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  • One of the things Neversoft devs Scott Pease and Chad Findley said they did wrong with Gun is the difficulty issue. "Due to a tight schedule and inexperience with the genre, we took a very simplistic approach to game difficulty, putting the standard 'Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane' selection at the front of the game. Then we proceeded to focus test and tune the game so that your average off-the-street adventure gamer would have a challenging, but feasible experience on Normal, and a more experienced gamer could enjoy Hard. Then we sat back and depended on the players to select the appropriate challenge level for their particular tastes. What the hell were we smoking? In the video game market, asking players to set their skill level before they've even played your game is a freaking naive way to go about it." They said they knew something was wrong when game reviewers were blowing through the game on Normal, when really, Hard would've been more suitable. "We could immediately foresee legions of highly skilled game reviewers sprinting through our game at breakneck speed, making the 'short game' issue even worse."

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