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Reviewed: 07/18/05


NFL Street 2 is a fantastic game and can easily go down for one of EA Sports BIG best games. Obviously since this game is called NFL Street 2, there is a game called NFL Street. NFL Street 2 is based on the NFL league in America, however instead of playing on your average football field, you play out in the streets, whether it’s in a parking lot or on top op a roof. NFL Street 2 takes NFL to a all new level, with vicious tackles and amazing plays and tricks.

NFL Street 2 is a brilliant game which is very fun to play on all difficulties. Unlike the first NFL Street, there is plenty of more stuff to do. For example, there is still NFL Street Challenge, however it is more modified. Also there are Street Events, which consist of what you can say are mini games. The Street Events are Crush the Carrier, Jump Ball Battle, Open Field Showdown, 2 Minute Challenge, 4 on 4 and Quick Strike. Another game mode you can choose is NFL Gauntlet; this is where you verse every NFL team until you lose. There is NFL Pickup Game, where you create a team using NFL players. However the computer also gets to pick his players and he we usually go for the best. The last game mode is probably the hardest and the best, it is called Own the City. In this one you create a player, and make him become one of the best football players in the city. To do this you play games where you can pickup players and make up a team. Also you have to do some street events to pick up points, so you can use them to make your character much better. The game on the field isn’t the same as in the first NFL Street, in NFL Street 2 there is your usually game breaker, and there is game breaker 2. When you get game breaker 2 your team becomes basically invincible. Also to help you get more style points, you can run off walls and jump of signs to get a massive boost in points.

Just like in the first NFL Street, there is some fantastic NFL graffiti art. Also yet again they artist of the game have made the characters look close to what the usually look like in real life. The graphics in NFL Street 2 will not let you down. The sound is fantastic since there is a variety in artists and type of music. Also in the game you will meet and hopefully play against the music legend Xzhibit.

There is a lot to do in NFL Street 2, so it will take a you along to time complete. So don’t expect to be clocking the game within a few days, especially if you set the difficulty to hard. So overall I advise that you should get the game, because even if you’re not an American Football lover, you should still find yourself having lots of fun playing this game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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