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Gold Rush FAQ by Shdwrlm3

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 01/31/05

  ##        ####                        #
 #  #      #    #                     ## ###
#    #    #      #                   #     ##
 ##   #    #     #                 ###     #                         ##
   #   #  #     #                  #      ##                        #  #
    #   ##    ###                   #     #                         #  #    ##
      #      #  #####################     ###### ##### ########## ###  ###### #
       #    #    #  #   ##   #  ##   #    ##   ###   ###   ##   ###    ##     #
       #    ##  #  #  #  #  # # #  #  #   #  #  #     #  #  #  # #  #  #     ##
       #     #  #  #     #  # # #     #   #     #  #  #     #  # #  #  ##  ###
      #   ##  # #  #  ####  # # #  ####   #  ####  #  #  ####  # #  #  ###  ##
     #   #  #  ##  #  #  #  # # #  #  #   #  #  ##    #  #  #  # #  #  #  #  #
    #   #    #  ## ##   ##  # # ##   ##   ##   #####  ##   ##  # ##    ##   ##
   #   #      #   #####################     ######   ########################
  #   #       #   #                   #           ##########
 #  ##         ###                     #################
## #   ###                           ##  ##  ##
 ##   ##  #  #  #   # #  # ###  # ### ## ##  #   # ###  ### ### ##  ###   ##
      ###    #  ## ## #  # # ## #  #  ## ##  #  ## # ## # ## # #  # # ## ##
       #### # # ##### #  # ### # # #  ## ## ## # # ###  ###  # #  # ###   ##
      #  ## ### # # # #  # # # ### #   ###### #### # #  # #  # #  # # #  # ##
       ### #   ##   #  ##  #  #   ###   #  # #   # #  # #  #### ##  #  #  ## 

                               Samurai Warriors:
                                Xtreme Legends

                                 Gold Rush FAQ
                                  Version 0.2
                               January 31, 2005
                                  by ShdwRlm3


ShdwRlm3's Gold Rush Map (available at www.gamefaqs.com) is REQUIRED for this
walkthrough.  I will repeatedly refer to rooms by their Room IDs, so make sure
you have the map to know what I'm talking about.

Table of Contents

     I. Introduction
    II. Gold Rush Heaven
           A. What's the Rush?
           B. Why Rush?
           C. Where Rush?
           D. How Rush?
           E. When's the Rush?
           f. Who Rush?
   III. Let's Rush!
           A. In-Depth Walkthrough
           B. Alternate Paths
    IV. Before the Rush
           A. Stats
           B. Skills
           C. Items
           D. Weapons
     V. After the Rush
           A. Retry
           B. Weaponsmith
           C. Engrave
           D. Purchase Item
           E. Exit
    VI. Intermediate Gold Rush
           A. Items
           B. Time
           C. Trials
   VII. Gold Rush Hell
           A. Rooms
           B. Events
           C. Character Analyses
  VIII. Miscellaneous Rush
           A. Tips & Tricks
           B. Character Quotes
    IX. Stuff You'll Ignore (Insert Your Own "Rush" Pun Here)
           A. FAQs
           B. Credits
           C. Version History
           D. Copyright Info

                                I. Introduction

     Despite the addition of new characters (!), more balanced gameplay (!!),
and separate Musou bars in 2 player co-op mode (!!!), quite possibly the best
new feature of Xtreme Legends is the newly added Gold Rush mode.  Beating
records has certainly never been more fun, and the frantic pace of Gold Rush
adds even more variety to the Samurai Warriors experience.
     This in-depth guide is designed with one goal in mind: making lots and
lots of money ;)  With practice and the help of this guide, you'll be on your
way to getting 10,000+ gold in no time.

                             II. Gold Rush Heaven

     Learns the basics of Gold Rush in this section.

  | A. | What's the Rush?

     Gold Rush is a brand new game mode added to Samurai Warriors: Xtreme
Legends.  Found in the Survival Mode, Gold Rush is a relatively quick (5-15
minutes) diversion from the main game and happens to be unbelievably addictive.
It takes place in an indoor castle map (actually a "Training Hall"), and
players must run around defeating enemies and collecting gold.  It sounds
relatively simple but can actually be quite complex, hence the need for this

  | B. | Where's the Rush?

     In case you can't find it, it's in "Survival Mode."  It's available even
if you don't own the original Samurai Warriors.  If you do own the original,
then you'll also be able to play Deep Abyss and High Tower.  Those modes are
beyond the scope of this FAQ, however, and will only be briefly discussed.

  | C. | Why Rush?

     One word: money.  The gold that you collect can go towards upgrading
Item and Weapon stats.  Simply put, it's an alternate way of increasing stats
without the hassle of playing through Chaos Mode.  For more information,
check Section V, "After the Rush."

  | D. | How to Rush?

      You basically have a limited amount of time to collect as much gold as
possible.  You start off with 5 minutes, but can gain more time by completing
trials and doing other special tasks.  You receive trials when you successfully
complete missions (events).  Triggering the missions, however, can sometimes be
very complicated.
     Missions also serve to get you more gold.  Normally you'd get gold simply
by defeating enemies whose life bars appear when you hit them (e.g., Captains,
Sergeants, Strike Ninjas, etc.).  Missions, on the other hand, almost always
involve defeating generals who will drop Gold Bars worth 100 gold.
     Your goal is to run around the Training Hall accomplishing as many
missions as possible while also defeating as many enemies as possible.  Then,
when you're almost out of time, you should run to the Final Hall to face off
with the Master of the Hall.  After defeating the Master, run up the exit
stairs to finish.  C'est facile, non?
     NON.  As previously mentioned, triggering the missions isn't always easy,
and you must constantly fight for time.  The trick to doing well is to learn
the timing of the missions and events, as well as to get lucky and hope for the
easier trials.  The next section, "Let's Rush!," provides a detailed
walkthrough that should help you on your way to 10,000+ gold.

  | E. | When to Rush?

     Gold Rush is available to play at any time.  However, you'll probably want
to wait until you've built up your characters and collected good items.  By no
means harder than Chaos Mode, Gold Rush can still be difficult.

  | F. | Who Rush?

     Okay, that heading makes no sense, but anyway, there is no single best
charact... oh, who am I kidding?  PICK KEIJI!  All of the characters can play
Gold Rush, though, including Edit Officers.

                               III. Let's Rush!


ShdwRlm3's Gold Rush Map (available at www.gamefaqs.com) is REQUIRED for this
walkthrough.  I will repeatedly refer to rooms by their Room IDs, so make sure
you have the map to know what I'm talking about.

  | A. | In-Depth Walkthrough

     Although I'll get more in-depth and explain other things later on, for
some people this section is all that they need to read.  Here lies a complete,
detailed walkthrough that will guarantee(*) you 10,000+ gold each and every
time you play Gold Rush.
     Note that it's assumed you have some basic knowledge of how Gold Rush
works.  If not, then I very much suggest that you look at Sections IV-VIII
before following this walkthrough, or you may find yourself lost.
     Also, keep in mind that this takes A LOT of practice!  You will probably
not do too well your first time through, despite my incredibly awesome
walkthrough.  Take a few practice runs at first just to learn the timing of the

                                                   (*) Not an actual guarantee.

Step 0 - Be Prepared

PICK KEIJI!  KEIJI KEIJI KEIJI!  For beginners, and even more advanced players,
Keiji is easily the best choice for Gold Rush.  Max out all of his stats (it's
not necessary to have Break Limit, but it wouldn't hurt) and try to get his 6th
Weapon, which is the easiest 6th Weapon to get.

As for items, you should find and equip the following:

   Item Name       | Effect
   Power Bracer    | Attack       + 50-75
   Himiko's Rune   | Defense      + 50-75
   Vixen Tail      | Musou Charge + 50-75
   Tengu Sandals   | Speed        + 40-50
   Book of Healing | Healing items dropped more frequently

Substitute anything you want for the Himiko's Rune if you wish, but the other
items are pretty much necessary.


Step 1 - Defeat Tadakatsu

If your character is at a decent level, Tadakatsu should be a cinch.  Try
to break open the northern door while you're fighting Tadakatsu in order to
save time later on.

After beating Tadakatsu, you may want to wait a few seconds before picking up
the Gold Dust that he leaves behind in case you get the "Collect 10 bags of
gold dust in 30 seconds!" trial first.  Since Tadakatsu leaves behind 6 bags,
all you have to do is defeat the nearby Captains for another 4.

If you happen to receive the "Collect 3 gold coins in 30 seconds!" trial first,
you can quickly find one Coin in (A) plus another two Coins in (N).  Note that
if you collect 200 gold total within 30 seconds of the start of the stage
you'll make Keiji appear instead of Kunoichi.  For the purposes of this
walkthrough you'll want Kunoichi to appear first, and collecting 3 Gold Coins
plus the Gold Bar and Gold Dust that Tadakatsu leaves behind will put you
over 200 gold very quickly.  While it is very possible to get over 10,000 gold
after making Keiji appear first, that path will not be covered in this
walkthrough.  Thus, I'd recommend doing a soft reset (HOLD Start+Select for
a few seconds) and trying again if you get the "Gold Coins" trial first.

Any of the other trials (Combo or Eliminate) should be relatively easy to do
since plenty of enemies appear in (A).


Step 2 - Force Goemon's Retreat / Search for Hideyoshi (*)

Continue south to (B), then go into (C).  You'll find Goemon here.  Hit him
until he has about half health to make him start retreating.  He'll make his
way to (E).  Before following, break open the door to (D).  Follow Goemon as he
runs away and collect the gold that he drops.  Collecting the gold that he
drops in addition to defeating a few Captains here and there should get you 200
gold, which will trigger Kunoichi's first appearance.

Note that if you collect 200 gold after 30 seconds but BEFORE 1 minute has
elapsed, there is still a 50% chance that you'll get Keiji first.  If Keiji
appears first, do a soft reset and try again.

* While in (C), you may get a message that Hideyoshi is close.  If so,
remember this.  If you get no message, don't worry about it for now.


Step 3 - Defeat Kunoichi

By now Kunoichi has probably appeared in room (G), so go there and beat her as
quickly as possible.  Go to (F) or (E) and wait a few seconds for the trial to
appear.  You've got about 30 seconds to do a trial before the next event, and
there are probably plenty of enemies in (F) or (E) already, which should allow
you to succeed in any trial they throw at you.


Step 4 - Defeat Supply Captain / Rescue Okuni

The Supply Captain will appear in (E) approximately 30 seconds after you defeat
Kunoichi.  He will make his way towards (Q) to retreat.  Defeating him will
make Gold Bar Vases appear in various rooms throughout the Hall, so make
sure you don't let the Supply Captain get away.

Okuni will appear in (C) if you made Goemon retreat previously.  She will
request assistance, so rush to her aid and defeat Goemon.  After you save her,
she'll tell you to meet her in the east (in particular, room (J)).  Don't
collect your reward just yet.

Again, these two events may happen around the same time, so the tricky part
is pacing yourself correctly.  If Goemon retreated before you defeat Kunoichi,
you'll probably want to rescue Okuni first, then wait in (A) to intercept the
Supply Captain as he retreats.  On the other hand, if you defeated Kunoichi
before you got the message that Goemon retreated, you should wait for the
Supply Captain in (E), then run to help Okuni.

Note that Strike Ninjas should start appearing now, so defeat them if you get
the "Collect 3 gold coins in 30 seconds!" trial.


Step 5 - Defeat Kunoichi (*) / Defeat Hideyoshi (+)

Okay, this is where it gets REALLY hectic.  At this point try to make sure that
you have NOT collected 8 Gold Coins.  Kunoichi will probably be appearing in
room (T) by now, but DO NOT go after her.  Allow her to steal the treasure
there and she will appear in room (D).  Luckily, you should be pretty close, so
run to (D) and defeat her there.  Also make sure to break open the Gold Bar
Vases in (D), but only after defeating Kunoichi.

A trial will show up for defeating Kunoichi, and you have an important decision
to make here.  Tadakatsu will probably be appearing soon, and he will disappear
if you wait too long to meet him.  If there are still plenty of enemies in (C),
you should be able to do almost any trial they throw at you.

* If you wish, you can defeat Kunoichi while she is in (T) so she won't be able
to steal the Gold Bars there.  However, since she's in such close proximity to
Yasumasa Sakakibara, you may accidentally trigger the request, which you do NOT
want to do quite yet.  So, to defeat Kunoichi in (T), you can try to lure her
out of (T).  Also, if you make sure to stay in the lower half of (T), you won't
trigger the request.  Remember, although this will get you more gold in the
end, one wrong move and you'll mess up the timing of the rest of the events.

+ If, when you first met Goemon, you got a message that Hideyoshi was close,
search the corner of (D) (see Gold Rush Map) to make Hideyoshi appear.  Don't
collect the Gold Dust that appears until after you defeat Hideyoshi, in
case you get the Gold Dust trial.  If you did not get a message that Hideyoshi
was close, don't worry about it and move on to the next step.


Step 6 - Locate Tadakatsu / Defeat Tadakatsu (*) / Search for Hideyoshi (+)

Again, it's important to note that Tadakatsu will appear in (L) once you've
collected 4 Gold Bars, 8 Gold Coins, and 50 bags of Gold Dust.  Depending on
how fast you've been collecting gold, Tadakatsu may appear around the same time
as Kunoichi and/or Keiji.  Thus, it's very important that you keep track of
how many Gold Coins you've collected so far.  This will let you collect Gold
Bars and Gold Dust to your heart's content without having to keep track of
them.  Try to do it so that you don't collect 8 Gold Coins until after
defeating Kunoichi.

Anyway, when you get the message that Tadakatsu has appeared, RUN to room (K)
to open the door.

* What you should do next depends on how much gold you've collected.  If you
have over 1000 gold at this point and Keiji has just appeared, you'll want to
go to Keiji first.  Don't worry, Tadakatsu will not disappear, so you can come
back to defeat him later.  HOWEVER, if you do not yet have 1000 gold, go ahead
and defeat Tadakatsu to get enough gold to make Keiji appear.

+ If you did not find Hideyoshi in (D), you may find him in (H).  If that is
indeed the case, you do not want to defeat Hideyoshi just yet, as you have
other matters to attend to first.


Step 7 - Locate Keiji / Defeat Keiji (*) / Search for Hideyoshi (+)

By now you should have 1000 gold, so Keiji will make his first appearance.
RUSH to (V) to open the door there.

Note that collecting 1000 automatically triggers a trial, and you may not have
enough time to accomplish the trial and still reach Keiji in time.  Depending
on the nature of the trial, you *may* want to skip it unless you're absolutely
sure you can accomplish it quickly.

* Again, you probably shouldn't fight Keiji just yet.  Although if you're in
need a trial, go ahead and do so).  It's really not too important whether you
fight him now or later, but for timing purposes, I do recommend waiting.

+ Hideyoshi may also appear in (U) if you did not find him in (D) or (H).  By
now you should have searched the threes place where Hideyoshi can make his
first appearance.


Step 8 - Defeat Kunoichi / Defeat Supply Team

Kunoichi will have made her third appearance by now.  She will appear in (E)
and will usually go to where you are.  Head to (Q) and stay there collecting
gold until Kunoichi reaches you.  (Sometimes Kunoichi will not move from
her initial position.  If this happens, go to (E) and lead her to (A) or

A supply team will also appear in (E) around the time of Kunoichi's third
appearance.  Like Kunoichi, they will head towards room (Q).

Defeat Kunoichi and the Supply Team and you should have about 1500 gold.


Step 9 - Defeat Ina / Defeat Supply Team

Collecting 1500 gold will trigger Ina's first appearance.  She will appear
in (Q) and will head to (E).

Also, around this time a third Supply Team will appear in (Q) and will also
head to (E).

You should still be in (Q) since you waited there for Kunoichi and the second
Supply Team.  Defeat Ina and the Supply Team.

Note that at this point most of the remaining events are not triggered by the
amount of gold collected, so feel free to collect as much gold as you want.


Step 10 - Defeat Hideyoshi (*)

* If you already defeated Hideyoshi in Step 7, skip this step.  If you got a
message that Hideyoshi was close in either room (U) or (H) but did not make
him appear yet, go back to either (U) or (H), search the corners of the rooms
(again, refer to the Gold Rush Map), and defeat Hideyoshi.  In any case, make
sure you have defeated Hideyoshi once at this point.


Step 11 - Meet Yasumasa Sakakibara / Defeat Naomasa Ii

Most of the remaining events are not timed at all, so you can breathe a bit
easier.  You also have a few choices as to what to do next.  Personally, I
recommend going to (T) to get the request from Yasumasa.  Then run to (X) and
defeat Naomasa to fulfill the request.  Make sure to break the Vases in (X)
for a couple of Gold Bars.  Do not report the results just yet, however.
Instead, go to (W).

* There are 4 different requests from 4 generals.  Three of the requests
involved defeating one general and will result in one Gold Bar, one Gold Coin,
one bag of Gold Dust, and a trial.  However, as pointed out by sengokuboy, if
you get the request from the general in (M), you will have to defeat the other
three generals in (J), (T) and (X).  Then, when you report the results, you
will also have to fight the general in (M).  This will result in 4 Gold Bars
plus the trial.  While you will get more gold doing this, I still recommend
meeting the general in (T) since fulfilling that request is quite a bit easier.


Step 12 - Defeat Keiji

Go to (W) to fight Keiji (assuming you didn't defeat him already).  Defeat him
and remain in (W) to perform the trial.


Step 13 - Defeat Keiji 

After a while, Keiji will appear a second time on a horse.  Defeat him, then
do another trial while staying in (W).


Step 14 - Defeat Kunoichi

Spend more time in (W) until Keiji appears a third time as an ally.  He'll
leave tons of gold, so pick it up.  Kunoichi will also make her final
appearance.  Defeat her and stay in (W).

By now you'll probably have a backlog of trials, so spend time in (W) to
complete them and to collect more gold.


Step 15 - Report Results

Go back to (T) to report the results of the request.  You're now pretty much
done with the west wing.  If you've got about 2 minutes left, you're good to go
for the east.


Step 16 - Search for Hideyoshi / Defeat Hideyoshi / Meet Okuni

Okay, at this point you'll probably want to start looking for Hideyoshi's
second hiding place.  Luckily all of the rooms that he can appear in will be on
your way to the east wing.  Go back to (A) and stop by (N) to check if
Hideyoshi's there.  If he is, defeat him.

Continue east and stop by at (G) to check if Hideyoshi is there.  If he is,
defeat him.  If he isn't (or if you already found Hideyoshi in (N)), stop by
(G) anyway to collect the Gold Bar in the Vase there.

Go on to (J), where Okuni will be waiting with a reward for saving her
previously.  Hideyoshi may also appear in (J) if you haven't already found him
in (N) or (G).  Make sure that you've beaten Hideyoshi twice by now.

Move to (E) to do the trials that appear.  Room (E) has a gate, so plenty of
enemies should be appearing there.


Step 17 - Defeat Tadakatsu

Go to (L).  If you have not already defeated Tadakatsu, do so now.  Stay in (L)
to do the trial, then continue south to (M).


Step 18 - Search for Hideyoshi / Defeat Hideyoshi

In (M), search the furniture in the corners to make Hideyoshi appear a third
time.  This appearance is not random.  He will always appear in (M) if you have
already beaten him twice.  Defeat Hideyoshi, collect the gold, and go back to


Step 19 - Rescue Ina / Defeat Hideyoshi

Ina will probably be appearing in (L) by now.  Hideyoshi will also appear a
final time and will attack Ina.  Defeat him one last time, then spend some time
in (L) to do the trial.


Step 20 - Meet Ina / Meet Okuni (*)

Ina will disappear for a while, and then will reappear in (J).  Okuni will
appear with her, and in total they'll drop 8 Gold Bars.  Pick them up, then go
back to (L) or (E) to do any remaining trials.

(*) Okuni will NOT appear a second time if you are playing as any of the female
characters (Oichi, Okuni, Kunoichi, Noh, or Ina)!  It appears, however, that
she will still appear if you are playing as a female Edit General.  Many thanks
to Kuroitatsunoshi for initially bringing this to my attention, as well as "The
Road to Ultimate Samurai" for confirming and clarifying.


Step 21 - Collect Gold

There are no more events remaining, so go to wherever there are tons of enemies
and just unleash lots of combos on them to collect as much gold as possible.
When you've got ~30 seconds left, it's time to run to (Z).


Step 22 - Defeat Lu Bu

On your arrival at (Z), you will meet Lu Bu if you've been following the
walkthrough thus far.  Despite being vastly overpowered in the Abyss Mode, he's
actually quite easy here.  Collect all of the Gold Bars that appear and break
open the Koban Boxes for some additional Gold Coins.  If you're in need of
health, there's a Rice Cake (+50) health item in the barrel.


Step 23 - Defeat Tadakatsu

Head north to (1), but DO NOT go up the stairs just yet.  The moment you enter
(1), Tadakatsu will reappear in (Z).  Go back to fight him.  If you don't defeat
him quickly enough then he will heal, restoring all of his health.  He will only
do this once, however.  Defeating him will yield 11 Gold Bars total, which, if
you've been following along, should push you well over 10,000 gold.


Step 24 - Escape

Go back to (1) and escape up the stairs.  Congratulations, you've got
10,000+ gold!

  | B. | Alternate Paths

     Of course, due to the non-linear nature of Gold Rush, there are many
different combinations of events that you can try.  Here you'll find some other
things you can try.  Now spoiler-free(*) and with 50% less carbs(**)!!
     Note that you should only try this if you're not lactose intolerant and if
you've already read the in-depth walkthrough.  You'll want to have a good
understanding of the timing of the events.  

                                                 (*) Not actually spoiler-free.
                                (**) Versus the leading brand of low-carb FAQs.

Way of the Ninja
     The red area on the Gold Rush Map labeled as room (2) is the Ninja Path,
and it can only be reached by performing a Double Jump.  Only Kunoichi and
Hanzo have the required skill (2x Jump), and if you pick either of them, the
Ninja Path will help you immensely.  Not only does it feature more gold, but
it also provides a quick shortcut from O to V which can shave seconds off your
     The Ninja Path is particularly useful during Steps 7 and 8.  It will allow
you to reach Keiji quickly, then when the Supply Team appears, you can use the
Ninja Path to intercept it.
     Don't always take the Ninja Path, though!  You'll still have to go to U to
check if Hideyoshi is there, and you may also want to go to T to get the
request there.
     As previously mentioned, the Ninja Path will get you more gold.  In
particular, you can break open the Koban Boxes there for an additional 2 Gold
Coins.  And, after you defeat the Supply Captain, some Gold Bar Vases will
appear in the Ninja Path to give you another 2 Gold Bars.  There are really
no disadvantages to using the Ninja Path.

Double Trouble
     If you choose to play as Goemon, then you *may* want to try things a
little differently.  Using Goemon's Cannon, you can blast open the wall in (K)
to reach (3).  The room features quite a bit of gold plus a mission that only
Goemon can trigger.
     If you break into room (3) within 3 minutes of the start of the stage and
you have NOT met Goemon in (C), then Goemon will be in (3).  He will first
appear as an ally, but will attack you.  Defeat him and he'll drop a Gold Bar,
then an additional 4 Gold Bars will appear in the room.  In addition to the
gold that Goemon drops, you can find 2 Gold Coins as well as 3 Gold bars (after
the Supply Captain has been defeated).  You can also find some helpful War
Sandals which will temporary increase your Speed.
     Now, it may seem tempting to play as Goemon just so you can reach this
room, but there are a few things to keep in mind.  First of all, meeting Goemon
in this room will prevent you from triggering ANY of the Okuni events, making
you miss out on 8 Gold Bars.  Obviously, it will also make you miss out on
the other Goemon events, so that's another Gold Bar right there.  In all,
you'll forego 9 Gold Bars in return for 8.  Thus, completing this event is not
     So, what's the point of playing as Goemon?  Well, if you meet Goemon in
(C) or wait 3 minutes, then Goemon will not appear in (3).  However, you can
still collect the Gold Coins and Gold Bars that appear in the room.  So if you
choose to play as Goemon, just do things the way I have outlined in the
walkthrough, then go to (3) any time after Step 9.  Personally, I recommend
going to (3) at around Step 21.
     UPDATE!  After further research, it has been discovered that fighting
Goemon in (3) will actually get you more gold than the Okuni events.  This is
because defeating Goemon in (3) can trigger [Goemon Event 4], which will make
Goemon appear the third time you fight Keiji.  If you make [Kunoichi Event 4]
occur by defeating Kunoichi 3 times, then [Keiji Event 4] will be triggered.
Keiji will start a brawl and an additional 4 Gold Bars with appear.  Add those
to the 2 Gold Bars you'll get from defeating Keiji and Goemon and you'll end
up with 2 Gold Bars more than you would have gotten from the Okuni events.
HOWEVER, there is still a downside to this.  You will end up with one less
trial, so it's up to you if the gold is worth the potential extra time.

An Enticing Incitement
     The final Keiji event can differ based on whether or not you've
met/defeated Goemon or Kunoichi.  If you have not met Goemon AT ALL, then
Goemon will appear after Keiji's third appearance.  If you have defeated
Kunoichi 3 times, then she will also appear after Keiji's third appearance.
If BOTH Goemon and Kunoichi appear after Keiji's third appearance, then Keiji
will incite a brawl and even more Gold Bars will appear.  Then you will have to
fight Goemon, Kunoichi, AND Keiji.
     It's recommended that you only make Kunoichi appear.  This is because not
meeting Goemon will make you miss out on the Okuni events.  The amount of gold
you receive when Keiji incites a brawl is LESS than what you would have
received from the Okuni events!
     UPDATE!  If you are playing as Goemon, then defeating the Goemon "clone"
in room (3) will still allow you to trigger Goemon's appearance with Keiji.

Master of the Hall
     The Master of the Hall will be different depending on how many Gold Bars
you've collected.  If you collect 0-9 Gold Bars, then Strike Ninjas will appear
in the Final Hall.  10-29 Gold Bars will make Yoshimoto appear.  Finally,
collecting 30 Gold Bars or more will make Lu Bu appear.  
     It's very important that you make Lu Bu appear, as triggering his
appearance will net you the largest amount of gold.  If you follow the
walkthrough, then you should be able to make Lu Bu appear every time.

                              IV. Before the Rush

     While Gold Rush is by no means as tough as Chaos mode, it can still be
quite a challenge if you're not prepared.  Here you'll learn how to choose the
perfect character for Gold Rush (coughKeijicough) as well as the equipment
necessary to survive.

       | i. | Stats

- Speed
     SPEED!!!  Ahem.  Since your main enemy in Gold Rush is the clock, you'll
want to use a character with good to excellent Speed.  This pretty much rules
out slower characters like Goemon and Shingen.  On the other hand, while
characters such as Kunoichi and Oichi have terrific Speed, their lack of
Attack and Defense may be a liability, which brings us to our next point.

- Attack / Defense
     After Speed, your next biggest concern should be Attack and Defense.
Attack should take precedence, as your best defense is a good offense.  Your
biggest priority is to defeat the generals and normal troops as quickly as
possible.  This way you won't really have to worry about them hitting you.
However, some generals can take off large chunks of your health even if you
have max Defense, so you'll want to keep your Defense as high as possible.

- Life / Musou
     There are very few healing items in Gold Rush, so you'll definitely want
to have as much life as possible.  Of course, you can sacrifice a little bit
of life if a character has a lot of defense.  Musou isn't too important, but
depending on who you pick you may be using your musou attack a lot and will
need it to last long enough to perform many hits.

- Ranged Attack / Ranged Defense
     Ranged Attack is useless.  Really no need for it at all.  As for Defense,
there are very few Archers and Musketeers that appear in the Training Hall, but
if your Ranged Defense is too low they will deal a lot of damage, so don't
neglect it too much. 

- Jump / Agility
     Both of these are pretty much useless.  You may want a little bit of Jump
to get over some of the floor traps, but otherwise you shouldn't choose a
character based on Jump or Ability alone.

- Mounted Attack / Defense
     ...Have you even played Samurai Warriors?  If so, then you already know
that you can't actually use Horses on castle maps.  Absolutely useless.  (Yes,
I know that Keiji appears on a Horse in Gold Rush, but you can't take the Horse
out of the room anyway).

     Obviously, the issue of stats is moot once you unlock Break Limit.  With
Break Limit, even Goemon becomes a feasible character to use.  Characters like
Kunoichi and Hanzo become even more useful as you no longer have to worry about
Attack or Defense.  Stats are simply no longer an issue.  Instead, your biggest
concern is a character's movelist (in particular, Musou Attacks are very
important), but more on that in Section IV.
     While I heartily recommend unlocking the Break Limit special item thingy,
it's not completely necessary to get a good score.  With it, however, you have
a wider range of options to choose from.

       | ii. | Skills

- Unique Skills
     DOUBLE JUMP!  Again, excuse me for yelling.  No skills are really required
to get a good score, but if you happen to choose Kunoichi or Hanzo, you'll find
that their Double Jump skill will give you access to a Ninja Path that acts as
a great shortcut.
     Goemon's Break skill also gives you access to a special room that houses
lots of gold.

- Might Skills
     Consider the Rage skill which makes your Musou Gauge fill up faster.
Since you'll have to defeat large numbers of enemies, also make sure to level
up the Reach skill.  Guts is also recommended so you won't stop moving after
being hit by a Ranged Attack.
     Of the skills newly added to Xtreme Legends, Gust is the only useful one.
Gust allows you to break enemy blocks with the "gust" that initially comes out
when you perform a Musou Attack.

- Prowess Skills
     Potence and Drive, which power up Musou attacks and Charge attacks,
respectively, should be leveled up.  Mastery should also be chosen to give you
some extra hits with your True Musou Attack.
     Garyu (Elements during True Musou Attacks) and Chaos (high combos do more
damage) are also recommended.

- Guard Skills
     The only essential Guard Skill is Fitness.  With healing items few and far
between, you'll want to make the most of them.
     Nigemizu and Repel, both new to Xtreme Legends, are also very useful.
Nigemizu allows you to evade enemy attacks while performing Charge Attacks,
while Repel allows you to deflect arrows and bullets easier.

- Element Skills
     While Element Skills are not entirely needed, it doesn't hurt to have
them.  Choose to add Elements to whichever attacks you use most.
     Also useful is Awakening, which increases the level of the Element during
True Musou Attacks (Garyu skill must be active to make use of this).

       | iii. | Items

     Your recommended equipment, no matter what the character, is as follows:

   Item Name       | Effect
   Power Bracer    | Attack       + 50-75
   Himiko's Rune   | Defense      + 50-75
   Vixen Tail      | Musou Charge + 50-75
   Tengu Sandals   | Speed        + 40-50
   Book of Healing | Healing items dropped more frequently

     The most essential of these items are the Tengu Sandals and the Book of
Healing.  Even if you unlocked Break Limit and have a character's Speed at 200,
the Tengu Sandals are still very much recommended.  It may be hard to get used
to moving so fast, but it really is necessary to make the most of your time.
The Book of Healing will make almost every enemy drop a bag of Gold Dust if you
perform a 10-hit Combo on them (normally you need to perform a 16-hit Combo),
making the "Gold Dust" trials significantly easier.
     The Power Bracer and Vixen Tail are also highly recommended.  The Power
Bracer will allow you to defeat enemies faster while the Vixen Tail will
let you use your Musou more often (and believe me, you'll be using it often).
     The fifth slot is really up to you.  The War Baton will increase your
Attack slightly, but you may want to substitute Himiko's Rune (Defense +)
instead.  The Moon Stone (Musou +) may also be useful if you need your Musou
Attack to last longer.  Aside from these, the rest of the items will not be too
effective in Gold Rush.

       | iv. | Weapons

     Having a good weapon is also essential in getting a good score.  5th or
6th Weapons are ideal.  Remember, a character's 5th Weapon becomes a normal
drop once you get that character's 6th Weapon, and the stats that come
attached are completely random. For best results, play on Chaos on a 5th Stage
(Masamune's Upper 5th Stage is recommended).  A customized 5th Weapon is highly
recommended for Gold Rush, and it should have the following attributes:

     Attack       + 50-75
     Defense      + 50-75
     Life         + 40-50
     Musou        + 40-50

     It's okay if your weapon doesn't have all of those attributes, but at the
very least it should have Attack.  The following attributes are also

     Attack Range + 50-75
     Musou Charge + 50-75
     Speed        + 40-50

     Anything is else is really a waste, but if you have at least 3 of the
above seven attributes (again, make sure Attack is one of them), you should be

     Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to weapons is a weapon's
element.  Though it's not too important to have an element, the extra effects
can be helpful.  Lightning is probably the most useful since it deals extra
damage and will momentarily stun the enemy.  Ice will freeze enemies in their
tracks, which is useful for doing Combos.  The extra damage that Fire deals
can also help you.  And, since healing items are rare in Gold Rush, the Dark
element can help you keep your health up.  Since the Demon (Death) element
requires equipping all five element Books and only works some of the time,
you're actually much better off saving those slots for other items.

                               V. After the Rush

     After a successful Gold Rush run, you'll visit the Armory, where you'll
have a few options to choose from:

  | A. | Retry

     Self-explanatory.  Select this to play Gold Rush again with the same
character.  You can change equipment before you restart the stage.

  | B. | Weaponsmith

     This is what you're playing Gold Rush for.  The Weaponsmith allows you to
add brand new stats to your existing Weapons or upgrade the stats already on
     There are a few restrictions, however.  If you have not acquired a
character's 6th Weapon, then you can only upgrade that character's 1st-4th
Weapons.  Once you've acquired the character's 6th Weapon, you will then be
free to upgrade that character's 5th Weapon.  You will never be able to upgrade
6th Weapons, however.

     If your Weapon has no element or attached bonuses, then upgrading it will
first add a random element.  Each subsequent upgrade will add a new stat bonus
until your Weapon has all 4 slots full.  Upgrading it further will increase
the stat bonuses until the stats reach their maximum level.  If your Weapon
only has a 1-3 slots full, then those stats will be upgraded to maximum before
an element or another stat is added.  The maximum is based on the Weapon Level:

 Stat            | Lv 1-3 | Lv 4 | Lv 5 |
 Attack          |   50   |  60  |  70  |
 Defense         |   50   |  60  |  70  |
 Ranged Attack   |   50   |  60  |  70  |
 Ranged Defense  |   50   |  60  |  70  |
 Mounted Attack  |   50   |  60  |  70  |
 Mounted Defense |   50   |  60  |  70  |
 Musou Charge    |   50   |  60  |  70  |
 Attack Range    |   50   |  60  |  70  |
 Life            |   50   |  50  |  50  |
 Musou           |   50   |  50  |  50  |
 Speed           |   50   |  50  |  50  |
 Agility         |   50   |  50  |  50  |
 Jump            |   50   |  50  |  50  |

    It is recommended that you save your gold to upgrade a very good 5th
Weapon.  Using the Weaponsmith, it's possible to create 5th Weapons that are
even better than 6th Weapons.

     The price of upgrading a Weapon varies.  If your Weapon starts off with
no attached bonuses, then adding the bonuses will be relatively cheap.  When
you start upgrading, however, it gets to be very expensive.  If you're
upgrading a 5th Weapon that has an element and stat boosts, it will generally
take around 4000-5000 gold to upgrade it.  What's worse, the upgrade is
completely random.  It may add +1 to a single stat, or add more than 1 to
numerous stats.  Just hope that you get lucky.

     Also note that you can only upgrade the Weapon of the character that you
just used to complete Gold Rush.  For example, if you just completed Gold Rush
with Keiji, you may only upgrade Keiji's Weapon.  Since it is difficult to get
10,000+ gold with some characters, I recommend using Keiji to rack up tons of
gold, then going through Gold Rush again with other characters to upgrade their
Weapons.  No need to go through the Hall triggering all of the events; all you
need to do is wait 3 minutes for the Master of the Hall to appear.

  | C. | Engrave

     I find this option to be relatively useless, but your mileage may vary.
Basically, you can rename your Weapon here for a price.  The price varies
depending on the level of the Weapon.
     At first you can only engrave Lv 1-4 Weapons.  However, once you've
acquired a character's 6th Weapon, you can then start engraving that
character's 5th Weapon.  You can never engrave 6th Weapons.  Also, you may only
engrave ONE Weapon per character.

  | D. | Purchase Item

     Another impetus for playing Gold Rush, the Purchase Item option allows you
to do just that... purchase Items.  For the most part, you can only purchase
stat boosting Items.  The only rare Item for sale is the Golden Rune, which
costs 50,000 gold.
     If you do not yet have a certain stat boosting Item, generally you can buy
one with a starting level of around +15.  You may also upgrade Items here.
This can be fairly expensive, and usually it will only upgrade the item by 1 or
2 points.  There is also a restriction on how much you can upgrade an Item:

 Item Name      | Stat Affected   | Purchase | Normal |
                |                 | Item Max |  Max   |
 Solar Gem      | Life            |    50    |   50   |
 Moon Stone     | Musou           |    50    |   50   |
 Tengu Sandals  | Speed           |    50    |   50   |
 Hare Graves    | Jump            |    50    |   50   |
 Saddle         | Horse Power     |    50    |   50   |
 Power Bracer   | Attack          |    60    |   75   |
 Himiko's Rune  | Defense         |    60    |   75   |
 Vixen Tail     | Musou Charge    |    60    |   75   |
 Kappa Amulet   | Luck            |    60    |   75   |
 Wind Gloves    | Ranged Attack   |    60    |   75   |
 Cloak of Might | Ranged Defense  |    60    |   75   |
 Demon Staff    | Mounted Attack  |    60    |   75   |
 Serpent Bracer | Mounted Defense |    60    |   75   |

     Unfortunately, Purchase Item is not as useful as Weaponsmith since you
can't upgrade most Items all the way to max.  However, it is useful for any of
the Items whose maximum level is +50.

     When you select Purchase Item, there will be up to 4 stat boosting Items
for sale as well as the Golden Rune.  The Items for sale are random, as are
their prices and stat increases.  At times the Shop may be closed.  At other
times, the Shop will have a Sale and you can buy/upgrade an Item for half the

     The Golden Rune is only available in the Item Shop, and cannot be obtained
any other way.  It costs 50,000 gold, which may seem like a lot until you've
mastered Gold Rush.  If you're really good, you can get 50,000 after only
5 runs.

  | E. | Exit

     Ummm.... do you really need for me to explain this?

                          VI. Intermediate Gold Rush

  | A. | Items

     There are various field Items that you can pick up during Gold Rush:


     These items are the ones that show up most.  After all, there's a reason
this is called Gold Rush.  Pick them up to increase your amount of gold.

Name  : Gold Dust
Desc. : A bag of Gold Dust worth 5 gold.
Get   : Defeat Captain
        Defeat Rider Captain
        Defeat Sergeant
        Perform a 16-hit Combo (If Book of Healing is not equipped)
        Perform a 10-hit Combo (If Book of Healing is equipped)
Notes :      Your best bet for making bags of Gold Dush appear is to equip the
        Book of Healing and perform 10-Hit Combos when you're surrounded by

Name  : Gold Coin
Desc. : A Gold Coin worth 30 gold.
Get   : Defeat Strike Ninja
        Defeat Sky Ninja
        Break Koban Box
        Break Koban Urn
Notes :      Gold Coins are a bit rare, with your best source being the Strike
        Ninjas.  Make sure not to break open the Koban (Koban = Gold Coin)
        Boxes or Urns so you can save the Gold Coins in case the "Gold Coin"
        trial appears.

Name  : Gold Bar
Desc. : A Gold Bar worth 100 gold.
Get   : Defeat Enemy General
        Break Gold Bar Vase
Notes : The rarest form of gold.  To get these, you'll have to trigger events
        and complete missions.

Life and Musou

Name  : Rice Cake
Desc. : Little balls of rice that restore 50 Life.
Get   : Break Barrel
Notes : I swear Koei of America reversed the names, but in any case, Rice Cakes
        can most often be found in Barrels that appear throughout the Training
        Hall.  Note that *some* enemies may also drop Rice Cakes.

Name  : Rice Balls
Desc. : A yummy rice treat that restores 200 Life.
Get   : Break Barrel
Notes : These are usually in Barrels that are out of the way.  Since they
        restore 200 Life, they're well worth the trip.

Name  : Rice Bowl
Desc. : A bowl of rice that restores all Life.
Get   : Defeat Rider Captain (See Notes)
Notes : One of the rarest items in Gold Rush.  The ONLY way to get it is to
        defeat the Rider Captain that appears with Lu Bu.

Name  : Musou Sake
Desc. : Rice win that fully restores your Musou Gauge.
Get   : Defeat Rider Captain (See Notes)
Notes : Similar to the Rice Bowl, you can only get Musou Sake by defeating the
        Rider Captain that appears with Lu Bu.

Name  : Bronze Mirror
Desc. : A shiny mirror that grants you a full Musou Gauge for 5 seconds.
Get   : Break Box
Notes : A rare item (there are only 2 on the entire map), but it's not a good
        idea to perform a Musou Attack for a whole 5 seconds.

Name  : Spirit Mirror
Desc. : An ancient mirror that gives you a full Musou Gauge for 10 seconds.
Get   : Break Box
Notes : An extremely rare item (only one is available).  Again, though, you're
        advised not to pick it up unless you need to quickly refill your Musou

Temporary Ability Boosters

Name  : War Sandals
Desc. : Sandals that let you move at maximum speed for 30 seconds.
Get   : Break Box
Notes : A few of these appear throughout the Hall.  Pick them up only when you
        need to get to the other side of the Hall in a hurry.

  | B. | Time

     You start Gold Rush with only 5 minutes, but there are many ways to
increase your time:

Seal Stronghold Gate.                +10 sec.
Get multiples of 1000 gold.          +30 sec.
Complete Trial.                      +30 sec.
Fight Master of the Hall.            +60 sec.
Fight Tadakatsu at the Final Hall.   +60 sec.

     The final two are pretty much useless since you can't leave the Final Hall
once you enter it.  Your best bet is to complete Trials and collect tons of
Gold.  If you follow my walkthrough, it's necessary to ocmplete almost every
trial to get enough time to collect a good amount of gold.  One or maybe even
two missed trial may be okay, but do your best to complete them all.
     I also recommend not sealing the Gates since it takes almost as much time
to seal them as you get for doing so.  If you're really desperate for time, go
ahead and seal them, but make sure to break them open again.
     By my estimates, following my walkthrough will ultimately end up taking
about 15 minutes.

  | C. | Trials

    Trials appear under certain conditions.  Successfully completing a trial
will get you another 30 seconds, so it's imperative that you make the trials
show up as well as pass then.  For the most part, you'll receive a trial after
every successful mission (event), so it's also very important that you trigger
the various events and make sure you don't fail the corresponding missions.
    Trials also show up for every 1000 gold collected, thus it's advantageous
to collect as much gold as possible.
    There are six trials in all, each of which vary in difficulty.  Again, all
six trials add +30 seconds to your current remaining time.

Trial : Eliminate 10 Enemies in 30 seconds!
Notes : One of the easier trials.  Just defeat any ten enemies and you'll pass.
        Very easy to accomplish in rooms that are adjacent to Gates, but
        really, you shouldn't have any trouble finding 10 enemies anywhere.

Trial : Eliminate 20 Enemies in 30 seconds!
Notes : Slightly more difficult than the previous trial, yet still very doable.
        You'll want to move into a room adjacent to a Gate to accomplish this
        one, or else you may find it difficult to find 20 enemies.

Trial : Perform 10 Combos or more in 30 seconds!
Notes : The wording can be a bit misleading; the goal is to do a 10 hit Combo.
        Easy to do if the character you chose has a decent Musou attack, but
        can be very tricky otherwise.

Trial : Perform 15 Combos or more in 30 seconds!
Notes : Again, doing a 15 hit Combo is very easy if your character has a good
        Musou attack, but this can be very difficult to accomplish with just
        Charge attacks.

Trial : Collect 10 bags of gold dust in 30 seconds!
Notes : Okay, this is the one that everyone hates.  The trick lies in knowing
        how to get Gold Dust.  Normally only Captains, Riders Captains, and
        the like drop them.  However, if you perform a 16 hit Combo on ANY
        other enemy (barring enemies that drop Gold Coins), that enemy will
        drop a bag of Gold Dust as well.  When equipped with the Healing Book
        item, enemies will drop bags of Gold Dust after only 10 hits!

Trial : Collect 3 gold coins in 30 seconds!
Notes : This one can vary in difficulty depending on your location.  Generally,
        I recommend not opening the Koban Boxes or Koban Urns (check my Gold
        Rush Map for locations) so you can save the Gold Coins in case this
        trial comes up.  Alternatively, you can defeat Strike Ninjas or Sky
        Ninjas for Gold Coins.  However, Strike Ninjas and Sky Ninjas show up
        more rarely than other enemies, so I wouldn't depend solely on them
        for Gold Coins.

                              VII. Gold Rush Hell

  | A. | Rooms

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (B), (E), (N), (O), (Y)
  A _|   Events: [Tadakatsu 1]
     The Main Hall.  This is where it all begins.  A lot of the action takes
place here, so expect to spend a lot of time in this place.  Aside from
[Tadakatsu Event 1], various Supply Teams and generals will run through (A).
Luckily there is an adjacent Stronghold as well as a Stronghold in nearby (C),
so the enemies will be plentiful and doing trials should be a breeze.
     There is a floor trap in the passageway leading to O that you should be
wary of.  There is, however, a Spirit Mirror right next to the floor trap.
Save the Spirit Mirror for a time when you need to quickly refill your Musou
Gauge.  The only other item in this area is a Gold Coin in a Koban (Gold Coin)
Box near where you begin.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (A), (C)
  B _|   Events: None
     Nothing much going on here.  Since it's a small, enclosed room, you could
try leading enemies into it to perform Combos on multiple enemies.  Other than
that, feel free to just move on.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (B), (D)
  C _|   Events: [Goemon 1], [Goemon 2], [Okuni 1]
     Since there is an adjacent Stronghold Gate, expect numerous enemies to
pile up in this room.  Only a few events occur here, though, so you won't be
here often.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: C
  D _|   Events: [Kunoichi 3], [Hideyoshi 1]
     Again, very few events take place here.  There are, however, quite a few
items to be found in this room.  The Rice Balls are in a barrel near the back
of the room.  Gold Bars may also appear after defeating the Supply Captain.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (A), (F), (H)
  E _|   Events: [Supply Team 1], [Supply Team 2], [Kunoichi 4]
     Another busy room, partially due to its proximity near two Strongholds.
A very good place to do Trials, though you should beware the two nearby floor

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (E), (G)
  F _|   Events: None
     Again, the two nearby Strongholds make this a prime place to do Trials,
but (E) is recommended over this place because nothing much happens here.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (F)
  G _|   Events: [Kunoichi 1], [Hideyoshi 2]
     This room is a bit out of the way, so you'll seldom go here.  There are
a few events that occur in this area, but aside from the Rice Cake and Gold
Bar, there's nothing else of interest.
     Be careful-- Kunoichi will steal the Gold Bars if you don't fight her

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (E), (I), (K)
  H _|   Events: [Hideyoshi 1]
     Another room of little interest.  Only one event may occur here.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (H), (J)
  I _|   Events: None
     If it weren't for the retractable floor spears, there would be nothing to
say about this room.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (I)
  J _|   Events: [Ina 3], [Okuni 2], [Okuni 3], [Hideyoshi 2], [Tadatsugu 1]
     Quite a few events may occur here, despite its being out of the way.
You probably don't want to visit here early on, or you might accidentally
trigger [Tadatsugu 1].
There are also two Gold Coins that you can get by breaking the Koban Urns.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (H), (L), (3)
  K _|   Events: None
     There's some interesting stuff going on here.  In addition to the
retractable floor spears, there are plenty of items to pick up.  The War
Sandals are particularly useful in case you need to reach the exit in a hurry.
The Bronze Mirror can be used to instantly refill your Musou Gauge.  Finally,
the two Gold Coins will come in handy if you get the "Gold Coins" trial.
     Although there are no events per se, to complete the [Tadakatsu 2] event
and to open up the gate to (L), you must approach the gate within one minute
after triggering [Tadakatsu 2].

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (K), (M)
  L _|   Events: [Tadakatsu 2], [Ina 2], [Hideyoshi 4]
     The East Hall of Trials.  One of the most important rooms in Gold Rush, as
the two strongholds will spawn enemies like crazy.  Save the Gold Coins for any
trials, and only pick up the War Sandals when you're ready to go to the exit.
Similarly, you probably shouldn't pick up the Rice Cake until you really need

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (L)
  M _|   Events: [Hideyoshi 3], [Narimasa 1]
     Not much to note about this room.  Aside from the two events, there are
also two Gold Coins for you to pick up.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (A)
  N _|   Events: [Hideyoshi 2]
     Most likely the least-traveled room in the Hall.  The only reason to
go here is to search for Hideyoshi.  There are also two Gold Coins here.
Additionally, I swear that Gold Bars can appear here after you defeat the
Supply Captain, but I believe there's a level of randomness to it.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (A), (P), (2)
  O _|   Events: None
     There is a floor trap (as well as a Gold Coin) near the top entrance to
(P).  Although no events are actually triggered here, the Supply Teams and
some generals do run through here, and you may be forced to fight them here.
If so, be very careful not to fall into the trap.
     There is a Gold Coin hidden in a nook next to the door to (P).
     This room is also linked to (V) by means of the Ninja Path (2).

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (O), (Q)
  P _|   Events: None
     Absolutely nothing to do here.  Move along.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (P), (R), (U)
  Q _|   Events: [Ina 1], [Supply Team 3]
     A very important room.  I very much suggest staying here to accomplish
[Kunoichi 4], [Supply Team 2], [Ina 1], and [Supply Team 3].  In addition,
there's a stronghold that will allow you to complete trials quickly.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (Q), (S)
  R _|   Events: None
     Not much to do here.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (R), (T)
  S _|   Events: None
     Umm... see the description for (R).

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (S)
  T _|   Events: [Kunoichi 2], [Yasumasa 1]
     Not too important in terms of events, although I do recommend getting
Yasumasa's request.  If you don't want to get the request but want to defeat
Kunoichi when she appears here, you'll have to be very carefull.  Open the
door to (T) while you're in (S), then approach Kunoichi and try to lead her
out.  You can also try fighting her in the lower part of the room, although
you do still risk accidentally going too far up.
     Other than the events, you can also pick up a couple of Gold Coins as
well as Rice Balls.  Gold Bars will also appear here after defeating the
Supply Captain.  Be careful-- Kunoichi will steal the Gold Bars if you don't
fight her quickly.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (Q), (V)
  U _|   Events: [Hideyoshi 1]
     Not much to do here except look for Hideyoshi.  If you're playing as
Hanzo or Kunoichi, feel free to skip this room after checking it once.  Just
use the Ninja Path to reach (V) instead.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (U), (W), (2)
  V _|   Events: None
     Although there are no events listed, to complete the [Keiji 1] event and
to open up the gate to (W), you must approach the gate within one minute after
triggering [Keiji 1].  Other than that, there's not much else to note.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (V), (X)
  W _|   Events: [Keiji 1], [Keiji 2], [Keiji 3], [Keiji 4], [Kunoichi 5],
___/             [Goemon 4]
     The West Hall of Trials.  Various events happen here, so it's a good thing
that there are two strongholds here.  Like the West Hall, this room also has
four Gold Coins, a Rice Cake, and War Sandals.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (W)
  X _|   Events: [Naomasa 1]
     In addition to the event, there's plenty of gold to be had here.  Two Gold
Coins and two Gold Bars are ripe for the pickin'.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (A), (Z)
  Y _|   Events: None
     Nothing much here.  Note that there is a gate blocking the path to Z until
the Master of the Hall appears after a certain amount of time passes (~3

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (Y), (1)
  Z _|   Events: [Strike Ninja 1], [Yoshimoto 1], [Lu Bu 1], [Tadakatsu 3]
     The Main Hall.  Lots of things will happen here before you make your
escape (although only one of the first three events listed may occur).  The
strongholds will only release enemies while the Master of the Hall is still

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (Z)
  1 _|   Events: None
     The exit.  The stairs cannot be accessed until you have defeated the
Master of the Hall.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (O), (V)
  2 _|   Events: None
     The ninja path.  Accessible only by characters with the Double Jump skill,
therefore only Kunoichi and Hanzo can make use if it.  Provides a quick
shortcut to the west Hall of Trials and is especially useful when trying to
meet Keiji for the first time.  Also useful for getting to Supply Teams that
may apppear while you're in the Hall of Trials.
     The ninja path also contains 2 Gold Coins, 2 Gold Bars, and Rice Balls.

¯¯¯¯¯|   Connected to: (K)
  3 _|   Events: [Goemon 3]
     Goemon room.  Can only be entered by breaking the Goemon Wall using
Goemon's cannon.  If you don't get it by now, only Goemon can enter this room.
There are quite a few items here, including 2 Gold Coins, War Sandals, and 3
Gold Bars.

  | B. | Events

[Keiji Event 1]
Condition : Fulfill any of the following:
             Collect 200 gold within 30 seconds
             Collect 200 gold between 30 seconds and 1 minute and there will be
              a 50% chance that Keiji will appear.
             Collect 1000 gold (if Kunoichi appeared at 200 gold)
Room      : W
Drop      : 1 Gold Bar (Defeat)
Notes     : 

More soon!

  | C. | Character Analyses

     Coming soon!

                           VIII. Miscellaneous Rush

  | A. | Tips & Tricks

     There are a few VERY important things to note about trials:

- Do trials as quickly as possible!
     Okay, this may seem obvious, but it's worth nothing anyway.  As you can
see, all of the trials give you 30 seconds to do the task yet reward you with
only 30 seconds.  Thus, you should try to complete the trial as quickly as
possible or else there will have been no point in trying.

- It's not always beneficial to do a trial.
     This may seem hard to believe, but in some cases you may be better off
not doing a trial.  Generally this only applies to the harder trials
(collecting Gold Dust or Gold Coins).  In particular, if you only have 30
seconds left on the clock and have a trial active, your best bet is to head
straight for the Main Hall lest you end up failing the trial, running out of
time, and losing all of your gold as a result.
- Only one trial can be active at any time.
     If you succeed in many missions within a short timespan, you'll often end
up having to do one trial after another.

- Messages are your enemy!!!
     One of the most aggravating things in Gold Rush mode is knowing that you
have a trial coming but it refuses show up.  This is because all messages
appear chronologically.  For example, if you just collected 1000 gold you
should receive a trial.  However, if you're still receiving other messages
(say, for example, Kunoichi is yapping on about something), then you will not
receive the trial until after those messages are done.  Thus, do not rely on
trials to appear the instant you complete a mission or collect another 1000
     When I first started playing, there were many times when I had 20 seconds
left and was anticipating a trial that didn't appear when I should have just
escaped.  Do not let the same thing happen to you!  When in doubt, run for your

- Messages are your friend! / Do multiple tasks at once!
     Okay, these may seem contradictary to some of the previous ones, but they
really aren't.  If you start to learn the timing of the messages, then they can
actually help you in completing trials faster.
     Also, one of the best things that you can do is to let many enemies
(hopefully at least 10) surround you, then unleash a Musou attack that does
15+ hits as soon as the trial appears.
     For example, after I defeat Kunoichi for the first time I allow myself to
get surrounded by a lot of enemies.  Then I wait for two messages from
Kunoichi, and the instant she stops talking I unleash Keiji's Musou attack.
Generally the trial will appear right after I've unleashed the Musou
attack, and by the time the attack is done I'll have defeated many enemies
(which will go towards any potential "Defeat" trials), completed a 15+ hit
Combo (which will go towards any "Combo" trials), and, with the Healing Book,
have caused many enemies to drop Gold Dust (which will go towards the "Gold
Dust" trial).  Thus, I've practically ensured that I will succeed in almost
any trial they throw at me (except for the "Gold Coin" trial, in which case
I'm screwed), and will succeed at it quickly to boot.

     Probably one of the keys to getting 10,000+ gold is to have restraint.  If
you've got a lot of Gold Dust or Gold Coins lying around, it isn't alwasy in
your best interest to pick them up immediately.  If you've got trials in the
"backlog" or will get a trial soon, then you should always leave some Gold Dust
lying around just in case you get the "Gold Dust" trial.
     Similarly, leave some enemies around in case you get a "Defeat" or "Combo"

- Gates are your friends!
     Sealing gates will get you +10 seconds, but immediately after you seal
one, break it open again.  The key to completing most trials is to have lots
of enemies nearby, so try to move to a room that's adjacent to a gate when
performing a trial.

  | B. | Character Quotes

     Listed here are the various things that can be said after you have
completed Gold Rush.  I'm not entirely sure about the amounts of gold needed,
so feel free to send in any corrections or any quotes that you don't see here.


Strike Ninja
Is that it?  You're going home after only that?

You're pathetic! Go train yourself!

Oh, is this it?
Just remember that there's someone out there who's tougher than you.


Do you really feel good about that amount?
Take it!  It won't hurt me!
I think...

That amount of gold is nothing!
You can keep it!


What? That's it?
Oh, I get it.  Family matters, right?

You're good!
Let's do it for real next time, alright?

They say gold makes the world go 'round...
But how did you muster all that?


Truly impressive!
Perhaps you can be my personal trainer.


Hey hey!
I can't believe you gathered this much!
Of course I'm still number one though...

You are unmatched!
You would be worthy of joining the Honda clan...

You're a piece of work!
Won't you join me in conquering the land?

Truly incredible!
Here, take it! Take it all!

           IX. Stuff You'll Ignore (Insert Your Own "Rush" Pun Here)

  | A. | FAQs

1) Q. 


  | B. | Credits

This FAQ has been made possible by the following people:

Koei / Omega Force - For stealing more of my money with yet another expansion

CJayC - For maintaining the best video game site out there.

The Road to Ultimate Samurai - This official capture book provided official
 Event triggers and helped to confirms various aspects of Gold Rush.  It also
 contains lots of other neat stuff, so I definitely recommend picking it up.
 Amazon.co.jp had it as of the most recent update.  ISBN:

  | C. | Version History

V 0.1 - January 18, 2005 - Initial release.  Walkthrough and most other
        sections completed.

V 0.2 - January 29, 2005 - Walkthrough updated.  Intermediate Gold Rush section
        updated with Rooms and some Events.  Character Quotes added to
        Miscellaneous Rush section.

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