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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Bahakitty666

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 10/27/05 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Shadow of the Colossus FAQ/Walkthrough
    by Bahakitty
    Version 1.2
    Table of Contents
    I. Intro
    II. Version History
    III. Basics
        i. Controls
        ii. Weapons
        iii. Health + Stamina
        iv. Other stuff
    IV. Map
        i. Colossus 1: The Minotaur
        ii. Colossus 2: The Mammoth
        iii. Colossus 3: The Knight
        iv. Colossus 4: The Horse
        v. Colossus 5: The Vulture
        vi. Colossus 6: The Ancient Minotaur
        vii. Colossus 7: The Electric Eel
        viii. Colossus 8: The Gecko
        ix. Colossus 9: The Tortoise
        x. Colossus 10: The Desert Snake
        xi. Colossus 11: The Boar
        xii. Colossus 12: The Horn-eyed Gorilla
        xiii. Colossus 13: The Sand Dragon
        xiv. Colossus 14: The Lion
        xv. Colossus 15: The Minotaur Sentry
        xvi. Colossus 16: The Titan
        xvii. Epilogue
    VI. The Next Chapter
        i. Hard Mode
        ii. Time Attack Mode
        iii. Items
        iv. Extra Stuff
    VII. Credits
    VIII. Copyright
    I. Introduction
    "That place... began from the resonance of intersecting points... They are
    memories replaced by ens and naught and etched into stone. Blood, young sprouts,
    sky--and the one with the ability to control beings created from light... In
    that world, it is said that if one should wish it one can bring back the souls
    of the dead... But to trespass upon that land is strictly forbidden."
    Welcome to Shadow of the Colossus. This is my first full game FAQ so it will
    have missing stuff and errors, but it will get you from start to finish...
    eventually. For the time being my guide is incomplete because I don't got all
    the time in the world to be playing games, but I'm working as fast as possible.
    For any questions and stuff, feel free to send me an e-mail at
    bahakitty666@yahoo.com with colossus somewhere in the title. No spam mail or
    abusive crap, it's a waste of your time and my mail space.
    The story of this game is that you are the Wanderer that has traveled to the end
    of the world because you heard the rumor of the temple that can bring people 
    back to life. The love of his life was sacrificed for some unknown reason and
    he came out here in hopes to bring her back. The spirits of the temple told him
    that he must take down the 16 colossi that roam the lands in order for his wish
    to be granted.
    For those unfamiliar with the gameplay or just curious as to what the point is,
    Shadow of the Colossus is an action/adventure/puzzle game. You go from one
    colossus fight to the next pretty much, making a few detours here and there to
    get some health/stamina powerups. Other than the colossi, there are no other
    enemies to deal with so if you like killing things more than anything then
    this probably isn't the game for you. 
    II. Version History
         Version 1.0 - 10/19/05 - Got the game (finally) and started playing it for
    the heck of it. Beat the 6th colossus before I had to sleep. Started this FAQ
    the next day.
                     - 10/21/05 - Got up to colossus 13. Added a bunch of stuff so 
    this faq is nearly complete.
         Version 1.1 - 10/22/05 - Beat the game and added some of the hard mode
    section in and added a map for your viewing pleasure.
         Version 1.2 - 10/27/05 - Beat hard mode and added some fruit trees to the
    III. Basics
    They are here if ya want to read them.
        i. Controls
    How to get your character around the world. Pretty obvious right?
    --On Foot/In Water--
    Left Analog stick: Used for movement. Tilt it in the direction you wish to walk
    or run/swim.
    Right Analog Stick: Moves the camera about freely. Use it to view your
    Directional Pad: Use the left and right arrows to change your weapons. 
    X-button: Summon your horse. You can hold it down to look in his direction.
    Square-button: Attack button. Use it to slash your sword or fire your arrows.
    When equipped with your sword, use the square button to charge up for a strong
    stab (used in combination with R1).
    Triangle-button: The jump button. The longer you hold it, the higher he will
    jump. Also used to mount your horse when you are standing next to him. Used to
    jump out of water as well.
    Circle-button: Used to reflect the sunlight off your sword. Can only be used
    when your sword is equipped. The light beam becomes thinner as you get closer to
    the object of importance. Also shining the light on a colossus shows you its
    weakpoints so it's easier to know where you need to go. You can also use Circle
    to pray at the save alters.
    R1-button: Used to grab climbable surfaces, walls, ledges, etc. Hold this and
    use triangle and left stick to jump/roll when you aren't climbing. You can also
    use this to dive underwater a short distance.
    R2-button: Zooms in.
    L1-button: Look about at your surroundings and focus on the colossus (when in
    L2-button: Re-positions the camera behind you.
    START-button: Pause/Displays your map. The arrow is your current position and
    the direction you are facing.
    --On Agro--
    Left Analog stick: Used to change his direction.
    Triangle-button: Mount/Dismount.
    Triangle + R1: Used to fast-mount the horse when you leap from the ground.
    X-button: Kick the horse to make him go faster. You can hold it down to keep
    him at his maximum speed.
    Down on L-stick + X: When standing still, you can rear-up and take off at
    maximum speed really quick. When moving fast, this will put you back at zero-
    movement (skid stop and all). Also you can hit X twice from a gallop and down
    to do an instant 180.
    R1 + Up on L-stick: Stand on the horse. From here you can jump off onto
    something else.
    R1 + any button + left/right on L-stick: hang off the side of the saddle.
    Circle-button: Raises sword when equipped, pets Agro when the hand icon is
        ii. Weapons
    You start out with two weapons, the sword and the bow. Your sword is more
    useful than just a melee weapon. You can use the Circle button to show you the
    way when you need help. The beam will focus in on the spot you need to go to.
    The bow is for ranged attacks. Use the square button to load an arrow and use
    the Left Analog stick to aim. You can also de-equip your weapons so that the
    hand icon is shown.
        iii. Health and Stamina
    Like Ico (for those of you that played), this game is lenient on health issues.
    Your health bar is in the lower right-hand corner. If you fall off a cliff or
    get smushed by the colossus, it goes down. Lucky for you that your health
    recovers itself after a short period of time. You stamina is displayed in a
    purple circle in the same corner next to your equipped weapon. This goes down
    whenever you are reflecting sunlight, climbing, using the bow, and swimming
    underwater. When it runs out, you will stop whatever you are doing and your
    stamina will recover itself.
    Unlike in the demo, only the white-tailed lizards near the save alters provide
    stamina power-ups. Fruits in some trees provide health power-ups. The trees
    that provide fruits are usually moss covered. Use your bow to shoot the lizards
    and the fruit and collect the spoils.
        iv. Save Alters
    These can be found all over the world. Sometimes it's easiest to spot them
    because of the green temple that protects them. They are just glowing
    tombstones that you can pray in front of using Circle in order to save your
    game in case you need to. The game prompts you to save after every colossus
    fight anyway. Also if you find a save alter, look for a scurrying white-tailed 
    lizard nearby.
    IV. Map
    Here is a crappy 8x8 grid of the map. It will show you where you can find
    colossi, Save Alters, and Fruit trees. Not all of them will be listed because I
    may miss a few. Not to scale.
        B        C        D        E        F        G        H        I
     -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
    |        |   TS   |        |        |  T     |   S    |        |        |
    |        |        |   X7   |     S  |    X11 |       X15       |        | 1
    |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |
     -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
    |        |        |        |        |        |   S    |        |        |
    |        |   X14  |   S    |    X3  |   S    |   X12  |        |        | 2
    |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |
     -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
    |        |        |        |    S   |        |        |        |        |
    |        |        |   X9   |        |  X2    |   S    |        |        | 3
    |        |        |        |    S   |        |        |        |        |
     -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
    |   S    |     S  | T      |        |   H    |        |        |        |
    |  X10   |   T    |        |     S  |        |  S     |   X5   |        | 4
    |   S    |        |        |        |   T    |        |        |        |
     -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
    |        |  S     |        |        |        |        |        |        |
    |  S  T  |T       |        |      S |   X1   |    X4  |        |        | 5
    |        |        |     S  |   T T  |        |        |        |        |
     -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
    |        |        |        |        |        |  S     |       T|        |
    |        |        |   X6   |  X13   |        |    X8 T|     S T|        | 6
    |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |
     -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
    |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |
    |        |        |     S  |        |    S   |    S T |        |        | 7
    |        |        |        |        |        |      T |        |        |
     -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
    |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |        |
    |        |        |        |        |    S   |        |        |        | 8
    |        |        |        |        |   X16  |        |        |        |
     -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- -------- --------
    X = Colossus
    S = Save Alter
    T = Fruit Tree
    H = Home Base
    V. Walkthrough
    This walkthrough is split up between colossus fights. You are able to do
    exploring on your own if you don't feel like following this faq, but the
    fights happen in this order. I'll put the cube they are located in also, in
    case you get lost.
        i. Colossus 1: The Minotaur (F5)
    "Raise thy sword by the light and head to the place where the sword's light
    gathers. There, thou shalt find the Colossi thou art to defeat... Now, be on
    thy way."
    Okay. After the opening movie where you are introduced to Dormin, the spirit of
    the temple, he tell you to use your sword and reflect light to find your first
    opponent. Also, a tutorial begins as you play. It first tells you that the
    triangle button is used to jump. It then tells you to reflect light off your
    sword using the circle button to find a place of importance. If you walk out to
    past the alter you can shine your sword and clearly see that you need to be on
    the other side of the valley. Obviously it would be dumb to walk across the
    field on foot so the tutorial says to use triangle to board your horse, then to
    use the X-button to make him go faster. Ride your horse out to the destination
    that the sunlight pointed you to earlier. A little ways out it says to use the
    start button to view your map. Not very useful so continue on. As you get closer
    to the end, you can see the canyon with the steps. That is where you need to go
    so head on in.
    A short cutscene shows you that you need to head upwards. Use triangle to get
    off your horse. Walk over to the green grassy wall on the right side of the
    canyon and a box with appear saying to jump use the R1 button to grab on. Do so
    and climb up to the top of the ledge, where it will say to use the triangle
    button to jump about from side to side or to launch yourself up onto the ledge.
    You'll need to remember this because this is the only way you'll be able to get
    up, he can't do it automatically. Once you climb up, head to the left side of
    your screen until you reach the edge where the white rock (broken pillar) is.
    Jump across the gap (ignoring the box on camera adjustment) and jump and grab
    the ledge at the end of the path. Head back over the wooden planks, over another
    gap, and follow the path to the right. There is a pillar in the way so the
    tutorial tells you to roll under it using R1 and triangle. Roll past and there
    is another ledge to pull yourself up onto. Continue to the right and jump up the
    little ledge sticking out of the box. Shimmy around and jump backwards onto the
    ledge that leads to the colossus. A cutscene will show you the gigantic beast
    you will need to take down.
    ~~~THE MINOTAUR~~~
    Difficulty(rating 1-10, 10 being hardest): 2
    Attacks: Foot stomp, Mallet smash
    Weakspots: Back of his heel
    Vital Spots: On his head
    After the cutscene, the tutorial tells you to switch weapons using the
    directional pad. The bow can do some damage to him but the only thing it really
    does is get his attention. They tell you to use the L1-button to focus on the
    colossus but you're better off just aiming manually and pelting him with a few
    arrows. You'll get his attention real quick. Cue boss music! My strategy for
    beating him is to wait until he gives up and goes back to stomping about. At
    some point the tutorial will tell you to use your sword to find his weakpoints,
    which are the head and his left foot(you can ignore the tutorial since I just
    told you). What you wanna do is get behind him and quickly grab hold of his left
    leg on the furry part. You have to be quick or else he'll squash you like a bug,
    leaving you out cold for a few minutes and taking out almost 3 quarters of your
    health bar. Once you grab his leg, he'll try to shake you off so wait for him to
    stop shaking you. When he stops, you can spot the green dot on the back of his
    foot. Climb up to it and stab it with your sword, causing him to lose his
    balance. With him keeling, you have a short gap to jump/grab his armor pad and
    climb up his back to the lower platform. You will grab the armor attachment so
    shimmy over to the right and pull yourself up.
    By now the minotaur has regained his balance and will be trying to shake you
    off. Stand in the center of the platform so that when you stumble you don't fall
    off. You can also use R1 to keep your balance better. This way you can recharge
    your stamina and continue climbing up to his head. Don't take too much time or
    he will eventually knock you off. Anyway, grab onto his back and climb up to
    his head, where the insignia is glowing. When you get there, hold down the
    square button to charge your sword and stab him with much more damage to his
    health. Of course, he won't like that very much so he'll try to throw you off.
    If you run out of stamina he'll send you flying, with will take a good chunk
    out of your health. Just get back up and try again. After you finish him off,
    A cutscene will show the colossus die and and the tentacles will pass into your
    body and you black out. An orb of light shows and you are prompted to save
    after. Then you are returned to the temple for your next task.
    Note: If ya wanna try out a challenge, you can beat the minotaur in a different
    way. First you stab him in the leg until he completely falls over (2 or 3 times)
    and you immediately jump off his leg and run to his face. Jump/grab his jaw and
    you can climb up to his head and stab him. It may take a few tries to get the
    timing right but it saves a lot of time. This is helpful if you are doing time
        ii. Colossus 2: The Mammoth (F3)
    "Thy next foe is in the seaside cave. It moves slowly... Raise thy courage to
    defeat it."
    Okay you're back at the temple and Dormin tells you your next destination. Where
    your sword points to is actually behind the temple so head outside with Agro.
    The horse was nice enough to drag you back to home base :). If you follow your
    sword, you'll be heading towards a rocky path. This rocky path turns into a
    bridge that will take you to the other side of the canyon and a cutscene will
    show you that you need to head down to the beach. After the cutscene, head down
    the path to the beach. Turn around to your right and head to the bridge-like
    structure. You should be able to see an ancient wall so head towards that to
    activate another cutscene showing your foe bursting through the wall.
    ~~~THE MAMMOTH~~~
    Difficulty: 3
    Attacks: Stomp
    Weakspots: In his feet
    Vital Spots: On his head, On his butt
    The first quadruped you've faced. He's not that aggressive so there isn't much
    to worry about unless you aren't paying attention. I started this fight while
    riding on Agro but it isn't necessary. You'll also want your bow out for the
    first part. The best way to knock him off his guard is to stand in front of him
    and wait for him to come to you. When he gets close enough, he will stop and
    rear up. This is your opportunity to shoot him in the foot with your bow. He
    will falter and you can grab the fur on his bent over leg. Climb up from here
    and rest on the little shoulder blade sticking out of his shoulder. From here
    you will want to crawl towards his butt, where it will be easier for you to get
    onto his back (Mind the shaking and don't fall). Once you're on his back you'll
    want to try and jump over the armor. I found it easier when he's trying to shake
    you off. Eventually you will reach his head so start stabbing away at the
    insignia on his forehead.
    After depleting about half of his health the insignia will disappear. Now you
    have to get back toward his butt. You can either walk back there or you can fall
    and climb back up. I found walking to be faster. Once you reach his backside,
    the insignia should glow on either it's butt. Find it and stab it  until he
    falls, which leads to the tentacle cutscene and the save-your-game screen.
        iii. Colossus 3: The Knight (E2)
    "Thy next foe is... A giant canopy soars to the heavens. The anger of the
    sleeping giants shatter the earth..."
    Now you are back at the temple. Dormin tells you to head out once again to you
    next target, which happens to be in the desert. Get on Agro and use your sword
    to show you that the next colossus hides behind the temple but a little bit
    more left. Cross the same bridge described in the previous section but this time
    go to the left side of the fork and turn slightly left until you can see a
    canyon between the light rock and the dark rock. Head that way and follow the
    path to a lake with a large platform in the middle and a spiral bridge leading
    up to it. Agro will not follow you into the water so you will have to do this
    part on foot.
    Hop off Agro and get ready to go for a dip in the lake. Hop in the water and
    swim towards the bridge and being your ascent up the broken pathway. When you
    reach the end of the road, leap and grab the block that is sticking out and
    you'll grab a small ledge. Shimmy around until you can safely backward jump to 
    the stone platform behind you (make sure you hold the grab button or else you
    may fall). Once on the platform, go around to the left and climb up the nearby
    stairs to face...a pile of rubble. Approach the pile and a cutscene will show
    you it's not so rubble-ish...
    ~~~THE KNIGHT~~~
    Difficulty: 3
    Attacks: Full Mallet Slam, Stomp, Mallet Squish
    Weakspots: Its Armor
    Vital Spots: On its head, On its stomach
    This fight can be a real pain in the ass because he doesn't cooperate really
    well. He is unscaleable from the ground and he'll try to step on you if you
    get anywhere near his feet. What you want him to do is take a full blown slam
    down on you, where he puts his bat-arm behind him, so that you can climb his
    arm. Unfortunately, you won't get very far because his armor blocks the way.
    If you notice where he was standing at before the fight started, there is a
    large disc. If you stand there, he will try and smash you. To avoid the
    attack, either run backward as fast as possible or run to the left or right
    or else we're talkin' Wanda Pancakes. When he hits the disc, the armor around
    his bat-arm cracks, revealing a path to his head. When he gets his mallet
    stuck, run up it and grab his fur and start climbing up to his head. You can
    stop on his shoulders to rest if you need to recover stamina. Get on his head
    and start stabbing until the insignia disappears.
    The next place you wanna go is down to his stomach. The way I got down was I
    crawled over to its right arm and did a backward jump to its torso, right where
    the insignia start glowing. Keep stabbing until you deplete all his health and
    the tentacle cutscene happens. 
        iv. Colossus 4: The Horse (G5)
    "Thy next foe is in the land of the vast green fields... Rows of guiding
    graves... It is giant indeed, but fearful, it is not."
    Back at the temple, again. Dormin gives you instructions so be on your way.
    This time you will be heading out and to the left. You will see yet another
    dark canyon, so head towards it. Follow the dark path until you come to the end
    of the path, where a cutscene will show you the grassy meadow you'll be
    fighting in. After, head to your right and follow the path down and to the left
    to where the colossus is sleeping to trigger the boss fight cutscene.
    ~~~THE HORSE~~~
    Difficulty: 3
    Attacks: Foot Stomp
    Weakspots: On its neck
    Vital Spots: On its head
    This fight isn't particularly difficult because the only way it can hurt you is
    if it steps on you. The first thing you want to do is have it follow you to the
    center of the diamond-shaped field formed by the 4 mound pathways. Dismount
    Agro and he'll run off somewhere. When the colossus is close enough, pick a
    doorway to enter and go down the stairs to find a series of tunnels. Pick one
    to come out of and focus on the colossus using L1. If your little "trick"
    worked, it should be trying to dig you out of the door you first went into. Wait
    until it bends over and you can grab a hold of its tail. Climb on up to its back
    and it will try to shake you off, so just hold tight until he's done. You'll
    want to crawl or walk up to the back of its head and stab the green weakspot to
    stun him so you can climb on his head and stab his insignia. Stab him multiple
    times to finish him off. 
        v. Colossus 5: The Vulture (H4)
    "The next foe casts a colossal shadow across a misty lake as it soars through
    the sky... To reach it is no easy task..."
    Back again. Agro walks up to the alter this time. He misses the girl. Anyway,
    your next destination is in the same direction as the horse, except you'll want
    to turn even more to the left and head towards the left side of the white rock.
    You'll spot a grassy field, which will lead you down a grass path to another
    grassy field in the dark. Turn to the left and you'll spot yet another canyon so
    go there. You'll be stopped by an ancient ruin drowned in a lake. Agro cannot
    follow so get off and go for a swim. You'll see an archway sticking out of the
    water, but you'll have to take a short dive to get under it. Use R1 to dive.
    Once on the other side of the wall, climb the stone ladder and follow the path
    out to trigger a cutscene of the lake and the colossus. 
    ~~~THE VULTURE~~~
    Difficulty: 2
    Attacks: Swoop Tackle
    Weakspots: None
    Vital Spots: On its tail, On it's wings
    From where you are standing, you can see two towers sticking out on the water on
    the right and 3 small platforms in between them. Drop into the watter and get on
    the middle platform. To get it's attention, shoot it with an arrow and he'll
    take a dive at you. Before he gets really close, jump up and grab the fur on
    it's shoulder and make your way back to the tail. Stab it fully 3 times and it
    will disappear, so make your way to it's left wing. This one is harder to get
    because it's flapping almost constantly. When it stops, get to the second patch
    of fur and stab the insignia. He'll try to dump you off by doing a 360 in
    midair. If you do happen to fall, just repeat the same strategy to get back up.
    Stab the right wing to finish it and it will crash into the lake.
        vi. Colossus 6: The Ancient Minotaur (D6)
    "Thy next foe is... A giant lurks underneath the temple. It lusts for
    destruction, but a fool, it is not."
    Your next destination is slightly right of the temple so head on out to the
    upper-right. You should see a large cluster of rocks in the direction of the
    sword beam so head around to the left of those to be brought into a grassy/
    foresty area. Head inside and to the right and you'll see a green temple. You 
    can stop here and grab a white-tailed lizard if you want. Around the front of
    the temple is a save alter. From here turn around behind you and run straight
    backwards until you see a rocky pathway leading to the desert. When you get out
    from the cave, the screen will be really hazy from the desert so use your sword
    beam to show you the way. It will lead you to the right to a stone wall with
    statues on it. You should also see a pathway between two stone blocks so head on
    in, jumping the stone barricades along the way. You'll trigger a cutscene of the
    chamber and you'll be able to see a stone wall you can climb down in front of
    you so do so and you'll trigger another cutscene that has the colossus come out
    of the hidden chamber in front of you.
    Difficulty: 3
    Attacks: Foot Stomp
    Weakspots: None
    Vital Spots: On its head, On its back
    This one looks sort of like colossus one, except with a huge beard and no
    weapons. The way to beat him is to lure him to the other side of the chamber
    where the sun is at, but there are walls blocking your way. Hurry and jump on
    each of the circle steps and jump over the wall before the colossus kicks you in
    the gut. Once you pass the walls, hide underneath the stone overhanging on the
    back wall and wait for him to come to you. Eventually he'll bend over and try to
    spot you so grab a hold of his beard and make your way up to his head. Once you
    stab away the insignia, crawl down to his lower left side and stab the other
    insignia to kill it.
        vii. Colossus 7: The Electric Eel (D1)
    "Thy next foe is... A ruin hidden in the lake... A ripple of thunder lurks
    Same deal; new info, new place. Head out of the temple and head directly behind
    it, just like for fights 2 and 3. This time we are gonna take the left path,
    between the corkscrew-like rock and the wine-bottle-opener type rock. Follow the
    path over the canyon and head straight-right. You'll see that the beam points
    you down into a canyon with a lake. Follow this cliff edge to the left and in
    the distance you will see another save alter so head towards it. To the left is
    a dark canyon so head on in. Follow this rocky canyon out to an isolated field
    and up to the distant cave in the back. There is a second alter in here with a
    WT-lizard. Head down to the right, then left, then right again to reach yet
    another save alter. Head left from there up up to the ruins in the back and
    through the doorway to trigger a cutscene showing you the lake.
    Agro can't go with you beyond the pathway so get off and hop down the broken
    steps and jump over to the spiral path. head down and dip your feet in the water
    to trigger the cutscene of the colossus swimming around.
    Difficulty: 5
    Attacks: Electrocution
    Weakspots: Near the horn bases
    Vital Spots: On its head 
    This is a pretty tough fight. The only way to get his attention is to swim
    around in the water so he can see you, then you'll have to grab his tail
    without being electrocuted. Once you do manage to grab his tail, he'll start
    swimming around in an 8, surfacing and submerging. The only way you can get to
    his head is by disabling the electric horns, You have to give them a full stab
    or else they don't turn off and you'll suffer severe damage from the electric
    field they generate when it submerges. Also, it gets bored of swimming so if
    it dives under and doesn't resurface, let go and start over. Once you kill all
    the horns, you are free to stab the insignia and sink it for good.
        viii. Colossus 8: The Gecko (G6)
    "Thy next foe is... A tail trapped within a pail deep within the forest... A
    shadow that crawls on the walls."
    Now you'll want to go out and left. Head across the field towards the dark
    canyon in the distance. Follow it up and over a hill and to the left. You'll see
    a cave so enter it. It leads out to waterfall. There is a path to your right
    that leads to a sunny oasis. Swim out to the ruins in the distance and enter it
    on the right side. Head down the stairs to an inner chamber. Climb up either
    pillar and jump up to the highest ledge, shimmy around the side, and backflip
    onto the walkway. Jump down the center and climb up over the opposite wall, then
    head down the stairs and you'll hear the hissing beast below.
    ~~~THE GECKO~~~
    Difficulty: 6
    Attacks: Poison Cloud, Tail Swat
    Weakspots: Its hands and feet
    Vital Spots: On its belly
    Save 15% on car insurance! Oh wait... never mind. Anyway, to start off, head
    around to the right past the broken window and you'll find a stairwell that will
    take you down a level. There are more places to shoot him from here, so shoot
    him with an arrow to get his attention. Then you better move out of the way so
    he doesn't nail you with his poison cloud, which has a lasting effect. Once you
    get it's attention, run around the arena until he stops moving, run all the way
    to the bottom floor and shoot two of its legs, which causes him to lose balance
    and fall on his back. Jump on to his furry belly near his tail and stab the
    insignia until he flips over. Keep running up and down the building, repeating
    the process, until you destroy both insignias on its belly.
        ix. Colossus 9: The Tortoise (D3)
    "Thy next foe is... The land where trees nary grow... It sleeps at the bottom
    of the lake... A rude awakening."
    Halfway done. You have dreams of your loved one walking again, but sadly, they
    are only dreams. Your next target lies the the right of the temple so off you
    go. To get across the canyon, take the bridge between the corkscrew rock
    thingys described in fight 7 and head to the right side again, but not to where
    the save alter is positioned, this is too far left. You need to be behind the
    cliff wall so head around to the left side of it and follow the cliff edge left
    until you can cross a bridge to the geyser-filled arena.
    ~~~THE TORTOISE~~~
    Difficulty: 7
    Attacks: Thunder Strike, Earthquake
    Weakspots: Under his feet
    Vital Spots: On its head
    This fight is insanely complex. You'll need to milk Agro for all he's worth if
    you hope to survive. The turtle will be shooting lightning bolts at you
    constantly, which knock you off Agro and do quite a bit of damage. You must stay
    on Agro as much as possible. In order to expose his weakness, you have to lure
    it over the geysers. To do this, equip your bow and shoot it to get its
    attention, while galloping at max speed to avoid it's attack. Once he is over a
    geyser, the force of the water will cause him to be unbalanced, and he will be
    resting on one side. You'll need to shoot the little green marks in both of his
    feet that are on the ground and he'll flip onto his back with his belly facing
    the opposite direction of which feet he was resting on. Go to his belly, get
    off Agro, and start climbing. Keep going up until you can see the spikes from
    his shell. You'll want to drop onto one and keep your balance until he flips
    upright again. Now that you're up, it's just a matter of getting on his head
    and stabbing him dead.
        x. Colossus 10: The Desert Snake (B4)
    "Thy next foe is... An isolated sand dune... Its tracks are well hidden...
    Shaking the earth, its gaze is upon thee."
    Next place is the desert, which is to the right of the temple. Cross over the
    same bridge described in the last one and head in the direction of colossus 9,
    but turn left once you get past the rocky edge and follow along the wall. You
    should be on rocky ground. Head to the left of the dark mountains in the
    distance and towards the rock with branch-like things sticking out. Before you
    get past it, there is a fruit-giving tree on your left, which bears 3 life-
    increasing fruits. Take them and move on the left side of the rock and turn to
    the right to find a save alter. From here, head straight ahead to the large
    boulder and around to the back of it. You should see another canyon so go for
    it. Head up and over the hill, then down and to the left to find yet another
    save alter and a cave. Enter the cave and follow the path out to a deep chamber.
    Head to the sun to trigger the cutscene of the colossus snaking in and out of
    the sand.
    Difficulty: 6
    Attacks: Tackle
    Weakspots: Eyes
    Vital Spots: On it's back
    This one is kind of tricky. He can sense you when you're on the sand, but you
    are safe on land. You'll need Agro to outrun him, and try to avoid running into
    him, it hurts. How to get it to stop moving is to shoot it in the eyes with your
    bow and arrow. It's easiest when he's chasing you on Agro, just turn around and
    shoot him. He'll beach himself so crawl up his back and stab either insignia til
    it disappears. Do the same for the second one and he's toast.
        xi. Colossus 11: The Boar (F1)
    "Thy next foe is... An alter overlooks the lake... A guardian set loose... It
    keeps the flames alive."
    Alright we're almost done. This time we're going straight back behind the 
    temple. Because there is no path to get across, head to your right until you see
    the green pillars. There is a bridge there that leads to a save alter. Turn left
    from there and head towards the white long bridge. If ya follow along it on the
    left side, you can get a save alter and a fruit tree along the way. Once you see
    a canyon next to the bridge, go around it to where the broken archway is. Get
    off Agro and head on down to the lake below via the walkway. Get out and go up
    the ramp on the right to get to a raised chamber. It doesn't matter which
    doorway you go into, you just have to get over to the square arena where the
    cutscene takes place.
    ~~~THE BOAR~~~
    Difficulty: 4
    Attacks: Ram, Claw Swipe
    Weakspots: Fire
    Vital Spots: On its back
    This fight is sort of difficult because the boar is incredibly fast but Agro
    isn't here to help you so  you'll just have to cope. Despite it's speed, it does
    little damage to you, but it does knock you out if it hits you and sometimes it
    gets a chain of attacks in. The only way to get it to calm down is by getting
    into one of the flame lamp crevices and climbing up onto it. The boar will try
    and hit you but it hits the stone, causing a wooden plank to fall to the ground.
    Get down, grab it, climb up, and light it, then jump back down onto the floor
    and the boar is afraid of you now. Use circle to hold it up and keep pushing
    him backward off the edge between the pillars. Then follow him off the edge, get
    on his back and stab the insignia till he dies. 
        xii. Colossus 12: The Horn-Eyed Gorilla (G2)
    "Thy next foe is... Paradise floats upon the lake... A silent being wields
    thunder... A moving bridge to higher ground."
    To get to the next foe, you need to head out on the left and turn around to face
    the back. Head for the green pillars and cross a land bridge, then head for the
    other set of green pillars towards the left side and cross another bridge and
    enter the forest area. Stay to the right, hugging the right wall, and you'll
    come out on an over hanging with a path around to the left. Follow it, and stop
    at the save alter near the waterfall. You can grab onto the ledge of the pillar
    and shimmy around the rock onto another pathway. Jump in the water at the end of
    the path and swim into the ruins. Get onto the centerpiece to trigger a 
    Difficulty: 5
    Attacks: Electric Shock
    Weakspots: Its teeth on its head
    Vital Spots: Under its belly
    This one isn't particularly tough besides the electric bolts it fires at you.
    You can dive underwater to avoid them. To get on it, go to one of the structures
    and shoot its top front teeth to get it to come to you. He'll come close to you
    and bend his head over. You can grab onto his face mask and work your way up to
    its head. You can't pierce his armor, but the teeth sticking out of its head
    serve as commands. Hitting the left or right set make him go left or right and
    hitting the front 3 make him go forward. You'll want to get him close enough to
    one of the towers so you can jump on. Hide behind the round thing to avoid its
    attack, and then it will try to get closer to you by putting its feet up,
    exposing his weak belly. Jump to his belly and stab away at the insignia. When
    the tower breaks, just find another one and do the same thing. Repeat until it
        xiii. Colossus 13: The Sand Dragon (E6)
    "Thy next foe is... The vast desert lands... A giant trail drifts through
    the sky... Thou art not alone..."
    A group of horsemen and a shaman gather in a grassy canyon. "Only a little more
    to go." To get to the next colossus, you should take the same path described for
    colossus 6, except that if you follow your sword beam, it will lead you out into
    a small grassy ledge above a swamp from the save alter. There are a couple of
    fruit tress and a white-tailed lizard out here if you want them. The first trees
    is on the ledge and the second tree is in the swamp. Use the mossy wall to get
    down to the swamp. Agro will meet you down there via the pathway from the
    forest. Run across the swamp and up the ramp on your right to get into a cave,
    take the right path and you'll end up in the desert. From here, go to the left,
    using your sword to clear away the sand. Head for the small ruins platform to
    awaken the flying beast.
    Difficulty: 5
    Attacks: None
    Weakspots: The bulbs under his belly
    Vital Spots: Behind its wing flaps
    Agro is required for this. The first part of his is mainly target practice. To
    get its attention you have to shoot the bulbs under his belly with your arrows,
    while riding Agro of course. Once you shoot a few of them, the colossus will
    float close to the ground, giving you the chance to jump onto its back or its
    wings. Near the second set of wings is a flap and an insignia. Stab it twice to
    get rid of it. If you fall off, it will burrow underground, but come out later.
    Get the other flaps on its mid back and on its tail and it will crash into the
        xiv. Colossus 14: The Lion (C2)
    "Thy next foe is... A guardian set loose... A closed off city beyond the
    channel... It lusts for destruction..."
    The next fight is behind the temple over the corkscrew bridge (between that
    rock). Head to the right when ya cross over and head for the rocky cliff in the
    back. We're gonna head for where the tortoise was felled and go beyond the
    geyser arena. There is a red bridge in the back on the left that you can cross.
    From there, go to the left side and pass through the crevice to get up on the
    rocky edge, then follow it to the right until you reach the canyon in the back.
    Follow this path to the left until you come to a fork in the road. The right
    leads to a save and a tree. The left goes to a cave. Enter it and you'll come
    out in a sunny chamber with water in it. It's too deep for Agro so you'll be
    going on alone. Cross the water and follow the path out to a cutscene of the
    You're going to have to navigate your way through this maze, but its not
    incredibly difficult. First head to the left and down the rock ladder at the end
    of the path. Head through the small doorway and down some stairs. Climb up the
    block on the left and go left to face your foe.
    ~~~THE LION~~~
    Difficulty: 5
    Attacks: Ram
    Weakspots: None
    Vital Spots: On its back
    You are at an advantage because you can climb, and he can't. The way you'll want
    to start is by first climbing on the fallen stone pillar behind you. Use it to
    reach an elevated pathway behind you. Then use that to reach another pathway.
    Use that path way to get to a pillar. Jump to the top of it and wait for him to
    hit it. If it doesn't fall, shoot an arrow at the lion to get him to hit it
    again. With the pillar over, you can jump to the walkway in front of you. Use
    that and head to the right, jumping the gap, over a wall, to another walkway on
    the other side, where you can access another pillar. Have him hit it until it
    falls. Before it hits the ground, jump to the next pillar, and repeat the
    process for each pillar. If you do happen to fall off, you can just jump from
    the fallen pillar to the lowest ring of the next one. From the third, jump to a
    platform, then to the next pillar. From the last pillar, jump to a walkway, then
    to the climbable wall about halfway. Shimmy around to the left or the right,
    jump up to the highest ledge, then shimmy to the back side get up on the
    platform. From here, jump to the pillar and then he'll smash it into a wall,
    shattering it.
    Part 2. From where the pillar fell, run straight to the back wall and climb the
    rock ladder. Head up the stairs and stand on the pillar. Locate him and shoot
    him with an arrow to provoke him into hitting a stone support. He'll smash it
    and the whole platform will fall on top of him, breaking his armor. Stand on a
    pillar of boxes and he'll ram it, knocking him out. Now you can grab its back
    and stab away at him until it dies.
        xv. Colossus 15: The Minotaur Sentry (G1, H1)
    "Thy next foe is... A giant has fallen into the valley... It acts as a sentry
    to a destroyed city..."
    Kinda running out of places to go. Head out the left side and go backwards.
    Cross the bridge between the green pillars, then head for the white bridge.
    Follow it through the desert until you reach the pit where you fought the boar
    at. Go around in and head to the right where you can see the ruins in the
    distance. You can stop by the save alter and get a lizard if you want, then be
    on your way. The entrance is on the right side of the structure, hidden right
    after the rock.
    You can't take Agro with you because a huge pillar blocks the way. You can get
    up on the right side by squeezing through, then head on through the large
    doorway. You can go either left or right, then head up the huge stairs, moving
    on the left side because the are broken at the top. There is a small square you
    can climb up on, then continue on your way up more stairs. Follow this loooong
    stretch to the end, where you are greeted by the colossus.
    Difficulty: 5
    Attacks: Foot Stomp, Knife Smash
    Weakspots: in his knife elbow
    Vital Spots: On his head, In his knife hand
    Get him to follow you over to where the stairs are on either side and get on the
    brownish platform. When he is close enough, he'll try to step on you so move out
    of the way. His weight on the platform will flip it up enough to let you get up
    higher. Climb up and go up the stairs and follow the path until you see some
    steps. Get on them and climb up to the next level. Follow this pathway to the
    left and up more stairs. By the way, if he spots you, he'll use his knife to hit
    the structure, which causes you to lose balance. Once you are up on the highest
    level, move out to one of the bridges and get his attention with arrows. He'll
    get pissed and break the bridge with his knife. When he does this, he'll move
    sort of close to it, where you can jump onto his head. Stab away the insignia,
    then move on down his right arm. Stab the green dot in his elbow to make him
    drop his knife. Then drop onto his elbow armor, then drop to his hand armor,
    and shimmy to the inside of his hand stab the insignia to kill it.
        xvi. Colossus 16: The Titan (F8)
    "Finally, the last colossus... The ritual is nearly over... Thy wish is nearly
    granted... But someone now stands in thy way... Make haste, for time is
    Only one remains. From the temple travel straight out to where the first fight
    was, but go to the left through the dark canyon. Follow the path and go to the
    right, then follow that out to the open field again. Head straight across,
    stopping by the save alter and the fruit trees along the way, to the canyon in
    the distance. There is a doorway blocking your path, but you can reflect the
    light back with your sword to open it. There is a save on your left with a
    lizard. Head up the stairs when you are ready. Run up the stairs and across the
    falling bridge. At the end, Agro slips and falls, but he was able to save you.
    Despite the heavy loss of your friend, you must keep going. 
    A long way to the top. First, climb the wall in front of you. Then, run around
    to the right and climb some blocks up to a patch of grass. You can climb the
    moss wall up to some more platforms. Hop the gap and keep going up to the left
    until you reach a doorway. Head on through and climb up the stairs. The wind
    starts to pick up so be careful. Climb up either pillar to to face the final
    ~~~THE TITAN~~~
    Difficulty: 8
    Attacks: Fire Balls
    Weakspots: On his back, On his arm
    Vital Spots: On its head
    This is just one really big puzzle. Before you can even get near him, he starts
    pelting you with fireballs, which really hurt. Use the pillars as shields
    against his attacks. On the right is a hole, which leads to a path to get closer
    to him. Climb up at the end and hide behind the walls. Make your way to the
    right and into the hole. Follow this path out to the canyon. go to the right (of
    your screen) and grab the pillar and shimmy to the other side. Go around the
    corner and run straight for the hallway. Follow the path and climb the ladder at
    the end. Climb up the stairs and hide behind the wall. Head to the right and
    drop down another hole. Follow the path to come out right under his ass.
    Now that you're  out of danger of his fireballs, the goal is to get up...
    somehow. Start by grabbing the wall in front of you and pulling yourself
    outside. Go to the right (if you are looking from outside inward) and jump/grab
    the next platform. Go up another small ladder Then jump up the ladder on the
    left. Climb up, go to the right, then climb his armor piece to the top and jump
    to the platform on the left side. Jump up to the protruding platform and use it
    to climb up to the next piece. Move around to his front side and climb up to 
    his burning belly, but I wouldn't recommend grabbing it. from this piece of
    armor, move around to his backside and you'll see a green dot so go ahead and
    stab it. This will cause him to move his hand down to "scratch an itch" so now
    you can grab onto his hand.
    From his hand, you'll want to move up to his glowing arm piece. When his hand
    stops moving, jump to his gauntlet and inch your way up. Stab the green dot to
    get him to move his other hand around. Jump onto it and climb around to the
    backhand. take your bow and arrow out, briefly shoot an arrow at his hand to
    freeze it, then shoot an arrow at his left shoulder. He'll move his hand around
    so jump onto his shoulder. Move to the back of his neck, get on his head, and
    stab the insignia. Destroy it and he will crumble to pieces.
        xvii. Epilogue
    Here is the ending of the game. I won't ruin it but I will say that you get
    control at some points so have fun with it and enjoy the ending. 
    VI. The Next Chapter
    Just when you thought it was over, you're prompted at the end saying you've
    unlocked a bunch of cool stuff. That was nice of them. This section is for all
    the stuff you can get/do after you've beaten the game at least once.
        i. Hard Mode
    Unlocked after you've beaten the game at least once. In this mode, the colossi
    weakpoints are moved, they do a lot more damage to you, they are harder to kill,
    and more. I won't explain how to get there because the paths are the same, but
    I'll explain how to kill them. I also suggest going out and finding fruits and
    lizards, you'll need the boost. (specific locations later)
    ~~~THE MINOTAUR~~~
    Difficulty: 2
    Attacks: Foot Stomp, Club Smash
    Weakspots: on its leg
    Vital Spots: On its right arm, on its head
    The strategy is pretty much the same; Chase it, grab its leg, stab it, climb to
    the platforms on its back. The difference this time is that there is an insignia
    on his arm. To get the one on his arm, just jump from the right platform over to
    it. Once its gone, you can stab the one on its head and it will be gone.
    ~~~THE MAMMOTH~~~
    Difficulty: 3
    Attacks: Earthquake
    Weakspots: In its feet
    Vital Spots: On its left side, on its tail, on its head
    The tactics are the same here. You'll want to shoot it in the foot to get it to
    tip over for you. There is a marker on the left side of its stomach so I
    recommend shooting it's left foot first, then going from there to its belly.
    After you get rid of it, you'll probably wanna go back to its shoulder blade,
    seeing that you're low on stamina at this point. Next go for its tail marker,
    then up to its head to finish it. 
    ~~~THE KNIGHT~~~
    Difficulty: 4
    Attacks: Sword strike, sword smash, stomp
    Weakspots: Its armor
    Vital Spots: On his head, on his stomach, on his left elbow
    Do not get his by his sword at ALL costs. One smack will kill you in an instant.
    Other than that, tactics are the same, except you will want to take breaks
    sooner. You can rest on his shoulders, on his sword and on his elbow armor.
    After you finish the original two insignias, the third one is on his left arm.
    From his head, crawl over to his arm and try to drop down rather than crawl
    because you'll need the extra stamina. After you destroy it, it will fall.
    ~~~THE HORSE~~~
    Difficulty: 4
    Attacks: Foot stomp
    Weakspots: On its neck
    Vital Spots: On its head, on its shoulders
    You pretty much do the same thing as in normal, but I think it doesn't buy the
    hiding trick as much in this. To get him to duck, you'll want to pick a tunnel
    (make sure he sees you) then just hide for a while, then come out quietly. He
    should be picking away at the hole you went in. Once he ducks, you can grab his
    tail. Getting the marker on his head is the same, stab his neck and grab his
    head. Once the insignia is gone, crawl down to either shoulder and get rid of
    both insignias and he will fall.
    ~~~THE VULTURE~~~
    Difficulty: 5
    Attacks: Swoop
    Weakspots: None
    Vital Spots: On its tail, on its wings
    The strategy here is the same as in normal mode. The only difference is that he
    tries to dump you off more often. Go for the tail first since it requires the
    most effort, then go after the ones on its wings and it will fall.
    Difficulty: 5
    Attacks: Foot Stomp, Fist Pound
    Weakspots: None
    Vital Spots: On its head, on its back, on its left fist
    Strategy for getting on is the same; jump the walls, hide under the stone
    platforms, jump on his beard when he looks at you. Get the ones on his head and
    back first, then work your way down its left side. Fall off his shoulder armor,
    hold R1 while falling and try to grab his fist armor, then drop your way onto
    his fist when he stops moving or else you will fall. Stab him and he dies.
    Difficulty: 7
    Attacks: Electric shock
    Weakspots: At the base of its horns
    Vital Spots: On its head
    Not much variation here, cept maybe that it likes to do twirls in the water.
    Just stab the horns to turn them off then get on his head and stab the insignia.
    ~~~THE GECKO~~~
    Difficulty: 8
    Attacks: Poison breath
    Weakspots: Its legs
    Vital Spots: on its belly
    He notices you a lot more and his poison breath kills you even faster. You'll
    want to be up from the ground at least two levels. From level 3 I'll call it,
    shoot him from a cracked opening to get his attention, avoid his blasts, and
    wait for him to climb up. When he gets up to where you are, go down one level
    and from a cracked opening shoot out his feet. Don't worry about his blasts,
    shooting his feet interrupts his attack. Once he falls, just get on him and
    stab away the insignias to kill it. One can be reached by climbing up his tail
    end and one can be reached by jumping over his head. You'll only get a few
    minutes before he flips over. If you don't get out from under him, his weight
    will crush you.
    ~~~THE TORTOISE~~~
    Difficulty: 7
    Attacks: Lightning
    Weakspots: In its feet
    Vital Spots: On its head
    I recommend not getting hit by its lightning. I didn't when I fought him but I
    would assume that it can kill you in one hit. With that said, the strategy is
    the same as in normal mode; provoke him over a geyser, shoot his feet when he
    becomes unbalanced, climb his belly to his shell, then make your way to his
    head. He only has the one insignia so stab it until he falls.
    Difficulty: 7
    Attacks: Tackle
    Weakspots: Its eyes
    Vital Spots: On it's lower back, near its head
    The strategy is the same; have it follow you while you are on Agro, then use
    your bow to shoot either eye out, causing it to crash into a wall, then climb on
    it and stab out its insignias and it will die. Once again, try not to get eaten
    by him or run into him, it may cause instant death.
    ~~~THE BOAR~~~
    Difficulty: 5
    Attacks: Ram, Claw swipe
    Weakspots: Fire
    Vital Spots: On its back
    Strategy is the same; Get on an alter, he'll hit it, grab the stick, light it on
    fire, push it back to the edge and it will fall. It only has one insignia on its
    back and it's easy to get rid of. I only gave it a 5 because it does more damage
    to you.
    Difficulty: 7
    Attacks: Electrocution
    Weakspots: Its teeth
    Vital Spots: On its belly
    His attack does more damage to you this time, but the strategy is pretty much
    the same; lure it to one of the buildings, hide behind the circle thingy to
    avoid being shocked, Grab its face, climb up to its teeth and direct it so you
    can get to the top of the building, hide behind the pillar to avoid its attack
    jump on its belly when it's out of the water. It may take a few times to do but
    once you destroy the insignia it will sink into the lake again.
    Difficulty: 4
    Attacks: None
    Weakspots: The sacs under its belly
    Vital Spots: Under the flaps on its back
    They gave up at this point I swear. Same strategy, shoot out the bulbs to get it
    close to the ground, jump on its front wings, stab out each insignia under each
    flap on its back to fell the beast.
    ~~~THE LION~~~
    Difficulty: 5
    Attacks: Ram
    Weakspots: None
    Vital Spots: On its back
    Same as before; get it to ram each of the pillars along the way until you reach
    the second area, then get it to ram the platform, causing it to fall on its
    armor and break it, then stab the insignia on its back until it dies. Because it
    takes longer to kill, it may end up scrapping you off under one of the
    overhanging walkways. If this happens, have it ram an object nearby to knock it
    out so you can get a full hit in.
    Difficulty: 7
    Attacks: Stomp, Knife Smash, Fist pound
    Weakspots: On its right elbow
    Vital Spots: On its head, on its right hand, on its chest
    This is actually more difficult. There is a third marker near his left shoulder
    on his chest. It's very difficult to get to because he shakes a lot and by the
    time you get your footing, you're out of stamina. Anyway, getting up there is
    the same; have him raise a platform so you can get up a level, get him to smash
    the structure to looses some blocks so you can get even higher, climb up to one
    of the bridges and have him break it so he's close enough to you, then jump over
    to him. I found it easiest to go for the head, then the chest, then his arm but
    you can take them down anyway you want to. Destroy all 3 and he will fall.
    ~~~THE TITAN~~~
    Difficulty: 8
    Attacks: Fireball
    Weakspots: on its back, on its left arm
    Vital Spots: On its head
    Same strategy as before; use the walls as shields and follow the underground
    tunnels until you reach under him, then climb up his armor, then stab the mark
    on his back to bring his hand around, grab it, make your way up to his elbow,
    stab it, grab his other hand, stab it, use your bow to shoot his shoulder, grab
    it, climb up to his head and finish him off.
        ii. Time Attack Mode
    Unlocked after you've beaten the game at least once. Haven't gotten this far
    yet. In this mode you must kill the colossi before the timer runs out. You get
    items for every 2 colossi defeated.
        iii. Items
    These are the items that the creators threw in to give the gamers something fun
    to do. You can earn a total of 16 items, 8 for the normal time attack, 8 for
    the hard one. These can be used during the normal/hard game, but not during
    time attack. They can be accessed from the start menu during gameplay. Here is
    the list:
    ~~Normal Time Attack~~
    1. Whistling Arrow - whistles through the air. Distracts a colossus.
    2. Cloak of Force - Lets you cause more damage to a colossus. It becomes
    stronger when combined with the Mask of Strength or Power.
    3. Mask of Strength - The wearer of this mask is granted the power and strength
    of the titans. Able to inflict deep wounds on a colossus.
    4. Lizard Detection Stone - Displays the lizard locations on the map.
    5. Fruit Tree Map - Displays the fruit trees on your map.
    6. Mask of Power - Same as the Mask of Strength.
    7. Cloak of Deception - Makes your presence invisible to the colossi.
    8. Flash Arrow - Has an explosive tip that can damage a colossus.
    ~~Hard Time Attack~~
    1. Harpoon of Thunder - A long spear with long range and enough power to damage
    a colossus.
    2. Sword of the Sun - Allows you to reflect sunlight even in the dark.
    3. Fruit Tree Map - same as above.
    4. Shaman's Cloak - Wearing this gives you more protection against attacks.
    5. Lizard Detection Stone - same as above.
    6. Shaman's Mask - Same as the Shaman's Cloak (btw, this is the mask they show
    you at the beginning of the game).
    7. Cloth of Desperation - Can be used as a parachute if you fall from a
    8. Queen's Sword - The sword from ICO (wow!). Inflicts a mortal blow in one
    There ya have it, good luck earning them.
        iv. Extra Stuff
    Besides a few modes and a couple of fancy items here and there, there are many
     other secrets that are stashed away. Here are some of them:
    -Brown Agro: To get Brown Agro, beat all the colossi in normal time attack
    mode, then press and hold Square when starting a new game or loading an old
    -White Agro: To get White Agro, beat all the colossi in hard time attack mode,
    then press and hold Circle when starting a new game or loading an old one.
    -ICO symbol: This one is easy. Just use a memory chip with an ICO save file on
    it and Agro will have the letter "I" on his forehead instead of the diamond.
    -Grab some wings: The animals in the environment are more than just for show,
    you can actually hitch a ride on them. Sneak up behind them and grab one with
    R1. A good place to practice is on the doves that float in and out of the main
    -Reminiscence mode: After beating a colossus, you can return to their remains
    and pray using Circle. You will be prompted to enter Reminiscence Mode, where
    you can fight the colossus again, but with that old film like screen, like they
    use in flashbacks in other games.
    -Secret Garden: Yes, it exists. Just haven't gotten around to climbing the
    Sony Computer Entertainment Inc: For adding another wonderful game to the
    Fumito Ueda + his crew: The director behind the "critically acclaimed Ico".
    Good job for another game well done.
    Gamefaqs: For putting my faq up on their website ^_^ anyone that e-mails me some
    useful info can get put here as well.
    VIII. Copyright
    Game, music, rights, and other things related to this game are copyright
    reserved by SCEI. This guide however, is copyrighted to me, because I typed it.
    The Basics and Extra sections were pulled almost directly from the Official
    strategy guide. Feel free to use it for your own personal use but don't take any
    of it without asking me first. My e-mail is bahakitty666@yahoo.com.

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