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Reviewed: 01/23/05

Great Game, Could Have Been Better

I am a big fan of Electronic Arts street sports franchise. I loved NFL Street 1. It was the probably the best NFL game of played to date. They combined Madden with Blitz and threw in some style aspects of the game well they were at it. So when I heard about NFL Street 2, I was ecstatic about it. It is a solid game, but there are some disappointing aspects of the game.

The graphics are probably about the part of the game that has least been changed since the first installment. They are the same graphics...the exact same graphics. The player models look fantastic, don't get me wrong, but it would be cool if some of the players actually looked like some of the players. The various fields that you can play ball in are fantastic looking, and the environments are very much interactive. The trash cans fly around and everything, it's quite funny to look at sometimes. The clothes and various other items you can give to your player also look great. However, it is the same graphics system which nets the graphics a score of six out of ten.

The soundtrack is much much better this time around. In the first game it was a mainly rap themed soundtrack, with a few rock songs scattered about. I'm not a big fan of rap myself, so I was glad to find out that they had included more rock songs this time around. The voices sound great coming from the players and the trash talking is back, but sadly, the trash talking is the same with a minimal number of additions. But it is still funny seeing one player make fun of another or being made look like a moron. The hits are about the best sounding part of the actual gameplay. When your player is tackled into a wall or an object on the field, it actually feels like you are there hearing them get hit. With the addition of some better music and harder sounding hits, the sound gets an eight out of ten.

The controls are very simple to learn, basically because it is the same as last time. There has been (sadly) one new addition to the controls of the game, and that is the ability to run up or jump off of walls to hurdle or juke your opponent. This is a cool idea to add to the world of street football, but it makes the game significantly easier. The computer intelligence is so easily duped that it makes scoring a touchdown very easy. But since the controls are very much the same, they get an eight out of ten.

The gameplay is great in the game. This edition of NFL Street offers three diverse modes of gameplay instead of just one, as seen in NFL Street 1. The first is known as Own The City mode. In this you start out as an aspiring street baller whose dream is to became and NFL Legend so to speak. In this mode, you must recruit people off the street by playing pickup games and then choosing a player to add to your roster. This is a great idea, because once they are on your roster, you cannot change their name or information, just their clothes. This gives the game a more realistic feel to it. But one thing that was disappointing is that once they are on your team, you cannot alter their attributes, you must get a better player from another pickup game. The second mode is the NFL Gauntlet. In this mode you simply go from one NFL team to the next until you reach the NFL Legends. There are rewards to be unlocked for doing this as well. The final mode is NFL Challenge returning from the first installment. There have been some changes though. Instead of going to a certain division, you have one hundred and fifty days to make your team better and get NFL players for your team. You participate in challenges that give you development points or NFL players of your choice. Each of these challenges takes up a certain number of your 150 days. After your time is up, you participate in a thirty-two team tournament, culminating in a match against the NFL Legends. With a diversity of game modes, the gameplay gets a nine out of ten.

The content of this game is well done. There are your standard thirty two NFL teams, along with some other teams as well. Rapper Xzibit also has his own team, whom you will eventually face during Own The City mode. As you know, in Madden, there is the Madden Challenge which awards you tokens for completing special feats. Well in Street 2, they have Street Feats. Completion of these feats will award you cash which you can spend in the store for new clothes, accessories, and jerseys for your player. The legends team is well done this team around with the likes of Randall Cunningham, Bo Jackson, Sterling Sharpe, Eric Dickerson, and many others. However, I feel that the legend team was done better in Street 1. But depending on your favorite players you may feel different about it. The content gets an nine out of ten.

The replay value is obvious, it is a football game, the replay value is endless!! There is an online mode, (which includes all modes of play) to keep you glued to the game, as well as quick and pickup game modes. There are also brand new "Street Events" as well. These games include Crush The Carrier, in which you tackle the guy with the ball and Jump Ball Battle, where three quarter backs throw balls four guys and you fight for the catch. The replay value to this game is high.

So, should you rent this game or buy it? Well it is basically NFL Street 1.5 . So if you own NFL Street 1, don't buy this game. Rent it for a few days and you can possibly beat everything in it. But if you're looking for a fresh new pigskin game to play, buy this.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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