Review by M_Lilium

Reviewed: 07/16/06

Good game, but not for everyone.

- Introduction
Forbidden Siren 2 is like it's predecessor Siren (Forbidden Siren in Europe) a game that sticks out in the survival horror genre. The series sticks out because it's more about sneaking around than going crazy with guns an health packs. Siren had some issues, some of them are now solved, and others aren't.

- Gameplay
Seeing that it really is a very unique game, it just doesn't fit everyone. I find it to be a very exiting game and I really like the game style, but the player really needs patience (those who played Siren knows what I'm talking about). Unlike the first game, however, there are some missions were you just go around shooting everything. Another change is that the unforgiving difficulty of the first game is gone, so if your thinking "radio in the well, shoot in the back", forget it. Another change is that you get to use the link navigator from the start, for those unfamiliar with the link navigator: It's a screen were yu choose what mission you want to attempt.

They have really tried to make this game for a wider audience. This is for good and bad of course, me for example liked the difficulty of the first game.

The controls are a bit more responsive then they were in the first game, but they are still a bit clunky.

- Story
The story is very interesting, and just like in the first game it's no immediate solutions and a whole lot of questions (I suppose everything gets answers, vague and very unclear answers). I really can't say much about the story without spoiling the story.

In Forbidden Siren 2 you follow and play several characters (nine to be exact), they all have different reasons to be on the island and different backgrounds. Even if they don't meet each other (often), what they do will affect the story for the other characters as well.

Some of the archive items are quite pointless (items you collect to get more answers about what's happening), witch is a pity as most of them were really great in the first game.

- Graphics/Sound
The graphics have been improved from the first game, but it's still not all that great. To make faces they have used photos real faces and made textures from them, this has led to some less than good results.

The sound is good most of the time, but at times you can clearly hear that the voices are made in a studio (you can hear echoes when there shouldn't be any echoes). You can choose between the original Japanese voices with subtitles and English voices, so the creepy British voices from the first game is just optional (well I haven't tried English voiceover, but I suppose it's still British accents). The background sound is fitting noise (note noise, not music).
Graphic - 6/10
Sound - 7/10

I haven't played through the entire game yet, but I would say that it takes 20-30h to play through, but that's just an estimation. Once you play through the game you unlock "hard difficulty setting" (If you finished Siren you start with this unlocked) so there are replayability, but I wouldn't replay the game for a while after finishing it, maybe pick it up again after a year and play it again.

- Buy/Rent
If you are new to the Siren series, rent first because you might hate it. If you thought the first Siren was worthy to buy then buy this.

- Score
Total: 36
Overall: 7,2

Rating: 7

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