• Faster horses

    When on a horse, hold the dash button while repedately jumping. If you time it right, you should go at about double the speed of the normal horse.

    Contributed By: vesebr.

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  • Skip the battle with Hoodoo Brown

    When battling Hoodoo you will probably notice that he is upstairs. Go up the stairs and to the second level then move up to the third level which has red wallpaper on it. And step into his office. This should skip the battle and let you just finish him off.

    Contributed By: ShadowBayne.

    5    1


  • Reed's armored horse and Macgruder's cannon shotgun

    Complete the story mode and all side missions and get 100% to unlock his horse and the cannon gun. The horse waits for you at Macgruder mine, and the gun is given to you.

    Contributed By: Pinski7.

    5    1

  • Unlockables

    The following unlockables are available once you complete the required side quests.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    .69 Ferguson RifleDefeat Hollister
    Apache BowGet On The Table At Mission"Escape From Jail"
    Apache Fire BowProtect The Apache Camp
    Apache ShirtComplete all Hunting Missions
    Cavalry SwordDefeat Reed
    Dual PeacemakersDefeat Hoodoo Brown
    DynamiteAfter Mission"Ambush The Train"
    Quick Killer's TomahawkKill Quick Killer
    RemingtonSave Soapy
    SchofieldRescue Jenny
    Sharp 1874Save The Hideout
    Shotgun Double BarrelKill Rubhaugh
    Silver SpursComplete all Pony Express Missions
    Volcanic 10Kill Webb
    Whiskey BombSave The Alhambra

    Contributed By: Swiftshark, MisterRed, and qwetyuiopp.

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  • New Game +

    Complete the game and return to the starting area (Blackfoot Territory). From the LEFT of the HIGHER boulder leading up to a ledge and gap, jump and spur your horse so it lands on top, then onto the ledge. Cross the next two areas. Stand between the only two rocks in the water. Press and hold L1+L2+R1+R2+X for a few seconds until you hear a strange sound. Go to Options (press START),for a new selection - GUN. Choose any Mission or Cutscene. You will retain ALL weapons, items, and skills.

    Contributed By: Headhuntress.

    7    0

  • Unlimited Ammunition Hole.

    If you take a barrel of TNT from the badlands mine and place right against the chimney of the abandoned house in the badlands where the buffalo graze, when you blow the barrel up, it will open a hole in the ground with unlimited ammunition for every weapon.

    Contributed By: Miroku_of_Nite1.

    4    2

  • Unlimited Whiskey (Health)

    If you check below the bridge heading out of Dodge, at the far side, and continue around the bend along the waters edge, you'll come across a couple of whiskey bottles bunched together in a pool of water that never disappear. You can regenerate your health here whenever you need to.

    Contributed By: Swiftshark.

    3    0

  • Unlimted Health (Whiskey) 2

    If you go to the Ranch outside Dogde city, there is a chicken hutch to one side near to the graves. In here are 3 Whiskey bottles that never diseapear.

    Contributed By: tomfletch.

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