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Level 6 Weapons FAQ by EChang

Version: 1.9 | Updated: 10/06/04

   (v1.9, 10-6-04)
by Edward Chang (chang dot 459 at osu dot edu)

Revision History
v1.9 (10-6-04)
   Details on Yoshimoto's, Hideyoshi's, Masamune's, Oichi's, Edit Spear's, 
   and Edit Naginata's methods.

v1.1 (10-2-04)
   Corrections and revisions throughout. More details on Ranmaru's, Hanzou's,
   Tadakatsu's, Nobunaga's, Mitsuhide's, and Nouhime's methods.

v1.0 (9-30-04)
   Methods completed.

v0.5 (9-28-04)
   First version. All stats listed, preliminary methods available for a few

1. Introduction
2. Listing by Character
   --Sanada Yukimura
   --Maeda Keiji
   --Oda Nobunaga
   --Akechi Mitsuhide
   --Ishikawa Goemon
   --Uesugi Kenshin
   --Saika Magoichi
   --Takeda Shingen
   --Date Masamune
   --Hattori Hanzou
   --Mori Ranmaru
   --Hashiba Hideyoshi
   --Imagawa Yoshimoto
   --Honda Tadakatsu
   --Edit Sword
   --Edit Spear
   --Edit Naginata
3. Miscellaneous Tricks
4. Credits


This is an FAQ for Koei's action game Sengoku Musou Moushouden, the expansion
to their previous Sengoku Musou (Samurai Warriors). This FAQ deals with the
Level 6 Weapons, the new weapons added for the expansion that are even
more powerful (and therefore even harder to get) than the Level 5 weapons
from the original Sengoku Musou.

In Sengoku Musou, Level 6 weapons must be earned on Hell (窶冢ツ坂?? 
difficulty. Thus to get these weapons your characters would theoretically 
need to be relatively built-up, although there are ways around this (see the 
tricks section for details.)

This FAQ makes use of SJIS encoding in order to display Japanese
characters. I included this feature so that if you do not know
Japanese, you can easily match up the characters on your TV screen
to the characters in this guide. You will need to have support for
viewing Japanese characters on your computer, however. Certain versions
of Windows should have it built in; otherwise, you'll either need to
get a program like NJStar Communicator, or you'll need to get 
Japanese character support for Internet Explorer (free from Microsoft)
and open this file in IE instead of Notepad/Wordpad.


Each Level 6 weapon is listed here under its user, along with its stats
and element, as well as how to get it. Characters are listed in the order
in which they appear on the character select screen (unlike the original
Sengoku Musou, Moushouden makes the characters appear in a pre-determined
order, not in the order in which you unlocked them).

Rensou Kaku Rakan (Tempered Spear 'Enraged Arhat')
Stats: Base Attack 57
       Fire Element
       Life +50
       Attack +65
       Mounted Attack +67
       Musou Charge +65

In Sanada Yukimura's fifth lower stage (Battle of Yamazaki), succeed in
the first mission by defeating Shibata Katsuie 柴田勝家 and Niwa Nagahide
丹羽長秀. Continue and succeed in the second mission by defeating Maeda
Keiji before he enters the central mountain. Now defeat Takigawa Kazumasu
滝川一益, Takenaka Hanbei 竹中半兵衛, and Hashiba Hideyoshi before any of
them enter the central mountain, and the supply team will appear in the
western gate point in the cave to the north. They will head south;
defeat the captain to pick up the weapon.

Gouhou Niouson (Sharp-edged 'Venerable Niou')
Stats: Base Attack 60
       Lightning Element
       Life +50
       Musou +30
       Attack +75
       Defense +56

In Maeda Keiji's third stage (Dance of the Capital), the basic goal is to
defeat 2000 enemies. The supply team will appear from the middle gate on the
west side and head north. It doesn't matter at all whether your allies die
or not, so just keep killing enemies and avoid killing too many gate

Niou is a guardian spirit in Buddhism.

Shinmetsu Dairoku-ten (God-killer 'Dairoku-ten')
Stats: Base Attack 58
       Night Element
       Musou +50
       Attack +67
       Ranged Defense +66
       Musou Charge +64

In Oda Nobunaga's fourth upper stage (Revolt at Honnouji), you must defeat
all enemy generals (including Nouhime once she turns; she must be defeated
before the last Akechi general is defeated) while keeping Oichi and Ranmaru
alive. The supply team will appear from the east gate and head towards 
the gate inside the temple. Defeat the supply team for the weapon.

Dairoku-ten is a demon king.

Rasetsujin Kinrou (Demon Blade 'Gold Wolf')
Stats: Base Attack 57
       Lightning Element
       Life +45
       Defense +69 
       Speed +47
       Attack Radius +73

In Akechi Mitsuhide's fifth lower stage (Battle of Yamazaki), first protect
the east and west gates as indicated by the first two missions. Now
defeat Hashiba Hideyoshi. Upon getting near Mori Ranmaru, you'll get a
mission to withstand his attack; stay near him without killing him for
1 minute, and he'll join your side. Now defeat Niwa Nagahide 丹羽長秀. 
Finally, with all of your generals still alive, clear the north cave
of enemy ambush troops as indicated by that mission to make the supply
team appear. They'll show up from the southeast gate and head for the gates
next to the Oda home base.

Saijoumai Shishi (Siege Weapon 'Dancing Lion')
Stats: Base Attack 59
       Lightning Element
       Life +49
       Attack +73
       Speed +50
       Attack Radius +55

In Ishikawa Goemon's first stage (Intrusion of Gifu Castle), collect all
of the treasures and seal all of the gates on the first three floors. Now 
on the fourth floor defeat Kunoichi and then wait for the Oda army generals 
to show up. There will actually be two waves, so after defeating the first 
wave, wait for the second. Defeat Mori Yoshinari 森可成 last and he will
drop the weapon.

Enkou Bishamon-ten (Firelight 'Bishamon-ten')
Stats: Base Attack 58
       Ice Element
       Life +50
       Attack +69
       Mounted Attack +72
       Attack Radius +62

In Uesugi Kenshin's fourth stage (Attack of Gifu Castle), clear the battle
outside of the castle normally. Once inside the castle, succeed in each
mission to clear each floor quickly while defeating all generals present
(equip the item that reveals castle maps to show the location of each
general). Once you reach the top floor you'll get a precious item report;
break the box and take the item.

Bishamon-ten is the god of war, and Kenshin's favorite.

Ruri Benten Kiku (Lapis Lazuli Benten 'Chrysanthemum')
Stats: Base Attack 55
       Lightning Element
       Defense +67
       Ranged Defense +69
       Speed +45
       Musou Charge +68
In Oichi's fifth upper stage (Revolt at Honnouji), first defeat Akechi
Hidemitsu 明智秀光 to stop the fire plan; now assist Oda Nobunaga, Nouhime,
and Mori Ranmaru as each of those missions come up and help them escape
to make the supply team appear in the northwest, heading for the northeast.

Benten is the goddess of the arts.

Houzou Kisshouten (Treasured Parasol 'Kisshouten')
Stats: Base Attack 56
       Fire Element
       Life +47
       Ranged Defense +72
       Jump +50
       Attack Radius +66

In Okuni's fourth stage, Dance at Kawanakajima, succeed in the very first
mission to dance on top of the mountain. Now kill every subgeneral and general
of both the Takeda and Uesugi armies except for Takeda Shingen and
Uesugi Kenshin themselves. The supply team will appear from the northwest
gate (right next to where you danced) and head eastwards. This can be very
tricky to get as if a general is killed by the opposing army and not by you,
you will fail to get the weapon. Uesugi Kenshin's subgenerals (especially
the one attacked by Sanada Yukimura and Kunoichi) die very quickly; you'll
have to be very quick about it. Matsukaze is essential.

Kisshouten is a goddess of beauty.

Kaisen Kokuan Tennyo (Dark Heavenly Maiden of Destruction)
Stats: Base Attack 55
       Ice Element
       Life +44
       Defense +66
       Jump +42
       Musou Charge +71

In Kunoichi's fifth upper stage (Summer Campaign of Osaka), simply fulfill
all of the missions that show up with all of your generals still alive.
Matsukaze Saddle and War Drum are a must. The supply team will appear
from the map's center and head south; defeat the team captain for the

Byakuyou Yata-garasu (Brilliant Bird of Yata)
Stats: Base Attack 57
       Fire Element
       Life +43
       Defense +68
       Ranged Attack +75
       Attack Radius +59

In Saika Magoichi's second stage (Gun Battle at Yamazaki), succeed in the
first three missions (defeating the Oda advance party, sniping at Nobunaga
from the north cave, then defeating the Oda army's second wave) and the
supply team will appear around the middle of the east side of the map 
and head southwards. 

Sedai Shinju (Great Heavenly Pronouncement)
Stats: Base Attack 59
       Fire Element
       Life +46
       Defense +75
       Musou Charge +57
       Attack Radius +75

In Takeda Shingen's fifth battle, upper route (Battle of Yamazaki), first
defeat Shibata Katsuie 柴田勝家 and Niwa Nagahide 丹羽長秀. Now defeat
Maeda Keiji before he enters the central mountain. At this point the
map should be filled with mist. Defeat Hashiba Hideyoshi when that mission
comes up next, and then Takigawa Kazumasu 滝川一益 and Takenaka Hanbei
竹中半兵衛 quickly. Fail in the mission to cross the Enmyouji bridge
before the mist clears, and the Oda army should come charging. Now assist
Uesugi Kenshin by defeating the generals near him and the supply
team should appear in the eastern gate in the northern cave.

Souryuu Ashura (Twin Dragon 'Ashura')
Stats: Base Attack 56
       Ice Element
       Musou +40
       Defense +67
       Mounted Attack +70
       Attack Radius +71

In Date Masamune's fourth stage (Intrusion at Nagashino), the general
requirement is to defeat all generals and subgenerals on both sides except
for Oda Nobunaga while keeping your own generals alive. Nobunaga will begin
withdrawing, as will Shingen. First defeat the Takeda army subgeneral just
outside your base, then head for the center of the map. Most of the Takeda
army generals should come charging. Defeat them, (make sure at least one is
left alive); now head back to your main camp and defeat the Oda army generals
that are attacking. Go back and defeat the last Takeda general, then charge
their home base and quickly defeat Takeda Shingen's subgeneral and then
Shingen himself. Now defeat all of the Oda army generals, and quickly charge
the Oda camp and defeat Oda Nobunaga's subgeneral. The supply team will
appear from the southeast corner and head north. You'll pretty much have
to have Matsukaze to chase down the supply team (as well as defeat Shingen
and his sub before they retreat). Once Nobunaga retreats to the top left
gate point the stage ends, so make sure you get to the supply team quickly.

Mamushi ('Mamushi')
Stats: Base Attack 56
       Night Element
       Musou +49
       Attack +61
       Musou Charge +65
       Attack Radius +73

In Nouhime's third stage (Battle of Anegawa), first defeat Asakura Kagenori
朝倉影紀 and Asakura Kagetake 朝倉影健; now assist Akechi Mitsuhide by
defeating the generals in the center area (except Oichi), and then clear 
the southeast point of enemies before the reinforcements arrive. Now defeat 
all generals except for Asai Nagamasa, Oichi, and Asakura Yoshikage 朝倉義影; 
once the reinforcements arrive, the Tokugawa army will charge on Asakura
Yoshikage. Assist them in reaching there and then defeat Yoshikage. 
If all of your generals are still alive, the supply team will appear from the 
middle gate on the south side of the screen.

Meisen Marishiten (Hell Borer 'Marishi-ten')
Stats: Base Attack 56
       Night Element
       Attack +74
       Ranged Attack +69
       Speed +48
       Attack Radius +68

In Hattori Hanzou's third stage (Crossing of Iga), your general task is
to guide Tokugawa Ieyasu safely while defeating all of the ambush parties,
without letting Tokugawa meet with any of the ambush parties.
Start by saving Anayama Baisetsu by defeating Akechi Hidemitsu 明智秀満.
Enter the fort where Saitou Toshimitsu 斎藤利三 is and defeat him. Head
eastwards and you should get a message saying that the Tokugawa army
is moving northeast. Defeat the ambush parties that appear on all sides
of the fort before Tokugawa arrives. Now immediately head north and slightly
to the west, standing on the bridge; as soon as Tokugawa starts moving
again, fresh ambush troops should show up. Defeat all of them (some will
try to cross the bridge, and others will try to head south; you must
defeat all of them) without letting Tokugawa meet with any of them and the
supply team should appear. It will be from the west gate, heading towards the 

Marishi-ten is a demon king.

Kijin Gohou Tendou (Demon-swift 'Gohou Tendou')
Stats: Base Attack 58
       Ice Element
       Musou +46
       Attack +69
       Speed +47
       Musou Charge +70

In Mori Ranmaru's fourth stage (Battle of Anegawa), first restore Niwa
Nagahide's connection to home base by defeating the enemies that attack him
(the first mission); now succeed in the next missions by assisting Maeda 
Katsuie 前田利家, defeating Saika Magoichi before he snipes Oda Nobunaga,
and defeating Date Masamune. Now the Akechi Mitsuhide army will show up;
with all of your generals still alive, enter the Tokugawa camp and defeat
Hattori Hanzou and Tokugawa Ieyasu. The supply team will show up
in the southeast and head north. The Akechi army is very powerful and will
kill Tokugawa's subgenerals easily; this is much easier if you play with
two players and have one player hang out in the middle area to take care
of the Akechi army (except for Mitsuhide himself) once it arrives.

Gohou Tendou is a guardian god.

Sangai Tousen Monju (Transcendent Battle 'Manjusri')
Stats: Base Attack 55
       Lightning Element
       Defense +68
       Ranged Defense +56
       Speed +50
       Musou Charge +62

In Hashiba Hideyoshi's upper fifth stage (Battle of Komaki Nagakute),
you must clear missions 1-3 and 8. 8 does not trigger unless your general
Ikeda Tsuneoki 池田恒興 remains alive. First, succeed in the first mission 
to eliminate the generals on the front lines. Now defeat Sakakibara 
Yasumasa 榊原康政 and Ii Naomasa 井伊直政 to keep Ikeda alive; by now, Honda
Tadakatsu should've defeated Takigawa Kazumasa, which will trigger the
second mission. Succeed in the second mission by defeating Honda Tadakatsu. 
Now defeat Ishikawa Kazumasa 石川数正 and Okudaira Sadamasa 奥平貞昌; the 
third mission will have you defeat Ookubo Tadayo 大久保忠世 and Ookubo 
Tadasuke 大久保忠佑, so succeed in that as well. Finally, defeat Hattori 
Hanzou once that mission appears (he'll warp into your home base); defeat
him and the supply team will appear from the gate west of the central fort.

Hougen Koumyou Henshou (Everbright Phoenix Eye)
Stats: Base Attack 57
       Night Element
       Musou +49
       Defense +69
       Musou Charge +75
       Attack Radius +68

In Imagawa Yoshimoto's fourth upper stage (Battle of Komaki Nagakute), fail
the first mission on purpose by heading towards Tokugawa Ieyasu's camp. Now
defeat Ii Naomasa 伊井直政, Sakakibara Yasumasa 榊原康政, and Sakai Chuuji 
酒井忠次 in any order. Defeat Honda Tadakatsu last (he MUST be last out of
the last four, despite whatever the mission shows). Now defeat Inahime
with all of your generals still alive, and the supply team will appear
from the gate in the northwest, heading eastwards. Your generals in the
southeast usually die the fastest, especially once Akechi Mitsuhide shows
up as reinforcements, so charge for Ii Naomasa and kill him right off the
bat (even before the mission shows up) then loop around to the south and
try to take Sakakibara Yasumasa and Sakai Chuuji, as well as the two gates,
before any damage is done to your generals. Honda Tadakatsu's morale will
constantly be rising during this mission, so be quick about it.

Ressou Gou Enma (Splitting Spear 'Descending Enma')
Stats: Base Attack 60
       Fire Element
       Attack +72
       Defense +75
       Ranged Defense +71
       Attack Radius +59

In Honda Tadakatsu's upper branch fifth stage (Battle of Komaki Nagakute),
succeed in the first mission to take the central fort. Now succeed in the
next two missions (to defeat Hideyoshi's generals hanging back, and to
defeat the generals assaulting the middle fort) without letting a single
enemy soldier into the fort. Troops will try to come in from the north
door, but an ambush near your camp will make some enemy troops appear
towards the south. Thus, you'll have to guard both gates without letting
any enemies in. This is significantly easier with two players and just having
the 2nd player guard the north door; as Tadakatsu, clear the south
gate of enemies (there shouldn't be too many) then proceed to succeed in the
given missions. Upon success the supply team will appear in the
southeast, heading northeast. This stage is also the site of one of the rare
items, so don't be confused if you get the rare item appearance message
(the rare item appears out of the east gate, not the southeast gate; make
sure not to chase the wrong supply team).

Enma is a demon king.

Seirei Tenkyuu Aizen (Beautiful Heavenly Bow 'Aizen')
Stats: Base Attack 56
       Ice Element
       Musou +47
       Attack +63
       Ranged Attack +72
       Attack Radius +61

In Inahime's fourth stage, lower branch (Battle of Yamazaki), succeed at the
following missions in order: prevent any of Akechi Mitsuhide's generals from
breaching the Ten'ouzan, defeating Akechi Mitsuhide, prevent any of Hashiba
Hideyoshi's generals from defeating Ten'ouzan. Hideyoshi's army will appear as
soon as you succeed in the first mission, so as soon as you do, IMMEDIATELY
go for Mitsuhide and kill him as fast as possible, then loop back and protect
Ten'ouzan. Once you do, Hashiba Hideyoshi will start retreating southwards;
meanwhile the supply team with the weapon will appear in the gate from his 
camp as well and head northwards. At this point you'll get a mission to
prevent Hideyoshi from escaping, but you should ignore this and go for the
weapon (since succeeding ends the stage). Keep in mind that if you fail the
mission, the battle will end (though you'll still win), so you must get the
weapon before Hideyoshi manages to escape.

Aizen is the enlightened king of love and sex (hmm...)

Mikazuki Munechika ('Mikazuki Munechika')
Stats: Base Attack 56
       Fire Element
       Life +49
       Attack +70
       Speed +47
       Attack Radius +60

In the fourth stage, Attack of Ueda Castle, clear the outside battle
normally. Once inside the castle, succeed in every mission to defeat
Kunoichi (twice on the first floor, twice on the second, once on the third
floor, and twice on the fourth). Once you do, she'll drop the weapon.

Mikazuki Munechika is one of the five legendary swords.

Otegine (Otegine)
Stats: Base Attack 58
       Lightning Element
       Musou +50
       Attack +70
       Mounted Attack +75
       Musou Charge +65

In the second stage, Battle of Kawanakajima, play normally until you get the
mission to assist Sanada Yukimura in descending from the mountain. 
Succeed with all your allies still alive and the supply team will appear in 
the south middle gate, and head eastwards. Defeat the captain for the weapon.

Otegine is one of the three legendary spears.

Goryou Sanemori Naginata (Naginata of Sanemori, the Guardian)
Stats: Base Attack 57
       Night Element
       Defense +68
       Ranged Defense +75
       Mounted Defense +73
       Musou Charge +70

In the lower fifth stage, Summer Campaign at Osaka, first succeed in the
mission to stop the Sandamaru cannon by defeating the guard captains
on both sides of the main gate. Then defeat Sanada Yukimura as he
charges your main camp. Defeat Gotou Matabei 後藤又兵衛 and enter the east
gate of the castle; Sanada Yukimura will reappear and charge the main
camp. Leave him alone until he achieves 200 kills; then, once Tokugawa
orders a full-on assault of the castle, the supply team will appear
near Gotou's initial position and head west. The trick part is that if
Sanada enters your main camp, you lose instantly. Thus, he has to get
200 kills before you enter the main camp. This will be hard to do if
other enemies are killing your allies. Thus, as soon as Sanada reappears,
try to kill every other general (except for the commander) and retake
any gates that might have been taken. If worse comes to worst, go over
and stall Sanada until your gates can spit out more generic soldiers.
Once he reaches 200 kills, he'll go into hyper-powered mode, so be very
careful. After you win the battle, you'll have an in-castle battle, so
prepare accordingly.


Moushouden includes a points system as rewards for playing the game. For
instance, you'll earn 100 points for playing versus mode, 200 points for
winning a free mode battle, 600 points for earning one ending for a character,
and so on. If you trade in 100,000 points, you will actually lower the
requirement for earning fifth weapons to Hard difficulty instead of
Hell! Thus, if you're having problems earning a sixth weapon, try this.

Moushouden adds the concept of "lucky characters". The lucky character is
chosen at random each time the game is booted. You can tell who the lucky
character is because the cursor will turn green (instead of the default blue)
when you go over them on the character select screen. The lucky character
generally gets better items and weapons, and also, during that playtime only,
can earn fifth and sixth weapons at one difficulty level lower than normal.
Thus, even if you did not spend the 100,000 points to lower the difficulty
required to earn sixth weapons, the lucky character can still earn their
weapon on Hard.

Once you unlock a character's sixth weapon, you'll actually start finding
their fifth weapon as random drops (like you would first through fourth
weapons). Even more incredibly, the stats on these fifths are not the same
as the ones you had to earn, but are randomly generated. Thus, once you
get a character's sixth weapon, it's quite possible to find fifth weapons
that are better than that character's normal fifth weapon, or even better
than the sixth weapon, if you're lucky. 

Thanks go to:
Koei and Omega Force for the incredibly addictive game.
Sengoku Musou Kanzen Kouryaku (http://pikkee7.hp.infoseek.co.jp/) for some
of the retrieval methods used in this guide.

This FAQ Copyright 2004 to Edward Chang. Redistribution in any form,
including reprinting in electronic or print media, without express
permission of the author is strictly forbidden.

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