• Codes

    At the main menu go into options, then go down to the codes and type it in.

    XxGBCraZ10x Gamebreaker Multiple
    IIxGBCraZ1x Gambreaker Multiple
    EAASFSCTAFC East All-Stars
    NAOFRCTHAFC North All-Stars
    SAOFUCTHAFC South All-Stars
    WAEFSCTAFC West All-Stars
    MagnetHandsAll players will have a maxed out catching stat
    RuinedPicnicAnt Mode
    BIGSmashBig Players
    Trick3dOutChain Mode
    NoChainsGet rid of the chains! (no first downs)
    CementShoesHard to jump and do O-Moves
    BlastTackleMax out Tackling
    NNOFRCTHNFC East All-Stars
    NNAS66784NFC North All-Stars
    SNOFUCTHNFC South All-Stars
    ENASFSCTNFC West All-Stars
    GlueHandsNo Fumbles
    GreasedPigOther team fumbles a lot
    ReebokTeam Reebok
    NozBoostUnlimited Turbo
    EAFieldUnlocks EA Field
    TeamXzibitUnlocks Team Exzibit


  • Complete the 'Play a game online' stat without even having an internet connection.

    To fulfill the 'Play a game online' stat, you simply have to select 'online' in game modes, and it just gives you the points. That's it, it doesn't even check if you have a network adaptor installed, and it's an easy way to get 4000 credits.

    Contributed By: Kaboobi.

  • Keep using your Gamebreaker 2

    You can do this when you have a time limit in your challenge.

    When you use a Gamebreaker 2, the timer will go down a certain number of seconds. Use your Gamebreaker 2 with 5 or so seconds left. The timer will run out in the middle of your gamebreaker. Select "retry" and you will continue with your Gamebreaker 2 even though you're supposed to start with no Gamebreaker meter.

    WARNING: This may cause the game to freeze up.

    Contributed By: Pyrodragon20.

  • Unlimited Development Points in NFL Challenge

    In NFL Challenge play one of the "gold metal" challenges. The best one for this is the "Coming Through" challenge. This calls for 1-3 sacks in one drive. If you get 1 sack you get 1,105 development points, 2 sacks get you 1,233 development points, and 3 sacks get you 1,360. This challenge takes five days. If you get the gold it congradulates you, saves, and marks the challenge as done. If you get the silver or bronze it asks if you want to try again or exit. If you choose exit it just gives you the corresponding points. If you choose trr again it restarts the challenge, but for some reason keeps the points. If you choose exit you will not be able to return to this challenge. If you keep getting silver or bronze (each time takes about a minute) you will keep getting more and more development points. You can do this as many times as you want just don't get gold or you will not be able to do it again. The best thing is that if you press try again it doesn't cost any extra days.

    Contributed By: BoboBobThe3rd.


  • Misc. Bonuses

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Import Character Into Madden 2006Complete Own The City
    Import Character To NFL Challenge TeamComplete Own The City

    Contributed By: no1pitcher2004.

  • Team Xzibit

    To unlock Team Xzibit, complete the entire Tutorial and you will get Team Xzibit, and a bunch of credits as well.

    Contributed By: SVChaos1.

  • Unlockable NFL Legends

    Perform a "Hot Spot Play" on each field to unlock the respective hidden NFL legend. There are 11 unlockables in all. Below is a list of which players are unlocked on each field.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anthony MunozThe Cage
    Bo JacksonSportsplex
    Chris CarterThe Alley
    Darrell GreenThe Backlot
    Jack LambertRoyal Park
    Joey BrownerThe Dig
    Mean Joe GreeneThe Tracks
    Mike SingletarySecond St. Station
    NFL Legends TeamEA Field
    Randell CunninghamImperial Tower
    Sterling SharpeThe Aqueduct

    Contributed By: Swiftshark.

  • Unlockables

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Alternate Way to Unlock NFL LegendsIn quick game hit every hotspot at every level to unlock NFL Legends.
    Gridiron ParkComplete NFL Gauntlet
    NFL LegendsBeat NFL Legends in Own the City

    Contributed By: Jay FNG Philbrook and MarvelCapcom23.


  • Extra 25000 credits.

    If you have a save for any of the following saves on your memory card, you get an extra 25000 credits PER GAME when you start the game.

    Need for Speed Underground 2
    NCAA Football 2005
    NFL Madden 2005
    NFL Street

    Contributed By: Kaboobi.

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