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Reviewed: 01/03/05

WOW! NFL Street ver. 1.2

Oh yeah it's me...It's MEEE! It's that D-I-Double G! and BOY are some of ya'll gonna be mad at me!

You know, some companies have the luxury of being held in the highest regard. Microsoft is the king of computer companies, WWE is the king of wrestling, and every sports game made by EA is golden.

So when a half-you know what rehash that's supposed to be a sequal gets put out by EA everybody gets tight lipped and VERY defensive about how much effort was put into the game. The fanboys will sing it's praises while cursing anyone who would say something bad about it. Well, ya'll know how I feel about fanboys right! Let's get it started in here!

Now before all the fanboys start crying and lamenting EA's innocence, let me say this. If you have never played NFL Street before...GET THIS GAME! If you have already enjoyed the awesome football celebration of NFL Street...I'll let you make your own judgement after this review.

Oh yeah! If you're wondering why I'm comparing NFL Street and NFL Street 2 well there is a simple reason for that. IT'S A [DELETED] SEQUEL! You gotta see what was improved and what was left unchanged and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Gameplay: The original NFL Street hit you with hip music, brutal football, and a style all it's own. The sequal gives you the same good stuff but whith a few tweaks and changes. The original supported a run system that was far more accurate and forgiving than the pass plays. For the recored I think the pass plays were way to hard to complete. In Street 2 the run play has been made just a difficult as the pass play. They did this by making the runners a little weaker and making the defense a little stronger. What comes about from this is a more balances but less fun game of Street Ball. You'll see what I mean after your 4th fumble or 5th interception.
To add to the Street feel of the game, EA went all stereotypical on us. The original did the same thing, but in a safe way that wouldn't turn any heads. Now some of the focus has been placed on "bling" and tattoos, even for the NFL players. Not necessarily to improve stats, but just look good. What's the use! At least Def Jam: FFNY had a reason for the "bling" and tattoos. Oh yeah X-Zibit has pimped himself for the game as well. Whoopdi [DELETED] Doo!
The game did manage to throw in some wall running and hopping to give an edge and something to say "wow that's new about", but in the heat of play you'll rarely find yourself using it.

I know it sounds like I'm bashing the game, and not trying to. The game is awesome, but the updates from the last game just aren't worth the extra $20 you'd pay. (the original is only 30 bucks now)

+the core gameplay is still AWESOME!
-there's no reason to buy this one if you have the original

Graphics: The graphics are a bit of step down from the last game. It looks like they used the games Creat A Baller system to make the facial models of the NFL characters. Yeah! It's as bad as it sounds. Other than that the only thing that disturbed me was a hint (and I mean a teeny weeny hint) of slow down during play. I expect it when the music changes, but not just whenever a lot of action is going on.

+almost as pretty as the original
-not as pretty as the original

Sound: Let the music play! Now the songs on the soundtrack actually plays the entire football match. This is cool when the music fits the mood. When it doesn't fit...
Oh yeah! All of the sounds and crunches return from the last game. The trash talking isn't as funny in this one.

+the sound effects are great and the music fits well most of the time
-the trash talkin isn't as good and when the music doesn't fit you'll want to hit the mute button

Replay: Just like the original there is a ton of fun to be had! As I said before...if you haven't played the original GET THIS GAME!

+you can't deny the gameplay's awesomeness
-you could always play the first one

Rent or Buy: If you don't believe me about the upates, those with Street 1 go ahead and rent it and see if I'm not right. Those who have never played the original buy this one outright. OR Save youself $20 and get the original.

Perhaps by the end of this year (2005) EA will make an NFL Street 3 that will be a worthy sequel. Until then...SHAME ON YOU EA!

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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