direction where the first 
colossus of them all was located but some time before this turn east (left from 
your current direction) to find a wide path to the east of where the first 
colossus was (is?) und cross it. Look at the light reflecting from your sword. 
The ray points a bit to the left of the path anyways.

After coming out of the mountains now find the path forking in front of you, 
take the path to the right if you want to save, otherwise continue straight to 
the left. Actually it is useless to save here but but I wanted to mention the 
save shrine at this point in this solution for Colossus #8 of Shadow of the 

To the south-east of the saveshrine (and to the south-east of the way out of 
the mountains you just came along) is another massive mountain right in front 
of you now. Over the green plains you will reach an entry into this 
mountainsmassive in the middle of the northers side of the new mountainmassive. 
The entrance is in the shadow (of the mountain, no colossus in sight yet, and 
this one is rather small anyways) and looks more like a cave than a manmade 
entrance. And this is probably because the 8th colossus dug it himself as he is 
more of an animal than a huge human like figure like colossus #6 that also 
lived in a cave.

Ride along the breathtaking beautiful waterfalls and probably endlessly deep 
mountainlakes inside the mountain you will reach another lake inside the 
mountain that is not so deep but easy to reach for you. There is a forsaken 
castle that looks manmade that is also the entrance to the underworld colosseum 
of the 8th colossus. A colossal colossus in a colosseum, now this must be 
interesting, so let's get inside this building and get ready for some climbing 

                           * The 8th Colossus *                          [.08.]

After some climbing exercises on the stones here you can finally enter the half 
destroyed colosseum of the 8th colossus. And this guy is in no way the 8th 
world wonder but more of an annoying mean lizardy colossus, and now you have to 
defeat him.

Get down one storey and take a look around. I mean get used to the architecture 
of this huge colosseum, get a feel for the height if it, remember where the 
stairs are and where there are missing walls throughout the storeys and then 
look down. Down here is your enemy.

Attract his attention by hurting the eighth by shooting an arrow down to him. 
Now you will notice that this colossus is a pretty fast climber, he will be up 
on your height in a matter of seconds. And because it is not very relaxing to 
stand here next to such a stinky old lizard and smell his thousand years old 
breath you should run down all the stairs into the fighting arena in the middle 
of the colosseum.

As you see, the 8th colossus stays up there on the wall. Now use bow and arrow 
to shoot an arrow up to him while he is still high up on the wall. Aim for one 
of his brightly lit legs. While he screams in agony and stops moving for a 
moment you see and use your chance and shoot another glowing leg you can freely 
chose and he will fall down to you into the arena.

Weakened by the fall the poor lizard colossus stays lying on his back and shows 
his weak point on his stomach. Climb onto him over his tail and run along his 
belly to the first of the two ornaments and blow your sword into his glowing 
ornament. Once you drained his health down to 50% he will regain his strengths 
and shake around and shake you off of him. Now he is more aggressive than 

So run up to the nearly topmost storey and lure the 8th colossus up by shooting 
him with an arrow. But be careful this time he spits at you with his electric 
drool, which is no good for you if you are standing next to it or even right in 
the middle of the sparkling brown fog.

And the worst thing is he is after you really fast. It is quite useless to run 
down and shoot him from down here as he will be down there too really fast. So 
hide somewhere high up in the colosseum and check what's going on. Once you 
know here the old lizard is shoot an arrow to his leg (not his knee) and if you 
are fast enough of course shoot another arrow to a second leg to make him fall 
once again. If you miss the second arrow run as fast as you can to another hole 
in the wall in your storey as the colossus will now shoot his electric drool to 
where the arrow just came from. If you are in a good position to shoot him now 
why not just do it and get your double hit to make the 8th colossus fall down 
In case you're lucky and got 2 good hits and the eighth colossus dropped down 
to the ground you have to be really fast coming down because otherwise the 
colossus will just stand up again and continue where he stopped, and that might 
be hunting you down with his electric drool. But because you should be standing 
at a hole in the wall just jump down, Wander will survive this, or well, he has 
to survive this. To be on the save side you can stop jumping down halfways and 
steer into another floor and land there in pain before jumping down the rest of 
the way. Once you are down you climb on the colossus over the tail again and 
blow your sword into his last ornament until he is history.
                        The way to the 9th colossus                     [.09a.]

Your way to the 9th colossus brings you to the northwestern end of the temple 
again, but this time around you don't cross the long natural bridge to the 
north but you take the way over the bridge to the west that looks more like a 
natural dam.

After some more riding to the west you will see dark clouds on the horizon. 
This is your destination this time. So ride on until it gets darker (this is 
because of the dark clouds, whatelse) and search for the red brown path over 
the canyon. This small bridge is in the south of the canyon. Now ride along the 
geysirs with your victory already in your heart and ride towards a big dark 
cave in which the 9th colossus is already waiting for you. 

                           * The 9th Colossus *                          [.09.]

This turtle like colossus is a really mean bean that uses 2 mean and one 
halfways mean attacks to get you down and out of his way. The first attack is a 
distance attack but can also happen while you are running under him from the 
Then the ninth colossus shoots at you with four to five glowing energy balls 
that will devastatingly hit the ground near to you. In case they hit you it 
will be even worse for you, as they don't exactly give energy to you but drain 
it from you. Badly.

His second mean attack is that he start to rise and stand on his back legs, 
then gets some momentum to crash his really heavy front legs down and of course 
the 9th colossus tries to hit or squish you while doing so. If he misses you 
with his legs but the impact of his legs is still close to where you stand this 
can throw you around for good and also take away from your health. As the ninth 
colossus is a cool calculating turtoise he only performs this attack if he sees 
a chance of hitting you, this means he only performs the rise and smash attack 
if you are near to his front legs. But being near to his legs is a relative 
thing to say, and he decides what he does, so be careful of he rises and be 
prepared. Dodge the attack by avoiding his legs of course and then jumping 
shortly before his legs smash to the ground, this allows you to dodge the shock 
wave. A good advice is to jump away from him and not only straight into the 

The ninth colossus' last and not that mean attack is an attack he doesn't use 
that often, but when he uses it you have been hanging around his old and muddy 
tail for too long. For this attack he uses his tail to wipe everything around 
it and so everything behind his back. Of course he tries to hit you while 
attacking, otherwise it would be no attack, so watch out, don't stay around his 
tail for too long.

So now you might be interested in how to defeat this huge and mean and crusty 
9th colossus, so I will enlighten you with the next paragraphs, but don't 
forget about the words before, as he will attack you! You have to use all 
weapons and also the surrounding area to beat this beast.
At first you have to lure him over one of the geysers. This can officially take 
some time. Position Wander so that a geyser is between you and the colossus. If 
he shoots the energy balls of his first attack run away to the side and jump 
shortly before they impact on the ground. This way you can dodge them quite 
good. Now make sure the geyser is between you and the colossus again so that he 
will slowly but surely walk over the geyser.

Once the ninth colossus moved its colossal body over one of the geysers and the 
time is right and the geyser erupts its wet hot fluids over the colossus this 
guy is thrown out of his balance and two of his knees collapse and he rolls 
halfways over. So this is your time, run to his collapsed legs and shoot an 
arrow into the glowing sole of his feet that you now can hit. Now the colossus 
will be completely blown away and lands on his side (after rolling over 
completely) and offers you the opportunity to climb up on his furry belly.

So don't miss this great chance and walk all around the turned over colossus to 
reach for his belly. Why does he roll away so far anyways, stupid jurassic 
beast. So once you walked all the way around him climb all over his furry 
belley and even further up to the shell on his back. Here you look for a save 
place to hold onto and then wait a bit until the colossus gets up again and 
stands up again. He even won't give up the fight.

Now you run along the middle of the archaic shield on his back until you find 
yourself on the small head of the colossus. Watch out that you don't get 
dropped off. Of course the gigantic beast shakes and waves and tries to keep 
you from reaching his old head where he can be wounded by you. Once you finally 
made it to the deformed head you can also find the sought after glowing 
ornament here where you want to blow in your sword until the turtle like 
colossus goes down and doesn't stand up any more. And this is how you deafeat 
the 9th colossus. 

                        The way to the 10th colossus                    [.10a.]

The way to the 10th colossus starts out just like the way to the previous 
colossus, so get behind the temple and ride to the west over the natural dam 
until you reach the great wide plain that also brought you to the tortoise like 
colossus before. On the wide plain you don't ride to the dark clouds at the 9th 
colossus but you pass the clouds and the small mountains a good part to the 
south of it until you reach the cliff and another little mountainpass.
A little bit to the north of the southern end of the mountains end and the 
cliff is a narrow path through the mountains you should take to get as far to 
the west as possible.

Once you reached the little valley you can already see a save shrine. Save your 
game if you want, if not then grab your trusty Agro and continue riding to the 
south from here. Enter into the huge hole in the mountain wall.

This hole will turn into a long cave which will transform into a colossal cave 
with sandy ground the deeper you enter inside. And in this colossal huge cave 
the fight against the 10th colossus is about to happen in a few moments. Go get 

                           * The 10th Colossus *                         [.10.]

As soon as you step into the bright lightflooded place in the center of the 
cave the tenth colossus comes at you, creeping out of his sandy hole. He starts 
attacking you right away by hitting you like a huge train. If he should succeed 
with hitting you about 60% of your health is already gone for good, so avoid 
his first attack.

A good place to stay save in here is at the bottom of the single high rocks all 
over the place, there the sand worm colossus won't come close and cannot hurt 
you or do even worse things to you. But you can't hurt him either from this 
place, but you can always rest there and recover from the damage you took while 
fighting him. You eventually will get hurt while fighting him, but at least you 
have a plan! You don't have a plan? Then you better read on.

Get together all your horses, if you only got one horse get this one because 
this is the first colossus where you are dependent on your trusty horse to get 
things done. So ride to any randomly chosen wall in the cave with Agro and once 
you hear and feel that the 10th colossus is coming at you check out the farthes 
spot on the wall on the opposite side of the cave and ride towards it as fast 
as possible. The colossus won't hesitate a second and follows you at once.

Once he does this the camera will pan around towards the sandswimming colossus 
and in this moment you should change your weapon to bow and arrow (in case you 
didn't do this already), press L1 to lock the camera on the colossus (and keep 
it pressed) and then you move your crosshair from the bow and arrow towards the 
colossus' head. As soon as the tenth colossus opens his eyes chose one of the 
eyes and shoot an aimed arrow straight into his glowing eye. This is not as 
easy as it sounds and you might need more than one try but this is the way to 

In case you were successful and hit him in the eye you will notice this because 
the 10th colossus starts screaming and turning around like crazy but he still 
follows you. Ride towards a wall of the cave or one of the small rocks with the 
colossus in the back and because the colossus can't see all that good anymore 
he will crash into the wall and look a bit unhappy. He now is stuck to the wall 
so that he can't shake you off from him when you start climbing on him from the 
back. There you should start smashing your mighty sword into the first ornament 
you can see and drain his health until there is about 50% of his health left 
and the first ornament disappears.

Right then the tenth colossus will regain consciousness and shake you off from 
his back. But this doesn't matter all that much as you can just ride in front 
of him again, just like you did the first time and while looking back shoot 
another arrow into his mean glowing eye to lead him into the wall one more 
time. There is no difficulty added to it this time. Once he is stuck to the 
wall again you climb up on his back to the highest ornament available. He will 
shake a lot and try to shake you off now, but you are way too good for him and 
take away his last 50% of health. 

                        The way to the 11th colossus                    [.11a.]

The 11th colossus hides very far in the north of the forbidden lands.

To reach it (and to ride somewhere else this time and use another route) you 
exit the temple and ride to the back of the temple (north) on the east side of 
the temple. On the northeastern end of the mountainplateau you and the temple 
are on is another natural bridge you can enter via a small set of stairs.

After this just mentioned natural bridge you just keep on riding towards the 
huge manmade bridge towering all over the land and follow the bridge straight 
to the north until you finally reach another cliff/hole in the ground after 
some time.

Get to the most eastern point of this cliff/hole in the ground and find a long 
and narrow path winding down to the bottom of the hole. Leave Agro up here and 
get on this way down there. Getting down there with Agro is quite impossible 
and also very useless as there is water at the lower end of the narrow path 
which Agro wouldn't cross anyways. Well, if you have little time you can also 
jump down into the cold water without hurting yourself all that much.

Now swim through the water and cross the canyon to the west towards the huge 
stone bridge to get access to the temple like underground system. Walk all the 
way up the hill and then enter to the left. Here you have to jump over a small 
gap to the east to reach the 11th colossus. Hold on tight on the other side, 
climb up and face him. 

                           * The 11th Colossus *                         [.11.]
This wild bull is very annoying and hard to come by. But this shouldn't scare 
you off from trying (and dying by trying) because that's what you are here for.

The eleventh colossus has 2 attacks, one is to just run towards you and knock 
you off you feet, which will throw you to the ground and keep you dazzled for 
some long seconds and then he will just ram into you again and so on and so on 
until you are done. Luckylie sometimes you have a few parts of a second where 
you can run away from the continuous attacks or you can roll away to the side. 
Then you have to be fast and hide in one of the crevasses.

So once you are hiding in one of the crevasses he uses his second attack. He 
tries to hit you with his claws and hurt you badly with them. This takes away a 
bit more than the ramming attack but is easier to avoid by just hiding deeper 
and deeper inside the crevasse.

Now that you know what awaits you with the 11th colossus we now come to the 
important part of this solution, which is how to defeat the 11th colossus. You 
have to find your way into one of the crevasses between the walls of the cave 
and the pillars with the fire on top. You are always close to beeing hit while 
you make your way into there. While you are finally inside the crevasse the 
eleventh colossus will try to hurt you with his claws as I already mentioned, 
but just don't be impressed and climb onto the pillar without being hit.

As soon as you are on top of the pillar the colossus will start to hammer his 
head into the pillar and look at this, a burning stick will drop down from the 
fire and land on the flat ground near the colossus. In the exact moment when 
the colossus gains momentum to hammer his head into the pillar again you jump 
over the eleventh colossus and after the stick and pick it up by pressing 
Circle or R1.

Once you are holding the stick in your hands climb back up on the pillar and 
set the stick on fire by hitting the fire with the stick (with the O button). 
Jump down and get in front of the colossus with the burning stick in your hand 
and hold it up high like you normally hold up your sword to let the sun reflect 
from it to show you the way. The colossus finally shows the deserved respect 
and slowly walks away from you backwards.
And so you now hustle the 11th colossus towards the eastern end of the cave 
(opposite of the site you came in) until he loses his grip and drops down.

And of course you drop yourself over the edge and after him and land one level 
down. The 11th colossus is still located one floor lower, so take a look over 
the next edge and aim for his back. With a little bit of skill you manage to 
land on the back of the eleventh colossus and and can also strike a jump sting 
onto his now open back that is no longer shielded by an armor.

The thing with the jump stink nearly never works, but you should really land on 
his back and hold on tight. Otherwise you have to get onto his back now.and 
this can be getting really annoying.

Now you are unshielded in front of the eleventh colossus and have to find a way 
back onto his back somehow. So what do you do beside dodging his attacks by 
rolling away? You run around him (as soon as you are standing safely again) and 
jump over his tail onto his back. This might take some tries but as soon as you 
are standing behind the 11th colossus he cannot ram into you anymore. And if 
you are fast and skilled enough you can turn with him and then there will be a 
time where you can grab onto his back. This is really annoying and frustrating 
but it is doable.

Once you are on the back of the eleventh colossus again there is only a small 
time frame for you to strike a blow into his weak point so use it wise and 
unforgiving. After some more or less joyfull time of running and chasing around 
in the open area the colossus will return to his home cave, the temple area 
with the four fires, and here you can stay on one of the fireplaces and regain 
health and then jump on his back from one of the pillars.

Now you can take him out bit by bit. As alway you only have a small timeframe 
shortly after the stopping (after running) and before he shakes. After the 
shaking and before running again the timeframe is not enough to charge your 
sting and smash it into the 11th colossus.
But it is possible, even though hard, to jump after the shaking and before the 
running and then smash a jump sting (R1 + [] at the same time) into his 
weakpoint. If you manage to pull this off you will drain his health by a lot! 
This is also very useful on time attack games. Also the farther away from his 
head you hold on to his back the less affected you are from his shaking, so 
climb down a bit on his short back and get away from his head and shoulders to 
have a longer time window for charging your sword blow. Maybe it even help to 
position yourself in a 90° angle to his walk direction on his back. 

                        The way to the 12th colossus                    [.12a.]

Again step out of the temple and ride on the eastern side of the temple to the 
northeastern end of the mountainplateu you and the temple are on, and of course 
you ride over the natural rockbridge that leads to the north over the canyon.

This time you don't move your horse to the huge stonebridge but you ride nearly 
straight on to the north until you reach another natural bridge that starts 
with 2 huge pillars and ends in a forest.

After riding into the forest keep to the stone wall to the right all the time 
and as soon as you see an opening in the wall turn to the right towards the 
opening to exit the forest again.

Now you trot along an unbelievably high placed cliff to finally find a 
beautiful and huge mountainlake with even more beautiful but also dangerously 
deep falling waterfalls at the end of the path. There are some big pieces of 
rock blocking your way to the mountain lake so climb around the pillar without 
falling deep down the cliff. After you made it around the pillar cross the 
silent lake behind the pillar, pass through the two huge pillars and climb on 
one of the smaller islands inside the lake you will find. As soon as you step 
with only one toe onto one of the small island the 12th colossus will emerge 
from the depths of the calm lake and suddenly it's not that calm anymore. 

                           * The 12th Colossus *                         [.12.]

This mean guy always fires at you with his proton cannon that seems to be built 
into his tusks. If you are hit by this thing full on you can get hurt really 
bad. But you can avoid being hit easily. Just listen for the buzzing sizzling 
noise the cannon emits when it loads up for the next shot and then dive under 
water and continue swimming there until the 12th colossus fired his tusk proton 
cannon. In case you are on land, which is rather seldom for this colossus 
fight, you should hide behind the small pillar in the middle of the island or 
behind one of the four support columns. While you are hiding there you can also 
refresh your health while just doing nothing. So this attack should be no 
problem for you as it is completely avoidable.

So now you want to climb onto the twelfth colossus and here is the explanation 
how you do this with the best results. Swim to one of the three still 
undestroyed islands and hide behind the small pillar. Just keep calm, drink a 
coffee and wait until the colossus shot one shot of proton cannon in your 
direction and also is very close to the island. This is the perfect time to 
shoot two arrows onto his glowing tusks real hard. After the first arrow hit he 
will bow down his head and after the second hit he will bow down his head even 
more. Now run over the square base of the support column that is closest to the 
colossus towards him and jump onto the 12th colossus and get a grip on him. 
After he desperately tried to shake you off and (hopefully) failed doing so you 
can climb up on his head and look around through all the moss and grass here.

But sadly there is no ornament on his head where you could strike your sword to 
cause some damage on the twelfth colossus, not even under all the grass and 
moss. But his rotten teeth that grow out of his head can be found here. And the 
funny thing about this is, you can steer the colossus' movements by smashing 
your sword onto one of the 3 teethrows. So direct the 12th colossus to one of 
the still intact islands in the lake and then jump onto the roof of the island 
temple. A huge jump is required here but if you managed to climb up onto this 
colossus you will also make this jump. Here you duck down behind the pillar in 
the middle again because the angry 12th colossus shoots his protoncannon at you 
as soon as you are on the roof. Rolling over the roof is faster than running.

Now the rhinoturtle colossus feels really great and puts his front legs onto 
the temple on the island you are on. This is the moment you've been waiting 
for. Run towards him and jump onto him. You will grab onto a mossy part on the 
belly of the twelfth colossus that was under water all the time before and 
there you climb down a bit until you see the glowing ornament on his belly. 
Don't be shy and push your sword deep into his hurt point like a maniac. After 
you drained 50% of his health he will let go of his island hugging stance again 
and drown you while doing so, but you will survive this. Then just climb up on 
him, then onto the temple and then jump onto his belly again just like you did 
the first time and get rid of the 12th colossus completely.  

* an alternative stragtegy to get on the head of the 12th colossus:

As soon as you are on one of the temple islands don't hide behind the central 
pillar but behind one of the four supporting columns. The colossus will slowly 
move around the temple island. While he is showing his best and back side to 
you run out into the lake and swim to his tail. Once you managed to grab onto 
his tail you can easily climb up on him towards his head. But this actually 
takes longer than the first method mentioned in the walkthrough above. But for 
the sake of completeness I wanted to mention this here.

                        The way to the 13th colossus                    [.13a.]

And again your journey leads you to the southwestern end of the plateau the 
temple is on. Just like on your way to the 6th colossus you enter the forest 
here and ride through it in northwestern direction. There you take the small 
path through the valley to enter the huge plain in the south(west) of the land.

You ride over the plain and wide field through the burning sun in southern 
direction until you find a circular temple ruin in the middle of the plain. 
Whatever rituals were held here they were of no good. And as soon as you step 
inside the old ruin all hell breaks lose as the 13th colossus enters the arena 
from below.

If you want you can save before fighting this colossus at the saveshrine in the 
north of the desert plain. 

                           * The 13th Colossus *                         [.13.]
This colossus is a nice and fair guy as he doesn't attack you once he hatched 
out of the sand but he rather prefers to fly along through the hot desert sun 
over your head. So you don't have to worry about the colossus attacking you at 
this time.

But there is one unevitable question, that is, how do you win a fight against a 
huge colossus that is flying some hundred meters above the ground? And how do 
you get onto the colossus in the first place?

Your first task at this bossfight is to destroy all the floating bubble tanks 
of your new enemy. The thirteenth colossus features three of these babies. They 
are spread all over his underside and look like colossal ugly blisters or white 
plastic bags filled with old air and tied there with ropes. You have to attack 
these three floating tanks with an arrow each. Once they are all broken the 
music will change and the 13th colossus will lose an enormous amount of his 
height so that his crusty wings will touch the ground and a lot of dust flies 
through the air.

And exactly these wings are the secret. You can climb up on his wings. To do so 
ride along with the colossus and keep some distance or otherwise the dust might 
get in your eyes and you can't see anything anymore. As soon as you are at the 
front wings get close to one of these wings and then jump over from Agro to 
this wing and grab onto it. This might take some tries, just try often enough.

Now you can climb up the steps on the wing, if you have to you can correct your 
position by climbing along the step towards the head of the colossus because 
otherwise the strong wind can blow you off from the wing. Climb up so that you 
are hanging from the last step, not the edge of the wing. Because now the 
colossus will rise again and just starts to flap his wings. It is is a lot 
easier to hold on to the thirteenth colossus rising when you are still on top 
of the wing and not hanging down from the outer end of the wing.

As soon as the 13th colossus stopped flapping with his wings you can stand up 
safely and jump onto his body. Here the wind blowing in your face is not that 
mean anymore and not as mean as on the 5th colossus, so you can just walk 
towards the tail end of the colossus. Here you will come across three gill like 
structures which cover the weak points of the 13th colossus. The first weak 
point is very close to the front wings you just climbed up. So get yourself 
behind this thing and strike your sword into the glowing ornament. After 
draining about one third of his health the colossus will perform a really nice 
barrel roll and shut down the gill. Now it's getting interesting. The colossus 
dives down into the sand in the desert. So you better jump off shortly before 
hitting the ground. Good timing is very helpful here.

After some time hanging around under ground the thirteenth colossus reappears 
on the scene and is repimped and pumped again. So you have to shoot his swollen 
blisters again and then of course climb on him again to take out another weak 
point until he dives down again. After this you pop open his blisters one more 
time and also climb on him and finish him off. So you have to climb on him 
three times but this should be no problem for you but rather a fun activity. 

                        The way to the 14th colossus                    [.14a.]

Let's go and find the 14th colossus, ride to the northwestern end of the 
plateau the temple is on again and cross the canyon at the old and destroyed 
pillars to the west over the natural dam.

As soon as you are over the huge canyon ride to the northwest. Pass the dark 
clouds from the location of the 9th colossus on the right of them and you will 
reach a narrow path in the valley of another deep canyon. Ride through this 
path until the path widens up. Ride along here to the west until you come to a 
dead forest that you have to cross in southern direction. After the dead forest 
there are some old walls and stairs. After the stairs you head to the north 
again, pass along a lot of ancient pillars until you reach a cave. Enter the 
cave, swim through the water and just get into the cave deeper and deeper. Here 
the 14th colossus is waiting for you and has planned some mean things with you 

                           * The 14th Colossus *                         [.14.]

This fight is quite funny once you found out what you have to do to win the 
fight against the 14th colossus. But first things first, at first you have to 
find the colossus. So climb down from the gallery you enter the area on. Now 
get to the left, there are some huge stairs and on top the fourteenth colossus 
is waiting for you.

Luckily this mean colossus looks quite like the 11th colossus but you have to 
do totally different things to him to beat him. His ramming attacks towards you 
are more devastating than these of the other small colossus. But he can only 
tackle you if you are moving on the ground. So you better not move on the 
ground at all. The best thing to do once the colossus jumped down from his 
starting position is to climb on the collapsed pillar that is lying around on 
the ground here. It's the only collapsed pillar around where you meet the 
colossus so you should find it. Jump to the arch at the back end of the pillar 
and climb up on it. Jump to an even higher arch from here and from there to yet 
another arch that is a bit lower in height but built in the same direction. 
From this third arch you finally jump to the huge pillar at its end and climb 
up on it until you stand on the pillar. Now crouch and hold on tight, as the 
14th colossus will ram into the pillar.

Now you have to provoke the colossus to make him angry. Do so by shooting him 
with an arrow onto his colossal body. The fourteenth colossus starts raging all 
over the place and rams into the pillar you are standing on and makes the 
pillar collapse. Feels funny, but now you can use the collapsed pillar to jump 
to the next arch.

Play the game of the pillars and the colossus collapsing them some more until 
you finally reach the square building. You cannot climb onto the building 
directly so climb around to the side and climb from the side to the platform on 
the backside of the building (backside relative to the direction you came from) 
and run really fast on the platform to jump to the next and last pillar.

Once you made the colossus collapse this last pillar too it will crash into a 
nice old wall and destroy it in the act. Now you are below the area where you 
entered this place. Climb back up to the gallery on the wall opposite of the 
wall you just crashed with the pillar. Shoot the fourteenth colossus again with 
arrows from up here and in his rage the colossus will destroy a supporting 
column under the gallery. And the whole gallery comes down on him. And this is 
good as his shell is now cracked open and you can finally reach his weak point.

Now it is quite easy to hurt him, you just have to get onto his back. This is 
not that easy, but just read on. You climb on one of the collapsed pillars and 
just wait until he smashes his head into the pillar. Because he is unprotected 
now he is very dizzy after smashing his head straigh into massive stone. Use 
this to your advantage and smash your sword into his unprotected back. Once he 
starts running around don't grab ont him, just let go and climb up another 
pillar really fast. As soon as he is dizzy from his ramming again just jump on 
him again and finish the 14th colossus him off.                        

                        The way to the 15th colossus                    [.15a.]
Leave the temple and ride over the canyon in the north. You won't miss the huge 
stone bridge as it spans all over the land towards the north. Just follow the 
bridge until you can't ride on anymore. From the end of the bridge you ride to 
the east until you can't ride on anymore and there you are standing in front of 
a huge gate. A bit to the west of the gate is another save shrine, use it if 
you want and think you need to. Finally walk through the door. After some steps 
in here you have to leave Agro behind again and find your own way deeper and 
deeper into the building. After you dug in deeper and deeper and climbed a lot 
of old stones the huge 15th colossus, armed with a giant saber and slightly 
reminding of King Kong appears. 

                           * The 15th Colossus *                         [.15.]

This bastard breed between King Kong and Godzilla can make your head hurt 
really bad. So get used to his attacks at first. The first and most obvious 
attack of the 15th colossus is a blow with his huge huge hatchet. But he easily 
misses with his hatchet. He also likes to miss with his secondary attack, the 
foot stomper. But if he misses you with his hatchet and still hits the ground 
close to you, you will still lose some health. If he hits you with the hatchet 
though you will lose about 50% of your health really fast. But this attack is 
also important to defeat him. But this is a thing for later in this 

So how do you get onto the huge fifteenth colossus now you might ask? Let's 
see, because he doesn't have any fur on his feet or legs you will have to use 
the steps and stairs all around this colosseum. At the edge the stairs are 
really close but you still can't reach the stairs. But just keep standing on 
one of these steps at the wall and wait for the 15th colossus. He will use his 
secondary attack and try to stomp on you. Avoid his foot and he will not hit 
you but he will hit the stone plate you were standing on and lift it up. He 
remains in this position for a few seconds so run over the stoneplate and climb 
up on the wall to reach the stairs up there.

Run up the stairs up here and you are safe from the attacks of the fifteenth 
colossus behind some pillars. But you have to provoke him again with an attack. 
So shoot some arrows at him and he will get angry at you. Or just whistle, he 
will notice you and hack his hatchet into the pillars. The shockwave from the 
impact makes it rain stones from above on which you can now climb. Once you 
stand on one of the dropped stones you are high enough to reach something to 
hold on to above the pillars and you can climb up higher from here. As you are 
on the narrow path here run to the outer end to another set of stairs and get 
up on it and make your way to the middle of the fighting area.

Right in the middle of the whole colosseum area a bridge spans from one side to 
the other side of the colosseum. Step on the bridge now but stay close to the 
side. DON'T RUN OVER THE BRIDGE! The colossus will attack the bridge once you 
step on the bridge. If you are in the middle of the bridge he will hit you, but 
if you stay close to the edge nothing will happen to you and you don't have to 
climb up all the way to the top again. After the bridge is destroyed get close 
to the middle where the bridge ends and wait for the 15th colossus to come 
close. Wait until he can't get any closer anymore. Now jump on his head and get 
to work on his glowing ornament. The ornament is directly on his head. Drain 
about 4/5 of his health, then the ornament will disappear and you have to find 
his hidden weak point to drain the rest of his health.

Climb down on the shoulder of his right arm (the one with the hatchet) until 
you find a very dimly glowing small blue place right inside his broken arm 
ring. Equip the sword if you don't see anything at all, only then it is 
visible. Of course you have to sting this little wound too. He will drop his 
hatchet out of the pain he feels and shake like crazy.

In case this shaking attack shakes you off it doesn't matter that much, because 
you have to get down anyways. So get grounded, get down and run around in front 
of the colossus like crazy and avoid his brutal stomping attacks with good 
timed jumps as long as he performs them. Once he gets the idea to smash you 
with his hand that once carried the hatchet everything is going according to a 
secret plan. Once you see his hand coming at you jump away in the right moment 
again to not get hit and avoid the impact impacting on you. Now run onto his 
hand and hold on tight. Right in his palm is his last weak point and just waits 
for you to finish the 15th colossus of Shadow of the Colossus off with your 
sword. Why he doesn't squish you to death... I don't know, but good for you. 

                   Alternative Strategy for colossus #15 
                               by Lunaticat

An another alternative strategy for colossus #15 according to the sentence 
after the attack on the weakpoint on the arm:

"In case this shaking attack shakes you off it doesn't matter that much, 
because you have to get down anyways."

I had my doubts that he will move his fist towards the ground at all so a kept 
grabbing onto his arm und climbed down over his armor to his palm. With a 
little bit of practice you can do this quite easy and you don't have to go the 
extra way via the ground. I just wanted to mention this ;) 


                        The way to the 16th colossus                    [.16a.]

Where has all the time gone? You are now on your way to the last colossus of 
them all, but fear not, after you defeated the last colossus there is still a 
lot to do and discover in the game, so just read on.

So ride out of the temple one last time. This time you take the direction to 
the south again, just like for the 8th colossus you ride through the gap in the 
mountains again but when the path forks you take the right path this time, the 
one to the save shrine. From here you have to ride a good way to the south 
until you finally are at the end of the map and so to say at the end of the 
world. Here are some old pillars and a huge closed gate. Take your stand on the 
small round pedestal and draw your sword. Let the reflecting sunlight shine 
onto the symbol on the gate and the gate will open. True magic is working here. 
Now you can pass the gate.

Behind the gate there is a save shrine, the last one you will find, use it if 
you must (or want). Then ride up the stairs und then ride over the long bridge 
fast. After a tragic loss that I don't want to go into detail about you climb 
the wall just in front of you. When you are up on it walk to the right und 
climb up on the moss until you have to walk through the mountain. After the 
pass through you use the pillars on the sides of the entrance/exit to climb up. 
Up here the weather is really bad and the colossus is in a bad mood because of 

                           * The 16th Colossus *                         [.16.]
So how should a game about colossal colossi end? Of course just like Shadow of 
the Colossus ends, with one absolutely gigantic colossal colossus that is 
bigger than everything before in the game, well in every game there is. This 
guy is so huge and so mean, get ready for an epic fight now!

After the 16th colossus woke up you have to get close to him, there is no other 
way to defeat him. Do this by taking the ramp in the middle of the path. Sadly 
the colossus shoots a lot of glowing energy balls at you as soon as you step on 
this ramp. If these things hit you they won't drain as much energy as you would 
expect them to, but they knock you out and as soon as you stand up again the 
sixteenth colossus hits you again with another energy ball, so it's better to 
not get hit at all. In case you get hit always keep an eye (the camera) on the 
colossus and run away and hide as soon as you can move and the colossus fires 
again. Or better roll and jump away.

One possibility for cover is the longer wall to the right of the ramp, you 
should be able to run behind it and take cover before the energy ball hits you. 
A bit further to the right of the wall there is a hole in the ground, so you 
better jump into this hole and follow the underground hallway until it opens up 
again after a turn. Use the wall as a defensive wall and safely climb up on it 
and don't walk to the end of the hallway as it is open again here and the 
lighthouse colossus can shoot you again.

Once you climbed up at the end of the underground hallway take cover by jumping 
behind the small wall you find up there. Once the colossus fired again you jump 
behind the next wall to the right of it. You keep repeating this until you 
reach yet another hole in the ground with a hallway attached to it.

This hallway leads to a cliff on which you have to jump and climb along to get 
along until you reach the end of the rock wall. Here you just have to run 
really fast to the wall closer to the sixteenth colossus and there you will 
find another hallway. Run to the end of this hallway and climb out. Then climb 
up one more level and hide behind another small wall. Again jump from wall to 
wall when it's safe between shots and jump into the last hole in the ground.

And at the end of this hallway you are at the feet of the 16th colossus 
already. Like you are under his (her?) skirt. Just walk straight on, climb up a 
short bit and walk through the portal. Now you are on the colossus on the 
outside. Jump over a small gap and climb one level higher. Climb higher and 
higher. In case you can't climb any higher walk to the other side and search 
for grip there, it is always possible to climb higher until you are standing at 
the belly of the colossus.

Get to the back of the colossus. There is a lot of fur on the back of the 16th 
colossus so grab onto it. While you are hanging there smash your sword into the 
small glowing area there. The colossus starts scratching there. When his hand 
is coming close jump onto his hand. Hold on tight and don't let him shake you 
off. While the colossus is turning his hand around and around just do nothing 
and wait until you are on top. Once you are on top run up his arm. On his elbow 
you can take a break and regain health, but you still have to watch out so that 
you don't drop down.

Now climb up on his upper arm a bit and now it's getting really interesting. If 
you blow you sword into the blue glowing hurtpoint here his second hand comes 
near you and wants to scratch this place. So you have to jump aimed into his 
hand. His second hand looks a bit worn out, doesn't it... well, perform the 
jump like you would jump from one wall to an opposing wall.

Climb onto the back of the hand of the sixteenth colossus and ram your sword 
into the back of his hand. He is very curious and wants to know what is going 
on and hold his hand up high and close to his head so he can see you. Here you 
can rest for a while and regain some grabbing power, but then, yeah then take 
out your sword and and uncover the weak point on his left shoulder (from your 
point of view the right one) with the reflecting sunlight. After you found the 
weak point shoot it with an arrow real quick.

The colossus will hold his hurt shoulder with the hand you are on at the moment 
and so you should just jump off from his hand to his shoulder. From here you 
can reach his head with ease and fight him off. His weak point is of course on 
the highest place on his head, so get it done and don't lose grip. The way back 
up is really long. You can regain some grabbing powers while standing on his 
shoulders. Once you defeated the 16th colossus there is another fight but you 
can't change what's happening there, so I won't spoil it for you, and then 
there is the sad but bittersweet 

                         _______  _____  _____  __
                        / ___/  |/ /   \/ ___/ / /
                       / ___/ / / / /) / ___/ /_/
                      /____/_/|__/___.'____/ /_/ 


                              Secrets                               [.secrets.]

This chapter has all the secret unlockable stuff and other interesting facts 
about shadow of the colossus.

   SotC for Advanced Players ............................. [.Sfa.]

   Fruits and Lizards .................................... [.extra.]
   Time Attack ........................................... [.ta.]
   Hard Mode ............................................. [.hard.]
   Hard Time Attack ...................................... [.hta.]

   The Secret Garden ..................................... [.sg.]

   What to do in the secret garden? ...................... [.wtdisg.]

   Names of the colossi and the
   according names in latin .............................. [.name.]

   Animals ............................................... [.animals.]

   Nico .................................................. [.nico.]

   Viral Marketing Campaign by Sony ...................... [.vira.]

   About the Soundtrack .................................. [.sound.]

   Making of (@ Internet) ................................ [.making.]

Here you can also quick jump via Ctrl+F.

      _______________________________                                   [.Sfa.]
           SotC for Advanced Players

This chapter collects all the not so obvious but helpful tips and tricks that 
don't fit anywhere else:

    Reminiscence Mode
If you come back to the places where you fought against a colossus you see his 
left over ruins on the ground. Stand on the ruins of the colossus and pray. Do 
so by pressing the O button. Now you fight against the colossus again in 
reminiscence mode.

     Jump Sting
It is quite easy to do the jump sting and of you do it right it is also very 
effective against the colossi.

To perform the jump sting you just have to jump towards a weak point of a 
colossus by pressing the ^ button to jump and press [] and R1 together while 
you are in the air. When done correctly Wander lands a fully chraged blow onto 
the weakpoint without you having to charge up his powers first. This is great 
to land a powerful first strike especially in time attack. Colossus 11 is a 
good example where it is extremely useful.

      climb up Agro differently
So you don't have to slowly stand next to Agro and finally climb up on your 
horse really slow with the ^ button. You can do this different, just jump 
towards Agro's saddle and while you are in the right height press R1. Wander 
will now climb up on Agro out of the jump and land in the saddle in no time.n.

      A different Intro
You know the Intro where an eagle flies towards Wander and Wander takes the 
long and hard way to the forbidden lands on him. If you let the game idle for a 
while, while you are on the startscreen (this means, just do nothing at all) 
you can see Wander sleep at the saveshrine where you last saved the game and 
Agro runs all over the depth of the land. The camera follows Agro while he 
If you just completed the game, say defeated the 16th colossus and you saved 
this then just turn off the PS2 and restart the game and idle again on the 
startscreen. This time the camera doesn't follow Agro but it follows an eagle 
that flies over the forbidden lands.

      ICO References
Shadow of the Colossus is already the 2nd game made by Fumito Ueda. Before he 
created the also really lovely ICO. And there is a small reference to ICO in 
Shadow of the Colossus. Normally Agro has a small diamondshape on the fur on 
his forehead. But if you have a savefile from ICO on the memorycard of your PS2 
this diamond shape turns into the I from the ICO logo. Small, subtle but nice.
(There is something similar with Silent Hill. There is something different 
within the 3rd part if you have a savefile from Silent Hill 2 on your MC. 
Something weird and disgusting with a toliet... well Silent Hill is way more 
slimey and gruesome than SotC. But also really recommended.)

Once you defeated all the 16 colossi in hard time attack you get a very special 
Item that is also know from Ico, the Queen's Sword.

At the end of ICO you are at a beach that you can also find in the forbidden 
lands of SotC. Maybe you are already in the world of SotC at the end of ICO.
If you want to ride to the ICO beach in SotC, you can find it far in the west 
of field B5.

      More colors for Agro
And while we are at changes for Agro...
Once yoz made it through the game and defeated all 16 colossi and even made it 
through Time Attack Mode and defeated all colossi there in time try pressing [] 
while you are on the startscreen and Agro is replaced with a horse that has 
brown fur within the game.
Once you completed the game on hard and also completely completed the Hard Time 
Attack Mode then press O while on the start screen and you will have a white 
Agro within the game.

The 17th Colossus
There is no 17th colossus in shadow of the colossus. This is an internet rumor 
that still lasts.

      ________________________                                        [.extra.]
           Fruits and Lizards


Everywhere in the forbidden lands where Shadow of the Colossus takes place you 
can find trees. Some of the trees have fruits on them. Get close to a tree with 
fruits on it chose bow and arrow as your weapon and look up while aiming. Some 
trees have 3 fruits at once, some just one and other none.

So if you found a tree with fruits on it shoot the fruits with bow and arrow. 
Then pick up and eat the fruits with the O button.

The fruits increase the maximum value that your healthbar can have, so you can 
take more damage. The more fruits you eat the longer your healthbar grows.

Just read in the next chapter what you get for defeating 10 colossi in time 
attack ;)


Everywhere in the forbidden lands where Shadow of the Colossus takes place you 
can find small lizards. Most of the lizards you will find along your journey 
have a black tail and are rather useless. On the save shrines though you can 
find lizards that have a glowing white tail. These are the important lizards. 
Sometimes you can find these lizards with the white tails in the wild, but this 
is rather unusual if you don't know where to find them.

So once you found one of the lizards with the white tail kill it with your bow 
and arrow and pick up the tail that is left over with the O button.

Wander seems to eat these tails and this increases your round grip gauge. The 
more white lizard tails you eat the longer you can hold onto a colossus are 
keep climbing.
This value also increases with every colossus you defeated..

So if you find a white tailed lizard shoot its tail. The lizard will wiggle and 
then drop off the tail, just like a real lizard. Now you can eat the tail and 
power up your grip gauge and come back later. The wizard lizard will have 
regrown the tail. If you are after an achievemnt for the PS3 version you have 
to kill all the lizards to make it count though.

Just red in the next chapter what you get for defeating 8 colossi in time 
attack ;)

      _________________                                                  [.ta.]
           time attack
As soon as you made it through the game once, which mean you have defeted all 
16 colossi you can play the time attack mode in Shadow of the Colossus.

To play the time attack mode you have to save after you won over the 16th 
colossus and then load the savefile that has the 2 next to it.

Once you are in the hall with all the colossi position yourself in front of the 
statue of the colossus you want to fight against in time attack mode and pray 
by pressing the O button.

Now you have to win against the colossus you chose in the set time. The times 
for the colossi in time attack are as follows:

                          Colossus 01:      02:30
                          Colossus 02:      04:00
                          Colossus 03:      06:00
                          Colossus 04:      05:30
                          Colossus 05:      05:30
                          Colossus 06:      03:30
                          Colossus 07:      12:00
                          Colossus 08:      08:00
                          Colossus 09:      07:30
                          Colossus 10:      06:00
                          Colossus 11:      05:30
                          Colossus 12:      09:30
                          Colossus 13:      12:00
                          Colossus 14:      09:00
                          Colossus 15:      10:00
                          Colossus 16:      09:30


         Every 2 defeated colossi you get a nice bonus item which are: 

         2 Colossi defeated             Whistling Arrow
                                        distract the Colossi
         4 Colossi defeated             Cloak of Force
                                        gives you more strength

         6 Colossi defeated             Mask of Strength
                                        gives you more strength

         8 Colossi defeated             Lizard Detection Stone
                                        helps you find the lizards
        10 Colossi defeated             Fruit Tree Map
                                        helps you find the fruit trees

        12 Colossi defeated             Mask of Power
                                        gives you more strength

        14 Colossi defeated             Cloak of Deception
                                        makes you invisible for the colossi

        16 Colossi defeated             Flash Arrow
                                        explode as soon as you hit a colossus.

Once you made it and unlocked all these bonusitems there is another surprise:
When you keep pressing the [] button while on the start screen you get a brown 
Agro within the game.

The bonus items from the normal mode time attack cannot be used while in time 
attack and also not in a new game with hard difficulty. 

      _______________                                                  [.hard.]
           hard mode

You unlock thze hard mode by completing the game once on normal (default) 
difficulty. In hard mode nearly all colossi have an additional weak point or 
something else is harder. I will just give general pointers here and not be as 
elaborate as in the complete FAQ for the normal mode, but it is more fun to 
find this out by yourself, don't you think. So do this and just read on here 
once you are completely stuck!

Colossus 1:
He has an additional weakpoint on the right upper arm. You can easily reach it 
by making him kneel and then climb up there from his elbow.

Colossus 2:
This colossus has an additional weak point on the left hip. You can easily 
reach it from his back.

Colossus 3:
A little bit above his left elbow you can find the additional weak point of 
this colossus. You can reach it from his shoulder, just climb down his left 
shoulder at the open part.
in HTA: You have no time to make him destroy his bracelt on his sword arm. Make 
him smash down his swordarm, kneel on it close to the dirt on the ground and 
wait for him to move the arm back up. When he does, he moves it up in a 
straight movement, but then makes a short move towards his body. Right when he 
makes this short move you have to jump towards the arm and over the bracelet. 
Watch a video on youtube if you don't get it.

Colossus 4:
He has 2 additional weak points on both his shoulders, and he is not that easy 
to distract. Lure him all over the place close to the entance and just enter 
the entrance once he is close to stepping on you.

Colossus 5:
This guy can be defeated just as you would do while playing the game in normal 

Colossus 6:
This colossus has, additinonal to his second weak point a third weak point. It 
is located on the top of his left hand. You can best reach it from the ground, 
once he goes down and looks into the cave to look for you.

Colossus 7:
There is nothing special to note here! Just as always.

Colossus 8:
No additional weak points here, but he seems to be stronger and needs more 
blows from your sword until he goes down.

Colossus 9:
He won't walk over the geysir so easily but other than that no changes.

Colossus 10:
He has no new weakpoints but he can be really annoying and come really close 
after you and suddenly likes to jump at you. You can work against this by 
riding faster.

Colossus 11:
Nothing new here! He is just meaner but you can do it.
in the HTA: Run towards the pillar in the back right at the beginning, dodge 
his ram attack by rolling and start from the pillar closer to the opening in 
wall. So you have a shorter way you have to push him and the fire won't go out 
so fast.
If you are hanging low on his back, but still hanging on his weakpoint you get 
shaken less and have more time to charge you sword blow.

Colossus 12:
He won't position himself on the socket so nice as on normal, so you have to 
jump even further. And he takes more time to decide if he should rise and put 
his feet onto the temple. Sometimes you have to force him to do so by shooting 
him with arrows and luring him near by standing on the middle pillar. And he is 
also meaner and moves faster.

Colossus 13:
This colossus is not very different from the normal version but he flies a bit 
more unstable but this should be no problem for you.

Colossus 14:
This mean guy is even meaner in hard mode, so you better not drop on the ground 
in front of him or you can restard right then.

Colossus 15:
Of course this colossus is a bit stronger in hard mode and shakes even more 
than in normal mode but he also has an additional weak point. You can find it 
there where his left nipple should be. Bite his nipple from above, well get 
there from above.

Colossus 16:
The tower has no additional weak point but he shakes more than in normal mode 
and need more hits until he goes down. 

      ______________________                                            [.hta.]
           hard time attack

And after you completed the hard mode of the main game you unlock another time 
attack mode, the hard time attack mode of course. So beat all 16 colossi listed 
above and you can play hard time attack.

To play the hard time attack mode you have to save after you won over the 16th 
colossus and then load the savefile that has the 2 AND THE 'S' next to it.

Once you are in the hall with all the colossi position yourself in front of the 
statue of the colossus you want to fight against in hard time attack mode and 
pray by pressing the O button.

Now you have to win against the colossus you chose in the set time. The times 
for the colossi in hard time attack are as follows:

                           Colossus 01:      02:50
                           Colossus 02:      04:30
                           Colossus 03:      05:00
                           Colossus 04:      05:00
                           Colossus 05:      05:30
                           Colossus 06:      06:30
                           Colossus 07:      08:00
                           Colossus 08:      07:30
                           Colossus 09:      05:30
                           Colossus 10:      05:00
                           Colossus 11:      05:30
                           Colossus 12:      10:00
                           Colossus 13:      13:00
                           Colossus 14:      09:00
                           Colossus 15:      11:30
                           Colossus 16:      13:00


     Every 2 defeated colossi you get another nice bonus item which are: 

         2 Colossi defeated             Harpoon of Thunder
                                        a mighty long range weapon

         4 Colossi defeated             Sword of the Sun
                                        reflects light from the sword even in 

         6 Colossi defeated             Fruit Tree Map
                                        Shows you all the fruittrees on the map

         8 Colossi defeated             Shaman's Cloak
                                        decreases the damage you take
        10 Colossi defeated             Lizard Detection Stone
                                        Shows you all the lizards on the map

        12 Colossi defeated             Shaman's Mask
                                        decreases the damage you take

        14 Colossi defeated             Cloth of Desperation
                                        use it as a parachute

        16 Colossi defeated             Queen's Sword
                                        from Ico       

Once you made it and unlocked all these bonusitems there is another surprise:
When you keep pressing the O button while on the start screen you get a white 
Agro within the game.
The bonus items from the hard mode time attack cannot be used while in hard 
time attack and also not in a new game with normal difficulty. 

      _________________________                                          [.sg.]
           The Secret Garden

So, you SotC freak, you want the final secret, the heart and soul of this game? 
Then get ready to read a lot and play even more and be absolutely happy once 
you reached the secret garden..

As already mentioned in the lizards and fruits section on this page you can 
gain more grabbing power and duration by eating the white tails of some of the 
lizards that have these white tails. Killing colossi also makes this power of 
yours grow. To get more info on this read on in the according chapter.

To even think about maybe getting up to the secret garden you should at least 
have played through the game twice, better would be 4 times, and having all of 
this saved on the same savefile of course so that your duration from the other 
playthroghs accumulates.

So this means you should have defeated 60 or even better 64 colossi and have 
eaten a lot of white lizards tails on all these playthroughs and from that you 
should have gained a lot of grabbing power. In case you have got what it takes 
and what it demands then read on my friend and find out how to reach the secret 
garden in Shadow of the colossus!

The secret garden is hidden in the highest place of the whole forbidden lands 
in which Shadow of the colossus takes place. So where is this highest place you 
are talking about you might ask? It's on top of the highest building in the 
whole land. Which one could that be? Alright it's the temple where Mono is 
hanging around beeing dead and waiting for you to revive her.

And you want to climb on this huge thing now? Well, there is nothing easier 
than this! Get Agro and ride out of the temple hall. Ride along the temple on 
the eastern side towards the back of the temple.

At the northeaster corner of the temple there is some green ivy like stuff on 
the eastern wall. You can climb up on this. But now the question is... how?

Already the start os important. Ride towards the wall with the ivy on it then 
stand up on Agro. You do this by pressing and holding R1 and pushing the 
analogstick forward. Standing on your horse like this you ride towards the 
wall, then jump onto the wall from Agros back. This will save you some meters.

Now climb up pretty straight on the green stuff. You will notice that the way 
up will part to two and that the way on the right is a bit more elevated than 
the way on the left.

So chose the right way, after some time a huge part sticks out on the right of 
you, pass this until you reach a small ledge to your right. If this way real 
this ledge would be no bigger than 20cm high and it is grey. Climb around the 
corner to the right and hang onto this small ledge.

If you are lucky you make it up on the ledge and can sit on it and regain some 
health on it. This is for 99% only possible in the NTSC version of Shadow of 
the Colossus. PS2 that is is, dunno about PS3. Then back to the ledge and climb 
to right of it until you can't go any further.

Here you will find more green stuff, climb on it, this time to the right and a 
bit down. You will reach another ledge there where you climb farther to the 
right until you reach even more plant material to hang on and climb on.

Climb over this green stuff even farther to the right and a bit up to another 
ledge. Here you have to climb around the corner. If you can't make it without 
losing your grip, jump a little bit, don't drop down and hang on to the ledge 
to climb on hanging from the ledge around the rounding to the right.

While you are on the ledge of this rounding there is a huge and fat pillar 
behind you. Jump from your ledge to the pillar. Grab onto more plants on the 

Now it is quite easy to climb up to the stairs on the front side of the pillar. 
And voila you are now on your way to the secret garden.

In case this is all too hard to understand for you and you want to see the 
final secret in this supreme game played by someone else and not you then just 
watch this informative video documenting the way up to the secret garden. Sadly 
not the best videoquality.

> http://video.google.de/videoplay?docid=3611726774577404750&q

      ______________________________________                         [.wtdisg.]
           What to do in the secret garden

After you finally landed in the secret garden you might ask yourself what the 
hell do you here? Well, the best and most interesting thing is to fing out 
yourself but here are some ideas for you:

There isn't that much to do up here at all. This is sad but true.

You can shoot the fruits up here and eat them, but beware these fruits are 
rather mean than helpful, the fruits in the secret garden are called the 
forbidden fruits by many. How come? In case you already ate some fruits from 
the normal fruit trees found all over the land you healthbar is grown with 
every fruit you ate. So with every eaten forbidden fruit from the secret garden 
your healthbar decreses a bit.
Once your healthbar reached the level it had when you started the game it won't 
shrink anymore. But getting down from the secret garden without dying is the 
problem now...

And you can go for a long journey. You can travel to the end of the long bridge 
that spans across half of the land. But this will take a while until you reach 
the end of the bridge travelling by foot...

You can call Agro while you are on the bridge and jump down and try to land on 
his back. Good luck with that!

You can jump into the hole and find out you land in the pool once you are down.

That's probably all there is to do up here, but you can still enjoy the wide 
view and be proud that you did something not everybody playing this ingenious 
game achieves. 

      ____________________________________________________             [.name.]
          Names of the Colossi and according latin Names     

|  Number  |     Normal Name     |       Latin Name        |
|       1  |   "Valus"           |   Minotaurus Colossus   |
|       2  |   "Quadratus"       |   Taurus Magnus         |
|       3  |   "Gaius"           |   Terrestris Veritas    |
|       4  |   "Phaedra"         |   Equus Bellator Apex   |
|       5  |   "Avion"           |   Avis Praeda           |
|       6  |   "Barba"           |   Belua Maximus         |
|       7  |   "Hydrus"          |   Draco Marinus         |
|       8  |   "Kuromori"        |   Parietinae Umbra      |
|       9  |   "Basaran"         |   Nimbus Recanto        |
|      10  |   "Dirge"           |   Harena Tigris         |
|      11  |   "Celosia"         |   Ignis Excubitor       |
|      12  |   "Pelagia"         |   Permagnus Pistrix     |
|      13  |   "Phalanx"         |   Aeris Velivolus       |
|      14  |   "Cenobia"         |   Clades Candor         |
|      15  |   "Argus"           |   Praesidium Vigilo     |
|      16  |   "Malus"           |   Grandis Supernus      |
|          |                     |                         |________
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯|  ><+(

                     _____________                                  [.animals.]

You can find a lot of animals in the game Shadow of the Colossus. Some of them 
are useful (see white tailed lizards), others are just there and with some 
others you can have some fun.

As you can read in the first chapter of this secrets page you can get more grip 
power by collecting the white tails of some of thze lizards.

The doves are flying around the altar on which Mono is lying. They fly away 
once you are coming too close to them. But if you are fast enough you can grab 
a dove and fly around with the dove.

The eagles can ba found all over the world (and in the Hotel California), they 
are flying over the wide plains and scream their signatire crys.
You can jump towards them and if you are lucky enough to catch one Use R1 to 
hold onto the eagle. Use the X Button to make them, fly a bit higher. Once 
Wander has no more grabbing powers he will just let go and fall down.

On some water spots you can find the turtles. You can't do anything with them 
except watching them slowly walk around. The climb into their shell once you 
come too close to them. 

In some of the deeper waters you can find fish. You can shoot them and once 
they drown you can grab onto them and sink towards the ground with them. Well, 
as long as you have air.
If you are fast and skilled anough you can grab onto them while they are still 
alive and let them drag you under water and swim with them.

These work the same way like fish with the only difference that they drag you 
under water towards the ground all the time if you hang onto them while they 
are still alive. You can find a lot of fish and eels in G6.

You will find the bats on the way into the cave of the 10th colossus. Beside 
looking cool that can not do much more.


You can see a deer in the outro that you won't see within the game otherwise.

In the outro of the PAL version of Shadow of the Colossus you can even see a 
squirrel. You can not see it on the NTSC version of the game. Well, this is not 
really rewarding for having to wait half a year longer for a release of the 
game than the NTSC gamers. Well, the 4 cards from the game are really cool 

        __________                                                     [.nico.]
The game Shadow of the colossus was supposed to be called Nico. This is a 
clever japanese play on words, as the first game by Fumito Ueda is called ICO. 
And 'Ni' is japanese for two. Got if? Good!

Also interesting is the fact that dormin red backwards reads nimrod. Read on 
wikipedia what a nimrod is and what he did in case you don't know, I won't 
elaborate on this now. But you will be even more mindblown if you read it up 
Well, but what I write is, that Sony registered the trademark of Nimrod 
Colossus shortly before the releas of Shadow of the Colossus. So it is intended 
that Dormin is called Dormin and the playing with words continues as you can 
shorten Nimrod Colossus to NiCo. Interesting?!

        _______________________________________                        [.vira.]
             VIRAL MARKETING Campagne by Sony
In October of the year 2005 of our couting of the years Sony started a page 
with the address::


On this page the fake siteowner reported about colossi that came out of the 
earth and linked to the following pages with even more reports:


On this pages you can find fake reports about colossal statues that came out of 
the earth and "scientists" that found these. And a lot of comments from people 
all over the world that claim that all of this is fake and they get angry about 
it. Some others think it is quite interesting and the videos are good. I think 
so tooo btw. ;)

                     ____________________                             [.sound.]
                          The Soundtrack

The soundtrack for Shadow of the Colossus was only released in Japan (Release 
Date was 2005/12/07) under the name 'DAICHI NO HOKOU', (what translate to 'Roar 
of the Earth' in english) and it looks like it will not be released in the rest 
of the world. Sad but true.
The following track are found on the official soundtrack for Shadow of the 

      1. Prologue                               *To the Ancient Land*
      2. Prohibited Art 	
      3. Commandment 	
      4. Black Blood 	
      5. Resurrection 	
      6. Sign of the Colossus 
      7. Grotesque Figures                      *Battle Theme*
      8. The Opened Way                         *Battle Theme* 
      9. The End of the Battle 
     10. Idol Collapse 
     11. Green Hills 
     12. A Violent Encounter                    *Battle Theme* 
     13. Revived Power                          *Battle Theme* 
     14. Lakeside 
     15. Silence                                *Battle Theme* 
     16. In Awe of the Power                    *Battle Theme* 
     17. Wander's Death 	
     18. The Farthest Land 	
     19. Creeping Shadow                        *Battle Theme* 	
     20. A Messenger From Behind                *Battle Theme* 	
     21. Counterattack                          *Battle Theme* 
     22. Sky Burial 	
     23. A Closed-off City 	
     24. Liberated Guardian                     *Battle Theme* 
     25. A Despair-filled Farewell              *Battle Theme* 
     26. Prayer 	
     27. Swift Horse 
     28. Gate Watcher of the Castle Ruins       *Battle Theme*
     29. Sanctuary
     30. Demise of the Ritual                   *Battle Theme*
     31. A Pursuer
     32. Premonition of Revival
     33. Epilogue                               *Those Who Remain*
     34. Hope
     35. The Sunlit Earth
     36. Memories
     37. Wilderness
     38. Voice of the Earth
     39. Marshlands
     40. Anger
     41. Final Battle
     42. The Farthest Land  (Reprise)

                     ________________                                [.making.]
                          Making of

There is an interesting article about the technology and the people behind 
Shadow of the colossus on the internet, you can find it under the following 

> http://www.dyingduck.com/sotc/making_of_sotc.html

Sadly this page is no more, so I made a mirror under the following url:

> http://selmiak.bplaced.net/games/ps2/index.php?game=sotc&page=makingof


                             Versions                                  [.vers.]

                        ¯ Version 1.00 ¯
                        _   16.02.13   _
And after only 7 years I decided to translate this old guide of mine into 
english. This is the first version of this you can see here.


                           Thank yous                                   [.thx.]

Thanks to the following people of companys:

Sony            for the PlayStation 2 and this great game!
Fumito Ueda     Mastermind behind this game
Lunaticat       For Annotation for the 15th colossus and other improvements.
Deepthroat-86   notes on the secret garden.
gamefaqs        for lots of great and free documents, especially thanks to all 
                the voluntary contributors
me              hey, I wrote all this!
you             thanks for even reading here!


                           legal stuff                                [.legal.]

This guide  is written by  and copyrighted to selmiak  in 2013 and was exclusi-
vely written for your personal use only.

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I will most  likely give  you  the  permission,  as  long  as  the  file  stays
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