Review by Skylarkin

Reviewed: 06/21/07

GAAs first console outing is a flop.

Finally its here, one of Ireland's chief sports makes its debut on games consoles. The first ever computer simulation of Gaelic Football has arrived. Don't get too excited though, in every aspect imaginable it is complete and utter letdown. It was made by IR Gurus, the same crowd that made the AFL games. It was made on a very low budget so don't expect much.

Gameplay 3/10
Extremely frustrating gameplay. The controls are hard to adapt to. The gameplay feels slow and lethargic, there is no fluidity to it. Tackling is just awful, every time you make a tackle, the opposition seems to be able to offload almost every time. Very annoying during play. Passing rarely works. It's seldom you can string two or three passes together, let alone four or five. Achieving any sort of accuracy whilst shooting is near impossible. AI is primitive, your players stand still as the opposition runs rings around you.

Graphics 3/10
Graphics are mediocre at best. They would be impressive for a PSOne standard, but in this day and age you just can't get away with substandard graphics. Players are indistinguishable save for hair colour, stadia are clunky and rough, and player animations are terrible. However, fully licensed kits and the Eye-Toy Cameo feature are plus points.

Sound 5/10
One of the better aspects of the game. With Micheál Ó Muircheartaigh commentating it lends itself to a feeling of realism. However the crowd noises leave a lot to be desired.

Lifespan 2/10
With a very limited and repetitive season mode you wont put more than a few hours into this, which is poor for a sports game. Very dull single player and multiplayer is just as frustrating as single player so don’t expect to play with friends for too long.

Overall 3/10
A step forward for the GAA selling as a product but truly it doesn't come anywhere close to the level of PES or FIFA. Although for a small Australian indie company on a very tight budget that was always going to be the case. Don’t hold your breath for a hurling sequel.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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