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    Music Mode Data by Kouli

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    -- Star Ocean: Till the End of Time --
    -- Music Mode Data --
    -- By Kouli {aka Ken, kenzhao99@yahoo.com} --
    -- Final Version --
    What is Music Mode? As the name implies, it's a mode that allow to listen to a total of 
    77 songs from Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. In order to unlock this mode, complete
    60% of the Battle Collection, which is 180/300. But there is something odd, I actually 
    have to get 181 in order to unlock it. So if you have 180/300 and still can't get access
    to the Music Mode, DON'T E-Mail me about it, just go get one more Battle Collection. Once
    you unlock it, go to 'Battle Collections' in the main menu, then load the file. Once you 
    are in Battle Collections, Press 'Square' and you will be in Music Mode. The names of the 
    songs are all in English{*Notice*I am playing the Japanese Version and the English Ver.
    isn't out yet.}, except for the last two songs, No.76 and No.77 . They are the two versions
    of the theme song in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time, which can be translated as 'A Little 
    Bird That Forgot How To Fly'{Tobikata Wo Wasureta Chiisana Tori}... While I am still on the
    matter of the theme song, I do want to point out my worry, that is how would they translate
    the name of the song? Do remember, the length of the English name do have to match to the 
    Japanese one, I hope they won't translate it into something irrelevant... Within the Mode,
    you have 'Music', 'Play', 'Stop' and 'Play Mode'. To select the song you want, press left
    or right then press 'Circle'... Finally, I want to point out a misspelling, for Song No.71, 
    'Star Ocean Forever - Jazz Ver.', they misspelled 'Ocean' as 'Ocaen'......
    <Song List>
    01. The Dawn of Wisdom
    02. Into the Undiscovery Ocean
    03. Fly by Contact
    04. Pert Girl on the Sandy Beach
    05. Gaiety Company
    06. Cutting Edge of Notion
    07. Victory Bell
    08. Starless Wavelets
    09. Imbalance
    10. Lakes and Marshes With Doubt
    11. Misted Moon
    12. Evil Shade Crept 
    13. Fallen Leaves - Flute Ver.
    14. Chrysanthemumin Winter
    15. The Desolte Smell of Earth
    16. Dreams
    17. Till the End of Time
    18. Expiration 
    19. Sail Against the Wind
    20. Malicious Fingers
    21. Takeoff from Home
    22. Into a Storm not Memorized 
    23. March for Glory
    24. Fly Away in the Violet Sky
    25. Rust Color
    26. Bracing Forest Wind
    27. Let's Creation!!
    28. Bird's Eye View
    29. Requiem for a Saint
    30. Collapse of Frailty 
    31. Stafflower in the Castle Town
    32. Lively Step
    33. Adventurous Spirit
    34. What's up!
    35. I am the No.1!
    36. Ice Crystal
    37. The Future of Blood-Stained Blade
    38. Around in the Wilderness
    39. Calm Mind Reflected in the Pupil
    40. Reflected Moon 
    41. Robe Under Cover of Darkness
    42. Frightened Eyes
    43. The Divine Spirit of Language
    44. Manifestation
    45. So Alone, Be Sorrow - Rhythem Ver.
    46. So Alone, Be Sorrow - Piano Ver.
    47. So Alone, Be Sorrow
    48. Imperial Garden
    49. The Outbreak of War
    50. Brass Wings
    51. Preemptive Attack
    52. Moon Base 
    53. Influence of Truth Appearance 
    54. Like Squashing Grape
    55. Interval of Freezed Time
    56. Fallen Leaves
    57. Twisted Base
    58. People Inside a Fence
    59. Air Harmony
    60. Dark Flare
    61. Bitter Dance
    62. Powerbroker
    63. The Virtual Image
    64. Mission to the Empty Space
    65. Do Evil
    66. Moody Goddess
    67. Highbrow
    68. Divine Indignation
    69. Despair Road
    70. Brilliant Future
    71. Star Ocaen Forever - Jazz Ver.
    72. Mission to the Deep Space
    73. The Incarnation of Devil
    74. Confidence in The Domination
    75. The True Nature of All
    76. Tobikata Wo Wasureta Chiisana Tori - STAR OCEAN Version
    77. Tobikata Wo Wasureta Chiisana Tori - Instrumental Version
    <The End>
    This Document Copyright 2003 Kouli

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