• Codes for Dex's Diner

    To enter these codes go to Dexter's Diner and go to the category "Codes"

    Battle Droid (Security)KF999A
    Big BlastersIG72X4
    Classic BlastersL449HD
    Clone (Episode III Pilot)BHU72T
    Clone (Episode III)ER33JN
    CLONE 4N3T6P8
    CLONE 5RS6E25
    Count Dooku14PGMN
    Darth SidiousA32CAM
    Disquised CloneVR832U
    General GrievousSF321Y
    Gonk DroidU63B2A
    Grievous' BodyguardZTY392
    Jango FettPL47NH
    Ki-Adi HundiDP55MV
    Kit FistoCBR954
    Minikit detectorLD116B
    PK DroidR840JU
    Princess LeiaBEQ82H
    Rebel trooperL54YUK
    Royal GuardPP43JX
    Shaak TiEUW862
    Silly BlastersNR37W1
    Super Battle DroidXZNR21
    Tea cupsPUCEAT

    Contributed By: datret, Uwthree, gamefreak1025, and Logan074.

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  • 2-Player Invincibility Glitch

    When one player falls to his death, simply have the other player leave your current room/area. If you time it right, the dying players life will stay greyed and he will not take any damage. Lasts until the player falls to his death (again).

    Contributed By: Yubbus.

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  • Infinite Studs

    At the very beginning of the level "Darth Vader" you must run through a corridor crumbling into the lava. Its possible to pick up around 3000 studs before the end, however if you fall into the lava before going through the door , youll be taken back to the start, not lose any studs and all the studs you already picked up will regenerate. Its possible to make around 18,000 studs a minute by repeating this.

    Contributed By: OtakuPunk.

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  • Save and load glitch

    When you're playing as a valuable character when you quit and load the lower saved game, you will still play as the valuable character even if you have not unlocked him yet.

    Contributed By: Rockymania.

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  • Unlockable Characters from the ? Door

    When you reach True Jedi Status in all 17 levels, the ? door opensin Dexter's Diner. Finish the mission for the following unlockables.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Buy Princess Leia from DexterComplete the mission behind the ? Door
    Buy Rebel Soldier from DexterComplete the mission behind the ? Door
    Darth VaderComplete the mission behind the ? Door
    StormtrooperComplete the mission behind the ? Door

    Contributed By: CI254.

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  • Unlocking the ''?'' door

    To unlock the "?" door found at the episode selection room, you must achieve True Jedi Status in all of the seventeen levels, 6 in Episode 1, 5 in Episode 2, and 6 in Episode 3. True Jedi Status is the black/golden bar that appears at the top of your screen during any episode level. The way to fill up this bar is by getting a certain amount of studs during that level (each lvl has a different required stud amount.) Once all levels have True Jedi Status, the "?" door will be unlocked.

    Contributed By: Aceace33333.

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Easter Eggs

  • Disco dancing Kaminoans

    Explore every room in the level "Discovery on Kamino." You will come upon a somewhat dark room with two or three Kaminoans in it, a blue stud behind a forcefield, a square on the floor made of several round spots, and what appear to be speakers on the wall.

    1) Use the Force to transform the speakers into what look like record players.

    2) Walk onto one of the round spots on the floor, and wait for the other character to move onto another spot (or have the second player move the other character onto it if you're not playing alone). Then you are together standing on two different spots, other spots will light up.

    3) Each time more spots light up, walk onto one of the remaining pale spots, allowing time for your partner character to do the same. Eventualy, all of the spots will be lit.

    When all of the spots are lit, disco lights will begin to flash, a funky rendition of the Star Wars theme will play, and the Kaminoans will begin to get down!

    Contributed By: faeryben.

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  • Musical Chairs

    In the very beginning of the mission 'Negotiations' (first mission in Episode 1), you start off in a room next to a table with chairs around it. If you use your force on any of the chairs, they will start moving around and a song will start playing.

    Contributed By: Fighting_Foo.

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  • Spell ''LEGO'' to get a massive amount of studs

    In the secret level "A New Hope," if you explore thoroughly, you will find a room with yellow, blue, green, and red blocks. You can manipulate these blocks by using the Force. If you move them into position in a very specific order, a massive amount of blue studs will rain down from the ceiling after a moment.

    Use the yellow blocks to make an "L" by placing the long piece first, then stacking the shorter pieces on top of it.

    Use the blue blocks to make an "E" by placing a long piece, then a short piece, then a medium piece, then a short piece, and then another long piece.

    Use the green blocks to make a "G" by placing a long piece, then a bridged piece (two short pieces with a grey bridge connecting them), then a short piece, then another short piece, and then finaly another long piece.

    Last but not least, use the red blocks to make an "O" by placing a long piece, then three bridged pieces, and then the final long piece.

    The blocks will now spell "LEGO," and after a moment a huge amount of blue studs will rain from the ceiling.

    Contributed By: faeryben.

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